Who is Gary Hirshberg? And why is he a leader in the anti-GMO movement?

Who is Gary Hirshberg, and why is he bankrolling a losing anti-GMO campaign?

by Jon Rappoport

November 20, 2014


“Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food. ‘If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat them. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.’” (Collective Evolution, April 15, 2014, “It’s Official—Russia completely bans GMOs.”)

Gary Hirshberg (twitter) is the Chairman of Stonyfield Organics (twitter). “Love me. Hold me. Spoon me.” Yogurt, smoothies, milk, butter.

He is a founding partner of the Just Label It group (twitter). You know, “consumers have a right to know what’s in their food yada yada yada…”

That was the exclusive mantra of the losing GMO-labeling campaigns in California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.

Of all the leaders in the labeling movement, Hirshberg is the most overtly political. Let’s look at his strange track record:

During the 2008 presidential campaign season, his home in New Hampshire was a mandatory stop for candidates. Hirshberg’s first choice for the Democratic nomination was the execrable Tom Vilsack until he dropped out of the race.

Hirshberg hosted gatherings for John Edwards and Barack Obama, and eventually decided to support Obama.

Obama, despite his nods and winks, was, from the beginning, Monsanto’s man in Washington, allowing a parade of new GMO crops to enter growing fields and the marketplace, and appointing staunch biotech allies to key posts in his administration.

Vilsack, Gary Hirshberg’s first choice for President, became the Secretary of Agriculture under Obama. Vilsack is an avid supporter of GMO food. During his term as governor of Iowa, Vilsack was given a Governor of the Year award by the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Hirshberg serves as a co-chairman of an organization called AGree (twitter). Its objective is to “build consensus around solutions” to “critical issues facing the food and agriculture system.” As researcher Nick Brannigan (twitter) has pointed out, AGree includes, among its foundation partners: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

It would be hard to find foundations more friendly to, and supportive of, big corporate agriculture and GMOs.

With colleagues like this, why is Hirshberg a leader in the anti-GMO campaign? Good question.

Hirshberg is the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World. He advocates revolution-by-the-consumer as an exceedingly powerful force.

It may be pretty to think so, but giving American consumers a clear choice about whether to buy GMO or non-GMO food, through labeling, isn’t going to push Monsanto up against the wall.

***It isn’t going to stop Monsanto gene drift into non-GMO crops. It isn’t going to stop the aerial attack of toxic Roundup all over the planet.

The Matrix Revealed

Instead, an all-out counter-assault is necessary. And it doesn’t take a genius to see where to start: TV ads. Web ads.

The objective? To make Monsanto’s threat to health and life and liberty very real and very personal. To make that threat as imminent as it was when millions of students, in the 1960s, saw the military draft as their ticket to going to Vietnam to die.

After you’ve aired a few thousand plays of such attack ads against Monsanto, then you can do polls. Then you’ll see what people believe and think and feel in a new light.

The labeling movement should be a ban-GMO movement. It should be enlisting artists of all kinds to make ads that move people, that attack the poisoners of the food supply, that hold up to ridicule the corporate agenda of monopolizing and degrading the food of this planet.

Gary Hirshberg isn’t the man for the job.

He’s the soft salesman, a businessman who tap dances with strange partners when he enters the political arena. He’s with the wrong people on the wrong side.

He’s calling shots in a campaign that’s designed to lose the war.

Why is that?

Well-intentioned political stupidity? New Age cheese-melt mind? Supreme confidence based on nothing? A desire to issue orders and have them followed?

Or something worse?

power outside the matrix

Coda: Suppose you ran a TV ad in which a salt-of-the-earth farmer was standing on a barren piece of land, the camera zoomed in on him, and he showed his callused and worn hands to the audience and said:

“I am an American farmer. I’ve been on this land forty years. My family has been on this land every day for a hundred and fifty years. I’m a human being just like you. My relationship with Monsanto and their genetically engineered food ruined my farm, my future, and my life…”

Or this: a mother and her little child stand on their lawn in front of the camera. The mother says, “See the rashes and lesions on my son’s body? Do you know where he got them? From the weed killer we sprayed out of a bottle. It’s called Roundup. It’s made by Monsanto. Do you want this for your child?”

Lawsuits from Monsanto? Bring them on.

The discovery and deposition would be a nightmare for Monsanto, as their lies came tumbling out.

TV stations and websites would refuse to run the ads? Terrific. That spawns a global online underground who post the ads anyway, along with: “Monsanto took legal action so you couldn’t see this ad…here are the outlets who refused to run the ads…”

Get the picture?

Gary Hirshberg doesn’t.

Or maybe he does but he isn’t on our side. Never was.

While his soft and weak “label-it” ballot initiatives suck up time, energy, money, and distract people from the real answer—banning GMOs—the clock keeps ticking:

More toxic Roundup invades the air, land, water, humans, and animals; Monsanto genes drift on the wind and infect plants and crops across America.

Which is exactly what Monsanto is hoping for: a fait accompli. Too little, too late.

The label-it ballot initiatives are enabling the goal of Monsanto.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

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  1. GMOs are the apple in the story of Cinderella

  2. This proves the point about taking control locally, outlawing selling or growing GMO food in your area.

  3. Jon, this is dead easy – he’s a GATEKEEPER.

  4. claretempleton says:

    Thanks for addition to Wall of Shame. We can follow the plays….like FDA fast-tracking alfalfa for GMO’s, the Farm Bill protects Monsanto against lawsuits….but we need the resumes of dese guys who are helping whack grammaws and teenage sons. Bless.

  5. Indeed, the “Label It” “movement” presents a false dichotomy, a divide & conquer move. “Labeling it” is merely a diversion from the real solution: banning ALL GMO.

    And of course, the only thing that gives these psychopaths at the biotech corporations the power to foist Their products on Us, to Their profit and Our (Agenda 21-friendly) detriment, is the retention of a system of money which, with tech We just now have, is antiquated. And there IS a solution which I again would like to offer the reader:

    T.A.P. – You’re It!

    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”


    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

  6. Hawkeye says:

    Thanks for staying on top of this subject Jon. A big “ten four” and an “Amen”!

    Can you take it a step further now please? There seems to be a connection to GMO’s and Global warming/Climate change. That’s real BTW, you know this I think?? Well it is real, I have much proof of that. You had written once about a connection to GMO’s and Chem-trails and this is my point.

    Let’s face it and be honest, we are being sprayed and it is world wide as nuts as that sounds. So if we are being sprayed with harsh poisonous chemicals to reduce sun light from hitting the earth’s surface in order to reduce heat ( et al ) from global warming, then it is logic to assume that that spray falls down via gravity and would kill or damage most food crops and negatively effect livestock and most of our environment – all to save the planet though – do you agree?

    So if that’s true then the mad scientists would “need” to create or alter plant and livestock DNA in order to continue food production world wide needed to feed 6 billion mouths, since real food won’t grow well or at all in poison chems, you would need an alternative.

    It would have to look like real food does, smell and taste the same as real food too. But it could grow bigger, better and without clean air and water. Then we can say look how well farms are doing. What global warming, what climate change, what earthquakes in the hundreds every single day, what volcano’s blowing all over the globe, what are you talking about? Recovery is here to stay! See where I’m going?

    I wonder about this news by the Russians. World wide spraying program means their in the know and part of the party. They are also part of the abnormally numerous list of earth-quaking places on the globe. I think all of this is going to go away all by itself via earth’s throat clearing now in play and louder each day.

    Something is terribly wrong with our planet and all you need to do is go check any seismic or volcanic sites and info. you can find. The core of earth is heating and expanding and lava is rising up. Many places on earth are like bulls-eyes with quakes every single day and people are screaming in I felt It comments, “what is going on???!!!!” All over the globe this is and it is getting worse not better. It’s all connected, it’s part rouge, but the cause and results are very very real. Look at amnesty today for example. LOL.. I see Ellis Island on steroids. Has to be evacuations because central & south america are out-of-control with rumbles and eruptions from climate change. So yea, to fool the brain dead public, let’s make it amnesty, let’s also make some fake food and no one will ever believe the planet is about to blow and no food will grow for a very long time, not even GMO’s.

    The truth always surfaces, thanks to people like you Jon, it may surface a bit quicker and in time to save lives. So thanks. People never consider anything on their own. You say it best Jon always. So well in fact others are picking your posts up with regards to my info. stated. Geoengineeringwatch.org is one making the connections. Can you help me? Your voice I need to help me get out the truth. The banksters are trying to steal my house, long story but interesting and news worthy, but this is all helping them do this to me. People love to buy foreclosure pain, deals, and losses, and they do not see the sprayed skies in paradise, nor do they know of the rumbles. IF it was known well no one would buy my house and then the banksters would have to make me a fair deal that I deserve. I am desperate for help and I know much. Maybe I can help you too. Please consider. Thanks, Hawkeye

    • From Québec says:

      I am not sure if I understand your comment, but do you mean that you believe in Global Warming?

      If so, there is no Global Warming.

      As for Climate Change, they just changed the word of Global Warming for Climate Change so they wouldn’t look too stupid, since there is no Global Warming. It is all a hoax to get carbon taxes.

      And if there is one thing on this planet that has always been constant… it is Climate Change. We do not control the Climate, the sun does.

      • ozziethinker says:

        This is not strictly true. It is a little more complex than that. Faux science has defined non-existent ice ages and we have been moving through a period of turbulent solar activity. However, the ocean floor is warming up and some very strange things have been happening in conjunction involving the paranormal, possible extra-terrestrials and a US/Israel clandestine war over “ownership” of the sea, The MH-371 false flag was partially to earmark funds to chart great tracts of unknown areas of the sea floor.

      • Hawkeye says:

        Hi Quebec! Thank you for your reply. Yes I did say global warming is real because it is. I woke up from the “right” brainwashing about 2 years ago when I began to notice the planes spraying my beautiful blue skies in paradise. I am so glad you replied and you did it so eloquently for an opposition reply I must applaud you for your perfect manners and respect to another persons opinion. Way cool, thanks. I want to help others truly wake up too which is why I am so glad to see your reply, means you have an open mind, and gives me an opportunity to elaborate on the subject posed. Difficult to list all reasons why global warming/climate change is really real in this comment section, but let’s begin with the planes spraying chem trails. You have them too, did you know? I have seen many from your area on the geoengineeringwatch.org site speaking about it so I know you too are being sprayed. I know people all over the globe and have had confirmations by all of them, some send me pics, some just scream it in horror but it is for sure a world wide spraying program. There is a video out from about 15 years ago that was on the Discovery Channel and introduced the world viewers via our TV sets to Geo-engineering – Project Earth was the title. There are Geo-scientists, geotextiles, geo-engineers, and it all adds up to solar reduction. No the sun doesn’t control the climate anymore, they are shading it away. See, global warming is not just the air temps getting hotter. That is just an effect from the cause of global warming. Globe warming, the words tell you what it is. A globe warming, not the globes air, the globe itself and that happens from the molten iron core centers of earth heating up. We all know heat rises and heat expands. Apply that fact to the core. Then take notice of all the unusual volcano’s suddenly awakening and erupting. We have four in Mexico, two biggies in Iceland, Alaska has a few, Hawaii is in the news, all of central America is littered with them, Russia has some etc. etc. and they are all active or blowing today and have been for like two years now on & off or non-stop. NOT normal but what did you just learn? Heat expands, the core is heat. Molten lava, hey that is what volcano’s are too. Get it yet? That is part of global warming. Earthquakes are also connected to magma rising which moves plates and pushes methane gas out of it’s way to be able to rise up. Many quakes happening today are from methane gas exploding. People tell us this and it is why I am so certain. In “I felt it comments” on these quake sites they say they heard a loud boom right before the quake hit. Numerous times I see that written, that is the methane gas exploding then a quake comes. Heat induced – so global warming again. Now, Climate change is also caused by global warming and this is why it came second. When a globe warms it’s land masses also warm and so, if the north no longer has seasons of hot & cold weather, well then there ya go, that is a climate changing – climate change. Most of the “air” or atmospheric heating is coming from methane gas and carbons, but not from humans, from earth herself. Ahhh, are ya still with me, seeing the bigger picture yet? So in part global warming/climate change is a hoax, but the hoax is on we the people and yes part of that hoax is monetary, no big surprise. Greed is always a motivator for corruption. We do not control the climate but they do. Incredible I know but it is so. That’s why we have chem trails. That spray is multi-purpose and cheap, they can use it all day long and make tons of it really inexpensive compared to other proposed solutions in the geo-engineering program. All governments participate in it, world wide. The spray makes clouds which make shade, another formula sprayed in conjunction with the shading is to reflect. Called cloud brightening, reflects sunlight. Aren’t you noticing the sun hurts your eyes more then normal. You can’t look at the sky at all most days it hurts from the reflection. But I think Canada is so cloudy maybe you can’t see beyond the clouds. The planes are up there behind the clouds too, sometimes I have photographed them even at early evening into night. Geo-engineering as defined by governments: “Leading edge scientists and geo engineers are teaming up to deliver a revolutionary way to SHADE the sun as well as create glacier-shielding geotextile reflectors, a sky scraping wind turbine, orbiting solar panels, and take on the largest geo-engineering project ever undertaken.” …..”Saving the planet from the ravages of out-of-control climate change requires radical ideas. They are extreme and they just might work. Climate change is real. Solutions need to happen and these ideas may hold the answers that will save our planet.” Their words, not mine. I have done tons of research and confirmed it all, seen it with my own eyes and have many photo’s and video’s as well. There is so much more I can tell you but it’s becoming too long already. Point of my posts are one thing: Heads up! Earth has what they call – Thermal Expansion of Earth’s Crust – caused by global warming. The core heating & expanding is pushing up magma and tearing, expanding the crust we walk on. She is evolving, or maybe firing back at all the polluters, liars and harm done to her and her nature – our environment. Some say she is setting up for a polar shift and that is why this is all going on. Seems we also have a magnetic field that is diminishing too. That fits with the ozone holes and why that might really be. None of this is because we put it in the atmosphere …. or is it? That answer I have not found yet. No one seems to agree on why it is all heating in the first place. There always must be a cause though, always remember that. Cause & effect. SO you can know when you are being lied to if you keep that fact in front of your mind. Nothing can just be without a cause – SO, how is it we have “parts” of earth cooling?? No cause is given, only she is doing her thing. LOL, well she is doing her thing alright but not as described. They are trying to cool her heating and that is why we are having all this winter. The spray & haarp’s are cooling, reflecting and moving jet streams.There is one of these geo-scientists named Keith David ( or maybe it is David Keith? ) well he was on the Colbert show in may or june of this year and he has a book out called ” A case for climate engineering” He means geo-engineering, that is what climate engineering is. He spoke on Colberts show for about 6 or 8 minutes and it was an eye opener. He actually said on air that they can spray something like 20 million tons of sulfuric acid per load via aerosol spray nozzles on jet airplanes to spray the stratosphere to control the temp’s globally. He said he wakes up sweating because he is afraid all nations will not be able to agree on what temp to set the thermostat of earth at. LOL. no sh**! A real life psycho and he is top dog in this project. He lied though, he said it would begin in 2020 as a last resort because the global warming is becoming run away. Colbert said to that statement in that interview; are you sure it is not going on now because I am seeing CON-trails all over the skies every day. The scientist “acted” shocked and said, oh no but maybe…you know the government doesn’t tell us the truth, they might be using it now I don’t know. Well they are, we know. Maybe we can chat again in here another time. Please consider my info and seek out more from things I have said. PLEASE do it, we are all in a heck of a jam with this for many reasons. Our lives are in danger for one, we are lied to that it is not real and it is out of control for two, we are breathing harmful chems for three, eating it too for four, and many things are being spun to distract from this danger. It is getting too loud now which is why I am saying heads up. Be alert and be safe, don’t listen to them they know, they don’t want you to know. Best, Hawkeye.

    • molecule says:

      @hawkeye — as regards the relationship between the Sun and the Earth, the Chemtrails of the Bolsheviks (haha — since the Pentagon is a Wall St.-Bolshevik fifth column, operating with Israel, which is a crime scene in, by and of itself, as a smokescreen) are about much more than merely reflecting (blocking) heat from reaching our Earth’s surface. As Tesla (who has been grossly grossly mischaracterized, on purpose, as preoccupied with power) and later as Eric Dollard has shown, along with many others, the Sun provides a longitudinal waveform that is the essence of all life force on the planet — ALL life force, from “primitive” fungus (which may not be so primitive and stupid as we may think) to fully aware human consciousness. (Thus, Einstein was deployed is a part of the triparte fraud of Marx, Freud and Einstein. This three part fraud, the fraud of Wall St. Bolshevism, has the potential to destroy everything. The chemtrails are stealing the longitudinal form of electricity (which Einstein denied, but which Heavyside and Maxwell emphasized) which is the essencial force (longitudinal vibrancy) of life. Yes warmth is a vital part as well, but the chemtrails take atmospheric electricity and divert it to ground (where it is possibly used for “other” purposes).

      • theodorewesson says:


      • From Québec says:

        Well, then the problem could be easily fixed.
        Let’s start a movement to ban all chemtrails, just like we are trying to ban all GMO.

        • Hawkeye says:

          That movement is already out there and trying to do this Quebec. Problem is no one believes it even when you point to a plane spraying it. Read what I wrote to molecule for more clarity there. Go to the geo site I gave and that is where the awareness is and it is strong large and still can’t stop it. What is needed is for ALL people to say HEY. ALL people not just some of us. Thanks!! This is why I ask Jon for a bigger voice. The economy is never going to improve because of this subject matter. Everything is to “stop activity” because of climate change. Keystone pipeline will never be approved, just distraction. Mark my words there! I am pissed because foreclosures are STILL ( seven dam long years ) still happening – what dam recovery, people can’t even admit that is a farce so thinking they will just look up and say OMG is not very hopeful. Good luck to us all there.

      • Hawkeye says:

        @molecule – I have seen your info. out there too, as I have said I have done an enormous amount of research and continue to, but I prefer to stick with logic rather then speculation. Although I do feel there is definitely a rouge element at play hidden in the spraying program yes, the obvious reasons for it being done are staring us right in the face. You can not cool a planets surface with spraying alone, you must also move jet streams to do this. The chem-trails are to work in conjunction with haarps all over the globe. That is what controls their movements and jet stream movements. Haarp is said to be interacting with the magnectishere part of the atmosphere and it makes logical sense with all else I have written above. The molten iron lava like core(s) of earth are what creates and powers the magnetic energy field of earth. This is a fact of science. So today we have a core over heating and we have a magnetic field diminishing. So yea, the two are connected. Haarp is your Tesla connection but not by any official confirmation as all of the rest of this geo-engineering program is with relation to global warming/climate change. Those you mention above were all Godless people who don’t believe anything other then man is king of the universe. You have no info. in your post to prove as any kind of logic or fact, so speculation is all I see. You are right that these chem-trails are destroying ALL life forms but incorrect about the fungus. Fungus is not being killed it is being amplified by all of this and out of control fungus is NOT a good thing to other life forms including plants as well as humans. In fact fungus is one of the signals that something is wrong and also in fact, fungus is what grows when there is a lack of sunlight. Fungus is in abundance today and one of the problems with growing food, it is taking over and killing plants. it is also showing up on people’s skin and can’t get rid of it. This is logic and best to stick with that if you want others to see and believe we are being sprayed and why it is happening. Your post also does not give one connection to why are there now so many earthquakes and volcano’s erupting? Mine does. If there is an element of rouge-ness to this spraying it is in addition to the main reasons for it and un-known to those spraying it. Due to the fact that all of a sudden we have so many new and re-born virus’s it could be the pathogens are literally in the spray and falling down upon us, OR it could be side effects of harsh chemicals mixing with the environment and all else in it resulting in abnormalities of poisonous illness’s and or virus’s. Either is probable.

        The chem trails atmospheric electricity diversion to the ground for other purposes…… the chem trails are interacting with the magnetic field of energy thru haarp, and magnetic energy is being manipulated, so on the ground is not a diversion it is an effect of the cause, because magnetic energy is every where, on the ground and even in human brains. So of course it is “logical” to assume then that this interaction is having effects on humans brains et al. Animals too have this in their brains and we are seeing odd animal behavior as well. What do you see in real life, what do you feel in real life? Take those REAL things and then look at other REAL events of earth, then research off of that.

        Your theories only create more conspiracy theory nonsense and pulls away the need to highlight this issue. Regardless though of all you say and I say and they say, one thing is for certain – WE ARE BEING SPRAYED – with what? For what? Why is it so many don’t even see that? Geo-engineering is to reduce sunlight by 2% from hitting earth’s surface. Reducing sunlight is insanity, there you are also correct. Sunlight is life, reduction from God’s intended needed amount will only screw up environmental process’s and effect the ground negatively. This is fact. Photosynthesis is #1 there and this is also in line with food not growing well or abundantly. More logic. The dimming sun is so visible to me I do not understand how no one see’s this?? They are in a coma or under a spell or something because this is happening in broad daylight right over heads. When I began to notice it the first thing I thought while looking at it in the making was “Is something wrong with earth?” I knew there had to be something very very wrong for that to be up there, rouge or bona fide, something is very very wrong with that. We have laws against spraying the atmosphere and yet there it is. You point it out to a local official and they look up at it as if it were not there and reply to you, what are you talking about, nothing is there. Boy is that a punch in the stomach. I sent 101 pics to my county officials when it began getting crazy heavy in our skies. First he said what? Then I began to cry on the phone and I said, come on sir I used to be an officer myself, please do not blatantly dismiss me I know the camera captured what I saw and I know you see it too. Are we under attack or is there some program in play to spray us because we the people do not know why that is up there and we would like to know. THEN he said ok, it is just con-trails don’t worry. MORE LIES. I told him again, ok you want to do this I will be absent on election day BUT let me tell you that I know contrails are from military planes only, for one thing, second is our fly boys do not make T’s X’s and grid patterns with contrails as my pictures show, so if you by chance should decide to follow up on my reported photo’s can you please reply to me some kind of answers. He said ok and I never heard back again. They all know. Now the PEOPLE of this earth need to know too. TELL.

        • theodorewesson says:

          just to add,…

          “Due to the fact that all of a sudden we have so many new and re-born virus’s it could be the pathogens are literally in the spray and falling down upon us, OR it could be side effects of harsh chemicals mixing with the environment and all else in it resulting in abnormalities of poisonous illness’s and or virus’s.”

          I’m thinking more and more, that human illnesses can be explained to be a combination of “the amount of toxins in the body through eating and drinking — over sustained periods — poor food and poor water (GMOs, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine), including the toxins that the lungs and skin absorb (not to mention injected toxins though vaccines)… that the “germ/virus theory of disease” does not need to be relied upon in ones thinking “to get meaningful healing done,” nor, for that matter, as a “crutch” to “explain” certain events/phenomena.

          This morning, I took the “germ/virus theory of disease” outside into my back yard, placed on an old tree stump, took ten places back, and then shot it in the head — to put it out of its misery. There were no witnesses.

        • From Québec says:

          “The chem trails atmospheric electricity diversion to the ground for other purposes……”

          You got me thinking here.

          I’m no scientist and what I am about to say is probably ridicule, but my first thought was: If the Elites really have an uderground city (as shown in my video link below: “Underground government elite bunker”) they will need a bit of sun and air to be able to survive underground.

          Could this be the purpose?

          • Hawkeye says:

            Quebec I am guessing you are joshing here right? Isn’t it more of a logical thought that “atmospheric electricity diversion” ( ??? ) is a cover term for “other purposes”? LOL,,,,,,,really, what the hell is that anyway and what the hell does it have to do with my complaints? You guys keep falling back in to the same pattern of “not considering HOW you are participating in the operation of manipulation”. To consider your question is to do exactly what I quoted. Listen, something is wrong with our earth – fact. Something is also wrong with our magnetic field of protection that surrounds our earth – fact. That protection field is diminishing at an accelerating rate – fact. Our magnetic north pole is shifting -fact. Earth is out of control with earthquakes to the tune of hundreds per day and in places that never had quakes before today – fact. All volcano’s on the planet are now in some kind of active/warning status or erupting non-stop – fact. The core of earth is heating rapidly and rising up which is why all volcano’s are behaving as I just said – fact. AND, we are being sprayed to block our sunshine , cool the SURFACE, and inhale – fact. People think nothing is wrong – fact. People think the hazy sprayed powder blue dim skies are normal – fact. Why do you need to go to this place of elite bunkers and illuminati BS regarding these topics of discussion? Are YOU trying to divert attention or play games here, I don’t know. Testing the waters myself to be honest, but with warning and truth for me, not sure what your purposes may be though. ……………………………. Who cares about the elites or any of this nonsense and why do you care. It matters not to any of this or your own self. I am not speaking of anything other then our earth, our skies, our air, our food and our planet in peril. Why do you not yell HEY what in the world are you spraying me with and why? WHY is this?? And also why is it that sight up in the skies doesn’t make you feel nausea and question as I do, something is very very wrong for that to be up there regardless of the bodies behind it’s approval and application which BTW – those behind it are breathing it all too – why would that be? There is a serious issue at hand that NO one is discussing publicly and that my friends is twilight zone material. That is a demented illusion of reality and anyone who abides by it by dismissal or denial has lost their way in the human race and lost the ability to be able to reason or think on their own. That is another very serious issue at hand that should be discussed. You are all living in la la land to accept these facts I present. I am having a difficult time coping with the fact that I live amongst zombies who do not see or care that all of our God given rights are being SPRAYED away. This is sin and sin is insanity, so it makes sense to me but I do not like it still. What else is in our atmosphere that is energy related? Well to name one it is electricity and using logic, if the protection that is the atmosphere is diminishing then things like electricity, solar radiation etc. etc. would kinda be a little more of a concern to us on the ground. Yea, the atmosphere is pretty charged up with electricity but to say in pubic it is for the elites under ground bunkers because they would need sun & air down there is embarrassing, sorry but it is. I can’t even go there to show you how ridiculous you just made yourself look, so I used that quote instead. Goes for you too molecule. “They” have been legally cloud seeding in Colorado since the 1960’s, so why is it such a shock to accept the entire planet’s climate systems of weather are being controlled today? That is 50+ years of technological advances to the 1960’s knowledge of cloud seeding to make man made snow. They are now experts at FREEZING cloud molecules and experts at fooling all of you dum dums. Pathetic it is. You do not know the difference between fake machine created weather and skies compared to natural God created ones and you are how old?? This is why we are really in trouble with everything going on today. No one knows what real is anymore. I am sure the tears are flooding Heaven for this as we speak. I’m sure He is pretty sad and pretty mad about this.

            • ozziethinker says:


              What do you mean by “wrong”?

              Compared to what? Now or before, and if “before”, when?

              The magnetic pole of the Earth is shifting BECAUSE the Earth was damaged by a number of prehistoric catastrophes caused by extreme technologies (ironically, sometimes “by accident”). Our Earth’s crust briefly detached from the inner sections (which are NOT molten) and “slipped” 10,483BC. It caused huge geological complications and perhaps wiped out humanity.

              There are some current inner Earth changes that are affecting the surface as you have listed; some accurately, others not so.

              The elite tend to manipulate natural situations and have access to some information and network off limits to “normal” humans.

              The rest of your rant does not make sense. God is a spectrum of resonances that configure, in part, to make what we might jointly agree to call “reality”. Real “reality” is that which is behind the illusion – nothing. Empirics and causality destroy universal logic. To comprehend, you must deny science.

              Jon is more right than he could imagine as to the POWER of imagination.

  7. From Québec says:

    I don’t think these adds will be allowed to pass on MSM television.

    But what we can do, is to get a film maker to produce a shocking documentary on the subject and introduce it in numerous theatres all over the world.
    And even have it for free for all on the internet. We could also make flyers and post them everywhere we can.

    These days, alternative medias are more powerful than MSM.
    We could reach hundred of millions people all over the planet.
    Let’s make it a worldwide revolution.

    I admire Putin for banning GMO in his country. And I admire him also for paying people to have babies, keeping the taxes low and for standing up to the West who is trying to create hell in Ukraine and start WW3.

    If Putin keeps on that track, maybe the only place to escape the tyranny of the West will be to move to Russia,,,lol

    • Johnny says:

      You may admire Putin, but it will be interesting to see if he bans the chemtrail spraying too. Look up Russia chemtrails on You Tube.

  8. ozziethinker says:

    Hirshberg (Jewish, right?) seems to be a mini-Gore, so what do you expect, Jon? Pure vanity!

    A great iceberg trundles under the pretext called the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Just about everything bad, anti-human, nay Satanic seems to evolve from their seeds (GMO & organic).

    I wonder about Putin. He is being presented as a saviour of virtue, but all I see is the angel of death (behind the scenes he’s very pally with Netanyahu et al). Are the PTB that worried about the potential for GMO to contaminate all their foods, they’ve created a no-genes zone in Russia?

    Just a thought….

  9. Patrick says:

    Yes sir. Hagelian dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution. Control both sides. They do this with everything. It’s beyond time to demand change. We had best stand up for our rights, and soon, or soon we will lose the right to stand up.

  10. molecule says:

    Awesome post Mr. Rapaport! Along with total bans on GMOs and glyphosate (which with toxicity in the subparts per billion range, might be well be added to the Pentagon’s chemtrail-Bolshevik depopulation operations) I’d like to open a parallel effort.

    There may be no way to enforce a ban on the main agricultural products which have been GMO’d, namely soy, rape, corn, cotton, sugar beet, and alfalfa (and tobacco, banana, papaya, and ?).

    I don’t want to write a 10 page comment, that ends up a diversion. Your thoughts are right on! I’d like to add that we need to think about how the above product lines became “mainstream” agriculture. A little investigation (actually a lot of investigation into hard to find research) will show that ALL of the primary GMO product lines are themselves destructive of agriculiture and soil. There are alternatives which are better, all the way around, in terms of farmer sustainability, in terms of farmer profit, and in terms of future human health.

    For vegetable oils, there are better alternatives to soy and rape, which are more profitable and less damaging to the soil. For feeding pigs and chickens, and humans, there are alternatives to corn. (Corn is a strange one because there is no viable explanation for how its DNA got put on this planet — Cornell theory of a “great leap forward” in DNA for formation of a husk from triticale is a great example of the intellecutal dishonesty of “modern” agricultural science and DNA science — every culture that has adoped corn as a foodstuff has either gone extinct, or gone into slavery, the best example beling … our own western culture! In other words, maize never appears in Russia or Ukraine, until the “masters of the fraud of DNA” launched a plan to enslave populations of Europe, Ukraine and Russia. Bombs are impressive, but the real articles of war against the Veds and the Rus might be in the DNA of this strange food — corn itself!!) There are alternatives to sugar beets, and for fodder for pasture animals, there are better alternatives to alfalfa. As for a better replacement for cotton, we need only mention hemp and flax. Both remineralize the soil instead of depleting as corron does, at the same time it produces clothing that can last for years, instead of weeks, that can be easily produced locally with simple machinery.

    I leave it to you do decide whether we might benefit from a deeper look into some of the unseen presumptions of our post-1930s whitecoat agricultural science. There are better substitutes for all of hte main product lines that are hinged on the GMO-glyphosate axis. One way to break the GMO fantasy might be to expose the intellectual and scientific fraud of 1930s whitecoat agriculture, and start teaching our farmers that the more sustainable alternatives are actually more profitable as well. If we can do that, it will rip the guts out of the entire GMO schmozzle as well.

    • ozziethinker says:

      FYI, there is much more to chemtrails than meets the eye.

      A number of amateur enthusiast have filmed (presumed extra-terrestrial) fast moving black rods and orbs tracking planes making chemtrails rather more frequently than should be overlooked. A supplementary benefit may be “depopulation”, but this is unlikely unless they (villainy) have the “antidote”.

      Humanity [or probably “part of” as, contrary to reductionist science opinion, we are of multiple origins encompassing multiple races] is going to have a genetic shift. DNA chemical patterns are “symptoms” and real DNA is invisible and “controlled from above” (if you get my gist). The so-called Fatima miracle, Portugal 1917 gave a glimpse of what is going to happen. Ironically 2017 is 100 years on. The sun will morph into a rainbow (coloured) planet of significantly larger size as a consequence of us (that shifted) shifting into Holographic Universe Two (HU2), which is superimposed over HU1 in the D4+ frequency bands.

      It is difficult to say whether aided by ET, but the chemtrails are their to obscure the truth. As a consequence of impending changes the Earth will change into an intergalactic hub, but TPB still want to preserve the Mosaic “God”. I am harkened to verse in the seventeen century Minerva Britanna which enthuses about the limitation of the and human vision. If only vision was strictly hindsight and foresight.

  11. william cote says:

    Sounds to me like he is a chameleon who changes color when he smells the money…

  12. cindy says:

    Not to be to off topic but, has it occurred to anyone that our planet is being TERAFORMED for a different species! Yes the chemtrails are PARTLY about blocking SUNLIGHT. which Is essential
    for our survival. But they are also involved with changing the frequency of the planet. On the same
    token, the GMO’S are also designed to destroy our DNA . TRANSHUMUNISM is about fusing
    our DNA & RNA with synthetic RNA & DNA , also through the chemtrails, That is just a drop in the bucket,,of what is going on. Don’t forget about NANO-technology OR, Fukashima, which is also DESTROYING our DNA!
    HOW CAN THIS REALLY JUST BE ABOUT GREED AND POWER , when ALL life on earth is in peril?

    • From Québec says:

      “HOW CAN THIS REALLY JUST BE ABOUT GREED AND POWER , when ALL life on earth is in peril?”

      The Elites don’t care, they have gone insane. They believe they will merge with machines and become immortals… become Gods.

      Besides, they eat Organic and drink good water, they do not take vaccines and use alternative medecine for their Health.

      And on top of that, they all have BUNKERS, very nice Bunkers all equipted to survive for years.,, in fact, they have an underground City with a lot of tunnels.

      Underground government elite bunker .

      • theodorewesson says:

        “Besides, they eat Organic and drink good water, they do not take vaccines and use alternative medecine for their Health.”

        Exactly. In that regard, their elders have shared them that wisdom. We can do that, too.

  13. Leonie Wynne says:

    We are the creation of master geneticists from neighbouring star systems and extra dimensional realities – the seed of some of the most ancient civilisations in the Cosmos.

    The loss of knowledge of the wisdom of the ancients is the greatest travesty perpetrated upon humanity. Most of our recorded history has been manipulated and our contemporary societies are still governed by these rulers, where they continue to program our beliefs and hold us in obedience.

    Due to the slanted journalism of controlled media, our fields of sacred geometry (crop circles) are still dismissed as hoaxes.

    Tyranny uses the tool of fear to control us. When we buy into a version of fear it can become all encompassing. There are those who live off the frequencies we produce. It is not necessary to convert or preach, simply know in the core of your being that we are all riding the wave of change. We are being observed and have been studied for eons of time – will we live in a bubble of ignorance believing everything that is told to us?

    Remember our beliefs are based on very simple choices: fear or love.
    Without the Family of Dark trashing every single one of our values and boundaries, we would never awaken. We would remain complacent like cows chewing cud, never noticing what was transpiring. No humans live long enough or are quite clever enough to come up with these immense plans of control. So when we look behind the scenes, you will find an ancient race with their own agenda – a tale of secrecy and hidden power. They are the ancient reptilians– our ancestors – our kin.
    These beings have been ruling behind the scenes for eons, placing puppets in front of us as their messages. These puppets don’t understand they are possessed and taken over by these manipulators. When they do discover they are part of such an immense and grotesque plan for the planet they feel shrunken and shrivelled, even though they may be popes, presidents, kings, queens or others of prestige or power. They realise they are mere tools taken over because they made a home for these forces through their lies, perversions, their attachment to sex and their lust for material objects.

    Genetically we are dealing with the cleansing of a long line of humanity with their generation upon generation of wounds (i.e. wars throughout history). The issue of accountability on our planet must be addressed – not to blame, but to teach them that each person must be his or her own leader. No-one is going to lead us – there will be no Messiah coming to save our planet. Love MUST prevail. The mind controllers and those who influence the weather and all aspects of our economy, religion, education and medicine will be revealed. Only by understanding how we have been influenced would we then dare to change and as humans we have abdicated the power of living and that we do not know that we are walking zombies.

    Our perversity, the charge of energy received from harming others is what keeps us separated. The beings and humans who feed off harm to others and feed their energy fields through a limited channel – this energy is not free flowing – so when they access negative energy, they want a lot of it and usually of a violent nature. Those that harm others are starved energetically of love and do not feel connected and are shut off from living.
    The dark, dark energy MUST BE acknowledged.
    We must link ourselves as a collective of human beings – not an arrogant pride, but one that opens our hearts and connects us to oneness.

    Do not be sceptical as to refuse to believe that our governments are sending shock waves into the earth to deliberately trigger earthquakes, tidal waves and ecological disasters for reasons of disrupting the lower vibration of those who hold the power. Destabilising Earth and its life forms is in large, part deliberate – part of the master plan. Another is their intention to control the planet’s electromagnetic frequencies and to keep us in fear and survival mode, so we remain separate and enslaved. We have been embroiled in their nets, entrained, manipulating our thoughts and emotions by holding us in their vibrational cages. They are always looking for ways to harness Earth for their own interests and in their short sighted vision of wealth, power and control, they have blasted, burned, poisoned, bored and chiselled away at the body of Earth suffocating the life force from her.
    This secret government is only one step away from harnessing the energy of Earth – a force unimaginable to us as cosmic beings. Never forget that the greater our collective light, the lighter that darkness becomes.
    Government leaders, who appear to guide and direct the military, economic and political strategies of Earth are merely pawns in the game – and they know it! Those that dare to bring about change are eventually eliminated – these are the peace leaders who work for the freedom of humankind and the peaceful resolution of global conflicts and human suffering. They stimulate all that is noble within us and strengthen our awareness of how love, freedom and truth are our birth-right. They encourage us to rebel against the dogma and hierarchy of control systems.

    The misguided justification of all abuse of power is fed to us by the architects of the war being waged upon the innocent of Earth. Not even the top military echelons are privy to the truth about HAARP – or its enormity – nor would they be able to envision it, for unlike the inner circle of the power elite, they ARE NOT of Annunaki lineage.

    Our strength is in our clarity, unity and intent. We have the power to focus our thoughts and love through all actions, words and expressions. Seek to reveal which is hidden and speak the truth to all those who can hear. Our collective mind – the focussed consciousness of the many – can deflect the bombarding energy and heal disharmony on any level.

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