Alert: Monsanto is trying to crush Maui right now

Alert: Monsanto is trying to crush Maui right now

by Jon Rappoport

November 21, 2014

Right now, the heart of the ACTUAL American struggle against Monsanto is in Maui.

On Election Day, voters in Maui County passed a local ballot measure blocking Monsanto and Dow from further development of GMOs.

Maui is a very importance piece of Monsanto’s empire. Because of the year-round weather, they can run many, many tests on new GMO crop varieties.

So Monsanto and Dow immediately turned around and sued Maui County.

On top of that, the federal judge in the case is Barry Kurren, who has already sided with Monsanto against Kaui’s attempt to regulate GMOs.

Monsanto’s mouthpiece, John Purcell, released a statement: “This local [Maui] referendum interferes with and conflicts with long-established state and federal laws that support both the safety and lawful cultivation of GMO plants.”


In that case, why was the ballot measure allowed to be voted on, in the first place?

Why didn’t Monsanto file suit, win its case before Election Day, and knock the measure off the ballot? (Update here).

The truth is, Monsanto lost the vote. Now, they’re whining. If they had won, they wouldn’t uttered a peep of protest about the legality of the measure.

The county of Maui has every right to make a decision about GMOs and Roundup. They have every right to put the clamps on Monsanto and Dow.

This is a matter of public safety.

I don’t care what state or federal law says.

power outside the matrix

Local citizens always have a right to defend their lives and health. In this case, they are challenging official science. They are ready to oversee authentic investigations of GMO and Roundup safety.

Essentially, they are saying that any state or federal law that would hamstring them is based on false science.

And what is the sub-text of Monsanto’s remarks? “We got the laws on GMOs passed in the first place. We lied about the science. We got the FDA, in 1996, to lie and obfuscate and allow GMO crops to enter the US. So now we are appealing to those laws to make our case.”

I don’t know, Michael Carroll, the lawyer who is defending the voters of Maui against Monsanto. I know they could use a man like Gerry Spence, if he would come out of retirement and take up the sword one more time.

I know they could use a few PR sharks, who would blow this case up into the global scandal that it is, for all the world to see.

But that costs money.

The men who have been bankrolling the soft and weak GMO labeling initiatives could start writing checks, if they really cared about banning GMOs. Talking to you, Gary Hirshberg. Joe Mercola, David Bronner, Grant Lundberg.

And there is another man who could step in and make a difference. He lives far away, but he was raised in Hawaii. He claims to cherish those roots. Once upon a time, he seemed to be an ally.

His name is Barack Obama, and his silence is deafening.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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53 comments on “Alert: Monsanto is trying to crush Maui right now

  1. johnmarkmcguire says:

    I reposted this article on my Facebook page with the caption, “Piss on Monsanto, and piss on the American politicians who are in bed with them — selling out their constituents, their fellow countrymen and the rest of humanity.”

    I’m sick of being poisoned … when does it stop?

  2. R Andrew Ohge aka Dr Rex Dexter says:


    “If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig…”

    The angry villagers in the 30’s classic version of “Frankenstein” were perfectly willing to burn down their Mill to end the threat of the monster.

    Consider…the Mill to 19th century rural Germans, was like a grain elevator and market combined might be to us-especially as it accounted for the storage of ALL our grain for a year.

    Yet…they burned it down.

    It’s time Monsanto started considering they might have some angry villagers in THEIR future, if they keep hiding their monster in the mill.

    Monsanto’s latest propaganda ploy-the lipstick on the pig

  3. From Québec says:

    Willie Nelson lives in Maui and Kris Kristofferson lives in Hana, where they have a lot of native Hawaiians who do live completely off the grid.

    Farm Aid (a non profit organization whose mission is to keep family farmers on their land) got Willie Nelson (years back) to start Farm Aid concerts where numerous well known signers performed for the cause (including Kris Kristofferson).

    Farm Aid must be against GMO also, I presume.

    So why not try to reach to these celebrities to fight GMO. These loved celebrities usually have a lot of power and effect on a world scale.

    • nikhilananda says:

      ALOHA QUEBEC:….. there are lots of other “celebrities” ON maui besides willie and kris….. some are more involved than others…. some live here much of the time when not traveling; others just have 2nd, 3rd, 4th et al. homes….. plus other “local celebrities” are also quite involved…. mahalo for your support…..

    • arcadia11 says:

      please check out farm aid. their partners, staff, board and their partners’ partners read like a united nations who’s who. there are likely no ‘rights’ groups that are grass roots – that is NOT united nations. slow food, the land institute and on and on are un. there is no such thing as a good un ngo. and if it is not grass roots, it is not real which means it is un. willie nelson is not in good company. consciously or otherwise. don’t bank on the celebrities for morals or intelligence.


      • From Québec says:

        “don’t bank on the celebrities for morals or intelligence”

        Why be so bitter and put everybody in the same bag? That would be the equivalent of saying: All Blacks are bad, all Jews are bad or all Muslims are bad. It makes no sense. Every body is unique.

        There are great song writers, like Kris kristofferson and he is far from been stupid.

        – Kristofferson earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, where he studied at Merton College.
        – In 1960, Kristofferson graduated with a BPhil in English literature
        – He was also in the U.S. Army and achieved the rank of Captain. He became a helicopter pilot.

        When he came back from Vietnam war, he resigned from the Army and became an activist against wars and wrote songs about it:
        – Don’t let the Bastards get You Down
        – Sandenista
        – The Circle
        – Etc.

        “please check out farm aid. their partners, staff, board and their partners’ partners”.

        Please give us links and names.

        “willie nelson is not in good company”

        Proofs? As far as I know, Willie Nelson is very good friend of Jessie Ventura and Alex Jones ( two good guys).

        The reason why I think celebrities can be a good asset (especialy song writers and Country signers) is because they are well known and loved all over the World. Plus they have money to fund movements and to travel everywhere.

        • John Wayne says:

          Willie, Kris and all these good ol boys are sadly silent. Ole willie got suckered with the whole biodiesel lie, the truth is dont look to willie or any other famous person to make a stand, that’s not what they do, they are yes men

    • Oprah Winfrey lives in Hana too

  4. Lori says:

    Actually Monsanto did sue to strike this initiative off of the ballot and lost.

    • theodorewesson says:

      Thanks for this tip. If/when you get the chance, please provide a link to a press report on this if you would like.

    • nikhilananda says:

      ALOHA LORI:…. actually, the monsanto suit was re: the wording of the initiative, NOT the substance!…..

      • Nomi Carmona says:

        Aloha Nik,

        I don’t think she said they were trying to gut the substance, she is talking about how they tried to straight up remove the initiative from the ballot. They had two things: a) remove the initiative from the ballot completely and b) change the wording on the ballot question.

        As you know, Shaka filed a suit for relief and to get them to correct the prohibition language to moratorium language since the bill is a temporary moratorium and not a permanent prohibition.

        In the end the prohibition language remained on the ballot, as did the initiative itself. See link above.

      • Lori says:

        ALOHA NIK!

        Here’s an example of what you were “actually” referring to; where Monsanto et al. sued to try and change the language of a GMO banning initiative. Monsanto et al., did loose the case, and Mendocino County’s real Citizens got their GMO ban after voting so.

        Yes, in this case Mendocino County Citizens voted in favor of outright banning the cultivation of GMOs. Frankly, this happened 10 years ago and the ban is still in place. Maui is fairly asking for independent studies and EIS, thus a MORATORIUM.


        • Mokibra says:

          As I understand it the Difference, between Maui and Mendocino County being in the Mendocino case that the Citizens first established a bill of rights……..and incorporated, I know, bad word…….but in the language of the Rights Bill also gained standing in Court for Nature.

          In other words instrumental in the Bill of Rights is the Right to to enjoy Nature that is unabridged. Nature is preeminent. All rights of the People stem from Nature. Paramount to all Human Rights is a Reverence of Nature. Any attack on Nature is then an attack on the Rights of the People…….

          But it is also my understanding that the City Council, by vote, could amend the measure passed: With language that made the expressed will of the people of Maui County to not be usurped by any Law of the State……….

  5. arcadia11 says:

    i just emailed mercola and asked him to help. i will email the others as well. thanks so much.

  6. jeffrey says:

    This fake federal government and fake democracy and fake fixed elections and prostituted syndicated corporate Faux News media is all satan’s ignorant ego creation, designed to enslave all living beings in an endless purposeless egocentric hell based on the worship and pursuit of temporary material wealth…and this system is said to be supported by federal ‘law’ and state ‘law,’ i.e., satan’s rules. The cure for all this egomaniacal insanity is our awakened return to Reality, to Real principles of Real Law/Truth/Oneness Eternal…beyond the fear-based, division-based, control-/fascism-/violence-/insanity-based rule supported by fake government ‘laws.’

  7. jackyewinter says:

    Arcadia11, thank you for emailing them to ask them for help

  8. Nomi Carmona says:

    I would like to add that we are also being sued by the biochemical industry on several islands besides Maui in case you were not aware.

    1) Kauai County : Dow, Syngenta, BASF and Pioneer/DuPont are suing Kauai County which includes Kauai and Niihau for Ordinance 960 or Bill 2491 which establishes pesticide buffer zones around schools, homes and hospitals, environmental and safety impact assessments and pesticide and GE test public disclosure. Right now this case is in appeals though we passed it last November, and the federal magistrate Barry Kurren has invalidated the law currently and we are appealing higher courts. Somewhat concerning to me is that the County rejected pro bono services by environmental attorneys involved in the bill and instead, hired a law firm also represented by Monsanto lobbyist John Radcliffe.
    2) Hawaii County : Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) world’s largest GE trade group and a couple of maligned farmers, for Bill 113 which prohibits open air GE crops excepting papayas and Hawaii island is our last major island without GE test crops. The same judge, Barry Kurren, will be ruling on this any day now.

    3) Maui County which includes Maui, Lanai and Molokai, is being sued by Monsanto and Dow for passing the GMO moratorium which would be lifted if instead of spending millions of dollars against the initiative, Monsanto and Dow would just freaking pay for the health and environmental impact studies proving they’re safe as Monsanto says. The same judge, Barry Kurren, is assigned to this federal case.

    Seven of eight major Hawaiian islands are being sued by the pesticide and GE industry for enacting laws to protect ourselves. It’s not just Maui County, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai are all being used as open air GE and pesticide laboratories. We have had over 30,000 residents march in protest over the last two years. People hear about one island or two, but rarely does it seem that people understand it’s the entire Hawaii island chain. Even our one major island, Hawaii, that doesn’t have the chem companies operating open air field tests, is being sued for trying to prevent them!

    If you would like to stay abreast of these issues, I would suggest tuning into the Hawaii Center for Food Safety and/or my crew’s social media org hub for Babes Against Biotech on FB.

    Thank you for helping spread awareness about the battles we are in… Almost all GMO corn comes through Hawaii, we are getting sprayed with 80 different RUPs 7 of every 10 days. Our state teachers’ association had to put a restraining order on Syngenta in Kauai because the kids keep getting hit with drift and hospitalized at school. We have problems beyond problems beyond problems and these chemical companies have given well over half a million dollars to our elected officials. Shoot, the federal Judge who struck down Ordinance 960 also is ruling on the Hawaii island and Maui cases!!! The MAYOR was appearing on Monsanto’s advertisements against the initiative! Most of the Council was lobbying against it too! The County, the chemical companies and the Judge all on their own decided to put off implementing the bill until March!!! We voted for this and now they are trying to take it away!

    The citizens of Maui worked extremely hard, we canvassed more than 22,000 voters in 31 days. It is unbelievable the depth of corruption we experience here in the Hawaiian islands, GMO Ground Zero worldwide. They REALLY don’t want to comply with safety studies or disclosure.

    • arcadia11 says:

      thanks so much for all the info here. sigh.

      lots of entities to contact. i will enjoy doing so.


    • cara says:

      Thank-you for informing us I had no idea

    • Lori says:

      Yup as always – thanks Nomi!!! (y)

    • Steve Prewitt says:

      I’d say it’s high time you replaced all those officials on the payroll of the Chemical companies with your own people.

      • Mokibra says:

        I would suggest that the truly correct path: iS to go back to the City Council Immediately: The council can make this Referendum, Bill, executed by the vote of the citizens of Maui unassailable by any state Court, by amending the bill through addendum to express that assent to this bill by popular vote cannot superseded by state law. And that no “interest” is greater than the inalienable to preserve the Nature of the Island and that all rights of the People flow from Nature.

        • nikhilananda says:

          “I would suggest …….. to go back to the City Council Immediately: The council ….. executed by the vote of the citizens of Maui unassailable by any state Court,…” … ALOHA…. in the State of Hawai’i, there is only ONE city, honolulu…. the State is divided into four counties [not counting kalawao county, which is the peninsula community of kalaupapa on molokai], and thus the local legislative body for Maui County, which includes four islands; three inhabited, is the COUNTY Council, not “City”! ….. aloha….

          • Mokibra says:

            Oh…….Mahalo’s for the geography Lesson………What Maui no ka Oi Neva get one city council…………brah you shure? Oh dat’s right dey stay one county………..Yeah ok bull……How bout you try change all da stuffs I weent say, and where i weent say sity, try for stuffs een da kine County. YOu know what I mean?

            Right. Maui County Council can amend and protect this ballot measure mandated by the will of the vote. OK?

            But you bring up another interesting point in the Politic of these Islands that needs to be changed. The City and County of Honolulu is incapable of servicing the needs of even Oahu. They are isolated, removed and out of touch even with the Wahiawa, Pearl City, Waianae or Waimanalu or even Kailua………….Let’s keep in mind the City and County of Honolulu came into being when there was like nothing ova hea
            Small populations and Sugar and Cane………and remnants of Military……….The City and County of Honolulu needs to give way, even on the island of Oahu, and allow distinct urban centers to have direct control of how development goes, or doesn’t go………..Hey but thanks for the correction………….but don’t miss the point………….The county council has the ability to modify via addendum, and to protect this measure from attack by State Courts.

            • nikhilananda says:

              ALOHA….. 8 of the 9 county council members, plus the mayor, are against the gmo initiative; the mayor and 5 of them [2 were unopposed and did not campaign] often spoke about their “opposition to the farming ban (sic)”!; so, if they take ANY action, it would probably be to overturn the law, not support it in court! that is why maui county, as the defendant, went along with the four month federal injunction.

  9. Nomi Carmona says:

    *agrichemical not biochemical – sorry – biotechnology/agrochemical/pesticide/chemical/GE companies, it all starts to blur together sometimes when you have to spend every hour of every waking day trying to stop them from poisoning everything and everyone in your community.

  10. Steve says:

    Judges contact info…
    How about everyone let him know how you feel…
    Mag. Judge Barry M. Kurren
    United States District Court
    District of Hawaii
    300 Ala Moana Blvd C-338
    Honolulu, HI 96850
    (808) 541-1300

  11. Charlie says:

    Let me attempt a recap of a highly involved picture. The Pilgrims Society, with a branch in London (1902) and in New York (1903), sponsored by the British Royal family, represented a unification of the great fortunes accumulated during the centuries of the British Empire, and those of the 19th century “robber barons” of North America and families holding large Dutch and British colonial land grants on the East coast, tracing back to the 17th century. These interests control the Bank of England, the City of London, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, military industrial complex, Big Pharma, big agribusiness, and so on. Before this group formally existed, the forerunners of it had already seized control over the Presidential nominating process of both parties. On [] image search, enter “President Pilgrims Society.”

    What do you control if the President is in your vest pocket? You control the appointment of every Federal judge. Additionally you control the armed forces, the State Department, the issuance of tyrannical Executive Orders, and have veto over much Congressional legislation. With the 17th Amendment, The Pilgrims Society (Alden Freeman) seized working control over the Senate. Monsanto is a Pilgrims Society interest, Charles Allen Thomas, head of Monsanto, was in the 1969 Pilgrims roster. No roster has surfaced since 1980. Pulitzer Prize you say? Gladys Pulitzer married Lewis T. Preston Jr. in 1959. He headed J.P. Morgan & Company at 23 Wall Street and was a member of The Pilgrims Society.

  12. Barbara Barry says:

    The World needs to know what is going on in Maui County and help protect these sacred islands. They belong to the people, not the Corporations. They have gone too far. The people will prevail not matter how long it takes. It’s a matter of respecting these beloved lands and caring for them like they were cared for us. No more poisoning Maui County!

  13. theodorewesson says:

    Hawaiian boy, Barry — son of Frank Marshal Davis and Anne Duhman [aka Barry Satoro, aka Barack Obama] and the Monsanto betrayal.

  14. TommyB says:

    I really loved how ridiculously obvious all the monsanto “farmer protests” were. Let me point out a few things about the following picture of a pro-GMO and anti-GMO crowd. I drive the island every day, and they were all similar.

    The Picture:

    BOTTOM, OR PRO-GMO (or more accurately, Monsanto):
    – All have the same colored hats, one of three colored shirts, and jeans…can you say ‘uniform’?
    – All of the people in the crowd are of the same nationality. I’m guessing Filipino, but not sure about that.
    – All are of working age
    – All of the signs are mass produced. Look…you can spot duplicates. It was really obvious when the crowd all had the exact same signs on election day.
    ESTIMATION: these folks might do some farming for Monsanto, but they are not representative of maui farmers or residents. They are paid Monsanto workers.

    -All have different clothing on. One guy isn’t even wearing pants, right next to the dude in camo’s.
    – I see ages from children to silver haired elders. Even a disabled person in a wheel chair.
    – There are lots of nationalities represented.
    – The signs, except for a few, are all unique.
    ESTIMATION: Maui folks battling it out with big money to keep our home free from poison.

    Monsanto bought a judge, owns the Mayor, and has way more money…but we have social media. It’s the age when the people can be heard. SHOUT FOR JUSTICE. DON’T STOP.

  15. What is happening right now, is a huge political effort to push China into allowing the whole trove of GMO crops to be grown and sold there. Right now only cotton is allowed. China has stood strong so far, but plans are to push it like never before as part of trade agreement in progress. Obama and USDA Director are expected by Monsanto, an American company to support America by pushing GMOs down the world’s throat so they can all get sick, contaminate their environments too, and then they can really hate us. And the American people benefit how? New movement to look at Ethics of Greed. Should one company be allowed suck up worlds resources, pollute the air so people then starve in other parts of the world when changes climate now close to 400 ppm, higher than recorded in thousands and thousands of years, so they can pad their pockets while the world dies? We change that with policy and our dollars. Don’t buy their products. Buy organic.

  16. StacyO says:

    I have it on good authority — from David Bronner himself!– that not only was he the lead contributor with a $40K donation to the successful Jackson County GMO ban in Oregon, but he also gave $25K to the political action fund set up by Center for Food Safety in Maui to fight for their GMO ban and donated to the effort to pass a GMO ban in Humboldt County, CA, this year as well. This is on top of the over $1 million Bronner donated to the GMO labeling fight in Oregon this year and the comparable amount he donated to the fight in Washington state last year. This is a man who DOES put his money where his mouth is. And Joseph Mercola is in the same boat as Bronner. So Jon Rappoport is guilty of the same biased journalism as the mainstream and pro-GMO media by leaving out facts that don’t jibe with the story he’s trying to sell. His diatribes against some of the leaders of the GMO labeling and ban efforts only serves to divide, not unite. He should remember that we’re all on the same side, regardless of the strategies and messaging we use.

    • John Wayne says:

      How on God’s green earth is labeling gonna help, Jon is spot on. Labels don’t stop gmo from being planted. Let’s face it labels do absolutely nothing to stop gmo. The public can choose not to buy gmo right now as things are, labels won’t do anything, it’s controlled opposition, wake up. Did the surgeons general warnings on smokes change 1 thing, please understand that the only move is to ban and outlaw gmo, screw labeling.

      • arcadia11 says:

        my sentiments exactly,

        cheers –

        • Mokibra says:

          I would only disagree to the point where you state that labeling will do “absolutely nothing”. That of course is untrue on it’s face.

          Granted, in the 1990’s part of the approval process was the “agreement” principally by Monsanto, that they would voluntarily label their product. However, something happened. The point being then that Monsanto via the CEO had agreed to Labeling.

          Everyone is not knee-deep in the GMO debate. For that matter a vast population know of GMO only on the periphery. Those people are the people labeling will help. Those are the people who have heard just enough, know just enough that their intuition says, “hey there’s some controversy regard this stuff” I think I’ll stay away.” After all, if reason and actual testing are going to be resisted, and these Bio Firms are going to launch an all out assault every time their business model is threatened. Labeling may very well be the final brick in the wall. As ultimately this would be the voice of the Market Place. So don’t dismiss the validity of a war waged on that front.

          I agree completely that ultimately these methods, the attendant poisons, the fall out of of seeds drenched in toxins leaching into soils, running in our streams and to our reefs, absorbed into the atmosphere and rained down on us is not acceptable in anyway. As it stands to day this weaponizing of food, with it’s terminator seed and the ultimate enslavement of populations to THE SEED should never have been allowed to gain traction, in the absence of proven safety and as it stands should be banished from the face of the earth, or certainly prohibited from open air farming………..

          • arcadia11 says:

            the labeling will do absolutely nothing.

            our food is being poisoned by a multi-national un government corporation. per agenda.

            poisoning should not be. labeling poison is a diversion. poisoning should not be.

            is it okay to spread poison food across the globe? no. what if it is labeled as such?
            no. it is not okay to spread poison across the globe. no.

            • Mokibra says:

              I don’t disagree that it’s poisoning. And I don’t disagree that it had ought to be drummed out of existence. Which was clearly stated………….my disagreement was confined to your exclamation that to Label it “will do absolutely nothing”. I’m a very literal person. And absolutely nothing is pretty damn close to incomprehensible to me: For even nothing is quantified as something. And that something is nothing.

              Labeling will do something. It may not satisfy the ultimate quest to be rid of GMO and it’s ancillary toxins etc. But labeling is IN FACT SOMETHING……………..

            • nikhilananda says:

              sugar to most people is addictive and a poison; food still includes “partially-hydrogenated” vegetable oils, “high fructose corn syrup”, tobacco is still legal, and people still murder animals to then consume them……. it would be wonderful if all of our food was organic, fresh, local and free of all negative, poisonous and deadly components; however, it is not the case…. each individual chooses what to consume… labeling is a minor step….. the open-air proliferation of the use of restricted use pesticides and the effect on the aina and people in the vicinity is what needs to be addressed and was in our initiative here on maui…… aummmmmmmmmmmm…. we are on the same side…… :o}

            • arcadia11 says:

              we may have to agree to disagree here. yes. labeling is something. but a minus in my opinion. it diverts, by design, attention from the need to ban gmos. millions of dollars just to label, albeit ineffectively, your food as poison. it makes no sense to me. and i’m sorry if i sounded disrespectful. it’s just that i know the labeling thing was designed to keep people’s attention on labels. not on poison. not on disapproving of the poisons. as in controlled opposition. and it worked. it was meant to lose.

              thanks for your comment, mokibra. and thanks for fighting against gmos.

              kind regards,

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