Alive in the moment

Alive in the moment

by Jon Rappoport

December 19, 2014


“I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up, the driver was at the end of the line. I didn’t mind. I got off and started walking home. It was a spring night, near the ocean. Within a minute or so, I realized I felt wonderful. There were no thoughts going around in my head. The street, the buildings, the air…I was so happy it was ridiculous.” (The Underground)

What if seven billion people agreed, and you were the one person who disagreed?

You should be so lucky.

A stark contrast on that scale is never visible. And by scale, I mean everybody on Earth asserts A and you assert Z. 7,000,000,000 to 1.

Think about it. Roll it around in your mind.

I bring it up because I’ve received emails that staunchly defend the power of consensus.

Some people apparently feel that overwhelming agreement is a reliable measure of truth. 10,000 to 1. 10,000,000 to 1. A billion to 1. Everybody versus 1.

When the numbers reach the “stunning stage,” it’s implied that all the people on one side are tapping into a repository of wisdom. They must know something. The dissenters just don’t have the right tuning mechanisms. They’re consulting the wrong cosmic library.


This situation can be looked at in another way: the millions or billions feel compelled to intuit what everyone else believes.

So you have the crazy situation in which almost everyone is looking and listening to almost everyone else. It’s like passing around an empty template. Because nothing of substance is really happening.

But a method is being put in place. It doesn’t matter what might be written on the template later; everyone will automatically nod yes to it. Yes, yes, yes. The operation is in place.

And when you slowly wag your head no, you’re viewed as a violator and a critic of “the process.”

The process creates reality. So you must be creating nothing.

That’s an interesting position to take, especially if you can do it with equanimity. It tends to make people nervous. You’re the “nothing person.” They have all of consensus-reality on their side, and you have zero, but you don’t care.

At some level, they begin to wonder if they might be sucked in and swallowed up by your vacuum.

Worst of all, by saying no, you identify yourself as an individual, which as we all know, is a passe concept, a fiction of a bygone era; and by propaganda standards, a “threat to the well-being of the people.”

Except, when all the illusions are stripped away, what remains IS the individual, 7 billion of them on this globe.

And what they really want, beyond the necessities of survival, and freedom from oppression, is something that is already inside them: the unchained joy of being alive in the moment.

Alive. Each distinct person. Not a cosmic glob. Not a collective…but individuals so different, who know they are so different, that they are able to see each other for the first time.

No preconceptions. No interposed thought-forms. No fear. No need to belong.

And then…the mere act of perception is a brilliant fulfillment.

Exit From the Matrix

Consensus? Who needs consensus?

It turns out that one individual can see another without any filters at all—which is, in fact, how seeing is done.

After that, connecting becomes so intriguing you wouldn’t trade it for all the consensus in the world.

“Alive,” taken to its fullness, is electric and improvisational.

And no one is in charge. No one needs to be in charge.

Are you and I the same or are we different? The usual complex meanings of those two terms no longer apply. Of course we’re different. I’m over here sitting at the kitchen table and you’re standing by the window. You’re talking to me and I’m talking to you.

The back and forth conversation feels like the most natural and yet surprising thing. It’s even better than music.

It’s now; and then now; and then now again. Utterly relaxed, utterly alert. As if we’re discovering, moment by moment, new planets.

The superstructure of belief is gone.

Like it or not, it then turns out that at the bottom of everything is ecstasy.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

7 comments on “Alive in the moment

  1. Nicole says:

    Yeah, I remember how it used to feel to live that way, before the things happened that took it away from me. The joy of existing in every moment.

  2. arcadia11 says:

    you made me laugh. again. thanks for the sparkles.

    glad we are on the earth plane at the same time.

    much love, peggy

  3. james says:

    Yes I remember this time of pure joy

  4. ozziethinker says:

    Consensus is the thinking man’s anathema.

    Not so long ago the consensus “believed” the world was flat and you needed to take care at the edges lest you “fall off”. Currently the consensus “believe” the world is full of molten rock because they have never been there.

    I am eternally bombarded with external thoughts and opinions. Could we organises a séance to resurrect originality?

  5. mary says:

    I try everyday to live in the moment, it is hard because all in the matrix is sent up against that. What keeps me going, is something I read not too long ago, on some blog about the ones in charge and the matrix, it was something like, They. the “ones” in charge,” believe humanity will fold,” humanity is not strong enough to insist on getting out. That line, they will fold, really re-charged me.. No we will not fold, what ever difficulties’ you are experiencing, not “folding” is our way out and it is the fear “they” have.. No amount of fear suffering will cause us to “fold”.. NO WAY…..

  6. JT says:

    I understand your views on collectivism as I have read and laughed with several articles you’ve penned. So in that spirit I would like to bring up the beauty of collective creativity in a group setting. The basis of such behavior requires that those in the group agree on a common goal. Here in lies the rub and comparisons and the revelation of the individual. If you celebrate only the individual creativity, then the limit it set to the individual potential (Limitless maybe but time is a factor). I have found that sometimes a group effort is very expansive by harmonizing different contributions (mitigates the time factor). So the paradox lies in choosing weather to be melody(solo) or harmony (group) and which is better. Harmony compliments the melody by providing a backdrop or context and yet sets a limitation which might only amount to the idea of completion.Having no context or limits set leave things open ended and never complete. The goal of society may be to live in harmony and charity. In a different context of individualism the radical thing to do is to act in a collective. The natural world is full of collective. Our physical bodies are good example and yet we express one unique person with in the group of humanity. It is a paradox indeed!!!!!!

  7. Avi says:

    Wow, what a text !

    Here is another point of view if you please ?


    If you take a stone and break it in two, you have two stones, smaller but still the same stone. If you break in two an individual, you don’t get two smaller ones but you kill the individual because it was alive as an individual, as a living entity being a whole by itself, alive as a unity. Before the first living entity, the first ‘individual’, life was not alive, if I can say so, just like time and space before the Big Bang. Life ‘came alive’ with the first single entity, life has materialized itself into individuals. Before the rise of life, matter was the assembly of two or more cells of the same components that could be added or separated without any problem. Unity began with the first living cell, unity, and then difference, are the basis of life.

    Life, life through the individual, is the support of consciousness, of the individual being aware of its own life. Consciousness begins with plants, and we know that because plants do communicate. Communication is the result of the appearance of individuals, the direct result of life, of individual life, of being alive. Communication is a straight expression of life, communication is the corner stone of life, communication begins by the individual expressing that it is alive. Communication is also information and, the first of all information being about life itself, the second is how life protects itself from being threatened and informs the other individuals of its kind about that. This is the first level of communication as we see it among plants to begin with, it is the revelation of the consciousness of life, the consciousness of the individual.

    Each ‘alive individual’ is, as a whole living entity, its own master because its life is his own life and it is his consciousness of life and of its separate state that gives it the sense of freedom, of not being tied to anything else, same or different, as matter. Freedom, like consciousness, is a direct attribute of life, of life as individual entities. Every individual is free by design, by the simple fact that it is alive. Freedom is an original component of life, freedom is born with life and the individual. Every individual that bares life is free by its birth to life. This freedom of being what it is, a “free conscious living creature” made to communicate, this freedom comes from its property of being alive, as an individual, nothing else. So we can say that the individual is alive and free, but nothing else, life is inside the individual. Like life, freedom is a property of the individual.

    Freedom in the individual represents life, the ability to communicate, to exchange information about life and cooperate with other individuals in the task of caring for life. Life has a meaning by itself, life is the birth of freedom through the consciousness of individuals. Every living individual is a witness of its own freedom as an individual, a plant as an eagle, or a human being. If you want to care for freedom … care for life. Freedom is not a result of laws, of revolutions, but a product of cosmic evolution, of the universe expansion, and of the will behind all that. Freedom is a trademark of life, freedom is a built-in part of each individual alive, freedom is embedded in the consciousness of life.

    Life has a direction, life has a meaning. Life is going from the multiplicity to the singularity, from materiality to unity, from the same to the unique, from matter to life, from not-conscious things unto consciousness, from chained molecules to unchained individualities, from nothing to something that ‘is’ compared to things that ‘are’ not, by themselves. Nothing was unique before the first living individuality, ‘one-ness’ appeared with life, ‘one’ is the result of life, ‘one’ exists only with life, with a living individual. Apart from the individual entity that is ‘one’, everything is part of all other things, is chained with all the elements of matter and subjected to its collective fate. But, the individual that is ‘one’ has its own fate, its own identity, its own will as a unique independent entity, as a complex being as opposed to complicated matter that is just ordained in such or such way and is only the result of an assembly of components.

    That said, life has appeared after matter and after the Big Bang, life like matter is a product of the evolution that followed the Big Bang that created space … and time. Life is depending to exist as much on space as it is on time. Life has equally a space and a time frame. And, since the Big Bang, space and time are bending toward the infinite so that life too has an infinite potential. Life, in the universe, is then inclining to be everywhere and forever, life is potentially eternal as well as finite, life is the aim and the mean, life ‘is’ by itself here and everywhere, now and forever. This is what Jim Sheedy* calls ‘The Life Drive’, the condition opposite to the Big Bang when gravity an mass are infinite so that time and space cannot be. This condition would be that time and space are infinite without the existence of gravity and mass, and even their remaining presence as in our world, kind of a paradise world existing without a material nature, a reality detached from the forces of gravity and of the limits of matter, an ‘everywhere and forever’ world where life could take the forms it wants without being subjected to time and space.

    This may be the ultimate reality, what we human call God, what we are looking for since the birth of the human race. God would be the ‘Life Drive’, the will behind all that is and all that we know that is without being able to reach it, that is, eternal life, a life beyond our own. But at least, we may know it is not just a dream, or a feeling, a faith or a belief but a potential reality that must be real, the real behind reality as would say Bernard d’Espagnat*. So, what could be said is that, for one, life as we know it is a tiny and limited appearance of what life may be in its eternal condition and two, that the universe is moving toward the state when it would become infinite, as well as life because this is the goal, after all, isn’t it ? And then, compared to this ultimate state of existence, our reality can be seen as a limited and imperfect reflect of the infinite state of life that is the real reality where life comes to its unlimited and eternal existence.

    *Jim Sheedy (book Pondering Life)

    *Bernard d’Espagnat

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