Scott Faber: “No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.” W-h-a-t?

Scott Faber: “No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.” W-h-a-t?

Memo to Just Label It: fire Scott Faber, and fire yourselves

by Jon Rappoport

January 2, 2015

Scott Faber (twitter) testifies before Congress. Wobbly drum roll, sour cymbal crash.

Faber is the executive director of Just Label It (twitter), a group that wants mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs. He’s also the VP of Governmental Affairs for the powerful Environmental Working Group (twitter).

As the representative of all Americans who want labeling (really??), Faber recently testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, about the Pompeo Bill (“The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” (HR4432)), which, if enacted into law, will put an end to mandatory GMO labeling everywhere in the US.

So what did Faber do? After finding 10 or 20 different ways to say the American people have a right to know what’s in their food, he figuratively went down on his knees and offered this sopping wet olive branch:

“We do not oppose… genetically modified food ingredients. We think there are many promising applications of genetically modified food ingredients… I am optimistic that the promises that were made by the providers of this technology will ultimately be realized…that we will have traits that produce more nutritious food that will see significant yield…” (see the 2h29m05s mark here)


He thus led inquiring minds to wonder: was his stunning testimony connected in any way to the fact that he used to work as an executive for the Grocery Manufacturers Association of America (GMA) (twitter)?

After all, that was the group which poured millions of dollars into campaigns to DEFEAT mandatory GMO labeling in four states.

To put it another way: why the hell is Scott Faber now the executive director of Just Label It?

There’s more. If you read again that little piece of pro-GMO promo Faber offered to the House Committee, you’ll understand that, by implication, he seems to be giving silent assent to the highly toxic Roundup, since it goes hand in glove with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GMO crops. He’s certainly not attacking it.

Think about it. What impression did Faber leave with the Committee, and by extension, the full Congress?

Representatives are scratching their heads and saying, “Why did he bother testifying at all? He doesn’t sound like he’s worried about GMO food or Roundup. He doesn’t have a problem with them. He didn’t make a sharp distinction between GMO food and conventional food. He just wants people to have the right to choose between one type of harmless food and another type of harmless food? Is this guy nuts? If we go up against Monsanto and Dow and DuPont and vote down the Pompeo Bill, HE’S the guy who has our backs? Are you kidding?”

The result of Faber’s testimony, in other words, was to sway more Congressman to pass the Pompeo Bill.

Was that staggering incompetence on his part? Or was he intentionally sending a covert signal whose message was, “We’re weak. Drive over us with a steamroller.”

I’m asking. I want to know. I think other people do, too.

It’s an honest question. Scott: who are you working for? Just Label It or the Grocery Manufacturers Association? Or is Just Label It now an offshoot of the Grocery Manufacturers Association?

power outside the matrix

To be fair, and this is important to understand, the mandatory GMO labeling groups, who’ve been trying to get those ballot initiatives passed, haven’t offered any strong, what’s the word, JUICE, as they pursue their cause. Have you seen their ads?

They look like they were made by some goofball low-rent PR firm that employs anonymous, supposedly attractive humans who list “spokesperson” on their resumes.

A young blonde, for no apparent reason, walks toward the camera and flashes a warm plastic smile and says, “Hi. You have a right to know what’s in your food.”

Viewing such major productions from their tower, Monsanto crime bosses tremble in their boots. They really do. They go up to the roof and think about jumping off. It’s sheer hell for them to be up against such a charm tsunami.

The cherry on the cake? Faber, writing an opinion piece in Roll Call (12/17) (Pompeo Bill Keeps Consumers in the Dark) about his Congressional testimony, makes this preemptory lunatic assertion:

“Finally, some inevitably say we need GMO crops to feed the world. But no one is seeking a ban on GMO crops.”

No one? Is that right?

What planet do you call home, Scott? Oh wait, I get it. That was just you trying to cut people off from the only sane solution to Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, BASF, Syngenta and their ongoing population experiment using poisonous pesticides and cross-species genes. You were sending a Christmas card to the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

“No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.”

Of course not.

How silly of me to flash on Jackson and Josephine Counties in Oregon, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties in CA, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, Burlington, Boulder, Rome, Milan, Turin, Brescia, Genoa, and for that matter Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Spain, UK, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, China, Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Cypress, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, etc… all of whom have instituted some sort of ban on growing or importing GMOs.

“No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.”

That statement, Scott, would be true if you changed it to read, “Relatively few people in the USA know how powerful the ban-GMO movement is, because the American media are weak, soft, and sold out.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

28 comments on “Scott Faber: “No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.” W-h-a-t?

  1. He certainly doesn’t represent my views – it’s been established beyond reason that GMOs and the associated pesticides are a danger to you and I.

    In my opinion, Scott Faber has been set up as a GATEKEEPER. He needs to go.

    • Doña says:

      He is a bought man.. And sold us common folk down the river!

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      Bingo. He’s done such a good job at erasing the hard work of Truly Concerned Consumers along with any hope of future personal credibility, that I’m wondering if he isn’t related to those famous Fabers who make those pink erasers that children have used for decades to fix mistakes.

      He’s gonna need an awful big one to fix the ones he’s made.

      Pandering to the self assumed misled minions of the power elite, who are standing on the necks our increasingly fractured society isn’t just a step in the wrong direction. It’s the all too common kind of cowardly capitulation toward which our nation is rapidly growing indignant. The kind that won’t be forgotten.

      What a schill. Blech.

  2. T. Dobbs says:

    I watched the hearing on this bill and noticed that Faber was very conciliatory but I took it as a middle ground approach rather than an in-your-face objection. Of course I didn’t know that he previously headed up the GMA. This disqualifies him in my opinion. A funny thing though, during the hearing Farber was accused of being a conspiracy theorist by one of the more arrogant pro GMO senators.

  3. SamAdamsGhost says:

    Does anyone think the paid off minions in congress will actually go against their masters ?
    ‘Efforts’ that do not educate the public on the dangers of GMO – which leads to the obvious conclusion that they must be banned – are not credible. Only mass awareness & demand by the American public would turn back GMOs.

  4. bleak says:

    Great reporting, as usual, Mr R. Who can you trust really? NOBODY, except people like yourself… people who know what this “quiet war with silent weapons” really is; Full Spectrum Dominance.

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      Yeah, well sometimes, “full spectrum dominance” is just a fancy way of saying, absolute power corrupts absolutely. All the way down to those feet mixed with iron and clay.

      Wait till they get a load of single spectrum, laser focused, unavoidable Truth. For many in their ranks, it will come too late. Giving them only enough time to try to hide in the crags, caves and bunkers from He Who is seated at the Right Hand of God.

      Search – “Ancient High Performance Electric Motors Discovered that are still in Production”

      Search – “Pole Shift of Noah’s Day About to Happen Again?

      Good Journies

  5. theodorewesson says:

    Here are some other choice quotes by Scott Faber — while he was at the hearing:

    “…GMOs have all the benefits that we’ve been hearing about in this hearing.” (2:44:27 through 2:45:47)

    “…no one is arguing that farmers should be prohibited from planting GMOs.” (2:46:36 through 2:46:52)

    Finally, Mr. Pompeo (R-KS) ( ask THE Yes/No question “…are GMOs safe…?” (2:48:03) and Mr. Faber answers “I believe so” [meaning he is saying, for the record, “yes”] (everyone else says “yes”). Then, though I do not agree at all with Mr. Pompeo’s bill (HR4432), I do like how he then turns to Mr. Faber and gives Faber a “military officer style dressing down.”


    Examining FDA’s Role in the Regulation of Genetically Modified Food Ingredients

  6. henry says:

    What do I care if my neighbors want to eat GMO food? Wait a minute. If they eat GMO crops, it is likely that they are eating pesticides. That means that they are likely to use more health care services. In socialist America, that means that I will need to pay for their health care. So, I guess I do care if my neighbors eat GMO food.

  7. Mark says:

    Health issues aside, GMO is a method to patent and propriatize food. Seeds, plants, and foods can be patented and then controlled, prices, markets, and profits fixed. It’s simply another move by the insatiably greedy oligarch and industrial families. Follow the money.

    “Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people.” – Henry Kissinger

    “American foreign policy has almost always been based on agricultural exports, not on industrial exports as people might think. It’s by agriculture and control of the food supply that American diplomacy has been able to control most of the Third World. The World Bank’s geopolitical lending strategy has been to turn countries into food deficit areas by convincing them to grow cash crops – plantation export crops – not to feed themselves with their own food crops.” Professor Michael Hudson

    “Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy – their own population.” – Noam Chomsky

  8. theodorewesson says:

    Key leaders in the “Label GMO” movement under the microscope,…

    Scott Faber

    Daniel Fabricant

    Gary Hirshberg


    1. The secret GMO war: double agents, betrayal, greed?

    2. Natural health? Scott Faber? Dan Fabricant? Really?

    3. Scott Faber: “No one is seeking to ban GMO crops.” W-h-a-t? Memo to Just Label It: fire Scott Faber, and fire yourselves

  9. Jenner says:

    “CONTROL THE OPPOSITION” is SOP. Another dis-info agent is Jeffrey Smith. If you look at Smith’s campaigns they’re all JUST about labeling. With labeling, there’s defacto acceptance of GMO food. Smith also wants to hand out non-GMO shopping lists, which again suggests tacit
    agreement with co-existing with GMOs.

    • Scotti says:

      I know that Jeffrey Smith is more the non-gmo ,food true voice or leading activist for so many years, no need to finger point his good works; yet now its time like Hawai’i ,Russia to call for total bans (moratoria) on gmo’s or genetically engineered foods & crops before they get promoted or hyped further or via TPP or the unilateral, secret trade deals also being made in Washington.DC ,

  10. seamlessone says:

    Don’t forget that Marin County CA (the richest county in America) has also banned GMO crops. Add Marin to the list also. Everyone I know wants GMO banned. Scott Faber has zero integrity and he is clearly a huge fan of all the pro-GMO Frankenscientists. […]

  11. seamlessone says:

    Scott Faber’s position paraphrased: “I am optimistic that the corporations pushing GMO have humanities best interest at heart and I am confident that the Chemical companies selling GMO products and pesticides are deeply concerned about the nutrition of humanity first and foremost, above profit or shareholder value. GMO’s are safe, healthy, promising, nutritious, and no farmers should be prevented from growing them. The more the merrier. Big GMO yields are my hope and dream and labeling GMO’s is a key step in that direction.”

  12. brusplace says:

    Create and fund the opposition, hello this is the tried and true method to control both sides. So the concerned citizens think their cause is well represented.

    These elitists live in another universe. They will end up destroying themselves along the the rest of us.

    At least during the cold war both sides realized that if we nuked each other the whole world would possibly be destroyed.

  13. From Québec says:

    What I would like to know is: “Who are the people who chose [Scott Faber] to be the Executive Director of “Just label it”?

  14. From Québec says:

    Start listening at 1:30:00

    Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Video – Tuesday (12-30-14) Jon Rappoport .

  15. 3xmommo says:

    Excellent question! Yes! How was he chosen??? Suspicious.

  16. Obviously, they got to him too. In these things, money is truly the root of evil.

  17. ONE HONEST MAN, is what we need, so many of us out here would not sell our soul to hide the truth, sadly, we still await that honest man in power. So many of us long for justice now, from ALL walks of life, we MUST return to rule of law, and follow the Constitution. A while back, I heard the current admin said they wanted to identify all citizens who believe in the constitution, they found that millions do… more than half, liberty or death boys, yeah, its that serious now in our nation.

    • seamlessone says:

      Robinson, there is a higher law than the constitution. That was even made clear by the founding fathers. The constitution was merely an attempt to protect the higher law from encroachment(especially monarchial type encroachment) and also to protect from groups (which would inevitably form) who would try to subvert man’s natural/unalienable rights.

      Natural law doesn’t need a constitution to protect it. With or without the Constitution, unalienable rights exist. A return to “rule of law” is not the answer, rather it is a return to the “unwritten law” that is the answer. Giving the written law more importance than the unwritten law on which(and for which) the written law was based, is deeply misguided and ends up creating a war in the domain of written laws.

  18. From Québec says:

    New ‘Monsanto Law’ in Africa Would Force GMOs on Farmers


    “It is nothing short of a corporate take-over of the food system – and in Ghana, where 70 percent of food is currently grown by small farms – it would turn an ages-old system of sustainable food supply into a tremendously large economy for biotech.”

    • theodorewesson says:

      just to add,… India in the late ’60s,… “getting on with the commercialization of agriculture”,… from an article from 1970,…

      “Hunger warriors from agribusiness were particularly hot for expansion. Poor harvest in prior years had driven food prices up, and with them, the demand for fertilizer and pesticides. Consequently, the Rockefeller’s Jersey Standard wanted price and distribution restrictions lifted on their Bombay fertilizer plant. A Bank of America syndicate, together with India’s Birla group, needed government support for what would become ‘the largest urea and compound fertilizer plant in this part of the world.’ Petroleum producers, foreseeing an otherwise useless excess of naphtha, wanted permission to set up fertilizer plants which could utilize the petroleum by-product. The Ford and Rockefeller foundations wanted to expand use of their new *high yield seeds deliberately bred for large fertilizer and pesticide inputs*, and get on with the commercialization of agriculture.”



      “high yield seeds deliberately bred for large fertilizer and pesticide inputs” — in the 60s?!

  19. Homer says:

    “Blessed are the loving labelers for they shall inherit the Roundup ready Earth”.

  20. Rastafari says:

    another non-gmo group wants labels not bans.

    from website:

    “By working together, we can reach the tipping point of consumer rejection and Make It Happen!
    Questions? Click here to contact us.

    Remember to Sign the Petition to President Obama for meaningful GMO labeling!”

    well, the click here to contact us doesn’t work, and as final thought, as a call to action, this org wants us to petition the imposter-in-chief.

    wow. now that’s powerful call to action. /sarc.

    why would anyone believe obombya cares about petitions? does this org have any data suggesting this action (petitioning) will activate any change at all? I doubt it.


    and get others to join in boycott. tell the stores and restaurants and producers that sell GMO that you are boycotting and getting others to join.

    unfortunately, for those of us in rural USSA, where Agenda 21 is clearing the land and towns, non-gmo non-contaminated food is nearly nonexistent. must drive to big city to find real food. how ironic is that? even the Amish now feed gmo to animals (as they usually buy regular feed at the local feed store). also, have found most to NOT know what a GMO is, but when you describe “roundup ready corn and beans” they know what that is, and they will deny any damage or danger from same.

    Thank you, Jon R. for all your hard work. You’re the best writer on the topics you cover and I for one really appreciate what you do.

    /s/ Rastafari

    “cannabis is the healing of a nation.” ~ Bob Marley, true freedom fightah

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