Germanwings plane crash: major media cover-up

Germanwings plane crash: major media cover-up

by Jon Rappoport

April 1, 2015

“When systemic fraud reaches a certain level where collapse of some basic institution is inevitable, the powers that be invent a different storyline. They tell an outright fairy tale and keep pushing it. They’ll even stage events that confirm the fairy tale. Anything to avoid the truth that would disintegrate the whole structure. For example: the structure called Psychiatry.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Airbus A 320 flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Crashed in French Alps. All 150 aboard killed. Pilot Andreas Lubitz flew the plane into a mountain. Lubitz had seen a psychiatrist for depression.

Major media cover the story from several angles.

Should airline personnel have known one of its pilots was suffering from depression? Did they know? Did they cover it up, or ignore it?

These media outlets studiously ignore the elephant in the room: the drugs used to treat depression.

This blackout is intentional. Any decent reporter would look into the antidepressants, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc., as the cause of the pilot crashing the plane.

Go to the site, SSRI Stories, for a huge list of suicides and murders connected to the drugs. Read the warning labels (listing, e.g., suicide) on the drugs. It’s all there.

Visit psychiatrist Peter Breggin’s site, Breggin blew the whistle on these drugs long ago. Read his classic, Toxic Psychiatry.

So where is the media coverage now, in the Germanwings case? It’s virtually nowhere.

The go-to media experts in the field of psychiatry are cover-up professionals. Drug Companies, of course, buy enormous numbers of TV ads.

But beyond these factors, exposure of the truth about antidepressants and their connection to suicides and murders would take down psychiatry itself. The whole profession would collapse.

The sleeping population would stir and sit up and take notice.

Governments would be forced to admit their overt support of psychiatry is based on fraud, from top to bottom.

That is what’s at stake here.

power outside the matrix

And if the major media lived up to their (mythical) role of investigators of truth, the Germanwings story would expand into every nook and cranny of psychiatry: fraudulent diagnoses of every so-called mental disorder, for which there are no physical diagnostic tests: no blood tests, no urine tests, no brain scans, no genetic assays.

Battalions of real reporters doing real probes, backed up by media giants, would force doctors and medical bureaucrats out of their closets, and confessions would pile up.

But this will never happen, because those media giants are committed to supporting the Establishment of which they are a member.

The entire system of psychiatry—fraudulent diagnoses, dangerous and toxic drugs—is a colossus sitting on an earthquake fault. A triggering event, however, is protected from happening by the very media who should be making it happen.

This is a circle of lies.

“Since I first began working as a medical expert in product liability cases way back in the early 1990s, I’ve spent innumerable hours culling the sealed data contained within the files of companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly. Among other things, I long ago found evidence that Paxil and Prozac cause suicidality in adults. These discoveries then led to settlements in product liability suits brought against the two companies brought by surviving family members.” —Dr. Peter Breggin

“I got involved in the Miller case. Matt Miller was a 13 year old boy who had just changed schools and was feeling nervous. His parents prompted by the teacher brought him to a doctor who put him on Zoloft. Seven days later he hung himself in the bathroom between his parent’s bedroom and his bedroom.” —David Healy, Professor of Psychiatry, Bangor university, UK

Any media outlet, aware of these two statements (and many other similar statements), who did not then dig much deeper into the recent Germanwings disaster, would be actively concealing vital truth.

In other words, they would be carrying on business as usual.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

43 comments on “Germanwings plane crash: major media cover-up

  1. Sean T says:

    This whole event smells like a false flag. How hard would it be to crash an empty airliner in the Alps? Why? A distraction from the Iran talks, Yemen/the building blowing up in NY, and congress passed a big medicare cut last week.

  2. JackieO says:

    Will we ever be free of all this lying and deception, guess won’t hold my breath but eventually they will die out or something, thanks.

  3. Pat says:

    Reblogged this on POPS and commented:
    If they are covering up the fact about the medications, can you imagine what else they may be covering up? Like the possibility that there was no suicide?

  4. jwmuskett says:

    That’s what I always ask in these situations , but never get the answer. What medication were they on ? Like the Adam Lanza case in sandy hook MA. Big Pharma keeping us in the dark !!!

    • skywatcher says:

      Sandy Hook was also a complete deception propagated by the media!! Check out Memory Hole Blog with Prof J Tracey.

  5. just some guy says:

    Suppose the creator/creators/creatrix or just some entity that can look around and sees us all sitting on our asses eating gmo cheetos and watching TV or running around collecting more junk than the next guy and says “fine, you have free will to do what you want but I’m going to turn the dogs out and let them run til you dumb asses start doing something constructive”.

  6. austrogirl says:

    I think the rabbit hole is deeper on this one…initial reports were that numerous witnesses saw an explosion and smoke and that the air force found a piece of the fuselage far from the crash site indicating it separated from the plane before impact.


    mirrored here:

    i have some other questions about the story that the pilot crashed the plane on purpose…

    I agree the media is working ever angle of the suicide, monitoring pilots, etc., but that whole narrative is a distraction.

  7. tony says:

    Just like the Freescale Semiconductors/MH370, the War on Russia / MH17, this plane had a frqaud investigation team on it who were investigating major fraud. Remote hijacking. Remember the Naval Audit team were all killed a the Pentagon on 9/11 (investigating the loss of 3 trillion odd. Also, the securities for one of the biggest frauds in history (to destroy the Soviet Union) were ALL destroyed on 9/11. They were due to mature on 9/12. Suspicious? Methinks so.

  8. From Québec says:

    Sure, Jon! No doubt that antidepressants lead to suicides. But was that a suicide plane crash? That is the big question?

    My guts feeling tell me it wasn’t. Too many unanswered questions:

    – How did the MSM knew right away that the guy was depressed?

    – Is the passenger list available yet? If not, why not?

    – The plane seems to have exploded in the air, tiny debris all over the place, no burns, no bodies, just body parts.

    – A chip missing from the blackbox.

    – Etc.

    It stinks to high heaven. I believe it is a hoax or a false flag… but what was the reason? We must find the reason. I wish I was an investigative reporter.

  9. Alan Reid says:

    If commercial aircraft are being used as covert weapons of war how long will the ignorant public still pay? When i was younger this seemed to be going on just like it is now, What every human has to think about becoming grave filler because of some evil game of Coercion they wandered into for a flight. Someone has it out for the air travel industry. Losing the odd aircraft is not too important these days. The dog did not bark. The Sleeper failed to awaken….

  10. Julia etc. says:

    You may be wrong on this one, Jon, in my view they just copied and pasted both procedure and text from this event. This may have been a warning towards Europe “to behave”. This plane was powdered, it didn´t just crash. And nobody here seriously wants to mess with Russia. But the US wants us to… The story about the pilot and his supposed issues, including stating his name on day one (which usually a NO GO here) should put all red lights on

  11. Ann says:

    In the late 90’s I met a merchant marine captain. He had to find alternative treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy instead of psychiatric medications for his depression.
    The rule with no exceptions at that time was any candidate on antidepressants was not allowed to be hired as a ship’s captain in the Merchant Marines.
    We used to think of these drugs as meaning something was seriously awry, and there was some danger to public safety. Life insurance was withheld for people being treated with these meds.
    Years of PR and normalization of the abnormal have blunted the outrage that should occur every time someone on psych meds commits mass murder. The rise in numbers of mass shootings corresponds to the rise in use of modern SSRI type antidepressants. This information about the rise in shootings is from an article on Peter Breggins’ website. I found this article on the website of an organization of psychologists that Breggin has been involved with.

  12. mangrove says:

    Jon, while I agree with everything you’re stating, there’s just one little problem:

    There. Was. No. Plane.

    I didn’t get to that conclusion right away, although that was my first instinct after seeing the initial photos of the supposed crash site in the ALPS.

    I’ll keep this simple. The plane had two 2+ ton TITANIUM engines. The media told us the plane was “obliterated” over and over (just like all four “planes” on 9/11). If that were true, we would NOT be seeing almost-intact clothing on the ground, and there would not be cell phone video footage recovered from that mountain, and the authorities would NOT be able to collect the DNA as we’ve been told. AGAIN, WHERE ARE THE TITANIUM ENGINES?

    I’m afraid that we’re being duped on a MASSIVE SCALE that is INTERNATIONALLY-COORDINATED. Until we can wrap our heads around that reality, we will remain asleep and on a wild goose chase for the truth.

    Jon, I hope you’ll post the link below to my forum where I’ve collected a huge amount of information on a thread that I started the first day of this “crash.”

    • Padraigin says:

      Mangrove, exactly: and the fact that even the finest awakened teachers can be taken in by the usual lies and propaganda, alerts all of us awakened teachers of the need to remain present, conscious and in-touch at all times.

      See for more

  13. Mike says:

    How does an A320 crash into a mountain when air traffic control knows the flight is in trouble for at least ten minutes and every single A320 sold commercially comes with hijack remote recovery systems as a standard feature. It was allowed to crash by whoever is in control of activating that system. That’s how!

  14. Callan says:

    I agree that the drug slant on this is a sideline even though the whole diabolical nature of these so called “medicines” are beyond hideous, as are those that produce and push them, but there is, as many mentioned above numerous other facets of this yet another curious new version of “plane crash.” One of them being the BHUAP, or Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptable Auto Pilot THAT HAVE BEEN INSTALLED ON MOST COMMERCIAL AIRLINES SINCE 1997!!! And the fact that the cabin crew CAN ALWAYS gain access to the cockpit via a keypad that can’t be disabled. The cockpit CVR COULD NEVER pick up the sounds of “screaming passengers”, the “chip” in the black box IS the black box and the “fact” that there is nothing resembling an airplane crash in the photos (where have we seen this before???) The BS level of this is stunning and sinking lower all the time.

  15. Padraigin says:

    Be not fooled, Being is not fooled

    Another scam along the lines of 911, Sandy Crook, Boston Bumbling, etc, no plane, no dead, no pilots, no tears, just media bombardment of the same crooked meme/theme, a hoax from start to Alpine finish.

    See, etc, etc.

  16. jacobite2015 says:

    It’s definitely a suspicious incident. I wonder if Russia had anything to do with it as a warning for the US and EU to back-off on the devastating economic sanctions placed on Russia. Interestingly, on the Coast to Coast AM show last week, Stephen F. Cohen, a prominent scholarly expert on Russia, said tensions are extremely high between the US & Russia. He said the two countries are at the highest nuclear alert level since the Cuban missle crisis.

  17. Jo Folini says:


  18. Trevor says:

    This pilot suicide story is simply a whitewash to deflect attention from known problems with this model Airbus to prevent Airbus from losing market share to Boeing. This crash happened, and they know what caused it, BLOCKED ANGLE OF ATTACK PROBES due to ice which also likely caused the Air Asia crash last year, and is known to have nearly caused the crash of a Lufthansa A321 that went into a plunge over Spain.

    It would not look good for Airbus to admit the the true cause of this crash, and would cost them untold millions of Euros to recall and fix all of the affected airplanes so the authorities got to looking at who was on the flight crew and discovered that the co-pilot had been treated for severe depression years ago and decided “AH HA!!! We will blame this crash on a pilot suicide!” The only way for this to work was to invent this silly story of the captain locked out of the cockpit trying to break down the door with an ax which is really too stupid to be believed by anyone.

    Of course they will never find the flight data recorder which would tell the REAL story. They also will never release the cockpit voice recording out of respect for the families because it supposedly recorded the screams of the doomed passengers.

    IMO the French and German authorities have chosen to sacrifice the reputation of the late Andreas Lubitz, who by all accounts except those of ex girlfriends (go figure) was a fine young man from a good family and an excellent pilot, to avoid further damage to the reputation of the airplanes built by Airbus, which happens to be one of the largest employers in France and Germany.

    • Sean T says:

      Do you work for Boeing?

    • austrogirl says:

      I can’t get away from the early reports that numerous witnesses saw an explosion and smoke and an air force pilot reported that a piece of the plane was found far from the crash site indicating that it separated from the plane before impact. Is that consistent with mechanical problems or would that, if those reports are true, strictly indicate an explosive device?

  19. joanie says:

    this crash was not about SSRis/depression, that was the spin, the total scapegoat. It was a plane blown up or shot down or purposed crashed because of certain people on board. This is how they “play”. Laser tech is on planes and CERN was powered up!

  20. bullhead city says:

    No plane; simulated crew and passengers; photo-shopped images; illogical interviews and reactions; overall script, ridiculous. See Germanwings thread for evidence-based breakdown of this unlikely event.

  21. Michael Burns says:

     Andrea Lubitz Is now part of the forever 27 club.  Andrea was taking Lorazepam, he was experiencing restlessness and insomnia, he was gay, but was also cheating on his live-in lover. Lubitz was suffering from panic attacks, anxieties and was taking Ativan, he was in a car accident prior to the tragic flight, he was seeing five doctors, he was seeing a sleep specialist for his sleep disorder. Andre had a detached retina and was suffering from blurred vision. It is suspected that he was a white terrorist. Lubitz had unusual eating habits, he was addicted to anti-depressants and was a Muslim. He was also experiencing dangerous side effects.

    Dead men tell no tales…

    “Do not go gentle into that good night, 
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day; 
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light…”
    -Dylan Thomas

  22. Lightheart says:

    Jon, It could be the SSRI in the co-pilot. It could also be another scenario. Be open to many scenarios. Mrs. Merckel had to be warned, because she has been busy to bring peace negotiations to the Ukraine. She had to be warned and forced the path has to be towards invoking war with Russia.

    Fly by wire with A320 Airbus makes it possible to interrupt pilot or captain control of the plane. What you need is a distressed co-pilot to make this story viable to the public. You can hear any conversation in the cockpit by fly by wire. You can follow any action or any data of whatever airplane given it is flown by wire.

    So, as an outside perpetrator you choose to follow any airplane flewn by a usual suspect like Lubitz, since he is a plausible deniability enhancing psychiatric loonely woolf. This is where the fly by wire is coming in.

    Give the main stream brainwashing media all the details about this lonelye woolf after having downed the plane from the outside by fly by wire. He may have been made unconcious by a intoxicating nerve gas or whatever. The cockpit door has been made terrorist proof including gasses supplied by terrorists, so you only need the release by radio-trigger of a nerve ? gas inside the cockpit and you have your suicidal co pilot knocked out.

    He was not looking to his own destruction. He was just unconscious, knocked out by some gas output, triggered from the outside.

    The public has to be kept into the perception lonely woolfs commit these suicidal acts. In reality criminal organisations organise these acts in order to warn their fellow politicians to obey orders given.

  23. Jed Shlackman says:

    It appears to me that the suicidal co-pilot story is a frame-up cover-up for what really was behind this crash. It’s a plane that has remote over-ride features so that controllers could take over the craft remotely if it were hijacked or a pilot was unresponsive. If something led the co-pilot to take control and redirect the plane into a crash trajectory then either the remote controllers were in on it or some faction using advanced technology blocked those wavelengths to prevent a remote override. The official story keeps changing and evolving, another sign of a coverup. Emotional issues are common in society and don’t keep people from being pilots, it would be easy to plant evidence to appear to confirm someone was suicidal (bribe witnesses, plant Rx drugs and computer data in their home, etc.) People committing suicide would almost never do it in the manner alleged in this case, taking a load of other random people out with them. Psych drugs are dangerous, and it’s possible that they could have helped put Andreas into a dissociative state where he was programmed to crash a plane, but it seems there is much more to this story than the possible influence of psychiatric drugs, something which we can’t be sure he was on merely because authorities claim they found the meds in his home.

  24. JackBlack23 says:

    I agree with Jed, something else is going on here and this guy is just being made the scapegoat … the media is trying way too hard to shove this suicide rap down our throats (similar to when they immediately pinned the MH17 shootdown on Russia and now are totally silent about that incident since it appears a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down the plane) … my guess is that the Germanwings crash was a remote hijack job by Mossad to punish both France and Germany for signing the Minsk II agreement and also to get Israel out of the headlines as it has been suffering a lot of bad press recently …

  25. This article is much appreciated, and it shows what you have said, is true, you have told the truth so long, finally, some are starting to listen. THE DRUGS ARE THE REASON these people lose it. they DONT HELP. Might as well snort some good cocaine, to get away from depression, seems to work better than SSRIS [I dont condone illegal drug use]
    I knew 15 years ago, the shrinks are fulla sheet. These drugs they push, have destroyed so many. In reality, real care and love is needed, no drug, will fix the heart of man. ty Jon

  26. Mr Ison says:

    The problem is one of access to medical records and the uninterruptable autopilot with intent, presumably extortion or maybe some other Psychiatric reason. In essence it’s cybercrime due to insecure systems.

  27. Floyd Breker says:

    I don’t buy a frikking thing the msm says about the exact cause of this crash. They could tell me it was dark outside and I would have to go out and take a look. This thing is too convenient, and too quickly concluded. I don’t believe a word of the msm meme.

    • Ian Porter says:

      Indeed all very fishy but I would not jump to ANY conclusions until more data is available from the flight data recorder. Mind you I think the issue is not one of discovering truth, it’s about trusting what we are being told (fed?) and that’s the problem.

      • Livia says:

        However Airbuses have a kind of problem often – as someone here wrote about it earlier – it looks that in this case it was not that problem. On a hungarian site where pilots gave opinions to blogger, there was a log file of the plane. According to its details it could be seen that descending of plane was a manual descending, probably the co-pilot was who screw that button to descent because when a computer makes this, numbers’ ending on log file more ‘smooth’ and computer would make a one-off modification however when a person makes it, numbers’ ending looks pretty different according to person’s screwing movements. […]

  28. Livia says:

    Dear Mr. Rappoport, thank you again for this great article. For a while we were struggling while trying to understand what had happened with Germanwings and were thinking that media maybe tried to cover a technical error of the plane and pushing a story about a ‘scapegoat’ the lonely co-pilot to blame. It was due to the fact that their story was unbeliavable on many point like passangers had not seen what had happened and were not screaming or just in the very end while pilot was hitting on the door even with an axe(?) Wow…
    But after reading some opinions of active pilots about what could happened we thought the same what you thought and have written here: antidepressant’ side effect.

    And I asked the same quiestions:

    How is it possible that those drugs are on the market, can be given to people at all?
    How is possible to give the name ‘medicine’ to drugs that can cause suicide or even mass murders?

    It’s a shame, our shame too I think as we just let this practice go freely.

    I live in the UK, a day one of my friend go to the GP because she had sudden vertigos from time to time. Instead of a blood test or any proper examination they suspected a kind of EAR’ infectiont they told to her that no help for the infection but to supress symphtomes they simply gave her a prescription of an antidepressant… So much about it.

    • Stanley Frank says:

      One eye dropper of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide dropped into the infected ear. Tilt head and let soak 5-10 minuets and listen to the snap caracal pop as the antiseptic does it’s job. Just think of all the thousands of children with ear infections that are prescribed drugs. The medical industries is a criminal enterprise when it comes to selling drugs.
      Aviation answers are on

  29. Shallel says:

    I’ve lost two good friends to ssricide. That being said, anything reported in the MSM is absolutely a lie. Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields…

  30. darlene says:

    I saw a cbc report on this and they said the father was a high level BANKER ? Not sure if this is true but with all that is happening in the world today you just never know . tc all .

  31. Roger Fuller says:

    All these postings of airplane crash conspiracy theories that say the Germanwings pilot was not the cause of this crash must be music to the ears of the Psychiatric Dope Pushing ” Mental Health System “. It lets them off the hook. I guess we are supposed to believe that Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora and Columbine, Colorado were all fake massacres that never happened, too.
    The MSM will admit that someone had a ” history of mental illness ” but rarely ever says what drugs they were on because MSM works for the drug companies. If someone would find out exactly what drug a murderer was on, we would have the smoking gun. Until the drug pushers are identified and prosecuted to the maximum, these mass murders will go on with impunity.

  32. evidencer says:

    I wrote an well-researched response to the Robert Sapolsky article in major papers that blamed “incapacitating depression” without mentioning the drugs.

    The link below cites clinical trials and includes patient reports that show how damaging psych drugs have been. Useful for sharing with people who still think the meds are helpful and benign. Also heartbreaking.

    I earned a doctorate in psychology at Stanford, where Sapolsky teaches. I know how these people operate. Sapolsky is (or was?) working on a vaccine that uses modified herpes simplex virus to deliver “neuroprotective” genes “deep into the brain” (his words, cited in the Daily Mail) to eliminate stress reactions. #whatcouldgowrong

  33. J. Salgado says:

    Do US garden clubs that are members of national garden club ORGs or NGOs require members to generate their own “CODES” that conform to principles in national white papers like referred to in “The Garden Club of America Supports Agriculture, Seed Diversity, & Food Security” that supports The ST, LOUIS DECLARATION ON INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES that gets groups to adopt voluntary Codes of Conduct that sound quite draconian like those suggested in THE ST. LOUIS DECLARATION ON INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES found on the Center for Plant Conservation website for conserving and restoring America’s native plants?

  34. Asif Abir says:

    10. Air France Flight 296
    On June the 26th 1988, 3 People were killed on the A320 aircraft, which was taking off from Mulhouse Habsheim Airport, France. It was a test on the first ever fully automated plane to be flown by a computer, which didn’t go to plan.
    9. Fairchild Airbase, Washington
    On June the 24th 1994, Air Force Personnel were flying the B-52 aircraft around Fairchild Airbase, Washington, USA. Due to the pilot attempting to push the plane to its limit, the pilot lost control and all 4 U.S. Air Force Crew Members died.
    8. Details Unknown
    Believed to be in Russia, details of this incident have not been found.
    7. C130 Aircraft Crash
    Due to the pilot landing the plane on too much of a steep angle, the C130 crashed in the USA with the likelihood of ever crew member being killed.
    6. China Airlines Flight 642
    On August the 22nd 1999, China Airlines Flight 642 was stopping over in Hong Kong, and crashed. Of the 315 onboard the flight, 3 died. Although from the video that looks like a good result.
    5. Unknown, Unknown, Unknow
    No details were discovered about this crash.
    4. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961
    On November the 23rd 1996, a flight enroute to Nairobi was hijacked by 3 Ethiopians seeking asylum in Australia. Upon the plane running out of fuel, it crash into the sea just off the coast of The Comoros Islands, killing 125 of the 175 passengers. This event was the most deadliest until 9/11.
    3. TransAsia Flight ATR72
    During February the 4th 2015, a TransAsia flight took off for a usual flight to Kinmen China, until it crashed into the Taiwan River due to engine failure. The plane also hit a cab. The plane was carrying 58 passengers of which 35 people survived.
    2. Afghanistan
    On the 2nd of January 2013, an aircraft taking off from Bagram Airbase enroute to Dubai, crashed killing all 7 crew members. The plane crashed due to the aircrafts steep takeoff. Steep takeoffs are normal in Afghan as to eliminate the risk of being hit by enemy forces from the ground.
    1. 9/11
    On September the 11th 2001, terrorists attacked the New York Trade Centers. 2996 people died, including 19 hijackers, 242 people on the four planes, 2606 people in Trade Center and surrounding area, 125 at the Pentagon, 72 Law Enforcement Officers, 343 Firefighters, and 55 Military Personal.

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