Who I write for

Who I write for

by Jon Rappoport

April 8, 2015






The individual.

Imagination. Creating new realities.

Society and civilization as a potential force for helping to liberate the individual.

Underneath all my articles, all my investigations into corruption and crime at the highest levels, these above factors have been my motivation,

Who do I write for?

I write for people who recognize they can do something for themselves and others, who can improve their lives and consciousness and power.

I write for people who want to increase their own power.

I’ve been at this for 33 years. I recognize there are people out there who dig down and discover massive chunks of corruption, crime, and conspiracy in the world—and then they twist that knowledge to say: “See, this is why I can’t make any progress in life. This is why I’m blocked. This is why I’m having trouble. This is why I can’t do anything.”

I’m not writing for those people.

They’re using their hard-won knowledge to doom themselves to a life they don’t want. They jumped out of one box and put themselves in another one.

Regardless of how bad things are in this world, there is always something a person can do. For himself, and for others.

In doing that, in moving toward the life he wants most profoundly, in taking creative action, he becomes more alive, more conscious, more powerful.

He is the person I’m writing for.

I’m writing for those men and women.

There is the Personal and the Planetary. They can’t be entirely separated and walled off from each other.

But that doesn’t mean one sphere should be absorbed in the other.

You can’t eliminate personal desire from the equation and expect to find all the life you want. It doesn’t work.

I write for people who have at least glimpsed the power of their own imaginations, and want to increase that power.

I write for people who, becoming aware of how fake realities are built, cross over and realize they can invent better realities and futures.

I write for people who can wake up to that.

I write for people who want to understand the details of how corrupt and deceptive realities are built. My investigative articles serve that purpose.

I write for the individual.

I write for myself.

I write to expose corruption to the light of day, because I want to.

I write for people who understand they can become more alive.

I write for people who are willing to consider something new, who aren’t trapped by the belief that everything important is ancient.

I write for people who hunger for adventure.

I write for people who know they have the strength to make something happen.

I write for people who suspect they have latent capabilities that can come to the surface.

I write for people who realize answers and solutions to their own lives come from themselves.

I write for people who refuse to relinquish their individuality.

I write for people who want to increase the power and range and scope of their own imaginations, in order to discover and invent new startling enterprises and adventures.

I write for people who are on a spiritual road that isn’t clouded by convenient slogans, who know their journey is unique to them, and not part of a system.

I write for people who’ve taken hold of their own freedom and want more freedom.

I write for people who can follow a train of thought.

I write for people who have done their best to make their way through life, who sense there is something more, who want knowledge that will be liberating, not entrapping.

I write for people who, acknowledging that systems and structures can be quite useful, reject the idea that all of life is encompassed by a system.

I write for people who want more power to think, do, create—rather than being told what to think and create.

I write for people who, understanding conspiracies, don’t fold up, but rather, as my friend Catherine Austin Fitts says, want to start their own (good) conspiracy.

I write for all these reasons and more.

I write for people who, when they discover how much corruption abounds, refrain from demanding that others tell them what to do about it—but rather discover/invent for themselves what actions they can take.

I write for people who don’t give up.

I write for people who have already found some answers and some success, and want more.

I write for pleasure and enjoyment.

I write for people who want to read.

I write for people who want to consider ideas that reach miles and miles past the borders of consensus reality.

I write for people who are sick and tired of how this world is being run, and want to do something about it, want to discover the creativity within themselves that will provide answers.

I write for people who never give up.

I write for people who want to make a better world, by their own definition, and will work toward that end.

I write for people who have thrown away this formula: a) blaming others for their own shortcomings; and b) using that blame to build their own personal prisons of despair.

I write as part of the business I run, the sole proprietorship called NoMoreFakeNews.com. On that site, I sell my products. I’m an entrepreneur. I believe in giving value for value. Since I started NoMoreFakeNews.com in 2001, I’ve written a stream of articles people can, in fact, read for nothing.

power outside the matrix

I write for people who can follow this train of thought: a) discover the nuts and bolts of how elites invent reality for rest of us (The Matrix Revealed); b) instead, extend the power of their own imaginations and invent better realities (Exit From The Matrix); and c) attain the power to operate inside and outside the Matrix (Power Outside The Matrix). Yes, that’s a plug for my three Matrix collections.

I write for people who aren’t afraid of having power.

I write for people who know the difference between belonging to a group that ultimately asks them to surrender their own individuality, and a group composed of true individuals.

I write for people who do their best to weather every storm.

I write for people born into a place that has been taken over by corrupt fascists.

I write to rise as high as I can.

I write to expose every restraint of freedom I can perceive.

I write to say this space-time box is not the only place there is.

I write to say every individual who inhabits a physical form is immortal, whether he likes it or not…and it’s better to face the truth than deny it.

I write to promote both logic and imagination—each in its own sphere of action.

I hope I write for you.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

47 comments on “Who I write for

  1. talesfromtheconspiratum says:

    Very nice Jon. You write for me then. Yeah! Re-blogging.

  2. teddi says:

    you write for me

    thank you for knowing

    thank you for showing up

  3. Bruce says:

    Thank you!

  4. Homer says:

    Thank You Jon! You Write for me! You provide an awe-inspiring of a platform of discovery!
    (Humbling and Inspiring)!

    • Homer says:

      Thank You Jon! You Write for me! You Provide an awe-inspiring platform of discovery!
      (Humbling and Inspiring)! (By humbling I mean your so Godamn prolific and I’ve yet to really launch, but thats Inspiring and hopeful as well). Sorry if this seems repetitive, when I was a kid my mother hit me in the head with the record player, the record player, the record player, the record player.

  5. Jon Olsen says:

    Thanks, Jon. I fit nearly every one of those categories! Been at it since 1966, when I discovered the lies perpetrated to promote the War Against Vietnam. I hope you will take time minutes and look at the 9- minute YouTube video on http://www.liberatehawaiithebook.com. This is my current effort to accomplish, as author, part of what is needed to wake up people to an occupation of a country hardly anyone knows about, “statehood” notwithstanding! Love to hear from you afterwards! Jon (also) Olsen

    • From Québec says:

      Wow! This is one thing I didn’t know about. Thanks for the link. Olsen.

      Introducing “Liberate Hawai’i”

      Three good things could come out of this fraud:

      That could be the most powerful way to kick out Monsanto and al out of Hawaii.

      This could kick out the 118 American Military bases in Hawaii

      Barry Soetoro born in Kenya, or Barrack Hussein Obama, born in Hawaii, whatever his name or his place of birth are, would not be a Natural Born Citizen, so therefore he would become an imposter. He would be removed from the presidency and everything he ever done would be instantly void and null. See article below:

      By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
      October 29, 2008


  6. I feel as if you write for me Jon. I am currently in Tennessee chasing a dream and creating a new reality. I love your posts and I follow you by “smart device” because I am far into the woods and hills and I have no I internet otherwise. Thanks for the continued posts and rest assured they are welcomed and taken to heart. I will make a deal with you, I will keepy creating new realities if you keep up the freely shared inspiration.

  7. bruce cranfield says:

    Yes thank you Jon… I used to write when the “spirit moved me” I will share a bitnow and forgive me if it makes no sense.
    19820903 #33
    Molecular Mobility Of conscious Earth.

    Man as a mobile tactile organ of planet earth.
    Man capable of searching out other conscious molecular structures.
    Earth not content to have mobile structures sensating only on earth.

    Determining what earth and air is.
    Man stretching beyond the immediate surroundings carried by man made molecular structures of pulsating, information grabbing and gathering computers in the name of science.
    Provoking other men closer to the molecular source to receive particles of information sensed by other men extended through space using extending waves and extended machine tool structures.

    Gathering in the name of science. The name of science being a representative, an image of earth’s molecular energy.
    But what is earth in the name of science, other than an amalgamation, an accumulation of energy, as being imagined by man within man’s limiting framework?

  8. Janiece Kennedy says:

    Jon this one brought me to tears. You connected to my core…..again. I believe you may be approaching the full expression of your very existence. Such a wonderful thing to be alive and becoming the same time, space and moment with you.

  9. Donald Beacham says:

    great post

  10. Dieter says:

    You write for me. I was raised in the Baptist faith. Since around 1980 I started to question and realize that there can be only one absolute truth. Over the years I have come to read David Ickes material and somehow your thoughts started showing up also. I still believe that there is one true God who is the Father of us all, But also that the real truth has been perverted, causing religion to be a means to control the people. The same goes for the medical profession and all Governments. That includes all, both so called democracies and dictatorships. No matter what reality we find our-self in when we start to awaken, we will realize that the only reality is true love, by which we can also love our enemies (those who try to keep us in the matrix). Because of them you started searching. Without them, we would not even know the truth about the matrix. Therefore we should recognize the truth you are portraying, and at the same time, love those opposing us, until their eyes are opened, and they too can be freed from the bondage they are in.

    Not sure if you get discouraged or not, but continue writing. You write for me. Thank you

  11. Jon thanks for all you do. You write for me too. I enjoy your words and they speak out to people as if I am saying those very words. You are most awesome. Be blessed.

  12. urkeramik says:

    Thanks for writing, Jon!

  13. Greg Osborne says:

    Yes, you write for me. You may stack up in my in box, but I read every one of you.

  14. From Québec says:

    You definitely write for me, Jon.

    I already knew about all the corruption, since I have been listening to the Alex Jones Show and his great guests, top experts, in every field of life, for 11 years now.

    But you gave me the desire to put my imagination into action to fight that corruption and create new ways to wake-up people. Blogging on alternative sites is good, but not enough, since these people are already awakened. We have to awake the zombies.

    What a better way than a daily “Soap Opera” to reach them. I’m trying to write one.

    Here is the scenario:

    Every day, an anchor would come out on television with the new lie of the day. The main character on the soap, would be an artist painter who is very well informed, a bit like Jon Rappoport and Alex Jones who are also both artist painters.

    So every day, the painter would debunk the lie and give the real facts. Of course, to get the interest and attention of the public, it would have to include a lot of comedy. People are easily hooked by comedies. They never have enough. But, the comedy would not hurt the truth if it is done intelligently in a subtle way. On the contrary, it would get them seriously thinking.

    The other characters would all be intriguing weirdos:
    Honest and crooked lawyers, bad and good cops, same for doctors.
    Religious freaks, atheists, etc. Ordinary people like waitresses, barmen, homeless hippy, typical families and dysfunctional families, etc. A melt pot of people trying to see the light out of this chaos.

    It’s hard to explain it, but I think you get the mood feeling of the scenario.

    Of course, this is hard work, I don’t know how I can make this come true. If I knew people who are good comedy writers and knows how to produce a televised series, and who knew good actors, it would be major assets for me. But I don’t.

    Still, I’m enjoying working on this soap opera and will continue to work on it, no matter what. It stimulates my imagination for a better world. And I hope that some people who have the skills required, will one day pick-up on this idea and make it come true.

  15. ozziethinker says:

    Yes, you write for me, Jon. That’s why you are one of the few blog links at the head of my website.

    No more “Problem, Reaction, Deception”. There is only room for “Diagnosis, Comprehension, Tried and Tested Solution” in a TRULY civilized world.


  16. Yael says:

    Very well written and I am happy to know why you write. You write for me too.

  17. nicole says:

    How many times have we heard: „there is light at the end of the tunnel“…
    Yes, there are spiders, rats and snakes in the tunnel. Well, for me what you are doing Jon is putting LIGHT IN THE TUNNEL. Lets put candles, decorate de walls, bring some flowers, go through together, singing and dancing… together its much less scary 🙂

  18. Planet Dove says:

    Thank you! We are out here, imagining blue skies.

  19. ezra70 says:

    Thank You Jon! You also write for me. You make me so much stronger!

  20. Jason Astroth says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve written and will continue to write in the future. Keep up the good work, Jon!

  21. poppylavender says:

    Hello John..
    You certainly write for me… I am inspired and would love to hear your talks in UK. if that is possible… I was so happy to find some one who had the same thoughts and imagination that I have always had.. but very rarely found other writers..I have through the years found friends on same wavelength…. married one.. and had 4 children who we have brought up with open minds, who are ‘ individuals’, question everything and don’t fit into any box.. they sometimes found it hard.. as it is so easy to ‘ go with the flow”… I have like minded friends all around the world.. Your writing is an inspiration- you should be very proud of the talent and written words you have posted free…A BIG Thank you..


  22. Thank you, Jon!!! I have read and endorsed your work for many years. Whether or not we ever get to meet in person, you are a true ally in this life. May you continue to be blessed by the fruits of your own creation and the light you spark in others.

  23. brad says:

    Your writing often blows me away with its deeply original and insightful perspective, and has many times caused me to break into side-splitting laughter from the creative and unexpected way in which you bring truth to light. And for that, I’m thankful!

  24. ignasi orobitg gene says:

    Por eso quiero leer Tus correos.
    que tengas un dia agradable con muchas sonrisas.

  25. Venus Retrograde says:

    I have to agree with everyone here, THANK YOU Jon Rappaport for continuing to speak truth to illegitimate power.
    I want you to know how bang on you are about those with “no imagination” so I will share a conversation I had with someone formally trained to be a psychologist. During this conversation I was “vividly painting a picture” of all the atrocities man commits against his species to which this person replied, ” I get it! This is as good as it gets! So I choose to focus on the positive rather than the negative!”” Immediately a thought sprang to my mind and I passionately replied, “This is NOT as good as it gets! It can be better if we choose a better way to live!” I was astounded that this person felt that they had no choices….no recourse or redress of an unfair and unbalanced environment. That they were helpless to create a better world through their inner vision. t the same time I could also see that this person was being rewarded materially for keeping the status quo alive and expanding.

    Having said this, though, I share the same understanding that Evolutionary Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green shares; We each are at varying degrees of spiritual evolution. In this condition we are vulnerable to outside influences ( tampering with ‘compass needles’ with magnetism ) that can lend to the de construction of our spiritual essence. Perhaps many struggle to imagine only to have that imagination channeled into the gargantuan vat of ‘crap’ ( pardon my vernacular ) called tell-a-vision….or ‘religion’?

    Those with an imagination have a greater responsibility to those with little to none and you, dear sir, have earned cosmic respect and admiration ( from people like me and those taking celestial notes 😉 ) for your dedication to spreading the wealth of your mind.
    I will keep reading your work because it lights upon every strand and fiber of my being. A loving, harmonic melody the end result.

  26. Sherlock says:

    Thank You Jon! You write for me.

  27. Michael Burns says:

    I choose to see your post as a question in light of its manifest. Take it and nail it to the doors of perception. Searching for reason when it is hard to see sometimes…it gets foggy up ahead Jon.
    We can tired sometimes  from beating our hearts against the wall of the world.
    You are brilliant, and I don’t need to tell you this…you are honest, unless these pages are not your words. Your a fine scribe, but I’d say a better poet. Painters seem to be better poets. And your one of my own. I have searched for images of your paintings. I cannot find them. I like to see your work. I listen to your words on EFM when I travel back and forth from the city sometimes, your exercises are welcomed; as an artist I have tended the garden of imagination for my whole artistic life. But I truly like some of your exercises…and there is always something to learn. A closed mind is a dead mind.
    I like what you write Jon, I like it alot..and  I would care to believe that one of the reasons  you write, is for what  follows…

    “The Four Zoas

    I am made to sow the thistle for wheat; the nettle for a nourishing dainty
    I have planted a false oath in the earth, it has brought forth a poison tree
    I have chosen the serpent for a councellor & the dog for a schoolmaster to my children
    I have blotted out from light & living the dove & the nightingale
    And I have caused the earthworm to beg from door to door
    I have taught the thief a secret path into the house of the just
    I have taught pale artifice to spread his nets upon the morning
    My heavens are brass my earth is iron my moon a clod of clay
    My sun a pestilence burning at noon & a vapor of death in night

    What is the price of Experience do men buy it for a song
    Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No it is bought with the price
    Of all that a man hath his house his wife his children
    Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy
    And in the withered field where the farmer plows for bread in vain

    It is an easy thing to triumph in the summers sun
    And in the vintage & to sing on the waggon loaded with corn
    It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted
    To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer
    To listen to the hungry ravens cry in wintry season
    When the red blood is filled with wine & with the marrow of lambs
    It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements
    To hear a dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan
    To see a god on every wind & a blessing on every blast
    To hear the sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies house
    To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, & the sickness that cuts off his children

    While our olive & vine sing & laugh round our door & our children bring fruits and flowers
    Then the groans & the dolor are quite forgotten & the slave grinding at the mill
    And the captive in chains & the poor in the prison, & the soldier in the field
    When the shattered bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead

    It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity
    Thus could I sing & thus rejoice, but it is not so with me!” 

    -William Blake

  28. Eric Lawrenson Bauer says:

    Your many gifts resonate with the genius that resides in each of us, the clarity of our unique imagination calling to us through the music of your words, painting with authentic colors, way outside the lines of conformity, the electric fences of the Matrix. Thankfully. With high praise!
    “To dream, that is the whole thing, but to act with precision while dreaming” – Geo. Deluth’s commentary on Matisse’s style.

    I would also say . . . “The ‘eye’ has always dreamed of ‘touching’, the ‘hand’, but a crude metaphor to the way we would caress what we behold.”

    (Eric Bauer – Kenyon College/Senior High Honors, Gallery Show – 1972.) (That’s me!)

    {Ready to order from your 3 major products. Profoundly drawn to EACH one, and I’d buy them all in one fell swoop if the budget allowed . . . Which to start with, given that I’d rank the magnetism of “Power Outside the Matrix” as pulling at my collar with the strongest hand . . . ?}

  29. Sha'Tara says:

    Hi Jon, and thanks. You write for me too, even if many years ago I caught on to the Matrix lie (singular – it’s all one big lie) and chose a path of self-empowerment. Too bad your Matrix series isn’t text: I’d buy it in a minute. Don’t do listening, except music. My freedom trick: I shut down my TV reception, newspapers and other “news” media some 35 years ago. Not surprisingly, I haven’t had to see a doctor for any reason save for mandatory driver’s license physical in that same length of time – coincidence? I don’t think so. Thanks again, Jon.

  30. mary says:

    You write for me. Maybe one day, I’ll write for you. 😉
    Thank you and please don’t stop.

  31. RonMamita says:

    Who I write for
    by Ron

    I write for myself, who I see in others, seeking truth on the winds of change…

    I write with the wish to connect my experiences to the knowledge reservoir for others to connect to this Great knowledge stream drifting on the winds of change…

    I write during my sleep and again during my wakening seeking greater awareness…

    I write remembering the childhood moment I realized that slavery exists, even as I was told involuntary servitude was abolished long ago, igniting the passion inside me for creative freedom to join the winds of change…

    I write for both ignorant questions and answering knowledge blowing on the winds of change…

    At one moment my consciousness connected to a knowledge of freedom’s journey escaping slave captivity and at that moment many connections were perceived of deceptions and illusions intentionally cast by occultists…

    I write of fears that transitioned into leaving the fears behind and welcoming the unknown challenges on the winds of change…

    I write now aware of the word spells that are cast on the unaware with my wish to break the word spells manipulating consciousness by revealing the tricks…

    I write knowing that someone will connect to the experiences I share and find it helpful on their life’s journey on the winds of change…

    In writing, I found my joyful answer to silence.

  32. Jeanne says:

    Jon, Bless you for being a tremendous catalyst for ongoing, enlivening creativity in the lives of those who feel the depths of your wise counsel & change their lives in magical, imaginative ways…You are a Lighthouse in an often dark world for those who innately sense there is a life beyond the deadening routine of modernity & only need words of encouragement from the wisdom you compassionately share…Thank you so very much!

  33. You write for me Jon and I love you for it. I will follow you until I am able to create my own realities again or until I get bored, and then I will be gone.

  34. Brian Wright says:

    You’re making a wonderful difference in my life, Jon. Thanks for your marvelous insights and courage under fire.

  35. sojourner says:

    “I hope I write for you.”

    You do, and I thank you!

  36. linda diesslin says:

    You also write for me. Thank you, Linda

  37. John Rigby says:

    Writing from Australia:
    1. It *was* a famously brave and tough country.
    Born of incredible cruelty that made Devil’s Island look like a holiday camp.

    2. What happened?

    3. Deliberate anti-societal immigration. (Divide and conquer) The now majority of migrant people living in Australia do not even bother taking up easy-to-get citizenship.
    I personally do not know a single family that does not retain dual citizenship.

    4. No other country resisted anti-gun ownership and mass-medication laws as strongly as this country did. Still does a little. But thanks to Fluoridation and deadly “vaccinations”, the battle is lost.

    5. Is there still hope for places like the USA, Europe, UK?
    No, none at all.
    Look to Australia for your future in a darkening mirror.
    There are many, many tiny voices like Jon Rappaport today, but who can only preach to the converted.
    AND the converted don’t act, they pray.
    AND push their own barrow containing a Savior of one kind or another, as they pathetically wait for a Second Coming even though the first one totally failed.

    My apologies to the few who stumble to here and read this,
    BUT your only hope is to get out of the path of the juggernaut and

    • himagain says:

      I really do appreciate the fighters like Jon and even more those who risk their commercial/social positions and some – their literal lives in protests.

      But, just like Hawaii (a great simple example similar to Oz) […] ,
      I “preach” to my own circle the simple advice of

      I do not believe that the cosseted people of the West today, especially the USA, have any idea of the impending storm.
      The people that “own” you are moving to end the rapidly dissolving facade and impose the combined excellent business plan of “1984” PLUS “Big Brother”.

      The very existence of the infamous “Patriot Act” legally created a monstrosity -and the recent expansion of the S.S. style Homeland Security and the incredible purchase of half a billion universally banned dum-dum bullets specifically for the exclusive use of the S.S. (State Security) all purchased through the mysterious Austro-German Small Arms manufacturer of the State-chosen pistol – a technically very poor choice, but with a revealing history to it, is a portend of your very near future.

      (An Indian word of very best well-wishing for you as we part)

  38. Are Yufreel says:

    Because of people like yourself, we all can rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

  39. Jon, love ya man, as a brother. Although, I dont post much, I follow your theories. Jus very busy, a watcher, waiting for the next quake. please, stay safe. Blessings

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