Matrixology: The true and final goal of the Surveillance State

Matrixology: The true and final goal of the Surveillance State

by Jon Rappoport

May 12, 2015

“If you or I had a pot full of money and set out to help a community become more prosperous and self-sufficient, we could find a way. When big government steps in with its money, the objective is different—it’s to appear to help, while actually demeaning and reducing everything in sight…

“Ever wonder why so many law-enforcement types, government bureaucrats, and corporate worker bees are control freaks? Do you think it’s just the result of their job training? Think again. There is a selection process. The plan is for the new society to be run by massive numbers of little control freaks.

“…Predicting the future, based on current trends, leads us to some horrendous conclusions about the dystopia toward which we’re heading. But there is an upside. We can view the conflicts and the polarities with greater clarity. We can see, for example, what freedom means in a much deeper way. We can become more fierce defenders of that freedom. We can see what the stakes are. This view gives us power, if we want to take it.

“…Mind control is ultimately about inducing the sacrifice of freedom and power. And thus manufacturing a prison planet. People who register a blank look when the subject is their own freedom and power should understand that they are already operating under some form of conditioning. There is a paved-over spot in their consciousness, in their energy, in their desire, in their ambition.

“That’s right, ambition. In this case, the desire and motivation to do something big and important with their freedom, instead of just lying down and surrendering.” — (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The Surveillance State aims to profile every human in the United States. This profile will include a psych eval.

The eval, plus psychological tests will be mandatory for all government employees, including public school and college teachers, counselors, and wall-to-wall bureaucrats.

The objective? To qualify those people to judge the rest of us.

In other words, they will be the Normals, and we will be viewed as the Freaks.

These new government arbiters will also be selected on the basis of their feeling like put-upon victims.

Given new powers, they will have a field day.

I’m talking about a cultural revolution that turns things inside out and reverses vectors.

It’s already happening, of course, but the intensity is expanding.

Here is the view from the top: install “the underclass” as the officials who will run and police day-to-day society.

Make a list of every real or imagined victim group you can think of. From these groups, the millions of clerks and bureaucrats who operate the levers of intrusive public life will be chosen.

They are the natural allies of big government.

“Never had a chance to wreak revenge on the people who are holding you down? Come see us for an interview. We may have a position for you. We’ll give you a test, put that together with a profile we’ve already assembled on you, and voila…you could be working in an office tomorrow, collecting a paycheck, receiving benefits, and dropping the hammer on anyone who has an independent or errant thought in his head…”

Big government wants to make more people poor and dependent, yes. But beyond that, the plan is to “rescue” them and give them power in government jobs.

“Look, we’ve assembled psych evals on 300 million Americans. Here are the ones we’ve identified as troublesome. Guess what? They’re the folks who don’t like you. But now you’re working for us, the government. So we’re setting you loose. Go after them, find a reason to harass them, block them from getting ahead…”

Make no mistake about it, there are ways to make poor nations, from which immigrants are flooding into the US, far more prosperous—just as there are ways to make poor communities inside the US prosper. But those ways are verboten. Instead, big government, despite its pronouncements, is intent on exacerbating poverty and dependence.

Gradually, the difference between receiving government benefits and having a government job will be completely erased.

Freedom of the individual? Never heard of freedom or the individual.

The Bureaucratic Society is shaping up before our eyes.

The Surveillance State is the framework within which this goal can be accomplished, by the use of psych profiles and evals, which are filters deployed to separate the “put-upon people who thirst for power” from everyone else.

If you think all this is too crazy to be true, go to and read the report, Identity Dominance: The US Military’s Biometric War in Afghanistan. The program involves securing extensive background information, including “threat potential,” on every single human in the country. Every single human.

With a shift of target, such a program could be transferred back home to the US, where it would mesh with NSA operations to achieve the same goal.

Have another look at the 1974 film, The Parallax View. Reporter Joe Frady infiltrates The Parallax Corporation, which carries out assassinations on contract. Frady has to pass a series of psychological tests to win a job as a killer for hire. He has to present himself as a violent man with an axe to grind.

His recruiter, Jack Younger, spins Frady the following sales pitch: “Your tests suggest that you have remarkable talents…has it ever crossed your mind that it’s everybody else’s problem that they don’t get along with you?…the very quality that gets you into trouble makes you potentially invaluable…your aggressiveness.”

Imagine the same kind of build-up used on 30 million prospective petty bureaucrats:

“We want you to be a little angry. You deserve to be resentful. We consider that a plus. It makes you better at your job. You’ll have an edge. All the people who see you as a loser? They’re the freaks. This is your chance to work for the government and put them in their place. This isn’t the old government. This is new. This is a revolution. The people who were on the outside are now inside. You’re one of ours. We know how valuable you are…”

Translation: “We engineered society to create millions of people stuck in material and psychological poverty. Dependent. You’re one of those. Now we need employees to run this wall-to-wall welfare state and corral the ‘independent ones.’ We’ve let you soak in misery and suffering for a while, and now we think you’re ready to make other people follow the hundred thousand rules and regs we’ve set up…”

Surveillance is coming at us from all angles. Chips, drones, TSA checkpoints, smart meters, back-doored electronic products, video cameras, spying home appliances; our phone calls and emails and keystrokes and product purchases are recorded.

The government and its allied corporations will know whatever they want to know about us.

What then?

What happens when all nations are blanketed from stem to stern with surveillance?

Smart meters give us one clue. Public utilities, acting on government orders, will be able to allot electricity in amounts and at times it wishes to. This is leading to an overarching plan for energy distribution to the entire population.

Claiming shortages and limited options, governments will essentially be redistributing wealth, in the form of energy, under a collectivist model.

National health insurance plans (such as Obamacare) offer another clue. Such plans have no logistical chance of operating unless every citizen is assigned a medical ID package, which is a de facto identity card. In the medical arena, this means cradle-to-grave tracking.

Surveillance inevitably leads to: placing every individual under systems of control. It isn’t just “we’re watching you” or “we’re stamping out dissent.” It’s “we’re directing your participation in life.”

As a security analyst in the private sector once told me, “When you can see what every employee is doing, when you have it all at your fingertips, you naturally move on to thinking about how you can control those patterns and flows of movement and activity. It’s irresistible. You look at your employees as pieces on a board. The only question is, what game do you want to play with them?”

Every such apparatus is ruled, from the top, by Central Planners. When it’s an entire nation, upper-echelon technocrats revel in the idea of blueprinting, mapping, charting, and regulating the flows of all goods and services and people, “for the common good.”

Water, food, medicine, land use, transportation—they all become items of a networked system that chooses who gets what and when, and who can travel where, and under what conditions.

This is the wet dream of technocrats. They believe they are saving the world, while playing a fascinating game of multidimensional chess.

As new technologies are discovered and come on line, the planners decide how they will be utilized and for whose benefit.

In order to implement such a far-reaching objective, with minimal resistance from the global population, manufactured crises are unleashed which persuade the masses that the planet is under threat and needs “the wise ones” to rescue it and us.

We watch (and fight in) wars and more wars, each one exacerbated and even invented. We see (planned) drought and famine. We are told about desperate shortages and a frying Earth. We are presented with phony epidemics that are falsely promoted as scourges.

The only response, we are led to believe, is more humane control over the population.

On top of that, we are fed an unending stream of propaganda aimed at convincing us that “the great good for the greatest number” is the only acceptable principle of existence. All prior systems of belief are outmoded. We know better now. We must be good and kind and generous to everyone at all times.

Under this quasi-religious banner, which has great emotional appeal, appears The Plan. Our leaders allocate and withhold on the basis of their greater knowledge. We comply. We willingly comply, because we are enlisted in a universal army of altruistic concern.

This is a classic bait and switch. We are taught to believe that service for the greater good is an unchallengeable goal and credo. And then, later, we find out it has been hijacked to institute more power over us, in every way.

The coordinated and networked surveillance of Earth and its people is fed into algorithms that spit out solutions. This much food will go here; that much water will go there; here there will be medical care; there medical care will be severely rationed. These people will be permitted to travel. Those people will be confined to their cities and towns.

Every essential of life—managed with on-off switches, and the consequences will play out.

An incredibly complex system of interlocking decisions will be hailed as messianic.

Surveillance; planning; control.

The surveillance is expanded, not because we are constantly under threat and must be protected from terrorists, but because we can then be labeled and entered onto 10 billion squares of the game board, to be moved around or held in place.

This is the vision.

It isn’t ours. It never was. But we are not consulted.

Instead we are made witness to watershed events: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center; the 2001 assault on the Trade Center and the Pentagon. These ops paralleled the unleashing of better and more far-ranging methods of surveillance.

We are profiled down to the threads on our clothing and DNA in our cells. But what is our profile of the technocrats and their bosses?

They are divorced from human life. They live in a vacuum. They take pleasure from that vacuum.

The Matrix Revealed

In 1982, I interviewed Bill Perry, who had just left his job as PR chief at Lawrence Livermore Labs, where scientists design nuclear weapons. Perry had been given the kind of job PR people long for. But one day, when he passed the desk of a researcher and listened to his complaints about budget limitations, Perry said, “Listen, America already has the means to blow up the whole planet eight times. What more do you need?”

The researcher looked up at him with a genuinely puzzled expression. He said, “You don’t understand, Bill. This is a problem in physics.”

In the same detached sense, the technocrats who want to calculate and direct our future, move by move, minute by minute, see us as components of a complex and very interesting problem.

Yes, they indeed expect to exercise power and control. But they also live in an abstraction. They deal their answers from that realm. They exercise cool passion. They see, for example, that not every single twitch of thought of every person on earth is yet mapped, so they want to finish constructing the means by which they can chart those “missing elements.” They want to complete the formula.

They view their research as a wholly natural implication of the mathematics they can manipulate. They swim in technology and they want to extend its architecture. To abandon the program would be tantamount to denying their own intelligence. They climb the mountain because it is there.

They do perceive that one factor does not fit their algorithms: the free individual. It’s the wild card. Therefore, they are compelled to analyze freedom and break it down into DNA functions and brain processes. They assume, because they must, that the free individual is an illusory idea that flows from some older configuration of synaptic transmission, at a time in our evolution when we needed it. But now, they suppose, the engineering of human activity and thought has superseded such quaint notions. Now we all can be tracked, traced, and studied on a different and wider scale. Now we can be seen for what we really are: a hive.

Therefore, we must be instructed, within tight limits, about our various functions.

I’m reminded of a statement attributed to Nobel Laureate, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi:

“In my search for the secret of life, I have ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life has run through my fingers. So, in my old age, I am retracing my steps…”

Today’s technocrats will admit no such disappointment or existential crisis. They flourish with great optimism as they design the future world and its single society. If they run out of pieces of their puzzle to study, they’ll try to track the motion of every atom and electron and quark in the universe. They’ll delight in it.

Knowing all this, we know the terms of the war we are in.

The Central Planners have an equation: “free=uncontrolled=dangerous.”

By the gross terms of that equation, they lump us in with thugs and murderers and terrorists. They even see the normal functioning of the brain as a threat, as an intrinsically defective process, and they have long since decided that organ must be corrected with drugs and other remedies.

We, on the other hand, must assert, in every way possible, that freedom is real and inviolable, and we must back that up with our actions.

When individual freedom is no longer discussed in great depth by people who should know better, when it is left to wither on the vine, many programs and structures are built to take its place. When freedom is not understood beyond a superficial level, the question, WHAT IS FREEDOM FOR, goes begging.

Of all the criticisms of our education system, this one should be primary. Thomas Jefferson envisioned public education purely as a way to teach children what being a citizen in a Republic meant—because, until the Constitution was enacted, there had never been an experiment in freedom on such a scale. It was a new premise.

Several years ago, in one of our greatest cities, Chicago, people were scrambling to ensure that, during a teacher’s strike, schools could remain open as baby-sitting warehouses for half-days. That is how far the system has sunk.

Technocrats contemplate changing the game of life so that it essentially becomes synthetic. Natural was just a way-station. To really exercise control, it’s necessary to remake humans from top to bottom. Then you know exactly what you are dealing with, because you made it, you invented it.

As Aldous Huxley wrote, “’Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!’ The voice was almost tremulous with enthusiasm. ‘You really know where you are. For the first time in history’.”

Yes, because you made the twins in hatcheries and the machines in factories.

Technocrats are their own brand of problem solvers. Solving the problem of Planet Earth, as they see it, requires human constants, as many as possible, and the fewest possible human variables.

Therefore, re-engineer the brain. Reconfigure the nervous system. Insert preferred images directly into the brain.

That’s what these useful (high-IQ) idiots are working on these days. That’s where they’re going.

That gives us a wider picture of what freedom really means and will mean in the coming years. It’s to our benefit to know that.

When I write about individual power, as I frequently do, this is part of what I’m referring to. The coming years. The coming struggle.

When I write about imagination, despite the fact that most people don’t have a clue about their own imagination, this is what I’m talking about, in part: the individual inventing new strategies to protect and expand freedom.

The wild card is: us.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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23 comments on “Matrixology: The true and final goal of the Surveillance State

  1. Again , perfectly presented, and fully understood, by FREE men.

  2. Sue says:

    What I love about your writing is the way it gives such clear expression to the events of my life. I grew up in a mini surveillance state run by my families, the Stalins and the Machiavellis, and only recently escaped in my late 50s.

    Based on decades of study and direct experience of the home, the school and the ineffable I too have come to many of your conclusions, but putting words, and such words, on some of this has eluded me. I have acquired the language, but the ability to make it clear to others in a way that makes them want to know more is a difficult thing. That’s where genius has to appear.

  3. aries712001 says:

    All I have to say on this is the control freaks have come to power why? because we let them, what a bunch of idiots we really are, but I don’t think it is too late, something can be done about this stupid insane act that is running the country at the moment, it is up to real people to say and do real things instead of turning the other cheek, thanks.  JackieO

  4. Jon Olsen says:

    And what the controllers don’t get is the principle of unintended consequences–beyond their control! Their arrogance is their Achilles heel. They cannot conceive of their system unraveling, as it did in the late USSR. Philosopher Jon

  5. ozziethinker says:

    Good post, Jon, but for a minute there I thought you had missed the point, but right at the end, you came up with the REAL problem – “us”. You see the system manipulates human wiring. My latest epic carries on from your last sentence. As it concerns everyone, GREAT and SMALL, I wonder how many will take the time to read it. A “solution” is offered but, boy, I can’t see anyone rushing to adopt it in a hurry.


  6. justoldog says:

    Do you honestly feel that a group of human control freaks want to subjigate the rest of us, and that is IT? The reality is MUCH bigger. Check out:”Allies of humanity” in a search. The space around our planet is thick with advanced predatory races that want nothing less than to reduce the human population by 93%, with the remainder used as slaves and food. Thats right, food. Mostly children, as adults are way too tough and polluted. If we fail to wake up, its: GAME OVER.

    • OhZone says:

      Why would they reduce the population if it was food for them? If they are so advanced what have they been waiting for? How about those ET’s that are already here? One ancient group is said to be the mind power behind the current powers that be. Will there be another “War of the Worlds”?

  7. From Québec says:

    Such a brilliant piece you wrote here, Jon!

    Such a brilliant piece, that I have nothing to add to it. I read it 3 times in a row, and still didn’t find a single phrase or a single word to add to it. And that is a first for me. I’m totally speechless! You decoded it so perfectly!

  8. Greg O. says:

    “There is a paved-over spot in their consciousness, in their energy, in their desire, in their ambition.”

    Great way to put it. Made me think of this line from a rock and roll classic:

    “… Is there concrete all around, or is it in my head?”

  9. Mr Ecks says:

    Rather aside the rather more extreme scenarios posited by other commenters –central planning does not and never has worked. If it did the soviets/chicoms would now be rulers of the world. Techno-freaks may think that they can control with more info but it doesn’t help. It will just breed more chaos. They might create one day an Ultra-intelligent computer that good second guess the market. But why should such a machine serve any human inferior, tyrant or otherwise.

  10. theodorewesson says:

    “…in the disputes between the East and West concerning the Russian opponents of the Soviet regime… [m]any dissidents went to lunatic asylums and were treated as mentally sick. Western doctors and the press accused Soviet doctors of being blind instruments of the regime and of having broken the solemn oath of their calling. The Russian doctors thought the West had gone mad in reproaching their behavior. For them, anyone who opposed such an efficient police power must be mentally disturbed. In their view, only those who had what Seneca called Libido morienti (the death wish) would dare to provoke the State. The Russian doctors were convinced that they were undertaking a humanitarian mission by placing the opponents of the regime in asylums and thereby reducing their aggression–the only hope for their survival. To reduce the outstanding to mediocrity was always a medical and human duty in a state where mediocrity had the better chance of survival.” — from the book, “Man: The Fallen Ape” by Branko Bokun

    • Michael Burns says:

      Good point Theo…strange how history keeps recycling. Now the Russians seem like the only sane ones.
      We keep getting caught up in the same old sins. I think we are there again, more medication, more police, more lunatics on the fringe.
      I wonder if I am one of those.
      I keep getting this idea, that I am not really typing this comment, I AM a raving lunatic strapped to gurney, somewhere in Winnipeg either yelling “fourteen” or pumped up with nice warm psychotropic drugs. And I am hallucinating all this.
      *Pinch*… Ow
      *Pinch, Pinch*…..nah I’m wrong I here typing this. Lol.

      “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
      -Richard Bach

  11. chip says:

    It is almost overwhelming to read your syntheses Sir. I seriously hope that The Ranks of the dissident are getting this in full time harmony. Building knowledge up is the solution. Pre-institutional society, based on voluntary, free and fair Barter of goods among social equals is the answer to the wholesale, retail, taxpayer fiat model. We each have the right to keep [withhold] what is us and ours from gangster governance. Arrogant technocracy [scientism] oversees Its’ grand experiment erected on its instituted creation theories. Little do they know or appreciate the hell they “create” in their vanity. A deadly mistake indeed.

  12. donnavoetee says:

    Jon, this is second or third hand news, but confirmation of the wisdom you expressed here nonetheless. When my friend told me what I am about to share, I immediately thought of this article.

    “Tom” saw young elementary students at a school in Compton (primarily Black / minority) in the cafeteria eating what looked to be stroganoff of some kind. They appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their meal. Suddenly, a worker appeared who removed all their plates, even though they had just begun to eat. The reason that “Tom” heard them tell the children? “This food is going to the homeless.”

    There is no health dept in the US at this time that would allow such a thing. My take? They were traumatizing the children methodically as has been done in POW camps, depriving them of food, creating hate and discord toward a weak segment of society. They will grow up despising those in need, their anger forbidding them to have compassion on others. Future, embittered, heartless gummint workers in the making. Just like you said.

  13. brad says:

    As I was reading, it reminded me of the movie ‘Code 46’ which has as its backdrop the almost-exact global society you describe — chilling. Everyone and everything uniform and predictable, and controlled — that’s where we’re being led (and many seem fine with it).

    It’s interesting though, in this movie, and in books like ‘Brave New World’ and Jacques Attali’s ‘Millennium’, a society of outsiders always exists, perhaps in recognition that there are some who just can’t be made to conform. Of course, they don’t get to share in the ‘perqs’, ‘benefits’ and ‘conveniences’.

    Perhaps that’s where things are headed — an even wider divide into two worlds; there doesn’t appear to be movement on the horizon towards mass divestment from ‘the system’ at any rate.

    Great article!

  14. Jim says:

    Glad I spent my life learning neural linguistics and now find myself immune to people that try to control me. I guess I should thank my […] controller drunk of a father for instilling in me a drive to never again be controlled. I am now teaching my children how to think independent and question everything and boy do the teachers hate that. I look forward to more information from you so I know from what direction they are messing with us.

  15. Human Relations specialist says:

    You read my mind. Thank you for expressing my point of view so clearly.

  16. OhZone says:

    I have always been puzzled by control freaks. How exactly does their control of others serve them? Why must I believe as they do? How do my different beliefs and actions interfere with their lives?

    Why do those in government feel that they must monitor us so closely? I grew up in the 30’s and 40’s when none of this was going on. We were happy and government seemed to be happy. What has changed that caused them to start all this?

  17. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Thank you, Jon! In my opinion, this is one of his most important posts.

  18. ramolad says:

    Ultimate End Game 101

    Jon Rappoport’s article. First in a series of posts from various observers and analysts investigating the nature of the Ultimate End Game being aimed at humanity by the increasing totalitarianism of various governments, worldwide.

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