The Reality salesman makes a house call

The Reality salesman makes a house call

by Jon Rappoport

May 23, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

…For a moment, a person sees beyond the picture of his own reality. He sees huge open space. He knows he can act on the basis of an inner leverage. He knows he has great power.

And then…


Step up, folks. This is a deal you can’t afford to miss. You know that thing you cling to like a drowning man in a turbulent sea?

It’s called reality, and I represent the company that manufactures it. I’m proud to say I’ve held this job for over a hundred thousand years. So as far as product knowledge is concerned, you just aren’t going to find anybody like me.

I’m here to tell you that reality is never anything more than rocks and bricks and concrete and steel. Reality is never anything more than a house and all the things in it, and the mementos you hold on to, to remind you of the past.

And in conjunction with that, I’m really selling…guess what?

A little thing called perception.

I’m selling How You See Things.

Because, no matter what time period you live in, it all comes down to that: how you see what’s in front of you.

And believe it or not, perception comes in different forms. My company makes the perception that endures. It’s the package you’re living with right now. It’s the down-to-earth here-it-is straight-ahead common-sense type. We call it: IT IS WHAT IT IS. That’s trademarked, by the way. ISWII. It is what it is.

ISWII was invented by a very smart guy whose name has been long forgotten. He was a flaming genius, and he realized something great. People would go for ISWII because it would lock them in.

Who wants to wake up on a Tuesday morning and suddenly see life in a completely different way?

ISWII is the most popular perception package in the universe, bar none. It has Reliability. Consistency.

All those centuries and epochs ago, when I was a rookie training for this job, the guys let me try on a whole bunch of different perception packages, so I could see what kind of competition I was up against.

I saw foolish things, ridiculous things. But when I was given ISWII, our product, I felt like I was home.

ISWII gives you a stability you can count on for your whole life. And, believe me, that’s no small feat.

ISWII is time-tested. It’s as solid as solid can be. It doesn’t break down.

But it does need vaccine boosters from time to time, and that’s why I’m here today talking to you.

Every twenty thousand years, we institute a planet-wide upgrade, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. And you’re all due.

Now, you could refuse, in which case you’ll have to take full responsibility for the ugly consequences, or you could do the right thing and just re-up. I have to tell you, our re-up rate is 99.859 percent. I’m proud of that figure.

Exit From the Matrix

In the small print, the contract lays out a few details concerning IMAGINATION. This is for your own protection—because if you take imagination too far (and who knows how far that is, until it’s too late), you’ll set up what we call an interference field, which means ISWII will tend to malfunction. You don’t want that.

So here’s the contract. Sign on the dotted line, and we’re done.

Thank you very much.

I love you guys. Really, I do. I admire your tenacity and your willingness to stay with our package. Our company continues to prosper because of you.

THE PLEDGE: “I promise not to mess with the perception package. If I believe someone is operating outside the boundaries of the package, I will shun him. I will turn him in to the authorities. If I myself stray, I will confess and receive treatment. All hail to the ISWII perception package!”

The reality salesman knows what he’s doing. He makes a very good living. Secretly, he knows our perception of our own lives and futures is grossly limited by his product, just as our eyes can only see part of the light spectrum. He is aware of this.

He’s selling limitation.

It’s a winner.

Unless you happen to be part of the 1%. No, I don’t mean the super-wealthy class. I mean the 1% of the population who doesn’t want limitation of perception. I mean the people who want to see beyond the virtual bubble they live in.

The creators, the artists, the inventors, the explorers, who don’t sign on the dotted line when the reality salesman makes a house call.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

19 comments on “The Reality salesman makes a house call

  1. Well, see, the reason I went ISWIL was, because, the competition, FedGuv made exaggerated claims we’re taking care of you, safe with us. Didn’t realize it was what the marketeers call a “forced choice paradigm” (we’re coming to see you, do you want the free steak knives or the subscription to The Blurb?). ISWIL uses “free” a lot… free market, free soft porn, etc., it sounded good. Takes a while to realize it’s mind pollution. A guy once said that tyranny is the closure of options; when it’s slow and steady you hardly notice. Yrs Trly, Sadder Budweiser

  2. From Québec says:

    That was one of your first post on your New Blog (Outside The reality Machine). I had fun commenting on it. So, I will repost my comment here:


    I was sweating hard trying to write a script for my soap opera, when the phone rang. It was the THE REALITY SALESMAN.

    Gee! He never rests. I thought, maybe I should listen to his gibberish… you never know, he could make an interesting character in my scenario.

    So I let him rave and gave him a few “hum..hum.. interesting… I see…yeah.. sure…”, until he said: “So here’s the contract. Sign on the dotted line, and we’re done.”

    I replied: “ Unless you haven’t noticed, it’s impossible to sign a contract on the phone. Maybe you need a little correction in your ISWII”. But still, come to my house next Monday in the afternoon. I will be glad to sign it. He agreed.

    Monday, he was there alright, but I didn’t open the door. Instead, I left him this notice on my door:

    Dear reality salesman,

    I’m home, but I’m not really at home. I’m traveling in the Universe and having a conversation with the stars to get some inspiration for a scenario I’m writing.

    Sorry to let you down. But you see, you cannot believe everything people tell you. I never had the intention to sign your contract. I just wanted to see how gullible and naïve you were. I wanted to test your perception. I guess I made my point.

    You may be proud to say that you’ve held your ISWII job for over a hundred thousand years, but that is nothing compared to the wisdom and creative skills of the stars who have been there for trillions and quadrillions of years and more.

    Your long forgotten smart guy who invented ISWII, was no flaming genius at all. He either had no imagination whatsoever, or he was part of the greedy globalist psychopaths who want to enslave humanity.

    Sorry for creating some inconvenient interference fields that will result in malfunction of ISHII. But hey! It’s fair play. May the best man win!


  3. middleway says:

    The long-term survival of the reality machine of ISWII was guaranteed through two basic quantum realities: Rub two coins together to realize three+ and 99.859 percent of human-beings can be bought.

    Via these ancient material deceptions, we were drawn away to fail all the agreements we had made with the gods and have been relegated to slave status ever since. Breaking free of the reality machines hypnotic trance by becoming enlightened to our conditioning and true nature insures our end and new beginning.

    … as has been said, it all boils down to life severely limited by false perception(s) and the bootlegged genetics we were ‘all’ left to deal with.

    A highly worthwhile adventure down antiquity-lane:
    Amazon UK (recommended)

  4. From Québec says:

    This is how the Elites win the game. We are just like this frog:

    Frog In A Pot .

    • Michael Burns says:


      It would be an interesting experiment to take this narrator’s hand and crazy glue it to the bottom of the pot…and fill the pot with cool, clear…unadulterated glacier water.
      Then we could place gently on the burner, the pot, with the man’s hand securely crazy glued to the bottom of the pot.
      Then weld the pot securely to the burner element. And bolt the stove to the floor…just in case. Safety first!
      An then turn the heat up… ever so slllooo…leeee. A few degrees at a time.
      We could play the same irritating, nerve wracking muzak as before…like in the frog debut on youboob.
      Twing twanging, zingy bingle banging in the background.
      And gently narrate in a soft monotone the response of the man, as we slllooowwly raise the temperature of the cool, clear, unadulterated, glacier water.
      We watch him come to a conscious alertness, quickly (Since we had to drug him to get his hand in the pot in the first place.).
      As we watch, as his sense of urgency rises, the sweat on his brow, the biting off his tongue… the shrinking schinter muscle. And as the temperature becomes no longer bearable.
      We could watch his skin bubble, and watch the blisters…pop. Pop. Pop, like little…Soap bubbles. Ever so silently beneath the clear, rolling gentle boil.
      We could soothe him with the response that this is just an experiment, and “Hel..looooah…why are you getting so ex…citedddd”.
      We would find that it would become necessary to raise the… volume…of the musak so we could disconnect with the… screaming of the silly fellow.
      We could patiently watch as the temperature rises a few degrees at a time.
      We would find it necessary to place a loaded gun to the head, of the dancing man, with the an eminent result, so that he did not have the option to pull his melting, fleshy indexes out of the pot. Ripping the cooked flesh from the ever softening bone and cartilage beneath.
      And filling the room with the wet ambient culinary smell of a cooking meal.

      • From Québec says:

        Oh boy! You are crual, unless you meant it was the hand of one of the Elites…lol.

        But at the end of the video,, if you took the time to watch it till the end, it says very clearly: “No frogs were injured in the making of this video”… and then it shows the pictures of the Star frog and the Stunt Frog.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Oh I followed the video to the end…up until the end I felt they are actually were boiling a frog. I was more involved in the frog suffering, than the point being made. The point became irrelevant to the frog suffering
          I thought WTF…to make a point they boil a frog.
          And then the end of the video…and I was released from my ill feelings.
          And it got me angry that my feelings had been used like that and I imagined a revenge on the twit that made the fucking useless video.
          Reminded me of the photographer and the vulture and the starving black child on the verge of death.
          Stupid shit Q

          • From Québec says:

            Stupit shit, yes and no. This is exactly how the Elites win the game. They give us tyranny bit by bit, so people do not fight back, they just adjust to it… till it’s too late for us to fight back.

            • Michael Burns says:

              Boilin Frogs: No pun intended.

              I can agree with you on the 1%…to a point. But philosophically when I start to understand the logic or in this case illogical.
              I do not agree, totally agree with the proletarian. The victim Joe Public? In most cases deserves what he gets.
              We as a species have become pathetic things. Greedy, nililistic, walmart trolls.
              I am watching here, in my little town in farm country the relentless destruction of wetland… why? To feed the starving hordes of course. Greed pure greed.
              Birds are on a very serious decline, I pay attention, because I have been a bird watcher for a long time.
              At present I am in the big city in a new subdivision. The multiples of beige, all in a row…light to dark vinyl siding, ergonomically, systematically, scrumdeliously designed to get the most out of the least, for the most.
              The generic trees, GMO’d from a nursery. The cookie cutter ticky-tack, paper and plastic houses. There are no fucking birds…no insects…every idiot with a colour swatch checking to see if his grass is growing up the exact Hunter’s green and Kentucky blue. I watch on Saturday each twit come out of his house and start he own favorite brand of new lawnmower and mow a lawn the size of a postage stamp. Each house the same and each with 2 or three and in a lot cases 4 vehicles parked in a driveway. With two humans living in the house.
              This is oil country. And every global red neck moved here. And they are not all white.
              I watch some android vacuum the small grass clippings of his tiny little lawn. While he bangs copy out on his new Galaxy 6.
              And then watch four more idiots spray roundup or somesuch solution on dandelions. They are fucking dandelions, they were brought here from Europe as a food source.
              I said to one of the clones, “Hey, do you realize we are going to eventually drink that shit.” He cowed, snickered and laughed saying “yeah I know, big tumours huh”.
              There a paper I read a few years backs that hypothesized that the fall of the Romans was really about them drinking water from the lead pipes in their housing.
              I think we are all fucking insane Q, all of us, nobody is untouched. Even Jon, he’s batshit crazy, you and me.
              We are certifyable, over the edge, cuckoo-cuckoo, boing boing crazy.

              Empires end this way, they always have.

              Inform who will listen to you but really, Alex Jones is about fear Porn. And don’t believe anything less. Its Porn. He might of started out valiantly. But now…
              What I like about Jon is that he gives the individual a solution to this fucking madness. And that’s his genius. He’s right.
              The solution is your own head. Expand it. Expand your consciousness. Make the radio bring in more stations, not just Human Being 1.0.
              Rewrite your own software. What ever way you feel.
              But the 1%, they are a empire on the way down. And they can think up what ever they want…but nobody gets out alive.

            • ozziethinker says:


              Now that is a top comment. It says it all. That’s where we are at. WE are the problem that blames “them” because they are US!

              Keep up the perception, mate…:)

  5. Gökmen says:

    I don’t know how to put it..I broke my product and you said you’re selling limitation and its a winner..I doubt that, sir.

    Sir you sold me this reality, with a lifetime guarantee. Well, how to say reality is broken, sir. Do you accept returns, sir?

    I still feel in doubt filling this form..because of what you said, I crushed the reality you sold to me to the walls, I put firecrackers below it and tried to launch it to space, I tried all kinds of things on it and now it is broken, sir that is false advertising.

    I talked to you as I purchase and you said lifetime guarantee. Now, sir, please, get me out of trouble and just fix my damn reality. Or I’ll sue you. I get into all kinds of trouble for you to get me out of trouble, you wouldn’t believe sir.

    “Who wants to wake up on a Tuesday morning and suddenly see life in a completely different way?”

    that was not the deal we agreed upon told me I can’t break this, you told me this is hundred thousand years old product…I don’t want to believe you sold this all those years. So just let me return this for something else sir, then I wont sue you, I’ll just go away, to the new product you let me replace. Just keep me busy, I won’t be a problem I promise.

  6. Bad-Clown says:


  7. ozziethinker says:

    So true, Jon

    But unfortunately all I see are different paradigms of ISWII from accrued “causes” defining interconnecting groups that function as “wider society”. Messages are backed by active or passive psychosis. Women, in particular, are brilliant at managing (or manipulating) “consensus”. I think this Patriarchal-Matriarchal [reptilian[ order will not work in mammalian society, but society continues “on course” because of the reptilian nature of modern man.


    • Michael Burns says:

      “…by active or passive psychosis”

      Interesting, and here I thought psychosis was a new layer of consciousness I was breaking through into…oh well.
      Consensus is such a polite word Oz man, personally I prefer hive. And with the great queen/great whore of Babylon (as predicted in Revelations…oops…that gnashing teeth guy will comment now) herself about to walk up onto the Global throne. The first woman.
      She gonna be wackin some bad pee pee’s now…mah.
      Are you so positive it is Reptilian, and not that the shredding of the blood brain barrier has allow the lymbic system to flood its wonderfully dark POV into an unprepared pre frontal cortex.
      Sort of an accidental awakening…and the sheep are not sure which way to go.
      Follow the dog…listen to the shepard…follow the dog…WTF the shepard’s a woman. Not that that’s a bad thing *cough*

      • ozziethinker says:



        Revelations was seeking “inspiration” from a deep past (billions of years old). At that time Ari-man (us) didn’t exist and the cosmos was guided/influenced/controlled by a reptilian-man hierarchy. It was matriarchal and I’ll tell you what, those reptile queens knew precisely what to do to “please” the boys!

        Ah ah, heady, fond memories….;)

  8. josh says:

    Jon, your articles are great. “1% of the population who doesn’t want limitation of perception”…. i assumed the % was higher than 1. I understand this figure is an estimate, and im wondering what the equation looks like. what factors are you considering to determine that so few people are ” bucking the trend”?

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