Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2015

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“When people say, ‘Follow the money,’ they forget that modern culture itself is about dollars, and where the big money goes tells you a great deal about the culture and its legalized crimes against the population. This isn’t hard to understand. It’s like saying, ‘The vampires who sell war do it for profit.’ And lo and behold, war and violence are a centerpiece of our culture. If you don’t understand that, just go to the movies.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The recent California law (#SB277) ordering all public and private schoolchildren to receive the full schedule of vaccines has a context.

A money context.

I’m not just talking about corporate donations to legislators. I’m talking about the state of California itself and the businesses that operate here.

For example, the University of California system of colleges is a vast sprawling kingdom. Biomedical $$ grants pour in, and a significant portion of the money funds vaccine-related research.

I began searching for and itemizing such grants. They’re easy to find. But then, something overtook me: California companies that do biomed and biotech research and sell related products.

I plunged, in other words, into California culture. I say that because the number of these companies is staggering. They form a background context in which a mandatory vaccination law is easy to understand—just as a farm bill would be easy to understand in Iowa, or a bill about ranching would be easy to understand in various Western states.

California is biomed biotech “pasture and ranchland.”

At a site called, I found a list of California “biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and chemical company jobs.”

I scrolled down the list and counted. It took a long time. I arrived at a total of 517 companies. I was somewhat taken aback. That’s a large number.

But then I found a site called It featured its own list of “Biotech companies in San Diego and Southern California.” In just that part of the state, I counted an astonishing 660 biotech companies.

Now we’re talking context and culture. Big-time.

Money, money, money.

Along with war-making defense dollars, agriculture dollars, Silicon Valley and Hollywood dollars, California floats on biotech biomed money.

And in that context, a mandatory vaccine law is simply par for the course.

Individual rights re vaccination? The freedom to choose? Vaccine dangers? Never heard of it.

Yes, the natural health dollar is also significant in California, but it has yet to become a major political force. Proponents of a 2012 GMO ballot initiative to label GMO food couldn’t get their measure passed. And owing to a 2014 California law regulating agriculture, there will apparently be no more bans against growing or selling GMO food. Prior to the law, four California counties had banned GMOs.

Biotech, biomed, GMO, medical drugs, pesticides—all these areas overlap. The companies who do business in these sectors form a strong money culture. And state politicians, including Governor Jerry Brown, are aware of that fact.

Illustrating Brown’s position, here is a quote from James Fallows’ 2013 profile in The Atlantic:

“Brown’s reduced and balanced budget includes more spending for what he considers the big challenges of the future: clean-energy initiatives, an expensive (and controversial) north-to-south high-speed-rail project, new canals and aqueducts, even California-based medical-research projects beyond those sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.” (emphasis added)

Even with a reduced state budget, and even though there is already a flood of $$ for medical research, Brown saw fit to inject more.

Turning back, rejecting, stepping on the mandatory vaccination bill would have sent the wrong signal to biomed businessmen. It was never going to happen.

One of the largest natural health companies in California, Whole Foods, is no help, to say the least. Now that the US Congress is on the verge of denying any state the right to pass a mandatory GMO labeling law, Whole Foods is poised on the edge of a new upswing in sales. Why? Because it uses a private company to verify that many of its products are GMO-free. So it has a leg up. It produces its own food labels. Under the guise of stating “we don’t endorse political positions,” Whole Foods makes more money as the culture becomes more repressive. And the company knows that.

What about the business of doctors in California? A 2014 report titled, “California Physicians: Surplus or Scarcity?” from the California Healthcare Foundation Almanac, presents a mixed bag of very interesting figures:

From 1993 to 2011, the number of doctors in California has grown by 39%, double the rate of population growth. Patient demand for medical care will continue to expand.

However, nearly one-third of the doctors in California are moving close to retirement age. On top of that, 20% of the doctors in the state work less than 20 hours a week caring for patients.

And finally, nearly 20% of medical care in California is delivered by non-physicians (i.e., nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants).

What do all these statistics imply? Increasingly, to serve (toxify) the population, medical care in California will become “automatic,” one-size-fits-all, quick in and out.

That’s a perfect climate for mass vaccinations, which will cover all the disease labels drug companies can exploit.

Again, context/culture is everything.

When searching for reasons governments pass laws, the money trails need to be followed—especially the trails that are not so obvious.

It turns out that California isn’t really the “health nut” state. It’s the biomed biotech state now. On every front. That’s where the dollars are, and where they are going.

The power players are on board.

power outside the matrix

Mandatory vaccination was a slam-dunk from the start. It took a while to make it happen, but when the ducks were assembled in a row, the movers moved.

The last thing they care about or think about is the highly toxic effects of the vaccines.

As I’ve pointed out for the past 25 years, the medical cartel is intent on enrolling every person in a cradle-to-grave system of treatment. Trudging along a half-light somber path, the patient receives 40 or 50 diagnoses of diseases and disorders during his life, is drugged, and sliced and diced, into a debilitated state that ends in the graveyard.

Vaccines are a central feature of this plan. Aside from their toxic effects, the ongoing schedule of shots and boosters trains the patient in the vital item called compliance—which sets up the rest of the medical program through the years and decades.

Which is why the freedom to reject medical treatment is vital.

Which is why mandating vaccines is viewed by the cartel as phase one. Compulsory vaccines today, compulsory drugs tomorrow.

This is the covert op behind all national health insurance programs, including Obamacare.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

  1. Yvonne Forsman says:

    I feel home in America. It is no different from the socialist system in Czech Republic I grew up with! Sadly.

  2. Theodore says:

    “The world as one big hospital.” — Jon Rappoport

  3. Theodore says:

    BNBuilders is a technical builder for world-class leaders in the biotech and life science industries. The construction of specialized laboratories, research facilities and clean room spaces requires a unique knowledge base and skill set that our people have acquired over years of experience. Our technical expertise includes ground-up construction and complicated laboratory renovations.

  4. From Québec says:

    Good Grief! California is really a failed state.

    It can’t deal with the drought and every year it strugles with wildfires.
    It’s sitting on the San Andreas Fault just waiting for it to burst out.. Their seashores are full of radiation from Fukushima and all their nuclear power plants are leaking. The State is dead broke and this is where Marck Dice makes his videos and find the trendy liberal idiots to sign petitions so ridiculous, it is hard to believe such people exist.

    But, It’s the biomed biotech state now and they want mandataory vaccines… WTF!

    • arcadia11 says:

      such a broad generalization. not everyone in california is a liberal or an idiot. the animals, plants, and people are suffering here – in the state that was chosen as the poster child for government tyranny via agenda 21. what would you have us do? it is very easy to condemn another country or state for not ‘dealing’ with their tyranny problems. perhaps quebec has some recommendations for us….?

      thank you for caring.


  5. jacobite2015 says:

    Thanks for the info Jon – great research & references!

    Your absolutely right about compulsory vaccines today. SB277 breezed through far too easy considering the aggressive opposition from pro-choice groups and the AoA folks. I’m sure that phase one would be to achieve successful legislation for compulsory school attendance vaccination for the remaining states that have personal/religious exemptions. It’s seem easy for them (powers to be) to prey on the parents of unvaccinated/undervaccinated children with the disinformation (lies and damn lies) on the safety & effectiveness of vaccines and of course their “heavy artillery” of fear-mongering & tyrannical coercion tactics. But hey, I want to thank all the mind-controlled pediatricians out there that worship the CDC as a sacred temple and unequivocally believe that the “science is settled” on this issue. Us parents of unvaccinated/undervaccinated children feel so good when we’re treated like “scum” for daring to question the holy grail of vaccine science!

  6. middleway says:

    Federal, State, County and City governments are all corporations. It is quite natural to find these public/private corporate entities intimately conjoined. It is therefore not surprising when they prove unresponsive when it comes to considering the rights and/or desires of their subservient populations.

    Corporations have never produced anything of value,… Labor has. It is that ancient worn-out battle: Labor (producing value) vs the money cabal (manipulating and controlling value). Retention of such power requires the labor of a subservient population.

  7. victoryintruth says:

    That the federal government THINKS it can tell the states anything is quite mad. Their powers and duties are few and defined–everything else is left to the states and the people (Tenth Amendment). Aside from that, the people are the government…..Period…..not the filth who have usurped what now amounts to a totalitarian regime.

    Because people do not know their inherent rights, who they are–the people–they are easy pickings for the reptiles at all level of government that’s illegitimate at any and all levels. Those same people have absolutely no idea what the supreme law of this land says and, make no mistake about it, those principles still exist and are waiting for THE PEOPLE to wake the hell up and take their power back.

    The public fool system in this country has devolved into one that teaches very little of any value, stomps creativity out of the children and has produced citizens who do and will work entirely against themselves to serve the state and its criminal agenda.

    In every state, there are people working on getting our common law and our common law grand juries back into OUR courts to give us, the people, back our power, our authority, and our freedom.

    Our sheriffs were elected by the people of their counties to interpose themselves between their people and any other government or non-government threat. The sheriffs are just as uneducated as we have been; they were uneducated in the same “schools”. The oaths they swore to protect and defend the Constitution are virtually meaningless to them and so they ENFORCE statutes, codes, ordinances, rules, and regulations that apply to the corporations of the state, federal, and local thugs. When they learn just what their true responsibilities are, they will either stand up (with the backing of their people) or step down, one way or another. We will then have teeth to enforce what the PEOPLE say via THEIR courts. We either rule by honor, justice and mercy or we are ruled by tyrants. National Liberty Alliance is spearheading this effort. Join us and help us, the people, take our country back.

  8. Diane Wilson says:

    Reblogged this on JUDICIAL DESTRUCTION OF DOROTHY WILSON and commented:
    Follow the money; from mandatory vaccines in California to kill the children; to the kidnapping and imprisonment of the elderly, stealing their estates and forcibly drugging them to keep them silent. America has been hijacked by corporate greed and evil power players. Our country is a sleeping giant; will it be too late when the majority finally wake up and refuse to allow this evil agenda to destroy lives and take away the American dream?

  9. Theodore says:

    This also seemingly ties into NAFTA and TTP and TTIP — in a very big way… “It’s already been decided” what corp businesses and INVESTMENT MONEY are going to thrive in the “North American Union”….

    “What Comes ‘After America’?” “After America, there is North America.”

    From General David Petraeus (Ret.) in June 2014,…

    “In each of these economies [USA, Canada, Mexico] there are four revolutions going on,” Petraeus continued, naming the following: an energy revolution, in which the United States is leading the world in the production of natural gas and shale oil, combined with Canada’s enormous resources in the Alberta tar sands and Mexico opening up the state-owned Pemex to international oil companies; an information and technology revolution led by Silicon Valley [MORE EMBEDDED SPY TECH]; a manufacturing revolution [i.e., ROBOTICS, DRIVERLESS CARS]; and a life sciences revolution [BIOMED, BIOTECH, VACCINES]. [emphasis added]

    “The forces unleashed by these four revolutions with all three countries being as highly integrated as they are, with Canada and Mexico being our two top trading partners, I believe we can argue that after America comes North America,” Petraeus explained.

  10. Anabel says:

    Across the water New Zealand govt -ministry of(un) “health” came up with a new anti life program.
    The “price of life’ calculator created by the NZ “ministry of medical ignorance” .
    So people are being forced unsafe medical( vaccines, chem drugs) but if they need emergency acute medical care- forget it the price of life is not high enough.
    Check out how pleased with themselves they look for reducing the priceless LIFE to a dollar value based on pure discrimination.

  11. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    If I were into mandatory anything, I would call this piece “mandatory reading.” VERY interesting research and breakdown of California’s true economy. Hint: it’s far more biotech than health nut. This article puts the mandatory vaccination law (SB277) into a context that makes it obvious why it passed.

  12. Rhode Island now forcibly mandates all incoming 7th graders (all boys & girls) to be injected with Merck’s Guardisil vaccine for HPV sexually transmitted disease!!!

    I’m pinching myself & can’t believe what has become of this country into an out-&-out fascist tyranny. Nazis used to have forced mandates on their citizen including forced medical intrusions.

    How long will sheep zombies of this country continue to remain catatonic? Will a civil war of some nature be in our future if the fascism continues ramping up unabated like this?

  13. Tracy says:

    ICD-6, issued in 1948, and ICD-7, issued in 1955, included “Prophylactic inoculation and vaccination” as a separate cause of death category with subcategories (codes Y40-Y49) for death due to “vaccination against smallpox” (code Y40), “inoculation against whooping cough” (code Y42), “inoculation against other infectious disease” (code Y49), etc. The ICD-8, issued in 1965, deleted the subcategories for death due to inoculation against individual diseases while maintaining “Prophylactic inoculation and vaccination” (code Y42) as a separate cause of death category. When the ICD-9 was issued in 1979, authorities removed all cause of death classifications associated with vaccination.

    • Theodore says:

      Hi Tracy, thank you for bringing this up!

      International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems

      (ICD-10 Version:2015)
      International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10)-2015-WHO Version for ;2015
      Chapter XX
      External causes of morbidity and mortality
      Complications of medical and surgical care
      “[Include] correct drug properly administered in therapeutic or prophylactic dosage as the cause of any adverse effect… [Excluding] accidental overdose of drug or wrong drug given or taken in error.”

      I do find the following listed in the ICD-10…

      Y58 Bacterial vaccines
      Y58.0 BCG vaccine
      Y58.1 Typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine
      Y58.2 Cholera vaccine
      Y58.3 Plague vaccine
      Y58.4 Tetanus vaccine
      Y58.5 Diphtheria vaccine
      Y58.6 Pertussis vaccine, including combinations with a pertussis component
      Y58.8 Mixed bacterial vaccines, except combinations with a pertussis component
      Y58.9 Other and unspecified bacterial vaccines

      Y59 Other and unspecified vaccines and biological substances
      Y59.0 Viral vaccines
      Y59.1 Rickettsial vaccines
      Y59.2 Protozoal vaccines
      Y59.3 Immunoglobulin
      Y59.8 Other specified vaccines and biological substances
      Y59.9 Vaccine or biological substance, unspecified

      Let me know what you think.


      Also, here is a comment I wrote in 12/2014 regarding death certificates:

      In Dec 2014, while Lionel (lawyer, media personality) (, was talking to David Knight on the Alex Jones Radio show regarding the Eric Garner decision, he mentioned the “NASH classification system” used on death certificates (“there are only four (4) manners of death”) and mentioned that the medical examiner stated the manner of the death of Eric Garner as “homicide” on Garner’s death certificate:

      NASH: natural, accident, homicide, or suicide — which are used, I am assuming, to help settle legal and insurance issues.


      Of the “500,000 hospital deaths every year” that Jon mentions, let’s take “suicide” off the table. That leaves natural, accident, and homicide.

      So, are we really talking about “homicides” here? Perhaps yes. I would think so. Which, is chilling. But, let’s say that the Powers That Be (though various legal and ‘science’ mashinations) have taken “homicide” off the table. That leaves “natural” and “accident”.

      Doesn’t “accident” on the death certificate leave the doctors and hospitals open to lawsuits? But, maybe this is covered, too: Doesn’t a person need to sign a bunch of “waiver forms” before his is first admitted to a hospital? Would one of those “waivers” be “waive right to sue in the invent of death due to ‘accident’”?

      Because they can’t get away with putting “natural” on the death certificate, or can they?

      Heck, maybe, say, dying “from pancreatic cancer — which included the FULL administering of ‘prescribed’ chemo (poison) and ‘prescribed’ radiation (more poison) — without the administration of vital vitamins and minerals and pure water to counter balance the poison” — is classified as “natural”!

      Just thinking out loud…. So, there seems to possibly be a whole other layer going on: The “legal ineligibility” of the families of those “500,000 hospital deaths every year” to sue? Becuase if they all did sue (year after year), then wouldn’t the allopathic medical system go bankrupt?

      So, the lawyers in this field know, too, I would think.



      In death certifications, there are three important matters: the cause, mechanism and mode or manner of death.

      The cause is an instrument or physical agent used to bring about death (a bullet, for example),

      the mechanism is the pathological agent in the body that resulted in the death (excessive bleeding),

      and the manner of death, according to the NASH classification, is considered to be natural, accident, homicide or suicide.

      Sometimes, although the cause and mechanism of death can be easily determined, the manner cannot. This it is known as an undetermined death.

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