Pleasure vs. pain on trial

Pleasure vs. pain on trial

~a short story~

by Jon Rappoport

September 9, 2015

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“Pick up a modern novel. As you read the first few pages, imagine you’re living in the year 1200AD. The baffling flood of references in those pages would make your mind spin. We might have that experience now, if we were given a few pages published a mere 50 years into the future. Or each of us might think, ‘I recognize that.’” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

On July 6, 2062, in a federal courtroom in ObamaBush City, Indiana, Citizen 406-A-8#-BN faced charges of conspiring to adjust his allotted pleasure quotient.

Strictly defined, “pleasure quotient” is the permitted daily amount of electronic stimulation a person may download from satellite transmissions. Such transmissions stimulate the reward center (nucleus accumbens) of the brain.

A partial transcript of the Judge’s interview with the suspect follows. It was stamped SECRET, but it was smuggled out…

Judge: You did speak with your cousin about the dissatisfaction you felt.

Citizen: Yes. But it was a casual conversation.

Judge: Such communications rise to the status of conspiring, because they are potentially contagious.

Citizen: Contagious?

Judge: We’re talking about a potential outbreak of dangerous ideas. In addition, your residential smart meter shows you have been connecting to the upper limit of permitted electronically delivered pleasure for 652 days in a row. While not illegal, this is considered an individualistic practice that could deny pleasure to those less fortunate.

Citizen: My cousin said he was cutting back on pleasure, and I told him I thought the daily allotment ought to be raised. That was the substance of our conversation.

Judge: And why are you for a raise?

Citizen: Because I see lots people who seem depressed, despite the fact that they’re plugging into the Pleasure Interface every day.

Judge: And you have scientific evidence for your ‘assessment’?

Citizen: No, Your Honor.

Judge: And that is the point. Our government is spending an enormous amount of money to surveil the effects of the Pleasure Program, in order to improve service. You, on the other hand, are giving credence to your casual observation. It reveals an unhealthy egoism.

Citizen: That was not my intent.

Judge: Perhaps not, but look where it has gotten you. I have to render a decision here.

Citizen: I’ll cut back on my pleasure.

Judge: So you say. But after a week, a month? You may feel the urge again.

Citizen: I’m a member of the Middle Ages Reparations Committee.

Judge: I was not aware of that. I don’t see any indication in your record.

Citizen: I can prove it. I have a registration number. I can give it to you now. You can check.

Judge: You can trace your ancestry back to at least 1200 AD? In Europe?

Citizen: On both my parents’ sides. According to the founding documents of the Reparations Committee, every full-fledged member has the right to issue complaints and demands relating to injury suffered by his ancestors. That makes us a group granted with special pleading rights under federal law.

Judge: This complicate things.

Citizen: Yes sir, it does.

Judge: The question is, does your right extend to complaining about the pleasure quotient?

Citizen: I’m aware of cases where a member of a group with special pleading rights was granted the right to object to regulations outside his limited sphere.

Judge: That’s true, Citizen. However, do you understand how important the Pleasure Interface is to our current societal configuration? Without it, people would ‘drown’, so to speak. That is, their external circumstances would present too large a problem for them.

Citizen: I’m sympathetic, believe me, sir. I’m one of those people. My application to DARPA, to be included in a clinical trial of visual-cortex transplantation, has been held up for over two years. I need new induced pathways of perception. My current system is feeding me negative input at a rather alarming rate.

Judge: Perhaps we have the basis for a compromise here.

Citizen: How so?

Judge: I can put you into the DARPA group immediately.

Citizen: You can?

Judge: Of course. I’m a federal Judge.

Citizen: I would sign a pledge to cut back on my pleasure quotient.

Judge: You would also have to forego your right to complain about the pleasure allotment.

Citizen: Yes, Your Honor, I would do that.

Judge: And if you fail to live up to your promises, you would automatically be assigned a daily electronically induced pain quotient far in excess of what you’re experiencing naturally in your life now.

Citizen: Understood.

Judge: Your food and energy quotients would be reduced as well.

Citizen: I would accept that.

Judge: We would also expect you to report any pleasure-quotient infractions you discover among friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

Citizen: Of course. I would go so far as to sign up for the Federal Watch Program, attend seminars, and receive training on how to infiltrate social circles for the purpose of detecting subversive behavior.

Judge: Very good.

Citizen: However, if the implanting of a new visual cortex fails to give me a new lease on life, if I still feel depressed and angry, what then?

Judge: I would revisit your case. I would assign you a special exception on your daily pleasure quotient.

Citizen: Can you be more specific, sir?

Judge: Yes. I would allow you four hours a day of continuous Pleasure Interface.

Citizen: That’s exceedingly generous.

Judge: Well, although you are, first and foremost, a federal citizen, you are also the Governor of California. That merits attention.

Citizen: I appreciate that, Your Honor. Let me take this a step further. If you grant me the conditions and exceptions you’ve just mentioned, I’ll issue an executive order for the entire region of Southern California, where we are seeing very high levels of pleasure use. Second-time violators of upper limits will be cut off from pleasure altogether.

Judge: That would create considerable chaos among the population.

Citizen: And then militarized police units, federal troops, and UN peacekeepers could be brought in to quell riots and install severe restrictions on freedom of speech, assembly, and so on. It would serve as an example to the rest of America.

Judge: Let me take that one upstairs and see how they feel about it. You may have something worth considering…

—end of excerpt from secret federal court proceeding—

As we all know, the Governor’s suggestion was accepted, he did sign an executive order, widespread riots in Southern California did ensue, and they were brutally put down by local and federal law-enforcement personnel.

In the wake of this crisis, the US Presidential campaign season took on new meaning. Matt Huxley, the grandson of Chelsea Clinton, promised voters higher levels of pleasure-quotient access, and the funding of additional satellites to handle the increased transmission load.

Matt Huxley won the election in a landslide. However, it was then discovered that the Clinton Foundation had taken in an off-the-books $4 billion donation from Buffet-Gates Inc., a leading manufacturer of pleasure satellites.

Although outbid for the satellite contract by Smith Winston, a British firm, Buffett-Gates secured the federal award.

President Huxley famously said, “I was not in bed with Buffett-Gates.” However, a year after his inauguration, the President finally confessed, under enormous pressure, that he had violated federal regulations.

There was talk of impeachment. But the President’s poll numbers were not affected. The overwhelming citizen-support for increased levels of Pleasure Interface carried the day, and Congress backed off.

Two decades later, former President Matt Huxley would write in his autobiography: “If you can get massive numbers of citizens to go to war and risk death, because they’re continuously accessing the Pleasure Interface the whole time they’re on the battlefield, do you think there was a snowball’s chance in hell I would be impeached for tinkering with a federal contract? In a Democracy, the people speak. The people want pleasure. I gave it to them, and they thanked me. These days, the Interface, in conjunction with artificial visual-cortex transplants, guarantee that each and every human being will experience reality beyond the reach of any negative inputs. Each and every human being sees [cortex transplant] and feels [Pleasure Interface] life in a sea of satisfaction, on a most intimate level. This is what the human race has been striving for, since the dawn of history…”

power outside the matrix

And the Governor of California, the suspect in a pleasure-quotient case? Both he and Judge were bucking the tide of history. Their deal to come down hard on the population for excessive Interface use turned out to be a mere blip on the screen.

The two collaborators eventually formed a Los Angeles company called Sunset Escorts. It advertised male and female companionship for upscale clients.

But human-derived pleasure was already on the wane. The Interface plug-in was much more powerful, and it was government issued, which meant it was free—as long as you didn’t consider federal income, property, and sales tax levels.

Eventually, Pleasure Interface upgrades resulted in CPI, the Collective Pleasure Index. It was claimed that every person plugged in at any given moment was not only experiencing his/her own quotient, but the “sum of all persons’ pleasure currently online.”

This has been labeled, by many commentators, Universal Oneness, or Cosmic Consciousness.

Dr. Pepi Urzi Rosenthal Von Washington Lee Ho Shankar of Harvard University hails the Oneness as the “long sought for Singularity.”

“It is now clear that the experience of pleasure is the same, from person to person,” he said. “Therefore, connecting millions or billions of Interface users creates what we call Super Flux, the bathing in the collective ocean of Being. What can exceed that?”

What, indeed.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

3 comments on “Pleasure vs. pain on trial

  1. Jack says:

    A peak life: a biotech researcher working in the field of electronic brain stimulation, reaches the point in her work where she can see the high likelihood of the above situation becoming quite real and worse. She is horrified because she repeatedly comes up against the limits of the technology even its most advanced forms, and can
    see that although it can be sold as extending human abilities, in fact it will severely
    limit them. She can also see that the philosophy that controls granting of research funds
    to her field can never allow for development of technology that respects and enhances human freedom.
    She is a beautiful, charismatic, passionate and an inspiring speaker. She manages to convince a significant number of her colleagues to join in a mission to inform the public that they are being sold technological slavery. As expected they all swiftly lose their jobs. They must live a life of limited means. However she inspires her comrades to a level of resourcefulness never dreamed of by any human ever before. They must find
    every instance of disaffected technical talent and form alliances, they must learn to
    produce advanced alternative bio-machinery from low-cost or junk material, to demonstrate that the current technological paradigm is not the only possible one. Although the traditional media viciously attacks them, and alternative media are slowly
    being restricted and shutdown, there are still opportunities to do mass demonstrations
    of better possible futures. It is like sliding under a series of last gaps in rapidly closing
    roller-doors, but they manage it.
    Because this is peak life.

  2. Nuclearwinter2015 says:

    Jon, what are male and female? Seriously, with transhumanism I can see humans linked to some artificial internet consciousness. Its design will be to stimulate all types of human emotional energy, feeding whatever parasites that control us and to harvest or absorb that energy. Got to love science, anyway it would make a great Twilight Zone episode.

  3. David Marino says:

    “do you understand how important the Pleasure Interface is to our current societal configuration? Without it, people would ‘drown’, so to speak. That is, their external circumstances would present too large a problem for them.”

    This is why drugs, pornography, secret romantic encounters, and all kinds of pleasure seeking activities get out of control in the most suppressed popluations. A U.S. citizen has had to live in Europe for a while to understand how suppressed the European citizens really are. And why the hidden pleasure-seeking activity is insane in most major cities and the minor ones, even in the countryside. I lived in Italy for 4 years in the 90s. The hopelessness this suppression induces is universal. Citizens have no control over practically anything in their lives, unless they inherit something of value. And believe me inheritance is passed on with every effort to make sure the government takes as little as possible. The elders know that their children have no way of making financial strides on their own. The pleasure seeking activity does not balance out the suppression for all. That’s why insane asylums (huge ones) are in every little town. The years from 911 until now were all about bringing the U.S. population closer to the European situation, a situation of hopelessness for the vast majority. Why do you think the internet is so full of pornography and nothing is done about it.

    “We would also expect you to report any pleasure-quotient infractions you discover among friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.”

    Yes, In Italy spying on neighbors to alert authorities if they break one of the myriad of ridiculous rules is universal. You know – all of the rules shoved down the throats of small farmers here in the U.S. They were all shoved down the throats of Italy’s farmers decades before. The rulers observed how the people reacted, how they acepted their fate, and how they would then spy and report on others as a result.

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