Virus fakery: my conversation with a virologist

Virus fakery: my conversation with a virologist

by Jon Rappoport

September 14, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

There are a number of cases in which a virus is said to be the cause of a disease—but the evidence doesn’t stand up.

I first realized this in 1987. I was writing my book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century.

Robert Gallo, who claimed he had found the cause of AIDS, hadn’t done proper work. From everything I read, he had discovered HIV in 35 to 60 percent of AIDS patients he had studied.

He should have been able to isolate HIV in virtually every patient.

Then there was the fact that the most popular tests for HIV, the Elisa and Western Blot, were fatally flawed. They could register positive for a whole host of reasons that had nothing to do with HIV.

And no one had found sufficient quantities of HIV in humans to justify claiming it caused any kind of illness.

My own research into the so-called high-risk groups revealed that the immune suppression in those groups could be explained by factors other than a virus.

(Note: All my research at that time assumed HIV existed. Since then, several researchers, including the Perth Group, have made compelling arguments that the existence of HIV was never demonstrated.)

As I was winding up the final draft of AIDS INC., I spoke, off the record, with a well-known and well-respected mainstream virologist at a large US university. I expressed my conclusions about HIV.

He spoke, first, about the difficulties in making an absolute decision about a virus as the cause of a disease.

I brought the conversation back to HIV.

He paused. Then he repeated that he couldn’t go on the record. I asked him why.

He said HIV was a subject fraught with problems. Politics were involved.

He said he and his colleagues were taking a pass on getting into a dispute about the virus. They were aware that the science was shaky. They just didn’t want to go near it. They might enter into other arguments about other kinds of research, but as far as they were concerned, HIV was off-limits.

His obvious implication was: careers were on the line.

Attacking HIV as the cause of AIDS could result in blacklisting.

He stopped short of saying HIV wasn’t the cause of AIDS, but it was clear he had seen enough to know there were major holes in HIV science.

This was a man who had no interest in unconventional points of view. He was an orthodox researcher from A to Z. He wasn’t a rebel of any kind. And yet he readily admitted to me that the whole AIDS research establishment was proceeding on a lack of proof.

Exposing this fact would go far beyond the usual definition of a scandal. The result would be a volcanic eruption, if, say, a dozen respected virologists told the truth.

After we finished our conversation, I understood something about consensus reality. It contains elements about which people can argue in public—but then there are other elements which are completely out of bounds, which can never be refuted in a mainstream setting.

Why? Because if certain lies are exposed, they initiate a contagion of doubt and insight that spreads to the whole complex inter-structure of what people take to be reality.

Great curtains are torn away. Pillars are cracked, and fall. Images which are taken to be absolute and unchanging distort, dissolve, and blow away in the wind.

A week after AIDS INC. was shipped to bookstores, in 1988, my friend and colleague, hypnotherapist Jack True, told me a copy of the book was on its way to Russia in a diplomatic pouch.

I asked him how he knew. He shrugged and said he had a few connections.

Of course, I’ve never heard anything back about the Russian response to the book, but I find it interesting that, in America, my publisher and I never made any headway in connecting with government officials.

There was one exception. In 1987, I had a conversation with James Warner, a White House policy analyst. The interview was published in the LA Weekly.

Warner had serious doubts about the HIV theory of AIDS, and would arrange a White House conference on the issue. Pro and anti HIV scientists would be permitted to speak at length.

At the last minute, the conference was cancelled.

the matrix revealed

Here are a few brief excerpts from my conversation with Warner. As a White House analyst, his comments are explosive:

Warner: The government really hasn’t fulfilled its role in providing good information [on AIDS]. We just may not know enough. With AIDS, we’re dealing with a syndrome, not a disease. We may see a patient who has a genetic defect that’s causing his immune deficiency [instead of HIV being the causative agent]. I’m not satisfied we know all we think we do, by any means.

Rappoport: Robert Gallo, Max Essex, people like that, were the field commanders on the NIH [National Institutes of Health] war on cancer in the 70’s. They lost that war. So why are they in charge of AIDS research now? It seems odd that we don’t have other people running the show.

Warner: If ever I’ve been tempted to believe in socialism, science has disabused me of that. These guys [at NIH] assume that it’s their show. They just assume it.

Rappoport: Peter Duesberg, a distinguished molecular biologist at Berkeley, has said that HIV does not cause AIDS. Have you asked people at NIH what they think, specifically, of his arguments?

Warner: Yes. I’ve been told that Peter Duesberg’s refutation of HIV has been discounted by the scientific community. I was given no explanation as to why. I was very offended. No evidence was presented to me. Just that Duesberg had been ‘discounted.’ That’s absurd. It’s not a scientific response to dismiss Duesberg as a crank.

Rappoport: The definition of AIDS in Africa is now becoming synonymous with starvation. They’re saying the three major symptoms are chronic diarrhea, fever, and wasting-away. Weight-loss. It certainly makes a perfect smokescreen for the aspect of hunger which is political [and intentionally maintained] – just call it AIDS.

Warner: I had not considered that. There is a program to make Africa self-sufficient by the year 2000. This could certainly hinder that activity. You know, I was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. I experienced weight-loss of eighty pounds. And when I came home, I was suffering from a form of dysentery that you could call opportunistic. A number of us were. We didn’t have AIDS.

—end of interview excerpt—

In this current political atmosphere, a White House analyst wouldn’t dare go on the record with comments like these.

Rigid consensus must be maintained.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “Virus fakery: my conversation with a virologist

  1. Leslie A. Knox says:

    This guy is super smart

  2. StandingUp says:

    Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola- Nature, Accident or Intentional? by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. A very poignant book on his research of the epidemic(s) attacking Africa and gay men (eugenics program). It’s a tough read, but well worth the time and effort in understanding the conspiracy.

  3. Ed Stratford says:

    Yes, I read Duesburgs book years ago and it very clearly explains the truth of the situation. HIV was a virus that Robert Gallo stole from a french microbiologist. From memory his name was Luc Montagnier and he successfully sued the US government over the theft and renaming of the virus. Gallo lied, was never peer reviewed, and the CDC went ahead and anounced as if it were fact. If you want any more details I’ll be happy to fill you in. I’ve been trying to tell people for years but of course the propaganda is very effective. Thanks Jon, for delving deeper than most are willing to. You are spot on again. Retroviruses are an important part of our evolutionary machinery. […]

  4. caduceusxx says:

    Thanks Jon
    There are many questions unanswered about viruses and may I suggest that in light of the fact that no one reads history that they take a look at what Fred Hoyle had to say on the subject so many years ago? The problem and the reason it was ignored and pseudo debunked was because it would have destroyed the mainstream paradigm of evolution.
    What people don’t seem to understand is that science is a string of unresolved mistakes and unanswered questions whilst at the same time being ultra authoritarian and unable to admit to a mistake. This is true of all science.

    • Theodore says:

      just to add,…

      Astronomer Believes Aids Has Far-out Origin
      December 18, 1986|By Robin Mickie, London Observer.

      LONDON — A controversial and bizarre new theory has been put forward by astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle to account for the mystery of the origin of AIDS. According to Hoyle, it came from outer space.

      His theory, worked out in collaboration with Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe of University College, Cardiff, was outlined in a letter to the Daily Telegraph of London last week.

      Not surprisingly, it has been dismissed by many British AIDS experts.

      Indeed, many view his latest outburst as final proof that Hoyle, a maverick figure who has become increasingly isolated from mainstream research thought, has finally overstepped the limits of acceptable scientific eccentricity.

      In fact, Hoyle`s letter claims that viruses from outer space are also responsible for many other recent epidemics in Britain, including

      Legionnaires` disease and meningitis.

      According to his theory, comets carry bacteria and viruses which bring diseases to Earth.

      “A small comet disintegrating low in the atmosphere could lead to pathogens` being brought down in rainstorms that are geographically localized,“ Hoyle and Wickramasinghe say.

      “The comets responsible for new diseases such as AIDS are admittedly rare objects, but the sudden injection into the human population of at least three disjoint viruses point decisively to an input that is external to the Earth.

      “We think it most likely in each instance primary entry was secured through infected rainwater entering lesions in feet in the mainly barefoot populations of the Third World with subsequent transmissions proceeding through human contact.“

      They urge that a major international effort is needed to carry out “a rigorous and continuous microbiological surveillance of rainwater and of groundwater on a worldwide scale.“

      “The survival of our species may well be contingent upon this,“ they say.

      But such alarmist ideas are viewed as fantasy by other scientists.

      “Quite simply, there is absolutely no evidence to support their theory,“ said Dr. Jonathan Weber, an AIDS expert at the Institute of Cancer Research here.

      Weber said there were six major types of theory that could account for the recent and dramatic emergence of AIDS as a widespread killer in North America, Africa and Europe.

      Most scientists now believe either that AIDS existed among humans in remote populations and has only broken out recently, or that it has spread for animals, in particular monkeys, in the last few years.

      Certainly, very few will be swayed by Hoyle`s latest offering or will take seriously his controversial theory.

      • caduceusxx says:

        Thanks Theodore here is Hoyle on biology in general:

          “Because the old believers said that God came out of the sky,
                thereby connecting the Earth with events outside it, the new
                believers were obliged to say the opposite and to do so, as always,
                with intense conviction. Although the new believers had not a
                particle of evidence to support their statements on the matter, they
                asserted that the rabbit producing sludge (called soup to make it
                sound more palatable) was terrestrially located and that all chemical
                and biochemical transmogrifications of the sludge were terrestrially
                inspired. Because there was not a particle of evidence to support
                this view, new believers had to swallow it as an article of faith,
                otherwise they could not pass their examinations or secure a job or
                avoid the ridicule of their colleagues. So it came about from 1860
                onward that new believers became in a sense mentally ill, or, more
                precisely, either you became mentally ill or you quitted the subject
                of biology, as I had done in my early teens. The trouble for young
                biologists was that, with everyone around them ill, it became
                impossible for them to think they were well unless they were ill,
                which again is a situation you can read all about in the columns of
                Nature.” (Hoyle F., 1999, pp3-4).

  5. PJ London says:

    In the late 1980’s I gave a presentation to about 80 Libertarians which said “there is no such thing as AIDS” the very concept was rubbish. If you have Cancer, they test your blood, if HIV pos. then you have AIDS of not HIV pos. then you just have Cancer. If you have TB than they … etc. It was just rubbish science, no scientific methodology at all.
    I said there was no scientific valid study to show that HIV increased your chances of getting any of the diseases list as AIDS.
    Needless to say with all the hype in the media, I was scorned.
    However, the chairman of the group, who had funds to spare, decided to employ two medical students to use their December vacation to check the medical science journals, papers etc and prove me wrong.
    After 8 weeks, they started talking about the fact that they could find no evidence at all, plenty of articles but no scientifically valid evidence, anywhere, that HIV increased the incidence of disease and they started discussing the investigation with others.
    They had two responses:
    1) they were called into the Deans office and told that they should concentrate on their studies and that if they continued to make these allegations they would be dismissed from the University.
    2) All the other students became very angry with the investigators at the information that AIDS could not be verified and refused to talk about it.
    They could not believe that people reacted in that way, anger and denial by colleagues, and threats by the University. They reported to the chairman and let it go. So far as I know, they became doctors.
    It is interesting that South Africa has the best historical medical records, by region, of virtually any country, going back to1910 and the Union of South Africa. It was clear that one region (Northern Natal) had very high HIV rates (I think around 30-40%)and another, the Kimberly area, had very low rates (<1%). It was expected that the incidence of cancers etc would start to show. Of course this didn't happen and the President at the time said that AIDS is nonsense (wonder where he heard that).
    Very soon, the world pressure and incentives from the Pharmas had RSA change its' tune.
    They are still waiting for any of the disease rates to show up in what is now KZN.

    • Ed Stratford says:

      Peter Duesburg explains very clearly what does cause AIDS; Malnutrition, Foreign proteins from unfiltered blood transfusions, Cytotoxic drugs like heroin and methamphetamine etc., Amylnitrate/butylnitrate (poppers, which induce Karposis sarcomas which will land you with an AIDS diagnosis). None of which has anything to do with a retrovirus. Retroviruses in fact are the mechanism which transfer genetic improvements caused by healthy living and learning to our reproductive cells and are therefore an important part of our evolutionary machinery.

      • PJ London says:

        Last week I did not have a cold. My immune system was working fine. This week I have a cold. My immunity is deficient.
        My God! I have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
        AIDS, Ozone Hole, AGW, Climate Change, all scams to skim money from taxpayers and put into the pockets of “friends of” (donors to) the politicians.
        All total nonsense.

  6. Forest says:

    Yeah, when careers are on the line, lives suddenly no longer matter. So much for modern medicine!

    To his credit, Duesberg sacrificed his career for showing the obvious, HIV (or for that matter, any retrovirus) has never caused any disease and never will. Even Albert Sabin agreed with him. Duesberg ought to get the Nobel for his intellectual honesty.

    In his ground breaking book, Duesberg showed that AIDS is not an infectious disease but a fancy name for a number of disorders caused by immunosuppressive drugs, poppers and starvation (see “Inventing the AIDS virus”), and, of course, the shelved cancer drug AZT, shelved by Burrough-Welcome in 1964 because it killed people via T-cell destruction, and “re-discovered” by Sam Broder et al. who “suggested” it as treatment for AIDS because they knew it caused a drug-induced form of AIDS and would procure a steady supply of AIDS patients. And the money started flowing…

    Duesberg was discounted because he inadvertently pointed out the multibillion dollar HIV research fraud which others had already identified as part of a covert genocidal depopulation effort. The AIDS scam was supposedly going to solve a big part of the “overpopulation problem”, by way of deception. However, contrary to assertions by disinformation agents Horowitz, Cantwell, and others, the HIV always was, and always will be, just a harmless decoy.

    The AIDS scam was kicked off via the mass injection of the genetically engineered mycoplasm incognitans, and/or possibly of other engineered agents from Ft. Detrick, into undesirable populations. One such injection campaign was performed under CIA project MKNAOMI by ex-Soviet agent Wolf Szmuness (former room-mate of Polish zionazi chemical salesman Józef Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II) into US homosexual men, via an experimental 1978 Hep B vaccination campaign in 3 US cities (6 cities were injected, but only 3 had the microbe), and/or NIH’s special virus cancer program; and others by polio vaccine in Africa and Brazil, and WHO knows what else!

    As to the rest of the population culling…medical treatment kills 2.2 million a year in the US alone. This was pre-Obamacare and pre-mandatory vaccines! It can only get better. There is no telling how many poor ignorant suckers will succumb to microwave irradiation from telecommunication devices, cell phone masts, satellites, and from poisons released into the environment, chemtrails, Fukushima, … etc. Get ready for a popular new perfume with unfortunate long-term adverse effects that conquers world markets.. or whatever.

  7. says:

    Jon, Thank you very much for your story about your AIDS/HIV investigation from 1987. Gallo has said himself what the real purpose was of the “AIDS-virus”: killing big parts of the global population. Even this may not be true. This Gallo guy is acting like a modern era Judas. When everybody who is suffering from lung disease can be determined to have a certain multitude of Tuberculosis bacteria in his or her lungs, methodologically speaking one could speak of a correlation between the two. Evidence of a rigid cause and effect relation still has to be produced. Any time soon anybody is presenting research providing this cause effect evidence, NEVER, methodologically speaking in science philosophy a THIRD VARIABLE cannot be excluded from showing up later on as the determining factor causing THE DISEASE WHICH via fraudulent test procedures is called AIDS / HIV / CANCER et cetera. They are walking in the dark and they do not care as long as they receive their research fundings and as long as they are able to maintain their egoistic financial and societal status. Is is all about corrupt science to cover the true agenda which is hiding the truth by corrupt academics which know in private but have sworn to shut up in public about all the questions, inconsistencies, methodological flaws in studies et cetera. Since science and scientific statement is preserved to the scientific aristocracy nearly nobody dares to put his academic career, income, mortgage payments et cetera at risk. Most people comply and confirm, right so especially in University and Academics. These high priests of a modern scientific propagandistic religion are hired to cheat on the masses who are not allowed to think of themselves, even not all the other but medicine academic disciplines are not allowed to have a judgment of the pharmaceutical, medical, biochemical research. You confirmed end eighties last century HIV presence in 35 to 60 percent of the diseased patients surveys. So in more than 50 percent of the diseased cases marked as HIV/AIDS-patient-cases, a HIV could not be confirmed???!!!! IMHO there is no better evidence this whole HIV is a fraud. Suppose gravity field would by a new concept in physics. Suppose in 35 to 60 percent of the cases, given the existence of a gravity field, the apple does fall from the tree, so in 65 to 40 percent of the cases the apple DOES NOT FALL FROM THE TREE. Given all numbers in these cases equal, which I do not know, but let us suppose, then in 52,5 percent of the cases the apple DOES NOT FALL FROM THE TREE. So Gravity theory would be simply dismissed as not a good enough explanation of the phenomenon of apples falliing from trees. Happily, in 100 percent of the cases apples fall from trees WORLDWIDE provided you wait long enough in autum to see this happen and gather the supporting evidence of Newton’s theory which is replicated time and agina people ALL FROM HIGH RISES E.G. or apples fall from trees. Now, let us get back to this socalled medical science. On the basis of sheer methodological analysis medical science at least in the HIV/AIDS-case has proven to be no science at all. In the apple analogy many medical professionals and researchers are busy propagandising to the people that ALL APPLES FALL FROM THE TREES, WHEREAS THEY KNOW ONLY A 52,5 percentage APPLES FALL FROM THE TREES, BUT THEY KEEP THIS FACT FROM THE PUBLIC, THEY KEEP IT A SECRET AND GO ON COMMITTING PROPAGANDA WHICH THEY OF COURSE CALL MEDICAL SCIENCE. Since they are dressed with a white coat and the public has been conditioned to hand over their independant thinking and decision making to the doctor, the white coat STOPS their independant thinking and arguing. So part of the game is MIND CONTROL BY WHITE COATS. Other part of the MIND CONTROL is that many doctors have taken up an attitude of paramount and uncontrolled authority. NEVER contradict a doctor?? How dare you?!! How dare you think for yourselves?!! The funny part of this is: the doctor has in many cases not been trained or has not trained himself to think for him or herself and in many cases they even do not realise themselves this is the case. Now let us go back to the eighties: we received via the mass media a barrage of news articles and TV programs in which the horrific victims of AIDS disease were presented with their secondary infections like Kaposi syndrom e.g. All the people were frightened to death by all these pictures, stories, dying walking carcases, supposedly gay people only, but still many a people were scared to death by many communications on a global scale. Now, guess what happens, you are worried at the time and even nowadays, you decide to put your body into the test and the test says: you ARE HIV positive. After all these preparations, after this TEST-RESULT, we may better say, this SUPPOSED, but FRAUDULENT test-result, YOU AND I, WOULD WITHOUT ANY FURTHER CONTRADICTING AND INVESTIGATIVE AND CRITICAL INFORMATION, BE SCARED TO DEATH. This is one of my important questions: What about the possibility that this combination of TERRORIZING AND FEAR MONGERING AIDS/HIV-CAMPAIGN together with this FRAUDULENT TEST-RESULT in its own right of simply stating the VERDICT by way of the white coated doctors mouth that you and I have tested positive on THE HIV or AIDS test, has as a direct 100 percent EFFECT that we get sick??!!!! This is what the New German Medicine is about. IMHO a true revolution in “medical science”. It could be providing a THIRD VARIABLE which could be the nearly hundred percent determining factor of people falling seriously ill to any systemic disease. Of course, any third variable explanation has to be investigated on its own merits, but as far as my experience has brought me, dr. Geert Ryke Hamer’s hypothesis, has a big chance of being confirmed in scientific replication research. Dr. Hamer is talking about a special, purposeful biological program which could be started after a traumatic experience, a traumatic communication by somebody or a traumatic realisation. Three conditions: it happens all of a sudden, the content is dramatic and the result is an ultimate feeling of isolation and lonelyness. Dr. Hamer calls this a Conflict Einschlag in German language. There are many types of Conflict Einschlag with different biological programs being started in somebody’s physical body. Either somewhere in the persons body cells will be multiplied in a rapid speed – e.g. pancreas “cancer” or they will be diminished in a rapid speed – e.g. osteoporosis. After solving this conflict the person can go into healing phase. This conflict solution has a mental character or component which switches the biological program into healing gear. In the specific tissue which is multiplied, superfluous “cancer”-cells will be broken down by bacteria or funghi or viruses if they do exist and in the case of diminishing tissue the total bone structure for instance will be rebuilt and as a result be stronger as ever before. This is New German Medicine in a nutshell. A very well documented cause effect relation between a certain type of personal mental experience and a physical effect on a specific spot in the brains which on its own right is controlling a certain type of tissue on a well determined spot in the physical body of the person. I have been looking into this New German Medicine for some time and I find it very fascinating, even more so, revolutionary as an alternative explanation of many diseases which are on the rise in our socalled modern days world. Wish you the best. Jan Ligthart

  8. says:

    Hello Jon, I forgot in my last email to close the circle I tried to communicate. I started with mister Gallo who maybe would be aware of the real cause of disease on a global scale like HIV/aids/cancer ETCETERA. Mr. Gallo may be well aware of the effectiveness of Dr Hamer his purposeful special biological programmes theory which he has proven in his therapeutical practice and for which therapeutical he is being haunted by judicial authorities throughout Europe. Mr. Gallo may well be aware that not an HIV virus or AIDS virus or whatever is the culprit of the HIV-patients with plummeting CD4 counts and soaring viral loads supposedly HIV virus loads. Mr.Gallo and a limited number of other autorities may be well aware that the whole communication, mass media propaganda on HIV/AIDS/CANCER et cetera is the very essential core of the disease causing mechanism because of the multitude of Conflict Einschlags, so mental traumas causing physical traumas, on a global scale. Brainwashing mass media communication could be the essential factor in the cause and effect chain and these elite medical specialist researchers like Gallo who may be totally in the know about the secret mechanism behind all systemic disease. As you may be aware of, in NAZI Germany medical research has been executed in the Concentration Camps. These studies are called with a Free Macons coded message, vierziger Jahre Studien if I may well have remembered the terminology. You can find more information about these studies in a book written by Peter Yoda who as a whistleblowing Insider has written a book about some Free Macons secret knowledge. A number of camp inmates were divided into three groups. I remember one experimental condition. So one group had no Cholera but was told they had contracted Cholera disease. Another experimental group was told after investigation: you DO NOT HAVE CONTRACTED CHOLERA, where as in FACT they had Cholera. Guess which group had the higher death toll. The higher death toll was amongst the people who were told they had contracted Cholera disease. I regard Peter Yoda’s information as a confirmation of Dr. Hamer’s therapeutical successes and Dr. Hamer’s purposeful special biological programmes. For me the very essence of getting seriously ILL may be found in somebodies fear as caused by a medical docter’s communication the moment the doctor is pronouncing a verdict. If this would be evidenced to be the case, fear as a disease causing weapon is the ultimate global weapon applied to get as many people seriously ill as possible aiming at treating them with hopeless and proven to be ineffective but very expansive therapies like chemo and radiation, which they have to pay for heavily in order to gradually enlarge the turnover of the medical-industrial-lethal-complex. Primary weapon to be concluded to kill an increasing number of people is the constant bombardment with fear inducing messages through any channel imaginable and organisable on a continental even a global scale. White coats are an important but sure not the only part of this lethal orchestration. You have been working from the MATRIX concept, I really do appreciate. I think an important part of the MATRIX can exist because we as individuals allow FEAR to take control of our thinking, our whole mental and body system. Knowledge and awareness have to be developed in order to produce in our inner selves a counter force which is FAR more powerful than this medical weapon from the MATRIX. I myself recently experienced a Conflict Einschlag and I managed to heal myself by finding a conflict solution within a couple of weeks. The result of the conflict active phase was a extremely wet right eye ball, which I had noticed already but could not explain for. All of a sudden I woke up on a tuesday morning the 5th of August and I had 4 filters in the glass body of my right eye. I could not see in my focus center with my right eye only. I could go a little bit around this blind spot by opening my left eye. This phenomenon is called floating images, I had four of them all over my vision field. It wasn’t a shock, it was 4 me a situation and phenomenon to study and analyse. I wrote down all the factors I could think of during our summer holiday weeks. I started the materialistic analysis. What have I been eating or not eating, drinking, nutrients, supplements with which I stopped, et cetera et cetera. I found no materialistic explanation. Next phase I started from the New German Medicin theoretical framework to analyse the situation. My family decided to go for a short holiday in France near Calais and Dunkerque, after which I would travel by bike along the coast back to our place in the Netherlands and my wife and son would travel with friends to the UK direction Stonehenge country and crop circles. They went for the Ferry boat and of course I wanted to say goodbye in the port some hour biking from the camping spot we said goodbye to each other. Arriving between a traffic jam of trucks and lorries at the Ferry boat port ending up before house high barbed wired customs area with the Ferry boat far away in the background. I tried to get my family on the mobile phone, no answer, no way. All of a sudden I realised I was totally alone, isolated with NO good bye to my family. This was wednesday the 22nd of july if I am correct. I had a very nice ride from Dunkerque in perfect sunny weather back home to our place by a special bike, a Rainbow. It’s not the usual bike, but a bike on which you lie and I had my steer underneath me. In fact I had to start learning to drive this type of bike from scrath which was quite stressfull right indeed. Yet, I managed to get home in three days, surviving a top speed crash about 10 kilometers from home. The saturday 25th we had a heavy storm in our country, Beaufort 10 near our place in North Holland. I tried again to call my family and a very good friend. Again NO ANSWER on my mobile phone calls until tuesday the 28th of july late afternoon. My wife and son arrived back from UK holiday saturday second of August, early in the morning. This was in retrospect my Conflict Solution. We were finally together again, safe and sound. Tuesday 5th my healing phase resulted in the appearance of the before mentioned four filters, floating images partly right in my right eyes center, preventing my from seeing through the filters at that spot. After approximately 1 month and 13 days nearly all the filters have disappeared apart from two remnants which vaguely are floating around in my right eye ball someway somewhere. Actually I am quite confident they will disappear after another month from now. What I forgot to tell you is that healing phase may be accompanied by headaches in the region of the brain which is controlling the physical bodies location reaction. According to dr. Hamer’s brain map, right eye glass body is controlled by some location at the back of my head on the left side. This headache was present during many days of the healing phase up until now, be it gradually diminishing. Regular doctors on the basis of a CT-scan would determine probably I had contracted a brain cancer, which is by definition impossible since brain cells cannot multiply like cancer cells elsewhere in the body are said to do. Nevertheless this is the propaganda and pseudo-science applied to many people. Of course I did not go to the doctors let alone the hospital or the specialists. This would be the wrong course of action, senseless to expose myself to the dogma’s and mental pressure from white coats, so I wanted to rely on my own analysis of the situation and wait and see what happens and see to what measure the Hamer theory and therapeutical evidence did also apply to my “disease”-case. My conflict Einschlag amounts to a visual conflict of divorce. At the Ferry terminal I was forced to NOT SEE WHAT I EXPECTED AND DEARLY WANTED TO SEE, say and wave goodbye to my wife and son. This dramatic experience triggered the purpuseful special biological programme which I tried to describe above. This is also why I was hit by a phenomenon in one of my eyes. Hamer’s theory also gives an explanation why it was my right eye and not my left eye. Once you understand the system, the theory and practice, you are well protected against the dire consequences of some systemic or nasty diseases and even more so, you are well protected against ineffective and pointless regular white coat remedies and therapies. Once I have found a translation of dr. Hamer’s New German Medicine from German or Dutch into English I will let you know. Let me know if you are interested in this. Good Luck. Groet, Jan Ligthart Good luck. Groet, Jan Ligthart

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