Trump scorches Dallas: why it matters

Trump scorches Dallas: why it matters

The hollow people. The Hillary, the Jeb, the Biden.

by Jon Rappoport

September 15, 2015

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Give any one of them the election and you’ll get more of the high-flying soap-opera brain-eating rhetoric that covers the Globalist agenda and Globalist crimes, that signals the pandering for votes.

Biz as usual. Business on a stick. Corn dog on a stick.

Hollow Hillary: “There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country.”

Zzzzz. Can I have a little ketchup on my corn dog?

Hollow Hillary: “It is time to put policy ahead of politics and success ahead of the status quo. It is time for a new strategy to produce what we need: a stable Iraq government that takes over for its own people so our troops can finish their job.”

Can I have a little mayo on my corn dog?

Hollow Hillary: “At the end of the day, the American people are going to be faced with some very tough judgments, because, at the current course this president is pursuing, I’m afraid that the next president will inherit this situation, with all of its complexity and all of its heartbreak…”

Can I have a little cheese on my corn dog?

Hollow Jeb: “I think we need to lift our spirits and have high, lofty expectations for this great country of ours.”

Can I have a few more chlorine ice cubes in my Coke?

Hollow Jeb: “Governors have to balance budgets. And they have to make decisions. And they have to do things that sometimes aren’t popular. And they also have to bring people together to try to solve problems.”

Can I have a few more rubbery fries from last week?

This is the kind of language we’ve become used to.

Grown in a lab, then left to rot. Sick substance. Low-grade fever. Robot plastic for robot minds.

“What? I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that language. It’s what politicians and leaders do. It’s expected. It’s actually comfortable.”

Yes, comfortable, like a sheet drawn over a dead body in a police case that will never be solved.

“Hillary and Jeb weren’t able to make it to the debate tonight. But they left messages for the viewing audience. We’re bringing those messages in, in a hermetically sealed aluminum container. No one has read the words yet. A representative from Price Waterhouse will now cut the seals and reveal the contents. Every syllable was created by a special computer buried on the moon…”

So last night Trump strolls into a hall in Dallas, lays down his ten-gallon hat and his six-guns and talks for an hour or so to an audience of 20,000 without a teleprompter.

He says, “Cheer or boo if you like the media.”

He says, “The [illegal immigrant] gangs will be outta hear so friggn’ fast…We have to stop this sanctuary city crap…I refuse to eat Oreo [cookies] anymore. They’re moving from Chicago to Mexico…[I’ll lay on a] 35% tax [tariff] on cars from [American car companies] coming in [from their plants in Mexico]…I’ll make the announcement at 9am…and I’m going to get the call from the CEO of Ford…Mr. President [Trump], I think you are doing the wrong thing…by 5pm [that day]…Ford will be bringing the plants back to the USA…Obamacare: we’re going to repeal it…”

He says he’s going to wipe out the huge trade deficits with China, Japan, and Mexico. Make new deals, better deals. Therefore, new jobs in America.

He’s letting it all hang out. He’s thinking as he’s talking. He’s remembering all the things he hates about American politics and politicians and bumbling American negotiators. He cuts himself off while talking about trade deals and abruptly launches into an attack on Obamacare and John Kerry and the Iran deal and then mentions that he, Trump, knows everything there is to know about making deals, and he knows the greatest and toughest and most ruthless negotiators in the world, and he will bring them on board to reverse the lousy self-destructive deals the US has made with other governments…

He’s all over the map. He’s going to build a great beautiful Trump Wall at the Mexican border for a few billion dollars and Mexico will pay for it and they’ll be happy to pay for it, because not paying for it will endanger the 50- billion-dollar trade advantage they have with the US—an advantage he is personally going to shrink anyway.

In the history of America, no politician has ever made a speech like this. Not in front of 20,000 people, not with his big poll numbers.

Of course, most of America still believes in the hollow people, the Hillary, the Jeb, the Biden. At least they say they do. But inside, where no one can see, they believe they’re trapped and they want to get out. They sense that this creature, Trump, is aware of the trap and he wants to spring it. He’s talking the way they would, if they dared to.

The jobs have gone away. The money has gone away. For half the country, this is Food Stamp America and Welfare America and NAFTA America and hunger America.

And Trump seems to be talking about jobs. Money. Better days. He’s not talking about how the country was founded on racist principles. He’s not talking about God. He’s talking about people going back to work. And it’s not just what he’s talking about, but how.

He’s slinging mud. He’s mocking his opponents. He’s bragging. He’s angry. He’s enjoying himself. He’s off the cuff. He’s a crazy stream of consciousness in a buttoned-up media-tized America. He could load up on coffee and talk for three days straight and turn out a book. He’s a lava-flowing subconscious in a moonscape of a nation.

He’s looking at the US as a business that’s going down the toilet, and he’s going to take it over and fire all the slackers and fakers and dolts and hangars-on and morons and revamp it and send it into orbit.

He’s going to slap around the news anchors and the talk-show hosts and the Eastern establishment journalists with their nasal superiority complexes.

Bring up the name of any famous person and Trump will say, “I know him. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s an idiot. He just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He lives in my building. I see him all the time. He’s a great guy. He’s not an idiot, but he’s, let’s say, wrong on every issue…”

He’s saying, “Look, you people have been worshiping wealth and money and power for a long time. Well, I have, too. And I made it. I’m on top. So you can choose me, or you can choose one of those closet socialists who wants commissars and agencies and rules and endless red tape that strangles everybody. You can choose a cowboy who doesn’t care what people think, or you can choose a pampered android who talks in circles. You can choose somebody who wants the government to run the whole show in America and drives us into bankruptcy and poverty for the sake of humanity, or you can choose me.”

power outside the matrix

Trump is a walled-off subconscious bubbling up to the surface and leaping across the landscape.

Ultimately, he isn’t about politics. He’s about crazy bad sometimes funny poetry exploding out of the hollow caverns of fear and paralysis in which the population lives.

Most people have no clue about this, but what the country needs is take-no-prisoners poets. And if Trump is the first one to jump into the political fray in a while, so be it.

The hollow candidates have nothing. No matter what they say, they’re excreting android public relations energy. They’re cheap realtors with cardboard houses they need to push. They’re like doctors hustling for patients. They’re holding up X-rays and offering drug prescriptions and making false diagnoses at every turn. They’re rubber-glove-wearing grotesqueries standing in the cold half-light of offices with anatomy charts on the walls.

They’re death warmed over and death cooled down and death on wheels preaching living death.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

59 comments on “Trump scorches Dallas: why it matters

  1. From Québec says:

    “Give any one of them the election and you’ll get more of the high-flying soap-opera brain-eating rhetoric that covers the Globalist agenda and Globalist crimes, that signals the pandering for votes.” (Jon)

    This is insulting to soap-opera writers who have so much imagination and creativity, that they could sell 90% of it and they would still be left with more imagination and creativity than the usual politicians.

    Politicians have no creativity or imagination whatsoever, they just follow their ruler’s orders and read their TelePrompTers.
    They are boring, predictable and soulless. Always the same story over and over again with never no hope for anything to change.

    Trump would make a great soap-opera writer:

    – He’s unpredictable
    – He knows how to get people’s attention
    – And it’s almost impossible to know what will be his next move.

    That is what is so exciting about him.
    Trump could talk for hours, days, years, and never be out of subjects… a bit like Alex Jones. They are both passionate, real and fearless. I like men like these two. I wish there would be more of them.

    • astraeaisabella says:

      He is like Alex Jones? THAT is not a good omen. Alex Jones is just another gate keeper. I hope Trump is as real as he sounds.

  2. Daniel Noel says:

    Trump, all over the map? He is merely throwing fuel on a few wedge issues. If he truly wanted to reform the federal government, he would pledge that he would make it impossible for public servants to protect terrorists on the scale they did with 9/11. He probably knows how far he can go and reports to the same elusive Masters as Hillary, Jeb and the others.


  3. Greg Osborne says:

    “Hey, Jeb! boy — gimme one of yor d-e-e-licious platitude pattys with a big ol’ heapin’ side o’ soarin’ rhetoric sauce!!!”

    Jeb! [in the voice of the late, great Slim Pickens]:
    “Comin’ right up, hoss — I can sh*t these dawgies outta’ my lyin’ gullet ’til November, 2016 — long as you ignoramuses is stupid enough to keep payin’ me for ’em! HA, HA, HA, HA!!!”


    “COME AN’ GIT IT!!!”


  4. Josh says:

    Another great piece that – on one level – I wholeheartedly agree with. It’s definitely a sight to behold. However all of the rest of the facts about this guy, his history, and his connections are being (predictably) buried under by the circus frenzy and the ‘cultural pop phenomena’ branding he and his people are so good at cultivating. Especially the fact that he has been close buddies with both the Clintons AND Bush up to the present day […]. Not to mention all of the relationships he no doubt has built up with the Rockefeller Cartel though business dealings in NY commercial real-estate and other deals over the decades. I rather think the real story is probably found there ..

  5. Mike says:

    Trump does not talk about the Fourteenth amendment not being properly ratified. How will he deal with that?

    He does not talk about the Sixteenth amendment not being properly ratified. How will he deal with that?

    He does not talk about the Fed being an unlawful institution resulting in odious national debt. How will he deal with that?

    He does not talk about the 1871 corporate take over of the Republic. How will he deal with that?

    He does not talk about the FACT that the general public has no lawful right to vote for president as if this were a democracy. How will he deal with that?

    The questions go on and on.

    This Republic was founded on solid law which has become sands of ignorance.

    This is not about stupid poetry. This is about hard law. This is about life and death.

    The others may be death warmed over but Trump is animated death. There is no difference. There are no candidates.

    If anyone can see any hope in this situation I would sure like to hear it, because I don’t see any at all.

    • If you want to put people to sleep, talk about those things. People are kind of strange. They mostly cannot focus on details. All they want is generalities……and Trump knows this. So he speaks in generalities. His speeches show a bit of disdain for the system as it is….which people want to hear. His plans are made and it may surprise many that much of what you talk about could possibly be in his sights. But then again…he could be a psych op and not really who he says he is. We will only know if he gets elected.

      People are desperate for someone….anyone who will change things from what they are. That is a bad thing because if we have learned from history, that has brought to the world some very bad people into the halls of power.

    • Justin says:

      go vote for Hillary, Crazy Uncle Joe or Bernie then and quit bitching.

    • Salvador says:

      Exactly, Mike. It’s all one massive, sad, sick joke. This country is a cartoon of a cartoon. No one will touch these fundamental issues. And how about 911 – 14 years on this joke of a candidate for the highest office still ridicules the 911 “truthers”. High treason was committed 14 years ago on our shores, and this guy who knows the truth not only won’t talk about it, he still attacks the very same people who are demanding justice and an end to the madness.

      This guy is from NYC, he knows everyone in NYC, he’s one of the most knowledgable if not thee most knowledgable real estate/construction men in NYC, and, let me get this straight – he doesn’t know the truth about what really happend in NYC on 911? He doesn’t know that buildings 1/4 mile tall cannot fall to the ground in 10 seconds through the past of most resistance? What a sad, sick commentary on just about everything that’s happened in this country since that day.

      Any candidate in this fraud called elections who won’t speak to the truth of 911 needs to be dismissed immediately as irrelevant, not to mention fully complicit in the surreal cover-up of this monumental crime against humanity.

      • Timothy says:

        Unfortunately any candidate who even hinted at the fact that 9/11 was anything other than the official story would be committing political suicide. At least right now.

        • Salvador says:

          This is understood. But this is what it will take to stop this insanity, nothing else will. These lunatics are out of control, and it is so because of fifty plus years of politicians and those they rule over standing in every place but truth. If they don’t want to risk commiting political suicide for speaking the truth, then they shouldn’t be running for office. And if not now to speak truth, when? The 50th anniversary of 911?

          Fourteen years ago these psychopaths were mad enough to take down two of the tallest buildings on the planet in broad daylight and then kill some 2 million innocent souls in wars all based on one monumental lie. Does anyone really think everything’s going to be fine as long as it’s business as usual? What’s going on on this planet is sheer lunacy.

          And for those politicians who don’t want to commit political suicide, but still want to participate in the fraud, perhaps MLK said it best: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”.- Martin Luther King, Jr.

          • timothy says:

            Well said Salvador. I agree whole-heartedly. Unfortunately if any candidate were to make 9/11 a talking point the ministry of propaganda, i.e. mainstream media, would have a field day with him or her and they would be swept off the grid in an instant. Think Charlie Sheen. The masses are still asleep. We need a mass awakening but the MSM are holding the megaphone…

  6. Theodore says:

    FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Campaign Rally, Dallas, Texas, Monday 9/14/2015

  7. Theodore says:

    FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Campaign Rally, on the USS Iowa battleship, Los Angeles, Tuesday, 9/15/2015

    • Timothy says:

      I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this…ultra-rich, silver spoon eatin’ elitist who is in bed with the Clinton’s and spews more rhetoric and false promises than a used car salesman…and he’s our guy because he’s a loud mouth? Seems like more of the same old same old to me.

      • babylovett says:

        The Trump phenomenon is a symptom of the bankruptcy of the entire capitalist political establishment in the US, including both the major political parties.

        In the case of the Dems, the Sanders campaign is being marketed as “left” and “socialist” only in order to further disorient public opinion.

    • Michael Burns says:

      @ THEO
      He’s gonna rebuild the military…WTF.
      The US is in the wall selling business, I wonder if we can get one here in Canada. How much do they cost…maybe we should get two…save one for later. Were having problems with socialists up here.

  8. TY for this is just wave on wave of super ..lava heaving from a volcano too long inactive

  9. Steve says:

    Wind him up and let him go!!!

  10. Justin says:

    Hollow Hillary: “all female sexual-assault accusers ‘have the right to be believed” (except the ones who were raped by her husband or law firm clients)

  11. Jerry says:


  12. jacobite2015 says:

    I wonder if it really matters much who the next President is? Whether it’s the Clinton Dynasty or the House of Bush, or even Caitlyn Jenner, if he/she decided to run. Sure, you got the the flamboyant Aristocrat Donald Trump, but I’ve listened to enough George Noory programs where many guests have articulated that the shadow government is truly “running the show.”

    Have we seen anything change with our mind-controlled Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches? The AGENDA seems clear: control of the American people – less choices and more obedience. Forced vaccinations, medical dictatorship, constant surveillance, etc., etc., etc. — all coming to theater near you.

    If elected, it would encouraging if a one-man gangbuster like Trump could actually free us of this tyranny, but look at the puppet masters he would be up against. Not good odds when your dealing with the “Borg Collective.”

  13. We have all the mind-fuelled brain-less-iacs screeching at the top of their intellectually profound voices, “This cannot be so”.

    But, Jon, I agree with you, Trump is the front runner BY A MILE.

    He’s a front runner because Americans are selfish, sceptical and they know politics is a fix. but also, the game is played on championing the right answers. I give the “black hat, white hat” example in my latest post

    You see, Trump is a grotesque cartoon character that says it as it is. And that gives him character. Bizarrely, he’s the only individual out of the sorry troop of liars and, that’s why, short of a miracle, he’ll win,….in my opinion.

    I was right about Australia’s Abbott. I said his ass was gone three months ago and they’d replace him with a “middle of the road”….and look what’s happened…….Turnbull…the smiling billionaire.


    • Greg O. says:

      “Bizarrely, he’s the only individual out of the sorry troop of liars and, that’s why, short of a miracle, he’ll win,….in my opinion.”

      Sorry, OT, but that’s exactly reason that he WON’T win.

      • Said like a “brain-less-iac”, Greg O….

        • Greg Osborne says:

          Saying that Trump has a chance of winning this “election” assumes that the system is legitimate to begin with. YOUR brain is aware that we are living in a massive lie, right?

          The System does not reward true individuals. The System rewards ‘rebel-speak’ from individualistic-SOUNDING hacks who answer, in the end, to the Globalist Puppeteers. If this describes the real Trump, then, yes, he could indeed be “elected”. The Globalists will then have a NEW populist ringmaster who can steer the skeptical Right Wingers in Flyover Country on to their demise, much like Obama did with his Gullibles on the Left.

          If Trump really is the un-controlled “grotesque cartoon character” that he portrays, then, who knows, maybe the country would benefit from the shake up that he would bring to a grotesquely corrupt Capitol. The Globalists WILL NOT install anyone in the White House that they cannot control. Flavor Flav would have a better chance of getting elected before that would happen.

          • timothy says:

            Speaking of flava flav, Chuck D’s new PE album is pretty good.

          • Greg O, do you hear yourself? Are you COMPLETELY divorced from reality?

            The “American People” voted in Bush…….TWICE!!!!!!!!!!

            They tried black “Bernie” and now know what Messiah means. I say Trump is the best bet. It’s him versus the “woman’s vote”…!

            • Greg Osborne says:

              Once again, Ozzie —

              Trump has no chance of being elected if he is NOT controlled by the subhuman Globalists.

              The American People “vote” for WHO THEY ARE TOLD TO VOTE FOR. Bush 2 was placed before the gullible “voting” public (twice!) as an alternative to the criminal on the so-called Left. The difference between the two parties is defined only by the lip service that they pay to their respective ideologies. I thought that those of us who read Jon Rappoport were in general agreement on this sort of thing.

              I go on in more detail here:


            • Sorry Greg O, you’re wrong

              Give me one other candidate of Trump’s clout that has EVER “broken the mould”.

              Trump has already been “profiled” as the archetypical “red neck”: hard hitting, rough talking, foul mannered, base male. The deck was stacked well before last election.

              The other candidate is refined, war hungry, health hungry “queen” Clinton.

              Ron Paul has been broken into Bernie (BS) Saunders and the “politically correct” Rand Paul. Jeb’s there to remind everyone the Bush’s are still running the show.

              The people are faced with two versions of “more of the same”, guaranteed! (BO may as well be BS) The “men’s vote” for the Bush dynasty is Donald Trump. The ladies/wimps” vote is Hilary Clinton.

  14. Defiant says:

    Anyone on Earth is better than Obama! I’m ready for a DOER, like Trump. He knows how to stop America’s financial victimhood at the hands of China and Mexico and even some elements of the EU. Notice how he’s one of the few candidates who haven’t been shouted off the stage by protest from the “gimmes”? Even they already know he WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. That’s the kind of man we need in the WH once again.

  15. T says:

    A billion is mighty shy a trillion and Trump is an old school millionaire that has made his fortune in real estate “in context”. How much of that measures up to wealth is my question “is he a proponent of our Nations wealth (true wealth) or a Treasonist traitor like so many ‘more recent’ of our politicized zombies in places they have no business even eyeballing…”.

  16. From Québec says:

    People are always looking for a savior. There is no Savior, never was and never will be.

    People like Trump, Alex Jones, Jon Rappoport and others, are the modern Paul Revere. They are informing you of what is and of what is coming. They are warning you. Can you understand that? That’s all they do, the rest is in your own hands.

    Now, if you don’t heed the call of these modern Paul Revere, blame it only on yourself for your downfall and slavery. And stop criticizing people who are trying very hard to open people eyes to the evil that is going on in this world.

    Are you personally doing something about all that corruption? Or are you still waiting for a Savior?

    I personally promote the Alex Jones show to wake-up people. And believe it or not, it works very well. I also promote Jon’s site, but people today are too lazy to read articles, most of them prefer watching information rather than reading it.

    So, hip, hip, hip for Trump|! He is another great eye opener.
    But no, he won’t save you, no one will. It’s up to you!

    • Michael Burns says:

      No your addicted to soap operas and Alex Jones is a soap opera.

      Come to think of it Trump is TV show too…
      Ahh Sir Donald is interviewing the voters to see if they are eligible. A remake of the apprentice, voter style…

      Trump: You fired voter…your fired…what are suppose to be doing….your joobbb….your job is to vote. You let your team down. What about your team…your fucking team voter… loser…can’t even do your joobbb.

      • From Québec says:

        LOL… Michael you are just mad at me because I will be voting for the Conservative Party. And yes, I am addicted to people who have imagination and creativity.

        The best way to overthrow the currupted system is to say NO.
        Say No to all their tyranny. What is it that people do not understand about the word “NO”, is it the “N” or the “O”?

        People think that if they say no, they will be thrown in jail. But what if everybody starts saying no? Will they throw 8 billion people in jail? They better start building more prisons right away, especially in your country, because they are already full. But, to say no, means that you understand what is going on, you have to be awake. This is why people who makes it a business to open eyes should never be criticized or rediculed.

        I personally say No to GMO. I only eat organic.
        I say No to fluoride in the water, I drink clean, pure water.
        I say No to vaccines.
        I say know to drugs, I only use natural remedies.
        I say No to all Wi-Fi technology, I only use plug-in phone, computer and television.
        I say No to Micro-wave cooking foods.
        I say No to television news broadcasting.
        I say No to newspapers

        And soon, I will be saying No to voting. That’s when all the Parties will be equally stupid and corrupted. But this year, I will still vote, because if the Liberal Party or the New Democratic Party wins, it will kill Canada. At least, the Conservative Party managed this fiscal year, to have a surplus of two billions dollars. With the other two socialist parties, we would have had a huge deficit on the edge of going completely bankrupt.

        • Michael Burns says:

          @ The crazy french opera WRITER

          And I mean ‘writer’ you watched enough of them to produce one yourself by now…where is it?…hmmm.
          LOL ahahah I’m not mad at you cause you voting Conservative…in spite.
          I not mad at you at all. I just found a way into the real you, and its hilarious, and so I’m exploiting it to see were it takes me.
          It’s about ascending isn’t it Q. About rising above all this temporal shit. It’s about people and intimacy of relationships. It’s about rising above emotions, rising above that we always want to be right. That sometimes our best qualities get in our own way.
          Your sweet and I read your comments always. You make me laugh…and I’m such cynical ole bastard. Laughter is a good thing.
          Voting just seems like a delusion that we know we are having but still we get involved with it. I think you really have to stop and say “No more wasted energy on their silly game. My energy is much better, used on my dreams, my wants, my imagination, my desires in life. I am center in my own Universe. I have a good heart and can’t help the world if I can’t see it correctly.”

          “I’m gonna stop voting its fucked serves no purpose…its a joke. But those gawd dam socialist commie pinkos are gonna take over Canada and then were will we be…we will have to sing their dam socialist songs. Everybody will be taken care of…nobody will be allowed to screw somebody else. We will be bankrupt and happy. The place will be full of little brown socialist people…socializing. Singing their social songs. Gawdamit we can’t have that!”

          Too funny!

        • jacobite2015 says:

          I understand the meaning of the word “no,” but it’s far more complicated for some of us on other issues. For example, take the recently passed SB277 in California. For those of us with school-aged children, saying “no” ain’t going to work. Saying no means NO attendance to public or private school. And if homeschooling is not feasible, then what? Also, if a family does homeschool and you have children that want to participate in athletics, saying no precludes them from participating in a school sanctioned sport without those darn immunizations.

          I wish more people in America would say no and stand-up against this trend in states legislating compulsory immunization. But it seems that as long as the American people have their sports (particularly the “religion” of the NFL), reality TV programs and social networking, all seems to be well & good with them.

          Just Say’in.

          • From Québec says:

            Yes indeed! Saying no, can sometimes be very hard to do. But I’m convinced that if more people would be informed, more people would say no and that tyranny would end.

            I mean, if 90% of Californians would take their children out of the schools because of the mandatory vaccines, They would have no other choice then to change the law.

            This is why it upsets me so much when I hear people (usually intellectuals) criticize or ridicule Alex Jones.
            If there is somebody in the USA who woke-up the people, it’s him.

            He even woke me up. I thought I new a lot, but I didn’t know much. I discovered him 11 years ago, when I got my first computer and I am so glad I did. Since then, I’ve been promoting him .

            He started out of nothing and grew bigger every years, now he is going on Satellite T.V. where he will be reaching 400 million people. Kudo to Alex!

            • Michael Burns says:

              And finally 400 million people later Alex becomes what he hates (or does him)…a 1%’er with a serious bottom line….$$$$$$$$blink, blink, blinkblink blink…blah.

            • jacobite2015 says:

              I’m not convinced that if more people were better informed on the vaccine issue that anything would change much. Many of the pro-vax parents that I’ve talked to simply believe in the mainstream information and have a strong trust & bond with their pediatrician. And to make matters worse, many of these same parents have now gravitated to the postion of fear of the “unvaccinated.”

              If you want to see what a “fine” job the medical profession has done in the imperious control of this vaccine tyranny, and what we the pro-choice parents are up against, go examine the website, “Science-based medicine.” Go archive their vaccine topics, which are many, and you’ll see what I mean.

            • Good comment, Jacobite2015

              Vaccines [debate] has become the “control” for cognitive dissonance.

  17. tvfmontana says:

    Tried to share this on FB. FB won’t take the link. Anyone else having that problem?

    • Michael Burns says:

      A hahah too funny….Jon Rappoport on Facebook.
      That like Che Guevara on the Teletubbies…
      Facebook is a CIA mind control cluster***k…didn’t ya know that.

      Don’t ya hate it when people use asterisks to put f-u-c in your head….bastards

      • tvfmontana says:

        Hahah on FB. I said it wouldn’t take the link, not that it wouldn’t take the copy and paste of Rappoport’s entire commentary.

  18. Michael Burns says:

    The hook, Donald the hook….us against them….give them a big boo. Whats missing…I mean…. …teleprompters!…teleprompters!. That easy… lies …boring speech…I have a debate…can I be honest they handed you the game…was I happy ….or was I sad ….I mean Mark…Mark is well …Mark is great.
    I mean we sold in an hour so we went to a convention hall…I mean Texas… four days sold out… a ballroom…eyeeyahjah… begging for mercy so about…it the largest ever in the history…can you people see…can you see..sit downnnn, your wonderful…I love ya.
    Should I name names, shall I name names….really.
    Political rhetoric!….I mean the political rhetoric.
    Carl he is a disaster, losers. Incompetent…he’s not a rock star.
    Clown…really…a clown..funny face..these guys. Bill O’Reilly he’s ah…I mean come on…he’s ah…he’s ah a great guy. These boilers…boilers, Jesus….losers….they fired.
    Searching…New Hampshire. Should I mention names, why not, I’m at 41.. if I’m at 49.9 they won’t give to me….they against me …It’s my hair they have the best view….the hair is over. My hair…my fuckin hair… Trump well…genius ..that good the…they said “I won’t run…I won’t run”…they said. We are gonna run the government, the appprentice…your fired…213 million dollars can you believe it…that a lot a money. But I do that anyway…everybodies so angry at mee. I do that all the time…I mean…what can I say.
    Club corporation I love em don’t ya love ….boo hoo.
    It’s like giving up …then run, they lose, they run, they lose …I not takin blood money, losers…they offer me millions…to lobby.
    We love; your forty percent, my Gawd, Jeb Bus… …I mean he’s-a-nice-guy…come on…Trump is florida.
    How about Texas…great…amazing …I have been nice, they are nice…the lawsuite, awwww.. we figure it out…they’re nice NBC….Arnold!…Arnold he’s nice…I mean…for Trump he’s a friend of mind…we went to separate schools together… charity…Arnold for the apprentice….I’ll be back…he’s good. I love em…they say…
    Mr Trump the New York Times, I love the times I mean how do you do it ….all Trump ….the ratings… it’s a simply formula. Eveeennnn if you have a cure for a horrendous… yah know…diseaasseese…it simply….we; have had fun. Today we not going anywhere. Mitt what can I say.. I’m surging with… can you believe it women…with women. I cherish women…women’s stuff…women healthcare…I’m surging. I’ll take care of women. Hillary’s… not surging….I’m surging…
    We need closers I mean come on…putting your own money in….I mean Jeb he’s a nice guy. Come on…I mean Jeb…he’s nice… I was the King….I was the ultimate insider…I’m running…they said…what!… we can do this…I can lower taxes…do we have a hedge funner…250 million what did you pay in taxes….he callls me up…they will end up doing better…middle class…well.. income…corporation paying too much tax. We are really pro-growth… we’ll get it bac… Corporate inversion…Inversion; your fired…The Apprentice…they want me back…
    Your fired…they want me bbaaaccckk…get over it…what can I say. They want me back…back..they want me back.

  19. From Québec says:

    @ Michael Burns:

    @The crazy french opera WRITER

    And I mean ‘writer’ you watched enough of them to produce one yourself by now…where is it?…hmmm.

    Where is it? It’s still in my head. I can’t seem to be able to write a single episode. In fact, I’m not even able to write one single word, that would represent what I am imagining or that would give the atmosphere I’m trying to create. No word, no script, no dialogue, nothing so far.

    I would need a writter like you Michael. Someone as crazy as I am, that could read my mind. What a duo that would be…lol

    You see, if the government wouldn’t have rubbed me with so much income taxes all of my life, I would have invested that money to be able to live a very confortable retreat. With all that money, I could buy Jon’s writer tutorial and start learning how to write… damn it!

  20. Tony says:

    Jon this is one of the best articles you have ever written. Oozing and dripping with creativity it has really stimulated my imagination. Thank you.

  21. laurabruno says:

    People really need to research the conventional US food system and just how reliant it is upon illegal immigrant nearly slave labor. I recommend the documentary, “Food Chains,” as it’s a real eye-opener of how the bulk of the food in the US is harvested, and by whom. In order for Trump’s plan to get rid of all illegal immigrants to work, then we need a new food system pronto, or individuals and communities need to be building soil, starting organic farms, indoor aquaponics systems, etc. … yesterday. When you see the conditions of migrant farm workers, you realize they are basically slaves. Supermarkets would not pay them a penny more per pound of picked tomatoes. The going rate is one penny per pound. How much do you pay in the store for conventional tomatoes in February?

    The whole GMO debate and Trump’s anti-illegal immigration plans and tariffs — sure, the system’s broken … but if you just yank the bottom out of that food system, then the 2011 Executive Order that allows the Feds to force anyone to do whatever job it assigns without pay (i.e. slave labor) will become necessary in the US in order to prevent a famine. I’m all for changing the system, but some massive supports need to be started right away if this has any hope of succeeding without millions of people starving due to skyrocketing food prices or harvests just rotting in fields because no self respecting American will work 16 hours per day being sprayed by pesticides for a few dollars.

    Ditto the GMO ban. I’m all for it on paper, but if that were implemented right now, we’d have riots in the streets once the food prices skyrocketed. Toxic food is cheap food. We’re a food stamp nation now. If we want to turn things around, we each need to be finding ways to grow our own food and helping to build community resilience with organic, year round, local farms. Those are the safety nets that would allow these changes to happen without food riots or a police state crackdown. I see all these people cheering for Trump’s rejection of illegals, and yes, I know we have a huge problem, but if people want his policies to work, they better get planting, learning how to farm, and get their own communities up and running. Otherwise, the transition period of his immigration policy and any transition period in this country for Jon’s proposed GMO ban will create just the kind of chaos and excuse for crackdown the elites have been fomenting all along.

    We need to prepare for change if we really want it. Careful what you pray for … if it happens before you and your community are ready for it, you might realllllly not like the requested changes, even if they’re “good” changes. Starvation has a way of shifting people’s priorities, and this food stamp, just in time, pampered nation has no idea how to feel itself on a large scale without slave labor. Better learn quick, because growing food has quite the learning curve.

  22. From Québec says:

    @ Michael Burns

    “And finally 400 million people later Alex becomes what he hates (or does him)…a 1%’er with a serious bottom”

    Wrong again…lol. Alex puts almost all of his money back into his operation to wake-up people. If people do not awake, it’s game over. You cannot fight what you don’t know.

    Do you know how much money he spent on his new studio? Do you know how big his crew is? I think its more than 50… not sure exactly
    Do you know how much it costs to send his reporters everywhere in the world? Do you know how much it cost to operate his site, his Show and the Infowars Nightly news? It takes millions a year. And the Satellite to reach 400 million more listeners will cost him $400,000 a year if my memory serves me right….or 49 thousand a month… I.m not sure, I forgot, but it’s a lot.

    Alex is far from living like a millionaire. And he is not looking for that.
    He’s a good old country guy.

  23. fergile says:

    I’m glad to read this from you John Rappoport, as I saw the same in Donald Trump, thing I never saw in any occidental politician in my whole life (I was born after the second world war).
    Being of course ridiculed by people around me who only know the newspapers’ titles they read about him, I find it appeasing to discover that people like you, and others who I also find really intelligent, do have the same opinion about this maverick.
    Thanx a lot.

  24. Derek says:

    Interesting style of writing….. I love it!! It is Hunter Thompson-esque (not sure of the spelling on that one), on a higher intellectual level.

  25. Goldie says:

    I read his book. He’s pretty clear and capable of pulling all this off. We need someone like him. We’ve had enough! He says it like it is. Finally!
    Hillary made a huge stink about how 85% of people are on obamacare and she’s shooting for 100%. Like we don’t already have enough bills to pay. I can’t afford it, while remaining unemployed with no unemployment benefits, then keep getting underemployed, and I’m very good at what I do. I’m 56, and zero health problems and would like to opt for just emergency health benefits. PERIOD. She’s not a real woman by any stretch, she’s a big mouthed liar speaking on behalf of her own agenda and her cronies, where the rest of us pay the price. I want to work for my life, not hers and theirs. Fix our Dallas roads instead of paying toll fees because Dallas has misappropriated funds for many years on many items, while leaving the city in disrepair. I’m going off grid to save my ass from these crazies.
    I quit voting 16 yrs ago, but this year I’m voting, for Trump.

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