Life as matter and matter only: the fraud

Life as matter and matter only: the fraud

by Jon Rappoport

November 1, 2015

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“The refutation of philosophic materialism is as easy as stepping off the sidewalk. An astonishing amount of professional nonsense has been written to obscure this fact. Physics has boxed itself in. Its pronouncements about the constituents of matter and the so-called laws of motion result in a series of absurdities only a charlatan could defend.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

Recently, I was opted into an ongoing email debate about the nature of consciousness. I have no idea how I got there, but here is an edited version of what I wrote to the group of scientists and scholars:

Conventional physics posits sub-atomic particles and/or waves as the basic constituents of all matter in the universe. This would include the human body and brain.

Nothing in these particles/waves is said to have consciousness, sentience, awareness, a capacity of knowing, such as you have right now as you read these words.

Therefore, the brain does not have such consciousness, since it is entirely composed of particles/waves that have no consciousness.

If there is any consciousness to be found anywhere, it is not in the brain.

Understand: I’m not pushing an esoteric definition of consciousness here. I’m talking about you sitting there, knowing that you understand the meaning of these words. I’m talking about the conscious capacity to grasp meaning.

I’m also talking about the capacity to make choices. Why? Because if the brain is composed of particles/waves that have absolutely no freedom, but merely behave according to laws of motion, then, if the brain is the progenitor of all human action, there is no reason to posit freedom of choice as a fact.

Therefore, in the view of conventional physics, you are sitting there reading these words, but you have no consciousness that you understand them, conscious understanding of meaning is a delusion, and you have no freedom of choice at all. We are all engaging in gibberish, pretending to ourselves that we are aware and free, when we are not.

Don’t even bother to wonder whether you should respond to what I’m writing; you have no choice.

For a longer treatment of this argument, read my “Interview with a dead Einstein.”

As a reporter on matters of science and medicine for 30 years, I’m well versed in scientists’ “maybe-could be-possible” statements about issues around which they are groping:

“Consciousness remains a mystery, yes, but we are getting closer to answers every day…some illuminating work is coming out of studies of fish and grasshoppers…mapping the brain will provide a new level of understanding…it is the job of science to keep pushing back the curtains of superstition…”

And my favorite: “Of course the brain is the source of consciousness. The proof of that is the fact that we are conscious; and where else could awareness be coming from?”

Unassailable logic, if you’re a fan of tautologies and circular reasoning.

Do you know what you’re reading right now as you sit there? Or is that conscious knowing simply a grand delusion, by which something inside your skull ‘pretends to be aware’?

Are “knowing” and “understanding meaning” only translatable as “particles in motion?”

Through the aether, I’m attempting to contact the authors and signers of the US Constitution. I want to inform them that all their mumbo-jumbo about human freedom was a vain attempt to circumvent the laws of matter in the universe. What idiots they were. On the other hand, they can now rest easy. Serenity is never having to worry about the future.

“No one is free. No one ever was. No one ever will be. Don’t worry, be happy, as happy as a rock or a sidewalk.”

the matrix revealed

And remember: I’m not really asking you whether you understand these words on your screen. I’m asking if you KNOW you understand them. If your honest answer is yes, where does that knowing come from? The sub-atomic particles/waves in your brain? Really?

Since when does conventional physics attribute knowing and consciousness to quarks and wavicles, which are the exclusive constituents of your brain?

The whole notion of “emerging consciousness” as a function of evolution, via puddles of amino acids in mud or hot sea-vents, is a titanic waste of time, as long as the ultimate composition of all matter is the sub-atomic particle/wave, which is non-conscious.

Thus ends the argument. QED.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “Life as matter and matter only: the fraud

  1. Theodore says:

    “Beyond an artificial world” — by Jon Rappoport

    “…the prediction goes, AI will be virtually human, or more than human.

    “However, just because AI has greater computational skills than any person or group of persons, where is the quality that makes it human?

    “In order to answer that, you have to perform a little trick. You have to say that humans are really only high-class machines.

    “Many pundits have no difficulty with this, because they see humans as problem solvers, period. And that’s what a machine is.”

  2. Theodore says:

    “Myths and fairy tales about consciousness” — by Jon Rappoport

    “Various elites don’t want to admit that, because ‘non-material’ implies ‘can’t be externally shaped and controlled.’

    “Unfortunately, most people, when confronted with ‘unbounded’ automatically go to ‘mystical.’ This has resulted in numerous problems, including the hypnotic power of various priest-classes down through history, who have ruled societies with iron claws.

    “At its philosophical root, consciousness has been warred over by both materialistic and mystical forces, each claiming ownership, for different reasons, over that which belongs only to each person.”

  3. mervyn caplan says:

    All the beings presently conceived so incorrectly in people’s thoughts – incorrectly because the mere shadow intellect can only conceive of the mineral, the crudely material element, be it in the mineral, plant, animal or even human kingdom – these thoughts of human beings that have no reality all of a sudden will become realities when the moon and the earth will unite again. From the earth, there will spring forth a horrible brood of beings. In character they will be in between the mineral and plant kingdoms. They will be beings resembling automatons, with an over-abundant intellect of great intensity. Along with this development, which will spread over the earth, the latter will be covered as if by a network or web of ghastly spiders possessing tremendous wisdom. Yet their organisation will not even reach up to the level of the plants. They will be horrible spiders who will be entangled with one another. In their outward movements they will imitate everything human beings have thought up with their shadowy intellect, which did not allow itself to be stimulated by what is to come through new Imagination and through spiritual science in general.

    All these unreal thoughts people are thinking will be endowed with being. As it is covered in layers of air today, or occasionally with swarms of locusts, the earth will be covered with hideous mineral-plant-like spiders that intertwine with one another most cleverly but in a frighteningly evil manner. To the extent that human beings have not enlivened their shadowy, intellectual concepts, they will have to unite their being, not with the entities who are seeking to descend since the last third of the nineteenth century, but instead with these ghastly mineral-plant-like spidery creatures. They will have to dwell together with these spiders; they will have to seek their further progress in cosmic evolution in the evolutionary stream that this spider brood will then assume.

    Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy by Dr. R. Steiner

  4. From Québec says:

    I am an atheist, but I remember when I was young, that in school, they were teaching us the Holy Trinity:

    The Father
    The Son
    The Holy ghost

    I could never understand what they really meant by this.
    So, I tried to make sense out of it and came out with this simple explanation:

    The Body: (Father)
    The Brain: (Son)
    The Mind: (Holy ghost)

    The Body is quite easy to understand, since we can see it.
    The Brain is a bit harder to understand.
    The Mind is the hardest one of all, because it is the only one that is non-material, (like the Holy ghost)…lol

    So, I believe that consciousness comes from the Mind, not from the Brain. Although they have a close relationship in the process of consciousness.
    It’s like if the Brain would be the motor and the Mind would be the fuel that makes it work.

    • mervyn caplan says:

      Truth is a harmony of truths. So to have knowledge of a tree we would have to walk around it till the whole tree is seen. The higher up you go on a mountain the more you see of the town. Later I shall have more time and I will go into this much deeper. As we are a reflection of the Cosmos
      How? Later.

    • blakmira says:

      Originating from the Essenes (the forerunners of the gnostic Christians), the original Holy Trinity was a perfect circle depicting the universe as a complete family: 1) Father/Creator, 2) Son of God/All Mankind, and 3) Mother Earth.

      The term Holy Spirit aka Holy Ghost is actually quite meaningless. It was meant to deliberately replace and X out Nature and Mother Earth.
      When the Roman Empire Constantine’s Council of Bishops “corrected” the Bible, they removed just about anything that didn’t agree with their hedonistic, violent lifestyle, especially anything to do with respect for nature and compassion for animals (to the point that it is now viewed as “heresy” by fundamentalist Paulians); androgyny (where homosexuality is now punished by eternal damnation); the purification of body (where eating flesh and blood is now considered acceptable), and reincarnation (declared as taboo to be taught, and replaced with guilt, fear and eternal hellfire after just one short lifetime on earth).

      In the basic definition of gnosticism, the underworld is associated with matter, flesh, time and, more particularly, an imperfect world that lasts only a short time. That is the realm where the temporary brain and body reside.

      Whereas the world of God is represented by the upper world and is associated with the soul and perfection; it is eternal and not part of the physical. It is impalpable and timeless. And that is where the mind, spirit/essence and soul of every living being resides….eternally.

  5. Kris Szczepanski says:

    Tyler Durden: ISIS releases Video of Russian Airplane Explosion and Claims Responsibility

  6. Prominent magicians have been used (funded) to “debunk” the paranormal, which summarises all components outside the realms of material normality. The Scole Experiment is exampled as the Achilles heel by both sides of the argument

    Einstein was very worried by the quantum layer, because he KNEW physics was busted. There is no three dimensional object reality. It is an illusion created from light and nothing (and “nothing plus”) as I explain (in depth) in my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”

    Let’s not forget the ET/ED phenomena and things that go “bump in the night”

    Great article, Jon.

  7. Tomi Itkonen says:

    Around 2006, I started this one:

    Not so surprisingly, my paper was rejected by several academic journals covering cognition and such. Heh.

    I like to keep things simple and have seen how simple processes generate elaborate and surprising richness.

    Thus, I was happy with just letting waves interact and see what happens.

  8. mervyn caplan says:

    The Father works into our sleeping metabolic system and reflects into the mineral. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved creation so we can become free of the Spiritual world and evolve further. One has to raise ones consciousness to the highest level possible to glimpse into that realm.
    That is what dogmatic materialistic science and their money worshipping backers want you to believe. Materialism is based on antiquated Aristotelian Logic.
    These arrogant dogmatists can’t explain why an airtight container of seeds on a balance scale when the moon is waning weigh more as the moon gets full.
    Where does the extra mass come from? Why do you get your best crop of sunflower plants when the seeds are planted when the sun is in Leo.
    With an open mind we know that the mineral is dead and the plant lives because the plant has a life force which obeys the laws of projective geometry,
    life forces coming from a periphery and intersecting and giving life to everything living.

    The Father God has thought all thoughts for eternity, Christ has given Life to these thoughts
    through Love and the Holy Spirit, through her Wisdom has given form to the

    The four Gospels contain the most valuable knowledge obtainable concerning the occultism of healing. There is no document preserved to man from the past which has more of the mysteries of occult healing than the Gospels.
    Now the Bible as a whole consists of three parts : for the Revelation of St. John is as clearly distinct from the Gospels, as they are from the books of the Old Testament, As the Old Testament depicts the the preparation in earthly history for the Christ-event, and the Gospels the event itself, so the Apocalypse depicts the consequences resulting from that event. But the Apocalypse contains no history of the generations, such as the Old Testament contains, nor the delineation of the life and suffering of any single being, such as the Gospels give us. The Apocalypse depicts future human and cosmic events : it shows the cosmic results of the Incarnation of Christ. These results are not only of a spiritual and moral kind ; they partake of the character of Nature- happenings. The Apocalypse shows what influence spiritual and moral impulses will exercise in time to come upon the forces of Nature. Alterations in the strata of the Earth’s interior and in the etheric strata round the
    Earth, are accurately described in the Revelation of St. John as effects of moral causes The cosmic drama of the Apocalypse deals not only with the struggle which concerns Mankind, but also with the struggle which concerns Nature. It points to facts lying outside the regions of eugenic and hygienic occultism : for the effect of the humanly spiritual on the external Nature-forces is the theme of mechanical occultism. And the Apocalypse is the only authoritative document which preserves to man the knowledge contained in mechanical occultism.


  9. henry says:

    I was on a team of people nine years ago that were working on machine intelligence. My name is on two patents on a precursor to a sentient mind. I realized that this is very solvable problem. At its heart, the problem is how to store knowledge in a non-biological system. Each character, word and clause of all your posts cannot stand by itself so they are data. A sentence, paragraph, and post are complete thoughts so they are information. None of your posts, or any book ever written, contains knowledge. A mind decodes the written and/or spoken symbols and puts the information in relation to the nodes of its conceptual structure. This process is called learning. This problem has been solved. To create an intelligent computer system, we created a data structure that was similar to a neuron. The philosophical underpinning of the invention was a man who died 100 years ago called Charles Pierce. The mystery novel also come from Pierce.

    The next step was to create the other parts of the mind that uses the knowledge to take action. I figured how to do this but realized that once this technology was invented, it could not be uninvented. So I stopped. All animals detect stimuli, filter the stimuli through its knowledge base to create experiences and then take action. The results of the actions are fed back into the mind to see if new thoughts need to be learned. Every action that an animal takes is done so to maximize what it predicts will cause it pleasure and minimize what it predicts will cause it pain. The same mechanism is not difficult to code a computer. There are a number of other processes that a mind uses to be sentient but I don’t know one that can’t be added to the machines that I have seen. Humans rule the planet because we have bigger brains. When intelligent systems are smarter than some people, those people will no longer have any utility. As time marches on, more and more people will not be able to compete with intelligent machines. The people who own the intelligent systems will, eventually, try to eliminate the useless eaters.

    One could hypothesize that the chemicals in the food, the vaccine program (that reduces fertility), and the capturing of the medical system are part of a program that has a goal of reducing population.

    Such systems could have a fixed life time. To achieve its goals of staying alive, it would have to be “reincarnated”. Intelligent systems could be set to compete against each other to determine which of them created the most “good”. Who decides what is “good”? The owners.

    There is nothing mystical about life. Each being is trying to stay alive. Procreating is an effort that an individual takes to keeps its genes alive – even if it doesn’t know anything about genes. There are so many ways that intelligent machines could get out of control that it is not worth the risk of creating them.

  10. john says:

    Atomic particles, sub-atomic particles, sub sub atomic particles, keep going, where does it end?
    Infinity goes both ways, both greater and smaller. What or where is our own reference in the grand scheme?
    Where are we on the scale? There is no ‘outside’ reference, the only reference is our own consciousness.

    There are no particles, no mass or gravity, nothing actually physical, it is all a multi-dimensional vibration of energy at infinite frequencies which intersect to form any particle at any moment. What forms the physical experience is the energy we radiate from our higher selves, which is then decoded via the 5 senses to simulate a physical experience, an experience which cannot be enjoyed in the higher energy realms.

    Each one of us is essentially providing an observation deck for the infinite creator to observe itself from a unique perspective and learn from.

    Consciousness derives from our higher selves and the mind/brain experiences this via the 5 senses. The illusory physical realm of 3rd density is a pre-mapped template theatre of potential experiences generated by our collective higher selves.

    Science is merely another set of experiences of this theatre and observes the various facets of the template but can never provide the answer to how it actually works. Which is why science is up against a wall, the metaphysical wall they will have to one day grudgingly concede to and admit answers all questions.

  11. Tomi Itkonen says:

    You make it sound so simple. 🙂

    I have hard time believing that’s so easy to implement.

    Or is there a prototype somewhere running, learning and writing the next Harry Potter?

    • henry says:

      When an intelligent person solves a problem and codes a dumb computer to solve the problem, the computer looks intelligent but this intelligence is artificial. When a machine can store knowledge, learn, and predict future events based on the past, the machine is not artificially intelligent. It has real intelligence. This was the state of the art nine years ago.

      Will they someday write the next Harry Potter? I don’t know but just google “computer generated news” to see that they are already writing non-fiction. Writing fiction is not difficult but writing fiction that people want to read is. The product must contain ideas that the audience finds useful and be in a language that they can comprehend. A very small populations of humans can do this so machines doing this may be some time off.

      I’m not sure if the “self driving cars” are intelligent or artificial but systems with the goal seeking components will be on the market soon. What is needed are rules to contain this technology before it is too late.

      As to Jon’s points: Humans learned to read, write, farm, sail, fly, invent, and kill in a massive scale before they learned of the atomic structure let alone the sub atomic structures. Is it necessary for intelligent machines to have experiences beyond their senses? Mathematical ideas existed before humans discovered them: area of a circle = π times the radius squared. Perhaps all ideas existed and are just waiting for minds to discover them. The process of discovery is the same in humans and intelligent machines. Perhaps machines will never be able to comprehend the ideas that humans have. But, then again, they may go beyond their human creators.

      • Tomi Itkonen says:

        Thanks Henry for additional comments.

        Yes, generating gibberish is easy. However, there’s a huge leap to generate something that makes sense and some of us intelligent humans want to read, something that adds value.

        I keep following this space, for instance what the company just purchased by Google – – is up to.

      • lemniscate888 says:

        Roger Penrose in his book Shadows of the Mind proves using a Cantor like argument that a machine can never become conscious. Amongst humanity we have great artists and musicians,
        also great creative mathematicians. Let us see if a machine can solve the Riemann Zeta function conjecture.

  12. Doug Stephens says:

    You say that: “If there is any consciousness to be found anywhere, it is not in the brain.”

    Have you considered that there is a mighty strong correlation between your brain and consciousness that can be simply demonstrated with an ice pick?

    Both the knowing and the awareness of knowing end immediately upon insertion.

    One could argue that this correlation rises to being cause and effect. Disrupt the function of the brain and consciousness goes kaput.

    Thinking of it, pun intended, this can be demonstrated with run of the mill general anesthesia, whose administration results in a loss of consciousness and whose actions, although imperfectly understood by current science, derive from biological and chemical actions within the central nervous system.

    Therefore, consciousness must reside in the brain, eh?

    • @DS

      Lots of pretty materialist “labels” here. As with “nothing” and “potential”, consciousness doesn’t exist and that makes it much greater and more flexible than material existence which is contained by a series of rules (you need to review the QUANTUM level to understand what they are).

      Brave wannabe scientist, tell me, fundamentally, what light is? Remember, as Einstein recognised, everything is made of nothing and light; that’s it. We [think we] know nothing doesn’t exist, but what about light? Is that an illusion or something more?

    • Michael Burns says:

      @Doug the Icepick

      If I break a radio and tear it part into its smallest pieces; have I killed the broadcaster?
      How about if I break all radios, throughout the whole Universe?…the broadcast remains.
      Some are limited to the A M (amplitude modulation)
      have A M and F M (frequency modulation)
      And some transcend to microwave.
      And then infrared…
      and visible light,
      ultra violet….and….
      Consciousness is not limited to the brain….
      If that were so then it would have died out a million years ago, with the first extinctions of sentients.
      With the first extinctions of whole galaxies
      You are swimming in consciousness.
      And maybe then again your, not.

      • henry says:

        It is conjecture that consciousness can exist outside of minds. The formula to calculate the area of a circle existed before any human discovered it but these preexisting ideas are not consciousness. In your analogy, ideas may be like radio waves that are waiting to be sensed. Without a radio, the ideas are not detected. But, the radio is not conscious. It only translates the existing waves from one frequency to another. The mind of a listener decodes the information and incorporates the concepts into it’s conceptual structure. A conscious mind can store knowledge, use that knowledge base to interpret the meaning of stimuli, take action based on the phenomena detected, and feed the results of the action back into the mind.

        Did mathematical ideas come into existence by some being long ago or are they based on the structure of this universe? If it is the former, what mechanism is used to broadcast the waves? Are all ideas, including non-mathematical ideas, preexisting? Are there other ideas that were created by some long ago beings that were not broadcasted? Are smarter people just better radio listeners? Is there any evidence that each of us has a radio receiver, and possibly a radio transmitter, embedded in us? Since I have seen no evidence of this, I propose that the wave model of thought is probably incorrect. I propose that some people have organized their thoughts to discover the laws of the universe and have handed us these ideas via coded symbols. People learn to decode the symbols and learn the ideas by decoding the symbols. If nobody learned to read, the books would contain information waiting for minds that can. Books contain information and not knowledge. They are not conscious.

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