Sweden: test case for the new utopia

Sweden: test case for the new utopia

by Jon Rappoport

November 6, 2015

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“I have never written a word with the intent to make people fearful. I believe, and will always believe, that the individual can triumph, no matter what circumstances surround him, if he knows what he is, what he is capable of, and the creative force he possesses.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Note: This article is based on non-mainstream reports and sources who are decidedly independent of the Swedish establishment. Why is it necessary to hunt for facts? Because news is being suppressed.

The population of Sweden? 9.5 million people.

Only 9.5 million.

This should give you some idea about what is happening there, at ground level, as the migrant wave sweeps in.

There are also restrictions on what Swedes can say about the invasion. Political correctness rules. If this isn’t troubling, I don’t know what is.

As usual, politicians and various “community leaders” have jumped on the immigration bandwagon. At minimum, they have lost their minds. I see no coherent assessment of what effect migration will actually have on the economy—especially in a country famous for giving everything away.

Free government services are paid for by taxes. Let’s not forget that. So the extremely high tax rate will jump even higher.

I’m reading reports of violence and rape in Sweden—crimes committed by the new immigrants. From what I gather, even speaking about or publicizing these crimes is a violation.

From what I’ve learned about Sweden over the last 50 years, it’s clear the prevalent attitude of “it’s all good, things are fine, people are nice” is now being layered over the current migration crisis—which would be the equivalent of somehow seeing rainbows festooned with cupids in the middle of a hurricane tearing roofs off houses.

And yet this crisis is still being viewed as a test-case for tolerance. “We must respect all people and their culture…”

But this test case is about something else. It’s about what happens when the culture and community of a country are torn apart. It’s a test case for globalization. What happens when artificial and forced immigration, in great numbers, brings about chaos?

Globalist planners are pondering: “What amount and quality of revolt among the Swedish people will take place? How easy or difficult will it be to squash such a revolt? How long will it take to achieve the goal of somehow “integrating” a new population, most of whom have no intention of blending into the prevailing culture, some of whom plan to take it apart?”

This is a test case for burying the 9.5 million people of Sweden in a new heterogeneous mixture, in order to see what occurs.

Because, make no mistake about it, it is also the plan for many industrialized technological societies around the world.

This is the perception the Globalists hope to engender: “When we look at Germany, France, Sweden, England, and parts of the US, we no longer see the old homogenous population. Therefore, why call them separate nations? Why should they have borders? Why should they have immigration quotas? There are no immigrants. There are only ‘world citizens.’ Given that fact, they all must be governed as One, from an elevated management platform…”

Globalism, par excellence.

This is why Sweden is a test case.

The Globalist inquiry is: “How deeply programmed with ‘humanitarian goals’ are these Swedish people? How much will they endure silently? To what degree will they refuse to see what is in front of their faces?”

Obviously, we are talking about mind control on a widespread basis.

To come back to the economic picture, we will see major jolts. Household incomes will fall. Taxes will increase. Consumer spending will drop. Therefore, Swedish companies will undergo very hard times.

As I’ve written before, this is where the rubber meets the road in the Globalist plan. If companies and corporations that are supposed to win in the “new civilization” can’t find a sufficient consumer base, disaster will loom.

In this light, there is the strong possibility that Sweden will also become a test case for an even more profound Welfare State. Whether through the invention of a new currency, or by allocation of credit, all persons in Sweden would receive enough buying power to “participate in the economy.”

Elite Globalists: “All right, now we have transformed the population and culture of Sweden. We’re clamping down on citizen revolts. But the consumer base is shrinking. Poverty is spreading. It’s time to make every person a viable consumer. Time to invent money and spread it around.”

Of course, this happened in many countries long ago. But not to this degree, and not by universal dictate.

Such a plan in Sweden would be fraught with the usual crises and disasters. For example: people demanding more buying power; people sending huge amounts of money out of the country; people using money to set up local crime organizations; government debt explodes; there is nothing left of the culture except low-level consumerism; riots against the wealthy increase…

The challenge for Globalists would be to somehow hold it all together and propagandize it as a new social-justice utopia. Free speech, of course, would be banned.

If you want a picture of the new economy, watch the 1982 film, Blade Runner. Forget the plot. Just look at the streets and alleys of the city, the people trudging along in a perpetual drizzle, the zig-zag bazaars and street-booths, the huddled customers, the gray defeated faces, the hints of a broad underground economy.

the matrix revealed

For those who live in Sweden now, and I particularly mean those who are free and independent individuals, it is time for them to assess their future from a position of independence—not as a willing slave of the emerging system.

As countries devolve into lower and lower forms of socialism and forced totalitarianism, it will become clearer to those who can see, going forward, that The Individual is the key.

He is the vanguard. He is the living repository of whatever is good about civilized tradition. He is the lamp in the darkness.

Most importantly, he is the one with imagination and creative force, who, no matter what, can invent new realities that take hold outside the planned mediocrity and destruction.

And in retrospect, he will be recognized as the reason civilization existed in the first place, beyond all other reasons: liberation.

Because after the other liberations are finished, he is the core. He sees life, he has life, he transmits life.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

40 comments on “Sweden: test case for the new utopia

  1. Dimitri says:

    Free speech is being banned in Sweden because it runs counter to the new, simplified morality: Do what is expected of you. Free speech means you can say unexpected things. You’ve written a lot about mind control, Jon, and now I see how it works. First you gain the trust of a large group of people (by giving out welfare or making them feel insecure without you). Then you slowly ramp up this trust to include trusting your judgment over their own. Trusting your version of reality over their own. Trusting the view through the TV camera over their own eyes. Once you have them in that state, all the moral virtues can be replaced with one: Do what is expected of you. Don’t disappoint us. Don’t upset other people. Be careful what you say. The Milgram Experiment showed us how easily you can supplant people’s sense of right and wrong with this new version of morality. Keep increasing the voltage and ignore the screams of the guy in the next room. http://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html. Sadly, in Sweden, the experiment is being taken one step further. Instead of fake electrodes being placed on a guy in the next room, now they are real, and are placed directly on the subject of the experiment. How long will it be before the subject stops participating?

  2. BDBinc says:

    Its only in a model of bankster model of civilization based on socioeconomic priority that a “consumer base” is seen to be of high importance.
    Since the economic system of a nation is a fiction, the same bankster corporations control every nation, if independent every nation could have enough (if it created its own money to allow ALL people food, shelter and dignity).
    The clear solution and focus for the refugees running from bankster war is to stop the banksters wars.
    Nobody can say if the chaos (of rape and violent crimes sprees) is being done by paid Syrian mercenaries.
    Its a divide and conquer.

    • think4yourself! says:

      Very well said! I don’t know if you’re familiar with this documentary but if you aren’t you may want to watch it. It answered a lot of questions I was pretty sure about in the first place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQPF36n5Lrw There are some other terrific videos out there as well including one by Larken Rose called “it can’t happen here”.

  3. Michael Burns says:

    “…at ground level, as the migrant wave sweeps in.” -Jon Rappoport

    Do you have any sources for that?
    From my understanding Sweden stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world in welcoming ‘Refugees’, I say that again ‘Refugees’ and we must keep up truth here.
    Migrant is so vague in definition….
    should be attached to worker, as in ‘migrant-worker.

    REFUGEE; A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

    Synonyms: émigré, fugitive, exile, displaced person, asylum seeker, boat people

    ….this for me warrants a definition closer to the fact of; a refugee seeks freedom.

    “There is also restrictions on what Swedes can say about the invasion.” -Jon Rappoport

    Invasion….wow…I think you need to talk to some ‘Swedes’ Jon. You make it sound like its war. It isn’t war, Swedes are very liberal people with welcoming arms. More so than any other country in the world.
    They have the lowest crimes rates in the world, as matter of fact they are closing prisons; with very open drug policies, and tolerances. Solutions are sought to problems in Sweden rather the West’s adherence to exploitation of someones misery.

    “I see no coherent assessment of what effect migration will actually have on the economy especially in a country famous for giving everything away.” -Jon Rappoport

    You are starting to confuse me; on the one hand you speak of greater freedom, but yet condemn societies that are freer that the land that you live in….do refugees gain that same freedom.
    In giving your population equally, a right to a quality of life, free higher education, free health care, subsidy for child care. Is this not free.
    “No they are giving everything away.”

    “I’m reading reports of violence and rape in Sweden – crimes committed by new immigrants.” – JR

    Again no sources, and there is again a difference between IMMIGRANTS and fleeing REFUGEES, caused by your own government’s careless and inhuman concern for sovereignty. And expansionist ideologies;Globalism is America Jon.

    Why not speak about the source of the atrocities rather than the result. The fleeing weakened. The children and the old people.
    Sweden is performing humanitarian services to the problem. Granted is becoming a bit much wherein others are not helping.
    But with a liberal landslide here in Canada, I am sure, much to the chagrin of others that our new, young, open-minded Prime Minister will be of help and show the true heart and soul of what it means to be a Canadian and humanitarian.

    The first mosques were built in 1949 in Sweden.

    ‘Hurricanes tearing roofs of houses’….a bit of doom and gah-loomee wouldn’t ya say.

    I thought your intent wasnt fear, your scaring the bejesus out of me Jon….what da hell.

    Usually I agree with you Jon but on this issue you knee jerking. You are seeing a bogey man were there is not one.
    I feel you are fanning flames of discontent; and revolution and bigotry; why are these poor people ( REFUGEES) seen as a zombie nation of muslims intent on ripping apart western civilization.

    Would you stand for it if San Diego was being bombed into rumble? Or would you look to the invitation of a nation that wants peace and quality of life for all its citizens. Or would you flee to Canada.

    What is freedom Jon, if we all cannot have it…. Or is only the entitlement of us armchair philosophers. Who can speak about freedom and imagination and creativity as if it is only ours to have and enjoy.

    “Freedom really is nothing left to lose.”

    I see hypocrisy all through this post; ‘Blade Runner’ , good choice as an image of the new Sweden, isn’t this propaganda, isn’t this fear. You speak about a near future that diametrically opposed to the reality; if I may use that word.

    Some interesting facts for you Jon:

    People in Sweden are that rugged Nordic type, unconquerable, hearty, healthy, tall and naturally blond.
    They are by nature a fit race. Living in cold climate has made them stronger and more adaptable. Even though the winter comes, they play outside.

    With morals that are chosen rather than enforced. They are a strong and easy-going people, with a peaceful nature.
    Creative and fiercely independent, a land of individuals.
    They have a pagan background, and their Gods are powerful and individual and Just, which inspires a population rather than defeats it, like a nailed to a tree weakling.

    There are less sheeple there than any place else….they are Lutherans by inheritance; with a faith in god, minus the evangelistic perturances of that, that plagues the Western mind.
    Remember Luther defied the catholic church.

    They are peaceful people, but do not mistake this as weakness. There is a strength in that peace.
    They have chosen politically to stay out of the affairs of other nations; Sweden maintains neutrality in foreign affairs which is precisely what is happening at the present moment as far as the Syrian refugees.
    In fact they did not take part in both World Wars, choosing again neutrality.

    They joined the Euro in 1995, but decline to join Nato, even though they would have been an asset for the west against Russia. And would have prospered from it.
    They did not wish to place themselves in that condition and understood the underlying facts of membership, and the war against a neighbour.

    The Gini coefficient which gauges distribution of wealth and registers as the most commonly used measure of inequality, placed Sweden the third lowest in the world, which is phenomenal….correction admirable for such a small country. It ranked higher than Canada the United States and Great Britain.

    Sweden maintains its own currency rejecting the Euro in a referendum. It denied an invitation to the Eurozone and maintains its sovereignty. It has equal representation in government, under Unicamerialism.

    When the Banksters tried to tear the country apart, they threw out three successive government, until they got exactly what they wanted.
    Bankers were jailed or fled the country, like rats off a sinking ship. The country was pulled back from disaster.
    In Sweden the politician fears the people….and rightly so.

    They have a low population density, of 21 to a square kilometer.
    They have freedom Jon.

    Universal Health Care and tertiary education is free to all citizens. Yes taxes are higher, but the taxes don’t go one way, to say; lobbyists or crooked politicians or corporate welfare, or corruption.
    Or for that fact, losing three trillion down some pentagon hole in the ground. Three days before 911.

    The U N rates Sweden seventh highest per capita income ahead of; Canada, United States and Great Britain and just slightly behind Australia as of 2013.

    Sweden leads the world in privatized pensions, seniors have a high quality of life there; they are a very free and liberal-minded society, which many brand as socialism.
    Of course In a America, a homeless person is a socialist.

    Pilots are on a six-hour workday with no loss of pay as of 2014….they are paid for eight hours work.
    So flying Air Sweden, one is less likely to meet an over worked and tired pilot.

    As I have said before prisons are closing in Sweden, the open laws as far as drugs, and drug use are to be admired. They have a very low crime rate, regardless of your sources.
    They have the one most advanced systems when dealing with drug addiction; western medicine does not dominate the landscape, one can actually choose there, and they open to other methods, especially natural medicine.

    The life expectancy for a human is 81.70 years; in America it is 78.74 years which I find hard to believe, considering how barbarous the medical system is there; Canada is 80.50 years.

    The Standard of living is extremely high for a smaller country; in some cases they are ranked in the top five nations. The U N ranked them number One in the world as far as income per capita, and quality of life, This is well ahead of the United States in 20th, and Canada in 14th positions.
    So even though they are taxed high for benefits well received, they have more money in there pockets at the end of the day. And wealth is distributed more justly throughout the society.

    The picture you paint is false Jon. The propaganda is yours, what you write ‘is’ fear mongering projecting to a dismal future…. and conjecture, and without sources.

    They (Sweden) would welcome a couple hundred thousand refugees. They have welcome websites, inviting them.

    Population of Sweden:

    9,816,666 Wikipedia as of August 2015
    9,579,159 -countrymeters.info
    9,816,666- Statistics Sweden
    9,801,616 CIA
    9,723,809 -Data World Bank
    9,631,000 UN

    • Peter Grafström says:

      I dont know how you managed to get this opinion about Sweden. There was recently a breakout of violence and murders of immigrants, an act of terror. And preceeded by an immigrant murdering swedes, an act not labeled terrorism. The critical views are massively suppressed by an Orwellian media world. Those hypocrites who write positively about it dont live in troubled areas but often where no immigrants are to be found. And your product placement about Nato being something we would prosper from.. that was a good one. It would only cost us and moreover Nato would love to see Sweden becoming an attractor of nukes otherwise aimed elsewhere in the event of the Us provoking war.
      You must be a psyop.

      • Michael Burns says:

        Did you actually read what I wrote?
        “And your product placement about Nato being something we would prosper from…”

        Were did I posit that that was a positive for Swedes…as far as Sweden prospering for joining NATO the Americans would have made sure you did, because of that strategic importance and as you say nukes.
        Of course it would have cost…I agree.
        The wisdom is the refusal against such an oppressive force.
        Everyone speaks of freedom.
        But only for themselves.


      • intedu says:

        Jag är helt ense om det Peter Grafström. Michael Burns is […] lying […]!!

        • Michael Burns says:


          Therefor you would say I am lying because….I know the ‘truth’.
          That would be the only reason why I would lie.

          I am reporting what is being purported, by news sources, Wikipedia, CIA, Swedish government, UN amongst a few.
          If the truth is not being told, then ‘you’ must stand up and speak publicly.
          Don’t just call me a liar, prove that I am lying.

          • Peter Grafström says:

            Michael Burns
            With such sources you are well at ease under your Orwellian big brother but this strengthens my suspicion about you being a cognitive infiltrator.

            • Michael Burns says:

              I am freer than you? I love no big brother….I have been a resistor and a revolutionary for a thousand years.
              I am simply a messenger, in this case.

              So now I am cognitively dissonant, cognitive infiltrated with ODD.
              An the  Piece-de-resistance suspocious.
              But you still you haven’t told me what are lies in my posts.
              Please stop with ad hominid, and tell me some truth.

            • Peter Grafström says:

              Michael Burns
              Apparently you have a blind spot about ad hominem.
              What regards cognitive infiltration, there is nothing in the term defining the consequences. It can even have a positive effect. I think you have functioned like a catalyst by making ignorant characterizations about Sweden.

        • Michael Burns says:

          @ intedu

          Därför du skulle säga jag ligger därför … .Jag vet “sanningen”.
          Det skulle vara den enda anledningen till att jag skulle ljuga.

          Jag rapportera vad som påstods, av nyhetskällor, Wikipedia, CIA, svenska regeringen, FN bland ett fåtal.
          Om sanningen inte är sagt, sedan “du måste stå upp och tala offentligt.
          Inte bara kalla mig en lögnare, bevisar att jag ljuger.

    • Fred says:

      If a displaced people travels through up to 10 safe countries before they get to the far north of Europe, Sweden, then they are no longer a refugee.They are a migrant.The migrants are going where there is the best paying welfare systems, Germany and Sweden, avoiding safe countries like Greece, Italy, Spain who pay lower welfare.

      • Michael Burns says:

        Greece, Italy, and Spain are bankrupt….either politically, financially, definitely they are all morally bankrupt.
        For instance Greece has put a 25% tax on a dinner out, or going to a movies.
        Seniors have massive cuts to pensions….the list goes on and on.
        Why would you go to a country that has less wealth and power than Syria.
        I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Acropolis is being sold to private collection.
        The world has become absurb…

        • jsolbakken says:

          Yes, the migrants pass through the bankrupt countries to get to where the goodies are, and where the idiots are who will pay them to be there. It is an impossibility that so many people, whether they are called refugees or migrants or ishkabiblists, can do any good to any country.

    • intedu says:

      […] Sweden is dying!!! […]

    • Tiffany says:

      You demand sources, yet provide none for your claims. […]

      • Michael Burns says:

        It is interesting Matt.
        The stereotypes that the whole world seems to be broken down too.

      • Michael Burns says:

        @ TIFFANY

        My apology:
        9,816,666 Wikipedia as of August 2015
        9,579,159 -countrymeters.info
        9,816,666- Statistics Sweden
        9,801,616 CIA
        9,723,809 -Data World Bank
        9,631,000 UN

        …..all of these sources were used.
        As you can see they had differing population totals, as well lists of facts pertaining to Sweden and it’s population.
        Inspired me wonder what really truth is….I question now if it really exists.
        Or is it simply matter of the subjective.

    • CPP says:

      This comment reads something like a promotional piece for the Nordic model from 15 years ago. I’m amazed to see it posted here.

      The mainstream of Sweden seems to be at the forefront of far-left insanity. The funny thing is that the good things you say about the historical, native Swedes here could easily be deemed racist and offensive to immigrants under the current political climate in Sweden.

      A fiercely independent land of individuals doesn’t describe one of the most overbearing nanny states in the world, where social services are incentivized to kidnap children and well paid to keep them, where home schooling is illegal, and where individuals can be jailed because their art offended somebody (as happened to Dan Park). The idea that “there are less sheeple there than any place else” is laughable.

      As for Sweden’s pagan gods and Lutheran faith in God (Which is it? Thor and Odin or “a nailed to a tree weakling”) – the present-day religion is atheism/materialism. There is increasing rejection of their own religious inheritance alongside a blind embrace of Islam, which is diametrically opposed to their own atheism and feminism, but that doesn’t matter because doublethink stands guard.

      You say “They have the lowest crimes (sic) rates in the world” and base the claim on nothing. And again state, “They have a very low crime rate, regardless of your sources.” Hilarious statement. Basically you’re saying, what are your sources, Jon? Oh, wait, it doesn’t matter because whatever they are, you’re wrong, so never mind.

      Sure, the native Swedes are not known to be a crime prone bunch (unless you count the recent spate of arson against refugee installments), but they’ve allowed themselves to be victim largely to the crimes of third-world immigrants. Of course they can’t do anything about it because that would be racist/Islamophobic/intolerant.

      Here’s some info for you in “Sweden: Rape Capital of the West”:


      “Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%.”

      “In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.”

      “In 2011, 6,509 rapes were reported to the Swedish police — but only 392 in Denmark. The population of Denmark is about half the size of Sweden’s, so even adjusted for size, the discrepancy is significant.”

      “A new trend reached Sweden with full force over the past few decades: gang rape — virtually unknown before in Swedish criminal history. The number of gang rapes increased spectacularly between 1995 and 2006. Since then no studies of them have been undertaken.”

      “Research reports on crime in Sweden have become a rarity” (and you claim to know that they have the world’s lowest crime rate?)

      “The latest statistical survey of immigrant criminality compared to that of Swedes was done in 2005. The results are practically never mentioned. Not only that; anyone who dares refer to them, for example on social media, is viciously attacked.”

      The article also details the prosecution of Michael Hess, a politician with Sweden Democrat Party, for “denigration of ethnic groups” because he wrote of a connection between Islamic culture and rape/brutality towards women. What sort of freedom is this?

      Maybe you ought to head on over to Sweden-based Red Ice Radio’s “What You Didn’t Know About Sweden” page (http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/sweden.php) which contains a series of many interviews expressly challenging the Utopian view of Sweden and the Nordic model.

      Here’s a recent article about what’s going on over there. Even a leftist politician is saying the migrant/refugee situation is out of hand now.


      P.S. You claim that “Globalism is America”…but that’s a trick. The American state is only globalism’s biggest bludgeon. Oh, and I’m Canadian too, and I’m also glad to see Harper and the cons finally out, but do you really think the Liberals are so humanitarian, or the NDP for that matter? Green Party leader Elizabeth May was the only member of parliament to vote against backing the invasion of Libya at the time.

  4. From Québec says:

    Listen to the excellent 4 minutes report from Jon Bowne on the migration problem.

    The report is at the very beginning of the video:

    Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free – Wednesday (11-4-15) Steven W. Mosher & Adam Lowey

  5. Johan says:

    At least we will have someone to blame the economic collapse on, starting in the end of november and the next 5-6 years when most people will not have a pot to piss in. Thank god there are a LOT of animals in the forrests.
    Ag going to 13.50 -13.90 then up to 200-250 during 2016.

  6. From Québec says:

    I give up with you Michael. I don’t know where or who endoctrinated you, but your socialist views are so infantile and naive. And who are you to think that you know more on the subject than Jon? Have you been a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years?

    You believe in false conspiracy theories and you reject real conspiracy theories. Recently, you seem to be against everyone who brings well documented subjects. What’s wrong with you these day?
    What is frrustating you?

    You should start reading infowars articles and looking at their videos of the SO_CALLED immigrant refugees. You would learn something.

    I wish Stephen Harper was still our Prime Minister, at least he was smart enough to see through the fraud of the so-called immigrant refugees, who are composed of 80% of young men, comming from who knows where? They rape women, chant ther islamist song, saying they will all conquer us or kill us.

    This is all orchestrated Michael. Wake-up!

    • Michael Burns says:

      @ from Quebec
      “I give up with you Michael.” FQ

      …..promise! No more emails ok.

    • Michael Burns says:

      @ from Quebec

      This is the last word I will have on this with you.
      I will state my case and then be done with it.

      This is just more anti-Muslim rhetoric from you.
      Admit it, you a bigot and an neocon, who believes Harper is good for Canada….and then out of the other side of you mouth your against the NWO and the TPP.

      I need to wake up….that’s hilarious.
      You label me as a socialist….because I care about freedom for all of people.
      I care about a quality of life for all humans on Planet Wal-Mart.
      I don’t even vote.

      Make you mind up….which side ‘you’ are on.

      HARPER is a despot, you believe anything and everything they tell you about him.
      He sold Canada down the river; Freedom of speech, CSIS, The Wheat Board. GMO’s, signing the TPP, the changing of laws of protected Canadian waterways, so the water can be sold on the stock market as a commodity.
      Bringing container loads of cheap labor into Canada, to under mine Canadian workers and union jobs, and create a false climate of his job creation within the country.
      The truth will soon be told about him and his party’s corruption.

      I am for free speech. For all people. And for the challenging for what is said by those who are free.
      I am for equality. For all people.
      I am for the world belongs to all of people.
      Not the self entitled.
      I am for revolution of the soul, the mind, the heart.
      I am for nobody has the corner on the market called freedom.
      Especially you Quebec.
      I am for quality of life for all human.

      Who the hell do you think you are.
      You’re boring, and a elitist….it’s time for youth, Trudeau youth, an not more of the same boring old neocon old men. Selling the future cheap.

      “And who are you to think that you know more on the subject than Jon? Have you been a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years?”…..” – From Quebec

      I should respect what?
      How do you know who I am. You know nothing about me. Nothing.
      Jon is not a God here.
      I am not allowed to challenge his ideas. …tow the line, and don’t make waves….go to hell.
      I will challenge God and see it as my right.

      If Jon wishes me to leave, he need only ask, and I will oblige, peacefully and politely.

      You believe that this is what this website is, disciples like you to genuflect when he writes an article. Makes philosophical conclusions about the world; without challenge from others…we all must be challenged.
      All of us.
      I challenged his rhetoric. I have that right as a free man. An intelligent man. As someone who reaches for higher truth.
      He can’t be wrong?
      You can’t be wrong?
      Go to hell Quebec.

      • jsolbakken says:

        What is wrong with being anti-Muslim, and anti-Islam? When I look at Islam and its adherents, I see something I want to keep as far away from as possible. I see nothing attractive to me as an occupant of Western Civilization in Islam. Nothing what so ever. Islam is a total negative in my view, and I have the innate human right to express my political preference for excluding adherents of Islam from my political environs. What is wrong with that? How can you contradict me here without denying me my own political and human rights?

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    Great article.

  8. matt crawford says:

    However great the NWO attempt to intimidate the Swedish population and institute a new culture and economy to support the ‘invaders’ who neither have the experience, education, quite possibly the inclination, and maybe even the intelligence to ‘assimilate’ … Jon miss’s the essential point. Of course, it is a ‘test’ to determine the viability of cultural surrender, but far more importantly, it is an actual assault upon a particular genome that has demonstrated an adaptability and capability far superior to the ‘mean’ average of what is termed ‘humankind’ by liberals. IN OTHER WORDS IT IS GENOCIDE!

    You remember the Swedish beauty who alluringly announced “Take it off, take it all off” in that famous Noxzema shaving commercial from the ’60s that was the wet dream of every pubescent boy? The goal is to KILL THOSE PEOPLE. And for no other reason than that they are beautiful and intelligent.

  9. middleway says:

    It’s not only a Swedish problem,… It’s global.

  10. WakeUp says:

    Though your intent is usually to promote freedom and individuality, in this essay you’ve veered into a putrid swamp of the usual right-wing, “anti anyone not European” BS. The anchors on Fox News would welcome this copy and deliver it without having to change a thing.

    Here’s a tip – as soon as you hold a set of views that fit seamlessly with the spew of established political groups (be they left, right or center) there’s a good chance that your free thinking has been compromised. I hope you – like John Q – wake up and realize it before the new limited pathways take hold.

    • jsolbakken says:

      I prefer to judge views on their own merits and demerits, and not engage in the non-thinking process of making up mind based on how established politics spews things one way or another. Besides, anti-immigrant views are severely repressed in politics these days, so, what the heck are you spewing about?

  11. Wake Up says:

    Genuine free thinking and clear analysis called. They want you back.

  12. Vladimir Turnsek says:

    [Michael Burns] … you probably have your own agenda, but I live in Sweden and know for a fact that Jon is right. And it´s becoming worse as we speak, you should check out the reality before speaking of things you know nothing about.

    Check out the problems regarding immigration here in Sweden: the crime rate, non existent social integration, hate crime and violence between different ethnic communities, 55 different no-go zones in all major Swedish citys that have been taken over by muslim crime gangs, shootings every day in Gothenburg, Malmoe and Stockholm !

    Swedish government controlled media that always justifies everything that is immigrant related and corrupt politicians as well as courts of justice. Also the welfare, housing and medical care here has been going down the drain for years because of the costs regarding the immigration!

    The illiterate immigrants coming to Sweden in there hundreds of thousands have no chance of getting work here because of the unemployment rate and will be a great burdon for years to come. Sweden is loaning billions from the world banks right now to finance the immigration!

    The latest news is that the government has just declared there is no more place for immigrants here, although the opposition has talked about this for years!

  13. From Québec says:

    Refugees Welcome? Migrants Gang Rape Women in Sweden & UK

  14. matthewcrawford92@yahoo.com says:

    It is wonderful to see Middleways exposition of the Barbara Spectre monologue, and chilling to hear her presentation of the dismemberment of Europe as humanitarian, much less necessary. Of course, it is neither humanitarian or necessary. It is not humanitarian because it is a simple matter to detain the Arab invasion in the Med’ with adequate supplies and comfort until they can return home and rejuvenate their countries. And it is not necessary because there is no compelling reason to introduce an alien culture and another genome-type into the European space. The reason is therefore ideological occasioned by racial hatred. To paraphrase an old quote by Elie Wesel, the infamous ‘Nazi Hunter’, Zionists HATE Germans, not merely because of the WW2 slaughter, but because of a racial difference between them and the Ashkenazi’s and Sephardics. It is typical of a Jewish propagandist like Spectre to present her opinion as charitable and essential, when it is merely a mask for genocide. And the truly troubling thing – like the bad Nazi’s her ilk hate, she sincerely believes she is doing the right thing. This nonsense will begin to stop when we re-investigate the false anthropological basis for human equality by recognizing that the ‘Homo Sapien’ construct is an ideological – not a scientific – opinion, and that we bi-pedal hominids are all in competition for the earth’s resources. Than maybe we can throw off the ridiculous ‘Christian charity’ that hobbles us and that the Jews manipulate and learn to protect our geographical space and very particular genetic character.

  15. Peter Grafström says:

    The hegemonic oligarchy deliberately designs racial mixing in europe in order to wipe out those traits naturally connected with national identity. Just like Jon writes. This is an old program both via the Fabian society as expressed by George Bernard Shaw: ‘The future belongs to the mongrel not the young Junker’. And Shaw was simultaneously a eugenicist. Ie elitism for some and mixing for the rest.

    In addition the various branches of the british elites all were in collusion despite appearances and a world dominated and populated by the british elite race was the goal and culling of the herd of ‘lower’ breed was and is an important part of the plot. So first mix’em then kill’em.

    Simultaneously with Shaw was Coudenhove Kalergi who pleaded for a european-african racial mix. Apparently both the aristocratic families and the jews were seen as exceptional and consequently not part of the mixing program. More recently, Peter Sutherland is an outspoken proponent about this racial mixing program for Europe.
    The fact that Barbara Lerner Spectre acknowledges that this mixing is a jewish-led program seems like a deliberate provocation intended to draw hatred against jews. Since she is not likely to act on her own I think this is part of an Israeli strategy to attract jewish immigrants.

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