The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

by Jon Rappoport

January 27, 2016

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Note: This article was written before the Oregon shootout in which one man was killed and another wounded.

Is uranium at the heart of the Oregon Malheur federal-protestor standoff? That’s the question I’m asking. It isn’t a flippant question.

I realize there are many other issues swirling around this event. The Hammonds, the Bundys, militias, the feds, cattle grazing on federal lands, federal land grabs, and so on. This article isn’t meant to take apart those matters.

It’s meant to follow up on my previous article, in which I present a circumstantial case for the Clintons’ heavy involvement in a scheme that’s transferred 20% of US uranium production to Putin and Russia. And the key company in that piece is Uranium One. Remember the name. It’s apparently a major clue in what I’m about to discuss.

I also want to say, at the outset, that I don’t know how many independent news outlets and websites are covering the uranium question, or which outlet initiated this line of investigation. I’m relying on one provocative January 23 article at intellihub, by Shepard Ambellas:

“Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians, along with one-fifth of our uranium ore.”

Down in the body of that article, the author provides a link to a page at the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is a federal agency under the Department of the Interior.

On that BLM page (“National BLM > OR/WA > Energy > Uranium Energy”), in a section titled, “Uranium on BLM-Administered Lands in OR/WA,” [(image of webpage forthcoming)] is the following statement:

“In September 2011, a representative from Oregon Energy, L.L.C. (formally Uranium One), met with local citizens, and county and state officials, to discuss the possibility of opening a uranium oxide (‘yellowcake’) mine in southern Malheur County in southeastern Oregon. Oregon Energy is interested in developing a 17-Claim parcel of land known as the Aurora Project through an open pit mining method. Besides the mine, there would be a mill for processing. The claim area occupies about 450 acres and is also referred to as the ‘New U’ uranium claims.

“On May 7, 2012, Oregon Energy LLC made a presentation to the BLM outlining its plans for development for the mine.

“The Vale District has agreed to work with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on mitigation for the ‘New U’ uranium claims, which are located in core sage grouse habitat. Although the lands encompassing the claims have been designated core, the area is frequented by rockhounds and hunters, and has a crisscrossing of off-highway vehicle (OHV) roads and other significant land disturbance from the defunct Bretz Mercury Mine, abandoned in the 1960s.

“However, by the fall of 2012 the company said that it was putting its plans for the mine on hold until the uncertainty surrounding sage grouse issues was resolved.”

The first sentence in that BLM section ties together several key elements of the story: Uranium One; a uranium mine; southern Malheur County. Southern Malheur is the general area of the federal-protestor standoff. Let me give you that first sentence again:

“In September 2011, a representative from Oregon Energy, L.L.C. (formally Uranium One), met with local citizens, and county and state officials, to discuss the possibility of opening a uranium oxide (‘yellowcake’) mine in southern Malheur County in southeastern Oregon.”

What does this have to do with Hillary and Bill Clinton? I’ll reprint my previous article so you can read the details, but the short version is: there’s a case to be made that they, through Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, facilitated the sale of Uranium One to Putin and the Russians. And if so, and if this area of Oregon is projected to be part of that uranium mining deal, then we are looking at a stunning “coincidence”: the US federal government is coming down hard on a group of protestors who are occupying, for their own reasons, a very valuable piece of territory that goes far beyond the issue of private cattle grazing on government land.

It comes under the heading of those old familiar lines: you have no idea what you’re involved in; you have no idea who you’re messing with; this is way over your head; you just stepped into the middle of something that’s bigger than you can imagine.

Here is my previous article in full, “The Clintons: how Putin grabbed a fifth of all US uranium.” I’ll have a few important comments to make after the article:

—She’s the next US President, if an old socialist, a cowboy real estate hustler, and a bunch of emails can’t stop her.

He already was the President.

They’re married. Cue the dawn sunrise and violins for the beautiful first couple of American politics. Wow. In a land where they’re the first couple, does anybody have tickets to sell for the next flight to Mars?

Before I board my flight, what about the uranium scandal?

The what?

Before I quote a NY Times piece on this, consider—suppose, just suppose the beautiful first couple has been running a kind of parallel operation to the government, in the form of a foundation that is taking in major chunks of cash from people who want political favors. Just suppose. And a few donors who are ponying up those $$ want to sell a company to the Russians. But because this company sells a very, very sensitive product, and that product happens to come out of the ground in the US, agencies of the US government have to approve the sale. And one of those agencies that does approve the sale happens to be headed up by half of that beautiful couple. And this sensitive American product, well, the last person you’d want to control it is the head of a place called Russia—he can sit in Moscow and have complete dominion over this product that exists on US soil…and nobody thinks this is a problem, as half of the beautiful couple runs for President of the United States. It’s a yawn. It was a big story for a day or two, and then it sank below memory and everybody moved on. Forget about it. Who cares?

Memory is short. On April 23, 2015, the NY Times ran a story under the headline: “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”.

The bare bones of the story: a Canadian company called Uranium One controls a great deal of uranium production in the US. It was sold to Russia (meaning Putin and his minions). So Putin now controls 20% of US uranium production.

From the Times:

“…the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.”

From the Times:

“The [Pravda] article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company [Uranium One] with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

“But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.

“At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

Frank Giustra…a mining financier, has donated $31.3 million to the foundation run by former President Bill Clinton…”

“Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal [to sell Uranium One to Putin] had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

“And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

“At the time, both Rosatom and the United States government made promises intended to ease concerns about ceding control of the company’s assets to the Russians. Those promises have been repeatedly broken, records show.

“Whether the donations [to the Clinton Foundation] played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is unknown. But the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation’s donors.

“In a statement, Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, said no one ‘has ever produced a shred of evidence supporting the theory that Hillary Clinton ever took action as secretary of state to support the interests of donors to the Clinton Foundation.’ He emphasized that multiple United States agencies, as well as the Canadian government, had signed off on the [uranium] deal and that, in general, such matters were handled at a level below the secretary. ‘To suggest the State Department, under then-Secretary Clinton, exerted undue influence in the U.S. government’s review of the sale of Uranium One is utterly baseless,’ he added.”

—The US State Dept. had to sign off on the deal giving Putin control over US uranium. Hillary headed up the State Dept. Much money from Canadian mining executives, who obviously wanted the deal to go through, found its way into the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation concealed these donations.

That’s called a circumstantial case. Every such case is different, and has to be judged by assessing probabilities. But for example, if an examination of two involved prominent figures revealed they were serial liars, it would strengthen a verdict of guilty.

If you’re Putin and you’re sitting in Moscow, and the uranium deal has just dropped this bonanza into your lap, what’s your reaction—after you stop laughing and popping champagne corks? Or maybe you never really stop laughing. Maybe this is a joke that keeps on giving. You wake up in the middle of the night with a big grin plastered on your face, and you can’t figure out why…and then you remember, oh yeah, the uranium deal. The US uranium. Who’s running the show in America? Ha-ha-ha. Some egregious dolt? Maybe he’s a sleeper agent we forgot about and he reactivated himself. And this foundation—how can the beautiful couple get away with that? And she’s going to be the next President? Can we give her a medal? Can we put up a statue of her in a park? Does Bill need any more hookers?

You shake your head and go back to sleep. You see a parade of little boats carrying uranium from the US to Russia. A pretty line of putt-putt boats. You chuckle. Row, row, row your boat…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream.

Good times.

—end of article—

power outside the matrix

So we have the Clintons, and Uranium One sold to Putin, and that sale gives him control of 20% of US uranium production. Now we have an area in Southern Oregon which has uranium, and in this area, the feds are coming down on the protestors and the occupiers.

What are the feds really trying to protect? Are they just trying to stop cattle grazing and routine burns on that land, or is there something more far precious at stake?

The feds aren’t known for making delicate distinctions. People are raising a bit of hell in the general (or specific) area where uranium mining could commence. Get them out of there! Move them off! No more cattle grazing here! This is a matter of national security!

Or it was. Now it’s a matter of Russian national security.

Make deal, protect the dealers. It’s business.

Consider the potential scandal and the massive irony: US citizens are asserting their sovereign right to use federal land, land that should never have been co-opted by the federal government in the first place—and now it turns out to be Russian land.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

66 comments on “The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

  1. n3angus says:

    Its has become obvious that Uranium One is running the show in the west called the takeover of resources and is very interested in the
    activities in southeastern Oregon by the posts on its facebook page , , and with the Fox News story here , , that talks about the 13 million acres that
    they intend to take away from the Western States for various economic
    activities like SEZ ,

    We have started a Petition to use the same
    process of allowing for state citizens to receive just dividend royalties as
    Alaska Citizens are doing . I just started a petition calling for
    Royalties to be paid to state citizens off any economic activity on States
    lands like Alaskans get , on the White House Petitions site, We the People.
    Will you sign it?

    Any Economic activity on State lands should return a Dividend to the
    citizens of that state .

    • chiefcabioch says:

      this is a UN Operation, under what is known as UN Agenda 21, and UN Agenda 2030, both are designed to transfer Lands from US, to UN and ALL Natural Resources and Energy and the Uses thereof…..welcome to the lefts New America, the Sovereignty of America will cease to exist if another clinton is installed as president, a puppet for the Left, the Illuminati and the New World Order, they know America cant be Taken till we are Disarmed and No longer a Sovereign Nation, …

  2. sunaj57 says:

    The people who signed off on giving US territory or uranium to foreign countries should be tried for treason and jailed and these assets be returned to their rightful owners-the people of the United States

    • Elaine Ossipov says:

      absolutely, especially to what is perceived to be our enemy ( which russia is not our enemy, russia is fighting the elites not “We The People” )

      • Friendly Fire says:

        If you really believe that Putin is fighting the elites, you are either a Putin transplant or you have believed the press about Putin put out to make him appear to be an ally of the people against those elites that want to control everybody. Putin is Russia and Putin has your/our freedom in his cross hairs.

      • Grey says:

        Yeah sure man, keep believing that. It really surprises me when people say Russia is fighting the New World Order. It’s like they forgot every single fact they learned studying the Conspiratorial View of History. Do you really think the figure heads they throw up on the television really rule this world? Russia was (and is) under the control of the banking cartels just like every other civilized nation in existence. The Hegelian dialectic is in full effect. They make heroes and villains who always fight it out in the end to create their “synthesis”, i.e., a new order for the world. But no, it’s all just a big coincidence and I’m a tinfoil hat-wearing fool.

        • Elaine Ossipov says:

          Interesting that’s all you got from my comment. People still think Russia is the USSR, sorry.. they are not. Their systems are reformed, they have a better primary and secondary education than we do. They hold elections as we do. Yet “they are the enemy” how out dated and uninformed. You seriously need to educate yourself on current global affairs.

        • No, They have their own banking cartels, but the attempted takeover in the 90’s pretty much failed miserably.

      • Iva says:

        Putin is “elite” himself. I think he is the richest person in Europe. West wants to destroy him so they can take his wealth just as Western banksters crated Russian Revolution and took all Russian Czar who had an incredible amount of money in western banks. It was never return to Russian people.

    • Pauline says:

      This should never happen in the United States. United States territory should not be sold to other governments. Those that do so should be jailed for treason.

  3. Oliver Manuel says:

    Thank you for this information. World-wide “consensus opinions” on unsettled scientific matters, like

    1. Standard Climate Models
    2. The Standard Solar Model
    3. Standard Nuclear Model
    4. Big Bang Cosmology

    independently tell us there is a lot of “behind the scenes” deals going on and formerly independent National Academies of Sciences agreeing to promote the same propaganda, independently of experimental observations.

  4. odie says:

    and humanity slept on.

  5. n3angus says:

    woman in car recounts the Murder of Lavoy Finicum ,

  6. From Québec says:

    Nice investigative reporting, Jon.

    But, what else to expect from the Clintons?

    But, you know what, I much prefer seing the Uranium in the hands of Putin, who is trying to re-build his country, than to see the Uranium in the hands of Obama, who is trying to destroy his country.

    I also think that, n3angus, is right , about allowing for state citizens to receive just dividend royalties as Alaska Citizens are doing

    Off topic:

    Jon, you do not have to publish this. It was for your own information.

    Donald Trump’s announced that he was skipping the upcoming Fox News debate.

    “Instead of attending the debate, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said they will hold an event in Iowa to raise money for wounded veterans.

    “And Fox will go from probably having 24 million viewers to about 2 million,” he said.

  7. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    As the truth comes out, notice the false veneer of respectability on this 26 Jan 2016 paper:

    • enki says:

      Better to be a …conspiracy theorist ….than a cerebrally moribund….COINCIDENCE THEORIST.

      Scientific tests have “apparently” been conducted and, came to the conclusion that so-called “conspiracy theorists” had a greater thinking ability than coincidence theorists.

      The test concluded that the “conspiracy theorists” were the more rational of the two groups.

  8. Sean Oliver says:

    This is a little off topic maybe? but here it is anyway! Watch the whole video if you can!>>

    Fukushima & How Globe And Mail Hoodwinked Uranium Stockholders Jan 4th 2015

  9. Jim G. says:

    I forwarded Jon’s above article to a friend of mine, who sent me back the following article. Clearly there has been a lot going on from behind the scenes regarding prosecution, along with an agenda that we’re not being told about:

  10. enki says:

    Within the spectrum of ….ASSET STRIPPING……Oregon acreages, you might like to consider …GOLD.

    The lands in question have been said to be rich in gold, veritable ….GOLD MINES…in fact.

    Upcoming developments in the gold market feature China’s intention to peg the Yuan to gold….in the first week of April 2016.

    Fort Knox and the Fed are thought to be empty, so China’s move could prove embarrassing for USA Inc: and, more particularly the….. RAT-child khazar MAFIA.

    Bloomberg has suggested gold may soar to $64,000.00 per oz.

    If, the Bloomberg estimate is true……..
    OREGON may be a GOLD MINE……………USA Inc:/RKM …… is DESPERATE to STEAL.

    It appears that due to the …..”DISAPPEARANCES”….of gold stocks, the market is exhibiting signs of stress.

    Finally the…. RAT-child khazar MAFIA….appear to have done such a tremendous job of annihilating/stealing gold stocks and, manipulating gold prices, the result is the gold market no longer displays a shred of integrity.

    • n3angus says:

      If nations agree they can leave the assets in the ground and value them there , it just becomes a Matter of Sovereignty as to securing those assets by say a Gold Backed yuan , or a Basket of Commodities backing a Basket of Currencies

    • elfmom55 says:

      Crisis actors in Oregon?
      This woman’s name is allegedly Victoria Munoz. She is seen at a multiple number of psyop/hoax events including OR.
      Been having trouble posting links so if it shows wrong video go to “Mark Conners News Channel”. It was put up on 1/19.

    • Elaine Ossipov says:

      I read the survey report on file with the state of nevada for the area in question and it listed no gold as part of the reserves.

  11. em no says:

    Russias the second largest producer of Yellow-cake….the US is far less.

  12. seahunter says:

    All I gotta say is DAMN!

  13. Joe Blonski says:

    That mine is near McDermitt at the southern edge of Malheur County, 125 miles from the nearest edge of Malheur National Forest (which is actually outside of Malheur County)

  14. BigMamaTEA says:

    Keep the comments coming guys, this is all one giant puzzle. The pieces are starting to all come together.

    • n3angus says:

      We need to debate what brings people to their breaking point and drives them to get outside of the rolls of self government so we can try and reverse these examples like how this man lost his life and so many more lost their liberty .

      What brought us all to this point is what needs to be talked about because we are ashamed and embarrassed by our governments actions with special interests that lead us to have to rally and some even step out of the normal channels to try and correct how self government is suppose to work.

      It’s the backroom dealings with special interests that goes unchecked , and the taking away of some people’s rights to please those special interests that’s the part that is not fair and needs to change and what we are all really unhappy about, and brings some to act out in the wrong ways and its embarrassing and shameful that it has to go that far .

      Forever there has been this image of the Big Subsidized Resource User like the Rancher , Logger, Farmer, Miner , Fisherman , State Park economic activities , etc , etc , that has been used by the Politician to herd the electorate to allow them to engage with Special Interests and together pervert the Judicial System to the point that they are getting away with the resource rights and making it look like its a good thing and the electorate is supporting it , while food production is stagnate and now even the Livestock Industry is saying they think the markets being manipulated , and the whole Commodities market has had this same accusation for some time .

      I think the only way this will be corrected is by citizens economically participating in the management and capital flows of business activities on state lands , then they will have the benefit of being involved and not just sitting back and letting the greed of our governments backroom dealings leave us all out of the game . So the Pool of state lands resource users should form a fund that pays a dividend to all state citizens so the citizens want to keep supporting the resource users rights , and receive a dividend for doing so . this would unite the majority to support state rights instead of not giving a dang and letting the Marxist run wild !!!!!!

      Alaska does a dividend fund that keeps the citizens involved in their states economic activities so they will be motivated to want the state to maintain control over their state lands .

      I mean guys I would have rather paid a portion of my grazing fee and even paid a higher price to be able to create a State Citizens dividend fund to keep them interesting in my utilizing the state lands economic benefits for us all than to have see how the lack of citizens economic participation in this has led to their disinterest and outright hatred for the WELFARE COWBOYS as is said in chat rooms on Oregonlive as well as other places that have the mindset that’s leading the industry down the tubes .

      So I started this Petition maybe something good can come of all this bad stuff that is going on with the taking away of state citizens rights to be able to economically participate in their state lands opportunities ,

  15. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Someone in a position of high authority has been involved, persuading the news media and leading scientists to hide information from the public since WWII ended and nations were united on 24 Oct 1945:

    1. Stalin’s science

    2. Solar energy

    3. The FORCE

    • n3angus says:

      The Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution
      Oregon Standoff: Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum Dead, Bundys Arrested

      The police in cooperation with the FBI got their men about 20 miles north of Burns, Oregon on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. Mark that day in history, folks, as the day the old west was given a warning shot. A warning shot that said very loud and clear to the American public: Don’t mess with the government, don’t question authority, don’t stand up for the Constitution or your supposed “rights,” just submit or die.

      ©2016 Barbara H. Peterson
      Consider this:

      Problem: The government wants the land.

      Reaction: Demonize cattle ranchers and blame the cattle for a decline in the sage grouse in order to free the land for alternate government use by pitting environmentalists against cattle grazing and the ranchers to gain the required reaction of placing the land under further restrictions in order to be protected from environmental harm.

      Solution: The government gets the land.

      The government wants the land for “conservation” efforts. In order to achieve this, the ranchers with their cattle and any private property interests need to go so that there is no interference. This way the land can be “protected” by the BLM and used for any purpose that the government wants it for, including uranium development.

      The question then becomes – who will get the land – the sage grouse or uranium miners. In either case, the ranchers are out and the cattle can be consigned to your friendly neighborhood CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation).

      The rancher takes the blame, and the government does as it pleases. If the grouse is listed as an endangered species, the land is taken for conservation. If it isn’t, the land is taken for corporate energy and uranium mining. A win/win for big government. It’s called hedging your bets. Either way, the little guy loses and the government wins, and the rancher is left holding the bag. He either gets booted out by the sage grouse, or booted out by uranium interests, and there goes another source of local food and independence, leaving us ever more dependent on the corporate food chain.

      Since a decision was made to not list the sage grouse as an endangered species in 2015, guess which interests won? You’ve got it – mining. Now the only problem left is to work out how to make the energy industry operations appear “beneficial” to the environment so as not to concern the sage grouse supporters, and to declare more public land as “cattle free,” again, for the benefit of the environment. Not a problem that a good Public Relations campaign can’t handle. Cha-Ching!

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      Here is visual evidence of the FORCE greater than Stalin and his allies:

  16. no name says:

    The Intellihub article is misleading with respect to Uranium One and the Aurora project in Malheur County Oregon. Uranium One has no connection to Oregon Energy LLC, which is a subsidiary of UK Energy Ventures Ltd.

    In 2010 Uranium One sold the Aurora project to a British corporation, Energy Ventures, for $2 million. Therefore in September 2011, the timeframe this article talks about, Uranium One had already sold its interest and no longer owned the mining claims. Plus, in 2011 Uranium One was still a publicly traded Canadian company although Russian state corporation Rosatom had 51.4% ownership.

    The Energy Ventures 2010 annual report confirms this: “On 8 July 2010, Energy Ventures announced that it had completed the acquisition of the Aurora uranium deposit in Oregon, USA for a cash consideration of US$2 million from Uranium One Incorporated (TSX:UUU). The claims are held by Oregon Energy LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary of Energy Ventures.”

    • n3angus says:

      BLM says its working with Oregon Energy LLC formally Uranium One

      I WANT TO TAKE A ENVIRONMENTAL STAND HERE IN HARNEY COUNTY OREGON AND CALL TO ACTION THAT ENVIRONMENTALISTS COME TO BURNS AND PROTEST THE URANIUM MINING THAT IS COMING !!!!!!!! Consider this The Info in this link is Incredible when you consider the environmentalists are silent to the risks associated with mining the Uranium out of the Ground in Harney County but only less than 8 % is used for energy development in the USA THIS IS NOT WORTH THE RISK TO OREGONS ENVIRONMENT because the URANIUM WILL BE SHIPPED OUT OF THE USA TO RUSSIA ANYWAY !!!!!!!!! :

      • no name says:

        Yes, I know that the Intellihub article is quoting from the BLM site. But it seems to me that the BLM meant to use the word “formerly,” as “formally” makes no sense.

        The Aurora project is NOT currently owned by Uranium One, it is NOT owned by a Russian company, it is owned by a BRITISH company. I think an American company should own and control our uranium reserves, but giving out false information that Aurora is owned by the Russians is not helpful. Do some research.

        Uranium One acquired a 100% interest in the Aurora project in 2007 as a consequence of a corporate takeover of Energy Metals Corporation. In July 2010 Uranium One sold its entire interest in Aurora to Energy Ventures, a British corporation. Energy Ventures established Oregon Energy LLC at that time to hold the Aurora project mining claim, and it was established as a subsidiary of Australian-based Amaroo Resources, which is a subsidiary of Energy Ventures Ltd of the United Kingdom. Energy Ventures still owns the Aurora claim but has yet to begin mining operations. (They tried to sell the claim in 2015 to a Canadian company but were unsuccessful.)

        Here is some information regarding the Aurora project directly quoted from the Energy Ventures October 2015 Annual Report:
        … the Company [Energy Ventures] has recently flagged to shareholders a proposal to proceed with an in-specie distribution of our 100% owned investment in Aurora Uranium Limited. This will allow all current shareholders in EVE to maintain their current level of ownership in the Aurora Uranium Project. Aurora is one of the largest undeveloped uranium projects in the USA …

        The Company is planning to conduct an in-specie distribution of wholly owned subsidiary, Aurora Uranium Limited. Aurora Uranium is an Australian registered public company which, through its US subsidiary Oregon Energy LLC, holds 100% of the Aurora Uranium Project in southeast Oregon. …

        The Aurora uranium project is a volcanic-hosted uranium deposit located in the southeast part of Oregon, USA. Previous exploration on the deposit, including detailed drilling, showed that a significant uranium resource occurs within a near-surface, flat-lying zone of mineralisation that is potentially amenable to extraction by open pit methods. … The project area comprises 116 federal unpatented lode mining claims and one State of Oregon Prospecting Permit application, covering an area of approximately 13.34 square km.

  17. no name says:

    One clarification to your article. You say that the Clintons “facilitated the sale of Uranium One to Putin and the Russians.” It seems doubtful that they could exert much influence, since Uranium One was a public Canadian company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The ARMZ subsidiary of Rosatom made the offer to purchase the remaining shares of Canadian Uranium One in January 2013. Please refer to this article in Bloomberg:
    ARMZ Seeks Rest of Uranium One for $1.3 Billion; Won’t Raise Bid
    “ARMZ, a Russian state-owned uranium miner, said it plans to buy the shares it doesn’t own in Uranium One Inc. for C$1.3 billion ($1.32 billion) and take the company private. It won’t be increased, ARMZ Chairman Vadim Zhivov said.”

    What the Clintons could have done, however, was influence members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. to continue to allow Uranium One to operate in our country after Rosatom acquired a 51.4% controlling interest in 2010. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was one of about 16 members of the Committee. Also it appears that no new review was performed by this Committee after Rosatom acquired 100% ownership of Uranium One in 2013 and took it private.

    A subordinate of Clinton’s, Jose Fernandez, actually represented the State Dept. on the Committee. Please see Senator Grassley’s letters he sent to 4 members of the administration in July 2015 regarding Uranium One. He asks Mr. Fernandez whether Mrs. Clinton communicated with him regarding Uranium One. However, keep in mind that the State Dept. is only one of several members on this Committee, so any decision was made by several people.

    • n3angus says:

      Why are you so worried for the Clintons ?????

      • no name says:

        What an odd remark to make about my post. I am no Clinton supporter, far from it, but I deal in facts and am attempting to provide the results of my research into Uranium One and the Aurora project. Let’s deal in facts. Do some research and read.

        The article incorrectly states above that “agencies of the US government have to approve the sale” of Uranium One to the Russians. This is incorrect. The article implies that an American company was to be bought by a Russian company. But Uranium One was a Canadian company. Over the years it went through multiple changes in ownership, but it was a Canadian corporation at the time the Russians began purchasing shares.

        The state-owned Russian Federation corporation Rosatom, via its subsidiary ARMZ, first acquired shares in Uranium One in 2009 when it was a publicly traded Canadian company. In 2010, ARMZ increased their ownership to 51.4%, giving them controlling interest. That is when Senators and Congressmen in the U.S. became concerned.

        But the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., which has the responsibility to review such cases, permitted Uranium One to continue operating in our country. Whether Committee member Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exerted any influence on the Committee’s decision is unknown. But the Committee has no authority to approve or disapprove a purchase of shares in a publicly traded Canadian company by anyone nor the sale of a Canadian company to anyone. All the Committee can do is decide whether a foreign owned company is allowed to purchase an American owned company and/or operate in the U.S. if national security interests are at stake.

        In January 2013 Rosatom made an offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Canadian Uranium One. The offer was accepted by Uranium One. Rosatom took the company private, reorganized, and made Uranium One a 100% owned direct subsidiary of Rosatom. This is how Russia ended up owning 20% of our current uranium production and up to 50% of our uranium reserves. The Russians cleverly went through a Canadian company to acquire a strategic mineral within our country, and without opposition from the Committee on Foreign Investment. This is all well documented in business journals and news articles.

        • no name says:

          Here’s an article which much better explains what I was trying to say in my post. It discusses the foreign investment committee’s review process in 2010 and its finding that Uranium One’s continued operation within the U.S. would not adversely affect our national interests.

          The article states, “Uranium One’s shareholders approved ARMZ’s acquisition of controlling interest in the company on August 31, 2010. While neither CFIUS nor Uranium One have publicly stated the date the ARMZ-Uranium One transaction (CFIUS Case No. 10-40) received CFIUS approval, Breitbart News believes the most likely date that took place was October 22, 2010, 52 days later.”

          The article further states, “The language used in a Jan. 29, 2013 letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) from Uranium One suggests that CFIUS completed its approval of Case No. 10-40 on or before October 22, 2010, and that the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of the lead agency (possibly State, possibly another Department) may have ‘jointly determined that the transaction will not impair US national security’.”

          So the Uranium One shareholders approved the Russian Rosatom’s acquisition of 51% of their company. CFIUS approved the continuation of Uranium One’s ownership of mining claims, a uranium mill and other assets located within the United States and its right to continue operations such as extracting uranium within the U.S. Hope I made things clearer. Here’s the link to the article.

          • n3angus says:

            NO MINING OREGON URANIUM ITS NOT WORTH THE RISK TO ENVIRONMENT WHEN ONLY 8 % of USA Energy comes from Nukes !!!!!!!!!!!!

            WE will rise up by the Millions of Environmentalists who have been Lied to about the Sage Grouse and the REAL REASON IT WAS NOT LISTED , SO THE RUSSIANS CAN TAKE THE URANIUM which is figured at 1/3rd total USA deposits in that area of OREGON !!!!!!!!!

  18. n3angus says:

    Enhanced Video: LaVoy points out his Assassins WE NEED TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO FROM THE FBI TO SEE WHAT THE 2 GUYS AT THE END OF THE TRUCK WERE DOING , the Video has been cropped right there you can tell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THAT GUY RUNNING WAY FROM THE ACTION ???

  19. Jim G. says:

    Here’s an interesting video in which apparently crisis actors in Oregon are asked by someone to sign “talent releases” at approximately 1:20 into the video, then one of the actors hurriedly rushes to try to shut off the video camera.

  20. n3angus says:

    Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight. (SFW Version)

    • George Ferina says:

      We Know that she had Seth murdered also. There is nothing we can do about Hillary Clinton because she spent her entire life corrupting the govt at every level, she will keep on lying because that’s what she is a lying killer and the govt of America protects her against its own citizens who know. SAD but TRUE.

  21. Shawn says:

    The information is there for all to see who bought what when. What is not being talked about is the process that is followed to accomplish the mining. The process that is needed to be fulfilled in order to be UN Agenda 21 compliant never gets discussed. The Environmental Impact Statement and the related Mitigation Plan is what is driving the taking of private property by BLM and any number of alphabet organizations. I have a breif discription of the basic process that is required if your interests The post is titled “Uranium One and Eastern Oregon…

    Anyone interested in getting to the bottom of why the government is taking land this is a must read.

  22. cindy says:

    Jon, I think your right. It’s Definitely related to the Clinton Russia Deal! I called my rep… and stated we needed to Make Hillary payback the money to the Russians! To set up some legislation against her Illegal Sale, 2-days later Lavoy is Dead!

  23. Eileen K. says:

    Any sale of public and/or private lands in Oregon and/or any other of the 50 States by any dept. of the Federal Govt is illegal. Period. According to the US Constitution, the Federal Govt’s ownership of land is restricted to that within the ten-square miles of the City of Washington, DC; and, thus, has NO authority to do anything to lands outside of DC except to manage them. The District of Criminals is its own country – a foreign entity within the borders of the US. This clause in the Constitution was inherited from British Common Law in 1787, as delegates from the former 13 Colonies gathered together to draw up a Constitution (from 1783 up to that point, the 13 ex-Colonies were totally sovereign States, united only through the Articles of Convention) and choose a President, who turned out to be George Washington.
    A ten-square mile stretch of territory bordering the Potomac River .. as well as Maryland and Virginia .. was chosen to build a city (named after the nation’s first President) and make it as the new nation’s permanent capital. Already written in the Constitution was a clause forbidding the Central Govt from owning any territory outside this ten-square mile borders.
    It’s this clause (which the Feds have violated) that’s created the Oregon standoff (and the Nevada standoff involving the Bundy Ranch) that brought on the cold-blooded murder of Rancher LaVoy Finicum the other day .. as well as the wounding of Leroy Bundy and the arrest of their colleagues by Federal agents.

  24. DickGozinya says:

    “Southern Malheur” [does not mean] “malheur wildlife preserve” […] it means “Malheur COUNTY” [–] which is east of Harney County, on the Idaho border. The viable uranium deposits in Harney are already under Federal control (Steens Mountain complex) and have nothing to do with the Hammond holdings […]

    The Federal government already has the right to lease land for mining. They don’t need the Hammonds. They don’t need to grab their land. The Hammond land isn’t ON The Steens Mountains.

    So any argument purporting to link the Hammond case with Uranium is [specious].

    • Coltjj64 says:

      Chemical processing of uranium to produce yellow cake uses large quantities of water and a large waste stream. DFW AND BLM have been at it for years with the Hammonds over water. Could it be that the same water the Hammonds and other ranchers use is needed for the production of yellow cake? U.S. Geology talks about natural thermal Springs in Harney County. It’s possible the Hammonds Ranch is needed for the production of yellow cake by accessing the water source in that area.

      • It's me says:

        The only Uranium mine in Oregon, is about 75 miles from the Hammond Ranch, so accessing the water on their land would be kind of pointless don’t you think.

  25. Michael Ryland says:

    Oregon Energy, L.L.C. is a subsidiary of Energy Ventures Ltd which has offices in Canada, Scotland and Dubai. I haven’t been able to find any Russian connections.

    If this information is true, why didn’t the Bundy folks make it public? They would have won a good deal of Liberal support for trying to stop uranium mining on a wildlife refuge.

    • n3angus says:

      Mike, the Bundy folks wanted to return the rights back to the county citizens which was a Lose Lose idea , state law is article 4 section 3 clause 2 which states that the majority has to be in favor of rejecting federal involvement on anything . Oregon Energy is talked about on the BLM website and is said to be a new company from Uranium One . If you google BLM uranium it comes up , heres the Link ,

      • no name says:

        Please stop spreading wrong information!
        As I’ve already posted to you here, Oregon Energy LLC is in no way related to Uranium One. Uranium One sold their interest in the Aurora Project in Malheur County in July 2010 to a British company Energy Ventures, which established their subsidiary Oregon Energy to hold the Aurora uranium project. You can look up the facts on the Oregon Secretary of State website and in the Energy Ventures annual reports. In addition, Aurora is located in Malheur County, and is not related to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
        Spreading wrong information is not helpful.

  26. wanderwoman2lips says:

    Canada has rich and very productive Uranium deposites. It is unlikely the US government needs to worry about acquiring land containing small amounts of uranium when a more easily worked and richer source is close by. The dislike of the Russian government by many of Kazakhstan’s native people works to the favor of the West in reference to the Uranium deposites known to exist there. It is not sensible for the US to ignore interest by Western businesses that want to partner with Khazakistan mining goals, given the alternative. Nuclear power plant building is a revenue producing activity of Russia, which is building nuclear power plants in many countries. Without significant progress in uranium by-product storage and recycling, all those plants will be a much bigger problem for the world in thirty to forty years than will any scarcity of uranium sources. Aged-out nuclear plants are dangerous, hard to de-contaminate and expensive to protect. Let’s hope the countries investing in them know the liabilities waiting down the road.

  27. imacandle says:

    Jon Thank you for your research. Do you have OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS with the Clinton name on them?

  28. Ski says:

    Clinton land grab. Look it up. This is where Russia is getting its uranium. Thanks to the Clintons

  29. oaksbythegulf says:

    This raises another question, too: what do feds want with the land Bundy is grazing on in Nevada? It must be something. Wasn’t Harry Reid trying to do some land deal with a foreign energy company? Was this close or on land that Bundy grazes on? Somebody should check.

  30. michael says:

    forget my dreams of a stanley cup for MN! I, We, America needs you to [bring justice to] the Clintons and see them to jail […]

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