BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

Why would a poisonous, birth-defect-causing chemical cause birth defects? I mean, that’s absurd, right? Ridiculous. Let’s blame the whole thing on a virus that causes nothing.

A poison intentionally added to the water supply in 2014? Who cares? Means nothing.

The manufacturer of the poison is a strategic partner of Monsanto? That couldn’t be a clue. Of course not.

by Jon Rappoport

February 10, 2016

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Microcephaly: babies born with smaller heads and brain damage.

As I’ve been telling you all along—look to the pesticides. The fake Zika story is a cover, to protect the pesticide companies, among others.

What do we know so far in this trumped up Zika crisis?

Update: The actual number of microcephaly cases in Brazil, the “center of the epidemic,” is a gross unknown. At least two different groups are reporting different findings. Pick your number: 404 confirmed cases; 4000 cases; 9000 cases.

It turns out that, in the US, estimates of microcephaly cases per year ranges all the way from 800 to 25,000.

In other words, the researchers don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re using different definitions of microcephaly. They’re confused. They’re also omitting highly relevant cases of birth defects which don’t, strictly speaking, fit any definition of microcephaly. This confusion applies to Brazil, the US, anywhere on the planet.

And in Brazil, researchers have only found a suggestion of the presence of the Zika virus in 17 cases of microcephaly. That’s called evidence AGAINST Zika as the cause of birth defects.

It makes far more sense to listen to what South American doctors are saying about the areas where birth defects are occurring. These would be doctors who actually care about what is destroying lives and the lives that are being destroyed.

We have such reports passed along to us, thanks to Claire Robinson of GM Watch. She is one of those people who still makes the profession of journalism mean something.

Here are quotes from her most recent article, “Argentine and Brazilian doctors name larvicide as potential cause of microcephaly.”

“A report from the Argentine doctors’ organisation, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, challenges the theory that the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil is the cause of the increase in the birth defect microcephaly among newborns.

“The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head and often has brain damage, was quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, according to the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, the Ministry failed to recognise that in the area where most sick people live, a chemical larvicide [pesticide] that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes. (emphasis added)

“The Physicians added that the Pyriproxyfen is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese “strategic partner” of Monsanto. Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process from larva to pupa to adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and killing or disabling them. It acts as an insect juvenile hormone or juvenoid, and has the effect of inhibiting the development of adult insect characteristics (for example, wings and mature external genitalia) and reproductive development. It is an endocrine disruptor and is teratogenic (causes birth defects).

“The Argentine Physicians commented: ‘Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added Pyriproxyfen to drinking water are not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on the Zika virus for this damage.’

“They also noted that Zika has traditionally been held to be a relatively benign disease that has never before been associated with birth defects, even in areas where it infects 75% of the population.

“…The Argentine Physicians’ report…concurs with the findings of a separate report on the Zika outbreak by the Brazilian doctors’ and public health researchers’ organisation, Abrasco.

“Abrasco also names Pyriproxyfen as a likely cause of the microcephaly. It condemns the strategy of chemical control of Zika-carrying mosquitoes, which it says is contaminating the environment as well as people and is not decreasing the numbers of mosquitoes. Abrasco suggests that this strategy is in fact driven by the commercial interests of the chemical industry, which it says is deeply integrated into the Latin American ministries of health, as well as the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organisation.

“Abrasco names the British GM insect company Oxitec as part of the corporate lobby that is distorting the facts about Zika to suit its own profit-making agenda. Oxitec sells GM mosquitoes engineered for sterility and markets them as a disease-combatting product – a strategy condemned by the Argentine Physicians as ‘a total failure, except for the company supplying mosquitoes’.

“…Abrasco added that the disease [microcephaly, other birth defects] is closely linked to environmental degradation: floods caused by logging and the massive use of herbicides on (GM) herbicide-tolerant soy crops – in short, ‘the impacts of extractive industries’.”

power outside the matrix

Birth-defect-causing pesticide added to the drinking water.

Who overlooks that? People who are pledged to protect the companies that manufacture the poison and are pledged to protect the health authorities who ordered the poison to be put in the water.

Let’s wake up to what is going on here. Let’s exit the “virus trance.” Now.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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36 comments on “BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

  1. B Bland says:

    Here’s another piece of the pesticide puzzle. Neural tube defects (encephaly, anencephaly, spina bifida, etc.) are associated with folic acid (B12) deficiency.

  2. Dan says:

    Growth inhibiting pesticide can shrink heads. Shocking.
    What about the untold millions whose brain development has been affected, but they don’t meet the criteria for microcephaly.

    A massive genocidal operation requires a massive cover-up.

  3. tomaz050959 says:

    The only remedy to this mass poisoning is to smash these corporations into a thousand little pieces, arrest the criminals and charge them with genocide.

    • Maria says:

      Agree but who is going to do it if ALL Governments are in cahoot with Monsanto??? they will not kill their monthly juicy check from killer mega companies!

      • Sha'Tara says:

        Is this another clear admission of how little “we the people” have gained in power against the elites with hundreds of years of so-called democracy to back us up? I know that “the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings…” – that it is the people who act like sheep; who choose to believe rather than check; who choose to support their psychopathic rulers rather than calling them down; who choose to vote “for the lesser of evils” when they should be bringing the whole political/corporate/banking establishment down with concentrated effort, much of which could simply be what Gandhi called satyagraha: non-violent non cooperation. Imagine, no more voters. Imagine, no one shows up at the airport. Imagine no one turns on the TV. Imagine, no one shows up for Olympics. Imagine, not a single body sitting in the stands at the next major organized sports event. Imagine empty McDonalds-Burger King, et. al., drive thrus. Imagine no one joining the army, and everybody in it demanding demob. Imagine no one working in a weapons factory. Imagine no one buying or keeping a gun. Imagine no one buying chocolates. Yes, there is a whole lot of room for imagination and isn’t that what Jon is teaching us to practice? Personally I’m tired of living in the land of the sheeple who bleat with fear or anger every time something isn’t to their liking but eagerly follow the Donald shepherd even knowing where he will lead them.

      • tomaz050959 says:

        We are doing it now, as each day passes more people wake up from their slumber.

  4. Heather Burke says:

    Time Magazine jumps on the Zika hysteria.


    … die Mißbildung von Babys ist bereits aufgeflogen – aber keiner scheints gemerkt zu haben! Brasilienische Ärzte machen bereits Pestizide für die nun aufgetretenen Fälle von Mikrozephalie verantwortlich. Und wieder war das FS3 den …

  6. Sha'Tara says:

    If you happen to be in the pharmacological industry, or are heading that way; if you are in the medical profession, or are heading that way; but more importantly, if you are a journalist, or are heading that way, I’d say do yourself a huge favour and follow Jon Rappoport’s blog and read his carefully researched articles on GMO’s; chemicals; fake government and corporate science and ponder his logical, common sense conclusions.

  7. Sha'Tara says:

    reblogged this article on ~Burning Woman~

    Thanks again, Jon for all your hard work, tireless research and common sense conclusions.

  8. SaV says:

    An assessment to the pesticide below, it raised unsolved concerns in the EU

    • Dan says:

      Strangely, not one author or reviewer’s name listed in what they call “peer review.” Probably because nobody wants their name associated with such corporate junk science.

  9. SaV says:
    “Negative results were obtained in gene mutation, chromosome aberration and DNA repair tests in vitro, as well as in vivo in a micronucleus test. No evidence of a carcinogenic potential was observed in long-term studies in rats and mice. No adverse effects were observed in the reproductive parameters during a multigeneration study with rats.”
    “The risk from uptake of pyriproxyfen from the diet, drinking water and secondary poisoning was assessed as low for birds and mammals for all intended uses. Pyriproxyfen was assessed as very toxic to aquatic organisms and not readily biodegradable “

  10. Very interesting, Jon

    Though Monsanto and pesticides and the fearsome front, Jon Rappoport, came up in great measure in my latest OT post:

    I discounted that evidence as I felt the “trigger” for the microcephaly spike needed a hammer and that hammer was TDaP vaccine. Next post, I shall include this possibility as there was other information that I omitted which was useful in this quest for enlightenment.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


    • Michael Burns says:

      “that hammer was TDaP vaccine.” – Ozzie Thinker

      well done…I agree, one hundred and ten percent. TDap brought down the immune system; which is a vaccine’s purpose. The suppression of immunity through stress.
      So the pesticides could reek their havoc on chromosomes.
      The mass innoculation of pregnant women was a one two punch. They are purposely muddying the legal waters, as one can’t rightly place their finger on exactly what has caused Microcephaly in the legal battles for justice for the the little ones.

      • @MB

        I am inclined to judge that it is a TDaP/radiation combination in this case until I learn more from Jon et al. The deeper question is, are rogue vaccines being used to shield the tragic effect pesticides have on the food chain? How many “autism” cases are caused by vaccines and how many by “other things” to justify the 20,000% statistical jump (as I understand it)?

        Unless the establishment “lied”, there’s no comeback on vaccines (an industrialist fait accomplish), but lawsuits against Monsanto & other chemical producers are a whole different kettle o’ fish?

        Even though I said “case closed” on Ozzie Thinker, still very much asking the questions until I find definitive answers.

        • Michael Burns says:

          “I am inclined to judge that it is a TDaP/radiation combination I am inclined to judge that it is a TDaP/radiation combination…”

          I can’t seem to make that connection, to radiation…do you mean solar radiation? Can you be more explicit.

          For my understand, the only logical thing that could be used in vaccination is Aluminum. It serves a dual purpose it stresses an immune system along with lead, crossing the blood brain barrier it is a dangerous toxin; and it is the same electric spin as calcium, a virus attached to aluminum is therefore welded so to speak to the bone structure, otherwise a healthy immune system would toss any viral intruder out of the body, unless it was of use, which does happen. If one looks at a human brain in an Alzheimer’s state, a calcium plaque is always present.

          Removing heavy metals like lead can be achieved using massive doses of vitamin C, 4000 iu daily for greater than 3 months, needless to say, mucho water, to the edge of drowning is necessary. This is a purge; purge means water. The system is being flushed. I have read of one such doctor who has achieved miraculous results using this method.

          Where as Aluminum can be rid using preparations of Horsetail (Equisetum) as it is high in silica. Silica is the same charge as Aluminum and attaches itself to it, it is also a diuretic cleaning the organs as it exits the body, again Water is also used; flushing again…always flushing. Why flushing? To stop the build up in the kidneys and bladder. Horsetail also services osteoporosis, urinary track infections, kidney disorders. Kidney stones can be disintergtrated without medication and ultrasound smashing using horsetail, many lemons, an again WATER.

          In theory, autistic spectrum behaviors could be reversed at the least forstalled to a point in the subjects development, if the heavy metals and an especially Aluminum were purged earlier enough in the subjects young life, never to return. I have read papers on such things. Purging HM’s at any age stops their further degradation of a body. Heavy metal damage continues in a life gaining more ground as a body ages.

          • @MB

            Snippets from

            “Nevertheless, as there is a long history of dreadful encephalitic eruptions in other places too, it would be foolish not to first consider these as the plausible “why?” for the peak in Brazil. In accordance with every single nuclear disaster; Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima and other lesser known events, prenatal and natal outcomes, such as the small heads syndrome, brainless births, etc. have been strikingly similar to the Brazilian incidence….

            The first was the TDaP vaccine. We do not know, but can assume thimerosal laced serum was issued in Brazil. Net effect was mother and child’s immune systems were challenged and, in the case of some infants’, severely weakened. Thus, when each mother and partner lovingly witnessed the fresh ultrasound images of their bundles of joy-to-be, little did they know of the dangers, which, in normal circumstances, weren’t there. Sound waves do generate radiation of a sort, but it hasn’t been discovered by human science yet. So, there is no connection with potentially harmful ionizing radiation and sound per se. The machines that deliver ultrasonic beams are radioactive and these miniscule amounts would have been enough to seriously affect a seriously weakened foetus….”

            I am just piecing together “plausible” connections. Those big bulky machines are radioactive. Pregnant women couldn’t help but getting in range. Maybe mobile phones or computers or something else, but this just “sits right” for me, right now, but I am open to other suggestions…:-)

            • I agree with you on Ultrasound, and ionizing radiation, ultra sound is a dangerous radiation that drives whales and dolphins out of the water during naval maneuvers.
              It has become trendy these days to get a golden ultrasound a moving image, a little video of the fetus on DVD; therefore a prolonged period of the radiation is endured by the growing fetus, rather than a single snapshot.
              Yes add to this the vaccine mercury and aluminum of TDaP… and toxic pesticides and heriicides on nutritionally deficient food, poverty and pollution ground water, Mobile phones, Chemtrails. And yes the radioactive pollution.
              Its a state of war on the human…

            • That depends on frequency, Michael & due to science lack of understanding ultra-sound displays no measurable radiation. The high voltage, X-ray equipment delivering the audio streams is a different matter…hmmmm

  11. Patrick McGean says:

    Jon, why did the doctors not blame the mandated 20 week D-Tap vaccine for pregnant mothers?
    Why did almost everyone forget about the use of chemical fertilizers since 1940, the boys from Brazil and the chemicals made from without the matrix. A matrix without sulfur. We are not synthetic.
    Got sulfur?

  12. Jeff Sutton says:

    Last week’s Lancet shows estimates of between 20,000-600,000 “suspected” microcephaly cases in Brazil annually, depending on the diagnostic criteria applied. Validates your point that there is no clear evidence of anything “new.”

  13. Linden says:

    From Jim Stone-



    The NWO got busted for Zika and need a new scapegoat ~ pesticides ~ to take the rap for vaccine damage

    Tdap shot and other vaccines being fingered by doctors as the real cause of problems.



  14. anonimo says:

    Zika is fraud. 4000 cases of microcephaly this number reduced to 270 zika suspects and only 8 confirmed with zika with microcefaliar
    cases of zika is the northeast region of Brazil. There decades in Africa and has no reporting microcefaliar in Africa. Olympics will be held in winter in Brazil and the mosquitoes not play.

    Brazil has 205 million people on average have less 300 cases. US averages 2500 to 25,000 per year. 86% of the cases concentrated northeastern Brazil and not in the whole Brazil which in northeast signal is concentrated where more cases of zika and microcefaliar in Brazil and which has more cases of anomaliar where transgenic mosquitoes were played.

    “Workers Party” PT “which is the feminist movement and the government is interested in legalizing abortion in general Brazil ……. they will get in the coming months in the Supreme Court with federal safety mandate to legalize abortion by the Supreme because the national congress did not pass. the same government that prohibits pill cancer not expect anything else, since the voters of Rousseff believe she’s doing good of Brazil.
    The President of Brazil Dilma wants to use combat the mosquito that transmits dengue and zika etc …. to distract the people, because your government is in the news involved in several corruption scandals involving members of his party and allies arrested for corruption and the process impeachment in the coming months. use mosquito fight to distract the people, but many Brazilians have already agreed to it.

    website 1

    site 2

    site 3

    of Rio Grande do Sul The government suspended on Saturday (13) the use of water for human consumption pyriproxyfen larvicide used to stop the development of mosquito larvae Aedes aegypti, the transmitter zika virus. The product is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical.

    colombia registers 2824 pregnant with zika and no cases of microcefaliar

    science site belying Humbug zika:

  15. Zika – Mikrocefali – Sannolikt orsakat av insektsgiftet Pyriproxyfen i dricksvatten

    […] ett översatt citat från Jon Rappoport ur GM-watch “Argentine and Brazilian doctors name larvicide as potential cause of […]

  16. anonimo says:

    colombia register 2824 Pregnant with zika and no cases of microcephaly.

    zika is fraud and false flag.

    “Workers Party” — Partido dos Trabalhadores in português, the feminist movement, and the government is interested in legalizing abortion in general Brazil …

    they will get in the coming months in the Supreme Court with federal safety mandate to legalize abortion by the Supreme because the national congress did not pass.

    the same government that prohibits cancer pill not expect anything else, since the voters of Rousseff believe that it is doing good from Brazil, but today Dilma president can not even go out on the street who is booed its popularity is the Brazil’s history the worst. since President dilma won in 2014 with less 2% difference from the aecio nevess opposition candidate.
    The President of Brazil Dilma wants to use combat the mosquito that transmits dengue and zika etc …. to distract the people, because your government is in the news involved in several corruption scandals involving members of his party and allies arrested for corruption and the process impeachment in the coming months. use mosquito fight to distract the people, but many Brazilians have already agreed to it.

  17. anonimo says:

    It is a globalist agenda for vaccines death by government and famarceuticos laboratories. In the same year he released transgenic mosquitoes had dengue epidemic in sao paulo in 2014

    President brazilian can not even go out on the street who is booed its popularity is the Brazil’s history the worst. since President dilma won in 2014 with less 2% difference from the aecio neves opposition candidate.

    • White Eagle says:

      They want to release more genetically engineered mosquitos to counter Zika affecting /spreadying, Anti Dengue engeenered mosquitos… …
      Can you say bio warfare experiment with financial benefits to the Rockefellers who hold the patent for it?

      • @WE

        The EVIDENCE says otherwise. Instead of being a smartass why not produce some EVIDENCE that backs your wild statements?

        I researched far and wide and came up with this…

        which I may expand on in the future. Jon is a smart guy and you wouldn’t go too far wrong by sitting back and listening to what he has to say. Let it brew a few decades and maybe you’ll be ready to make your own statements.

        On a side note, and this has been bought up Jon before, it is interesting that the NWO are patenting all these viruses (Ebola, wasn’t it, Jon?). Why? Part of the conquest strategy to become Gods via “ownership” of all genes? I’m baffled.

  18. White Eagle says:

    This is soooo obviously a warfare experiment/deployment. Zika has been around for how long? Rockafellers have the patent on it since 1940? Then suddenly its There…going everywhere all over the world all at once.
    Folks have collected samples of ‘Chemtrail’ leavings when its noticeable and have had labs analyze the stuff. Occasionally theres organics and biological mixed into a gjell substance.

  19. Travis says:

    This is the same sort of vaccine/pesticide interplay that was seen during the Polio epidemic. There is compelling evidence to think that Polio was caused by Diptheria Vaccination, and equally compelling evidence to think that it was caused by pesticides.

    I would avoid both.

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