If America were a car, it would be in the shop

If America were a car, it would be in the shop

by Jon Rappoport

February 11, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

And if it were in the shop, the mechanics would remove the defective transmission labeled Globalism and install a new one.

The free market, such as it was 60 years ago, was a kind of balancing act, imperfect, but functioning. US manufacturing plants and domestic workers were producing products and selling them at what would now be considered high prices. Compared to what? Compared to prices if the factories had been located overseas, where workers were paid far less, where safety and environmental laws were lax.

But those American workers in factories were making a living wage. They could afford to buy products made in America. Not all workers could, but a lot of them could.

In that “closed system,” the balancing act was: US wages vs. the price of goods produced in America. Could a worker make enough to buy enough of what he wanted? The answer, of course, wasn’t an unqualified yes, but it was a significant yes.

However, Rockefeller Globalists were looking for something else, and they began their earnest effort at transformation in 1945, when the first round of GATT talks took place. Fifty years later, that international treaty was signed and wrapped up, and the World Trade Organization was created.

Suddenly, tariffs were off the table. Foreign companies could export their goods to America, pay no tariff, and sell them cheaply. US companies could shut down domestic factories, go abroad, open up factories there, make goods cheaply, and export them to the US. The whole game changed.

The Globalists’ propaganda, spouted by men like the unctuous Bill Clinton, claimed that, on balance, this would be a good deal for American workers. They could buy what they wanted at lower prices.

Of course, many of those US workers were now out of jobs, because the companies they worked for here had shut down and moved to faraway places. The former balancing act between wages and buying power was destroyed.

And as more US companies moved out of the country, more US workers were unemployed. The old US “closed system” was no more. Everything was “global” now.

That old closed system had worked because, in America, if workers hadn’t been paid a decent wage, they wouldn’t have been able to buy products “made in America,” and the whole system would have collapsed.

But understand this: top-tier Globalists wanted to wreck the American economy. In the wake of the ongoing destruction, they wanted to shift as many economic control mechanisms as possible to the federal government. And they wanted to bulk up mega-corporations, which would operate internationally, with no allegiance to any government or nation.

Globalists were re-shaping the mission of government and corporations, so those twins’ true loyalties were pledged to the agenda of One Planet, under one overarching management system.

The Globalists are on their way.

There is just one problem. As they put a knife into the heart of one vibrant national economy after another (through expanding unemployment), the number of consumers who are able to participate in the new system declines, drops, dries up.

This is no accident. Even the mega-corporations, in the long run, are being used as pawns. They will eventually fail. Right now, many of them are operating their assembly lines at half-mast. They could produce enough for three planets, but they don’t have enough international customers.

What the Globalists actually want is: One Planet, In Poverty, with no liberty or justice for anyone—except themselves.

When you look at the real climate agenda, you see that, underneath the proposed carbon taxes and cap and trade, the goal is diminished energy production. For all. Everywhere. More poverty.

Why? Because a planet that looks more and more like the Third World is easier to control and easier to selectively depopulate.

Some mega-corporate CEOs undoubtedly see this end game. They’re jockeying and tap dancing and scheming to avoid it. They’re telling themselves, “The day of the big crunch is still a long way off, I don’t have to worry about it now, I’ll be gone to my grave when it happens, and there’s always the dream of selling big to China and India…”

The most popular product on the planet is Denial, and it’s free.

As an aside, you should now be able to see the true motive behind exacerbating racial conflict within America and within other countries. Whatever can be done to raise the level of conflict acts as a cover story—concealing the fact that what many poverty-stricken areas need now is what they had before: jobs.

When those jobs left, neighborhoods and communities were shattered. This must be covered up, kept silent, omitted from the official news. Instead, residents of those areas must be led to demand something they will (purposely) never get: justice.

All the gobbledygook about “a dialogue on race” and “privilege” and other politically correct notions are jacked-up propaganda, aimed at concealing the economic realities of Globalism.

The Matrix Revealed

That word Globalism was all over the news 20 years ago. Notice that now it has nearly disappeared. In its place are numerous cover stories, diversions, distractions, and even yes, a rising Presidential candidate who appears to understand the Globalist game.

But Bernie Sander’s solutions turn out to be quite in line with Globalists’ objectives: hand over more functions of the economy to the government.

—As you dig further and further down the rabbit hole, you find that all covert ops meet at the place where the Individual and his latent power are defamed and discounted. And that is where the counter-offensive, which is creative and innovative, begins.

It begins with the Individual seeing through the lies about himself.

The Matrix spins those lies, hoping to obscure something awesome that lives in the hidden psyche of every person, beyond the grasp of any and all mind control.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “If America were a car, it would be in the shop

  1. swo8 says:

    Check out TVO.org and the documentary “The Super Rich and Us”.

  2. It’s simply amazing to me…every time I have on the news, and a financial segment comes on, it’s always the same jargon, “Sales are down from last year…”, yadda, yadda, yadda…and yet, it never dawns on the robot teleprompter dictater to maybe throw in, as an aside, “This may be because Americans’ jobs have been outsourced”.

    Yeah, right.

    Why break with tradition?

  3. From Québec says:

    Amazing! Reading your post today, Jon, felt like listening to a Donald Trump rallly

    He gets it, he is one smart cookie. That’s almost what all of his speech rallies are about. Just like you, he has a very understanding and analysing mind.
    And he has solutions, great solutions to solve this problem, and he will solve them, if elected.

    Now, if you are an American, and if you love your country, you have to listen to this video. If you don’t like your country, don’t listen to it. And if you hate Donald Trump, just listen to this video for entertainment only. Whatever the case is, just take the time to listen to it. It is not his best speech, but it is his latest one.

    Here it is:

    Trump starts talking at 23:00

    FULL Speech: Donald Trump Rally at Clemson University – February 10, 2016

    • Michael Burns says:

      @ from Quebec

      He thinks waterboarding and torture are ok.
      He thinks cutting heads of it ok too.
      He thinks assassination of sovereign leaders is ok…like north Korea leader.

      Convince me once again that Donald our man…blah.

      • Theodore says:

        You two continue your dialog.

        The following is just as a side-bar…

        “Ted Cruz, do you agree that the waterboarding water should be *fluoridated*?” Mr. Supreme asked. “Shouldn’t we at least *fluoridate* the water that we use to waterboard the bad people with?”

        Ted Cruz Gets Trolled by Pro-Pony Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme.


      • From Québec says:

        Go to sleep and dream of Bernie Sander, Michael
        You have no clue, and I have no time to waste with non voters.

      • From Québec says:

        Go back to sleep Michael, and dream about Bernie Sander.
        Waste of time to dicuss politics with a leftist.

        • Michael Burns says:

          You take this so very personal, and everything is so cut and dried, that is the point for me; personally I don’t give a fiddlers dam about any of them. There is not one country or world leader that is worth anything, they are all cut from the same cloth. They are in for themselves, their own gain, power and money; they are part of a very large Industrial scale illusion factory that pumps out lie after lie after lie.
          Kneading it, rolling it baking it in a humongous pie.

          It is you that I try to wake to this fact… by making light of the stuation and ridiculing Trump in this particular case
          But you ridicule me in return…now that scary. Whither it be politics or religion. Because that is fanaticism in action. You get so angry about this, you have so much emotion invested; involved in a stuation that is vastly beyond your control.
          That kind of zeal is dangerous in the wrong hands Quebec. Regimes have been built in South America and Germany on such zeal, and then people like me are put to firing squads.

          Non voters are a waste of time?…seriously that is what I am to you, a waste of time.

          I can’t seem to make the connection to Bernie Sanders and myself, and I can’t make the connection to me being a leftist either; I am apolitical, if anything call me a anarchist.

          • From Québec says:

            I already called you an anarchist, don’t you remember…lol ?

            All I can tell you Michael, is that Donald Trump is not a politician, he’s a business man. Very different kind of thinking. He’s a builder! Whereas politicians are takers and destroyers.

            • Rastafari says:

              Trump is businessman?
              Bankrupt multiple times.
              How does he figure with the israelis that run this corporation called usa, inc?
              He’s the globalist poster boy.
              And he has a tv show. Hmmm. Another actor.

              Due to the fact that voting and elections are rigged, see Hacking Democracy …

              Patriotic Americans are calling for stand-down and boycott of elections.
              Only treasonous traitors will vote, standing up for one of the two evils presented to them.

            • To Rastafari….

              +1 (excellent comment)

              To FQ

              MB has to lie in their “bed”. He has EVERY right to vocalise….and more!

      • From Québec says:

        Michael, see the 3 minutes video in this article below. Trump is the only one who is against all those wars:

        Opposes endless war supported by Clinton, Rubio and Cruz

        • Michael Burns says:

          We speak in different languages, you and I, you cannot convince me of any politician righteousness.
          I do not recognize their authority. I will not summit to their rule of authority. I can self govern FQ.
          Hilary Clinton is the next President of the United States of America, the whole game is simply about that. There has not been democratically elected POTUS since JFK.
          America is a nation in decline; as Dr Paul Craig Roberts states in his blog, America is insouciant, and why is that, because their is of no significance.
          It is now apparent that Google hold influence of twenty-five percent of the American vote.
          Google in the end will be the deciding vote.

          • From Québec says:

            And you agree that Google should have that power? Come on American men, have you all being feminized or what? Get the corruption out of your election process… get involved, or die.

            And you Michael, you are talking to the wind. When they will come for you for some unknown reason, even if you did nothing wrong, , they will throw you in jail and there is nothing you will be able to do about it in that corrupt system, You are controlled whether you like it or not. So it is up to you to fight for a decent non-corrupted government. But, you are too lazy to do it. So good luck, with that! Go ahead, give up your power, Michael, that is exactly what they want from you. You play right into their hands and you don’t even realize it. WAKE-UP!

            • Michael Burns says:


              Giving up your power, is voting in their system.
              Giving up your power is saying “I need to be ruled I need to be governed, I must choose from the lesser of these two evils, become part of an electoral GROUP. I must become a part of this greater electoral COLLECTIVE and place my mark on a ballot for a man or a woman whom I would never get next too, I will never meet; never mind sitting down and having a conversation with the idiot for fifteen or twenty minutes.

              But I must, because he/she has said they will do this or that for the country and I can trust in that knowledge. Because why. Because I gain by that? Because that’s solid gold.
              He says he all for assassinating the North Korean leader, Hell let’s do it, lets put a bullet between his beady little eyes.
              Hell Donald wants to build a half mile high wall across the border between Mexico and the US. That what I believe…yes sir rebob. Let’s build two walls.
              Ban Muslims… fuck why stop at that, lets ban Catholics, and Buddhists, Scientologists…those weirdos, and above all let ban godam french women from Quebec. Short little people with poofy accents.

              For one thing FQ, I am Canadian, and not eligible for the American vote, not that I care to vote in America.
              But you throw all this nonsense at me to monger in fear, throw fear at me for what; you call lazy, you call me leftist, you call what ever you want. You call me a beer drinking, dope smokin pinko commie socialist for all I care.
              Do you realize you are insane from all this, you crazy misandrist.
              I say you are a fruit loops lunatic, my power is mine FQ, mine alone, and I will never ever give it away to a two-bit piece of crap named Trump, or Clinton, or Trudeau or Harper, or Cruz or Sanders or Rubio, Jeb, you or fucking Santa Claus.
              Say something real you batshit crazy ole french woman.

              What I understand is, you add nothing of value to the discussion at hand.

              Quit watching those soaps, quit listening to Alex Jones, quit listening to Donald, get a bicycle go for ride, put on some slutty outfit and go pick up some young stud, fly a kite, jump out of airplane with an parachute…take chinese cooking lessons, learn a new language , teach yourself to play the ukulele. But stop with El Jefe Trumpo.

              Jon could write a piece on newly designated vaccination program for the whales of the world, and for some Godam reason, that says to you, Bingo!… “Time for another two or three hundred words on the virtues of Trump business acumen.
              What I understand is, you add nothing of value to the discussion at hand. You banter on in a closed mind drivel about a guy with a hairpiece. You walk into the room and the air goes right out of it. I will not reply to any of your comments anymore, say what will. You have become obnoxious, and rude.

            • Rastafari says:

              Michael Burns,
              I love you.

              /s/ Rastafari

            • Michael Burns says:

              Lol, Rasta youu, rasta mee. Wat you be tink ken Rasta, you be getin me some kick ass fromm dee schoolgirl.
              And so man..dee moral of dee storee iz, don’t be votin far no rinky dink.
              And the dee las part, never no Irish rasta in thee house mann, they start da fight, an den aahlll is brok.
              Amerika dee car iz brok ken and in dee shap…one love, one heart…let’s get together and feel alright.

        • Rastafari says:

          Dear Quebec:
          Please provide some evidence that Trump opposed the wars. As successful as he is, he has plenty of money for activism. And, with all that money he has alot of friends too. Big network he can influence. So, since the wars have been going on during the time Trump made the big money (when he wasn’t declaring bankruptcy) … during this time, post-911 let’s call it … I’m sure a Big Boss Man like Trump, all that money and friend, and being against the wars, he has plenty to show.

          Let’s see the articles he wrote in opposition to the invasion of sovereign nations, Iraq and Afghanistan to start. Articles, speeches and interviews … where Donald Trump actually showed us what he was doing to stop the wars.

          Articles he wrote?
          Interviews he gave?
          Speeches all around to gain support for stopping the wars, the tortures, the invasions, the lockdown of Americans …
          Did he hold fundraisers to hire PR guys to campaign against the wars?
          Where are the letters he wrote to anyone and everyone who would listen to try and stop the invasions?

          Where is the evidence that he’s been this anti-war, pro-people activist all these years?

          Call the Donald (he’s a favorite of yours, you blow his horn, so I’m sure he’ll take your calls), and ask him to provide a booklet to the American people of all the letters he wrote to those in charge and their financiers to stop the wars. And stop the rape of the American people.

          I’ve been out of the loop, so I must have missed The Donald and his activism for the people. I look forward to you sharing the goodies about The Donald with us. You’re such an enthusiastic supporter, and you claim he is anti-war, so let’s see what he’s actually done about it. As he is just the type of person who really could do something about it. Which he would have done if he is who he says/claims he is. Thank you.

    • Rastafari says:


      Jon, your article could not possibly remind anyone of anything about donald trump. He’s a phony, fake, superficial actor. You write profound truth, Jon, nothing like trump at all.

      Shillspicious behavior around here, promoting all kinda BS of mainstream like alex jones, trump, etc. Maybe paid troll/shill to stir the Jon pot? attempted poison of Jon’s readers? mind control attack within the ranks of readers.

      They gave ole trump a funny hair style, big eyebrows, and schizoid personality. Then they put him on TV, gave him a show. He’s a tv actor. And now they want Americans to believe this guy is presidential material. Nice try but fail.

  4. Here’s why, Jon.

    I think that Zionism (NOTHING to do with “Judaism”) and “globalism” are poor cousins. The only way the “Messiah” will make peace on Earth is by controlling the planet via a central authority, such as the United Nations. That needs a force which could be the Pentagon/CIA/military-industrial-complex conglomerate.

    We are seeing ignorant chimps trying to mimic Atlantis control methods and that’s why the globalist car is in the shop. The US was meant to be their Promised Land and they destroyed it so now are forced to seek new pastures. China next?

    I am currently penning a new topical post, “The Fall of Mankind”, for https://exopolitician.wordpress.com


  5. Jacqueline says:

    The tendency is to perceive the underlying motivations for creating a NWO as a desire to ‘take over the world.’ However, considering that those working toward this goal were the same who structured the Central Banks in 160 countries (and the IMF, and the World Bank, etc.) to create systems of fiat currency, these people would know full well that at some point the systems would collapse and their ‘game would be up.’ A total loss of currency value would result in a parallel total loss of their power, as they hold the most of the world’s debt. The ensuing collapse would result in greater devastation to their spheres of existence than to ours, particularly since the masses would be out for their blood.

    Therefore, the sole option is to initiate a system of total control. It’s imperative that the system be in place and operational prior to the collapse, or their loss is total – money, power, control – and most likely leading to imprisonment and/or death.

    Certainly it’s taken decades to lay the groundwork by virtue of its sheer scale, but the recent teetering fiat economies require rapid acceleration. I can’t help but think that another factor which contributed to the quickening plan was Iceland. Iceland was the single country who essentially flipped off the ‘big bankers,’ its people clearly stating it was not they who incurred the debt and therefore there was no intention of payback. Their bankers are in an ongoing process of being prosecuted (26 in jail thus far), the existing government was replaced, and the country is in the process of re-writing its constitution to insure the scenario will never play out again.

    This is the example for the rest of the fiat-driven economies to follow, and don’t those bankers know it. It’s the primary reason so little was reported about it and, even today, one has to dig to find updates on the country’s progress. The upshot here: 1) NWO order is, more than anything, about a particular group looking to save their asses, and 2) citizens hold more power than they realize to alter the economic course of their countries.

  6. saiko says:

    “One Planet, In Poverty, with no liberty or justice for anyone”

    As I keep asking – what would be the benefit to them (“globalists”) of such a scenario?

  7. @Jac

    Well said…I like it. One point though in their world Power structure, money does not neccessarily equal power. Their old power structure is as old as history.
    You have to remember they invented this monopoly board we all play on.
    It is so important to invent new ways of commerce.

  8. From Québec says:

    To Rastafari….

    Holy cow! I knew fluoride in the water was bad, but I never thought it was that bad,

    Patriots asking people not to vote? You mean cowards didn’t you? These people are pussies. They don’t have the guts to fight for their country. Losers, that’s who they are.

    Yes, give up all your rights, and give the government the full power to do whatever they want. Give them a free pass. How stupid? And end-up with either Hilary or Bernie as dictators for life. Such hopless people letting government walk all over them…. Oh boy, your country is really gone!

    Then, when you will realize your mistake, you will try to protest and will be arrested, indicted and they will throw you in jail for 40 years, like they are doing to Cliven Boudy for protesting peacefully in Oregon.

    Get invole for crying out loud! Get rid of the corruption. Stop being losers and cowards. You can win if you try, but I guess that’s too hard work for lazy cowards. They rather stay at home and drink beer.

    And as far as Trump is concerned, get your facts right. Show me your 15 billion dollar company with tremendous flow cash and show me your international success… till then… like Trump said to Jeb: Be quiet!

    • Next you’ll be saying, those that don’t take vaccines infect everyone else.

      Are you sure you are on the right board, FQ?

      • From Québec says:

        I knew about vaccines probably longer than you have. I’ve been listening to the Alex Jon Show, daily, for over 12 years. Never missed a single show. I could teach you a few things, I read some of you posts on your website and let me tell you, you are far from knowing what is really going on. But you will never admit it, so I won’t insist.

        If you like your opinion, you can keep your opinion. What do I care? It’s your country after all, if you don’t care about it’s your choice.

        • Interesting, FQ, you create a “slant” with this vaccines BS and then say I am “far from knowing” what’s going on yet don’t qualify that massive statement. You offer nothing. Your hand is played.

    • Rastafari says:

      LOL.Quebec. Canadian up there giving I a lecture. I’ve suspected you as shill for a long time. This promotion of Trump and his/their (globalist) program of control has been a constant theme in your writing. Now you slinging insults and innuendo in a rude fashion.

      You seem to be the only one commenting here that always presents us with a globalist choice. Never a choice of our own. Like a choice not to engage in corruption. Like “elections”.

      You want to be a part of corrupt system, which is obviously the case, then go right ahead.

      But expect a slapdown from those who standdown from evil and corruption. Good people of the world are taking a stand. Your job appears to be to stop the standing. Corral the good people back into the holding pen of corporate corruption.

      You are saying the only way to fix the corruption is to be a part of it? You want people to step up and vote in elections where the votes aren’t counted properly? I thought that when you vote, you’re saying “I want this person to be president” … buy you’re saying that’s not what the vote means? Of course a “vote” only means that you believe in the system. You’ve been duped. You cannot think for yourself. And you are admitting you need “authority” and “govern-ment”.

      You’re telling me to be quiet?! Because I point out the corrupted election process (with proof and evidence trail)? Now that’s a good one. Guess The Donald business practices (bully people who don’t agree) rub off on you real good. You now even mimic him.

      Your trumpeting trump with blind loyalty … prime example of mind-controlled subject of the King.

      Anyway, Michael Burns is right, Hillary will be appointed next.

      the donald is just another actor, a guy who been bankrupt several times, so is a good example to Americans, he got now big TV show, lots of publicity while spouting about being president. He’s just a foil for Hillery. A distraction until The HillBill climbs back in the saddle again.

      Blessing be one and all.

      Boycott all things babylon, including their phoney elections.

      • From Québec says:

        First of all Donald Trump has never been bankrupt. Where do you get your information, from the Washington post,,,lol?

        Second, you say: You’re telling me to be quiet?! Because I point out the corrupted election process (with proof and evidence trail)?

        No, I’m telling you to FIX the corruption in your voting system.

        I’ve done it in Québec. I got involved. We might be a shit hole socialist province, but there is no corruption in our voting system. I made sure of that. I was involve for at least 20 years as a superviser, keeping the voting system clean. And it work, Now I don’t know about the other provinces, but in Québec, believe me, it’s clean.

  9. From Québec says:

    Okay Rastafaru, you agree to die under a NWO, that is your choice, not mine. Don’t fight and get what you deserve.

  10. From Québec says:

    To Michael:

    You live in a dream world. You are ruled and controlled like everyone else on this planet. Do you pay income taxes? Yes, and if you don’t and they find out, they will throw you in jail. They are destroying the world with all sorts of things you can’t avoid, like pesticides, Chemtrails, nuclear leaks, wars, etc…
    And you think you are not controlled…bwahahahah!

    Wake up Michael! The dream bubble you live in is just about to burst, But, if you have some balls, you would fight the corruption. But of course, since you cannot see beyond your nose, you cannot fight what you don’t see.

    Good Lord! What have males become?

    • @FQ
      Ah yes dee dremmin man, no I don’t be payin no taxes man, wat gee be tink ken, you should be chillin.
      Ah they awe ways be pressin the black man. No one contollin the Michael.
      An wat jew be sayin bout me noz and me balls and wats in me pants.
      Rasta mann…..one love eh.

      • Rastafari says:

        Mi breddrin Bob say: “evry law onna di face a dis eart’ a illegal. evry guvament onna di face a dis eart’ a illegal. Not one a dem is legal.” yeah mon. dat wat InI abide by onna di trod tru babylon.

        blessed love and irie.

  11. From Québec says:

    Stefan Molyneux explains Trump

    The Untruth About Donald Trump

    • Here is a little song I wrote
      You might want to sing it note for note
      Don’t worry be happy
      In every life we have some trouble
      When you worry you make it double
      Don’t worry, be happy……

      Ain’t got no place to lay your head
      Somebody came and took your bed
      Don’t worry, be happy
      The land lord say your rent is late
      He may have to litigate
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Look at me I am happy
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Here I give you my phone number
      When you worry call me
      I make you happy
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
      Ain’t got no girl to make you smile
      But don’t worry be happy
      Cause when you worry
      Your face will frown
      And that will bring everybody down
      So don’t worry, be happy (now)…..

      There is this little song I wrote
      I hope you learn it note for note
      Like good little children
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Listen to what I say
      In your life expect some trouble
      But when you worry
      You make it double
      Don’t worry, be happy……
      Don’t worry don’t do it, be happy
      Put a smile on your face
      Don’t bring everybody down like this
      Don’t worry, it will soon pass
      Whatever it is
      Don’t worry, be happy

      Read more: Bob Marley – Don´t Worry Be Happy Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

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