If a sane person took over Trump’s body

If a sane person took over Trump’s body

by Jon Rappoport

March 1, 2016

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Body snatchers. Body switchers.

For the moment, for the purposes of argument, let’s say Donald Trump is a crazy son of a bitch. He doesn’t mean what he says. He doesn’t remember many things he says. He won’t really try to enact his promises if he’s the next President. Or (if you hate what he stands for), he will try to make those promises stick.

Now, let’s imagine a sane person could take over Trump’s body. Boom. A person who actually means what he says, who’s prepared to give his all, who cares about people, etc. Would that person keep any of Trump’s current rhetoric? Would he retain any part of Trump’s message?

In other words, if we could separate Trump the man from what he’s been saying, does any of it make sense? Does any of it, in fact, challenge the men who’ve really been running this country for a long time? Does any of it make them turn red, choke, spit, and fall down in the street?

Well, here are a few quotes from a recent Weekly Standard editorial, “Selling America Short,” by Max Boot and Benn Steil. Both authors are senior fellows at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Steil is the CFR’s director of international economics, as well.

The CFR is the US home of Globalism, Inc.

No, the Weekly Standard authors aren’t choking and spitting (in public), they’re keeping their cool, but they aren’t happy:

“Start with trade policy, the area that, along with immigration, seems to exercise him [Trump] the most. One of America’s greatest accomplishments in the early postwar era was the creation of a rules-based international trade regime.”

“Governments stuck by this trade regime even through the recent financial crisis and recession. Trump, however, says he is prepared to abrogate America’s commitments, citing nothing more than the pretense that our importing more than we export is evidence of ‘cheating’ by foreign governments…As for the recently concluded 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, not yet ratified by Congress, Trump has condemned it.”

Yes, indeed. These trade treaties (GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, etc.) are the cornerstones of the Globalist cathedral. NAFTA, for example, allowed the massive export of cheap US corn to Mexico, put 1.5 million Mexican corn farmers into bankruptcy, and led some of those farmers to come across the border in the immigration wave.

The mainstream press doesn’t pound on that story.

The trade treaties have allowed US manufacturers to: shut down their factories here, throwing huge numbers of Americans out of work (including workers in inner cities); and set up those factories in countries where the going wage is three cents a day.

Then the products made abroad come back into the US as exports—without tariffs. That’s how the corporate scam works. That’s the only way it can work. And the cheap exports drive US competitors, who were hanging on by their teeth, into failure.

Perfect. Who could possibly oppose this marvelous operation?


But he’s crazy, he doesn’t mean what he says, he’s a maniac.


Who, of estimable character, will pick up this sword? Rand Paul? Gone. His father, Ron? Gone. Ralph Nader? Not present.

Who will run for President and assert, in no uncertain terms, that he’ll smash those trade treaties to bits, come hell or high water, regardless of prior agreements?

Bernie Sanders?

Yes, he opposes the trade deals. But does he have what it takes to a) win the nomination, and b) win the Presidency, and c) go to the wall, unilaterally declaring the trade treaties null and void, creating a planetary uproar, and bringing the whole house down?

Because that’s what it will take. No Congress is going to pass a law retracting the treaties. No government agency is going to rise up on its hind legs and revolt. No Supreme Court is going to cancel a treaty.

The US economy could fail completely and fall into abject ruin—and still no government entity would budge.

Bernie Sanders would never go way out on a limb and unilaterally declare trade treaties null and void.

These pundits and “fellows” and directors, who occupy little thrones at Globalist press outlets and think tanks and foundations and nonprofits? Suddenly—let a flood of analysts from overseas arrive, as “exports,” as “products,” “without tariffs,” snatching their jobs for far less money and putting them out on the street. Then, let’s find out how these newly unemployed Globalist experts feel about “free trade.” Let’s hear them scream about “America first.” Let’s see them foam at the mouth.

Let’s watch these intellectual goons hit the crazy-panic button and develop new theories about what America needs, when their self-interest is actually threatened, for the first time.

When they’re in the same position as US factory workers.

When they can feel the heat and the breath of disaster snuggling up against them in the night.

Some people believe Trump is a Mussolini. Well, there are a lot of Mussolini’s running around defending Globalism, as it purposely cuts the knees from millions of US jobs—thus creating an economically decimated country and a decimated planet.

An economically decimated planet is easier to command, from above. Which is the Globalist wet dream.

exit from the matrix

There is a crazy loose-talking cowboy running for President who seems to understand at least a part of this plan. And says he’ll torpedo it, no matter what. He now has a straight shot at winning the nomination.

He’d be running against a candidate who, in her wildest dreams, would never think of backing off one inch from Globalism Inc. If she isn’t lying through her teeth every day, she isn’t happy. If, every morning, there isn’t another foreign country to destabilize and drive into failed-nation status, she isn’t happy. As President, at last ensconced in the Oval Office, with The Power, she would cackle with mad glee, and take out her long list of old enemies against whom she intends to wreak final revenge.

If Trump is a Mussolini, what is she?

If you believe Trump is an unhinged lunatic, then there are two lunatics running against each other for the Presidency of the United States.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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40 comments on “If a sane person took over Trump’s body

  1. middleway says:

    The democracy game has been reduced to choosing the lesser of two evils.
    “If Trump is a Mussolini, what is she?”, … would The Whore of Babylon be deemed inappropriate?
    The choice is yours.

  2. From Québec says:

    Now, let’s imagine a sane person could take over Trump’s body. (Jon)

    There is already a sane person in Trump’s body. So what would be the point? Nobody can see more clearly than him about what is going around in this crazy globalist world.

    Trump knows about good and bad deals, it’s his speciality. And who knows the banking system better than him?

    If Trump would be an unhinged lunatic, he surely would not have been able to built such a successful company.

    He’s the man! And if he gets the nomination, he will crush Hillary so hard, she will never recuperate from it. In fact, she might just end-up in jail.

  3. ebolainfo says:

    Hillary a lunatic? Lying criminal (Emailgate/Bhengazi) was my prior label but lunatic seems an amusing fit.

  4. Terry Schiller says:

    Jon, thank you so much for your take on Trump, Hilary, and Bernie. I have come to depend on your opinion of just about everything. Never expected to emerge as a REPUBLICAN for Oregon’s closed Primary.

    • Ignominious says:

      You are an example of of my explanation for Trumps political success. People crossing over that are at very least not conservatives.

  5. Greg C. says:

    Remember how Perot was satirized on talk radio when he was running against Bush? Limbaugh would play the Patsy Cline song “Crazy.” No denying he was a very odd guy, eccentric. Eccentric people will say exactly what they think without self-censoring. Perhaps blue-collar America has learned its lesson, and no longer demands someone who will pander to the masses with every statement. Just the same, Trump makes us nervous. Imagine you are on a 747, and suddenly the crew can’t fly the plane – who knows, maybe food poisoning. The plane’s running out of fuel and has to land real soon. Then a guy in a cowboy hat, wearing a monocle and a velvet smoking jacket, stands up and says he can land the plane. He just doesn’t look like a real airline pilot, though he seems to have a lot of confidence. What are you going to do, have a discussion with everyone to decide if he should be allowed to try? Like it or not, Trump is the only one who is willing to keep the country from doing a nose-dive into globalism.

    • From Québec says:

      Great post Greg.

    • Michael Burns says:

      @Greg C

      Some things that might cause your sphincter to get extremely spasmodic:

      “And today President Donald Trump was sworn in office”

      “And to cap off for today news folks. President Trump was handed the nuclear codes, and his own personalized in gold lettering Nuclear football.”

      “And as we can see, Air Force One, with newly elect President Donald R Trump has just touched down on the tarmac here in Mexico City for an emergency meeting President Trump has called for, with the Mexican President.”

      “President Donald Trump has started to pick the first in his cabinet today, and has choosen his sons Eric and Donald Jr to significant posts. Donald Jr is to mount the office of the State department, Donald will become the new Secretary of State. Eric Trump on the other hand is to be the new Secretary of the Treasury.
      It has been rumoured that President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump could be the next Secretary of Transportation.”

      “President Trump will be giving his first speech at the UN this evening, on the issue of Syria and the refugee crisis.”

      “President Trump has given today a state order to round up all 11 million Mexican people today to be detained a special facilities in the Arizona desert upon inspection of their visas and green cards, and proof of citizenship.
      In another story fruit and vegetable prices spiked to a new high upon the news from the White House.”

      “President Trump today upon entering the White House for the first time, walked along in what should have been a greeting of all the White House staff of maids and cleaning people, kitchen and maintenance staff dressed in their finery, President Trump exclaming your fired…your fired…your mexican?…your fiyarded.”

      “President Trump after being in office a meer three weeks; does not seem to be able to put together a proper cabinet. Besides post appointed friends and relatives, every one of experience and caliber asked to administer a cabinet post has declined the take the offer.”

      “It seems there is no end to President Donald Trump’s problems, the senate and congress have walked out, threatening to never return unless President Trump is impeached for firing all the White House staff, and bringing Mexican and American relations to near war situation… the dismal relations have caused rioting in both countries…more to come.”

      “President Donald Trump met the the Dalai Lama today, in a state visit by the enlightened one, President Trump came out and said to his holiness, “I know everything about Buddhism, I took a college course in Buddha, I am the smartest guy there is about Buddhism, his family (Buddha’s) is related to mine way way back…I’m a living God too, Mr Lama.”

      “China today, refused to have President Trump come on a first state visit to China, citing, “Donald Trump is an idiot.”, is this some kind of strange American joke. He is’nt really president…is he? We thought this was a new reality show.”

      “As President Trump stepped of Air Force One at his oppulent and illustrious and newly completed Trump golf course in Dubai, for a round of eighteen with some of his cabinet and the British Prime Minister, his hairpiece blew off his head, and presidentual aids were seen scuttling off down the runway after the orange thing. the hairpiece was finally accosted about a quarter mile down the windy tarmac, it seems our Donald is the first bald president.”

      “President Trump today met President elect of Russia, Vladimir Putin for the first time…after formal handshakes President Trump was heard in saying, while pointing vigorously into President Putin’s chest with a index finger. “You Vlad have big guns, we have big guns..but ours are the very best and the biggest, big guns, nobody has bigger guns than America.”

      • I.M. Pistoff says:

        Your imagination and spelling/punctuation make my sphincter spasmodic; you’ll find that educated people will give your argument more consideration if you at least know the difference between and proper usage of words like ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Then, there’s “The Senate and Congress…”?! How about The Senate and House, which together make up Congress, which didn’t quit or threaten to do so when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers; it isn’t likely to do so over the White House domestic staff being fired, as if that would ever happen in such a wholesale fashion. While i seriously doubt we would see Trump appoint his relatives to anything, if he did, he certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so. Also seems to me we’ve had a few bald-headed presidents.

      • From Québec says:

        Michael, this is the most disgusting and uninformed comment that you have ever posted. And, it’s not even funny.

        What are you smoking?

        Or, is it just anger because you realize that you have been wrong since day one about Trump?

        Trump will be the best President ever… and by the way, Putin already called Trump a genius.

        • Michael Burns says:

          @from quebec

          Really fine weed…lol…so you don’t think its funny, Ahahahha, you gotta lighten up. its not like its the end of world.

      • From Québec says:

        For you, Michael:

        Donald Trump Is The Only Candidate Not Calling For WW3

        • Michael Burns says:

          @ TLFG

          Boy Alex is looking buffed, is that stuff he is taking is that a steroid sort thing…not that, that’s a bad thing, he seems overly agrressive in his ad. That isn’t roid rage is it.

          Don’t you think deporting 11 million Mexicans will start a world war…hmm? Definitely a vegetable world war, carrots will become five bucks a piece.

          Don’t ya think building a wall will cause war like tendencies…Mexicans with grappling hooks sounding like zombies on the other side of the wall, groaning and moaning and panting and breaking into a sweat trying to reach the promised late. Standing on the top of the wall with a rope hauling up mama and papa and chico and little sis.
          And then we will see shanty town being built on the top of the wall.

          I heard the Acapulpco gold people will be using trebuchets to get the weed across…it’s the visuals that are hilarious. Bales of cannabis flying over the wall.

          Do you think polarizing and institutionalizing Muslim hatred in the America will cause probems, almost like the black in apartheid Africa. Apartheid America; were muslims know therer place.

          Is Drumpt a natural born in America name…hmm…sounds German, Nazi german?

          Can you imagine the giggles that would come from the room when he is introduced, if his relative had’nt changed their last name that is…

          “And now ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States of America Donald R Drumpt and first lady Melanija Drumpt”

          Campaign slogans would be a bitch:

          “Drumpt-Drumpt-Drumpt-Drumpt…Drumpt for President.”

          “Donald Drumpt: a man is only his name.”

          “Drumpt takes no gumpt.”

          “Forrest Gump for Drumpt”

      • Greg C. says:

        We are in for an interesting ride. Remember Reagan’s joke before going on air, “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” That’s what I liked about Reagan – he could bear the heavy responsibilities of his office with grace and good humor. I admire that. I think Trump will have that same attitude in office, and it will be his detractors who will be tearing their hair out, expecting the end of the world at any moment. Let’s face it, any president will upset millions of people every day. Life’s too short. The best antidote to a tight sphincter is a good belly laugh.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Your the only one that got the joke. And it was a joke….

          • Greg C. says:


            Senator McCarthy could have used a good laugh now and again, to get a better perspective. Pity that he took himself too seriously, and focused too narrowly on the Red menace. Reagan had more balance, and look at the results – the empire was broken up from within. By the way, that joke was not broadcast on the air. It was just a sound test in the studio. So it was in good taste, not meant to rattle the Soviets.

      • Chuck Morrison says:

        I know this is an old post, and probably no one is looking, but Michael, you were almost prophetic! I just have to shake my head and laugh.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Forgot about this…I lessened my rhetoric about him, considering him the lesser of two evils. Shocked me bit when he pulled a boner and bombed Syria. And now the complete turnaround to raising an already bloated military budget. This latest Saudi visit, is trully embarassing for the country.
          He is the last [sic] president. I will never believe again, nor will I compromise my opinion again.
          I smell the Democrats, planning a Trump for 2020, if we last that long.
          So many talking about impeachment; maybe that was the original intent.
          Another day in paradise…cheers mate.
          Don’t let th bastards get you down ;).

    • Alex vandenBerg says:

      Does this analogy not presuppose that we need a leader to steer us to safety? That our solution will come from the same system that gave us the problem? That we ultimately cannot fly the plane ourselves? I think this hits on the crux of it. When did we lose faith in ourselves and why?

      • Greg C. says:

        @Alex: There’s no room in the pilot’s seat for everyone, and that’s where the controls are right now. It seems to me the best way for the people to start taking control is to stop going along with the two-party establishment. Even if Trump only does 1/10 of what he promises, just by getting elected he will severely break up their power base. It’s a strategic option, and it’s ready for us to deploy here and now. And it will help break the spell that people are under. Just think if he actually releases the 28 pages of the 9/11 report – how that act alone will wake people up. Trump seems to have an instinct for the jugular. He scopes out weaknesses and goes for them, rather than trying to play by their rules. So instead of thinking of him as a pilot, picture him as a saboteur behind enemy lines.

        • I.M. Pistoff says:

          No question this country needs an enema; if Trump is nothing more than the stool softener, it’s still a good thing. He’s the only one saying anything different than the same old crap.

        • Michael Burns says:

          @Greg C

          ” Even if Trump only does 1/10 of what he promises, just by getting elected he will severely break up their power base. “- Greg

          You have some valid points. I like your comments Greg.
          Believe me when I say I one favor of the fly in the ointment. He (Trump) is a gun slinger alright, he will cause trouble i am sure; and then maybe not.
          What I say is empty rhetoric anyway.

          Its your above statement; it’s him against how many, from the shadow side, the puppet masters (Who would give him a galloping cancer in a milisecond.).

          Against a government that in the sixties succeeded in assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X the list goes on. Trump will tow the line or else…people talk about globalism as if it has’nt happened. It happened a long time ago. This is us just reminescing.

          This is me just thinking out loud, personally I don’t care who gets in Greg, I don’t care to be governed ever. I don’t care about good or bad government. And I have trouble with those who think that is not my right to think and have such a freedom.

          • Greg C. says:


            After assessing all the possibilities about Trump (is he for real? will they get him? etc.) I have to reduce the whole question to a more elementary issue: character. Trump has a type of character described by some psychologists as genitive which in layman’s terms means he’s got balls. He’s not Mr. nice guy to everyone. He doesn’t shrink back from attacks or tough questions. His energy is productive and outward directed. Other politicians have narcissistic characters. Their energy goes inward – they collect followers and power for themselves. They protect themselves with qualified answers and staged press conferences. They collect money – Trump gives it away, financing his own campaign.

            The kind of character who says, “I don’t care, leave me alone” is exactly what the establishment wants us to be. Blocked energy, ineffective, isolated. I’ve been there, and I found it was boring.

            I don’t have ultimate faith that Trump will save us from the globalists. He could easily fail or be stopped. But success or failure, that’s all hypothetical. Our personal energy, and where we direct it, and who we recognize with it, that’s real.

            • Michael Burns says:


               “I don’t care, leave me alone” is exactly what the establishment wants us to be.” – Greg

              I am not into voting at all greg, I never have, I never will. I am just not into group think. i am truly individual in that, I don’t care if the establishment wants that or not… it’s irrelevant to me. I am the center of my own reality, I am the center of my own Universe.

              What I see as dangerous and the full point of my argument, is the Idolatry, the worship of Trump. This new messiah worship of Trump; it is outrageous when you objectify it and look from outside of this climaxing cluster-fuck of an election. Someone is going to get hurt.
              And for some reason I smell in this one the final disillusionment of the American people.
              I must say I have not seen this type of fanaticism before, but from what I read about voters and the candidates, specifically Trump, I can fully understand how a Hitler or a Mussolini arose to power in Germany in the 1930’s.
              if you are a student of history you will recognize that the death of empires seem to end this way. Rome had it’s Neros and Caligulas. America has it’s Bushes, Clintons and now Trump.

              You speak of Reagan like he was a good guy, while Nancy was saying “say no to drugs. ronnie was making deals in the back room with Olley. Reagan was a student of Dulles.

            • Greg C. says:


              More power to you. Yes, there is definitely a kind of mass hysteria, if you want to call it that, over Trump. But to compare him to Hitler or Mussolini is really thoughtless. Come on, Hitler was an f-ing paper-hanger, trying to overcompensate for his serious character disorder, and a lack of basic male vitality. He was a nobody, and saw political power as his big chance. Unlike Hitler, Trump has nothing to prove – he has it all. He manages multiple businesses, hires thousands of employees. Can you think of one dictator who made his big play for power after a long and successful career outside of politics? He just doesn’t fit the pattern at all.

              Reagan had a good attitude and did a few good things for this country, which is all that we really can expect from a president. Even with all his failures, he steered a new course that created real economic growth and ended the cold war. We could learn from history and maybe replicate the 80’s again with Trump. No analyst can tell us for sure if that is possible, but I’d sure like to see another decade like that one before I’m willing to call it quits and go into the fetal position, politically speaking.

            • Greg C

              I am not sure I agree with what you say at all. Are you referring the Hitler/Mussolini slander aimed at gullible audiences by Zionist-globalists? Nonsense infects your reasoning. The reasons Hitler was successful were three fold:

              1) Levite bankers sucked huge resources out of America (causing the “Wall Street Crash”) to build up a decimated-by-reparations (coordinated by Levite bankers) Germany

              2) Because he got them out of the doo-doo the people LOVED him

              3) Jew media was “on side” until just before the war and PARTICULARLY after the Havaara Agreement (1933) https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/israel-zionist-ambition-isis-and-us-affiliated-connections-part-two/

              If America declared simultaneous multi-lateral wars on every country of the globe, aside from limp protests and the usual “dissent”, the “people” wouldn’t blink! “Corporate responsibility” (and to a large degree, the United Nations) was the brainchild of the NAZI’s.

            • Michael Burns says:

              Thats not what I said Greg, I said I can understand how a Hitler or a Mussolini could get started after that kind of idol worship.

              And Trump has a lot to prove…if he is sincere, and I am wrong that he is only a beard for Hillary; he wants to prove he is better than the rest, than all of them.
              The man has a tremendous ego, if anyone is going to break it up, the old establishment, it could be him if he is’nt cancer or assassinated.
              But I have begun to believe that there is a ancient and awesome world power at work here, behind the scene. something I can’t quite put my finger on. They are connected to everything, an army of the obedient, that serve that hidden power. And have served that hidden power for aeons.
              We have 57 flavours of ice cream, we have ten different versions of the Bagel. But only two political parties, and they are different shades of red.
              The CIA had b een waging economic war against the Soviet Union for a long time before Reagan came along, you have remember Reagan was a ratting out Hollywood during the McCarthy era, there are some who believe and have proof that Regan was working for the CIA during his Hollywood acting days. He is not responsible for the ending of the Cold War. The USSR was broke; how much money did the CIA pump into Afghanistan when the Soviets were there fighting the Mudjahadeen. Bin laden was an ally of the US in those days.
              Don’t you ever yearn for something more than what was, something greater than the best of the good ole days.
              The western worlds political systems are too corrupted, too badly broken. The empire is dying, best to look to new way.

            • Greg C. says:


              No, I don’t really yearn for more than what came before, because I don’t expect it from politics. I’m a realist. I try to keep my political views simple but real. I know there are endless depths of conspiracies, going back centuries, but I just don’t want my life to be consumed with all those details – too complicated to find solutions. You only get the paralysis of analysis. Instead of a complete solution, I look for a partial solution, a stop-gap. Not ideal libertarian freedom, but something reasonable I can live with.

              Yes, Trump has an amazing ego. That’s definitely frowned upon these days. But how is anyone going to take on the NWO head-to-head without an huge ego? Even if he doesn’t know exactly what he is doing, he is willing and ready to put out the big fires right away: Obamacare, no borders, no new jobs for Americans, etc. He likes to boast about his achievements, so his ego will work to our advantage. We can sit back and say it’s no use, they win no matter what. I don’t buy that.

            • Theodore says:

              In a sense, from my perch, the “Trump election” is the last gasp of the American common man “baby boomers” vs the Elites.

              Essentially, the last gasp of the “(essentially) (physically) natural” Americans — the least “synthetic” American common man generation of individuals vs the Elites — who will ALWAYS preserve their naturalness (isn’t that already a given by now?).

              The “(essentially) (physically) natural” American common man “baby boomers”…

              * yes, they grew up with fluoride in the water — since 1945.

              * yes, they grew up with some vaccines.

              * yes, they gave in to the dumbed-downed television programming and movies and sports, sports, sports.

              * yes, they gave into the diet sodas with aspartame in the early 80s.

              * yes, they gave into the regular sodas with HFCS in the early 80s.

              * yes, they gave into the psychotropic drugs.

              * yes, they gave into the pesticide based factory farming.

              * yes, they gave into the More pesticide based factory farming due to GMO.

              * yes, they gave into the anti-biotic laden factory farmed meat.

              * yes, they gave into WiFi in their children’s and grandchildren’s public schools and homes.

              * yes, they gave into the cellphone pressed against their ears cooking their brains.

              * yes, they gave into clothing with numbered sizes to clothing with S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL sizes made in China and sprayed with formaldehyde — to accommodate their fatness due to the glyphosate they ingested from the factory farmed “food” — which wreaks havoc on their endocrine systems.

              * yes, they gave into the Common Core education which drives their grandchildren skitzo.

              should i continue?

              all these layers of toxins, all these layers of toxins,… and now, even with a damped-down pineal gland due to the ingestion of all these toxins over the years, there is still a spark of fire in the common man American symbolized by the Trump election.

              …ready to be lit up like a brush fire.

            • Greg C. says:


              Thanks, I enjoyed reading your comment. I can imagine a dramatic narration to Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” We’re not dead yet!

            • Michael Burns says:

              I agree with your points, everyting is sound and rational. I think that is why I agree so much with Jon . Regionalism needs to be reinvigorated. Individualism held as the highest order of thought rather than the group. The movement towards greater and greater creative freedom. Eventually people would be intelligent enough and naturally moral enough to self govern, to live fully and let others do the same. And big government would not be needed. There are a host of problems that come along with that, but with a focus and vision, generations in the future would achieve that freedom.
              Personally I think we have to walk away from the system and find our own ways grow our own food, work with like minds within our own communities, stop paying their taxes, stop listening to their spin on the world.

            • Greg C. says:

              @Michael: “I agree with your points, everything is sound and rational. I think that is why I agree so much with Jon .”

              But more specifically, we are being trained to see the world through ideals. We are supposed to forget about getting good results. If you did the “right thing” that is all that matters. The most successful dictators are the ones who can shift the masses into ideal-land and get them to live there. Not to mention the jihadists.

              So I don’t see the main issue as group-think vs. individualism. The fanatics from either side make themselves count for nothing in the pursuit of their ideals. They wake up each day with that in mind, rather than opening their eyes to their own possibilities and going with that. So we get individualists who end up in prison for being tax protesters, or cop-baiters testing their constitutional rights, or who spend all their money on guns and prepping. Or only read books about the NWO, interesting as that may be.

              Trump is a guy who doesn’t get caught up in ideal-land, yet who is at is core an individualist. That’s why I like him. Don’t trust the man of principle. He’s the guy driving with his eyes on the map instead of the road.

  6. g77enn says:

    Virtually all the presidential candidates are psychopaths. That’s why they were put there. Trump is a billionaire. You don’t get to play in the billionaire’s club unless you play the Illuminati game. Ask George Green, former banker, what happened when he refused to play their game. He lost everything. It’s all theatrics folks, and it always has been.

  7. Michael Burns says:

    “For the moment, for the purposes of argument, let’s say Donald Trump is a crazy son of a bitch.” – Jon Rappoportay

    …quite lolly gagging around the truth…for godsakes Jon, speak you mind, spit it out. The truth shall set you free.

    Donald is performing admirably, he should get an academy award in all categories for this…and I think they promised him a seat at the big people table. and his own little cabin in Bohemian grove. And a big increase in that 250 million dollar bank account of his…

    Hillary pitted against him will soon look like Mother freakin Theresa. Ohhhh and against the great terrible misogynist himself. America loves contrast…this is called playing to the polemics.

    If i am not wrong the vote seems to be split is it not….reality TV it’s getting too pred dick ta ball.

    Meanwhile folks on another Station cross town there are those who still believe the election is real and true and its the end of the world if you don’t get out there and do your bit…thing.

  8. Ignominious says:

    Your last sentence sums things up –

    “If you believe Trump is an unhinged lunatic, then there are two lunatics running against each other for the Presidency of the United States.”

    Contrary to your premise there are others to choose from still. I’m hoping they aren’t the final choice because both are liars and fakes.

  9. Great post, Jon

    Even though a French-Canadian blog visitor constantly contradicts me, I have always maintained that Trump is the best choice for America and it will be a rotten choice.

    Mind you, if he does have the ballz to get full steam behind scrapping (not watering it down) the TPP and other dreadful treaties, well, perhaps, he does have some gravy to put on the usual poop.

    If fact, I recently commented on Facebook:

    “There is talk in Washington of the Whitehouse toilet joining the presidential race. It would promise to offer transparency like never before…”


  10. Linda Goodman says:

    I think you’re a genius, Mr. Rappaport, but your negative spin on Donald Trump and positive spin on Bernie Sanders is so wrong, imo. Sanders is a fraud, who killed Audit the Fed in 2010, switching it for a worthless amendment and betraying Ron Paul and all of us. And Donald Trump is arguably the most creatively successful man on the planet, and actions are the measure of a man. And he talks straight, not crazy. I’m shocked that you seem to not know the difference.

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