Who’s worse? Hillary or Trump?

Who’s worse? Hillary or Trump?

How deep hypnosis works.

by Jon Rappoport

March 9, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Hillary is the standard image of a politician. Yes, there is a standard. Talk in empty generalities with fake passion and fake caring. Claim that “experience” is vital. “I have close relationships with world leaders.” Be on top with social issues. “I’m for women, I’m for African Americans.”

It’s really the fakery that assures voters. “Well, she’s completely full of it, but that’s what I expect from a President. That’s what a President looks like and sounds like. We’ve made it to 2016 with a full parade of fakers in the Oval Office, so why should we stop now?”

This is called the power of hypnotism.

Trump, of course, breaks the mold. He’s crazy, he wants to build a wall. He wants to cancel trade treaties. He smack-talks the media and other politicians. He’s a dismissive blowhard. He’s real estate operator. Forget it. All this is anti-hypnotic and therefore disturbing. “How dare you stir me from my slumber. I’m angry at you, and I would never vote for a man who makes me angry. I want to be smoothed.”

But let’s do a comparison. Worst case (for those who hate Trump), he’s elected. He’s in the Oval. He actually builds a wall and keeps out immigrants (thereby limiting racist America to 60 million immigrants living here, the bastard). He ups the Pentagon budget. He does a few bombing runs in foreign lands. He tries to bring corporate factories and jobs back to America. He tries to negate Globalist trade treaties. He exacerbates racial and religious tensions at home (no recent President has done that, right?).

What about Hillary? The standard President. The one with experience and common sense and perspective.

Jeffrey Sachs, writing at the Huffington Post, about Hillary, offers this (“Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine,” 2/5/2016):

“It is hard to know the roots of this record of disaster. Is it chronically bad judgment? Is it her preternatural faith in the lying machine of the CIA? Is it a repeated attempt to show that as a Democrat she would be more hawkish than the Republicans? Is it to satisfy her hardline campaign financiers? Who knows? Maybe it’s all of the above. But whatever the reasons, hers is a record of disaster. Perhaps more than any other person, Hillary can lay claim to having stoked the violence that stretches from West Africa to Central Asia and that threatens US security.”

She advised her husband, the President, to bomb Serbia in 1999.

She voted to invade Iraq in 2002.

She urged military escalation in the failed war in Afghanistan.

She pushed and pushed Obama to bomb Libya, which is now a desperate non-nation torn to shreds. “We came, we saw, he (Ghaddafi) died.” Cackle, cackle.

She pushed for regime change (covert war) in Syria.

She stumped for NATO incursions in the Ukraine and Georgia.

Death. Maiming. Wounding. Chaos. Populations living in an aftermath of horror.

But…no problem. It was always somewhere else. It wasn’t here. That’s standard for a President. Kill people in invisible places. Play it down. Invent fairy tales to explain it. “Spreading Democracy.” Yes, that works. Happens all the time.

Trump is a cowboy racist Nazi who can’t be stomached. Hillary is fine. She’s easy. Maybe she loves Monsanto, but that’s just a bump in the road. Health-food devotees can petition her for GMO labeling. Sure. That’s an adequate response. Rainbows and marshmallows.

Anyway, she’s a woman. Women don’t kill people. Except when they do. In foreign lands, craziness is happening we can’t begin to understand—it’s complicated, this national security business, this CIA business, this Globalist business, this military-industrial complex business. We have to leave that to the pros. Like Hillary. She’s a veteran politician. She knows the score.

She knows where the bodies are buried. Because she’s buried them.

In many ways, Trump will upset the delicate balance. Hillary won’t. She’ll keep on killing, which is what we expect. Anything we already expect is good.

Trump is a vicious predator.

Hillary is standard.

The logic is impeccable.

She protects us, as any standard President does. If we can’t see the blood of others on her lips, on her face, dripping down into her cocktail in the War Room, if we can’t see her rictus grin, that’s good, too. We don’t need to see that.

Trump is Hitler, and Hillary is a national-security version of Mother Theresa.

Hillary helps spread terror over a considerable area of the world, and encourages the birth of new terrorists; Trump says he wants to spread a wide net and stop terrorists from entering the US. He’s completely insane and vicious. She’s an absolute darling.

the matrix revealed

No, wait, that couldn’t be right. I’m voting for Hillary. I want her to be queen of the world. She means well. She has to mean well. I want to unleash her humanity, all of it, from her deepest core. It’ll be fine.


It’s all about the children. And the village. Something like that.

It’s not the smell of bullshit and charred bodies. It’s the perfume of a golden dawn.

It has to be.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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25 comments on “Who’s worse? Hillary or Trump?

  1. DDearborn says:


    Who is worse? I think that is pretty obvious: BERNIE SANDERS IS BY FAR THE WORST CANDIDATE! The candidate that this article was written to support.

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    Good One!

  3. Michael Burns says:

    Jon the rapper, it reads like a song, like a poem. It nice when the ballet of brain flows out like warm chocolate on a marble table top, covered with ruby-red strawberries.

    It  fell off my tongue like a sound argument; you favor Humpty Drumpt? The lesser of two evils.  Arsenic instead of cyanide. A bullet to brain rather than a macheted to death. Falling of mountain rather than slowly crushing out of the life.

    What if we can’t move on until we fulfill this last chapter and verse of the Book of the Revelations. What happens if we can’t go forward until this book is finished and we put the damn book back on the shelf as concluded, finished, and read, and re-read and pondered and until his next new book…did he write any other books this G-O-D guy.

    Yes the great whore has to mount the throne of the world, and Humpty Drumpt has to fornicate with her, and the half Hillary and half Trump chimera of an anti-christ has to be born and “…the beast gives birth to child, and, later the child gives birth. And one day a free soul stands up. – JR”, and says “Your all fired.”

    Then there is no more excuses, old son, and we stop with all this sociopolitical religiosity, we can get on with the business of real reality, and be done with loony tunes land. The Hegel past/present/future solution. And the real point of, and maturation of individualism, creativity, and self-governance. And a new world will be born without false idols and presidents with funny names, or flying on broomsticks. For God’s sakes Jon, aren’t we going to put down the last card in the deck. I waiting for the end this movie for so long…and besides, I’m out of popcorn.

  4. From Québec says:

    Who’s worse? Hillary or Trump?

    You gotta be kidding, right? Hillary a Horse? LOL… she is barely a donkey

  5. From Québec says:

    Who’s worse?

    Obviously, Hillary is worse, she would be the worst President in the USA history.
    TRUMP, will be the BEST President that the USA ever had.
    it is so evident.

    There Was a Time – Donald Trump Inspirational Video

  6. From Québec says:

    The Best Donald Trump video you will ever watch

  7. I don’t envy the Americans, who will have to choose between evil and more evil. One way or another your next president will probably ruin what’s left of the country. Trump will ruin it the Trump way and Clinton will sell it to the highest bidder.

    It’s impossible to say what will happen. Don’t count on polls, for they will be bought. And the elections? They might also be bought. “God bless America”. You will sure need it, for it seems that God is the only one who can still save your country.

    • arcadia11 says:

      thank you for the good wishes.
      i do prefer god to degraded beings.

      because it never matters who the ‘president’ is.
      only that the ‘president’ is. it’s all pretend.
      but it matters terribly that so many willingly participate in
      this exponentially profane ritual every four years.
      on cue. and with all the frenzy and froth, no less,
      so shamelessly exhibited at other roman-esque
      arena events. a shocking misuse of the precious assets –
      time and energy. and to what end?

      deeper and deeper and deeper


  8. From Québec says:

    WOW! I want this women for Trump”s Vice President… or maybe the replacement of Supreme Judge Scalia:

    Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement – Attacks Mitt Romney for Hitting Donald Trump – 3/5/16

    • Poor thing, she’s so skinny….probably misses a lot of meals.
      It has even affected her lips, her lips are broken from an impoverished life, she never uses them to eat, no food to eat, i guess.
      I’ve seen that look in her eye before, of course it was on a teeeker on a corner. Not that I’m sayin she a tweeker…skinny like a tweeker…but she is not a tweeker. She nice…right.
      She definitely understands the huddled masses.
      Jeany for vice president…or supreme court…she even has an Italian name. Pirro, kind of like a dance…Pirro-ette. Bubbles and marshmallows….lala la.

    • From Québec says:

      HUM! This video is no more available.
      They are really scared of truth

  9. elnura1 says:

    One thing Jon didn’t mention is the anti-vaxxers relying on Trump to eliminate all vaccine mandates. After all, he’s the only candidate that has said out loud-vaccines can cause autism. Thousands of people online support him just on the basis of this statement which says—–nothing!. He’s never said he would get rid of vaccine mandates, never said he would push for any investigation into the CDC/FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. All he’s done is mention vaccines yet–people have read an entire agenda into this statement. Jon can you elaborate on this type of group think.

  10. From Québec says:

    WOW! Only 12 comments on this important subject. What is going on here?. Are all these people still sleeping? Can’t they see that this is their last chance to avoid the New World Order?

    Or, maybe they just don’t give a damn of what kind of a world they will leave to their children and grandchildren. Selfish loser cowards. It makes me want to throw-up, like Alex Jones often says.

    Tump has said that he will:

    1. Build a wall across the southern border.
    2. Enforce all laws fairly.
    3. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with private insurance plans competitive across states and promote health care savings accounts.
    4. Lower taxes on corporations and individuals.
    5. Reverse corporate inversions and repatriate trillions of dollars being held overseas by US corporations.
    6. End Common Core and returns the control of education to locals.
    7. End Federal aid to sanctuary cities.
    8. Defund Planned Parenthood abortions.
    9. Renegotiate trade deals and make them smart and fair deals.
    10. Review and eliminate Federal rules and regs detrimental to business and jobs.
    11. Prosecute Hillary Clinton if the current administration does not.
    12. Protect the Constitution and especially the1st and 2nd Amendment.
    13. Defend Christians against the cultural onslaught.
    14. Protect the Old age security
    15.He talks about vaccines and autism
    16. He talks about good drinking water, good foods, etc.
    17.He wants the missing 28 pages on 9/11 to be published
    What is there to not like about this man? He’s bold, courageous, fearless, not politically correct, he is successful, generous, rich, brilliant, he makes good deals, he has energy and stamina and he is also charismatic. He’s respected all over the world, have incredible great kids and his wife would make a great First Lady.

    She’s beautiful, speaks 5 languages: Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. She’s also highly Educated: When she was just 18, Melania made her way to the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where she studied both design and architecture.She is also a hugely successful entrepreneur– she’s launched a jewelry collection, Melania Timepieces & Jewelry in 2013, and a skincare line, Melania caviar Complexe– she is also comfortable in front of the camera.

    And, the best part, is that he can do all of this, because, no lobbyist owns him. He is his own man.

    TRUMP 2016

    • I can’t help it, please forgive me everyone….mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. But this hit me in face like a freakin hockey puck.

      Defend Christians?…they need defending. Don’t you mean “WE’ need defending from their cultural onslaught…they invented cultural onslaught.

      She launched a jewellery line ya say…hm. That nice, that’s important stuff…assessories are important.
      A line of skin care products; well we need more of those don’t we….jumpin purple jesus on a bowl of cornflakes; Melania caviar Complex…caviar is good, fish babies in a black bubble. Dark, salty…sassy on cracker. That’s for meeee…sign me up.
      And she comfortable..in…front…….of……………………….the……………………………….cam………er…..ah.

    • elnura1 says:

      Numbers 1-17-please explain how he is going to do any this without the assistance of the Congress and the Senate? Do the schools teach government or civics classes anymore. The President really has limited powers without the congress and the senate. That’s how it works. Now the US congress and Senate have worked long and hard to put numbers 1-17 into place do you honestly think that they are going to work against the corporations that put them in those nice cushy jobs with lifetime benefits in the first place? Please do some reading on presidential powers.

      Trump may not be owned by anyone but he may be one of the “owners”. Do you honestly think he made his money on the up and up? I think one of the reasons he will not release his tax returns is because they will show that he, like the bush family has had business dealings with some nefarious people over the decades. He’s playing the same game Romney played and he lost.
      Donald Trump and the mob: http://www(dot)cnn.com/2015/07/31/politics/trump-mob-mafia/index.html.
      Lets not forget that Nazi connection:
      Beck slams Trump supporters, Breitbart boss, compares both to Nazis
      -Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show
      -King: It doesn’t matter if he wins or not — Donald Trump has already awakened the white supremacist beast in America:http://www.nydailynews(dot)com/news/national/king-win-lose-trump-energized-white-supremacists-article-1.2461160.

      The republican haven’t brought this news out now because they are waiting and compiling it to release closer to the convention. They don’t want people to forget this information and Americans are know to be fickle. Plus, the republicans are pushing for Trump to release his tax returns to show that he is not on the straight and narrow. Never has been.

      When you are a billionaire you don’t need to be owned by anyone because you have the money to be the owner.

    • GMa says:

      Yes he is the only choice, if there is another election and they don’t kill him…

  11. Great post, Jon.

    Perhaps it’s the grand wizard versus the wicked witch?


  12. maxblockm says:

    Nice job of breaking down the thought process.

  13. Terry Schiller says:

    Guess feminists won’t like this slogan: “Ban the Bitch!”

  14. Terry Schiller says:

    I’m an old, old female, and I’ve never been able to stomach Hillary. There’s venom in her expression and in nearly everything she says. You can partly blame my response on intuition. Have you noticed her crazy head nodding as down-trodden folks speak to her? “I understand, oh do I understand!” may be what she wants us to believe. USA, please deliver us from Hillary!

  15. Joseph Richards says:

    I will agree Hillary is a much worse candidate who is far worse than Obama and Bernie Sanders. However I am gonna have to say Trump is not actually that bad to pick out of any other candidate (Specially in the Democratic side that spreads fairy-tales as you where saying). Frankly we all know who is gonna win unless some ridiculous politicional crap happens.

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