Imagination and the fire

Imagination and the fire

by Jon Rappoport

March 17, 2016

(Jon has a new piece up on this other blog, Outside The Reality Machine. To read it, click here.)

Once upon a time, human beings lived in cultures where images were alive. What we now call superstitions were, to them, gods and demons and intermediary entities that transmitted or stole the juice and the energy and the power of life.

It’s nearly impossible to project ourselves back into such an environment and relive the burgeoning passions that infused experience—because a great shift has occurred.

The West entered, with anticipation, a temple where images were aligned with so-called rational faith.

This eventually precipitated a crisis. If you don’t have, or believe in, images that live and breathe and are intimately connected with life-force, how do you replace them? How do you avoid becoming pallid skeletons of science, whose productions never impart that same fire?

This crisis is reflected all around us every day.

We have become liberated, and in this liberation we are left with emptiness. On top of that, we have decided to assume that passions of the soul should be modulated, like elevator music, to somehow join with our advanced knowledge, in harmonic balance.

It’s no balance; it’s timidity, and this attitude makes us prey to an eerie tolerance of all opinion and custom and point of view and aspiration and stretched-out egalitarianism and criminal action. Giving no offense, under any circumstances, for any reason, is now the coin of the realm.

You might say, with accurate assessment, that these are qualities of the successful salesman. And that is what so many of us have become: ambassadors of the vague and desiccated pulse of our “rational culture.”

The message of this culture is the honed and blown-dry embrace of Anything. As if this was the message of Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and other teachers of our blurry past.

To counterbalance this bleached present, many of us are drawn into dark theaters to watch suburban humans turned into bloodsucking harpooned-tooth neck fetishists and genetic mistakes and hair-sprouting wolves and irradiated monsters or heroes.

It’s the instant-coffee version of ancient Dionysian adventure. And the accompanying depiction of gym-sex on the screen wouldn’t stir the interest of a mouse in a barn.

Was this why and for what we abandoned the mysteries of the epoch of magic?

For freckled children in a British academy laboring through a paranormal costume drama, tricked out with the accoutrement of grottoes and dark halls?

The crisis on our hands now is not one that is going to go away. It is not going to recede as magic once receded. Because there WAS a reason we liberated ourselves from the Middle Ages and even the Renaissance—a reason beyond technology—and until we find it and face it and deeply accept the new struggle, we are going to see this simulacrum-culture of ours make endless cartoons of itself in dried out oceans of concrete.

For what we need to do now, pharmaceuticals and brain research and genetic manipulation and cyber-affectation and instant global communication and worship (or desecration) of profit-making idols hold no answers.

Suppose what took us into the age of rationality was, in some way, connected to the realization that we were, all along, inventing our own demons and gods and demigods and entities of great life-force—and although that knowledge has been shoved into the background, while technology has soared, it is still with us, and it overshadows all our machines and their power.

Suppose this is the message: we are the majestic and wild creatures we built the temples to.

We are the makers; we are the architects of all the dreams—and not through some compensatory impulse, but because WE CREATE. That is our natural inclination and the source of our ecstasy. It is only civilization that seems to cast us in other roles.

Our societies and civilizations are arranged to make it seem as if imagination is a preposterous choice—when, in fact, that is what we are here for. That is what got us here.

Societies are actually in a satellite universe, and the prime universe is all imagination.

exit from the matrix

The underlying hidden and deeply buried cry of our age is: HOW CAN I CREATE?

Ridiculously, we are the artists of no limits who are asking that question of ourselves.

While, in the deep past, we sucked the marrow out of the bones of the gods we invented and thereby felt enormous passions, we knew there was a missing piece, and that piece was an abyss over which we were hanging. So we came all this way to find out that we authored the labyrinth. We built the paths that gave us joy and terror, and now we can consciously and spontaneously make new worlds without end. Not simply as engineers, but as artists.

Swallowing that stark truth may be hard, may be upsetting, but it IS why we made the voyage.

And then pulled our punches.

This is no archaic revival. It’s now, today and tomorrow.

The universe is waiting for imagination for revolutionize it down to its core.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on “Imagination and the fire

  1. Amazing post!! This so resonates strangely with what I have been thinking and feeling, I wish more people would get it, we could have such a different world, it ‘s very frustrating. Very inspiring. Thank you.

  2. burrado says:

    Wow. Jon, I visit your page every day, and your writing rarely disappoints. This passion versus dry science idea is huge. I was raised firmly in the latter, so that I both get confused by my own passsions as well as those arising from others. I think, where is this coming from? But that wasn’t even a question you were supposed to ask when I was growing up. In fact, the very opposite. As an example, what could arouse passions better than death? Yet, even that was reduced to an outward performance of clinical indifference that still astonishes me to this day. You’re dying? Only natural. We’ll get you the best palliative care money can buy. Only I’m not buying it. No. Death sucks. And no one will ever convince me otherwise.

  3. Conrad says:

    My God! How absolutely right on. A teenager I know is an AA student in college, bored to death with the meaningless minutiae of the curriculum and the grasping for a degree. She reads fantasy books when not studying calculus and physics. She moans and groans, almost in pain, and asks out loud why life can’t be like it is in her books. I understand her frustration – better now that I’ve read this article. Just look at the people jamming the freeways. What kind of an existence is this? And yet we’re vying for more and more of the same.

  4. binra says:

    Hi Jon. You are articulating a story in which you call to wake up storytelling to those lost in their own story. As if the story we are telling – and believing to be our reality – is being Done Unto Us – rather than our own choice to experience in fragmented and conflicted purpose.
    Within the identi-fiction of such experience we cannot recognize our own choice – like not seeing a light switch after having turned it off.

    We are each and collectively choosing to turn off or deny the light and hide in darkness of a false light because it serves the purpose we accepted as our protection, safety and self and we will do so until we connect the idea of self-assertive power with its result: darkness. And so in darkness we called on the very illusion of power (for by it is true power lost to our awareness and choosing), to save and protect us from a sense of threat, of loss, of evil, and terror – as well as the threat within us of rage that we also fear to be evil, harmful destructive.

    From an act of misidentification and miscreational confusion, we put the brakes on – attempted to shut down power to a trickle – with a divide and rule power that denies movement of free willingness and deadens into densities of fixed and rigidly conformed meanings.

    But we did so from a set of unfolding definitions, beliefs and desires – for such are the tools with which to open the experience of desire – including the wish of running away and hiding from an experience we were unable and unwilling to face.

    Planet Earth could be seen as a quarantined asylum of straitjacketed ’emperors’ who are all intent on maintaining their fig-leaf thinking so as not to be EXPOSED to….a Truly Living Relationship that is undefiled and beyond the reach of mis-creational distortions – for in any attempt or tempt to possess and control, is the madman found in his struggle within limitation in place of abiding within the beloved.

    A fig-leaf mentality is a VR reversal reality machine in which that which would simply restore natural focus is killed in protection of a false sense of power.

    Like a monkey holding a fruit in the gourd-monkey trap – who cant withdraw his hand with the fruit and wont let go of what it thinks it wants or needs. So it is with humanity that wont let go of the will to power, the identity in struggle, the wounds and scars of justification for vengeance, the sense of self in righteousness that is gotten from ‘fighting evil’. All these things are the ways to choose to stay in an ever tightening struggle with our unrecognized Self as a result of creating on the basis of a split mind.

    Attempting to call in the Divine under any facet of the Infinite Expression of Life – to fight on one’s own side – is to substitute a communication channel for a weapon that then turns against the wielder. It is to try to pour Living Wine into old paradigm. The sense of an axe to grind is a psychic smell that even young children can discern.

    However there is nothing wrong with honestly uncovering and moving and owning the terror or rage that a false rationality has locked down deep as if to hide – and in the process lost connection with Life itself. But the rage needs to be disconnected from the trigger finger and the terror needs to connected to the power to move – or else the recycling robot trolls on, oblivious to the Presence of Life that is Everywhere – but seemingly nowhere welcome because it brings vengeance from the past to set the future as it answer – and the presence is sacrificed to a fleeting instant by which to ‘get there’.

    • There are legitimate complaints and grievances one could have against a government or authority somewhere, and then to assert that the individual him or herself “made that happen” or “drew that to themselves” or “created that themselves” is why the government and others hire shrinks to cover their ass and get witnesses to change their story. Take responsibility for what you saw someone else do.

      • binra says:

        I think I can summarize it by saying that responsibility witnesses integrity and blame undermines it. The ‘matrix’ of ‘control mentality’ is guilt-driven and guilt maintained.
        Yes the true meanings of anything can be taken out of context and used to drive or conceal a guilt agenda – but that’s not what I mean.
        No one ‘chooses’ from the personality level – for that is not who we are that have free will – that is the usurpation of – or substitution for free willing.
        Although I’m willing to use words in attempt to articulate a different perspective – they will have no meaning – or take on entirely different meanings – to the old paradigm.
        The old paradigm fixes down meanings and definitions in judgement as an assertion of controlling the narrative – but the new perspective looks on the forms without reacting to the conditioned ‘meanings’ in free-willing discernment of what is actually being (communicated) here.

        I see Jon playing the blame game and feeling wholly justified in hate – and I am responsible for what I see. So to live with myself – I extend something that bridges to the underlying psycho-emotional issues that embody what seems to be a good v evil mind-trap.

        The choice to give our power away was long before we got the symptoms of powerlessness. So it doesn’t SEEM that we created our own perspective-experience – It SEEMS that everyone else – the Gov – the globalist – Life – G-d – or closer still Lucifer is to blame – but there has to be a correspondence drawing something into our life and that has NOTHING to do with blame and everything to do with waking out of the blame game. I didn’t say that anyone SHOULD accept this. I am taking responsibility for what I saw my consciousness do – knowing it isn’t so special or different from anyone else and that we all do it. It takes different forms but we are all in a particular focussing of consciousness in the sense of an reality that seems to be outside consciousness and separating our mind in a bodybag of tricks. Not least of which is to protect the continuity of experience from being interrupted.

        There’s more going on than we (mostly) want to see or know and terror is part of the imprinting from which our split off consciousness was made to hide. The mind folds upon and splits itself to NOT face what it cannot face and is ingenious in its own dissociations – but of course for we are of a Divine Imagination.

        So I am not so much interested in ‘THEM’ who operate the roles or agency of denial, so much as the underlying patterning or device of denial in my own consciousness – because I seem to be subject to the outer effect – but am one with the inner cause – WHEN uncovered in my awareness.
        So as you say power interests use anything to undermine or smear of call into question the integrity of the witness, the credibility or reliability of the evidence etc etc – in order to coerce a judgement in their favour as they currently define their interests to be. So I watch my mind and if I catch any trace of that in myself – I lose interest in it. Because I can see what it is and it is not in my interest as I define it in living presence. So I use the feedback of even negative outcomes and events to serve a willingness for healing – which is a restoration or resumption of free willing spontaneity and not something defined in negative terms of absence – though one can say the absence of self-consciousness is a free flowing quality of being – but it isn’t giving any notice of that because it is whole – so it doesn’t announce or play out a specific form of ‘hey everyone – I’m unselfconsciously happening – so validate me! It is simply an intimacy of being that a true self acceptance allows. What triggers the self-conscious contraction into ‘thinking’ and defensiveness? All the issues of self-denial that are in one way of another part of my particular pattern. Why self-denial? Because I hate some actions so much that if I did them I would hate myself enough to kill myself, for example. And so there is that that hides as deep as it can for fear of a murderous rage – and there is that which suppresses and denies all consciousness of anysuch and sleeps in the illusion of freedom from terror and rage.
        But in tandem with uncovering denied consciousness and reintegrating to balance within wholeness is the embodiment of integrity in thought word and deed – so if there is soething out of true that comes into my garden – it becomes a part of my opportunity to heal.

        I see the terror that is unfolding or revealing itself in our World as the trigger to go deeper than I have ever allowed before – into self honesty. I don’t find blame serves self-honesty though I find that acknowledging hate and blame feelings DO. One is used by hate and the other opens perspective upon it – and transforms it from within. It still feels shitty and hateful. But if shit comes to me I don’t feel to pass it on but to use it to shift. Shit happens – shift happens – your choice – but only if you wake enough to see a choice that shit hasn’t framed you in. So what of those who know not what they do because they are shit-framed? Treat them like shit? That is the energetic compulsion of the old way. Give evil for evil. I would rather open an expanded context in which to see than trade away my love to hatred – and so I am insulted and humiliated in my concept of how anything ‘should be’ – but also I am free to not know – and thus free to learn anew.

  5. barn moose says:


  6. Tumbleweed says:

    Love this! Especially “we are the majestic and wild creatures we built the temples to.” It’s wonderful to come upon such a beautiful message amidst all the others that instead expose the bottomless pit.

  7. The “ancients” understood energy, Jon.

    “We” now live in ignorance, enhanced by “imagination”.


    • binra says:

      Participance is Felt. The loss of Consciousness on Earth is effected through the interjection of a false rationality that substitutes for meaning with thought-forms of segregative control. Felt Meaning is a kind of mental narcissism. A mentally asserted and derived identity that denies the feeling of Life as a ‘chaos’ to be controlled, an upstart to push back down, a problem to be fixed. A symptom to medicalize. A quality of consciousness to limit and hide because it gets you into deep trouble. An assertive or demanding emotionalism that manipulates or bullies or seduces.
      An arrogance that doesn’t listen because it already knows, An ignorance that can listen because it isn’t even concious enough to notice a communication.

      • Lovely comment, binra.

        You have aptly summarised one half of existence; which is the provision to “follow” or “mislead”.

        There is much more to chaos than meets the eye and Jon has (sort of) identified so with his imagination thingy. However, most “imagination” is preformed in astral realms (located in “sub-space” of course – by extension), but not all. Or, rather, let us take a simple human arm, which is limited by design. It cannot behave like a blob of jelly, for instance. There are a series of designated “rules” attached to its form. To have rules you must have rule makers and these, consequentially, would have predetermined or predicted facilitations to satisfy various mechanical and other ranges associated with the material plane. The extent of these is guesswork, but, needless to say, not every paradox would have been catered for and each user is limited only by “design” so this is where the “individual” can strike home with fundamental creation (chaos) out of order.

        After rereading that, it is possibly going to be very difficult to comprehend. If what I have said doesn’t make sense please let me know.

        • binra says:

          I feel the gist of what you share Ozzie. What already Is – and embodying perfectly as this very moment – hardly reduces itself to fit into a set of linear-spatial mental constructs. But if we know that, we can open a glimpse from which to shift from a mental construct to a Felt Relational freedom.

          Another way of seeing is that of ‘collective template blueprints’ that establish a broad general agreement within which to have the focus of unfolding (human) experience. We each and all have “come here” (focused in exactly this way) for what we have come to ‘do’ or feel and explore and experience – which is always part of a larger Movement – that can be called Soul/OverSoul – and which are outside time – for the ‘movement’ is of focusing within Infinity – and not in space/time – though that is not different – it just seems so very real as a sense of travelling.

          Definitions at the core level cascade sub-divisions. These operate a zooming in of focus but lose overview.
          Within the possibilities of even these core definitions are the infinite possibilities of experience. Focusing in what you DONT want as if you do – is part of a tricksy way of forgetting who you are amidst a sense of conflicted opposition. A way of splitting the consciousness into isolated and warring fragments – for your own reasons. Perhaps reasons arising AFTER having looked into what a dissonance of being warned not to forget was an out-of-true framing of experience – but it fascinated and attracted and before you know it – you (your focus of attention) are on a roller coaster through hell with some less bad bits seeming worthy of idolizing and attaining as a result of eradicating or denying the hateful or fearful ‘oppositions’ to such a sense of power.

          The truly ‘heavenly’ are the bleedthroughs of a truly balanced and un-conflicted wholeness – that is more of a vertical dimension – closer than what the world calls now. Attempts to fix such glimpses only exchange an inspired form for a masked sense of denial – for though the grasper may run with the idea of having ‘the truth’ – the only life it has is within the fixed definition – and so it devolves as an experiencing of that Idea into concept – as structuring of a derivative experience. At first it seems we have the power and the light – but the disconnected light is loveless power and this reveals itself to the hollowing and false meanings that presage the ‘prodigal wasteland’ from which what is valueless can be spontaneously released to a Fresh Perspective in Flow with a loving light of honouring wholeness.

          Trying to understand from any other perspective is usually a tempt to persist in imposing a loveless imagination to fill a hollow sense of lack. And that can not create but only recycle from its original imprinting as a mis-take. But a mistake, Recognized, within true willing is really the point of shifting as a result of owning.(And the feeling of being truly KNOWN. The guilt trip is a false sense of protection from loss of face – or loss of identity that is equated with life itself. Look to where you put your treasure – for the ever changing is here to reflect experience of your choosing – not to keep an exception apart from change.

          • Superb comment, Binra.

            You are coming to grips with “big picture”. However, the reality (excuse the pun) is far from manifest reality “guided” by perception.

            I outline what “real” reality is in my e-book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. The role of atoms refract matched idiosyncrasies of a “higher” expressive force which is managed by the juxtaposition of unique immaterial souls/spirits (causing “life”). Time doesn’t exist in linear form nor do linear forms, EXCEPT in the way they are rationalised through our perception which is the product of the yin-yang spirit/soul proto-material ego combination (i.e. ALL egos are “split”).

            Over-simplified? Yes, but I think you would understand the “complete version” (or, rather, more complete), the “gibberish” (sic) of “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. I recommend you seek it out 🙂

            • binra says:

              Thankyou. I’ll have a look. I’m not seeking a grasp so much as to release it to being truly found in already Embrace – but I also see that a willingness to articulate a reflection to the the heart’s intuitive wordless knowing can serve the recognition in others as I simply listen ‘with everyone else listening’. Shared purpose is shared Mind. Being moved is not passive – so much as true receptive – from which the active rises and embodies. The disconnected sense of ‘active’ is already emasculated – hence the hard armouring and ‘proof’ of power seeking validation in denials OF the receptive. This is in fact passive – because it knows not what it does while passively surrendered to – indeed possessed by – a fearfully defined sense of power.

              But truth rests in power and that is why it cannot be used as a weapon without turning upon the wielder. Forgiveness of a true Self acceptance can replace the sword. Perhaps that’s a summary of what I just wrote below – but came back to write the prequel! (Non linear editing!)

              To interest such as there may be I write in the themes being opened here – not just as personal response – though I appreciate sharing in a willingness to feel ideas rather than use them for combat!

              Whatever is – however knowing or beholding to be – is as it is. The mind can encode ‘is’, within a framework of meanings that then come ‘between’ as individual amidst infinite perspective. So was and maybe, or even shall be, arise within ‘Always’ as if Always is fragmented to time out of mind – and ‘mind how you go!’ – or lose awareness to a splitting image of a compulsive inversion of freedom in the idea of opposition.

              The undoing, recognition or resolving of all things back to source is their freedom to reflect source rather than mind – for mind no longer ‘splits’ or comes between. It never did or could but the desire to serve experience calls it forth.

              My experience arises the meanings I give and accept – ah! but now is an “I” of the infinite – presumed and experienced in finite terms simultaneously! I don’t doubt the beauty of Existence is appreciable via number, geometry, music and vibrational qualities of resonance, but that Existence Itself is unspeakable – and its qualities may animate living imagery yet are not rendered or defined in image apart from the animating desire.

              To write this I am paused and aligned here and there to write an embodiment of balanced willingness for recognition and rest in the fact of existence – prior to any mental assertion of non-existence or any idea of beauty or ugliness. Not for my person among persons – but as a witness in which to reflect without distortion.

              The ‘how’ of and the ‘why’ or ‘what for’, subside as movements of mind in question, to abide in the heart of knowing the very thing in its moment of opening to ask.

              Then in a sense , together as one, heart and mind embody a harmonic of a unified purpose and the ‘interference patterning’ of denial and forgetting is no longer tuned to.

              To explain anything in terms of something ‘else’ is to redistribute ‘meanings’ that are tributaries of the idea of creating something ‘else’; something unlike and different from Infinitely Always and Exactly Is. Thus we seem to become something ‘else’ and to have all things serve and reflect an OTHER meaning – and cascade of derivative meanings.

              The loss of Identity for a shifting image amidst the ever changing has a traumatic and tragic underside – whenever the absurdity of such notion is lost to the acceptance and embodiment of self-serious hate – for so is judgement however it arises to cover a deeper integrity of acceptance.

              Who runs off with what? But there’s no taking away of the chosen experience while it is given a negative identity from which a mind unlike source nature unfolds in compulsion to survive or overcome a dictate it does not recognize its own.

              Trapped by the attempt to escape a falsely framed experience – but which nonetheless truly affords Experience that is chosen and – in time and timing – embraced, re-cognized and re-membered and in a sense yes – decoded or translated ‘back’ into its original.

              This is anything but a call for stasis or regression. Creation is by Nature an extension or gift – “Behold I make all things new”. But to a grasping identity in image and form this is no gift but a curse to escape or shut down into a private mind of exclusive dictate!

              What we dedicate, or use the gift for is not only ‘our reward’ it is our sharing on. To share the gift of refusal to receive and embrace – for the sake of a private ‘creator’ – is to give true power to the idea of creating isolation and dissociation in dissonance – within an illusion of power. But with all of the power we give it.

              The idea of illusion may suggest something without substance that one can ignore. But the force of desire and intent given the illusion of self-segregation is perhaps likened to a ‘Big Bang’ or indeed an ‘Expulsion from and loss of Paradise; of Communioned being’. The ‘Fall” posits a narrative of guilt feared and projected away. The Grand Project. The ‘Bang’ posits impersonal objective distance of ‘billions of years’ in place of Creative Existence and effectively air-brushes Consciousness from the scene.

              But Consciousness – in its original quality is the All, is the being of any and all within All. But a mutually agreed redefinition of consciousness into terms of the personality structure of belief, emotion and act, sets a control boundary on what is acceptable as ‘me’ that likewise redefines the ‘shadow’ of denied self – and seems to ‘exist’ in opposition to it – and therefore in opposition to the restoring or healing to wholeness of being.

              The art of ‘living in both worlds’ at once comes from yielding the control mentality idea to the Consciousness Being. Which is surrendering only to true – instead of attempting to determine and assert power from an out-of-true perspective. So first is the release of what seems or seemed to an open willingness or receptivity – within the movement of the natural desire – or in willingness to reconnect to awareness of the rising of true desire – which is simply what you recognize to be aligned with who you feel and know yourself to be – rather than who you are told or have told yourself you should be – and may be characterised by a quality of connected joy that may or may not associate with that term – but is a truly Felt Quality of Being rather than a private think. Then whatever you are doing, you are living from who you are and your presence gifts the world. Whether others pick up on that is a matter of resonance – but you will meet a different ‘world’ through presence than the world of mis-timings and mis-alignments that are forever seeming promising and disappointing until wearying the game of the candle.

            • @Binra

              The problem with your last comment (which I must say might qualify as a doctorate with some “padding”) is you view everything, rate everything from the perspective of “self”. To understand the transcendentalism on existence, you must shed the “self”. It [you] has no relevance whatsoever OTHER THAN how it [you] AFFECTS the group (animate or inanimate) or, perhaps more importantly, how the GROUP AFFECTS IT [YOU]

              Reflecting some of your early sentiment, it is poignant, with all those tales of dreadful torturous behaviours against man by the Draco (reptilian “nether” entities), higher orders of intelligence realise (some can even EXPERIENCE!) everything that is done to “one” reflects the “whole”. Positive/negative experiences for me are ultimately positive/negative experiences of the group (whole).

              Sorry for the late response. Bin busy!


            • binra says:

              At such times I feel the ‘loss in translation’ indicates a loss of signal to noise.
              Perspective is not personality. I am not talking from or to personality. You wont find the signal there.

              Transcendence through embrace is my sense of being, and Good Friday is an apt reminder of fully embracing as the way of transcending. Anything else is some kind of denial that must inevitably struggle with its shadow.

            • @Binra

              The emphasis was not on perspective, but “self” (you substitute the concept “sense of being” for self). Is the group (everything, God) a consequence of your “sense of being” or is your “sense of being” a consequence of the group (God)?

              Interestingly, considering the divides caused by this dreadful “Good Friday” tradition against such a poignant message of “hope” (as, in the sense of, inspiration), I can see why the individual has been lulled into denial of “what is” and everything pure.

        • binra says:

          An initial movement of ‘reaching’ to, striking or embracing and holding – all attract forms that become associated with the act and its responsive (conditioning) experience.
          The desire to grasp and manipulate had a hand in the design.
          So in a sense structure arises from function/intention/act.
          Which then conforms experience within itself.
          The ‘rulemaker’ may be an unconsciousness or pre-conscious impulse to which a stirring conscious meaning is applied. The root meaning may set an evolutionary impulse to uncover its true root through the ‘mistake’. So all perspectives are valid – but the truth embraces and transcends them all; the everlasting ‘arms’.

          (I found the first few lines had been removed from my reply – and on re-reading yours – felt to bring them in after all).

          Probable realities that are relevant and resonant to the themes we have in a sense come her to explore – are the practical relation with the Infinite – and though it cant be absolutely ruled out from possibility – my arms persist in the range of functionality by which I have awareness through them – and of them. I might add that on occasion I have woke in the night to have cut off blood supply to an arm and it felt a dead blobby thing that I could neither sense through or move of its own musculature.

          On occasions when reality ‘rules’ are broken, it is common that the experience is denied awareness or airbrushed and invalidated from memory. The ‘rules’ have internal function as providers of stability and continuity without which many minds will freak out- and demand… limits and rules to restore conditions the current identity can tolerate.

  8. Jarrod Schneider says:

    Exactly, which is why those of us who have kindled the creative fire within ourselves need to get out there and DO things. We need to lead by example and inject that fire into the social fabric. For ten years I sat in a little secluded room and painted pictures, all day everyday, walling myself off from everybody. I possessed the fire but only shared it with myself- which there is nothing at all wrong with that by the way; but I found myself wanting to do more.Then, a year ago, I did something unexpected, something alternative thinkers overwhelmingly rail against, but bear with me, I had/have a plan. I went to art school. Yes, I know today’s university education system is nothing more than pure mind control, but I had already learned to think for myself and not take everything that was spoon fed to me as gospel. I had built up a kind of immunity, but also had developed the wisdom not to be cynical and angry about every little detail I didn’t agree with- to by no means accept things but not condemn things across the board either- I guess I just craved a platform to share my fire with others and was willing to walk into the belly of the beast. At the school, I found young people (20 year olds- 10 years younger than I)- who had a lot of potential but were still sleeping. They had the fire but it was buried- and they were subconsciously craving for someone to show them how to unleash it. So I attend, everyday bringing passion and enthusiasm and hard work and shear force of will to create beautiful and amazing things- and my fellow classmates are starting to come alive. This fire is contagious, and through leading by example they are following my lead and starting to come alive. I am pushing them by raising the bar and they are responding. And I couldn’t be happier for them. So before we straight up condemn the so-called “real world” all the time, lets realize that there are beautiful souls out there waiting to awaken; all they need is a little nudge. Get out there in your own way and bring the fire- it works. It may take a while and some sleepers are still always going to sleep, but some come alive when you show them how; we really CAN make an impact. I know, I’ve watched it happen.

    • Marilyn says:

      I’m starting a business and have been nervous about it but this was good to read, as encouraging. Thanks.

      • Jarrod Schneider says:

        Glad to hear : ) Yes, whether its art or business or ping pong, it all works the same; bring the best goodness and creative fire you can muster and it will lead to success. But here’s the thing, it isn’t always “success” in the sense that we expect. For instance, your business may wildly succeed or it may fail, who can say, but the fact that you approached it with your highest honor and integrity really does align you with that mysterious force that is responsible for existence itself, and that means you’re doing what you are here to do and for that reason you are guaranteed to grow and become a better human being because of it, with the added bonus of inspiring and bettering others too. And if that’s not success I don’t know what is : )

  9. David says:

    Your writing gets better and better, amazing energy for someone who’s lived a hell of a lot longer than me! Woah.

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