ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?

ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?

by Jon Rappoport

March 23, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

I want to acknowledge two researchers and reporters, whose work cuts deeply into the ISIS mirage: Tony Cartalucci and Brandon Turbeville. In a half-sane world, Cartalucci would be the international editor of the New York Times, if the Times were a real news outlet.

If we accept the premise that ISIS attacked Brussels, then the next question is: what is ISIS?

Who is behind it? Who supplies it? Who funds it? Who sustains it?

Brandon Turbeville, writing at Activist Post (“Congress Votes To Fight ISIS By Funding ISIS To Fight Assad”, 9/19/2014), states:

“Obama’s plan [is] to ‘detect and degrade’ ISIS…the reality is that the plan is nothing more than a plan to…destroy the Syrian government to benefit of ISIS and other fundamentalist groups that the United States has created, funded, trained, and directed since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis.”

Cartalucci, in an article titled, “In Syria, There No Moderates” (9/2013), writes:

“…there were never, nor are there any ‘moderates’ operating in Syria. The West has intentionally armed and funded Al Qaeda and other sectarian extremists since as early as 2007 in preparation for an engineered sectarian bloodbath serving US-Saudi-Israeli interests. This latest bid to portray the terrorists operating along and within Syria’s borders as ‘divided’ along extremists/moderate lines is a ploy to justify the continued flow of Western cash and arms into Syria to perpetuate the conflict, as well as create conditions along Syria’s borders with which Western partners, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey, can justify direct military intervention [in Syria].”

Turbeville writes:

“Indeed, even the New York Times has been forced to admit that there are, as Cartalucci expertly argues in his article, no moderates in the ranks of the Syrian death squads. As Ben Hubbard [NY Times] wrote in April, 2013 (“Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy”), ‘In Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, rebels aligned with Al Qaeda control the power plant, run the bakeries and head a court that applies Islamic law. Elsewhere, they have seized government oil fields, put employees back to work and now profit from the crude they produce…Across Syria, rebel-held areas are dotted with Islamic courts staffed by lawyers and clerics, and by fighting brigades led by extremists. Even the Supreme Military Council, the umbrella rebel organization whose formation the West had hoped would sideline radical groups, is stocked with commanders who want to infuse Islamic law into a future Syrian government…Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.‘” (emphasis added)

In other words, the “moderate Syrian rebels” are a fiction no one could fail to notice. The US funding has always gone to ISIS.

power outside the matrix

I could cite much more from Cartalucci and Turbeville, who effectively argue that ISIS is a created tool of the US government and its allies. I strongly recommend you read and study their work.

As far as the Brussels attacks are concerned, if we assume that ISIS was responsible, the whole scenario is turned upside down after analyzing the basis of ISIS.

The Obama administration (jointly with the Bush administration) should be announcing: “Well, we keep ISIS alive. Unfortunately, things happen. One of those things is Brussels.”

And then you could go on to query the sincerity of the word “unfortunately.”

Articles by Tony Cartalucci:

Brussels Attack: The True Implications of ISIS Links (3/22/2016)

ISIS: US-Saudi Plague Reaches Indonesia? (1/16/2016)

America’s Fake War on ISIS Grinds On (3/22/2016)

Turkey: The Islamic State’s Second Home (1/18/2016)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

22 comments on “ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?

  1. thomaspoa says:

    I always suspected that “Cartalucci” was a nom de plume for EIR’s Jeff Steinberg.

  2. From Québec says:

    Brussels Massacre NWO Puppets Fail

  3. Josh says:

    Nice shoutouts for both of them, I have followed them both of them for years almost as closely as I have followed you Jon.

    In a sane world we would have all three of you on every morning newstand and every nightly screen nationwide. Its just one more thing that clarifies to me (once again) that we are definitely not living in one 🙂

    • binra says:

      I believe the first use of Wahhabi extremism was by the ‘British’ to undermine what would otherwise have been a representative government serving what is now Saudi Arabia. I read a good article on it not long ago…
      However – who are the ‘British’? The corporate plunderers and internationalist cartels that predate upon others irrespective of cultural, national or personal sovereignties.
      There are power-seeking opportunists and mafia like corruptions at any and every key point of control – because that is the way they ‘see’ the world; in terms of control. The manipulation of the ‘Jewish Identity’ has perhaps set the standard in and of which all others either align with or try to copy as power by manipulation. Clever deceits and tricks to falsely trigger and re frame the mind to operate in ways that serve another interest than your own – without knowing it is going on.
      Deceit is a fictional way to set one’s power against one’ true interest. So to uncover howbeit we are deceived is primarily to correct the error in our thinking and restore the power of wholeness.
      However – there are many layered complex deceits that operate unconsciously – so waking up is the perspective from which to see and own one’s false or out-of-true definition because no one can change what they do not own,
      The whole basis of manipulative power operates on tricking the target to abnegate their own – into which an imposition of thought can essentially substitute a hacked mind.
      Self-honesty of consciously valued integrity is the best ‘defence’ against any kind of evil or deceit. This uses the evidence of division and inner conflict to identify the corresponding thinking.
      A Course in Miracles is a mind training that is easily misunderstood as if the hacked mind is going to free itself. The hacked mind is a liar. It is nothing to do with freedom excepting you are free to not use it once you recognize it is not your friend.
      Without inner preparation the outer situations acquire complex entanglements that further a fascination with evil – if I can use such a term as a short-cut to denote the experience of oppositional denial, obstruction, adversity, hostility and destructiveness – both outside in the world and within our own mind.
      All such devices operate to frame the Mind in false choice in which the very nature of choice is reduced from true creative being to a ‘choose-between’ of pre-set options – which is an illusion of choice.
      The inner responsibility regardless of outer reflected experience – is to honour one’s integrity – instead of defaulting to the mind that was made to hide a dis-integrity. Without a true foundation, all is already lost and the playing out of the form of its collapse is a formality.
      One of the things that CAN serve someone ‘waking’ to the DISTURBANCE of a broken ‘reality’ is to recognize the false thinking and NOT USE IT. In this sense a truly felt response IS the power by which to break the allegiance to a ‘mind-control’ that has become conscious – along with its cost. There is no joy, nor loving or true living in it.
      The Spirit is a movement of being – not an artificiality of bias and manipulation. You have to learn the difference or you will never trust yourself – much less grow it with another. One cannot teach discernment – but one can use the contents of the mind that dreams the world to reflect what it ALREADY knows but has forgotten.
      Waking into disturbance is an opening through which Spirit is called in – and yes you can regard this as your higher or true Imaginative or Creative Mind – but if you think to possess or control it – you seek an elitism of segregative mind over Life – and that tunes you into correspondence or resonance with the manipulative agenda. You cannot meet that which you are not the vibration of – but again the ego can play at spirituality as it can at the FORMS of anything – Hence cultivating discernment of purpose – through your own undivided Will. Where do you get an undivided Will – from the core integrity of the movement of being – before your ‘mind’ engages.
      Making the choice FOR Life on Earth is living it in place of the default that has been ‘installed’.
      Of course you don’t know HOW anything works and and no sense of control over Life – for such Life is a relational dance of a re-integrative willingness to remember what had been forgotten in order to ‘survive’ as the focusing in physical reality experience. In that willingness and perspective – everything of the old script takes on different purpose and meaning. But it cannot merely ‘happen’ in thinking. the ‘thinking’ sense has to yield to an open relational honesty of being – that is undefended to whatever the true of you is – in desire for acceptance and sanity of alignment with who you truly are – even though your conditioned self fears this greatly – or you would already be the self-aware presence of freedom to love or ‘be with’ as you are truly moved – and not otherwise.

  4. middleway says:

    … and who does the U.S. Government receive its marching orders from? Hint: Its definitely not from its confused and distracted citizens,… Capiche?

  5. sunaj57 says:

    Good article, thank you or the references

  6. binra says:

    If the economic union of EU was expected and intended to result in a chaos – that would then coerce a political union – and consolidation of power in a technocracy wielded by shadow power, then perhaps the martial law raised around a ‘Gladio-2’ – and the weaponising of forced migration all ‘make sense’ to breakdown as a prelude to the open dictate of NWdO. Whatever ‘plans’ or confusions are afoot – the destabilising of Everything is unfolding as events within which we each choose our own perspective. Or sacrifice the power to choose to loveless image.

    The lust for power, the fear of chaos that calls on ‘control’, the increase in latent disorder as a result of ‘controlling’, all polarize the many into a tighter knot of frightened fish for predators to feast upon. The use of terror to trigger imprinting and effectively ‘control’ goes back to primal imprinting before thought grew to establish consciousness.

    It also triggers rage into breaking out that was also – like terror – heavily suppressed beneath a ‘control’ consciousness. Rage is a lust for power for it hates what is – as far as its sense of burned out receptivity allows any sense of relationship to Life to connect to anything present – and seeks to remake it in its own image – which is an image of hatred born of terror.

    The rage-driven align under cold ‘power’ to deny their terror to awareness, and the terror-imprinted hide from power by guilt-inhibiting rage from moving. Rage given to hate operates as a denial of movement of Will – excepting to lure it to be killed or subverted to a will-less-ness of power devoid of feeling Life.

    Refusing to give power to hate allows feeling to move without being channelled or triggered into hateful act. Only in feelings moving can we reclaim our Life from a power trip that splits consciousness from a natural awareness into a ‘control-mentality’ that seeks power upon the sacrifice of its own Life. Fear is an evacuating movement – finding ways to stay in a willingness for heart – evacuates what is hateful. Guilt is hateful – but without feeling-awareness of its device, guilt will direct your thinking as if your protector. It protects only itself from exposure through conflict that shuts down your capacity to be still and know – to true receptivity and expression.

    It is I that is transformed by stepping out from ancient conditionings – and that I is of a perspective that is not set in terror by rage – to replicate its pattern over and over again. I have no ‘control’ over Life but I have relational communication within it through an inner honesty and openness of feeling awareness that I now know not to deny, dismiss, invalidate or rationally redefine as ‘dominion over’. For what we embody reflects back at us – and the attempt to force reality is to invite insanity to take its place.

    When it came out, I watched 24 – Series 1 for a few episodes – but when the same plot was recycled and the only point of it was to induce anxiety-fixated attention disorder! So I simply left a split screen story and got my Day back. Perhaps it isn’t the ‘end of the world’ so much as the end of any capacity or interest in following an insanity framed at expense of living this Day – in Its own terms – that is as unfolds out of a natural inclination to an integrated sense of being – in which feeling and knowing are a depth and richness of communication rather than artificially contrived to block or screen off such relationship in narrative diversion.

    Perhaps there are those who want to take it deeper into darkness – but if they represent a choice that is not mine then they serve a clarity in my own. Reading symbolically is part of recognizing your own creative imagination – but this can be well hidden in a split-screen presentation in which you seem to be but one of the characters in one of the frames and not the versions of everyone else that you also made when you called up your ‘self’ to save you from what you did not recognize and so denied acceptance of.

    Looking Within – is really simply the allowing of Presence to notice – rather than fixating away in split-screen ‘control’ sufferance. For the justifiction of hate is the entry ticket to the ‘separation’ experience. However, the experience of crucifiction is as real as the hatred of the thoughts that know not what they do – regardless WHAT they seem to do. Are there rogue ‘thoughts’ in your mind that have power over your willingness to accept them? Are these ‘compulsions’ running on power you gave them un-knowing? Was a desire to explore a sense of power not part of calling forth such framework within which to have the experience – and maintain its reinforcement and continuity as a rich and dense feeling of reality?

    I am aware we are on the cusp of Easter. Don’t let a Good Story go to waste on anyone else’s narrative interpretation – when you have your own Native Imagination aligned exquisitely to the core signature vibrational presence of your being.

    The idea of death can be seen from many perspectives in a split-screen world – but it can also serve a shift of perspective while embodied in the focus of physical experience. If illusions don’t kill you then it is the illusions that have to fall away. All illusions are imaginable and experiencable at some level – but only those that align with your true being can be freely engaged in without oppositional distortions in which attack and disconnection take on malevolence and fear in misidentified guilt.

    The Mind is Projector regardless what is given focus. To be awake is to be on purpose. The world of split-screen reality is designed to help you forget your purpose in conflicted self. To forget your self in conflicted purpose. When the cause and effect are not two – you know your fulfilment as the very movement of communication within relationship. To look for fulfilment in the never never is to overlook it in the Now. How does this moment embody an unfolding fulfilment? Maybe start off by not hating and denying it the right to be here as a reflection or feedback that can be read in different ways than a fixed judgement asserts and insists. Why do we hate ourself above all else – but hide it so craftily? Because it once served a purpose that is not alive in me now. To release from service is not the same as hatred and denial.

    You can imagine a different future from the imprinting of the past – though the same pattern can mutate endlessly as if ‘you’ can escape a while, or win awhile. Instead of a fleeting moment in which presence can never unfold and flower, but to be sacrificed to a past imprinting a future like itself. Wake to presence in which the re-cycle of hate can be truly felt. Vengeance is not healing. Beware of the seduction of a false investment.

    Only the ‘switching’ of operating systems will constitute the change of heart in which the disconnecting mind finds no support. And as long as one looks OUT and believes what he or she sees – and says “It will never happen” – indeed Thy Will Is done – but you cannot know it is your Will while hating, denying and masking it in fearful symbol to which you kneel in terror or rage at in impotence.

    Spring sounds through the open window – human sounds of activity amidst the calls of birds all somehow carrying the feeling of this particular light – indoors I hear a bath running – a sense of tuning out of this sharing and into the unfolding of this day. Sharing doesn’t stop when the focus shifts perspective – but if the mind locks into false association, it identifies defined conditions as the reality – rather than as the vehicle of its communication. It looks for the ‘past’ and cannot feel what is presencing Itself ever anew.

  7. Eric Marc Otto says:

    It is paid for by the Suni nations like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. You need to take conspiracy head out of your conspiracy butt.

  8. sgoodstone says:

    Take this one step further back. POTUS is controlled by the Big Banksters (Wall St.) and the top Corporations. He takes his marching orders from them. So, it is Wall St. and corporations causing all the terrorist activities across the globe all for global control, via fear.

  9. Nicholas Fowler says:

    I posted this just now, on Russia Today, also my two Facebook groups……….’ Don’t people see, there is a vast planet wide conspiracy, one that is centuries, millenia old. To turn the entire planet into a mind controlled prison camp where free thought and freedom of action are, if not prohibited, then severly curtailed. Even the police are hapless footsoldiers in the midst of this conspiracy, unable to see the larger picture. That a ruling elite are desperate to bring in a new world order, agenda 21, a world where spirituality and spiritual awakening are made almost impossible save for the few who make a serious effort to get out of the control matrix. There is a high probability the attacks in Paris, San Bernadino, certainly Boston, Sandy Hook were false flags, using crisis actors, and there are suspicions about the Brussels attacks. All carefully thought out and put into effect by cabal whose faces we may never see. Pity the poor Muslims made to think they are doing a service to Allah in soome perverted way. Now, we see the security state here in Britain grinding into action once again. It is all a terrible farce. It is a narrative based on falsehoods and deception of the most evil conniving nature. It is not entirley of this planet, no doubt some reptilians and Orion Greys are licking their lips, their cannabilistc lips, at the havoc they are helping to cause through some sock puppets of the Illuminati, here on Earth. And the poor woman and man in the steet know little or nothing of the vastness of the tapestry of fear and control that is being woven around them. Yet all it takes is for people to wake up, do their own research and turn off thta dreadful propoganda channel called the BBC and all the rest of the media.. and finally wake up, think things out for themselves and do their own research

  10. Bride Bili says:

    Another interesting topic is HOW I.S.I.S. killers are created. There too, the trail leads back to the U.S. If the C.i.A. did not know how to create I.S.I.S. killers there would be no I.S.I.S. killers. You can not do a proper job without the right tools. By the way, Catcher in the Rye is the text used by I.S.I.S. killers, not the Koran.

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      The CIA isn’t the only agency that created ISIS, Bill; the Israeli Mossad played a major role in creating this terrorist organization; the CIA merely helped in this creation.
      Israel itself is the creation of and headquarters of the Rothschild Khazar Mafia (RKM), which was formed in the late 18th Century (the Khazar Mafia was formed in Eastern Europe around 1030 AD, following the destruction of the Kingdom of Khazaria around 1020 AD and the expulsion of its inhabitants). The Israeli Jews themselves are, in fact, descendants of these Khazar exiles, identified as Ashkenazim. These Ashkenazim make up roughly 95% of Jewry worldwide; the other 5% being Sephardic.
      If you’re interested in learning about this conspiracy, here’s a link you should try:

  11. Dan says:

    “The West has intentionally armed and funded Al Qaeda and other sectarian extremists since as early as 2007”

    [sound of needle dragging across record]

    … since the late 1970s

  12. Padraigin Eagle says:

    Jon, your work is always on the level, exposing the seat of the Cabalian ‘devil’, so therefore much appreciated; and Brussels was a sprout, no doubt, from the false flag redoubt, no bombs, another ‘ISIS’ con, smoke machines and manipulated scenes, crisis actors crying, lame stream media lying, no-one died, lockdowns on the rising tide, Sandy Crook and Boston No-Bombings, Machiavelli guides all their faux embalming’s, just a moment before their final denouement, the narrative steered to madness via hate and fear, but then what be new since ol’ King Lear.

    http :// nodisinfo. com/53985-2/

  13. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Tough spot

  14. pedrofalls says:

    Nobody was killed at Sandy Hook and that fact was the start of a big crack in the wall of the false flag event. TPTB learned that can be great fun, but too dangerous, they got caught in a manner of speaking.

    From now on there will be blood.

  15. pedrofalls says:

    There will be blood. The days of the victim less false flags are gone. It has never bothered THEM to murder. There will be blood. It is not all fun and games.

  16. Theodore says:

    Daily Mail: UK Taxpayers Money has Funded Terrorists

    Taxes being splurged on foreign hand-outs for militants, killers, Palestinian palaces and jobs that don’t exist

    Mark Wood, Nick Craven | Daily Mail – March 27, 2016

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