Bernie Sanders and the rise of the single-payer universe

Bernie Sanders and the rise of the single-payer universe

by Jon Rappoport

March 26, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

“There are a whole lot of high-IQ lunatics running around detailing all the crimes of the State…and then saying the wonderful answer is the State, which suddenly becomes the messiah in radiant robes. These loons are the crown princes of cognitive dissonance. They’re the Mickey Mouse Club of political philosophy.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

When you boil it down, the formula is simple: take any rotting, stench-ridden institution of society that appears to promise good things for all, and make it free. Make it available to everyone with a pulse.

“We’ve got this wonderful aging army of giant octopuses, and we want to bring the whole population into their grasp. Won’t it be wonderful? We’ll call this army Mommy and Daddy. It’ll work. Promise.”

Take two of Bernie’s favorite monsters: medical care and college education. Turn them into single-payer operations.

The federal government pays, which means the tax payer pays, which means taking budget money from there and putting it here. Whatever.

But heaven forbid, let me look below the surface.

The US medical system kills 225,000 Americans every year. Every decade, the system kills 2.25 million people.

The basic citation on this is: Dr. Barbara Starfield, Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, “Is US health really the best in the world?”

Starfield offers a conservative estimate of the damage. 106,000 Americans killed every year by correctly prescribed, FDA-approved drugs. 119,000 killed by mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

In my 2009 interview with Dr. Starfield, a revered public-health expert at the John Hopkins School of Public Health, I asked her whether the federal government had undertaken an effort to correct this horrendous situation (capital crime), and whether the government had ever approached her to consult on such a mission. To both questions, she answered, resoundingly: No.

Inevitably, a single-payer medical system in America would bring far more people (everyone) under the umbrella—and the death toll would shoot up to the sky (see also this shocker).

This is a fact, not a speculation.

So what looks and sounds good on the surface—“free medical care for all”—turns out to be an all-embracing holocaust.

If you haven’t read any of my numerous articles on medical killings (for starters, see this and this), and therefore this comes as a great shock to you, take a minute to try to recover…and read on.

Free college education for all—another nice-sounding idea. If you want to subject your children to a federally controlled interlocking directorate of commissars who bypass unimportant items like reading, the ability to write coherently, any sort of grasp on history, this system will put a goony smile on your face.

Who cares about the Humanities, as long as students learn how to complain and protest the use of words (any words) that trigger their emotions and put them in a highly vulnerable state, and provoke their need for safe spaces where they can whine and complain and protest? These experiences will surely prepare them for life in the real world after their guaranteed graduation.

In college, they will learn that government (or some vague representation of it that doesn’t actually exist) will lead us all into a better future where individual achievement is a marker of fraud, deception, and unearned privilege.

Colleges will become mind-control propaganda factories for all children, not just some. Hail, Caesar.

Manuals and texts will appear that mandate how values and group-think must be inserted into gullible minds, and professors who object (see here and here) will find themselves selling plastic popcorn and ptomaine dogs at movie theaters. O joy.

How could federal control of higher education for every child in America possibly present a problem? How could Big Mommy and Daddy Octopuses harbor evil and grotesque designs?

How many times have we been promised that shocking illiteracy at the college level will be corrected? But don’t worry, be happy, because the solution to this problem will suddenly emerge when every child, no matter who, no matter what, can matriculate and win a degree. That, you see, was the missing key. Somehow.

Bernie knows the answers. He knows that when the federal government is granted more and more power to execute the Big Fix for America, a revolution of hearts and minds can’t be far behind.

It was, understand, the unfairness and the wretched exclusion of the system that produced all the failures…and when that is eliminated, the ignorant will become smart, the devious will become honest, the incompetent will become magisterial, the crooked will develop new morals.

When teachers become full-fledged agents of the State, on behalf of every child, an alchemical transformation will occur on all levels. Thank goodness.

Grandpa Bernie knows. He’s the one.

Make sure you understand that when Bernie says he’s a socialist, he doesn’t, ahem, really mean it. How could he? How could he want to place the means of production under the direct control of the State? How could he want the State to own the means of production? He’s, well, a sort-of socialist, right? He’s a Denmark socialist, which is kinder and gentler than a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist. He’s an FDR socialist or a Eugene Debs socialist. He doesn’t want massive redistribution of goods and services in America, dictated from above. He may want some redistribution, but no one would really notice it. They would only notice things getting better. And they would get better because America would essentially become a single-payer nation. Government pays, tax payers pay (more). Government invents new money whenever it needs to, just like now, except in much larger amounts. The kids love Bernie, so he must be great. More free stuff. Who doesn’t like more free stuff?

In his 487 years in the Senate, Bernie has been on hold. But now he’ll break out and bring the revolution we’ve all been seeking. The unwilling and unable and under-privileged will emerge—perhaps with government jobs, because we’ll need many more government employees. This is something to look forward to with great excitement. We don’t have enough zero-tolerance and incompetence and robotic control. That problem will be solved, at last.

exit from the matrix

But now the robots will have garlands around their necks and rainbows in their eyes. It’ll happen, because no one will be left out. We’ll all be together, and we’ll finally know it. Cosmic collective consciousness will stake its claim.

Sure it will.

Who can say what Bernie will do? The only way to find out is to elect him. Then we can unwrap the presents under the tree.

And 50 years from now, everyone in America will work for the government. That’s the beautiful pop-up.

We’ll all be in the same boat, so we can sail into the great dawn.

I’ve always suspected that government and the State were wondrous miracles…and now the vision is clarifying.

Put us all in charge, working for the Man. And we’re the Man. The logic is inescapable. It’s, what’s the word, equality.

From each according to his mass psychosis, to each according to his mass psychosis.

No one will notice, because we’ll all be crazy in the same way.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

32 comments on “Bernie Sanders and the rise of the single-payer universe

  1. dorandana says:

    Your prediction of what will happen in colleges – in the future – is (sadly) already rampant. Mandatory “cultural” indoctrination is already in place – hailing Antonio Gramsci (which explains Bernie)….from the personal experience of a 60 year old at UW in Bothell.

  2. sgoodstone says:

    You’ve over-simplified Bernie’s agenda. Yes, free college for all, but I’m certain those prospective students have to pass an entry exam. Remember, his wife, Jane, was President of a college so she knows a prospective student has to qualify for that free education by passing an entrance exam. You can’t possibly expect Bernie to have to explain this during his speeches?

    And “yes”, while the medical profession does kill off thousands of people a year, Bernie’s agenda is to get medical care to all citizens. That is certainly better than ignoring the 29 million people who are currently out of Obama’s healthcare system. They get no medical attention at all. Again, you can’t expect Bernie to explain all the deaths that are currently taking place…that is not his fault but I do expect him to do something about it when he becomes aware of it, if he isn’t already.

    Now that you have pretty much put Bernie down as being some kind of an old blowhard, do you think Hillary gives a shit about the America citizens? Do you believe she is concerned that 29 million people have no healthcare at all and will do something about it if she wins the WH? The current Obama healthcare plan was put forward by Hillary! She absolutely refused to endorse Single-payer. So much for her caring about the American people. Those same 225,000 people will still die every year. Do you think she will do anything to improve that number? How about any of the other candidates? Do you think they will do anything about it? I’m sure you know they won’t. If anything, all the other candidates, including Hillary, will make living in America a whole lot more difficult. Bernie is the only one that will do what he can to bring improvement to their lives.

    Your article does a disservice to Bernie. He is the best deal we have going right now and I can only pray he will win.

    • William J. Kolar says:

      In addition, single payer is not about the health care system, but about the method of insuring that citizens have access to what ever care is available. It cuts out the expense of the involvement of the private insurance company’s and their interference in your care providers decision on a course of treatment for a persons care.

      • juliath83 says:

        “It cuts out the expense of the involvement of the private insurance company’s ”

        You conveniently left out the part about the insurance companies being the ones who wrote the Obamacare Act. But hey, government is always looking out for us, right?

    • From Québec says:

      How about any of the other candidates? Do you think they will do anything about it? I’m sure you know they won’t. If anything, all the other candidates, including Hillary, will make living in America a whole lot more difficult.

      I know about Single-payer heath plan, we have one in Québec. It’s a disaster, believe me, you don’t want one.

      Take a look at Donald Trump healthcare plan. I believe he has the best plan ever:


    • What a relief. I absolutely agree, to blame Bernie as if he is leading sheep to slaughter by providing health care! Seriously? Which, the USA should have been long providing, as it is lagging seriously behind other top countries who have been doing this for its people for years.

      You don’t want this free health care? Be glad you are in a position to not want it because you have that choice, and congrats on playing the blissfully ignorant one to those poor souls beneath you.

      I am having great difficulty stomaching the Trump promoting going on […] Trump […] is hoodwinking many.

      Trump wants wars, guess who will pay? Yes, lets ignore that part because wars are genuinely the least expensive and destructive thing countries do, right? According to Trump he wants to demolish practically anyone and everything. Trump wants to revoke same marriage rights and has mentioned state religion. Trump rambles on talking about his awesomeness, insulting anyone and almost everyone needlessly, fueling his maniac ego. Women who are powerful are disgusting pigs to him. Minorities are lesser beings. He says any nasty thing he wants about anyone, often untrue, while no one is allowed to criticize him without being slammed with a stream of insults so pathetic a 10 year old could articulate in a superior manner.

      He can spew any blubbering nonsense, which he does often, going back and forth on many issues, many times not actually answering questions or providing clear stances, and people don’t care! They continue to rally behind him as long as he stands up there yelling, putting down others, and stroking himself. Sure he can be true to his word because he changes his mind moment from moment. He’s using basic psychological persuasion techniques and people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Trump wanted to legalize drugs, mocked the war on drugs, until he changed his stance there. Abortion rights, he supported… for a while, now he thinks abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, and when mothers lives are in danger, medically speaking. He has also changed on taxes, gun control, social security, and he used to have his nose so deeply in Clinton’s backside, who he now spews loathing upon. His “facts” are more like a spoiled brats fantasies. No other business has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy more than his own empire in the past 30 years, but he insists otherwise, of course, and that doing so is good business. He filed 4 times and his business bankruptcies in turn caused losses for small business owners, who didn’t walk away unharmed like Trump. How secure we will be having Trump as our president, screaming at every other country with his bloated pinkish-orange face, telling them he is going to blow them away, and throwing us deeper and deeper into debt.

      People are fed up with the system as they should be. Unfortunately some of these same good people are blindly gobbling up Trumps temper tantrums, COMPLETELY IGNORING that he is a billionaire who has a history of not giving a damn about anyone other than himself, his family, his friends. He is a proven hypocrite, only likes people when he is making money off of them or they serve some other purpose to him, these all are straight from the horses big, loud, frothing mouth.

      Trump wants to abolish first amendment rights for Muslim Americans, (and then who is next?). He blames (all, even independent) media for the hateful things spewing out of his own loud, sloppy, mouth. Trump offers absolutely insane ideas – like building some giant multi-billion dollar wall that guess who will pay for it? Just like the wars, here’s a hint, it isn’t coming out of Mexico’s pocket. The same people who are stomping their feet over having to pay taxes for our OWN health care and education, support this poppycock. Yeah, crazy ideas Sanders has making the system WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. The system is not going anywhere without a major revolution and that revolution is not even miles near the far right Trump.

      Clearly Sanders is some insane messiah. Makes total sense, except it doesn’t. Sanders knows immigration is a problem, and if you think Trumps ludicrous wall is going to keep people out, which will take years to build and cost more than Sanders proposed health care and medical, which actually benefit the betterment of peoples lives here and now, then you have serious problems. Australia has a minimum wage rate of about $16 and affordable college for all and they are going along just fine, if not better than the US. It is the fear of the unknown that is keeping people from standing behind Sanders well thought out and ALREADY PROVEN to benefit, ideas. Sanders has been fighting for the people from the gate. He stood almost 9 hours in 2010 patiently explaining why tax breaks to the wealthiest was unjust to the struggling middling class with stagnant wages. Sanders scared Republicans with a climate change amendment, and I don’t care which side of that issue you are on you cannot tell me it is not wise to cut back on pollution and environmental destruction. Sanders is consistent, transparent, blunt, and truthful. Across the senate floor, even by those who do not agree with him on issues, they respect him immensely. Sanders wants more income and wealth equality. He is aware that while people may not agree with him on crucial rights on issues for gays and regarding abortion his biggest focus is on the rich, who he believes are screwing us all. He may not become president but he will not back down on the injustice of income and wealth inequality, ever. In interviews, speeches, and even in his personal conversations, Sanders stays on issue. He wants to focus more on the issues and he constantly points out how the media doesn’t care, instead they want to publicize the big, crass, idiot show.

      Trump on the opposite end, talking trash with hate speech that encourages physical violence. Trump doesn’t give a rats behind if you are scraping by to make ends meet, he thinks our wages are too high. His goal is to help wealthy businesses and not workers. Trump is a monkey in a suit putting on a show because he knows the circus gets attention and has said such. Trump is ecstatic that his biggest supporting group, the less educated, often with racist beliefs clutching their bibles, afraid of Spanish speaking neighbors, are marching behind him, for a reason. Trump supporters are less engaged and informed on issues, and that speaks volumes. Trump is putting on an awesome fireworks show, filled with brilliant display of lights and loud crackling noises, and the zombies are dragging toward it not caring about the why. Trump wants to win because he loves being top dog. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has no idea, nor does he care, about actual struggles of people. He cares about keeping his pockets fat. It is hard to understand how anyone capable of critical thinking is supporting him and his HUGE ideas, many which when broken down are proven they will NOT WORK as he insists, but will cost more money, and do more damage in the end. He may be a successful business man but he is no president, and if he does win he will run this place to the ground. We will become a laughing stock, and will no doubt finally come crashing and burning down like the Roman empire we are.

      If people love Trump that is their right to choose, but it IS disgusting watching them make him out to be something he isn’t.

      • From Québec says:

        LOL. Ex-bleeding heart, that was too funny.

        You have everything wrong on Trump.

        “ His biggest supporting group, the less educated ” (Ex-Bleeding Hearth_

        LOL… You are too funny. It is the contrary, well educated people are for Trump, because they know about the NWO socialist agenda.

        Students are for Bernie, because they were brainwashed by the common core education system. Bernie is for everyone equal in poverty and misery.

        Welcome to the old Soviet system!

    • blakmira says:

      I happen to agree with everything Jon said about this particular puppet, but it’s all moot points anyway, you know why? — BECAUSE YOUR VOTE hasn’t COUNTED in YEARS. Diebold “voting” machines are a joke and so are each presidential election. Don’t bust a gut over nothing.

  3. Gerry says:

    Hi Jon,

    I’m as skeptical as yourself about the health care system (though far less informed!), but what institution but the state has the power to counter and/or regulate their (and other corporate) agendas? It’s the only institution that can even imperfectly reflect the will of the people, and until such time as something better comes along, I’ll be supporting those trying to get the government to do some arm-twisting. There was a time without government: it was called the dark ages. Not that I’m optimistic that any real change will occur because of the current round, but resisting the elites’ offerings suggested for us in our elections is one of the few forms of resistance still available. In the present situation, I’m pushing for anyone but Hillary. She’s an all-too-well-known dissembler with disastrous domestic and foreign policies who has full elite approval. That having been said, I really have no idea whether Sanders or Trump will present any serious deviation from the status quo once in office. Obama’s betrayal of his platform (for good or ill) shows the futility of trying to predict in-office behavior from campaign rhetoric.

    • From Québec says:

      That having been said, I really have no idea whether Sanders or Trump will present any serious deviation from the status quo once in office. Obama’s betrayal of his platform (for good or ill) shows the futility of trying to predict in-office behavior from campaign rhetoric. (Gerry)

      We knew nothing about Obama, a complete unknown. And Sanders never got a pay check till he was 40 years old.

      But we do know everything there is to know about Donald Trump.
      Trump will remain faithful to Donald Trump. What he says he will do, he will do. You can take this to the bank.

  4. Greg says:

    […] Jon. There is no perfect candidate, ever. Bern has a track record like no other. He’s been a long-time advocate of civil rights, education, anti-biotech (GMO), anti-war… the list goes on. Whether he’ll be able to implement his agenda is certainly debatable. Trump and Hillary are not options we ever expect change. […]

  5. Jon, they say “sarcasm” is the lowest form of wit….but, you are onto something here.

    Talking the Clinton/Soros combo out of the equation, I find the difference between Sanders and Trump scintillating. On one had we have Trump delivering policies from the back of a matchbook (what did someone say of him recently? “deep as a puddle”). Of course, as any good CEO, his “people” deliver policy. They make it happen, write the magic. He’s an “ideas man” as all great leaders should be.

    My worry about Bernie is on the line you intimate. At least Trump can blame the minions for his failings “in office”. Whereas, well, Bernie is something like a fizzed up “God figure” taking what Obama said before he was voted in, shredding it, adding some and reconstructing “new Messiah talk”. I remember Obamas pleas, promises and grand design BEFORE he was ushered in by the people. Once “in”. he produced dung that was perhaps marginally more pungent than Republican manure served up Bush. It turned out the “promises” before term were horseshit.

    My worry is….can Bernie go one better?


  6. From Québec says:

    America’s Retreat from Victory! #FeelTheBurn

  7. Julie says:

    This is outrageous and offensive. Shame on you. Do you work for Orrin Hatch?
    Your fear mongering remarks are intolerable.

    • Suzie says:

      Julie. The one thing I love about Jon is his unbiased research and views. He’s been doing this for awhile now and is busy following all the candidates. From what I can see, Jon has extensive knowledge of our past leaders, candidates and of the continued politics of deception.

      I agree that there are serious failings with the education and health care systems. Having the government with an agenda in the driver seat is frightening. Education is already a sham (I know I see all the ‘educated’ with huge debt, useless diplomas and degrees while not working in their field of study, working multiple low-paying jobs).

      This ‘Free’ health care miracle can lead to gov’t dictating what gets to be done to us, like: forced immunizations (oops, already happening in some places), required mental-health evaluations, diagnoses, treatments, forced-no-choice treatments, etc. We deserve better. I know I want to keep my free will and have choices so am also very skeptical of all these ‘free’ wonders.

      I may not agree with everything Jon says, but love that he challenges my critical thinking and puts what I have often felt/wondered into tangible words.

      It’s fine if you are a fan of Sanders and I have a feeling that Jon is fine with that also. Maybe his next article will be more to your personal liking…or maybe not 🙂

  8. Jim G. says:

    OK, Jon. What is the solution then? How do we implement a great, affordable healthcare system here in the U.S.? And how do we do the same with education, too?

    • From Québec says:

      This is how:

      Take a look at Donald Trump healthcare plan. I believe he has the best plan ever:


    • Did you bother to read the article, Jim G?

      Your American “healthcare” system kills more of your people than wars do. How about starting by SCRAPPING it and replace it with something less toxic?

    • blakmira says:

      Learn to take control over your own health. Learn about plant medicine instead of poison Pharma. Stop running to the doctor for vaccines and antibiotics and steroids and drugs that keep illness chronic. Learn about a plant-based diet and exercise. As for education, sorry, you’ll just have to homeschool the children unless you want to unteach them all the propaganda and lies they’re told. STOP DEPENDING ON DADDY GOVERNMENT

  9. Rastafari says:

    Jon, from the looks of the remarks, most don’t get it about the “medical system”. They still want everyone in on it. LOL. Nobody left behind as the column of medical system marches onwards … leaving in its wake over 2 million dead every 10 years.

    How many millions dead from the medical system since bernie sanders been in office?

    Bernie is also the CONgressman who’s been in charge of the Veterans Administration for awhile. So, if any bernie supporters want to know how he’s done, have a look at the VA.

    If you’d like personal account of how they treat veterans, especially women veterans, contact me, lawyerlynn@gmail. I’ll give you documented information that will blow your head off.

  10. Steve says:

    Omitted from the discussion was mention of how many people die because they don’t have access to medical care in the first place, and that over 50% of personal bankruptcies in the US are due to medical expenses. For-profit health insurance and medical service provider corporations are concerned about profitability and shareholder investment than people’s health. The only thing that promotes “best medical practices” is the fear of being sued. This should not be the basis for a health care system. What we have is a sick care system designed to profit the providers, not a health care system at all. If there were a single-payer system, everyone’s good health would be in everyone’s best interest.

    • From Québec says:

      You are so wrong Steve. Here in Québec, we have time to die before we can see a doctor, because, people overload the hospitals all the time with miner injuries that would only require a plaster to solve. Average waiting time is between 24 to 48 hours sitting in the room. Now, if you need a scan or an operation, the waiting times is between 1 year to 3 years.

      That is what a stupid single payer system is all about. And it cost us so much money, you wouldn’t bleieve it. Doctors and nurses are leaving, they cannot stand it anymore. It is a COMPLETE DISASTER.

      • Steve says:

        @From Quebec: Millions of Americans have no insurance and only wish they had an opportunity to wait for health care. How many Canadians have to declare bankruptcy due to medical debts? People with health insurance in the US pay more for health care services than Canadians do with less effective outcomes.

        • Rastafari says:

          lol. steve. you make no sense. millions of americans have no insurance and only wish they had an opportunity to wait for health care?

          what health care, steve?
          cut, poison, burn? is that the one?

          drugs, drugs, drugs.
          drugs for the old. drugs for the new.

          People with health insurance in the us pay more for health care services than … blah blah blah.
          No, sorry, there are no health care services in us.
          There is only sickness creating services.

          you miss the point, steve.

  11. From Québec says:

    How many Canadians have to declare bankruptcy due to medical debts? (Steve)

    Many Canadians declare bankruptcy, because our taxes are too high. This is what a socialist single payer system healtcare does. Our Middle Class is almost gone. And the healthcare system is getting worse and worse by the day. They are cutting on sanitation, nurses and doctors, and drugs. You probably would get a better service in a Third World country.

    Socialism never worked and will never work, because after a certain time, you run out of people’s money.

    Remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    • Steve says:

      People in the US pay more for meds than people do in any other country. Many senior citizens on fixed retirement incomes have to choose between their meds and food. I’d rather pay more in taxes and less for health insurance premiums and meds and keep the private medical insurance companies from getting between the doctor and patient. No entity rations or denies patient care more than a for-profit corporation.

      You have a right to complain about poor medical services, but it’s better than no services or unaffordable services. Not saying that you might not die waiting for an appointment, but in the US lots of people die because they can’t afford to make an appointment.

      • Rastafari says:

        oh, steve. i seriously doubt anyone died because they didn’t go to the doctor.

        poor “medical” services are NOT better than no medical services. Unless you need a wound stitched, why would anyone go to a doctor? drugs, maybe. get the drugs. otherwise, you’re much better off not going to doctors/medical care.

        every doctor will encourage you to get a vaccine. flu. pneumonia. shingles. tetnus. why would anyone who you believe is trying to help you feel better … why would they want to inject you with poison?

        they wouldn’t. of course.

        any senior citizens who are taking drugs (you call them “meds”) will not live very long, so no need to worry about them. and if they are stupid enough to take drugs from doctors, after all that’s been exposed, then they deserve whatever.

        wake up, steve. stop spreading propanda.

        • arcadia11 says:


          the medical industry is easily
          the leading cause of death, disease, and sterility. it was
          designed to be so. it is well-
          past time to let it die out. same
          goes for vets. stay away from

          we have chiropractors, naturopaths, midwives, and neighbors who are skilled in
          herbal medicine, setting broke bones, etc. as i type
          this i am removing skin cancer
          with iodine. fascinating process.

          don’t feed your pets kibble under any circumstances. aware vets call it kidney failure in a bag for cats and diabetes
          in a bag for dogs. my vet could
          not cure my dog’s cancer, so i did. verified by the vet. he started giving my number out to
          people whose pets had cancer.
          animal health has declined at the
          same rate as human health. it is
          frightening and completely unnecessary. stop using advantage and other pesticides.

          do as much for yourselves as possible. it is aesthetic and rewarding. move toward real
          healthcare. let the institutions crumble. stop moving backward.

  12. From Québec says:

    For you Steeve:

    Canadian Health Policy Failures | Dr. Brett Skinner and Stefan Molyneux

  13. Dickard says:

    Nice to see someone has a brain AND eyes that are open. I read Obama’s book before the 2008 election and I bought it hook line and sinker. Since that mistake (trust), I have learned much by seeking the true functions of “democracy”. Your information is much appreciated.
    I suggest
    The Creature From Jeckyll Island

  14. Hannah says:

    How is it possible, that in Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) college education has been free as long as anyone remembers? Health care too. And how is it possible, that there is absolutely no illiteracy at the college level, literacy level is practically 100% of population, only some recently arrived refugees excluded (Finland is the best country in the world when it comes to literacy, other Scandinavian countries following close behind)? How is it possible, that Scandinavian students are not sitting and whining about “safe space”? How is it possible that an average Scandinavian high school student speaks 3 or 4 languages, fluently? This is all achieved in public school system.

    How is it possible, that in Scandinavian countries far less people are killed by medical system than in America despite the “free health care for all” system they have? How is it possible, that they spend LESS money on health care (compared to GDP) than America even tough they pay all their health care with taxpayer’s money? How is it possible, that these countries are NOT communist or leftist at all but they actually have a wide variety of active political parties?

    Just wondering. How can THEY make it all work so well and WE cannot? Lived there for 40 years so I know what I’m talking about.

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