The vaccine film Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see

The film on vaccines Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see


by Jon Rappoport

March 27, 2016

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Robert De Niro, who has a child with autism, was going to personally introduce the film, Vaxxed, to the audience at his Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

He thought the film was important. It makes a case for a connection between vaccines and autism.

Then, an uproar ensued, pressure was brought to bear, and De Niro decided to cancel the screening at his festival.

Hello, goodbye.

One of the angles used to pressure him? People might agree with the film’s content and decide not vaccinate their children, or they might decide to space the vaccines out over a longer period of time. This horrible act might endanger lives. It might kill children.

Therefore, don’t let people see the film. Don’t let them be contaminated. Don’t let them make up their own minds. Don’t let them have access to information. You see, the parents themselves are children wandering in the wilderness, with no ability to analyze information. They must defer to the experts. They mustn’t listen to other voices. They mustn’t be permitted to think.

Free speech? Never, ever heard of it.

You see, this is Science. Only certain people know what science says or means. They are the chosen few in the palace. They decide for the rest of us. They are the little gods and the censors.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this bullshit.

On big screens all over the country, you can put up movies depicting people being torn limb from limb, drowning in their own blood, you can put up movies with panting soft-porn money shots, you can put up movies that blow up half the world; but you can’t show a movie that questions the effects of vaccines.

That’s show biz, where the stars are co-opted on a daily basis, and if they move off the dime, they’re attacked in the press.

But so what?

Listen, Robert, you could have shown the film, and you could have laid on a live presentation afterwards, with speakers delivering both sides of the issue right there in the theater. You could have stood up and said you weren’t going to be bulldozed. You could have said Film itself is based on the sanctity of free speech and there was no way you were going to sacrifice that principle. You could have drawn a line in the sand. You could have parlayed your reputation and awards in the industry to make a point. You could have explained who pressured you and why. You could have refused to let the moment pass. You could have broken the back of censorship, and you could have enlisted the aid of a few of your famous friends, right up on stage, to back you up. You could have turned the whole thing around, because after all, you were just preparing to show a film. That’s what you were doing. With enough force behind your words (you know how to do that, don’t you?), you could have exposed the whole insane sham of Don’t Show a Film. You could have said, “This is not the Censored Tribeca Film Festival. That’s not the name of this event and it never will be.” You could have blown the doors apart. You could have gone live and done in public, for once, what you do on the screen. You could have hit the censors in their snake eyes and put them away. You could have gone on The View and Fallon and Kimmel and Oprah and made your case against the people who want to shut down free speech. And you know you could have scored a victory.

power outside the matrix

But you didn’t do that. You backed down.

It’s not too late. You can still fire up your courage and your outrage and show the film. It’s your festival. You’re the boss.

Do you realize the size of the rock you’re standing on? Do you know what the First Amendment really means?

So what if you’re shy in public. So what if you need a script?

I’ll give you a script. I’ll give you one. It’ll melt the spines of those arrogant cowards who want the public to obey and keep their mouths shut and submit to wall-to-wall surveillance and march all the way to their graves without a whimper in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

74 comments on “The vaccine film Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see

  1. Daniel Noel says:

    Do not expect much from a star who does not understand Building 7.


    • The Edge o fNight says:

      Another wimp star that made his money and gained a audience but, backs down in the face of “maybe excising” his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. All because people might not like what he says and it might cause critical thinking.

      OH, Boo Hoo Hoo!

      Are there ANY REAL AMERICANS (other than the commenters) that respect their Constitutional Rights anymore? All this wimps WANT a 1945 Soviet Russia style Communist country or maybe a 2016 China style Communist country.

      They are on the “fast-track” to get it for sure…..

      • Frank Marion says:

        YUP! Mr. Tough Guy has no balls!

      • Mike Silva says:

        No can do! Once you have the “mark” upon you, you no longer belong to yourself. You must do as told. The mark is passivity.To Go along with a corrupt system of world politics.To be in fear is same thing as a denial. You MUST have courage of your convictions. Do not “bow down to the Beast in submission.” God is Power. God is Love. Love throws aside all fears. You cannot fail!………….Michael Z Archangel

    • barn moose says:

      “You could have gone live and done in public, for once, what you do on the screen.”

      Big swollen nuts like this are rare:

      Most shrivel in the roasting.

    • barn moose says:

      It’s hot in here:

      Infinitely hotter ex-Hollywoodland.

  2. Noreen says:

    it is a shame that the most famous actor in the world probably was pressurised this way. I imagine that he was reminded that he could be sued many times over (in the USA litigious society) by parents feeling their child was damaged due to them NOT giving x y or z vaccine Also, even though De Niro might feel his own child is damaged as a result of vaccines, he cannot prove it and Big Pharma would be inundated no doubt with legal actions for children with autism and maybe other illnesses (if they have not died of them of course) from suspected vaccine poisoning. It is remarkable to me that such a powerful figure was silenced. I do not blame him but as you have said, hopefully he might show the film and then have a debate allowing both sides to air their views. However De Niro is an actor not a talk show host so he would need to organise that. I would like to see the film I do believe that Big Pharma has too much power in the USA where childrens parents are not allowed to send the child to school even if multiple vaccines have not been given to the child in advance. Astonishing given that vaccines are not proven to cure anything it seems and have multiple risk factors

  3. And what if he has been threatened? Or his child has been threatened? “Remove the film from the program or else we will know where your child lives”. I think that most parents would back out. The USA is a police state and threats like this should be taken seriously. And I think this scenario is a likely one.

    • Ms. Brown says:

      This is exactly what happen, he was threatened!! The higher devils don’t want the world expose to TRUTH!!!

  4. Theodore says:

    ‘Vaxxed’ Filmmakers Accuse De Niro, Tribeca Film Fest Of ‘Censorship’ In Wake Of Cancelation

    “To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” said Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree (the director and producer, respectively). “Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC. […]”

  5. jruss45 says:

    My granddaughter has never been vaccinated. It is not only the mercury and the increased amount of toxic aluminum compound, but also an adjutant added to some vaccines that cause permanent sterility in young women. Google “tetanus vaccine sterility” or “polio vaccine sterility”. Forced Sterility is part of United Nations Agenda 21’s requirement of population reduction.

  6. Theodore says:

    De Niro Backs Down: Documentary Linking Vaccines to Autism Will No Longer Be Shown At Film Festival

    Actor previously wanted film screened as “opportunity for a conversation around the issue”

    Adan Salazar – March 26, 2016

  7. brusplace says:

    So greed will prevail, no wonder we are ruled by criminals.

  8. binra says:

    Persecution will either deepen and strengthen trust and willingness to align with true recognition, or it will whip back into line that which presumed to challenge a false power by stepping outside its conforming dictate.
    However, these instances reveal where power is in fact operating in society to those who had otherwise been unaware of their enslavement of mind and its consequences.

    Pharma operates under the guise of a corrupt ‘science’, corrupting politicians, educators, media – so as to define us sick, medicate us sicker, to die under the banner of scientific progress – while providing a captive revenue stream – and high status and privilege as the saviours of humanity.

    Robert. Whitaker and Dr David Healy, among others, address the psycho-pharma fraud – and what is revealed is far reaching in its implications. While there is the ‘evil’ of those who knowingly engage in and promote genocidal acts under a cover of ‘protection and help’- the whole thing also depends on the population believing in its core idea. This core idea always operates as an unwillingness or incapacity to feel and move through fear or to own and release guilt. Thus the wish for magic bullet solutions that don’t oblige or support waking personal responsibility in facing and resolving fears, but instead take power away and give it to an elite priesthood who set themselves as the ONLY arbiters of ‘health’ management and indeed ‘life’ management.

    The coercive model of demonizing and attacking symptoms invites the opportunism of symptom suppressions that can seem to ‘manage’ some facets of presumed illness while displacing it into other areas that are then seen as new illness to treat.

    The drug pushers don’t share their raw data, are not held accountable for their acts, and generate vast sums of money by which they leverage regulators, media and any other key focus in society that would ordinarily hold such behaviour in check.

    Then, such a conformity of officially determined opinion masks as the dominant narrative despite any experience of those who are suffering and living with the suffering – all of which is ‘anecdotal’ and the voicing of which is made to seem a jarring discord onto which a hateful and guilted projection can be easily associated and vilification brought by media and relevant career institutional bodies – who are themselves intimidated to follow the dictate of a hatred for Life.

    So appalling is the nature of the crime and its way of embedding in our psyche – that a simple humanity is hard to maintain amidst the energetic payload that properly felt is the discernment of what drives the whole thing. Fear, guilt, hate and rage – with a supporting cast of shame, powerlessness, grief – all operate to mask and hide, fragment and deny, a wholeness of consciousness. Divide and rule is FIRST established within our consciousness by thought to which we subscribe and accept as our own – and are barely aware of the fragmentation and control operating unless we question or challenge its underlying assertion as our identity.

    If an ‘identity’ is dictated and set in terms of hate can it be true? Or must it be the reversal by which truth is made fearful and the lie made protector? Curiosity needs to persist where blaming and hatred moves to shut down consciousness in receptive-expressive transformation. But first it must stir. While ‘living’ under the terms that the mind is set in – curiosity has been diverted into a mind trap in which a false sense of the known denies all movement to question and truly feel and know its own purpose.

    That there are deep human fears masking as ‘power’ operating against our good, is firstly the very trigger to wield blame and hate in power. Such is a fear-response of perpetual war amidst the mistaken belief that the symptoms are the disease. Choosing NOT to be triggered in hate from fear is a willingness to open to and live from a different perspective. No one – including ourself – can be the judge of such willingness without covering it over with judgement. But we can learn to notice and value and join with it.

    Or else the disease re-seeds itself in an ever decreasing consciousness under false sense of power – and the true Life never finds embodiment of capacity to know and share love of Life.

  9. Mary says:

    Here’s the Tribeca film festival email address:

  10. says:

    Jon, you have written a great encouragement for Robert DeNiro, I hope you or other people will send this encouragement personally to him.

    Robert DeNiro should bring out the crime with all his force and personality. Maybe he received death threats, which is easy for THEM to do and difficult for one to overcome. I won’t say it will be an easy decision. Yet, in this Easter time we can remember many people who have sacrificed their life for uncensored truth. It is up to Robert DeNiro.

    Groet, Jan Ligthart PS


  11. elnura1 says:

    I suggest DeNiro spend the day in deep contemplation while watching George Carlin interviews on youtube. This is a free speech -censorship issue, content aside.

    DeNiro-Raging Bull —— NOT!

  12. Jeremy says:

    Do you not understand what free speech means? A private festival declining to show a film is not an impingement on free speech. Private citizens expressing their concerns over a film is not an impingement on free speech.

    Former Doctor Wakefield is free to make films promoting his cause. The rest of the world is free to ignore thoroughly discredited sources. You are free to write a blog post lamenting it, and the vast majority of people are free to continue thinking anti-vaccination crusaders are a bit out of touch with reality.

    • Noreen says:

      Hopefully the film will be shown elsewhere because both sides of this debate need to be known not just Big Pharma’s propaganda which seems to work on so many people. There is abundant proof that vaccines can damage the human body, especially that of a baby. If vaccines were so harmless, why would whistleblowers be able to reveal so much covered up data? Disease prevention is also to do with living standards which are low for too many and so diseaases spread no matter how many vaccines are invented

    • Shoot says:

      In about 15 years when the Autistic rate is 1 out of every 2 and 80% of boys not to mention the host of other chronic illnesses that are turning into epidemic proportions, the world economies will collapse under the weight of all this sickness. I was speaking to a teacher yesterday who commented on the fact of how in the last few years all the children in her classes (Grade 3) have such low IQ’s not to mention all the behavioural and auto-immune issues. She told me that people should never higher anyone born in 2004 or later as they are almost unable to learn. Funny that co-insides very nicely with a huge increase in the number of vaccines given starting in the early 2000’s. I suspect you will be one of the first ones to act all surprised and show your disbelief that nobody saw it coming. However, I also suspect that Big Pharma shall be long gone and you will be left to foot the bill.

    • Mary says:

      Jeremy, People may be referring to this as a free speech issue because big pharma is a fascist enterprise with no day light between it and the gov’t. Also, Wakefield has been suppressed through gov’t agencies. Anyway, the idea is for DeNiro to EXERCISE his right to free speech rather than self-censor.

      • Jeremy says:

        Isn’t saying exactly what he said exercising his right to free speech?

        It may be hard for you to believe, but maybe he looked into the issue more and decided giving a bigger platform to a dangerous liar wasn’t something he wanted to do?

    • Linda says:

      Sadly neither you or I have seen this film but I am sure that it WILL be seen. The rest of the world you speak of is not ignoring it Im not sure why you would think that.

  13. Kirsten McCumber says:

    Thank you Jon Rappoport for the best commentary ever! The following people will support you 100% if you want to send this masterpiece to them:

    Mark Blaxill at Age of Autism Stephanie Seneff at MIT Sally Fallon at Weston A. Price Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) Jeff Hays at Bought the Judy Converse author The Thinking Mom’s Revolution Wayne Rhode author of Vaccine Court Polly Tomey, actress and mother of autistic child Maria Rickert Hong author of Almost Autism Anne Dachel author of the Big Autism Cover Up Sharyl Attkisson, author of Stonewalled Katie Couric Diane Harper , vaccine whistleblower Leslie Mannokian, documentarian “The Greater Good” Eric Gladen, documentarian, “Trace Amounts” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., lawyer, author “Thimersol” Dr. Robert Sears, author, the Vaccine Book Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions Dr. Andrew Wakefield, author Callous Disregard Jenny McCarthy, Generation Rescue Beth Lambert, author A Compromised Generation Dan Olmstead, author Age of Autism Judy Mikovits, PhD author of Plague Ken Heckenlively coauthor of Plague Gary Null PhD Dr. Toni Bark MD Dr. Kelly Brogan MD Lucija Tomljenovic PhD Ryan and David Richardson, documentarians, “One More Girl” Dr. Sherri Tennpenny Dr. Mercola Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center Mary Holland, JD, author “Vaccine Epidemic”

    Love your work! This may be the issue that blows the Matrix apart.

    Best, Kirsten

    • Doc says:

      What a great list you compiled. Don’t forget Vaccination is not Immunization by dr tim Oshea

    • Leonie Wynne says:

      Kirsten, we also have books by Louise Kuo Habakus, MA & Mary Holland, JD, called “Vaccine Epidemic”; how corporate greed, biased science & coercive government threaten our human rights, our health and our children.
      Also, “Saying No to Vaccines”, (A resource guide for all ages) by Dr Sherri Tenpenny. Over 350+ medical references documenting vaccine problems and more!
      And another book by the author Randall Neustaedter OMD, “The Vaccine Guide” says that “diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis and chickenpox – do not threaten babies. Diphtheria and polio do not exist in the US and the exposure to tetanus is extremely unlikely in a child under 2 years, since tetanus can only be acquired from an injury to the skin (puncture). Hepatitis is primarily a sexually transmitted disease and chickenpox causes minimal problems if acquired during children at any age. All fascinating books to read about vaccines it will make your head spin!

  14. Defiant says:

    Used to LOVE DeNiro…until I found out what a LUNATIC Liberal he is. Sad. The elite are always so cut-off from the rest of us that they don’t even realize they’re extremists.

  15. John Turmel says:

    Jct: Consider the silver lining. Now everyone will want to see the cards De Niro wanted to showdown but was forced to fold. We do not know what he was threatened with but it had to be bad. So just focus on the silver lining. The movie will get out. The bad guys can run but they can’t hide..

  16. Theodore says:

    In the current “Trump cultural climate of savaging the main stream press,” DeNiro was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime, all-chips-in, line-in-sand, George Washington opportunity to seize upon and channel Trump’s way of handling the press — using his acting skills to evoke the spirit of ‘Trump rhetoric’…

    The People, and, the celebs — like Rob Schneider, Jenny McCarthy, and Jim Carrey, would have backed him and he woud have won!

    Maybe DeNiro never noticed the tremendous magic-theater impov abilities of Trump’s oratory nor the historical implications of that oratory when taking on the establishment.

    And, no doubt, Trump would have come to his aid, too! Believe me folks, believe me.

  17. robert11011 says:

    How can he look himself in the mirror ?.either his $$$ was threatened or his De niro low, low false pride.

  18. Mary says:

    I just sent this to the Tribeca Film Festival:

    Too bad you didn’t have the courage to show the Andrew Wakefield movie. You should reconsider this poor decision and show solidarity with Wakefield who is a true hero–he doesn’t just play a hero in the movies.

  19. Marianne says:

    Look what happened to Dr. Kelly Brogan’s fabulous book when it went underground so to speak! It is going viral!

    It seems like this documentary is getting far more attention since it was pulled than it might have gotten if it was shown.

    Furthermore, I read that it was not DeNiro alone who pulled it. We really do not know the entire story.

    Look at all the holistic doctors who are mysteriously dying.

    I read somewhere that he may have pulled it to get all of this attention and get the word out.

    Bottom line is….it is getting tons of attention and people really want to see it.

    P.S. Dr. Wakefield and others are NOT saying vaccines are all bad! What he is saying is to re-evaluate the vaccine schedule. His words have been completely misconstrued. Also, Ben Swann put out a documentary in early February that chronicles the Dr. William Thompson-CDC whistle blower connection called CDC, Vaccines and Autism. You can get a sneak peak at VAXXED by watching Ben Swann’s video. You can find it on Mike Adams’ website and elsewhere.

  20. Hildegard says:

    Good God, Jon. You hit the proverbial spike on the head with a sledge hammer. If only this kind of information presented to the logically and intuitively challenged would create an ‘aha’ moment, oh how nice that would be. The only thing that gives me hope is that I used to be one of those ignorant fools.

    No more Robert DeNiro movies for me! What an actor.! His brass balls apparently turn to tapioca when he’s not acting.

  21. donnavoetee says:

    Headline: De Niro pulls “Vaxxed” from Tribeca film festival.

    When I read this, my mind went back 46 years to 9th grade English class, and the study of the Bard’s classic play, “Julius Caesar” and Brutus’ argument to Cassius.

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune…”

    Robert De Niro has made his fortune on pretense. His life has revolved around being a fiction, lying (acting is lying, okay) about who he is. This was his chance to be a real-life hero for real-life people. He blew it. The role of a lifetime, declined.

    “Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.”

    An almost-hero. What a miserable voyage for the rest of his life.

    There’s one more line from that play that is relevant here. By not taking this tide to rise to the occasion, De Niro has chosen to side with the murderers, the purveyors of vaccines.

    “Et tu, Brute?”

    • donnavoetee says:

      Andy Wakefield’s Vaxxed message:

      Saturday, March 26, 8:30pm PST

      To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

      Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC.

      It is our understanding that persons from an organization affiliated with the festival have made unspecified allegations against the film – claims that we were given no opportunity to challenge or redress. We were denied due process.

      We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.

      Tribeca’s action will not succeed in denying the world access to the truth behind the film Vaxxed.

      We are grateful to the many thousands of people who have already mobilized including doctors, scientists, educators and the autistic community.

      We will be pressing forward and sharing our plans in the very near future.


      – Andrew Wakefield (Director) and Del Bigtree (Producer)

  22. Nicky says:

    Thanks Jon, I’ve been following the recent doctors deaths, starting with Dr.Bradstreet.

    I’ve seen people beg to get their jabs, wish they would wake up and understand, that they are being pharmed.Herded to the stockyards, thinking their protected, while being pushed into the slaughterhouse.

    I’ve punched into a time clock that flashed the words, did you get your jabs yet? Ugh!!! Robert could have called the bluff. After all the threat is obvious, and he is in the public eye.

  23. bebig100 says:

    De Niro is NOT the man I believed he was. I now have lost respect for his probity and values as a human being! He has an autistic child that was damaged severely by vaccines and he is afraid to show the film? Did the drug company threaten to sue him, or pay him off?

    This is typical of how drug companies operate! It is not typical of how brave men operate!

  24. From Québec says:

    Hey Robert, you could have sold your film to Donald Trump. He would have been very happy to publish it, it would have reinforced his saying that there is a link between vaccines and autism.

    Cowboy Trump fears no one. Maybe it’s not too late to contact him.

    • Ann says:

      Great idea, but it’s not really his film – it’s his festival. The film makers should contact Trump and see what kind of support he would give them. Given what has been happening to holistic doctors, one can only imagine what sort of pressure has been put on DeNiro.

    • blakmira says:

      You really think Trump knows or cares anything about vaccines? He’s just another show puppet reading a script. He was assigned the pro-vaccine crowd to pull their attention off of real matters and help make them think their votes might actually count (lol). You never heard him talk about vaccines before and he’ll stop talking about them after the faux presidential election too.

      • Theodore says:

        just to add,…

        from GOP Debate #1…

        Dr Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Dr Rand Paul talk about Vaccines and Autism

        Also, Ivanka gave birth to her third child (a boy) on Easter in a hospital…

        I guess one of the good things about being BOTH super wealthy AND ALSO not ignorant on matters of health and well being (hell, John D Rock continued to use his homeopath as the allopaths his schools funded started seizing the market via the go-along-to-get-along state politicians, but i digress…),… is,… IF she, Ivanka, (like, i’m presuming, Princess Kate Middleton…) did decide against the toxic Vitamin-K shot (“baby’s first shot”) AND the toxic Hep-B shot, THEN atleast the nurses and doctors are NOT going to take her baby from her!

        Oh, speaking of Kate, that reminds me about this article that came out when she was pregnant,… (and, to think in the US, flu shots are now pushed on pregnant women…)

        “People magazine devoted the cover of its latest issue to the topic, citing palace sources in reporting that the couple has put plans for an upcoming trip to Africa on hold – the vaccinations Middleton would need are dangerous for a fetus, the magazine reports – and have ‘babies on the brain’.”

  25. JB Handley says:

    Jon, here’s the truth about the science, and please keep up the good work, JB Handley

    View story at

  26. pmooney72 says:

    Let’s stop being hard on Robert DeNiro. I don’t see a lot of these commentators making any public heroic stands, beyond posting shite on the internet.

    How many of you are still paying federal and state income taxes to the criminal governments that create these poisons and orchestrate genocides across the globe?

    How many of you are still sending your kids to schools? Paying off fraudulent student loans?

    How many of you are still watching bullshit TV and voting in any kind of elections?

    How many of you are still pretending that CHEMTRAILS are “contrails”?

    Why do so many of you think Robert DeNiro is MORE POWERFUL than YOU?

    Commentating here is preaching to the the converted. I encourage you all to make your own stands and believe in your own power. You’ll get a lot more accomplished that way. Be your own Messiah. Face your own Crucifixion. Architect your own RESURRECTION.

    A different world is being built RIGHT NOW…don’t miss out on it by wasting time talking about this bullshit old one. It is deader than a door nail and will not be resurrected.

    Thus sayeth Mooney Tahuti!

  27. Jon, it is sad that De Niro is “generally representative” of humanity in the spotlight.

    I devote an entire chapter to “cowardice” in one of my yet-to-be published books, but this old Ozzie Thinker entry expresses the classic response to “when push comes to shove” very well.


    • pedrofalls says:

      OT, how ironic would it be if on the other side of the wall you just walked through was just more bullshit. And the only truth you found of the matter was your ability to walk through walls. Are you prepared for that? I think you probably are.

      • Well, Pedro

        So, you’re one of those wallflowers with rocks for brains as your name implies (doubtlessly a Trump supporter and “friend of extra-government agencies”!). If your hurl insults without cause expect a fall. You forget I see with the other eye and that means I see everything….but never all-at-once, unfortunately

        Do you suggest the universe isn’t made of light? If not, offer an alternative and PROVE IT. I tremble at your ignorance 🙂

  28. Bronwyn says:

    For Rappoport to say that Robert De Niro “won’t let” his audience see the film is both incorrect and unfair to De Niro.

    It is incorrect because for De Niro to drop it from the Tribeca Film Festival will not prevent anyone from seeing it.

    It is unfair because (apart from being incorrect) it falsely implies that De Niro himself is motivated to block the film from being viewed. He initially defended keeping the film in the Festival and caved in only after pressure.

    Most importantly, we do not know what the pressure amounted to, but it could have been as heavy as pressure can get – a death threat for all we know, against him and/or member(s) of his family, and the evil elite have no compunction in relation to carrying out such threats. The most public obvious example, out of countless that demonstrate that to be the case, is the Kennedy family.

    De Niro himself is a very concerned father of an 18 year old with autism (and it is not just mild autism, either). He likely himself believes that a vaccine caused the autism and been heartbroken ever since. This man who has a heart and soul is already suffering deeply enough.

    De Niro is not the appropriate target for Rappoport to direct his criticism. Put the spotlight instead on those who pressured him, those who have no heart.

    • Boy, this comment takes the buscuit…

      Bronwyn, my name is Barry Obama, I am so grateful for the way you feel. The heathens are so nasty. I tried so hard to meet my pre-ellection promises. I didn’t lie like a bloody viper through my bloody teeth. I didn’t do a complete reversal on what I promised. I am a good man. It’s “other peoples” fault. They are the nasty ones. Blame Jon Rappoport.


    • M.Jeffrey says:

      Bronwyn says it well. Robert De Niro is not to blame. I have little doubt they threatened his family and careers up to and including death just like they destroyed Dr. Wakefield. These people are pure evil. And they have the media in their pocket. And do you notice news stories never bring up that Dr. Wakefield’s co-authors have all been exonerated of any wrong-doing? Do they ever bring up the two dozen studies around the world that have confirmed or replicated Dr. Wakefield’s findings since the 1998 study? Do they ever bring up that Dr. Wakefield never said the MMR caused autism? He only presented the data and concluded more study should be done. No, of course they wouldn’t say those things. It’s easier to repeat the mantra presented by the fraudulant industry from the very beginning. Journalism and truth have died.

  29. Jennifer Martin says:

    I love this. Thank you!

  30. David Fenton says:

    A cause or movement that relies on the infrastructures of those it opposes in order to be effective was always going to have anything even partially effective pushed off the grid.

    I’ve commented this a couple of places recently. We can do this.

    An ‘outlawed’ film creates intrigue. The advertising has been done worldwide for free!

    If it’s good and I think it’s worth disseminating I would happily pay $100 (that I don’t have to spare), to download the film, especially if I could then distribute burned DVD’s to 100 people. $100 for a 100 DVD license for free distribution or some such.

    This would be decentralised and very hard to stop or control the release and dissemination worldwide spreading real information for free by those that want to WHILE covering some production costs. For each 10 000 people that would sign up for this, committed to a pre-release date then that would cover $1000 000 of costs and cover the DVD material and distribution logistics around the world for free.

    I also have a little web site. I would pay another $100 (that I don’t have), to host the movie, if I think it’s good enough. This strategy would also cover web hosting costs and the logistics of establishing a great diversity of access points for people to gain free access.

    (And as an afterthought, we could all thank Bill Gates for providing windows automatic DVD burning capabilities to spread this message worldwide.)

  31. pedrofalls says:

    I’m outraged! But my plan to vent about it has ‘gan arwy,’ Forty-five comments to late, by the time I got through the article and all the comments, there is really not much I can add. Good job Jon, good job boys and girls.

    I just got to say something, I’ll go to my fail save. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    The universe is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to. Take a deep breath, relax a little, learn to enjoy life and all it’s struggles. Some you win, some you lose,and some get rained out. But, if you are in the game, you get suited up, and play every inning. Put me in coach I’m ready.

    I’m wondering, can I possibly squeeze another cliche into this.. Nah, but like I said, ya’ll have done did took all my good and original ideas. LOL

  32. Phillip Laban says:

    If vaccines work, then no one else needs to get vaccinated right? Why not show vaxxed in movie theaters or sell online. Free speech. Vaccines are filled with human beings and poisonous filth. The 10 commandments states thou shall not kill.

  33. Exposing truth imperative for human survival. Thank you.

  34. amysanta says:

    Well said, I especially like this part, “You see, this is Science. Only certain people know what science says or means. They are the chosen few in the palace. They decide for the rest of us. They are the little gods and the censors.”


    […] sagte die Vorführung des impfkritischen Filmes “Vaxxed” bei seinem Filmfestival in Tribeca/New York überraschend ab, was einige Fragen zu der ihm erteilten “Motivation” offen läßt. Kurz vor seiner […]

  36. Joann says:

    1) If you follow the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.Nov 3, 2011
    Excessive Vaccine Doses Cause High Infant Mortality Rates…/right-vaccine-dosage-for-babies.aspx

    2) Also, they are experimenting with in vitro vaccines!!!

    3) PUTIN EXPOSES VACCINES – Prepare for Change
    Mar 5, 2016 – Russian president Vladimir Putin says that Western governments are enslaving
    humanity through vaccines. ‘When your children are barely … (Putin is not allowing US vaccines into Russia.)

    • ang says: 24, 2016 This got removed, too damn honest…….. I will post the complete article above, hope it gets spread worldwide. DTap is what caused the microcephaly in Brazil……… All the pregnant women got the vaccine, beginning in May 2015, look what happened in October 2015. Yes this is the reality of vaccinating in utero.USA vaccinates pregnant women also, but the link is not so directly correlated, as not every woman has these vaccines. In USA, I believe the quote was from Jon, despite routine ultrasounds, terminations of deformed babies, 25,000 BABIES ARE BORN MICROCEPHALIC EACH YEAR………………… Brazil has about 70% the population of USA, ie 4,000 microcephalic babies, or 12,000 per year (by end July. they withdrew vaccine last December, still have affected babies to come)…. Well, USA outdoes Brazil, double the microcephalic babies? And no one screaming ZIKA in USA? why is it so? Near 100% of microcephalic babies in Brazil, all got vaccination in utero. 0.1 % of them apparently had Zika, and that is the best they can do? Blame Zika? totally ignoring the Dtap connection, which is blatantly obious!

  37. australiaclivia says:

    aP acellular pertussis vaccine: in use since 1995. IS A DUD, AND A PUBLIC HEALTH DANGER.
    FACTS: the vaccine at full vaccination 8 out of 10 are immune to pertussis
    at 3 years only 3 are still immune to pertussis
    at 10 years the aP vaccine is 100% failure in everyone.
    FACTS: while the vaccinated person still has vaccine immunity, they still CATCH, CARRY AND SPEAD pertussis , they dont just do this once. They catch, carry and spread, just as if they were ill, but they are just carrying the bacteria in their throats, infecting anyone. Possibly even other vaccine protected, who also catch, carry and spread.

    FACTS: Even in 90 -100% vaccinated populations, since the introduction of this useless vaccine, pertussis DOUBLING EACH YEAR………………………….. And those statistics DONT INCLUDE THE VACCINATED CARRIERS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPTOMS.

    That vaccine should have been banned worldwide in 2010, there would be no vaccinated symptomless carriers left. Instead they tried cocooning theory, vaccinating more, around a newborn……………. FACTS: more recently vaccinated, more likely to be carriers. This cocooning theory stopped in 2012 in Australia.

    Next, why not just ban the damn vaccine? NO, cant vaccinate newborns, as it kills them. Revaccinating family members around a baby, DOESNT WORK, AS THOSE VACCINATED ARE CARRIERS. Next GSK/CDC brainwave? god help us all! Vaccinate pregnant women, ie prevaccinate babies before birth, to stop them catching pertussis AT BIRTH, from their fully vaccinated, parents and siblings, who are very likely vaccinated carriers, no symptoms. OUTCOME? Called the Brazil Experiment. They began vaccinating in May, when the GSK VACCINE, was available, produced locally at a manufacturing place in Pernumbucco. May add ? End October, suddenly microcephalic babies. 100% of these babies got Dtap shots in utero, via their mothers. 0.1% apparently had Zika, and they blamin a mossie? Hilarious……….. Infected mossies, dont jump on Airbus’s and fly to all parts of Brazil in a week, but damn that vaccine did. A MOSSIE WITH A BIG PROBUSCUS WITH GSK STAMPED ON IT>

    These vaccine manufacturers, pure greed, by constantly hiding their shit, just make a small problem, worse, and worse, and worse. I hope GSK, CDC, get sued for murder, but it will never happen.

    angela eisenhauer facebook all the references are there.

  38. ang says: 24, 2016

    (link removed recently, so here is the article in FULL). So glad I saved it, before the pharma police, removed it? Gosh cant be allowed to tell the truth?

    In October 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Surveillance Center “Prof. Alexandre Vranjac” (CVE) in São Paulo, Brazil published a “technical report” on the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine (Tdap).1 In that report, the CVE stated that the Tdap vaccine would be included in Brazil’s National Vaccination Schedule for pregnant women.

    Considering the epidemiological situation of the [pertussis] disease and the need to protect the mother-child pair, the Tdap vaccine will be incorporated into the National Vaccination Schedule for pregnant women and health professionals (anesthesiologist, gynecologist, obstetrician, neonatologist, pediatrician, nurse, and nursing technician) who care for newborns in maternity wards and nurseries/neonatal ICUs.1

    A retrospective study published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases in 2015 highlights the growing incidence of pertussis (whooping cough) in Brazil from 2007 to 2014. Using data obtained from case notification forms, the study identified a total of 80,068 “suspected cases” of pertussis in Brazil during that seven-year period.2 Another study published in Autopsy Case Reports last year cited the increasing number of deaths from pertussis in Brazil in recent years, particularly in 2013.3

    In 2013, 109 pertussis-related deaths were reported—a number 7-fold higher than the average number of deaths reported annually in the period from 2001 to 2010. More than 80% of the deaths occurred in infants younger than 3 months of age.3

    It is understandable that the Brazilian government was concerned about the upward trend in pertussis infections. By the end of 2014, following the October report from the CVE, the Brazilian Ministry of Health announced the introduction of the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women in the country,3 and the Brazilian National Immunization Program (NIP) had begun the vaccinations.2 The policy change had been expected for many months. Earlier in 2014, at a meeting of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), the group had written in a background paper…

    [Brazil] will recommend Tdap in the routine immunization programme for pregnant women from 2014 onward.4 .

    The CVE report recommended the Tdap vaccine be given to women between the 27th week and 36th week of their pregnancy, and that it could also be administered up to 20 days prior to the expected date of birth.1 The report specified the Tdap produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of the United Kingdom as the one to be used. GSK has a technology transfer agreement with Brazil’s Butantan Institute for the production of the Tdap vaccine5 in Brazil.
    The CVE report listed the following ingredients in the GSK/Butantan Institute Tdap vaccine:

    * Diphtheria toxoid—not less than 2 International Units (IU)
    * Tetanus toxoid—not less than 20 International Units (IU)
    * Bordetella pertussis antigen
    * Pertussis toxoid—8 mcg
    * Filamentous haemagglutinin—8 mcg
    * Pertactin—2.5 mcg
    * Adsorbed hydrated aluminum hydroxide (Al (OH ) 3) and aluminum phosphate (AlPO4)
    * Excipients: aluminum hydroxide , aluminum phosphate , sodium chloride and water for injection. Contains formaldehyde residues, polysorbate 80 and glycine1

    GSK’s Tdap product is internationally known under the brand name Refortrix or, more commonly, Boostrix), and it has been licensed in Brazil for more than a decade.6 In addition to the ingredients listed above for Boostrix, the following growth medium and process ingredients are used in manufacturing the vaccine

    * modified Latham medium derived from bovine casein
    * Fenton medium containing bovine extract
    * formaldehyde
    * Stainer-Scholte liquid medium
    * glutaraldehyde
    * aluminum hydroxide7

    According to GSK, neither the safety nor effectiveness of Boostrix have been established in pregnant women.8 The package insert for Boostrix reads:

    A developmental toxicity study has been performed in female rats at a dose approximately 40 times the human dose (on a mL/kg basis) and revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus due to BOOSTRIX. Animal fertility studies have not been conducted with BOOSTRIX. There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, BOOSTRIX should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.8

    Despite this cautionary information, the Brazilian government has been vaccinating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pregnant women in its country during the past year. A large portion of these pregnancies are occurring in Brazil’s northeastern region, notably in the state of Pernambuco—the country’s fastest growing population center.9 10



    1 Centro de Vigilância Epidemiológica “Prof. Alexandre Vranjac” (CVE). INFORME TÉCNICO–VACINA DIFTERIA, TÉTANO E COQUELUCHE (dTpa). October 2014.

    2 Guimarães LM, Neves da Costa Carneiro EL, Carvalho-Costa FA. Increasing incidence of pertussis in Brazil: a retrospective study using surveillance data. BMC Infect Dis2015; 15: 442.

    3 Palazzi Sáfadi MA. Pertussis in young infants: a severe vaccine-preventable disease. Autops Case Rep April-June 2015; 5(2): 1-4.

    4 World Health Organization (WHO). WHO SAGE pertussis working group: Background paper, SAGE April 2014. April 2014.

    5 Instituto Butantan. vaccines.

    6 de Carvalho AP, Pereira EMC. Acellular pertussis vaccines for adolescents. J PediatrJuly 2000; 82(3).

    7 Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information.

    8 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Package Insert for Boosterix.

    9 Bevins V. Brazil’s historically poor northeast finally gets its boom. Los Angeles Times May 24, 2012.

    10 Sells H. Brazil’s Northeast Emerging as Economic Powerhouse.CBN News July 23, 2012. 2010, pertussis Dtap failures.

    “Anonimous says:

    January 14, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I’m from Brazil and I know some people in the medical community. And what they are really pointing out as the main suspected reason for the increase of cases of Microcephaly in the country was a new batch of a tetanus vaccine. This vaccine was given to the pregnant women in Brazil and most of those vaccines were distributed to Pernambuco the state with more cases. When the Microcephaly cases started, the lab responsible for the production of this vaccine removed all the vaccines from the market. And the government apparently is covering up by pointing the Zika virus as probable cause. Then I ask:

    Where is the relation between Zika Virus and Microcephaly? (When there are cases of people who didn’t have Zika yet had children with Microcephaly)

    Zika Virus occur in Africa and Asia since the 50’s and there is no relation between these disease and Microcephaly

    My notes Angela Coral Eisenhauer facebook : The vaccine was produced in Pernumbucco, Brazil under contract to GSK, it was not ready until May 2015, when widespread vaccinations of pregnant women began. The first microcephalic babies were born end of October.

    Blaming a mosquito is absurd, USA vaccinates pregnant women, but no routinely, Jon (I believe), reported that 25,000 microcephalic babies are born yearly in USA (despite routine ultrasounds/terminations)……… no mention of a mosquito?

    An outbreak of disease, always begins in one area and spreads……………. increasing in numbers. Infected mosquitos, can not possibly go everywhere in Brazil, all the same week……. but GSK vaccines produced in Pernumbucco in May 2015, do travel by aeroplane, everywhere in Brazil…………. well lot faster than a mossie can fly? 100% of the microcephalic babies had Dtap, in utero………….. yet the information, as above, is suddenly pulled from the internet? Why? 0.1% apparently (?) had Zika, and the old vaccine mantra, correlation doesnt mean causation, suddenly is proof, not that the vaccine caused this, but that a mossie did? Why isnt this mossie the cause of 25,000 microcepahlic babies born in USA per year?

  39. ang says:

    Pertussis, in vaccination countries, worldwide, has been increasing at a very, very alarming rate, since the introduction of the acellular vaccine in 1995. The vaccine fails after an average of only 3 years, but worse than this, is the FACT that those vaccinated with the aP vaccine, while still vaccine immune, CATCH, CARRY AND SPREAD pertussis, not just once, but over and over, WITH NO SYMPTOMS THEMSELVES. Vaccination rates have risen from 70% to 90% but still pertussis (as only judged by those with visible symptoms), has been doubling yearly, yes 100% or more per year, since the first outbreaks around 2005-2010. In Australia, the outbreaks began in a big way in 2010……….. ie 1995 (first aP vaccine), plus 5 years of vaccination equals year 2000……………. By 10 years, the vaccine is 100% failure in everyone, ie 2010, first batch of kids with aP vaccine, all 100% vaccine failures.

    The real facts of the aP vaccine: At vaccination 8 out of 10 protected, at 5 years, only 3 still protected. At 10 years, vaccine is 100% failure, and you get pertussis, just the same as anyone else. When the GSK etc, say reduces severity of the illness, what they mean is, while the vaccine protects you, you just catch, carry and spread pertussis, over and over, you just DONT HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS> When the vaccine fails, as it does in 100% of people, you still get pertussis.

    More horrible? Vaccinated mothers (unlike real pertussis antibodies), can not pass the vaccine antibodies to their babies, at all, not even breastmilk, THESE SAME MOTHERS, CAN HOWEVER GIVE THEIR OWN BABIES PERTUSSIS, the mothers dont even know they are carriers, mostly though it is the babies siblings…………………… they give their own babies pertussis.

    This vaccine, is the biggest fraud in history…………………what better product for GSK and Merck, than a vaccine that spreads pertussis, while protecting those vaccinated? And better still!!!! Unless you get revaccinated every 3 years, you will catch pertussis, from all those others vaccinated! Fraud, fraud, fraud………………. Now vaccinating pregnant mothers? Hoping they will get the immunity into a baby in utero, causing horrific birth defects??
    For gods sake, that is what natural immunity does! Without your absurd vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Marc Frochot says:

    He’ll have to live with this on his conscience, will he regret?

  41. Jacquie Baker says:

    Dear Robert De Niro,

    Oh please re-consider your decision and don’t be bullied into letting them shut you down. I have always thought so highly of you as an Actor. You are by no doubt an Icon and someone like you could have a very dramatic effect on this very delicate subject. This needs to be addressed, instead of always being dismissed. I truly believe that Dr Wakefield would not have studied so very hard for all those years that he did, to just throw he’s career away for no valid reason……..the truth will come out eventually, whilst in the meantime, all these poor defenseless little children are being made to suffer the severe consequences.

  42. namejastin says:

    he is a great actor

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