Medical truth canceled due to Hollywood

Medical truth canceled due to Hollywood

Medical mind-control in the film industry

Movie stars don’t need to be threatened with physical harm to make them knuckle under

by Jon Rappoport

March 28, 2016

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—This article is based on my 35 years living in Los Angeles. I knew many people in and around the movie industry. At ground level, I learned a few important facts about the medical cartel-Hollywood connection. When was the last time you saw a major film that attacked the medical system head-on? Never? Do you think that’s an accident?

The film, Vaxxed (trailer), suddenly canceled at the Tribeca Film Festival, prompted this article, but I’m not writing here about Tribeca or Robert De Niro or that film. This is background, and people need to understand it.

Long ago, when I was working on medical fraud stories, I discovered that Hollywood stars aren’t permitted to go up against the medical establishment, if they want to keep their careers.

In fact, these stars are recruited by Big Pharma, not just to do commercials, but to front for foundations that are themselves fronts for drug companies.

And to take it even further, stars are enticed into seeking elite medical treatment for their physical problems, as a way of making them “part of the team.” They meet famous doctors and researchers. They’re given red-carpet treatment. They’re bamboozled into believing they’re getting the best care on the cutting edge of medical science. They’re cut and pasted to keep their faces young.

There is history here as well. Legendary studio heads and producers shelled out money to build wings on hospitals bearing their names. They endowed chairs at medical schools. They funded research. They took great pride in being associated with (and praised for) their connection to something more than fantasies put up on movie screens. Their wealth was being directed and channeled into a singular “humanitarian” cause, out of hundreds of possible causes. This was no accident. This was the result of hard work by medical operatives on the ground. This was a network that fed off of Hollywood dollars. And it still does.

Big Hollywood and Big Medicine meet in an unholy embrace.

And here is the kicker. At the most basic level, all this is happening because the medical cartel considers celebrities “wild cards.” Who knows what these celebs will do or say? A stray remark from a world-famous actor could reveal a number of corrupt lies. He could torpedo miles and miles and miles of carefully laid PR groundwork that has taken decades to install.

Suppose, for example, a massively popular celeb told a gaggle of reporters, at a press conference, “Hey, guess what I just found out? The medical system in America kills 225,000 people a year.” And suppose he reached into his pocket and produced the study that proves it?

Celebrities are wild cards.

They have to learn the unspoken rules.

So we’re not just talking about Big Pharma and its allies taking a friendly interest in the industry that makes movies. No, this is an effort to control a territory, make it their own, dominate it, and keep the lid on.

The medical cartel keeps an electronic fence around Hollywood.

Ditto for the music business and big-time sports.

All the alternative news about predictive programming in Hollywood, and Satanic influences, and secret-society symbols flashed onscreen? Well, move over a few feet and you’ll bump into the medical control apparatus, a truly sinister force, when you know how much damage the medical system does.

This is what’s going on, and you should know it.

There is considerable fear that can be invoked in Hollywood stars, who believe their health depends on receiving “the very best medical treatment” when it’s needed. That belief is the target of mind control.

“Hey, Frank [movie star], do you remember last year when I treated you at four in the morning? You were in a panic. And now you’re going to turn against us in the press? Against your doctors? You’ve been ‘reading some studies’? What the hell is wrong with you?”

It doesn’t have to be said. The implication is there. The star wilts at the prospect of biting the hand he thinks is feeding him and even keeping him alive.

Twenty-five years ago, I watched career of a rising Hollywood actor turn sideways, stall, and then sink like a stone. I had a conversation with him. He told me many things. He had raised red flags with a few remarks he made about the FDA certifying dangerous medical drugs as safe. He had spoken about falsified medical research. He was looking over a script about corrupt research—a script that was, of course, never made into a movie. He was speaking with friends about unnecessary surgeries at a famous hospital. And then he was gone. It was as if he never existed. It wasn’t just his vanishing career that bothered him. People in the industry were afraid of being associated with him. Subtly, step by step, people around him were “seeing me in a different way.” That was the worst part, he said. It was war by gradual attrition. The ground under his feet wasn’t solid anymore.

Fortunately, he was a strong person. He was able to re-establish his life (outside of the film business and the acting business). But, he said, if he hadn’t been strong, if he hadn’t continued to “know what I know,” he would have had a very serious problem. He told me that even major stars could receive the kind of excommunication he was dealt—and the gradual drip-drip of shunning could wreck them personally.

“Very few actors,” he said, “have strength, regardless of the roles they play on the screen. They have a weakness. It can be played on.”

Insecurity, at various levels, is the name of the Hollywood game. Almost no one is immune.

Los Angeles is full of people hanging around on the fringes of the movie industry. Some of them, once employed, have been waiting for years, even decades, to land a new job. They barely stay afloat. They hope. They dream. They drink.

I met a producer who hadn’t worked on a film for 20 years. He was suffering from a number of physical conditions. I spoke with him about a script that laid out the launching of a phony epidemic that didn’t really exist, but was being promoted to the hilt by the CDC. It was as if I’d touched him with a cattle prod. After he recovered, he looked at me as if I were the devil incarnate, in his house to drag him down into Hell. He told me I was crazy, a film like that would never be made, and if he associated himself with a project like this he’d be blacklisted. I gently informed him that he hadn’t been active in the business for a long time. It doesn’t make any difference, he said. I’ll be laughed out of town. Nobody knows me anymore, but I’ll be the butt of jokes. My doctor will jump all over me. He went on for a quite a while. Was he just being paranoid? I asked him that. He shook his head. You don’t understand, he said. The medical establishment has its hooks into the movie industry. He told me he knew that, way back when he was active as a producer. For God’s sake, he said, his boss was on the board of a big hospital. He had given large sums to a university medical school. “The friggin’ guy think he’s a medical expert. He’s going to let me make a movie about big-time medical fraud? He’d run me over with his car first.”

A few years ago, I had a meeting with a fledgling producer. I showed him a story idea based on the premise of secret evidence in the medical arena: doctors in America were killing a few hundred thousand people every year with medicines and mistreatment in hospitals. (Of course, this evidence is real, and I’ve cited it many times in these pages.) The producer looked at me and said, “Yeah, you told me on the phone about this story. I just wanted to see what a crazy person looks like.” He was a congenial fellow, and we talked for an hour or so. He assured me that his career would be over if he ever got serious about raising money for the script I had in mind. “As soon as money comes into it,” he said, “the word gets out. People know what the movie is about. They disappear on you and don’t return your calls. They tell their friends, and then you’re toast.”

Finally, I spoke, not too long ago, with a man I’d call a medical fundraiser. He operates in and around the movie industry. He siphons $$ from famous people for medical causes. I wanted to see his reaction, so I told him I had a script about medically caused murder in America. Widespread murder. He looked at me and slowly smiled. He shook his head. He said, “You’re yanking my chain, right? I’ll put up my house against a dollar from you and bet the movie will never be made.” I played along and asked him why he was willing to make the bet. He said, “We and the movie people sleep in the same bed. We’re happily married for a long time. Now you’re going to come in and tell one of us the other has been cheating and you want to publicize that to the fucking sky. How do you think we’re going to react?”

power outside the matrix

The medical cartel and Hollywood. An unholy embrace.

It’s very real and it isn’t an accident, any more than the CIA overthrowing a foreign leader is an accident. Like all major ops, the deep medical incursion into Hollywood has been planned and executed for a long time.

Revealed on no screens anywhere.

You can go higher and higher on the chain of power to see how this op works and who is running it, but at ground level, where the actors and agents and producers and directors live and work and hope, they are kept in check. They know it. They won’t talk about it publicly, but they know. They know where the electronic fence is and they can see the signs. They don’t go through the fence. They don’t climb it. They don’t go around it. They pretend it isn’t there, but they know it is.

They know how to be selectively blind.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

32 comments on “Medical truth canceled due to Hollywood

  1. middleway says:

    Major stars / celebrities were created and promoted solely to carry out a specific agenda. In order to maintain their lives of high compensation and fame it is understood they will not venture out of their designated limitation box. To those who control and direct the agenda these celebrities are considered nothing more than pets doing their masters bidding. Occasionally a star forgets his place and must be reminded of the reality they signed up for. The selling of one’s soul would be an accurate description of their life’s status.

    • ProphetMan says:

      The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

  2. It’s still available on amazon. It’s called “A Few Buttons Missing”, and it’s the (supposed) autobiography of a psychiatrist, and it starts with a claim that he got his start by doing Hollywood land swindles! Worth a read, and sure supports Rappoports’ thesis here….

  3. binra says:

    Here is something I read this morning….

    …allow yourselves to notice more closely how creative people are being treated. They are more and more the “misfits” of society. Notice how it appears that ones who are “successful”, in terms of seeming to be allowed to live by, and gain power through their creativity, pay a price ever higher to those who have the power to pull their strings. Notice how much acceptance for creativity is being governed by the denials involved rather than by the intrinsic value of the creativity itself. For the most part, creativity is being made a prostitute in the marketplace for bored and insatiable people who must continually have something new.

 Creativity is not being allowed to lead the evolution of mankind because creativity is painted into a corner by the judgments against it. Severe and unloving judgments against the evolution of any greatness other than Lucifer’s were put in place by imprinting.
    This means that any essence in the Will polarity that was struck by this light is going to have trouble manifesting any greatness with success in the world unless it does what Lucifer says.
    When Lucifer gets ahold of this essence, it means he has the power to say, “To be where you are, you must do as I say, speak as I say and look the way I say you must look.” When this light has penetrated the Will, it is internal repression, but this light projects this repression outwardly also. In this way, hatred allows creativity to achieve fame and fortune by having only the empty form of
    greatness because the Will essence involved is not allowed the freedom or comfort of self-acceptance and love for its greatness. The person in this position is more likely to have a tortured private life if there is Will essence trying to vibrate.

    Look closely at the creative people. They are reflecting the denial patterns involved in holding greater creativity or other genius qualities away from you and the patterns involved in keeping these qualities from having greater power. It is not a matter of taking these powers away from those who have them. It is a matter of moving to understand what you have lost and how you can recover it.

    There is another place you need to look to get a more complete picture of the judgments being held against having greatness, and that is the people who seem to have nothing to do with it. These people make up the so-called, “normal mass” of people. These people do not demonstrate much highly developed creativity of their own, place any particular value on creativity, open to receive what creativity has to offer, or respond to it in any profound way. These people appear to respond to nothing except what it takes to get through the day. They have been “deadweight’ as far as movement of consciousness is concerned. To understand the weight of the judgments against greatness and creativity, look at how large this mass of people has become and realize it is the weight of the denials made here. These people reflect the lack of acceptance for creativity, talent, greatness and power. They champion mediocrity or worse.

Movement is crucial here if the leadership and response to leadership that Earth needs now is going to be found. For the most part, creative people are not being allowed to lead and cannot lead any more because they have become so aberrated by the judgments against them. What you are seeing reflected to you now on Earth is an almost complete reversal of what creativity was meant to be and really is. Instead of the evolution of society being led by true creativity, society is being run by the denial of it.

    (quoted from book 5 of Ceanne de Rohan’s Right Use of Will series: “HEART SONG Vibrating Heartlessness to Let Heart in”.

  4. brusplace says:

    Do no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. JUST BE EVIL!

  5. Sara says:

    Well deniro had his prostate cancer treated at the Sloan hospital. The same company that is the major investor of TriBeCa. Go figure. Your article makes perfect sense.

  6. From Québec says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  7. From Québec says:

    Forget Hollywood. Who needs them? Today, you can post a You Tube documentary on Internet for everyone to see.

    Alex jones as done it and he got million of viewers.

    See one of Alex Jone’s movie:

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

    It has .14 835 478 viewers and this is not his biggest movie who has more views.

    So, why not make a free movie about the medical system and post it on internet?

    WHY NOT?

  8. Mary Wessel Podlesak says:

    Jon, Has “The Cry and the Covenant” ever been made into a movie? The fictional story of Ignaz Semmelweis is a story first and foremost of medical corruption. Michael Eisner was a big fan of this book. So much so, that I bought an old copy of it and became a fan myself. Medical corruption doesn’t change.

  9. Theodore says:

    re: “…foundations that are themselves fronts for drug companies.”

    Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  10. Theodore says:

    “Australia: Everyone Must Get Vaccinated, Except the Prime Minister’s Daughters” — by Jon Rappoport

  11. Jon you, as usual, are “on the money”.

    I have never taken those Satanic symbols seriously because, when you REALLY know the occult, you see it is all hogwash. Wasn’t it George Burns that said [something like], “to deliver hogwash with absolute sincerity makes a great actor”?

    Anyway, one minor criticism (of your text). The Starfield survey did not “prove”, but it did securely imply, that the US medical system is in a sorry state and possibly far worse than even she [politically] concluded. But I know what you mean as it is very hard to actually “prove” anything!

    One is always tempted to fall into the trap of asking the question, “well, who runs Hollywood?” Of course some say “the Jews” and others say “the gays” but, perhaps, it’s a bit of both. We can both see this has nothing to do with actors, Hollywood or the medical system and everything to do with selling hogwash with sincerity.

    Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter that De Niro, in real life and forgetting all that movie bluster, is a gutless petunia.


    • binra says:

      Opinions are hogwash. Demanding anything of another – including proof – is a way of denying them within the assertion of opinion pretending to fact. In denying them – are you free to assert a version of relationship of control rather than communication. This is the primal split of mind – and we have not evolved one iota from our starting place despite some very clever and fast form change.
      Or you would see even the symptoms of attempt to control, in terms of communication. And reintegrate a split-mindedness to a wholeness of being.
      You can seem to ‘live’ in a matrix of ambivalent shifting impressions so as to present the form that seems to fit the expediency of the conditioned meanings that ‘control’ such reaction. But it is all ‘on the run’ no matter how grandly it is dressed.
      When is the fine mind going to begin to reflect upon its own programming? Not while the blame game operates. Not while loving to hate hides that there is a hating to love. What’s with this power trip that is So sweet then? “I want it Thus!”… is that it? Is that all it is? Or is it fear of being found wanting? – lacking – powerless in your own Creation? TOTAL INVALIDATION.

      It is no good building upon a mistake – sooner or later one has to go back to the foundations – because the mistake has never REALLY been covered over or ‘left behind’ or escaped. It has misidentified you since the moment of its reaction – when a mind seemed to leap out of terror and limit the unbearable. Is that ‘power’ or is that the limiting of power misperceived?

      Aligning with true power is rest. Aligning with false power is perpetual war; forever seeking to ‘prove’ and validate or justify its ‘self’. But maybe you ran off with a copy – a forgery – along with the guilt that expects to be punished for taking an image in vain – and expectation of having ‘your’ life taken back.

      Beware of guilt and blaming hate – beware the fear where it leaps forth as if your mind protecting. Be aware first for what is first is the First – and let all else proceed as aligning in the power of awareness – that judges not but beholds. And in being held or found, you hold to and find the threads of vibration that are true of who you feel and recognize yourself to be.

      To know and be truly known is without division of difference at the heart or light of true awareness. Nothing else is wholly true and therefore is a focussing within the differentiation from which to HAVE experience of the Indivisible and share in its knowing and being known.

      Yes – you can lose your way so completely as to believe you have found your own power and it it must manage in disconnected attempts to make it real upon the belief and reactions of others and world. Or on the imagined virtual world of your versions of others and world. Is it a rehearsal for a life that will never activate? A way of diversion so that what is actively moving Life is denied your embodying gift?

      • @binra

        You’ve derailed here, I’m afraid.

        Opinions MAY be hogwash. Demands MAY convey absolute truth.

        Receivers of information MAY be in denial. Your opinions are evidence of flawed nature? You fail because of your demands? You are empowered through “choice” because you can deny the truth or hogwash?

        I don’t think so. Hogwash believed and truth disbelieved has a nasty way of biting you in the ass.

        Your comment has already collapsed. Secure it if you wish to proceed with the conversation as I am too busy to read on…

        • binra says:

          I know what I share here. And the way in is to listen and notice rather than think. Thinking is always too busy to notice. And seeks only to reinforce what it believes to ‘already know’. When in truth the thinking is thinking – not knowing. Opinion is not embodiment of a direct witness, but part of a social game-play. You may gather and try out as many opinions as you want but you can only recognize what is true of you in willingness to listen.
          The idea of discernment is of a felt quality within and in a sense beneath or behind the form. In social contract – opinions vie for attention and validation. But what is actually shared?
          Now it may be said – what is the point of me sharing a post that is not understood? There is the joy in the giving. Not giving in order to get – but the act of extending worth and abiding in it.
          I recommend it.

          • You may be right, Binra

            But, by the same token, could not Barak Obama, the dreadful Mrs Hillary Clinton & Donnie “fever” Trump say the exact same thing?.

            Listen to us. Don’t “think” and it (the obtuse) will all make sense.

            Sorry, buddy, it’s not that easy. You have to JUSTIFY what you say, just as OBAMA, Clinton & Trump or expect to be shunned or worse…..!

            Your earlier sentiment was almost flawless. Don’t succumb to babble, as pretty as it might sound.

            • binra says:

              Dear Ozzie, I am not concerned with making myself right against wrong but of uncovering true from false – which I do not see as asserting statements and assertion and opinions but of extending true witness to the movement of being within me (that I am identified truly within). This is a relational honesty – not an attempt to sell something or to own the market.

              When I say ‘Listen’ I mean listen to your truth sense. You cannot do this while engaged in thinking. So a pause to allow a receptive quality of being – is opening a relationship within – (which includes your Spirit of imagination, inspiration and unifying perspective). From that core self-honesty you have a basis on which to relate directly to others in that quality – and this is a different frequency (for want of a better word) than the attempt to mask or mimic forms of idea and appearance as a ‘presentation’ by which to get something – or to get out of something.

              The ideas I share are painting of phrase upon observable preverbal noticing. The forms can be read to mean anything – depending on the context of the reader – but anyone who feels between the lines can feel a relationship in which qualities of presence extend or witness – and then anything can be enquired of or further gone into.

              If you identify in your ‘think’ then you perceive everyone and everything through the lens and filter of your ‘think’ – and only allow what seems to agree with or support the ‘think-self’. Jon here uses the term ‘matrix’ for a false network of associations and identifications and sometimes suggests this is DONE to you and other times that your own complicity in the false does it to yourself.

              Unless you FIRST listen or be vigilant against the deceiver – who is within you even when external agencies bait or trigger reaction – you will be deceived.

              The deceived can and do contest and assert opinion in thought, word and deed – all the time. But it is not that there is no truth in them – so much as that it is covered over with conditioned reactive sense of self-defence – and which attacks as a pre-emptive defence – and runs on hate, or loveless assertion.

              You can patronize me as from a presumption of ‘superior’ position – but it dishonours you – not me. Likewise your mouthing off of judgement of De Niro. It is simply YOUR opinion of him – and gives the measure not of him – but of you. If the politics of hate is your desire – then what does it matter which ‘chief’ you ally under. But division is the basis of losing true sovereignty to a false and loveless mis-rule.

            • Get out of here, binra (does that mean “discard logic”?)

              In context with your self, as an isolated “bauble”, contained but unbalanced, I can accept what you say. Yet, immediately you imply your “right” merely by inference (i.e. you are accepted as a bauble and this makes your truth more “potent” in some banal way) that you are correct, right and proper, I vigorously disagree.

              As for your “punch line” that espouses I “know nothing about Robert De Niro” so, and I’ll go straight out and say it, how DARE I criticise him? Very simply.

              He promised to do something. He didn’t deliver the goods so he’s a son-of-a-bitch. Why didn’t he travel with the film and OFFER HIS SERVICES FOR FREE, JUST DO IT? Yeah,,,,right, because he’s a son of a bitch.

              Get it?

              Great actor, but I wouldn’t wipe my ass with integrity. Final response.

            • binra says:

              Now if you care to – you can see you have become the very thing you say you hate. Not in any ultimate sense – but in the reality of your chosen experience.
              I did not seek to bait you to react with hate – nor do I.
              Logic proceeds from its asserted or presumed foundation. A split logic proceeds from a split or conflicted foundation. Whether you align logically or not in your thinking is a matter of whether you accept a true foundation. A false premise will logically unfold or project itself – but will not know its purpose – being framed and defined by who you are not.

              Truth is truth wherever it is recognized – regardless it be via a baby, Hitler, a blurb on a cereal packet – DOESNT MATTER!. But while you or anyone seeks only the truth that suits and supports their self-concept FORM is everything.

              Integrity is not what you think and promises you cant keep are not worthy of guilt but are mistakes to learn from. You are Robert de Niro and you hate yourself. He may not – that’s HIS life!
              Your life is in some ways a particle or bubble and in some ways a wave of the Movement wherein the Whole Knows Itself. Bubble realities can be positive, integrative experience of a ‘higher vibration’ or segregative and separative sense of disconnect and conflict in ‘lower vibration’.
              One is not ‘better’ to thus deny and demonize or invalidate the other. That is simply part of the conflicted mind in fearful or threatened sense of existence.

              Nothing I write is any more true than anything else – but who you or anyone else chooses to relate to it will give it all the meaning it has for them. You have felt pissed at what I wrote. That’s an outcome arising logically from belief that is yours – but may not be truly representative of who you are.

              “Judge not lest ye be judged” – goes all the way Home. Thanks for sharing.

            • One last entry. I am not De Niro, never have been and I project nothing. I devoted 5 years to a series of books for the improvement of humanity (when you are ready). My first commercial exercise. “The Beauty of Existence decoded” has netted me 20c an hour for work tendered. Yes, I have every right to be pissed off at the arrogance at that SOB. Am I “as talented”? You bet, but I also don’t care because I am empowered by MY LIFE and have taken responsibilities for my issues ALWAYS to the detriment of the commercial. The amount of contracts I have lost over BEING HONEST & TRUE would make you cringe. My blogs are free and extraordinarily time exhausting (up to 40 hours per post). All done for love. The LINE is between mammon and love. Never forget it, binra. The rest is hooey.

            • binra says:

              If you free willingly chose to act as you say – you have the benefit of being true to the word in your heart – whatever the worldly outcome relative to any ‘expectations’. But if you sacrifice or martyr yourself to a cause and then others don’t do likewise – you get mad. No wonder.

              I write because it is who I am and what is moving me. I have done this for years now but never in any commercial setting – perhaps because I don’t want seeking money or fame to distort my aim, but surely because if and when I am moved to do something – I will do it. But that is my current freedom and is a path of transformation and discovery – regardless anyone reads me or gets where I am coming from. Am I write for myself – of course but not solitaire. I am writing as an embodiment of creative willingness that flows when I get ‘out of the way’ and yet expands to embrace and include the ordinary human (is there one?) ‘me’ – but framed in an edgelessness rather than defined by a problem solving. Towards a shift of perspective – because problem is not the best or true foundation from which to live.

              Your thoughts about Robert de Niro are upsetting you – but are not changing him one jot. He has his own life to live.
              Arguing with reality is different than ‘re-imagining it’ (leaning into Jon’s nomenclature). How can you use this situation to serve your desire – to further the purpose you are engaged in?
              You know that if you wrote what you honestly feel out and sent it TO him – YOU would be transformed – and that might touch him even if it was never physically sent.
              Anger can be turned to serve a radical self-alignment. Anger at the callous disregard for life that hurts and inflames more hurting is working in me to ensure I don’t embody this or invite it – and the more deeply I look, the more I find I have involvement I didn’t recognize. So I look to housekeeping and find with unshutterred cleaned windows, I see better.
              Blame/guilt is shit. If you play with it – it sticks to you. How do you play with it? You hold conditions as to how everyone else should behave – so you don’t feel bad – and the feel shit when they ‘let you down’. I don’t diminish that you are feeling what you are feeling – but I don’t see what Robert De Niro has in your life that gives him this power over your mind!

              I do notice that Vaxxed has attracted some mainstream media attention as a result. If you get mad at Robert, can you imagine how mad the Vax faithful get at anyone who ‘undermines’ the saviour?
              Go to some mainstream forum and venture a different or critical view. “Thar’s hate in them thar hearts”. And if you hate them – they feel validated. Hate the false thinking – not the human being – and it will help to see the signal amidst the noise.
              I don’t believe you can change a human being who isn’t already freely changing – in which case you are not causing it with your power. And applying coercion only generates a facade of compliance while the coercion is safer to comply with or milk favour from than address, ignore or counter.

            • @Binra

              If you read my book you would learn we are parts of “one thing”. Everything (which includes “nothing”) is one thing. The parts, contrary to “individual” opinions, are responsible for the other. Thus, if you are true to FAITH, you have no option but to support “the other”.

              In RDN’s case, he offered support to the other and then reneged on that support. Given his very visible claims of parenting an “autistic child” (which I am told by commenters here is a “severe case”), his withdrawal is an act of grand treachery.

              JR’s upbeat approach is all very well, but I think the film [and the cause] is already sunk. That’s all thanks to RDN. You open your big mouth, you must take responsibility for what you say NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

              Am I angry with the RDN? Not at all. Other than watching his excellent performances in several very successful movies he has starred in, I do not know him from a bar of soap. But, you see, I don’t care, because this [what he has done by his inaction] transcends that. For that, I have every right, as a thinking, breathing part of THE WHOLE; a conscious, conscientious life form, to call him a son-of-a-bitch.

  12. RRChief says:

    Sorry to interject off topic, tried to post below post on OT’s site, was bumped off, message not sendable, moments later got email from OT confirming follow on replies will be forwarded..?

    How deep is the Censorships going, and yes that is plural on purpose.

    How many parallel webs are up and working? www^3?
    and that means web cubed, in english.

    Thanks for your stories John, your input plus that of Robert A. Heinlein, helped me to Grok.

    The message is below, don’t know what particular word set caused an auto response and not posting?

    Dear OT,

    I would consider “snow flakes are caused by frequencies” they are also caused by the energy of a written word, attached to, and spoken to the fluid that was supercooled, thus forming said snowflakes.

    love and classical music had an effect, to make ‘lovely balanced snowflakes” hate, crass lyric songs etc, produced grungy stunted ‘snowflake’

    so your comment, “Then Bugger off idiot and stop wasting my time” is both unlikely to impress upon him a desire to buy&read your book, also, you could tune up your frequencies yourself my friend, as I am learning to, too.

    Closing in kindness.


    […] De auteur Jon Rappoport die al jaren niet alleen schrijft over medische misstanden, maar ook heel goed is ingeburgerd in Hollywood, geeft een illustratief voorbeeld over hoever dit alles gaat. […]

  14. TheOne says:

    Why are you hammering De Niro?
    He did a greater good by first admitting and later denying to screen the movie. Now the movie gets more attention. If it was screened at the Tribeca festival they could control the few critics present and discredit the film easier.

  15. MoonSurfer says:

    Being an elite slave of the system, always comes with a price tag.

    • binra says:

      It used to be stated thus: “The wages of sin are death”. False power ‘costs’ awareness and participance in True Presence. Now I know the archaic terms have been subverted not least by focusing in worship upon ‘sin’ rather than seeing in the moment that it is untrue and repenting-releasing allegiance in it. And I know the term ‘sin’ has become almost meaningless usage as athe heavy imposition and locking in of GUILT – instead of the dissonance-feeling that always accompanies being out-of-true with yourself – and I mean with who and what you are – not your out-of-true notion of self that can be seen in part to be a strategy of survival within a ‘loveless’ and threatening world. What is not much recognized is that being out-of-true is always some form of self-denial and rejection – where the mind splits into parts that keep a sense of control and protection while other parts encounter the experience of being denied, subjugated and hurt.

      While the dominant power belief on Earth is in what I might call the mask of a split-mind, very very few will ‘get anywhere’ or manifest their natural talents – because the ‘system’ of split-screen consciousness operates a selection/rejection filter of the same nature as the mind that is ‘enslaved’ to it by presuming such power to be R reality or T truth. How could such be free to even question it? They cannot but operate within it.

      The Faustian pact is basically something like “I want the power to bring xyz forth and overcome the experience of being held in check, denied or blanked”. The seduction then offers you xyz – but within the context of having power over you. There are many facets to this – but none that start out from the premise of powerlessness will teach you that the contract is null and void – and that all that is truly worthy abides within your Soul and not ripped out from its death done in darkness behind a mask of substitution-reality.

      Is ‘elite’ a term the power-manipulator seeds? Perhaps they believe they are the chosen ones – perhaps because they have chosen ‘power over Life’ as if to remake it in their new world image.
      Choosing to receive or open to inspiration is the meeting-point with a ‘higher perspective’. But the phrase of a famous prayer that aligns the heart not to be led into temptation, but delivered from evil, is in context of recognizing ‘spiritual pride’ – wherein a fluid service within the whole becomes fixed in an identity of personal status. Soul-recognition in extension, lost to becoming a ‘someone in your own right’ and having bit this fruit – hating – did I say it with the right emphasis, HATING! to lose it.
      If a HATING! is operating our sense of self, is it any surprise to meet a world that does not receive or recognize us. I cant offer you a magic way out – but that instead of trying to deny or escape the HATED! – honestly facing and feeling the fear and guilting that is underneath it in a way that doesn’t fuel or trigger harming to your life or others – is the territory of reclaiming true Feeling Consciousness from a mis-identifiction – that is nonetheless intensely experienced as unquestionably real.

      Because all thought word and deed have consequences, we are wise to be honestly open as to our purpose. The power of thought is in the purpose it serves and in stark terms is the power to be signal or generate noise in which to generate false significance for private gratification. This can seem like the power to create – and is a subset of creative freedom – but as a limiting and distorting and filtering to a self-concept that may only be recognized by its fruits.

      The best a partiality of self-elitism can come up with is a passing show whose honeymoon may be over before it is even begun – thus the addiction – or indeed enslavement – to a false promise that deprives one of the very means to even enjoy ‘success’.

      Joy is our Freedom Song. If we define our joy in terms of fixed outcomes – we cage the Bird of Paradise that ‘dies within us’ while a recording of a past imprinting replays and recycles itself until death comes to reboot… more of the same?

      Being free comes with accepting responsibility for what is yours – and refusing it for what is not. This demands you embrace your life wholly – in your now – because the desire to play the slave of an elitist has hidden pay-off or you would not play along. Terror and rage are hidden beneath the world we presume to walk in ‘relative’ innocence. If you step out of line in opening the joy of being – you will ‘meet’ all the conditionings that invalidate, deny, ridicule and seek to kill you. If you conform – you deny joy in life for ritual enactment. If you fight it – it will subvert you with the energy of hate that you give it – because it is a part of you. If you remember to focus in and be moved in your true feeling, then you automatically withdraw allegiance and identity from its framing and the perspective that opens is your Life unfolding unto itself – that automatically shares out in the quality of your presence and the noticing and promptings you follow.

      Staying on the beam of the signal is not a matter of success or failure – both of which are set ups for self-illusion if you don’t stay vigilant. It is simply an active willingness – notwithstanding the outer conditions that may persist in reflecting old conditioned thinking of a fear-driven self invalidating attempt to regain power (or love-worthiness etc) in inappropriate self-defeating ways.

  16. anita tibau says:

    What a great article…if only more people would take the time to read…Thanks for your courage…keep telling the truth…Many of us are listening…

  17. Does Michael Moore deserve some credit for his movie about the health system in america?

  18. The only thinking man in the room…Bravo T.O. … want a discussion this is how you get one.

    Bravo De Niro, a real thinking artist, not one these pussies artists that play at being a fucking artist.
    A artist is an imagination, an artist is a goddam force of nature.
    You think a couple wing nuts from Sloan, will change a thing.
    You think this giant came all this way to TO back down TO cretINs. Wake da fuck…


    I would burn everyone of my canvasses today, and tommorrow break into another areA OF IMAGINATION AND START MY CARREER ALL OVER AGAIN, as a different artist. with a different set of ideas. You think canvassess are important, they are the spare change left in your pocket after a really dirty weekend.


    De Niro put his balls on the line, making this film. His father was a painter, you think anyone is going to get him to burn ‘this’ canvas…wHAT makes a great painting great?

    It transcends even the artist that made it. Every great artist knows this. GOYA mastered THAT, dAUMIER KNEW it, sALIVIDORE KNEW THAT. Picasso new it. i KNOW THAT.

    Watch the discussion burn down the house. This one has been in works far too long.
    It took a De Niro to make this…not seeing the film is better than seeing it. iMAGINATION IT WORKS BOTH WAYS baby.
    If you listen carefully you will hear the cosmic giggle.

    “You talkin to me…

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