Breaking…Vaxxed, the film you can’t see, will be screened in New York!

Vaxxed: the spell is broken: Angelika Theater will screen it in NYC!

by Jon Rappoport

March 29, 2016

Breaking… I’ve just been informed that Vaxxed, the film about the vaccine-autism connection you can’t see…is now booked at the Angelika Film Center in New York.

It will start screening this Friday, April 1, and go through the next Thurs.

If you live anywhere near NY, get there and see it. Help pack the house. END THE CENSORSHIP.

Promo links:

* Angelika’s Vaxxed page

* Angelika on Facebook

* Angelika on Twitter

Vaxxed trailer:


Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

26 comments on “Breaking…Vaxxed, the film you can’t see, will be screened in New York!

  1. Sandra Cranstone says:

    Excellent! Let’s let the stench out so everyone can smell it.

  2. Jason Shults says:

    Well done, Jon!! You certainly have played a part in getting this documentary and its importance noticed!

    • rjoguillory says:

      …I hope the ticket prices are fixed so low that almost anyone can see the film…and I hope NYC has to bring out crowd control to help manage the lines of people wanting to see the film. I hope The Tribeca Film Festival goes bankrupt, along with all those who sponsor it.

      • Marj says:

        Rjoguillory, I must disagree about your comment that the Tribeca Film Fest should go bankrupt. Stop and think for a moment how powerful the pharma/medical industry is. More than likely, they threatened Bob DeNiro and/or his family. I’m sure the decision to pull the film was not an easy one to make. Again, Robert DeNiro’s family has been impacted by autism.

      • sleat65 says:

        “I hope the ticket prices are fixed so low that almost anyone can see the film”

        Or, here’s a Radical Idea nobody’s ever thought of before. Stream. The Film. Online. For Money. Right Now.

        Naaah. That’s silly. Let’s just resume the hand-wringing about 300 people being denied the privilege of seeing it, due to big-pharma strongarm tactics, and arrange for about 10,000 lucky people to see it, while ignoring the fact that the owners could easily arrange for 318 million people (and more) to have the chance to see it as soon as tomorrow, and make their investment back in the process in spades.

        • RAW says:

          Relax… It will become available online in due course. Most documentaries all become available at no charge. The popular pharma documentary called ‘bought’ was available for free within a few months. It always happens…

          • sleat65 says:

            “was available for free within a few months. It always happens”

            Right. It will happen the second the owners decide to let it happen. Nothing big pharma can do can prevent ordinary punters from seeing the film in their own living rooms. The only people who can truly prevent people from seeing the film are its owners.

            Right now, I’d pay $25 to watch the film only once. But in a few months, perhaps not, who knows?

  3. From Québec says:

    Hip! Hip! Hip! Hourra! Finaly, the Good guys are winning. Like Trump says: The silent majority is back!.

  4. StandingUp says:

    Sweet revenge! Thank you, Jon, for your unending perseverance in outing this atrocity, the censorship and vaccine crimes.

    Wish I were in NY to help fill the seats. Jon, perhaps you can help bring it to CA?


  5. Lora Paegle says:

    Will VAXXED eventually be out on DVD?

    • sleat says:

      You would think so! In fact, MOST alternative documentaries are available for download/streaming the moment they are finished. This “you can’t see this ‘censored’ movie” hype sounds like a mind game to generate sizzle. Why not let the film stand on its own merits instead making some pretense of it being hard to come by. It’s a digital media file, not a kilo of plutonium!

  6. sleat says:

    There is such a thing as hyping too hard. “the film you can’t see”? Please! If the owners wanted, you could stream it from Play store or Netflix or iTunes tomorrow!

    It is a digital media file for heaven’s sake, not an ingot of plutonium!

  7. Bart B says:

    I am passing the word around.

    • sleat65 says:

      This film is essentially a piece of digital media. Why only screen it in New York? There must be dozens of independent cinemas nationwide who would screen it.

      Why do the owners need to keep it from us? Let us buy the darn thing!

  8. bharford says:

    The VAERs (co sponsored by CDC) statistics for 2014 were the highest ever
    with 38,519 MAIMED and 3,737 killed from vaccines All 18 years and younger.
    These numbers are going up every year. We don’t need an expert for that. We
    don’t even need a debate. To make this mandatory is criminal.
    It’s the same as playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives. People
    need to wake up, quit letting the government give itself authority it
    doesn’t have. Government officials are just people, if they think it’s ok
    to kill and maim 38,000 kids a year, I think they belong in prison. This
    whole thing is a criminal fraud. People should be like a mother/papa bear
    when someone is attacking it’s cubs. There are other bills following this
    one to mandate vaccines for adults.

  9. Glo F says:

    I believe it is one of the same with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Cerebral Palsy not to mention a whole catastrophe of drug dis-ease! Bring on the movie and make some more!!!

  10. Face it says:

    This is a Win-Win scenario for TPTB:

    – Cause the disease and charge for the administration of the vaccine.
    – Profit from a Patient-for-Life in the aftermath of the vaccine induced Serum Sickness
    – Create specialized industries around the specific organ groups that
    fail as a result of the Serum Sickness, i.e. dialysis, coronary
    disease intervention (serum sickness is a CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE),
    Alzheimer’s, diabetes (Dr. Harris Coulter testified before Congress in
    the 1980s that Pertussis Toxin kills pancreas cells – nothing was
    – physicians, nurses, social workers, hospitals, clinics, durable
    medical equipment suppliers (just testing supplies for diabetes is a
    Billion dollar industry), pharmaceutical and chemical industries,
    insurance, etc. ad infinitum all PROFIT from the induction of one case
    of vaccine induced serum sickness right up to the undertaker. It is a WIN-WIN
    proposition to CAUSE disease.

  11. Face it says:

  12. sleat65 says:

    Can anybody explain why the need for such strong exclusivity (only showing in NYC??) on an independent film wholly owned by individuals? It’s digital media, for heaven’s sake. Other indy films have become available within days of being finished. Blockbuster games come own the instant they are ready, everywhere. Why keep the word under wraps un-necessarily?

    • Catherine says:

      Presumably to generate publicity and credibility. Anyone can put a film out on YouTube or other media. My student film maker son does it all the time, so the only reason this is the film you can’t see is because the makers are more concerned about how it is released rather than actually making it available.

      • sleat65 says:

        Yes. There’s nothing stopping them.

        Kind of sad, really. I imagine the people who conceived of the film, did the creative work, the investigation, the hard yards, etc, are not the same as the people who are currently trying to make sure the film is profitable.

        So, maybe the marketing/PR types need to get clued up and drop the hype. Yes, there were strong-arm tactics employed to get Tribeca to drop the film. Everybody gets that. Now let’s see the film. Let’s have the option to go to a local indy cinema, or purchase the right to stream the darn thing! It really isn’t that hard!

        If the hype continues much longer, it’ll backfire and people will lose interest. If you keep telling people “you can’t see this film” eventually they’ll go watch something they CAN see.

        • RAW says:

          Numerous documentaries have been released on the pharma industry in past few years… vaxxed is getting hyped due to the reaction from the industry – the real backfire is due to pharmas attempt at censorship. Great news.. as attention to the subject is amplified!

          • sleat65 says:

            Indeed. Banning an independent film from a handful of film-festivals is almost a guarantee that people will want to watch it, and the Streisand effect guarantees that any attempt to censor the message will amplify it.

            Were I trying to promote a film, controversy is the first thing I’d try to create. In this case it at least appears fortuitous.

            “The film the vaccine-industrial-complex says you can’t see…until we put it on Hulu and Netflix!”

  13. ANZIE YANGMI says:

    Will it be released elsewhere in the States????

    • sleat65 says:

      “Will it be released elsewhere in the States????”

      As soon as the owners of the film decide to allow ordinary people worldwide (and not just in NYC) to see it.

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