Zika fake science back in the news; con artists at work

Zika fake science back in the news; con artists at work

Their media androids dutifully record a “breakthrough”

by Jon Rappoport

April 16, 2016

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Is it about science or money?

US health agencies want more than the $600 million they’ve allotted to the “war against Zika.” They want $1.9 billion. Why not? They always want more money.

To make their case, the CDC has pushed out a new Zika study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): “Zika Virus and Birth Defects — Reviewing the Evidence for Causality”. (For the CDC’s conference call with the android press, click here).

Before commenting on that study, let’s recall a devastating statement the NEJM’s former editor, Marcia Angell, issued in 2009, after she had headed up that non-science machine for 20 years:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

As criticisms of fake science go, this one, from an elite insider, ranks near the top of the list. It is a direct accusation of widespread fraud. Otherwise known as lying, cheating, massaging data, hiding data, and so on.

In other words, the NEJM has been publishing studies and reports that, regardless of their convincing language, are “cooked” to appear true when they most definitely weren’t.

Therefore, right up front, a new Zika study published in the NEJM is highly suspect, to say the very least. There is no reason to accept its data, methods, or findings. Except perhaps as an article of religious faith. But medical journals aren’t supposed to be religious publications, the last time I looked.

The new NEJM study on Zika aims to eliminate doubt that the Zika virus causes microcephaly.

Until now, that doubt was widespread. Even the World Health Organization was making careful statements: “…although no definite causal link has been established between Zika and microcephaly (babies born with smaller heads and brain damage), we believe there is a connection…” That sort of thing.

The new NEJM study is supposed to erase, once and for all, that “maybe.”

But it doesn’t. It’s not even close. Because when you wade through the rather dense language, what you see is an attempt to show a correlation between the presence of the Zika virus and the occurrence of the birth defect.

Correlation is not causation. And that’s just the beginning of the problem.

Even on the basis of correlation, nowhere in the study do we see anything approaching a high degree of association. You would expect to find evidence that in, say, 80 or 90 percent of cases, the Zika virus was found in babies who developed the defect. That evidence isn’t there. Well, how about a 90-percent correlation between microcephaly in the baby and Zika found in the mother? Not there, either. Again, not even close.

Then there is the issue, rarely if ever touched on in studies these days, of “how much Zika was found.” Why is that important? Because, in order to begin asserting that a virus causes a condition, you need to discover a very high volume of it in a person. A small amount causes nothing.

The new NEJM study doesn’t explore this vital factor.

So the study is a dud.

It claims that there is a very weak correlation between Zika and microcephaly. That’s it. That’s all.

Nor does the study consider the obvious fact that a condition can have several or even many causes. And what could be causing birth defects in Brazil may not be causing it in the US or Guatemala.

As I’ve clearly established in prior articles on Zika, only a fool or an outright liar would fail to notice the toxic pesticide drenching that takes place in Brazil, the number-one country for pesticide-use in the world. Some of those chemicals are banned in other countries, because they’re too poisonous.

Therefore, in Brazil, a virus that has never been proved to cause microcephaly can function as a cover story. Zika protects, and diverts attention away from, pesticide manufacturers and agri-corporate giants who spray, spray, spray.

And what about medical drugs ingested by pregnant mothers? Again, no recent studies on microcephaly investigate this “protected area.” Given that these medicines kill 106,000 people in the US every year, and maim at least hundreds of thousands more, any rational researcher would be highly motivated to look for a causal connection to microcephaly.

Want another correlation? Try severe malnutrition in the pregnant mother. It’s the number-one cause of immune-system collapse on the planet. Immune-system failure opens the door to many raging infections in the mother and fetus. But no, malnutrition isn’t “medical.” How can you develop a vaccine or a drug to treat it? No money in it.

There is, of course, money in research, and as I said at the top, US health agencies are trying to get more of it from Congress.

The Zika virus was discovered in 1947-8. Since then, it has never been known to cause more than mild transient illness. Suddenly, it’s being blamed for severe and tragic birth defects. On what basis? On no basis.

Who knows how long the virus has been on the planet? 5000 years? 100,000 years? It’s had ample opportunity to spread across the world and around the world many times. The notion that, now, suddenly, it’s traveling, is absurd. It’s already there. And here. And everywhere. It has been here and there and everywhere for a long time.

However, a fiction of “unchecked spread” works, if you’re trying to Invent the concept of a highly dangerous virus that is popping up unexpectedly and making pregnant women give birth to babies with brain damage.

Fear sells.

And the people who sell it control the whole operation.

What about actual science? They’ve never heard of it and don’t care about it.

If you persist in believing they do care about it, you’re doing religion, and you’re in the wrong pew.

Meanwhile, the multiple factors that can actually cause tragic birth defects are being ignored.

In this article, I haven’t tried to cover the full range of “who benefits” from the fake war on Zika; but I should mention one group: the collaboration of companies, research labs, and foundations that propose using genetically engineered mosquitoes on a global basis to cut off future generations of Zika-carrying mosquitoes. Among this collaborating group are researchers who also want to release “gene drives,” mechanisms which sterilize the bugs in the wild. In both strategies, no human safety studies have been done. That is highly significant. The same absence of studies highlighted the original release of GMO crops in the 1990s. We were (falsely) assured then, as now, that no problems would develop.

That’s another article of faith pretending to be science.

power outside the matrix

Why don’t these researchers wear long robes and ornate hats, and wave wands and scepters that emit clouds of smoke? We’d be able to recognize them more easily.

Can we get a simple bill passed to fund the installation of stained glass windows in CDC buildings, and the employment of choirs to intone Gregorian chants around the clock?

Instead of publishing fake studies in journals, CDC priests and their eunuchs could appear on high balconies, overlooking packed plazas, and, in practiced monotone, read summaries of their research from parchment scrolls.

Much better.

Much more honest.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

24 comments on “Zika fake science back in the news; con artists at work

  1. From Québec says:

    I’m longing for the day that these people will be thrown in jail.

    • Susan says:

      You and me both! All lies, misinformation and faulty studies to protect chemical corps and lay the blame on the mosquito so another chemical giant…Monsanto can create a GMO mosquito that will create more havoc and bring more $$$!

      Every time I hear about their BS about Zika and Microcephaly I want to scream! Yet the government, any government keeps giving out big bucks for studies with skewed paid for results. Truly sad!

  2. Dan says:

    If the WHO wants to prove Zika has anything to do with microcephaly, they can do RNA-seq analysis of fetal brain tissue, amnion, placenta, fetal blood, maternal blood and any other affected tissue, and publish their data. RNA-seq is the most accurate and sensitive virus test available. It can detect the strain and quantity of the virus by mapping fragments of rna and dna to a known reference sequence (the sequence of zika is known). WHO can show the exact alignments to the strain of Zika they claim to have observed, and the quanitity detected. Then, they should isolate it from fetal tissue, do additional sequencing and electron microscopy.

    Only when all this has been done can any rational person consider Zika as a possible cause of microcephaly.

  3. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Hey Jon… try this challenge:

    Try to find a research study searching for a CURE for any disease not caused by a parasite (eg. cured by killing the parasite). CURE is not defined for any disease not caused by a parasite. So you can’t cure a disease caused by malnutrition, or toxic chemicals, or any other aspect of ‘poor health’. Not one. There are no CUREs for scurvy (check the medical texts and you will find ‘treatments’ but not cures) no cures for toxicity, no cures for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Of course there a no cures for any mental illness, and no cures for diseases where the causes are not known or not understood, like Alzhiemer’s, MS, and Parkinson’s.

    Cure, for all diseases not caused by a parasite, is simply not defined. Of course there are a few nonsesnse cures, for cancer – wait 5 years, and if the patient manages to survive, they were ‘cured’. But there are no true cures, and no research studies that search for cures, because cure and cured is not defined for any non-parasitic disease.

    Research studies for medical treatments, do not study cures. CURED is never defined, and if a cure is actually encountered, it cannot be noticed, much less documented.

    So… If birth defects are caused by a virus, a parasite, the drug companies can search for a ‘cure’ (for the mother). But if it’s a result of malnutrition, or toxic chemicals, it can’t be cured, because cured is not defined for those diseases.

    If we want to search for cures, we must find the cause, in every case. It’s that simple, and that complicated. http://healthicine.org/wordpress/cures-2/

    to your health, tracy

    • Tracy, I agree 100%, except….

      I think it is actually only simple & the work has already been done. Read my latest on https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com

    • binra says:

      Yes. ‘Cure’ is usually reserved for sale promotions and press releases. Just as sinners were held such until death and judgement sorted them out, people are now sick and uncurable – requiring ‘treatment’ to manage symptoms through life to death – which is the unspoken release from life that fails and so must be manually propped up with drugs and interventions.
      At consciousness level, true recognition of cause is the cure, because a false cause can no longer function AS cause. But an unwillingness or unreadiness to accept healing will use the cause as a basis for endless seeking or methods and modalities of processes that ensure that ‘judgement day’ never comes. For seeing the false or out of true – and releasing it so as to embrace the wholly true is the underlying nature of being released from judgements rising from false or misaligned sense of self-conflictedness.
      That some of our physical manifestations operate out of collective and culturally inherited misalignments and seem a long time coming, is part of our ability to separate cause and effect by focussing exclusively in effects (symptoms or reflections) as if our causes are there in conflicted world. To achieve this we have to ignore or deny our Cause and never look there or ask of it – or act forth in the authority of such author-ship. Though I write it in metaphysical terms the physical patterns are abundantly available. It’s a question of whether to read the symptoms as part of a language of being or eradicate and suppress them so as to impose a language of form.

      Whether you or anyone else follows me in this I join with your putting cause and cure together.
      If health is an active awakened and balanced consciousness – then releasing a false or illegitimate definition from that consciousness can be said to have cured – or rendered the dis-ease to the status of a choice rather than being victim to an object of affliction. Abiding or holding firm in choice for Life when the pervasive culture is operating in reversal is itself part of a larger ‘dis-ease’. But health is the way to grow health and focusing on sickness in any other context that a desire for healing is simply feeding it. No blame in anything I offer. Awakened responsibility is a releasing of so much that we try to be or do that is not our function to take on or capacity to fulfil and blame rose from being set up to fail. So where there is a propensity for blame – look to the underlying definitions that effectively set up the situation.

      So much denial of feelings turns the body (and the body of our world) into a dumping place for ‘toxicity’. Our feelings are implicitly part of the signs and language of our being. They need acceptance for being – not denial and ‘rationalising’ away. But they don’t need to have access to our reactivity – so a pause is essential in which to check the purpose that is active – and instead of seeking to control symptoms – exercise control as the finding of a way of opening to an acceptance for being – rather than a split or conflicted judgement that effectively usurps the full and beautiful feeling of being. If we don’t ‘come from’ a true sense of self – we meet something false – but experience it as our reality because we accepted it as our self. Regardless the drama it is packaged in – it remains a choice at some level – if not in the forms we currently define it.

  4. Great article & it gets worse, Jon.

    Reputedly Eli Lilly’s Thimerosal was given a green light in 1931 when it DIDN’T improve 22 hospital patients dying of meningitis.

    On the subject of health, here’s Ozzie Thinker’s latest, casting Robert De Niro as villain & saviour:



  5. cc says:

    What connection is there to vaccines given to pregnant women and microcephaly?

  6. elnura1 says:

    Multiple website were posting the definitive CDC Zika study all last week. When I commented on of “correlation is not causation” and than posted the litany of comments made by various health official since the Zika false flag was implemented PLUS the fact that the CDC and big pharma are trying to distract from the VAXXED debacle they created—wouldn’t you know it, censoring reared it’s ugly head. Yahoo, which ran the same article daily for 5 days would not post my comments so you know, the whole Zika study is BS.

    • MR L KIERZNOWSKI says:

      Happens all the time, and not just on Y. I could write a book on the strangely coincidental ‘filtration’ of comments that dissent from the view required by the NWO. Everything from Syria to Darwinism, from Big Bang to Feminism. I have seen entire articles disappear from the lamestream media where the comments were fiercely contradictory. Then the same article appears a few hours later with ‘Be the first to comment’ type of statements whereupon the dissenting comments are strangely never reposted. Most people have no clue how they are being lied to, by whom, and to what end. The falsehoods are so propagated and so extensive, that the average citizen cannot bring him/herself to believe their government/social structures have been debased to the extent that they have.

  7. Konan Igan says:

    “Zika fake science”..the author is a master of words I like his writings. Here is what EVERYONE should write when anyone describes ZIKA or this issue on TV and everyhwere. …every chance in all issues like this use words “fake” etc…ahead of the subject. It’s what THEY do when THEY brainwash us with TV etc. Like Zika Prevention or ZIKA Threat..etc…THEY barrage us with false words, meanings and language

    Its FAKE SCIENCE ..always use these descriptors in fighting back !!! FAKE…INVENTED…ZIKA CON…Laboratory created ZIKA VIRUS..etc.

    Fight Back with their same effective methods !!!

  8. Konan Igan says:


  9. Heather Burke says:

    I’ve been waiting for this . . . Thanks, Jon! Would love to see your position recognized by a much broader community. No $ no market.

  10. binra says:

    I appreciate your willingness to speak out against accepting false witness. I note that the resources of those who seek to distort truth for power agenda – be that conspiring, tacitly operating or unconsciously aligning in – can persist over time in such a way that the pockets of ‘resistance’ die out from underfunding and irrelevance in the massed mind of following and aligning in power as it is perceived to be operating – regardless what the consequences might be – because to step outside that identity is too terrifying or indeed un-thinkable. I believe our blocks or traps are definitional at root and that in your terms – to re-imagine is to see the opportunity of self-knowledge and healing where before the symptoms or outer effects reflected deeply embedded conditioning that itself needs to come up and be re-evaluated. This is not easy because we all seek to protect our sense of self from exposure to what we hate to own or fear to know.

    I believe money is a leveraging medium in this and behind it is power. So it isn’t the choice between science and money – but between honesty and power – as each are defined in any situation for those involved. Power may be a capacity for changing society or any other relational outcome, to align and conform to your continued role, status and identity.

    Merely engaging at the level of castigating persons judged morally reprehensible or criminally motivated, tends to reflect us – without illuminating the forces of relational conditioning that result in such symptoms just as our transportation network results in supermarkets.
    Yes I feel the law needs to operate against corporate transnational fraud – but beneath that needs a clearer view of what is actually going on – not in panto terms of villains – but of our relational and social patterns as they manifest from hidden personal and collective definitions and beliefs – most of which are preverbal and un-conscious presumptions of reality that have never been called into question and are actively defended from being brought to an exposure that is felt to be the recurrence of identity trauma that the persona is hard wired to cover over.

    On the plus side, there is a conscious level of hate and fear that is becoming more than a pervasive background as the beast rises up from unconscious depth to no longer be coverable, and if the identity-persona no longer does its original job of protecting or hiding from the intolerable – then there is a greater willingness to question it, challenge it or enquire as to what is really going on in this conscious experience of disturbance. The matrix of sleepwalking depends on reacting with self certainty to align against the hated and feared other.

    When I was a child we were told that when we made ugly faces in play, that if the wind changed, we might be stuck with them. This is not science – but a deeper wisdom – for impersonating and taking on of roles that are out of true with who you really are can indeed find such reflected acceptance that status and power are given and you start to believe and become imprisoned in your own spin.

    Humanity has ‘played’ within the idea of limitation, become enamoured and fascinated in it and in a sense taken over and compelled by the forces invoked within it. Not that all limitation is negative for a cohesive experience requires some things in proportion. But any limited self sense taken or accepted as whole self – not only cuts off or subverts and distorts the communications of ‘denied or forgotten self’, but demonizes them as violations while defending an alien sense of power over self as if that is the way life works. And that is the conditioning of many who depend on such a power to keep the matrix of personality in place – against what thought is foresworn not to refer to.

    When we break the societal or group rule – because the cost of the rule is unbearable and the rule itself insane – it is we who are found unbearable and considered insane. “Just don’t look there, think like that or talk about it. Sacrifice is the way we survive in the darkness and your curiosity and imagination must be harnessed to seek the light in ways that must never let it in.
    What hides in the dark believes the light to be fearful – because its first experience of consciousness is associated with fear that is never to be allowed again – and whatever keeps terror at bay is part of the price we pay – being necessary evil that must ever be appeased.

    Excepting this – that when the drama is opened – what is actually exposed beneath it is a perspective upon it from a foundation that fear does not know and caused to be hidden.
    But the compulsion to engage in character and play out the drama is the persistence of delay in which the presence of what is truly present cannot be received – and everything is filtered through a distorting lens of a false context from which conflicted fragments re-enact the ‘Separation’ endlessly – as every moment of experience divorced from direct and intimate communion.

    For want of any words I used communion because it is a feeling of being that is open to and responsive within Life. It is not a goal – but the only true starting place – and as time is serving the purpose you give it (delay or willing acceptance), you can always re-member and resume from who you are no matter what drama seemed to locate you in someone/somewhere else.

    The getting or needy compulsion is carrot-goaled and stick-driven. But a present appreciation is free to choose goals that extend and reflect who we truly are – both in time currently and out of time as the vibratory presence of a unique gift of being – to have and to hold and to share. Divorcing our truth is not ‘independence’ but to place ourself under a tyrannous deceit. A liar by nature for how else can we be who we are not and ‘get’ our reward?

  11. Spyder says:

    I do not see how we can ever trust this NEJM ever again. Even If a study is done by a small independent research facility is no longer trustworhty for we have no way of knowing who hired them to do this research. So where does this leave us? We have to be more critical of all publications pertaining to these questions.
    Do not believe everything you read in the papers, read between the lines.

    • binra says:

      Trust is not a blank cheque except to those who want to sleepwalk through life without having to pay attention – or to put it another way – trade in our responsibility to grow for the stability and security of a fixed idea that life is then ‘supposed to conform to’ or we get pissed off.
      Holding to account is also honest feedback – a real relationship lived.
      If we trust ourself to an honesty of intent – and know it in the act of extension – then we have a discernment of what does not jibe or resonate – and can enquire or feel into this without having to go through all the data.
      The science thing seemed a good idea – peer reviewed papers, tests and trials, reputable experts institutions and publications associated with excellence. What could go wrong?
      Reading between the lines is feeling with Soul. There is no failed science in terms of a true willingness to learn – so when an imposturing of science is presenting itself from the expertise of power and influence, it offers an example of something that can be revealed as a political or social leverage rather than a science result dressed in a white coat of impartially uncovering truth to serve humanity and blah and blah.
      Corruption of every kind is everywhere. It’s all fake and falling apart. I don’t merely mean corrupted individuals – I mean corrupted and adulterated currency of ideas, as of wealth and true power.
      When the realisation cannot be held off – it makes thinking sickening until it is ‘put behind or NOT used or engaged – until and unless it is rising in or aligned with a true grounded feeling of being. This is sanity emerging though of course for many it seems the onset of insanity.
      The reversal that had become normal and ‘stable’ as an adaptation to lovelessness (masked hate) is itself reversed – or healed.
      Healing is a spontaneous movement of being. When the tricks and devices that delay and defer it start to disintegrate it automatically moves toward balance – which means bringing up the imbalances that are at a point of ripeness to no longer be denied – so as to reintegrate by living them. Because living our life transforms our consciousness of it – while running in the mind-matrix deals with everything in such a way as to avoid intimacy of relationship and doesn’t know what I am talking about. But intimacy is your natural state of being – allowing that the unfolding of life is always into the more of who you are discovering yourself to be – and so there is the experience of the void – of the not-knowing – that instead of identifying as annihilation, needs to be recognized as Mother of All That Is. Demonizing the Creative cannot but result in a demonic experience in which trust – as we originally spontaneously extend – is replaced by a pact with the power to block the Creative – because we have become afraid and at odds with our Self and Source.
      When the message came through about the apple, it wasn’t forbidding – because nothing is forbidden a divine imagination – it was an appropriate warning that going into that thought carries the cost of division under a false and unloving (hating) light in which loss of love in pain of conflict and confusion is experienced as if irrevocable and guilt asserts its thinking into a mind of fear – and hiding – and the rest as they say – is history.
      Thinking that is not imbued with guilt has a ring to it – regardless what the apparent ‘content is’. A unified purpose is not a hidden agenda seeking vengeance – but the latter can and does mimic every form of communication as part of gaining power and freedom to operate without openly exposing its intent – and draws to it all that aligns vibrationally with it – because that is how Life Communicates – vibrational resonance correspondences.
      No matter how right people feel or how in the know they feel, if they focus on negative agenda without a genuine desire to heal – they are in some sense participating the agenda.
      Avoiding the void is ‘surviving’ in self-image’. Living in concept is a limiting of perspective in which the specific and particular are embodied within the Universal or Infinite – as two poles of One Event or Movement of Creation. Living in fixed and unchangeable self-concept operates a denial or negatively operating rendering of Creation that we call the world and hardly even have the spark of a signature recognition of true being amidst the reflections of self-rejection and denial.
      Yielding self-concept to the ‘not knowing’ allows a transformation of more alignment with what is Actually Moving Here. When a nightmare scenario has served the purpose you created it to serve, it will fall away – unless you make fighting nightmares your purpose. Thus it is paramount that we are awake and on purpose as to the desires and intentions that are running as mind – because phishing occurs there no less than anywhere else. Things are not always what they seem – and the same form that was insight yesterday can become a block to seeing today – because of a shift of desire and intention. This seems a lot of work – but really it is natural to a true self appreciation and impossible for the self-judging. Whenever we crap or demean another – we are doing it unto our Self. This always comes home – because it never really leaves the thinker’s mind. It just seems to go ‘out’ – and if they can be got to subscribe – you can really believe you have power over another. Be careful; its addictive.

  12. jill wallis says:

    It is not just Zika that is back in the news, today 18.04.2016, I am reading that the sex superbug/super gonorrhoea is rapidly spreading. It’s appearance has “sparked a national alert”, possibly like the one sparked in 2013 when the sex superbug was last threatening the world population. The known cases are, of course, just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and it is “on the verge of becoming untreatable”. How many confirmed cases are there, must be thousands at least ….. 34 confirmed since November 2014, 11 cases since September 2015 and a massive 5 of those in London so about 0.0000625% of the capitals population.

    • binra says:

      Note the common thread: anti sex, anti life, terror injected into lovemaking – which is still a communication and communion of Life – where self-hate hasn’t poisoned the well.

      I call you to task for calling this ‘news’. It presents itself as news in a medium that claims to purvey news. But if you are reading this site – you must be more aware of what is now passing off?

      There are occasional news articles that come up with such as ‘Alzheimer epidemic not so bad as thought’ – but usually stories are left to die while more plague, wars and terrors are drip drip dripped into your suckling feed.

      NOT celebrating Joy in Life while cowering under pervasive and ever changing evils – is how life is stolen out from under us in return for an illusion of protection. But it is not stolen if you give it away. What you choose to give attention to is your responsibility and on it rests the outcome of YOUR choices – regardless who served as an agency for their fulfilment.

      So crap stories are just as ‘guilty’ of waking you up to a choice that you can appreciate the result of not accepting. It is fear imbued with guilt that operates contagion under many deceiving disguises. Most of which is denied or unconscious – both collectively and individually.

      Scare stories and drama can divert from the deeper fear that we cannot yet face – and so we attract scenario in which we can be maintained in distraction – and blame it on germs and germ spreaders – or indeed on ‘Them’.

  13. mikael says:

    I have no doubts any more about their scamms, faked science and downright lies, to have their marked monpoly intact, the present humanity have no problems with threading over heeps of corpses to gett their money, the goal justifyes the means.

    What dawns, is the scale of it.
    Whats reality, and some of the coments are factually precise, regarding what “natural” deseasess infact do, and their arguments like look at the health benefits since the last century, well, they easily skip, ordinary health improvents thrue better anitary conditions, cleaner evirioment ans so on, to the denile of washing hands upto our last centry is not spoken about as an ex. on how far out They can be, all based upon “solid science and practical knowledge”.

    Give me an break.

    And to the article. now we are talking, this is where I have been aming, to the core of the problem, and then unvind it from there, aka with tools as old fasion as, and as out of dated, hehe, logic and critical thinking is/are in this Comon Core days, where idiot savants rule the show.
    Dumber than even buggs.
    Only able to reproduce, even buggs can do that.
    The rest of my rant is to the benefit of the buggs not humans.


    • binra says:

      I suggest to you that corruption of hate and fear is much bigger than you think but that your mind wont want to let it in. This is because the root of it is in mind. Not in the personal little fear-defined or power-seeking mind – whose fragmented complexity operates faster than any part could ever get in front of or catch up with. What I say is nothing new. But I don’t say it as an inducement to fear and hate – although recognising such as it is written into and writing through our mind is the freedom to withdraw allegiance. Everything is contextualised by ‘where you are coming from’. Hate rejects and excludes as a result of receiving and accepting rejecting and exclusion. The original imprinting is pre-verbal or pre-mental and for equates this experience with power. True power can never corrupt because it is perfectly shared. This seems to make no sense in a world and mind predicated on hate and fear – but any true synchronicity of appreciation and communication bears witness to a different foundation than hate and fear – that the corruption is a corruption OF and generates a fake version OF and seems to have existence by denial OF.
      Where you come from is what you shall meet – because shall is not a time-term off in the future but an action of willingness in decision – a consciousness responsibility.
      Stepping out of the mind as the framer of all meaning is not anti-mind – but simply reconnecting with true desire. The term ‘true desire’ may not mean anything to captive minds who have become so identified in reactivity that nothing can be felt but the force that hate and fear provide for a kind of emotionalism that never really connects or joins or opens in knowing and being known – even in the honesty of the pain beneath it.
      What is going on in the world is not ‘them’ but ‘Us’ – but not an us over and against a ‘them’. A hierarchy of power in the corrupted normal sense of the word has upstream perspectives that can control the narrative, cut back the money supply, confer success of failure in one’s endeavours in the world – all that stuff that is becoming more obvious to those whose bubble reality is breaking open – because there is no way to provide or maintain the organising illusion – and the undercurrent hate and fear that was there all along but masked and disguised, is revealed – and is of course hateful and fearful in its ‘violation’ of our bubble we took as our world – and we are deeply disturbed and caught between a rock and a hard place. Rather than fight to get upstream in terms of corrupted power, I feel to yield that ‘power’ to go upstream in perspective within my own experiencing of myself and my world – as a directly lived and felt willingness to truly know. There is a true desire. It is not a desire to know in order to save anyone or deal with anyone – but a desire for a true foundation so that I don’t get caught up in the games people play – especially my own that I cant see while I think it is OTHER people’s games I gotta dodge.
      If you simply want vengeance then at least you have a moment now to recognize that hate and rage (and hurt and fear hid beneath) is blind – and now you can feel and know how – in principle – people can become instruments of such deep hurt – while lost in a self-righteous agenda of getting even with Life – doing better than Life or ‘fuck all that mess’ we are going to break All those rotten eggs to make a new world omelette – where power is no longer ‘corrupted’ with drags and chains and cages of relational demands of ideas of weakness – “I am not my brother’s keeper. S/He is nothing to me”

  14. Per says:

    “Fear sells”. Indeed. If we took fear out of cancer diagnoses my estimate is that we would reduce the mortality of the disease by 50%. The best way of doing that as far as I know is to watch this documentary:


    There are medical doctors who wittingly have diagnosed patients with cancer for no reason at all, just to push chemo, on which they make a handsome profit. The good news is that at least one of them is serving serious jail time.

    The entire “healthcare” system does not care about health, and has no clue about health, it simply pushes dangerous drugs and medical procedures for the purpose of generating profits.

    It is high time to destroy this evil monopoly, which is involved in fraudulent health “research”, production of drugs, prescription of drugs, and treatment of patients.

    Personally I have had enough. I do not trust my MD to be involved in tests and diagnoses as well as treatment. He may do the tests, he may diagnose me, and he may propose a treatment, but it is my decision whether I will follow his proposal, seek a second opinion, do my own research etc.. It is my right as a human being, and it is my obligation as a person born with a brain, (which is not a given nowadays, at least not in South America) to look into the consequences of following my MD’s prescription proposal and compare them with alternatives.

    I followed that line 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. I refused a conventional “treatment”, which would have seen me to an early grave, and instead I sought solutions outside of the box. That led me to a complete cure instead of a painful, humiliating “treatment” which conventionally leads to death.

    If I were ever to face a serious health condition I would check with functional medicine experts before making my decision.

    • binra says:

      The interviews that are spliced to the documentary are excellent. Not as interviews – because no one is challenged but simply given a platform to share from where they are at.

      The marketing hype that it is framed in is sadly aligning with ‘fear sells’ – and I sense that at the same time as Ty is bringing these conversations out to a larger attention, there is much in the presentation and framing that will work against its acceptance.

      However, fear sells … but only to a willing buyer.

      Phishing attack is basically passing off as – so that if you are not vigilant – you have already lost your identity and are running someone else’s agenda while believing you are on the true path.

      How do you know you are being taken for a sucker when the content seems worthy but is framed in a discourse that is false?

      I restate that the original interviews include many excellent dedicated people – and that Ty may well believe that to beat the enemy you have to use the same tactics.

      Now all that said – for most of us we experience both the signal and the noise – excepting in clear flowing life in which we are so tuned in to the signal that we are not even noticing any noise. So when there is anything in which a clear spontaneous recognition doesn’t call a free hearted joining with – there is a need for choosing or discerning what truly resonates here for me – in terms of who I really am. And so while aware of the lampshade – so to speak – I can look through to the light – and join with it because it is already within me as a recognition.

      The original interviews are part of the paid package but many snips are of course in the youtube channel.

      Is your link part of the affiliate scheme? I would not be surprised for the ‘marketing’ side of this to be ‘brought out ‘ as dirty washing by mainstream media as a way of smearing or discrediting the whole movement to functional integrative approaches to heath and wholeness in which fear doesn’t find a way in.

      Though I agree with you and the core movement of taking responsibility for our lives, I also see that no one can go where their belief will not support them. So whether it is dangerous or not, there are many who are so imprinted with conditioning that they cant step beyond it but have to work with it while growing a greater level of self-trust and indeed self-loving acceptance.

      So despite my noted concerns – I feel the horror of the racketeering in hate and fear is more than balanced by the re-discovering of a greater level of self-trust and truly self-loving acceptance. Rather than word on about that, I feel the Jesus story of waking from deadness, blindness, lameness, or any other negatively defining state of identification is more of the feeling of it.
      However to tune in to the Signal and tune out from the noise is a fundamental retaining of a mind in reversal. So Grace gives the revelation to your freedom to notice, and then you are able to choose from a new perspective. This is a one step at a time way of living – but more accurately it is living this step – wholly. Who can say their ‘life is on hold’ until they sort something out? Nearly everyone. T’aint so! All this ‘sorting out’ that never arrives IS the life being accepted and chosen.

      Waking up to the nature of the disturbance – really – would be waking through to its foundation in me – and checking with what is true signal and what is not and leaving un-chosen what is not for me or enquiring more closely into what it has to tell me now that it is here.

      Otherwise we gather in hate-fest as the controlled opposition. We may not believe we are controlled because we get a feeling of freedom and power in opposing. But if it comes from the same foundation it runs the same purpose and as this realisation may come out a little later when the bubble pops – so yes you can get a hit off of it. That’s what the boom and bust channel offers. But its one frequency range amidst Infinity and yes it’s the devil we know – but look closely and see it never actually lets us know anything – only bubbles of seeming.

  15. Narad says:

    The best place online for Zika info.

    Jon Rappoport shows that he knows the scoop. While many people are headed down the GM mosquito disinfo trail, Jon is sticking to the most plausible theories. Here they are listed by plausibility:

    GM Mosquito

    While the history of Polio and the Spanish Flu can be highly heuristic, the AIDS phenomenon is perhaps the most illuminating due to the amount of information on the topic. HIV, SARS, Bird Flue, and BSE can be seen as precedents for the Zika hoax. It works something like this.

    Inflate Statistics
    Implicate a Virusand Exonerate Toxins
    Publish Biased and Dishonest Studies
    Inflate Statistics
    Create a Panic
    Sell Vaccines

    You cannot sue a virus. The CDC is working with chemical and pharmaceutical companies to implicate viruses while simultaneously exonerating the pharmaceutical or chemical companies.
    The CDC profits from this as well.

    Some diseases and their real cause:

    AIDS = IV Drugs/Poppers/Antibiotics
    Polio = Vaccines and/or Pesticides
    BSE = Radiation or Pesticides
    Kuru = Radiation
    Spanish Flu = Diptheria Vaccine

    As far as I can tell; measles, mumps, and chickenpox are real viruses. There are just as many imaginary ones though.

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