The individual and the covert op

The individual and the covert op

Nine notes that clarify freedom

by Jon Rappoport

May 2, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

“The mind has no obligation to be a container.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

ONE: The elite men who manipulate the masses do stand outside The Collective, but they’re not free. Their only power comes from diminishing the power of others.

They don’t know any other kind of power.

The idea that, within themselves, as individuals, they have creative fire is completely and utterly foreign to them.

TWO: Every major covert op has the same concealed objective: “defeat the enemy and thereby gain more control.”

But control over what?

Beyond the usual answers, the root answer is: “control over the mind.”

Why? Because if perception and thought can be channeled, directed, reduced, and weakened, then it doesn’t matter what humans do to resist other types of control. They will always go down the wrong path. They will always operate within limited and bounded territory. They will always ignore their own authentic power.

I’m talking about power that exceeds the “normal” and “average” ability to influence the stream of cause and effect.

The “prison” of cause and effect is a concept that is floated as part of the basic covert op to convince people they are small, diminished, and at the mercy of larger forces.

But underneath it all, humans have the capacity to “jump the chain” and become, as it were, “first causes.”

And not in some minor way.

Unfortunately, the popular view of how this can be accomplished is often rooted in New Age notions: the instantaneous fix; the Disneyesque manifestation; the “surrender to the universe.”

These are psy-op versions of the real thing, floated as part of the overall covert op to engage the gullible among us.

“Jumping the chain” is actually a matter of reversing the op. In other words, instead of accepting the mural of reality that has been created for us, each person creates his own.

Without compromise.

Beyond the covert op, every human has the capacity to act in ways that change the flow of time, the architecture of space, and the sources of energy.

The degree to which an individual believes this is impossible mirrors his acceptance of the basic covert op on planet Earth.

THREE: When people speak about “hope for all of us,” they rarely refer to the power of the individual.

That’s because they are blinded by the Group. They have no other option.

They’re looking through the lens of the collective.

They judge their work solely by the effect it has on others, and they judge themselves solely by the effect others have on them.

FOUR: When the individual sets a goal that is outside the consensus and the status quo, he himself is outside the consensus.

The degree of organization he creates, in order to achieve the goal, doesn’t have to be traditional, symmetrical, balanced. Organization should be a function of the actions that will achieve the goal. The actions should dictate the organization.

FIVE: Freedom means the individual can change his mind at any moment. It also means that, if he doesn’t change his mind, and instead follows a straight path, he is going to have to keep referring back to the original vision that gave birth to the enterprise he’s engaged in. He’s going to have to keep inspiring himself in that way. Otherwise, his energy will stagnate. He will become less important than the pattern.

exit from the matrix

SIX: Storyline, when applied to a person’s life, makes no sense unless he is inventing it. Otherwise, it’s random, and the only forward motion is like something a machine would produce as it grinds ahead.

SEVEN: Many people are slaves of pattern. They believe if they do A, they should then do B, and then C. They see no other options. It makes sense to them to follow pattern. But the pattern doesn’t lead to a desired outcome. It just circles around and puts a person back where he started from.

EIGHT: If “things as they are” has any life at all, it comes from anticipating that imagination is going to transform it.

NINE: So-called Enlightenment isn’t a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s the result of the individual freely creating new realities.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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7 comments on “The individual and the covert op

  1. bookbiter says:

    I enjoyed this but Foucault would hate it.

  2. james says:

    excellent as usual… jb

  3. Terri says:

    This is all very true Jon. WE must get to the root, so where do humans learn this insanity? They learn it as children, by the people who raise them and other “authority” figures who teach thru the evils of obedience and punishment, might always makes right. They also learn it is not okay to be unique or to express themselves. They learn they can be a victim or a perpetrator. Any other choice will get them ostracized or worse, and to a child, to be rejected by “family” means death. Its in our DNA and our unconscious.

    So when people grow up (but they don’t really, they just look like adults) after being told you are wrong to think for yourself and ask questions and are punished for it, and told do what you are told, or you will be punished, why are we surprised at the growing nanny/police state? This fascism grows on a global level, such as the US thinking they have the right to control other countries and dictate to them what they should do or not, as well as to the people here, in America, a constitutional Republic. When in reality, obedience is only for slaves and weakens and destroys society and becomes an abomination; what we see now.

    Terry Goodkind wrote the Sword of truth novels to demonstrate this very principle of the nobility of the spirit, vs “the order” which is collectivism. It is this very spirit that shall preserve those humans who are brave enough to embrace it and be it. The rest are already dead, the walking dead, which pleases the nanny state and mom and dad, because an obedient child is a good child. You can not love anyone and demand obedience from them. Real Love is unconditional, without judgment. Obedience is all about judgement and condemnation and stealing and subjugating someones soul. If this isn’t black magic,than what is? To say you are an authority to anyone over their own divinity which is within All People, All Beings, makes you an evil black magician.

    This is so insidious that most dont realize it and the defense mechanisms within become furious and outraged when any of this is brought up. Fascists know this very well, so have taught the people to police themselves, and to give their consent for this evil to darken the whole world. The people have a choice, every moment, to choose differently and take responsibility for what they have consented to and practiced. The series star wars showed how slippery the line between darkness and light is and what can be done to be more conscious.

    Until children are raised with true love and respect, not lip service, society can not change. The programming is too strong for all but very few to overcome. Thanks, Jon for showing people how to get out, but we must as well focus on preventing any more generations being enslaved. The war is not about money or control, it goes deeper than that; it truly is about souls. This world is just a dream, a game, and dictators need victims to dictate to, so the greatest industry in this world is that of slave creation to fuel the endless greed they have to consume and destroy. Your first point, Jon, about power is absolutely right. they are just as enslaved as everyone else, and have no true power. This is where having compassion for these souls comes in, which also makes you free. They want our hate, fear and despair. They feed on it. WE can choose to love ourselves more and focus on that and all that is precious, and stop feeding them. Our attention is more valuable than anything and we can choose consciously what we put our attention to if we are willing to do the work.

    Thank you for again saying we do have a choice, that is so important. The universe is infinite, as are we, so anything is possible. Being solution oriented is something we can practice and it does draw solutions to us.

    I also wanted to say, i enjoyed listening to you in the Truth about cancer documentary series and i am glad you were given the opportunity to speak.

    • silverpen123 says:

      I think they deserve only our indifference as we find our own methods.

      • binra says:

        I would put it slightly differently; I feel to give disregard to the ‘mind’ that such personifications reflect or insinuate within me (as if it speaks for me) – so that what I uncover within as a better way to live – or even a way to truly live – can reflect back and share a clearer, and more truly integrated quality of life.

        The contagion of a denied and hidden hate is a disguised but active lovelessness – that undermines and subverts communication. So for me the indifference or disregard is like recognizing a false presentation and no longer treating it as if it was valid currency – especially NOT engaging in argument or attempt to communicate truth to an ‘idol’ whose purpose is the preservation of hate as power to conflict and divide – and guilt to seal the deal as unforgiveness made ‘holy’.

        “It takes one to know one”. I hold this true for what I sow is the measure of my reaping. The wages of persisting in the choosing to hate, is a death of the capacity to recognize Life.

        I have a participation in everything that manifests in or as my life unfolding, but discerning a true responsibility from within the mind-trap of a blame-game is a matter of awakening Presence. Of a perspective free enough to notice what was hidden by a focus that seemed right or necessary in its timing – but that is not this timing. Freedom to see and feel and know is hijacked by guilt, rage, hate, hurt and fear – so this is necessarily the ‘territory’ that is ‘revisited’ to be re-visioned – and of course we hate feeling these ‘negative’ feelings and are mind-set to conspire to escape and avoid them by ingenious psychological defences that together matrix a world of illusion played out in coded personification, of symbol and archetypal narrative drama.

        ‘Their’ freedom to uncover love’s awareness is our own. But opening of compassionate embrace to or acceptance of hated and feared feelings and thoughts so as to discern the definitional conditionings that effect such conditioning – is the desisting of active self-rejection – self-hate – no matter how it is disguised, dressed up or designed.

        Grand idealism loves its own Vision and may never release it to embrace a real relationship – and this includes of course a sense of our own power or validity if associated in concrete forms that others – or life must then fulfil of ‘fail’ us. How much of our ‘world’ is the reaction against a sense of being failed or betrayed of the forms of life that we had set our hearts upon and thereby broke.

        Methods arise that resonate with the active desire – and ways NOT to allow or find communication (while seeming to be engaged in forms of communicating) is our current area of expertise. So much so that we are believing our own spin. Anything that facilitates truing up within ourselves and thus in relationship together opens a life more abundant. But the abundance of a negatively polarized consciousness is what comes up first and not many pass through to recognize the Quality of the light in which they have awoken this much – even if to an awareness of pervasive self-delusion that had passed off as reality before.

        Choosing what truly aligns with who we are does not require extra ‘power’ from hating or demonizing what does NOT align as a way to ‘overcome’ the ‘negative’. I feel this insight is a root insight of a pattern emerging from a sense of powerlessness that is not true. In order for a deceit to be disregarded it has to be owned or called for what it is instead of being accepted currency. This may involve ‘speaking truth to power’ – or at least to the representation of power in terms of the matrix of self-illusion. The true power of Life on Earth is choice and the true nature of choice is NOT framed by hate, fear or guilt – but the creative relationship of our being – for we (sh)are that power whether we own and know it in the sharing, or deny in false witnesses by which to seem to share a world in which getting a ‘hit’ turns so soon to pain and loss, hate and war.

    • binra says:

      No one can give what they have not themselves received and there’s the rub – for it is through our willingness for life that we come through to a more grounded loving – often somewhat after the fact and as a result of all kinds of mistaken identity in relationships and raising children. And so often the next generation operates some denial aspect of the previous and communication breakdowns are thus ‘built in’.
      However a true willingness allows Life to communicate through us in ways that artifice or wilfulness can not – and what others choose to do with the gift of Life is their own freedom and rightly so.

      I don’t recall Jon in TTAC series – Perhaps there was a prequel series to the two I have seen. TTAC contains may dedicated witnesses for Life regardless any specific interest in cancer as such. I’m saddened by the marketing hype that that is now set in and see it becoming a basis for the invalidating of the core message. Nothing new then…

  4. binra says:

    Identifying exclusively in self-concept IS the limiting of Creative to ‘mind-control’.
    What is humanly redefined as what we mean by mind IS ‘mind-control’.
    Feeling and Sensing are ‘upstream’ to ‘mind-control’ – which operates a substitute in concept for any and all direct intimacy of experience that one both is and has. ‘Mind-control’ is the refusal or non-acceptance of intimacy as facilitated by the false flag of a covert op in which ‘self-attack’ is believed and experienced as IF at the hand of Other.
    The willingness to exclusively identify in hating Other – ‘justifies’ and perpetuates ‘self-attack’ in forms that are seemingly self-protective or indeed pre-emptive strikes as the ultimate defence.

    This is all painted out in your world for you to use – the moment you are willing to allow a different purpose than fear defined war be your ‘father’, ‘environment’ or ‘nature’.
    Not that you can escape war from a war-mind in a strategy of ‘peace’ – but that the mind as defined has to be observed, uncovered from ruse, and seen in-act – and this involves open relational Feeling – that is deeply buried and denied in many.
    Beneath Feeling are core definitions that are only ‘fixed’ by the emotional force of identification operating as ‘Notional Security’.
    Imagination IS actively locked into fixed definitions that can be checked in with as to whether or not You align and accept them as true of You. There is no other way to access freedom than to accept what You are currently choosing to accept – even if that is an idea of limitation.
    To withdraw allegiance from the ‘machine’ of a previously held self-definition is to pause of thinking or acting FROM it so as to allow awareness to rise UPON it.
    Emotional reactivity will abort this allowing – as will emotional dissociation.
    Through the centre of You is waiting on nothing but willingness to manifest to your recognition – instead of a happen-stance at the hand of Others – or of a past that seems to hold power over Presence such that there is almost none in which to know and feel anything while love-less concept hollows out Your Life for power to prevail that you are fooled into thinking is You.
    Watch your mind and sense or feel its qualities. Recognition of You is NOTHING to do with anyone else’s definition – but the extension of Their Self-acceptance beyond definition is a love that can shine into Your true Mind because it is Already There but for Your Acceptance and willingness to live From it – regardless the personal and social conditionings that are set to deny or abort this.

    Concept cannot divide the Indivisible – but You can accept such an imagination and run with it – and entangle Yourself in division and rule in fragments that forget their unified original nature – for they are all in You. You cannot be defined – but as you DO accept definition in relation to Anything or Anyone – you will experience yourself and your world to be.
    Re-integration of what has never truly left You is a shift of Perspective.
    Any mis-alignment within You is a call to open Perspective in which more of who you are is recognized. But from an overwhelm of co-fusion – came the interpretation of a violation or attack as a result of the pushing down or denial of feelings your were at that time unable and unwilling to fully and truly recognize Your part in.

    To attempt to escape or deny Your part is a-part-hiding in pretence to be a separate whole – by which true wholeness is denied recognition. You are not an individual as a human personality but as a Whole Souled being. Confusing the personality structure with the truth of You is part of learning to hold focus in a ‘world’ that seems ‘outside’ You – yet it is Only felt and known within your consciousness – and the lens of the mind is its ‘projection’ as “Otherness” to be interacted with either in loving relation or blind exploitation. Relationships that seemed to initiate division are in fact your Only Way Home – by the purpose You choose to accept for them are they experienced.

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