BRICS and Brexit countries: secrets of the crypt

BRICS and Brexit countries: secrets of the crypt

by Jon Rappoport

May 3, 2016

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“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” –Marcia Angell, MD, New York Review of Books, 2009

Over the years, I’ve found it’s often easier to talk to sources outside the US.

They understand American press propaganda and you don’t have to explain it. You don’t have to offload so much nonsense to get to the real issues.

The UK is now considering whether to exit the European Union. Britain+Exit=Brexit. The bottom line is: only the Globalists in Britain want to stay in. Everybody else sees the wisdom of leaving, because the EU structure is a nightmare. It was put there to swallow up the whole continent, torpedo national economies, and emerge as Region X in the Globalist plan to create a number of supra-national sectors that would eventually be drawn together: one Earth, one ruling force.

If the UK exits the EU, it’ll drive a wound into the plan. It will be a cause for celebration. It might create a contagion of withdrawals. It will shake the pillars.

On another front, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have started to build their own economic and political alliance. BRICS. They see and understand the US and Globalist empire builders, and they’re revolting.

The one key they’re missing is medical/chemical/biotech. They should understand this for what it is, in Globalist (Rockefeller) terms: a long-term op aimed against them.

Highly toxic medical drugs and vaccines; harmful GMOs paired with toxic pesticides.

In the US, the propaganda is so concentrated a large proportion of the populace is still asleep. The lunatic campaign to vaccinate everybody with poisons—presented as a medical miracle—is still working against the dumbed-down masses, who would buy a donkey if it was labeled a Cadillac.

The BRICS nations have an opportunity here. Reject this medical/chemical/biotech cartel. In the process, they would strike a blow against the most dangerous and powerful Globalist-backed corporations in the world—the primary beneficiaries of treaties like the TPP and TTIP.

Treat the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control like crazy criminals and front men for the med cartel, because that’s what they are. Stop buying their fake science and fake studies. Their whole operation is corrupt from top to bottom.

The BRICS countries don’t understand that if they keep accepting the medical/chemical/biotech-cartel package, they’ll end up buying all of Globalism—they and their people will be too debilitated to resist. The most important cartel in the Globalist framework is the one I’m talking about here. It is the long-term project for Earth’s population—cradle to grave.

And when you strip away the sheen, what you see is chem/bio warfare.

Nothing less.

I offer the BRICS nations a clue. Look at the actual death statistics for the heavily hyped epidemics of recent years: SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, Ebola, and now Zika. They’re all fake epidemics. In perhaps the most egregious case, the CDC stopped counting US Swine Flu cases in the summer of 2009, and the agency didn’t make that fact public. As CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson discovered, the CDC abandoned its job because the overwhelming number of blood tests, from the most likely Swine Flu cases, were coming back from labs with no trace of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu. In other words, the epidemic was a non-starter; it was a hoax. Yet a few weeks after CBS News published Attkisson’s revelation, the CDC, doubling down, estimated there were 22 million cases of Swine Flu in America. Talk about lies. That one was right up there.

Why do I mention these fake epidemics? Because the cartel uses them to promote fear and compliance, and to promote the notion that disease is everywhere and could pop up at any moment. Not just the epidemic variety, but all diseases—which, of course, require multiple doses of vaccines. It’s diabolical propaganda.

Any cartel that would use (AKA concoct) “epidemics” for the purpose of enforcing its monopoly on medical treatment is an enemy. Anything it says or writes about disease is highly suspect, to say the least.

And under that cover, it spreads toxic medical drugs and vaccines in ever-expanding numbers. This is a war strategy.

The BRICS nations have a chance to expose and reject it.

Putin, in particular, is smart enough to see through the con.

For the benefits of the BRICS, I’ll mention the explosive July 26, 2000, review I often refer to. Journal of the American Medical Association; author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; “Is US health really the best in the world?”

Starfield concluded that the US medical system kills 225,000 people a year in America. Per decade, that works out to 2.25 million deaths.

In an interview I did with her a year or so before she died, Dr. Starfield told me she considered her figures a conservative estimate.

Her assessment is in the public domain. The US federal government, and the entire US medical community, is aware of it. Yet, since the year of its publication, not a finger has been lifted to overhaul the system that does the killing.

So this goes a lot farther than “we didn’t know” or “we’re appalled.” This goes to complicity.

the matrix revealed

Under the rubric of Healing, the most important Globalist cartel is carrying out massive covert warfare on a planetary level—and the BRICS nations are among the targets. If those nations would see this, expose it, and band together to reject it in the strongest possible terms, they would not only do themselves a monumental favor, they would eventually gain the respect of people all over the planet.

The cartel’s heavy veneer of propaganda would peel away and leave the terms of the war in full view.

No media outlet would be able to shore up a defense.

How about it, BRICS? Want to take on and defeat a giant? And thus secure your authentic independence?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

13 comments on “BRICS and Brexit countries: secrets of the crypt

  1. d whalen says:

    BRICS is co-opted by IMF and World Bank: These efforts were initiated partly as a response to the IMF enforcement of strict conditions on countries seeking emergency loans. To be legitimate, effective, and successful the BRICS bank will have to follow international rules of transparency, accountability and monitoring as well as loan practices as stringent as those of IMF and World Bank; in which case the Bricks bank will become indistinguishable from them

  2. bwisok says:

    Fabulous idea, Jon. I would particularly emphasize the geoengineering assaults, broadbased toxic aerosol and electromagnetic attacks on the atmosphere we depend on for, well, the air we breathe.

  3. Russia has become the number one producer in the world of organic wheat…and the number one exporter of wheat…that use to be Canada’s gig, until Cargill and Monsatan moved on. I don’t think the globalists are going to like that kind of wholesome competition from a BRICS nation.
    Whole War three is off to good start.

    Of topic but, the Zika virus hoax worked so well in the soft coup of Brazil, that they are using it on the Domican Republic now…did you know?
    A devastating 50% unemployment in the DR, poverty is desperate there, the country is bankrupt to the tune of 90 billion. It does’nt really seem to be that much compared to the 20 trillion owed by the US.
    And the vultures are moving in, ripping out vital DR organs, like education and medicine, from the dying body. 185 public schools closed. Hospitals are being closed because they pay there electric bills. A lot of hospitals, being closed.

    Strangely a globalist law, enacted decades ago, does not allow for bankrupcy protection. And with the banks loaning money they pull out of their ass…
    The natives are fleeing to the US. And the Zika should drive even more and more away.
    It’s an epidemic…*cough*…that should kill tourism. Keeps out the curious.

    The only good globalist is one with his head in basket in front of his bound prone and limp body.

    For the last two days the chem-trail light brigade boys, there so helpful the brain dead little bastards, having being spraying X’s above my new little house. And then twelve planes per day in three hours wipe out the sun from the sky. I go from blue to Vanilla. Should I be concerned Jon…I should be listening for humming, droning sounds soon…hm. Is drooling the sign of a problem.
    Seems you can’t buy a surface to air missle on ebay, what kind of store is that anyway. They claim to sell everything…liars.

    • Angel Scott says:

      What a comment, Michael. I’m glad your spirit and humour can still poke through this madness a bit. Of all the shiznit going on, it is the vanilla skies here in the beautiful northwest that get me the most. They took May Day off, I haven’t seen that much blue in a long time.

  4. Theresa says:

    I hope Jon sees this.
    I am in the UK. I don’t think one can simplify the situation by saying only globalists want to stay IN. Those voting to stay IN I guess will have different reasons and not all will be globalists, some quite the opposite in fact.
    The Government here is pro GM and the EU in one sense has helped keep GMOs out. However, things are changing and it is complicated. I hope Jon will be able to understand this.
    Some may vote to stay IN because they want to fight for reform.
    If there is a Brexit the actual future situation in the UK is an unknown I guess.
    Some people will be voting IN because they feel that if there is a Brexit the Government will agree an unfavourable Trade Deal with the US. Much worse than TTIP.
    I am not an expert on this but if there is a Brexit some might see it as better for the EU because Cameron and his chums will not be there pushing the US agenda (in the Deep State sense).
    I think there are unknowns.
    Does the following article need checking out:
    A 50/50 split IN/OUT vote might be interesting…..I might not vote but I will campaign and I will try and learn.
    Maybe like the UN it is not all black and white.
    There may be good reasons for staying IN and there may be good reasons for a Brexit.

  5. brusplace says:

    And the truth can set us free. The question is ” do we still have the substance to recognize the truth” and act accordingly.

  6. Beware of the BRICS, they are just the newest hero in the dualistic good vs evil globalist play, where the west is the new axis. The west is being pumped up in ridiculous ways to highlight their fall, because they are no longer useful, that is where the east comes in, as the new allies. Once the West’s evil NWO falls, the East’s benevolent OWO will rise up in their communitarian form of government, for us to all sacrifice our individuality and sovereignty in service to the greater community.

  7. Thought says:

    BRICS is not revolting Not in the way you mean. Like Capone building the Chicago mob to rival NY’s the power elites there just want to have their own cartel. Once that’s in place the wheel and deal with the existing cartel.

    The way through for each individual is paradoxically to realize that we’re all connected. Not the same, not a herd, not a bunch of lemmings – but connected. So the more people who reclaim their individuality and power the more other people are influenced to reclaim their individuality and power. It will not happen at the level of governments, demagogues (be they Cowboy or not) or any other person being a position of symbolic representation of people looking to totems. It happens at the level of a mothers saying “no I’m not giving that crap to my child.” It happens at the level of the empowered person saying “no I’m not going to let fear drive me to see most Muslims as a threat.” It happens at the level of the open-minded individual saying “I get that some individuals transition genders. ” Etc. Individuals. Connected but unique, powerful, self-directing forces capable of expressing infinite wondrous realities.

  8. Good post, Jon.

    The “four funding quadrants” England/Europe, US/Americas, Australia/Asia Pacific & Israel/Middle East is a very old agenda.

    I still think you need to stress that fear exploits ignorance, otherwise the spells and hocus-pocus wouldn’t work.


  9. procomptor says:

    JON! WOW…….your message here is in alignment my work now entering into its 15th year! I have really enjoyed your hard work on exposing the corrupt US medical syndicate and I have reasons for that.

    My Mom was a see’er for Lord and after I was attacked at age 5 by an acquaintance of my Dads met on ship in the Navy we moved from Virginia to Council Bluffs Iowa. While my Dad was stationed in Omaha my whole family joined the First Christian Church which was one of the oldest Protestant churches in the area. It was after this time I became a see’er like my Mom.

    Over the years I would see the truth in many things. After hearing about the assassination of John F. Kennedy over the school PA system while in 1st grade I commented to a teacher that our people killed him. That got me an after school meeting with my folks and the principle. I also saw the assassination of Bobby Kennedy before it happened and other things as I was growing up!

    When I saw the events of 9-11 unfold on my TV I saw the truth that a thermal bomb inside was what brought them down as no plane could possibly generate enough heat to melt iron or steel structure. I watched the molten metal run down like rain water and immediately saw a group of foreigners hiding boxes of something in and around the elevator structures. My own family treated me like I was nuts as I tried to relay what I saw out to different groups. This and other events leading up to what a lot of call Americas 6th Great Awakening ended up costing me my 32 year marriage, my home, and everything I had worked 30 years for.

    While fighting forest fires here in Oregon I became ill when I tried to help a family of chipmunks who were covered in a red tint and dying. Later I found out it was DDT and joined greenpeace to get the practice stopped. After that a friend that would sit in a watch tower every summer for years ended up becoming very ill. They finally found an apple size tumor in her head and she passed during surgery. I had spent years studying wave propagation and signal phasing as an Amatuer radio operator with my Dad and so remembered she had a cell phone antenna that set on the roof directly above her. With the help of some ranger friends it was investigated but later dismissed. It stuck in my craw however and over the years others including myself could prove that frequency as destructive to human tissue like microwave and ultra low frequency packet government channels.

    As a 30 year computer veteran in thermal and IT work I was asked during the Awakening and through the whole ascension process mankind has been going through, by Jesus, to let him teach me about biblical history. I found out about so many things but the most significant was concerning the false Jews who originated in a country called Khazaria (now long gone) that are amongst the most evil group of people on the planet! These Elite 1% or Illuminati as they prefer are the Rothschilds. Please see here;

    Their Illumicorp group including the Rockefellers, Gates, Morgans, Soros and many others are the IMF, owners of the World Bank and over the years of stealing money from the working class populations of the world have a net value, in gold, of over 800 trillion dollars. They control most world governments and corrupt clear down to the county level in government. They own the United Nations and are now implementing their Agenda 21 due to reduce global population down to 250 million people over the next few years. Their Trans Pacific Partnership that I fought alongside Rand Paul and other non-corrupted Senators passed by 1 vote who was part of our team I figured was bought out. This nasty long winded pile of crap will give large corporations (Illumicorp) control over all governments with their complete control via their attorneys and personal court systems!

    I am a member of the ACLJ, Judicial Watch, Heritage Foundation, Pro Life, Right to Work and many other groups. I have never feared death as it doesn’t exist. I have been through bloody hell and died once in this life already. At 60 years young I work every moment after my business closes to awaken folks to join in saving America and her Constitution! I do this for my children, grandchildren and all America’s children that deserve the same great free country that all of us have enjoyed!

    I have been attacked several times and finally was given MARCA during surgery to fix a shattered clavicle at a local Hospital. They said I would never use my left arm again and had less than a year to live. That was nearly 10 years ago and I have full use of my arm, received my black belt and still rock climb when time allows. I am here because the Lord wanted me to help get folks to STAND with him as Saints within the Christ. Our homes and businesses are our church and we help people off the street and do other charitable events in order to spread the word that Jesus is our own personal God that lives within each of us!

    As a Knight Templar my preference is knife, sword and battle ax. I do not own a gun because of the people always around me. There are over a million home Saints now in the Lord’s army that stand ready during these end days. Jon I know you are not a believer like me and that’s fine. Your work has been more difficult than mine as mine has come directly from the Glory of God and yours from great investigator instincts and intelligence. Thanks Jon for all the great work over the years and my prayer continue to go out to you and yours to keep you safe in our Lord’s brightest light…..mike

  10. pedrofalls says:

    Bloomberg;; China Does an About-Face on GMOs

    It wasn’t to long ago that untold millions were murdered under Mao’s communist rule. I think our best fight has to be fought on the front lines here in the USA.

  11. John Turnbull says:

    As in all matters adversely affecting “the little people” what can we do about it? In the good old US of A the two surviving presidential candidates do not seem to be aware of our attempt to build an economic empire ruled by the one percent for the benefit of the one percent. Tragically, the effort will result in WWW III and the survivors will be left to wonder how and why it was allowed to happen.

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