New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

Why is the government so maniacal about injecting vaccines?

by Jon Rappoport

May 17, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Consider this article in light of the accelerating push to mandate and enforce vaccination across the planet.

The reference is the New York Times, 3/9/2015, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” It describes the frontier of research. Here are key quotes that illustrate the use of synthetic genes to “protect against disease,” while changing the genetic makeup of humans. This is not science fiction:

“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

“’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.”

“The first human trial based on this strategy — called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. — is underway, and several new ones are planned.”

“I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.”

Here is the punchline: “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

Read that again: “the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.” Alteration of the human genetic makeup. Permanent alteration.

The Times article taps Dr. David Baltimore for an opinion:

“Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”

Yes, some people might be leery. If they have two or three working brain cells.

Let’s take this further. Under the cover of preventing disease (and all good covert ops float a laudatory goal to conceal their true intent), vaccines are ideal carriers for all sorts of genes that would be permanently incorporated into the human structure.

The enormous tonnage of propaganda about vaccines, and the resultant mandatory laws that enforce vaccination, create a powerful channel along which re-engineering is eminently possible.

Synthetic genes injected into billions of humans would form a grand experiment to create an altered species.

This grand experiment could be compartmentalized. For example, secretly, genes 1-6 would be injected into Group A in geo-location I. Genes 7-12 would be injected into Group B in location II. And so on.

Vaccine recipients will be subjected to ongoing surveillance to gauge the results. On various pretexts, members of these groups will be brought into clinics for exams and tests, to discover markers that purportedly reveal their bodies’ responses to the genetic alterations.

Are these people stronger or weaker? Do they exhibit signs of illness? Do they report behavioral changes? Through surveillance and testing, all sorts of information can be compiled.

Of course, there is no informed consent. The human guinea pigs have no knowledge of what is being done to them.

And what would be the objectives of this lunatic research program? They would vary. On a simplified level, there would be two. Create weaker and more docile and more obedient and more dependent humans. On the other side, create stronger and healthier and more intelligent and more talented humans. Obviously, the results of the latter experiments would be applied to the “chosen few.” And clearly, some of this research will be carried on inside the military. Secrecy is easier to maintain, and the aim to produce “better soldiers” is a long-standing goal of the Pentagon and its research arm, DARPA.

A global vaccine experiment of the type I’m describing here has another bonus for the planners: those people who fall ill or die can be written off as having suffered from various diseases and disorders which “have nothing to do with vaccines.” This is already SOP for the medical cartel.

The numbers of casualties, in this grand experiment, would be of no concern to the Brave New World shapers. As I’ve documented extensively, the US medical system is already killing 2.25 million people per decade (a conservative estimate), as a result of FDA-approved drugs and mistreatment in hospitals. Major media and government leaders, aware of this fact, have done nothing about it.

Here is a quote from Princeton molecular biologist, Lee Silver, the author of Remaking Eden. It gives you a window into how important geneticists are thinking about an engineered future:

“The GenRich–who account for ten percent of the American population–[will] all carry synthetic genes. All aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry are controlled by members of the GenRich class…

“Naturals [unaltered humans] work as low-paid service providers or as laborers. [Eventually] the GenRich class and the Natural class will become entirely separate species with no ability to crossbreed, and with as much romantic interest in each other as a current human would have for a chimpanzee.

“Many think that it is inherently unfair for some people to have access to technologies that can provide advantages while others, less well-off, are forced to depend on chance alone, [but] American society adheres to the principle that personal liberty and personal fortune are the primary determinants of what individuals are allowed and able to do.

“Indeed, in a society that values individual freedom above all else, it is hard to find any legitimate basis for restricting the use of repro[grammed]-genetics. I will argue [that] the use of reprogenetic technologies is inevitable. [W]hether we like it or not, the global marketplace will reign supreme.”

Here is another gem, from Gregory Stock, former director of the program in Medicine, Technology, and Society at the UCLA School of Medicine:

“Even if half the world’s species were lost [during genetic experiments], enormous diversity would still remain. When those in the distant future look back on this period of history, they will likely see it not as the era when the natural environment was impoverished, but as the age when a plethora of new forms—some biological, some technological, some a combination of the two—burst onto the scene. We best serve ourselves, as well as future generations, by focusing on the short-term consequences of our actions rather than our vague notions about the needs of the distant future.”

Notice that these two well-known scientists are speaking about “ethics.” A significant number of such experts have their own lunatic version of what is right and wrong.

With vaccines that permanently alter human genetic makeup on the horizon, and given the corporate and government-agency penchant for secrecy, we are already inhabiting the Brave New World. It’s not a distant prospect.

Every genetic innovation is aimed at bringing us closer to a stimulus-response world, and further away from freedom.

power outside the matrix

Which is why the defense of freedom becomes ever more vital.

That struggle comes down to who controls, yes, the philosophy, not the science. Is each human merely and only a system waiting to be re-engineered, or is he something far more, inhabiting a physical form?

We already know what the vast majority of brain researchers and geneticists believe, as well as the governments and corporations and universities and foundations that make important decisions.

Of course, these days, the college faculty department considered to be the least important, the most useless, a mere appendage waiting for those with wisdom to put it out of its misery and kill it off…is the philosophy department.

That leaves us to take up the argument and the resistance.

Not Lee Silver at Princeton or Gregory Stock or Bill Gates or George Soros or David Rockefeller or the Pope or Stephen Hawking or Obama or the Clintons or Monsanto or Dow or the Bush family or PBS or FOX or socialists or Communists or liberals or conservatives or some wackadoodle at Harvard or MIT or UCLA.


Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

47 comments on “New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

  1. desireerover says:

    These modern geneticists are the eugenicists of a century ago.

    Their shady goals are the same, their toolkits have become exponentially more dangerous.

    Since Edward Jenner’s cowpox vaccinations (1798) to “protect” against smallpox (two completely different viral entities!!!) the human genome has been compromised with RNA and DNA from other species.

    In fact, every one of our forefathers and mothers who have been v(ar)iolated with cowpox vaccines, has stealthily been “paying forward” bovine diseases like syphilis and tuberculosis…

    And the punch line within the punch line is “If all goes well”…

    Meaning they are postulating, hypothesizing, hoping, expecting, theorizing etc.!

  2. eagreenhalgh says:

    This is the height of scientific ignorance . The Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life/VTT presented at U of Guelph circa 1994 and read by Dr.James Lovelock (Royal Academy of Science/adviser to NASA) and Noam Chomsky (theories may be of phenomenal importance to mankind ) plus others states that disease controls the rate of evolution . Disease identifies healthy organisms and those which belong in the environment. If youu change the species, then diseases will respond to this change .The older species (you and me ) will be eliminated to make room for the new genetic species .AIDS has been quietly doing this since there are children born of AIDS mothers who are immune to AIDS .They are genetically changed, and hence a NEW subspecies of humans . This is called evolution . Therefore, INSTEAD of protecting mankind with this new genetic technique, these people who are ignorant of evolution are dooming the majority of mankind to be culled by a world wide pandemic that dwarfs the Black Death .Indeed the Black Death had a fail safe (1/3 of humanity was immune naturally ) BUT this time they are TAGGING for Death the human population . This is explained on “Cancer Fraud Bad Biotech (dot) com” and in the 201 letter to President Obama titled “Prosperity vs Disaster” . I guess any government that allows Monsanto to have Terminator Genes in the food supply that can migrate to all other plants and cause a massive starvation , must be insane .

  3. jtremaine says:

    […] I would like some werewolf genes please so I can […]

  4. Bunny says:

    FundaMENTAList scientism at it’s finest–the assorted left hemisphere locked ethically challenged whackjobs leading the blind over a cliff, speaking of the inevitability of it all.

    Really “leery” is the best descriptor here?

    How about “get me off the damn planet” ?

    These guys make Hitler look sane.

    • SamAdamsGhost says:

      I was recently listening to a discussion between Carherine Austin Fitts and Joseph P. Farrell. — Farrell made the point that rather than the ‘elites’ being very intelligent, they actually are quite stupid.They think along narrow paths set when they first entered prep school & which were later reenforced in the Ivy League schools. Its been like that all their lives. Now that they are confronting a serious challenge (for the first time in a very long while) all they can do is desperately double down with the same old strategies.Expect lots of heavy handed, and ultimately futile, behavior.

  5. voza0db says:


    For me the best part is…
    “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

    Indeed, what could possibly go wrong?

  6. Sue says:

    Jon, I’ve always considered that we both understood the major issues. But, once again, while implying the complete lack of ethics, morals, and scientific hypothesis on the part of the pharmaceutical/Medical Mafia combine, one of YOUR examples is THEIR favorite straw man, vivisection.

    Vaccines are a direct result of vivisection, from the ingredients to the “testing,” as harmful and inaccurate as it is.

    It’s been known, by some individuals, that alteration of our genetics has been occurring for decades from vaccinations, and particularly from the injecting of foreign RNA and DNA from animal sources.

    Vaccination and Genetic Change –

    Although it’s true that most people are primarily self-interested, and will put their stamp of approval on any form of torture committed to animals, if they believe it will benefit themselves, the fact is that vivisection has backfired again and again (such as with vaccination) and caused immeasurable harm – vindication for the theory that evil does not produce anything of value.


  7. SamAdamsGhost says:

    The government/corporate partnership has done so much to harm human health. Jon has documented this throughout the years. – On the other hand, earlier this month the FDA made a power grab and decided that they will regulate the premium cigar industry. The reasons they gave included ‘children’s health’. Hmmmm . . . not too many kids light up ‘old guys’ premium cigars at $ 6 – $ 50+ per stoggie. And where is the FDA when it comes to the much more harmful big cigarette industry. Small cigar makers will have to submit their wares for FDA bureaucrat approval. This process will cost them hunreds of thousands of dollars and put a lot of makers & vendors outta business. Very similar to banking regulations that force the closing of small regional banks & credit unions. All this is done with the b.s. line that its for the peoples benefit. All this only benefits the big corporate insiders & government bureaucrats.- Pardon my getting a little off to the edge of the main topic. Most people don’t care about the tiny premium cigar industry. My point is that a criminal global syndicate has taken control of the government and they are bringing full on fascism. When it comes to health, their main objective seems to be to degrade that of the general population as much as poaaible qhile grabbing as much power & as much money from us as possible.

  8. auntyuta says:


    “Synthetic genes injected into billions of humans would form a grand experiment to create an altered species.”

    To my mind it is of the utmost importance that people are being stopped from experimenting like this with our lives!

  9. wolfess says:

    And to think that this probably got its start with agent orange (since exposure to it altered the genes of all exposed, not to mention the offspring). Like Bunny says, get me off this goddamned planet!

  10. Sean Thomas says:

    Bullsh*t! If they could do it, you would already see it being done. The New World Order is all smoke and mirrors. The “Elites” have plowed the riches of the entire world into the US military, yet they still can’t win a war (excuse me, Grenada and Panama). Their pandemics only exist on the TV news. These bastards have nothing but common poisons and thermonuclear weapons. The Emperor truly wears no clothes.

    • Jacko says:

      I argue that it they have been doing it all along. What began in Germany – WWI & WWII – has continued today – the constant quest for absolute control over the population. The pandemics are the experiments – try, try again. What didn’t work with AIDS, well, lets try Ebola, nope how about Marburg, not quite right, how about dengue fever, okay we’ll try to mess with zika. They are all experiments – trial and error. And with each pandemic they are getting closer to knowing what will work.

      The research and experiments going on quietly in the MIC and research institutes/universities is overwhelming. I know because I research this stuff every day. A scientist will study only 1 aspect of an enzymatic or metabolic pathway while someone else studyies another aspect of it. Taken separately it might not mean too much; taken together and you’ve opened a huge door. Scientists are meticulously studying microRNA found in food and how that microRNA triggers disease or not. Epigenomics is a huge area of study and already we are beginning to get a glimpse of how nature is “put together” and how it affects us.

      Unfortunately, the Emperor has some clothes but uses smoke and mirrors. It has been said, the greatest trick the devil played is convincing humans he doesn’t exist. The more I research and understand the more I’m convinced this is true.

    • Jonny C. says:

      It’s hard to believe with a computer at your fingertips you still don’t understand the true purpose of American made and funded wars. They are not designed to be won or lost but fought indefinitely for massive profits, used to invade for any valuable resources, or to entertain bored old men.

      • SamAdamsGhost says:

        The wars are fought to bring instability. Zbigniew Brezinski wrote that the central Asian landmass holds the key to dominating the world.The peoples of that area cannot be allowed to become prosperous and united. America has been a weapon for globalists ambitions at least going back to WW1. – As flawed as we may be, the globalists hate America & her founding motivations & ambitions. After they are through using us as a weapon & tool – they will let what’s left collapse.

  11. DCS says:

    There’s no antibodies for Hemlock.

  12. Tim Lundeen says:

    Insane, deranged, lunatic… words fail me.

  13. gail007 says:

    Resist. Antibodies are a small part of the bigger whole of immunity but the parts people always want to hone in on one small aspect. This is ridiculous and part of a transhumanist agenda. Resistance is mandatory!

  14. Oliver Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for sounding the alarm. Regretfully federal support for scientific research has evolved into the nightmare Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell address to the nation.

  15. Greg C. says:

    C.S. Lewis saw this nightmare scenario as the inevitable result of technological progress. He said in his short book, The Abolition of Man, “The final stage is come when Man by eugenics, by prenatal conditioning, and by an education and propaganda based on a perfect applied psychology, has obtained full control over himself. Human nature will be the last part of nature to surrender to man.” When he wrote these words in 1944 he understood that there is no magic dividing line to stop the re-engineering of the human species. It will happen, one way or the other. If not in vaccines, then in the water, the food, the air, smart houses, in our re-engineered language. The thrust of Lewis’ book is that when “man” is relegated to the realm of abstractions then we will soon be conquered through our own technology. Maybe the Amish were right to start resisting more than a century ago.

  16. flyingcuttlefish says:

    GMO Homo Sapiens …

  17. topsinamericatim says:

    Freaking amazing article Jon.

  18. Bob Smith says:

    Lord, please protect us from these demons.

  19. From Québec says:

    Don’t these idiots have nothing else better to do with their lives, than to screw up humanity?

  20. teapartytess says:

    Didn’t Gaga mention “a new species” when she did that Grammy commercial in the warehouse? She was in a translucent cube spinning around her. It was beyond creepy.

  21. Beano McReano says:

    Brave new world or euphemism for DEATH?

  22. flyingcuttlefish says:

    sort of related,
    as far as mentality of decision makers goes ….

    General Mills and Biological Weapons

    Entomological Warfare

  23. Very good post, Jon.

    As always this is rather more complex than “on face value”. It should be relatively well known the work I do on extra-terrestrial matter ( There are entities that can access metaphysical DNA (amino acids are merely a manifest “reflection”). Even these (higher beings) cannot control the “direction” of DNA, which is their constant bug-bear.

    I have been encouraged to do some research into “blood types”, particularly RH negative and the groups that can be synthesised. In my next (incomplete) book, “A New World Order”, I posit that all DNA on the planet surface (and possibly in the oceans) comes from a single source (and that “may” be human), so I think (as usual) geneticists are attempting to meddle in matters too far adrift of their understanding for any plausibly competent outcomes.

    In other words, if this “works” it will be an absolute fluke – DNA “Russian roulette”.


  24. Stig-Ove says:

    Here in my home country Finland you are questioned and fearmongered and being called irresponsible if you dont vaccinate your children. Everything is monitored at public and private health stations. You have to sign a paper for your childrens safety that their information about health will be incorporated into a government database.

    Welcome to Platos republic where philosopher priest, modern lingo Technocrats monitor and decide your life as useful to the collective.

  25. MRA says:

    No reason to be alarmed YET. I’m what many would consider an “expert in the field”, who has personally discovered and isolated over 100 of the same type of viruses that were used in that study. But I don’t want to bore you with those stories. Suffice it to say I have great respect for Jon and appreciates the fact that he’s a caring individual who is trying to do his best to keeps us all informed. However, he does not possess the scientific understanding to fully appreciate the ramifications of this study. Without going into too much detail, the AAV viral vectors used in the study to deliver the synthetic genes into the muscle cells are not designed to integrate into the host cell genome – a very small percentage still does however in the lab, under ideal experimental conditions that are not likely to carry over into the clinic. But even if that were to happen, skeletal muscle cells are not involved in reproduction or in the production of eggs and sperms and therefore the mutation wouldn’t affect subsequent generations – i.e. “the seed”. Furthermore, muscle cells do not divide either – unlike skin cells for instance – and therefore the risk of developing tumors from what biologists call “insertional mutagenesis” is also minimized. Here are the links to a couple of references for all you infowarriors who would like to do your own homework:



  26. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Ive written before about changing DNA. This is NOT a good thing.

  27. BelieveActs2 says:

    The LORD gave me a dream back in the 1990s about forced DNA manipulation through vaccinations and how it can be overcome by prayers. (Note: I’m NOT talking about “the mark of the beast” that will change DNA manipulation. . . But forced DNA manipulation through vaccinations). Here’s the link:

    DREAM:  Overcoming DNA Manipulation Through the POWER of Prayer | believeacts2’s Blog

  28. flyingcuttlefish says:

    At Harvard Medical School in Boston, 150 hand-picked scientists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs gathered last week – in private – to discuss how to create a genome, potentially even a human one, from scratch in a lab.

  29. Suzanne Giraud says:

    Thank you very much for this post, Jon.

    Here is my humble deduction: as antibiotics translate as anti-life, is this not their ultimate exterminator gene (just as they perfected in their seeds) to wipe us from Earth?

  30. Levantine says:

    Jon Rappaport, you wrote: Notice that these two well-known scientists are speaking about “ethics.” A significant number of such experts have their own lunatic version of what is right and wrong. …..
    That struggle comes down to who controls, yes, the philosophy, not the science…..
    Of course, these days, the college faculty department considered to be the least important, the most useless, a mere appendage waiting for those with wisdom to put it out of its misery and kill it off…is the philosophy department.
    That leaves us to take up the argument and the resistance.
    |end of quote|

    Here is some logic on gene transfers for our sparring practice, Jon.

    If turning wild beasts into domestic species is OK, and making small children regularly drink extracts from other animals’ bodies is OK, – though that changed the genetic makeup of humanity, – then what’s this ethics of yours against gene transfers?

    Genetic transformations is what we’re already doing. For ages.

    Is the opposition against these newfangled ones because of their unprecedented scale and scope?

    Some people are fearful of the individualism you advocate. They fear it … because of its unprecedented scale and scope.

    Horizontal gene transfer has existed since the dawn of life. On a massive scale.

    Are you objecting because of the abuse that would happen by the establishment?

    How about being against guns because they are abused by the establishment?


  31. Kevin Scott King says:

    Guns + Butter ( has had, now for the 2nd time in their 15 year history, another show censored by their regular radio broadcast partner, Pacifica’s KPFA. What was the topic of both shows censored and thus un-aired? Vaccinations.

    For those unaware of Guns + Butter, they regularly broadcast shows considered ‘controversial’, or what I would label as Truth. So for them in particular to be censored is significant.

    But one of the most powerful psy-ops running right now is that of vaccinations. Tremendous amount of money and effort has been expended into the thought control concerning vaccinations.

    I highly recommend Bonnie Faulkner and Guns + Butter. Always excellent interviews on important or critical topics. You can download their prior broadcasts for free.

    • Frank Dorman says:

      Who gives these fool authorization for this. Why are congress and senate not doing anything ?. Oh yeah, there busy collecting money. When […] is this going to stop!.

  32. Don Hansen says:

    Beam me up Scotty …

  33. stompingriff says:

    Profoundly great article!

  34. Bill says:

    The next few generations of humans will not have to worry about reading something this intelligent. The only reason blogs like Jon’s are legal is that the government knows the children are too retarded to understand anything he’s saying.

  35. Natschultz says:

    Human “trials” have been going on since at least 2006 when the FDA knowingly approved GARDASIL against the advice of Merck’s lead researcher. A few years ago Sane Vax tested many samples gathered from doctors offices across the world and found that they ALL were contaminated with Genetically Engineered Viruses. At the time it was reported to the FDA as a “manufacturing defect,” when in reality it was NOT a manufacturing defect, but how the “vaccine” was DELIBERATELY DESIGNED. It was designed to ALTER HUMAN DNA, and it has been proven from blood samples that it does.

    The FDA has now updated its website about Gardasil, and along with all the false propaganda about HPV (Gardasil actually increases the risk of getting the least common, most deadly forms of cervical cancer, and the strains it supposedly “protects” against are the most common, easiest to treat, least deadly strains), the FDA states that indeed Gardasil is GENETICALLY ENGINEERED.

    Other “trials” of DNA altering vaccines are being conducted on a mass scale in third-world countries by BILL GATES and WARREN BUFFET – the LARGEST SHAREHOLDERS of MERCK, GLAXO SMITH KLINE, PFIZER, and MONSANTO.

    And of course, right here in the USA, beyond the MANDATED Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, the US government is illegally experimenting on members of the military and PRISONERS. Prisoners in American jails are FORCE-FED genetically engineered SOY products (meat replacers). The government claims it is to save money, but in reality it is because soy contains dangerous levels of PHYTO-ESTROGENS that make men docile and infertile by inhibiting their testosterone levels and increasing estrogen levels.

    India is currently suing Bill Gates for permanently injuring or killing over 14,000 girls during a trial for GSK’s CERVARIX, under the guise of “vaccine philanthropy.”

    Like they say: FOLLOW THE MONEY. Bill gates and Warren Buffet only provide “free vaccines” to third world countries so they can illegally conduct human trials of illegal drugs.

    NOTE: Prior to the approval of Gardasil by the FDA, genetically engineered viruses were ILLEGAL – they were considered a BIO-WEAPON!!! (under Bill Clinton the funding for the FDA was transferred from the citizens to the DRUG COMPANIES AND BIG AG, so nothing the FDA says can be trusted – it is just an arm of Big Pharma / Big Ag).

  36. INGAORAMA says:

    Is our body reactions to vaccines because of the foreign DNA in vaccines? I think so…We are getting DNA from monkey-chicken-pig-calfs-plants (peanut-soy) and now the newest DNA is from dogs and -the catepillar worm (armyworm)…So..I think our body is trying to get rid of the foreign DNA like when people get organ transplant- their body most cases rejects the foreign DNA in the implanted organ….

  37. Ava says:

    Okay I have a problem with the syphillis and tuberculosis theory. Syphillis was diagnosed in 1445 and Tuberculosis diagnosed in 1882. How did vaccines cause something that was there so much longer than the first vaccine???? The first vaccine was the smallpox vaccine in 1796. Doctors were still blood letting as a cure for most diseases that were not even named at that point. But syphillis was indeed a disease. Tuberculosis was not named until 1882 and I sersiously doubt was the result of the smallpox vaccine. The 2nd vaccine was not developed until 1887 long after the tuberculosis diagnosis. So the math just does not work. The article above is arguing the about DNA being incorporated into vaccines now. Did you know there are now two vaccines for the flu. One for people under 65 and one for people over 65.(lets knock off the old before they incur more medical bills?) Yes I think that is horrible and should not happen withouttheir so called informed consent of slipping a piece of paper in front of you to sign while threatening no treatment if you don’t. But you better face the fact that if they want you to have it you are going to get it unless you never visit a doctor or take a pill you whole life, this probably includes all over the counter medical products as well. Oh and don’t get me started on genetically engineered meat that is grown in a lab they now call beef that comes in your hambuger at your local drive through. You are not going to have to worry about the class divide because men and women will all be sterile or dead long before this issue evolves. Our world is being poisoned, if you drink water or eat food. The legally acceptable levels of poison allowed in your drinking water rises all the time. So much drinking water now is reprocesssed sewage that is treated with tons of chemicals they then pipe to your home for consumption. You better get that flu shot it may be the only thing that will keep you alive in this current changing world we live in. That is the struggle of the future. Then there is the fact that the bees are dropping dead at an alarming rate. Which means crops will not be pollinated and there will be food shortages. Rethinking that genetically grown meat now aren’t you. These switches will start flipping in the near future and there is more than one to think about. Drug manufacturers can slip any kind of crap they want to into your medication if they call it a filler. Many generic medications don’t contain the right amount of ingrediants necessary to treat the illness prescribed for anymore. But the insurance companies will only pay for generic medications. The only way you can have a medication tested is to take it to lab and have it tested yourself. The food and drug administration won’t do. These lists go on and on. The courts are no longer holding companies liable for the crimes. Each product you take into your home is probably toxic in one way or another these days and if the label says China on it you had better throw it in the trash its probably is toxic. But the crap keeps getting imported. You have heard of defensive driving well it time to start defensive living.

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