Part 3, What is The Matrix?

Part 3, What is The Matrix

The Yin Yang Experiment

by Jon Rappoport

May 28, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

Let’s pretend that a few Chinese sages, long ago, decided to float a trial balloon.

They spread the word that opposites could resolve in a state of harmony. Each polarity could reflect the other.

It was a poetic thought that might be embedded in a few verses.

The sages watched and waited. Eventually, they saw that this fancy had taken hold. In fact, it had become embedded in a philosophy. It was now being discussed as a principle of the universe, the cosmos.

The sages were shocked but not surprised. Humans exhibit strange fetishes.

What started out as a poet’s passing rumination on a summer afternoon—entertained purely for the purpose of writing verse—was now an all-embracing weave of the Matrix.

From the sages’ point of view, what might be done in a poem was far more important than what might be attributed to Universe.

I use this as an illustration of “piling on”–how humans add one idea after another, one speculation after another to a Matrix that is already built to give the impression that it is the prime reality.

Richard Jenkins, the extraordinary healer I write about in The Secret Behind Secret Societies, once told me, “The addiction to Universe is like every other religious addiction. People aren’t satisfied with just two or three myths. They have to keep making them up. It’s like children with dolls and clothes. You’ve got to have more outfits.”

The Matrix is made into a magnet. Instead of understanding that products of imagination are art, people have to embellish the Matrix with those products. That gets them dug in deeper.

Nearly 45 years ago, I rented a garage in Santa Monica and turned it into a studio. It was small, and I wanted to paint large. I stretched three canvases, the biggest of which was 15×8 feet. Because there wasn’t enough room in the studio, I kept painting over that canvas.

Six months later, I had done perhaps 15 paintings on that one canvas—each painting covering the one before it. I’d used all sorts of paints—acrylic, oil, enamel. Finally, I painted the whole thing black. I looked at the black space for a few days, and I noticed there was a small glint of light green peeking through in the lower left.

I worked at the area with my fingernails, and suddenly a two-foot section of black came away like a swath of rubber, exposing many colors and shapes, which were intact.

I realized that, because I’d used different kinds of paint, I’d done distinct layers. The layers hadn’t adhered perfectly.

For the next week, using a screwdriver and a mallet, I uncovered painting after painting, going back in time.

Eventually, I arrived at a painting composed of several layers at slightly different heights. I liked it.

If the painting had been the Matrix, and I had been a devotee, I would have fallen on my knees at that point and said a prayer. I would have, for the moment, been happy I had determined how many layers (myths) were necessary to give me the One Painting For All Time. The religion of Matrix.

But it was a painting. And of course, since I was the artist, I knew that.

Artists create worlds and universes. Therefore, the idea that “The Universe” is somehow our greatest guide and mentor and gift-giver is a joke of the highest magnitude.

You have a choice. You can go along for the ride in Matrix, or you can imagine imagination and embark on the journey of journeys.

Most people are not up to contemplating the idea of consciously creating, much less spontaneously improvising, which involves a kind of merging with what they would create.

But for those who can grasp such an idea, the world and the universe aren’t any longer arbiters and rule makers and guides. They are inventions that are already here.

Ensuing years of research resulted in my three recent Matrix collections, of which Exit From The Matrix is most focused on practical techniques of imagination — to make your deepest desires fact in the world.

exit from the matrix

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(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the documents and books are pdf files. You download the files upon purchase. There is no physical ship.)

What has been called The Matrix is a series of layers. These layers compose what we call Reality. Reality is not merely the consensus people accept in their daily lives. It is also a personal and individual conception of limits. It is a perception that these limits are somehow built into existence. But this is not true.

What I’ve done here is remove the lid on those perceived limits. This isn’t an intellectual undertaking. It’s a way to open up space and step on to a new road, with new power.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

6 comments on “Part 3, What is The Matrix?

  1. spiritcalls says:

    Is it possible that YOUR view of reality is not just what you suggest (or accuse) others of having?

    I would suggest (maybe even insist), that TRUE REALITY IS, just what the Chinese Sages found, the Yin=Yang, the (+=-) … NOT the Yin/Yang ~ the (+/-).

    The significance of the symbol of Equality, the (=) sign, is that of the melding of opposites, the synthesizing of differences, the True meaning of the oft misunderstood “Hegelian Dialectic”.

    “Dualists” make up the bulk of humanity, as we have existed for millennia, our emphasis has been about Winners/Losers, where the “third aspect” of the true meaning of the (=) has been replaced with the (/) sign of “Division” where there is a barrier or “broken bridge” between differences.

    One might as well say that the sign of Equality (=) denotes UNCONDITIONAL Love, Harmony, Eternal Life, while it’s “opposite”, that of the Divisive~Separative (/) denotes Winner VERSUS Loser, Fear (which leads to Hatreds) and Conflicts (internal leading to external) with Disease and then Death.

    When the Idea is seen from the Spiritual Aspect, it can be understood as the TRUTH of the UNIVERSE, the (+=-) actually meaning that which underlies and defines EVERYTHING, and which even ALLOWS NO-Thing!

    Such is the True meaning of GOD (not God or gods)! IMnsHO and E.

    • spiritcalls says:

      I might add here, that the (+=-) is the TRUE meaning, the Esoteric or Occult meaning of the Trinity spoken of in the The Bible … the very meaning being intentionally hidden by world “Authorities”, those of both the highest elements of the “controlling” Religions, as well as the “hidden” Elite of the folks behind “The New World Order” being foisted upon us.

      By those nefarious, relatively secretive, mis-applications of Truth, we are being handed a Dualism which fools us into blaming each other (or a Devil) for all of our envisioned problems. When the hidden Leaders~Controllers know and use their “counterfeit” (perversion of the Real) Truth, they are the ones who offer their predetermined “Problem, Reaction, Solution”, the key to being an effective “Puppet Master”.

      Division and Control is “their” method, the True GOD not an individual (as in God and gods) but the defining ENTIRETY of THE MULTIVERSE, is all about OPENNESS that IS, or IS-NOT, IT is our choice, to believe or not, in anything, everything, or nothing.

      • spiritcalls says:

        PS … how the above plays out, controlling decision making in secret, is best exemplified in this little video:


  2. binra says:

    Mater – mother – matrix. The environment or patterning in which and of which forms of relationship and communication develop.

    Virtual reality is a mind-matrix of accepted definitions that posit the self and world (other) by which to experience as if OUTSIDE oneself – as if self is within and subject to the mutually agreed matrix of tacitly agreed rules.

    Yet all experience arises WITHIN consciousness that is an extension of awareness. Nothing OUTSIDE is ever directly experienced – but the belief in OUTSIDE generates the experience of powerlessness relative to conditions.

    The Outer reflection is the gift of attention and intention, for as you give so shall you receive. Nothing can ever change this – but the idea the Outer causes the inner makes experience seem to be caused by outer conditions that must be controlled.

    Giving the gift of conflicted thought in purpose and intention brings the experience of entanglement in conflict, reinforced by guilt and fear of consequence. The gift is no less given and received – but is not seen as gifting, but as ‘getting’ for oneself or getting oneself away from the feared or hated consequence – that is no longer recognized as consequence.

    The reversal and inversion of Consciousness plays out as if it were consciousness of life – but through a lens of segregation and separation in which the sense of disconnection that is not at all possible – gives rise to an imprint of terror, pain and loss upon which is a mind made to hide.

    Denial is the active state of what we assume to be consciousness – and the patterning of denial is a participance in mutually reinforcing roles and beliefs by which conflict seems Reality and free-willing communication lost to a coercive sense of ‘judgement upon’ – that operates blindness as the first rule by which to have the separation experience.

    Blind to one’s own creative nature it seems that ‘they’ do it or did it to you. This is bullshit even if at the level of form it is self evidently playing out. Your creative nature is lost to you while you engage in self-limitation and assert it the true of you in grievance and vengeance. A self-righteous tantrum expressing as the perceptual conflict of un-owned thoughts and feelings.

    Others seem to act out y/our denials – for you/we cannot rid y/ourself of what you hate by denial – though you can walk free of anything you fully own but prefer not to make manifest in your experience.

    All opposites are within You – and so You are the zero point that embraces without rejection and is thus the freedom to create without calling on coercive or manipulative fear and deceit. Therefore abandoning the ‘control’ mentality of coercive manipulation is the honesty of being in which true Gift is received and shared in like Kind.

    Jesus teaches this by example – but as always – it takes one to know one. You cannot put New Inspiration into old bottle thinking. One has to ‘die’ to the false world and self to re-waken at the point of Presence – which is simply the true of You that has been discarded and disregarded by the demand for sacrifice that the false sense of power operates as. For the power to deny Life is not the Power of Life. There is a choice here that falsely framed choices work to obscure. I would remind you of your core responsibility – to yourself – and thus to All.

  3. jsturrentine says:

    Do you have an opinion of people that cannot be spontaneous creators?

    • binra says:

      In case you meant to ask me… What exactly do you mean by people? Personality structures associated within physical limitations?

      I hold manifest creation – in the sense of the experience or perception of form – to be operating billions of times per second – each instant being a Total Creation – within which runs a faulty formulation of reality we tend to call the ‘mind’ or in ignorance accepts as ‘reality’ or the ‘world’.

      Of course that is not my ongoing experience – any more than one sees individual frames that make a moving picture. For the core Matrix OF experience is the desire to Know Thyself – through the unfolding of creative differentiations within wholeness – even through belief in disconnection and guilt associated with loss of wholeness.

      So I don’t associate ‘persons’ with creating the synchronicity of a Creative Shift – but of course we have personal experience in which we recognize Shifted perspective has occurred – and that we are literally living from a fresh Instant. This is always true – for there are only fresh instants – yet the mind is the ‘habit’ of definition, prediction and control’ in which a local sense of personal continuity seems to override the Infinite potentials or at least vastly expanded perspectives of possibility.

      Most of what ‘people’ do to enable creative effect is desisting to do that which blocks or gets in the way. Uncovering the device that blocks the channel – and owning it – is the key to freely releasing it. You may notice the mind is extremely quick in its ingenuity of concealment and evasion – but this is not true creation because it limits to obscure – where the true movement of creation extends to know. Know who you are by being nothing else.

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