British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop

British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop

by Jon Rappoport

June 17, 2016

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“Create a killer? Take someone who’s unstable, pump him up with SSRI antidepressants, fill his head full of ideas about violent action, point him in a desired direction, and stand back.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

On June 23rd, the UK will vote on whether to stay in the European Union (the “remain” campaign) or leave the EU (“Brexit”).

The polls show a marked shift, with Brexit supporters gaining. Then a British MP, Jo Cox, who has urged Brits to remain, is murdered.

The man who is arrested, Thomas Mair, is alleged to have shouted “Britain First!” (Brexit) as he killed Cox. However, now witnesses on the scene are saying they heard no such thing.

Too late. Social media and news media are running with the “Britain First, Brexit killer” narrative.

Here is the psyop formula:

MP Jo Cox wanted to remain in the EU. Her killer was a “Brexit right-wing crazy” who yelled “Britain First!” as he murdered her. Therefore, all people who want Brexit are right-wing crazies. Therefore, vote to remain in the EU.

This is how you demonize millions of people.

Jo Cox=good=remain in the EU. Her killer=leave the EU=all people who want to leave the EU are killers.

And then there is this. The arrested killer, Thomas Mair, is widely acknowledged to have been mentally unstable. Well, read this local news story from several year ago, for yourself:

“Thomas Mair, 46, started volunteering at the park [creating a garden] after learning about the opportunity through the Mirfield-based Pathways Day Centre for adults with mental health problems.”

“He said: “I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world.”

“All these problems are alleviated by doing voluntary work.”

“Getting out of the house and meeting new people is a good thing, but more important in my view is doing physically demanding and useful labour.”

“When you have finished there is a feeling of achievement which is emotionally rewarding and psychologically fulfilling.”

Mair states he had been on medication. Specifically which drugs? SSRI antidepressants are a distinct possibility. If so, that’s a potential clue, because these drugs are known to push people over the edge into violent behavior, including suicide and homicide. The same violence can be generated by suddenly withdrawing from the drugs.

For example:

A shooting massacre at Columbine High School took place on April 20, 1999. Astonishingly, for eight days after the tragedy, during thousands of hours of prime-time television coverage, virtually no one mentioned the word “drugs.” Then the issue was opened. Eric Harris, one of the shooters at Columbine, was on at least one drug.

The NY Times of April 29, 1999, and other papers reported that Harris was rejected from enlisting in the Marines for medical reasons. A friend of the family told the Times that Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist. And then several sources told the Washington Post that the drug prescribed as treatment was Luvox, manufactured by Solvay.

In two more days, the “drug-issue” was gone.

Luvox is of the same class as Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil. They are labeled SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). They attempt to alleviate depression by changing brain-levels of the natural substance serotonin. Luvox has a slightly different chemical configuration from Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, and it was approved by the FDA for obsessive-compulsive disorder, although many doctors apparently prescribed it for depression.

Prozac is the wildly popular Eli Lilly antidepressant which has been linked to suicidal and homicidal actions. It is now given to young children. Again, its chemical composition is very close to Luvox, the drug that Harris took.

Dr. Peter Breggin, the eminent psychiatrist and author (Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac, Talking Back to Ritalin), told me, “With Luvox there is some evidence of a four-percent rate for mania in adolescents. Mania, for certain individuals… can go over the hill to psychosis.”

Dr. Joseph Tarantolo is a psychiatrist in private practice in Washington DC. He is the former president of the Washington chapter of the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians. In a 1999 interview with me, Tarantolo stated: “All the SSRIs [including Prozac and Luvox] relieve the patient of feeling. He becomes less empathic, as in `I don’t care as much,’ which means `It’s easier for me to harm you.’ If a doctor treats someone who needs a great deal of strength just to think straight, and gives him one of these drugs, that could push him over the edge into violent behavior.”

In Arianna Huffington’s syndicated newspaper column of July 9, 1998, Dr. Breggin stated, “I have no doubt that Prozac can cause or contribute to violence and suicide. I’ve seen many cases. In a recent clinical trial, 6 percent of the children became psychotic on Prozac. And manic psychosis can lead to violence.”

July, 1991. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Hisako Koizumi, MD, describes a thirteen-year-old boy who was on Prozac: “full of energy,” “hyperactive,” “clown-like.” All this devolved into sudden violent actions which were “totally unlike him.”

September, 1991. The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Author Laurence Jerome reports the case of a ten-year old who moves with his family to a new location. Becoming depressed, the boy is put on Prozac by a doctor. The boy is then “hyperactive, agitated … irritable.” He makes a “somewhat grandiose assessment of his own abilities.” Then he calls a stranger on the phone and says he is going to kill him. The Prozac is stopped, and the symptoms disappear.

What about the effects of a “mild drug” like Ritalin? In 1986, The International Journal of the Addictions published a most important literature review by Richard Scarnati. It was called “An Outline of Hazardous Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate”) [v.21(7), pp. 837-841].

Scarnati listed over a hundred adverse effects of Ritalin and indexed published journal articles for each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following (selected and quoted verbatim) Ritalin-effects then, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature. Can they add up to sudden violence? Just read the list. The answer is obvious:

* Paranoid delusions
* Paranoid psychosis
* Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis
* Activation of psychotic symptoms
* Toxic psychosis
* Visual hallucinations
* Auditory hallucinations
* Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences
* Effects pathological thought processes
* Extreme withdrawal
* Terrified affect
* Started screaming
* Aggressiveness
* Insomnia
* Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphatamine-like effects
* psychic dependence
* High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug
* Decreased REM sleep
* When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia
* Convulsions
* Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

power outside the matrix

Was Thomas Mair, the accused killer of MP Jo Cox, on one of the SSRI antidepressants? Or Ritalin? Had he withdrawn from one of these drugs too quickly, which can make the effects even more drastic? Who was his doctor?

These aren’t trivial matters. They’re vital (though ignored by major media), and they can possibly explain the death of Jo Cox. For decades, the press has been playing on psychiatry’s team, covering up psychiatry’s crimes.

Whether yes or no, the agenda to “remain” in the EU has just gotten a jolt of support.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

18 comments on “British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop

  1. visgoth says:

    The Third Reich is getting desperate to be in power again with usual supporters in London and Washington DC. Nothing like a martyr to cement to cause.

  2. ebolainfo says:

    The Psyop:

    “Jo Cox=good=remain in the EU. Her killer=leave the EU=all people who want to leave the EU are killers.”

    • nux says:

      And if anyone is a ‘vote Leave’ supporter and they mention the fact that the Remain campaign is exploiting this murder, they are doing the same as the Remainers who are exploiting the murder.
      It’s a trap that only those who refuse to mention it and who carry on with the known facts can avoid. And by avoiding it, it allows those who exploit it to do so more successfully.
      And thus is evil a tangled web that ensnares all who venture near it.
      One of the toilet papers (the Red tops) is today (Saturday) running with the headline “Nazi mania of Jo killer”. The media are in full propaganda mode – truth simply doesn’t enter into it any more.

      • ebolainfo says:

        To see the incompetence or intentional consensus in real-time from BBC, SKY, CNN is still difficult to accept but blatantly evidenced by your eyes and ears.

  3. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    They will kill people to enhance the agenda.

  4. Jill says:

    I am just shaking my head listening to the news. The violent death is tragic but the media has decided the motive without any evidence. Even the person who was reported to have stated that the killer shouted put Britain first has denied that he said such a thing. It was reported on LBC Radio that he has put a sign in his dry cleaning shop clearly stating as much and he was interviewed by the station saying the same thing. But the news rolls on regardless. It was announced that campaigning on the referendum will be suspended for today. I have just listened to a news update that states it will probably be suspended over the weekend and possibly Monday. The way this women’s murder is being used by anti Brexit media, et al, disgusts me.
    I live in Spain but always listen in the morning to UK Radio. Later, when I picked up a Spanish paper it contained a headline stating that the UK Referendum had caused an MP to be murdered.

  5. Jennifer Saines says:

    Kelly Brogan, MD’s new book “A Mind or Your Own” confirms the danger of anti-depressants.

  6. Kevin Scott King says:

    Visgoth and elolainfo hit the nail on the head. Which means it was the IN group (the globalists) who murdered one of their own. Just in case you weren’t sure how far these psychopaths will go.

    Mk-Ultra controlled perpetrator. Those SSRI’s really help turn the brain into clay for the controllers hands. Thanks for covering this Jon. It will fall under most’s radar because it’s in the UK and the Orlando noise.

  7. silverpen123 says:

    My first question to following this article is: do they know for certain Thomas Mair is the killer? How do they know?

  8. From Québec says:

    Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

  9. Michael Burns says:

    Interesting set of facts, conjecture, meanderings, bullshit, propaganda and fear, from the truth sayers of the world, what a clusterfuck…
    When I look at the gamut of information/dis-information. It does not seem like they are all talking about the same man, Thomas Mair.
    Those people who knew him for a quite sometime, neighbours, relatives, people whose gardens he tended…in fact people who knew him for many years…found him quiet, helpful, concerned, generous and devoted to his mother. He liked gardening and growing things and helping other with their gardens. He volunteered to help migrants, and found peace in that action. He volunteered at a disabled school for children. He found volunteering and gardening as powerful medicine to his mental state and a place of peace. Much better than therapy and medication.

    On the other hand the Presstitudes of the world, those silvery tongued penis lickers that we all tend to lend an ear too, found him, creepy, a loner, mentally ill, a Nazi, a Terrorist, vindictive, self-centered, a racist and insincere. He was plotter and a long time subversive and an assassin. Had been skemming on this for sometime.  He was a stalker and a burden on his family. And the day before he was having a serious meltdown…hm. Does’nt seem like the same fellow.

    Who is the hero, and the mystery man, in this little frackus?

    “Police confirmed that a man in his late 40s to early 50s nearby suffered slight injuries in the incident. They are also investigating reports that the suspect shouted “Britain first”, a possible reference to the far-right political party of that name, as he launched the attack.” – GUARDIAN

    Who is Colin Frith who gave first aid to the 77 year retired miner, who he felt he was in danger because of bleeding profusely? Why is his Venue Dance Hall picture so different from the Mail Online photo of him. 

    Is it possible that Cox stumbled into a altercation between two men. Mair and someone else…were did the second man go, the mystery man… Was Thomas Mair being forced or coerced or handled through a murder by that second man, that mystery man, who was possibly the man who yelled “Britain first.”?

    Interesting coincidence that the mental health center Mair frequented was close to the Library. Could be a reason why Mair was there.

    Why were British security and the Police not paying attention to the death threats Jo Cox was receiving, for months before her slaying?

    Some of the…*cough*..truthful facts….beware! Slippery sections ahead.


    Police said a 77-year-old man was also assaulted in the incident and suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.
    One witness told the Press Association that Cox had intervened in a scuffle between two men, one of whom pulled a gun from a bag and then fired twice.
    Cox was a leading campaigner for Britain to remain in the 28-member bloc and chaired the all-party parliamentary committee on Syria.
    A University of Cambridge graduate, she was the Oxfam aid agency’s policy chief before entering parliament and a prominent campaigner for refugee rights.
    The Stronger in Europe camp said it was “suspending all campaigning” for Thursday and Friday, while a spokesman for the rival Vote Leave group, which is backing a so-called Brexit, said that their “battle bus” was returning to headquarters.


    “I looked out of the window at about 12.30pm and he walked past carrying his bag, wearing a cap. He looked perfectly calm and normal,” said John.
    “He was a quiet person, kept himself to himself.
    We knew him around here from when he used to do our gardens,” said Cooke. 
    Local teenagers said he was a quiet man unless they congregated on the wall behind his house, which he did not like. “He’d shout at us,” said a 17-year-old.
    “All this we are hearing now is totally at odds with the man we thought we knew,” said one neighbour.
    “We knew him as someone who helped out, who did volunteering.
    ”At least one other media report said a witness quoted did not hear “Britain first” shouted. It is unclear if the witness is same person cited by BBC.
    But one witness, Hithem Ben Abdallah, 56, who was in the cafe next door to the library shortly after 1pm, said the MP was involved in an altercation between two arguing men.
    Details of the shooting are still unclear, and it is not known if Cox was the gunman’s target or if the attack was politically motivated.
    There was police activity following the attack at a semi-detached house on the Fieldhead estate in Birstall. Thomas Mair, 52, is the registered occupier of the address, according to the electoral roll.
    Police have not officially confirmed the suspect’s identity.
    “This is a very significant investigation with a large number of witnesses that are being spoken to by the police at this time. There is a large and significant crime scene and there is a large police presence in the area. A full investigation is under way to establish the motive for this murder.”
    One eyewitness told the Press Association that Cox had intervened in a scuffle between two men. One of them had pulled a gun from a bag and it was fired twice.


    Mrs Cox, 41, is the first sitting MP to be killed since 1990, when Ian Gow was the last in a string of politicians to die at the hands of Northern Irish terror groups.
    Vote Leave and Remain have both suspended campaigning in the EU referendum in light of the attack.
    The man taken into custody was arrested in Market Street, not far from Birstall Library where Mrs Cox was holding a constituency surgery.
    He has been named locally as Tommy Mair.


    A British MP who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “Britain first” had received a stream of threats over three months but had not been given extra security.
    “I am struggling to believe what has happened. My brother is not violent and is not all that political. I don’t even know who he votes for. He has a history of mental illness, but he has had help,” he said.
    St Louis described his brother as a devoted son who shopped for their mother twice a week, the Guardian reports.
    A British MP who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “Britain first” had received a stream of threats over three months but had not been given extra security.
    Mair’s half brother, Duane St Louis, who is mixed race, says he had volunteered at a school for children with disabilities for several years and never expressed any racist views.
    There is no known link between the messages and yesterday’s attack.
    The Times reports police were poised to put extra security in place for Cox at her surgery, as well as her houseboat in London, after she had received a string of threats.



    Police say they are investigating claims the suspect had dangerous political affiliations.
    The receipts, which date back to the 1990s, show Mair spent £436 ($620) on literature from the NA, such as ‘Chemistry of Powder & Explosives’ and ‘Improvised Munitions Handbook’.
    Witnesses say the suspect shouted “Britain first” during the attack, raising the prospect that the attack was linked to the European Union referendum.
    According to the Daily Telegraph, a 2006 blog post attributed to the group described Mair as “one of the earliest subscribers and supporters of S A Patriot.”
    The Daily Mail reports Mair also subscribed to South African magazine ‘S. A. Patriot’ which is published by White Rhino Club, a pro-apartheid group.
    The man accused of murdering British MP Jo Cox was a dedicated supporter of the extreme-right National Alliance (NA) and had bought guides on how to build guns and explosives from the US-based neo-Nazi group, it has been reported.
    Receipts also show Mair bought the handbook ‘Ich Kampfe,’ an illustrated handbook issued to members of the Nazi Party in 1942.
    According to receipts obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-hate campaign group based in the US, Mair had been a supporter of the NA for decades.
    In the handbook, there are detailed instructions for constructing a homemade “Pipe Pistol For .38 Caliber Ammunition” from components that can be purchased from nearly any hardware store.


    Although the motive is not yet proven, there is mounting evidence that the detained suspect, 52-year-old white male Thomas Mair, was motivated by political ideology. 
    He has years of affiliation with neo-Nazi groups: what Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “a long history with white nationalism.”
    The British media outlets almost uniformly called the attack “terrorism”;
    The Guardian, for instance, described it as “the first terrorist attack to injure someone on the U.K. mainland since 7 July 2005.” 


    The Independent has uncovered details in regards to 52-year-old, Thomas Mair, the killer, he is a far-right supporter who advocated and supported South African Apartheid.
    ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center‘ has also uncovered details that he was “longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance” (NA).


    Thomas Mair has been described as a loner who was ‘socially isolated and disconnected from society’ as a result of long-term mental illness.


    Prof Matthew Feldman, an expert on fascist ideology from Teesside University, said the receipts “appear to be genuine, appear to be in the weeks after the first neo-Nazi bombing spree that had been inspired by the internet in 1999”.
    “The material presents this view that Aryan, white people are superior, that they need to separate themselves from other races and they need to do so violently if necessary,” he added.
    Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC, told the BBC that Mr Mair had also subscribed to a variety of white supremacist, neo-Nazi literature that the NA put out.
    The magazine issued a statement confirming that he appeared to have been a subscriber back in the 1980s, but said his subscription was not renewed and that those involved in the publication had never met him.
    Meanwhile a US civil rights group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), claimed it had obtained records showing Mr Mair had links with the US neo-Nazi organisation National Alliance (NA) between 1999 and 2003.
    Mr Mair’s name appears on a website listing him as a past subscriber to the SA Patriot – a magazine published by a South African pro-apartheid group.


    It was reported on Friday night that special police units which searched Mr Mair’s house were believed to have found samples of Nazi regalia and far-Right literature.
    The National Alliance was set up by William Pierce, one of whose racist novels is said to have inspired Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber who murdered 168 people and wounded more than 600 in the 1995 atrocity.
    In total, SPLC said Mr Mair had spent £430 worth of books and manuals from the National Alliance, a white separatist movement which shut down in 2013.
    It said Mr Mair made the purchases between 1999 and 2003. Receipts for items also included Ich Kämpfe, an illustrated handbook issued to members of the Nazi party in 1942.
    The claims that Mr Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US was uncovered by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a civil rights organisation in the US.
    “He appeared to be quite a troubled man, didn’t say very much to anyone while he was thereThe disclosure comes as it emerged that Thomas Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US, which explained how to construct a home-made gun and munitions. There were also reports that police had found ‘Nazi regalia’ at his home.
    The man accused of murdering Jo Cox sought help for his mental health problems the night before she was killed – but was told to make an appointment and come back the next day.

    • ebolainfo says:

      Have to agree with you Mr Burns, so many questions about what actually happened and who was present at the scene. Two other men and Jo’s aide(s)?

    • silverpen123 says:

      Does the media ever get their facts straight? They have proven to be sloppy at best. I have refused to read or watch much news since 1991. I got off that merry-go-round of fantasy stories.

  10. Edward Priestley says:

    I have a huge file of reports of suicides and murders, including many mass murders by those prescribed drugs with aggression and suicide listed as side effects, SSRI drugs etc. Jo Cox is just another to add to the file.
    Edward Priestley. European Medical Assoc.

  11. Theodore says:

    More on the ‘lone wolf cutout’ story from his handlers…

    ‘Death to traitors’, British MP murder suspect tells court

  12. Mary Jenkins says:

    Published on Thursday, the day of the murder:

    MP Jo Cox Killed By “Useful Idiot”? Fishy Timing Given Brexit – Eric Dubin

  13. Josh G says:

    I agree that these drugs are a huge problem, but it looks to me like the Cox murder was hoaxed. For example see here:

    lifttheveil411 (dot) com / british-mp-death-hoax-jo-cox-killed-by-bankers /

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