Once when we were free

Once when we were free

by Jon Rappoport

July 5, 2016

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We’re more sensible now. We don’t live our lives as much as we arrange them and organize them. B follows A. D follows C. We take our medicine and our shots because the doctor says so.

We’re careful, because accidents happen.

We don’t say what’s on our minds a lot of the time, because other people might pass that on, and who knows? We might get into trouble.

But once upon a time, when we were young, we were free. We didn’t take any shots, and when we got sick we recovered. We were stronger than kids are now. We didn’t ask for much protection and we weren’t given much, and we survived.

There was no talk about the needs of the group. When we went to school, we weren’t told about ways we could help others. That was something we learned at home. We weren’t taught about The Planet. Instead, we learned to mind our own business, and it wasn’t considered a crime.

When we played games, adults weren’t hovering or coaching every move we made. We found places to play on our own, and we figured it all out. There were winners and losers. There were no plastic trophies. We played one game, then another. We lost, we won. We competed. Losing wasn’t a tragedy.

There were no childhood “conditions” like ADHD or Bipolar, and we certainly didn’t take any brain drugs. The idea of a kid going to a psychiatrist would have been absurd.

People were who they were. They had lives. They had personalities. They had eccentricities, and we lived with that.

There was far less whispering and gossip. There were fewer cliques. Kids didn’t display their possessions like signs of their identity. A kid who did was ignored, even shunned.

Kids never acted like little adults. They didn’t dress like adults. They didn’t want to be fake adults.

Our parents didn’t coddle us. We weren’t bribed so we would act decently.

We weren’t “extra-special.” We weren’t delicate.

No one kept asking us about our feelings. If they had, we would have been confused. Feelings? What’s that? We were alive. We knew it. We didn’t need anything else.

We could spot liars a mile away. We could spot phonies from across town. We knew who the really crazy adults were, and we stayed away from them.

We didn’t need gadgets and machines to be happy. We only needed a place to play. And if you wanted a spot to be alone, you found one, and you read a book.

There was no compulsion to “share.”

School wasn’t some kind of social laboratory or baby-sitting service. We were there to learn, and if we worked hard, we did. Teachers knew how to teach. The textbooks were adequate. Whether the books were new or old didn’t matter.

Kids weren’t taught how to be little victims.

Sex was a private issue. You were taught about that at home or not at all. You certainly didn’t learn about it in school. That would have been ridiculous.

Some of us remember being young, and now, we still have that North Star. We still don’t take our shots and medicines. We still don’t take every word a doctor says as coming from God. We still know losing isn’t a crime or an occasion for tragic theater.

We still know how to be alone. We still think gossip and cliques are for morons. We still feel free. We still want to live, and we do.

We still resent intrusion on our freedom, and we speak up and draw the line. We still like winning and competing. We still like achieving on our own.

We can spot self-styled messiahs at a hundred yards.

As kids, we lived in our imaginations, and we haven’t forgotten how. It’s part of who and what we are.

We aren’t bored every twelve seconds. We can find things to do.

We don’t need reassurances every day. We don’t need people hovering over us. We don’t need to whine and complain to get attention. We don’t need endless amounts of “support.”

We don’t need politicians who lie to us constantly, who pretend we’re stupid. We don’t need ideology shoved down our throats. Our ideology is freedom. We know what it is and what it feels like, and we know no one gives it to us. It’s ours to begin with. We can throw it away, but then that’s on us.

If two candidates are running for office, and we don’t like either one, we don’t vote. We don’t need to think about that very hard. It’s obvious. Two idiots, two criminals? Forget it. Walk away.

We don’t fawn, we don’t get in other people’s way. We don’t think “children are the future.” Every generation is a new generation. It always has been. We don’t need to inject some special doctrine to pump up children. We remember what being a child is. That’s enough.

Exit From the Matrix

When we were kids, there was no exaggerated sense of loyalty. We were independent. Now, we see what can be accomplished in the name of obligation, group-cohesion, and loyalty: crimes; imperial wars; destruction of natural rights.

It didn’t take a village to raise a kid when we were young, and it doesn’t take one now. That’s all propaganda. It panders to people who are afraid to be what they are, who are afraid to stand up for themselves.

We can see what indoctrination creates. It creates the perception of endless numbers of helpless victims. And once that’s firmly entrenched, then magically, the endless parade of victims appears, ready-made. When some needs have been met, that’s never enough, so other needs are born. The lowest form of hustlers sell those needs from here to the sky and beyond. They make no distinction between people who really can use help and those who are just on the make.

We didn’t grow up that way. We don’t fall for the con now.

When we were kids, the number of friends we had didn’t matter. We didn’t keep score. Nobody kept track of the count. That would have been recognized in a second as a form of insanity.

As kids, we didn’t admire people simply because other people admired them. That was an unknown standard.

We were alive. That was enough. We were free. That was enough.

It still is.

When we were young, we had incredible dreams. We imagined the dreams and imagined accomplishing them. Some of us still do. Some of us still work in that direction. We haven’t given up the ghost just because the world is mad.

The world needs to learn what we know. We don’t need to learn what the world has been brainwashed into believing.

Once we were free, and we still are.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

12 comments on “Once when we were free

  1. Vicki Maline says:

    Once we believed in God and worshiped Him. Many of us still do.

  2. Liz says:


  3. Vicki Maline says:

    Once we believed in God and worshiped Him. Many of us still do. Unfortunately, our churches do not always show the quantity of Christians willing to stand up and praise God as a church family. God’s children need to gather together and feel the Agape Love that the Spirit delivers.
    Attend a church of your choice this week. Enjoy your freedom of religion.

    • Once we were forced to believe in God and forced to worship him.
      Now we have the ‘Freedom’ not too…thank God!
      We were not given that freedom by God, we took it from him.
      And then threw him out of the garden.

      Religion is, a most profound violence…
      Religion, thought up torture, and made it an artform.
      Religion is pedophilia…and the destruction of a child.
      Religion is misogyny…and the enslavement of a woman.
      Religion is anger.
      Religion will be the end of the world.
      Religion is all the hatred of ten thousand years…wrapped up in a single book.
      Religion does not need a God to be a religion…but it helps.
      Religion is the beginning of racism…

      There is no freedom in religion…none what-so-ever.

      Religion is group-think.
      Religion is anti-individual.
      Religion is the first form of brain-washing.
      Religion stops the process of logic, and reasoning and thinking on ones own.
      Religion is the enemy of imagination.

      Give me a child till he is seven, and I will make him a catholic forever and ever and ever, Almond.

      Submission to God is to except slavery to the officials of God.
      God is a delusion…a persistent one…but none the less, a terrible delusion.
      The Pope is a rat, a fink, an informer.
      The Pope is God’s vice-president in charge of marketing.

      What does God need…God needs your money…and…your worship…and that you deprive yourself forever.
      God needs…

      A swift kick in the testicles and then two fingers in the eyes.

      God hates the world.
      God is the first asshole…and murderer..and rapist..and first liar and the first sinner…
      God was angry that Adam had sex with Eve…why?
      God is the first dictator. And the cruelest of all males.
      God is the first mistake, and the biggest mistake you will ever make…
      God is the one thing that can fuck up, your whole day.
      God is the one thing that can fuck up, your whole life.

      God is Dog spelled backwards.

      God is one word we can do without, forever and ever..really.
      God is a word that has only one use…to oppress.
      God is a thief in the night.
      God is a bored old man, with too much time on his hands.
      God is vindictive, and a terible cynic.
      God is cranky, and can never be satisfied.
      No one knows what God likes.
      God is jealious, and a coward and a fool.
      God likes watching people murder their children.
      God murders children.
      God is vain, and less than his creation…as a matter of fact he hates his creation, he is always destroying it.

      God has too many aliases…which makes one think. Why does God need so many names?

      If God was may father, I would have him committed and heavily medicated today.
      God has Alzeimers.

      If God is on our side… who are we against?
      God hates his own race.
      God hates other Gods.

      God does’nt use the bathroom.
      God does’nt have sex, or eat…God does not have fun, and does’nt have a sense of humour.
      God holds a grudge…forever.

      Once we were free…

      • bharford says:

        You mean that word and concept invented by the Marxist “Israeli” Trotsky to brow beat white Europeans to accept the invasion of their lands and genocide of their peoples next they be called a silly word name?

      • artemisix says:

        G==generation O=operation D=dissolution . the 3 aspects of the life principle. Knowing history is good , knowing the history of words and symbols is even better. Like your poem.

      • geoffg says:

        You are criticising the false version of God, and you really should not give such an obviously falsified book so much credence.

        If you started with the premis that God is only Good, and is the Highest Goodness, and work down from there, you will be able to see everything that has been done, and is being done to prevent that being how we can live likewise ourselves, which is what we came here to live like, and which ad about being as natural as one can, because that is our truest, deepest nature.

        • Michael Burns says:


          Why assume that God is only good? Why not assume that he is… only bad instead. If I start with a preconceived idea that God is good, I can never know the truth of that premis.

          Does God have the right to do whatever he wishes to me… whatever he decides he wants to do to me? Is that ok?

          Do I have the right to defy God?

  4. tomaz050959 says:

    Freedom is all that matters, Freedom is why we are here in this now. Freedom is why we are at war with those who would take it away bit by bit.

  5. Jon, I think indoctrination has always plagued western societies in one form or another. Ignoring the religious nutters, I find eastern societies (and ancient Tibet, in particular) have a much more interesting, perhaps valid, approach to civilisation.


  6. T.j. Thomas says:

    “Kids didn’t display their possessions like signs of their identity.”

    Well, except at Show-and-Tell.

  7. A Guy says:

    That was beautiful. As beautiful as “Self-Reliance” by RWE.

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