Will Europe crumble and disappear?

Will Europe crumble and disappear?

by Jon Rappoport

August 24, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

These are notes from my work-in-progress, The Underground:

“The open-door immigration policy of the European Union is justified by pointing out Europe’s guilt for past colonial sins. Well, I have news. You can go anywhere in the world, focus in on any nation, any tribe, and you can discover that, at some point in the past, they did grievous harm to some other group, nation, tribe, or to their own people. You can use history to claim that everybody should give back everything to everybody else. Everybody should be down on their knees, weeping and gnashing their teeth and giving away all they have. Stimulating guilt in order to seize and maintain power is a strategy as old as the hills, but the current generation seems never to have heard of it.”

“Under the corrupt banner of the European Union, the whole continent is now seen as a giant charity agency; the receiving ward for waves of immigrants who, for any reason, want to arrive and settle. The past brilliance and innovation of Europe now is relegated to myth. Saving everyone—an impossible feat—is on the table. Of course, Europe as humanitarian messiah is a piece of propaganda, nothing more. The actual intent is wiping out separate European nations and their traditions. But this is not supposed to be discussed.”

“The EU is the fulfillment of various master plans. One continent, under one government and one economy. Instead of waving the sword of conquest, the strategy is ‘share and care’, ‘greatest good for the greatest number’.”

“Make a list of the great European artists and inventors of the last 10 centuries. Those names are now irrelevant. It’s a fascist felony to invoke them. They’re just distractions from the modern crusade: save the whole world. Give up everything in the process. The Utopians are at it again, spinning their fantasies for the gullible, while planning how to make their iron hammer bigger. No wonder the Roman Church is on board.”

“The Global Citizen as a role is a now an artifice. It’s a stripped-down, brain-addled position to be occupied by a bureaucratic functionary. With a few Disneyesque slogans, he’s off and running, saving this and that. The young think they’re discovering ‘the real road to salvation’, which no one has ever conceived of before. And the European Union is the extended modern ‘body of Christ’.”

“This dream of One Europe is not new. Men we might otherwise consider brilliant have touted it as ‘the solution’. James Joyce: ‘If Ireland is to become a new Ireland she must first become European’. Winston Churchill: ‘If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance there would be no limit to the happiness, the prosperity, and the glory which its 300,000,000 or 400,000,000 people would enjoy’. Victor Hugo: ‘No more frontiers! The Rhine for everyone! Let us be the same Republic, let us be the United States of Europe, let us be the continental federation, let us be European liberty, let us be universal peace’! —But how easy it is to anticipate the ACTUAL outcome of this vision, knowing it is placed in the hands of corporate, government, and banker mafia-bosses.”

“The primary purpose of the French citizen and the German citizen and the British citizen is not ‘loving each other’. It is not their destiny to melt into one cheese Glob.”

“Throughout Europe’s history, despite the wars of blood, great men and women have appeared in its midst. They have forwarded freedom and invention. They were beyond notions of restrictive nationality, but that does not mean they were pan-Europeans. They weren’t striving to build one political system for the continent. They exemplified liberation. By and for the individual.”

“Killing Europe is the Globalist dream. Reducing it to one welfare state, drained of all ambition, is the strategy. Ruling it as a police state, on behalf of a ‘worker’s paradise’, is the end-game.”

“In the late 18th century, America’s first foreign policy rule was to avoid Europe, with its secret alliances and wars. But in the emergence of the American Republic, the first acknowledgement was to Europe, where the foundation for individual liberty was built. What Europe achieved, in that regard, was no accident. It was the end result of a centuries-long struggle. But now the leaders of Europe are determined to throw all that away. To bury the history, as if it had never happened. If there is any alliance between America and Europe now, it should be based on the original vision of individual liberty. That connection should be forged again.”

“Under the top-heavy national governments of Europe, and under the massive EU bureaucracy that sits on top of the governments, the message to the population of Europe is clear: ‘Keep your eyes straight ahead, fit into your slot, don’t dissent, and collect as many government freebies as you can. Cede your individual power to the collective, and take heart in the fact that your participation in the whole is a heroic act—because the whole collective IS the hero.’ Really? Any child should be able to see though that formulation in a few seconds.”

“Anyone who believes the entire reason for Europe opening its doors wide, to unlimited migration, is payment for past colonial sins, committed in other parts of world, should take a look at Angela Merkel, one of the foremost proponents of unlimited immigration. Do you really think she is trying to atone for the past? She is an agent of Globalism. She is carrying out that agenda.”

“Once a top-heavy all-encompassing national government takes power, it’s an easy step to imposing a still higher level of control—in this case, the EU. Why not? The citizens have already been entrained to accept autocratic rule from above—just add another layer. Few people will notice it. It’s more of the same. The people keep believing they’re getting marvelous goodies for free, even as they’re paying higher taxes. The transition from “free individual” to “citizen” is a given. And citizens eventually think of themselves as PARTS OF A WHOLE. Massive propaganda assures them that this conception is SPIRITUAL. This is what the cosmos wants. This is what the cosmos is.”

“It would be interesting to do a poll in the street, based on the following statement: ‘We’re getting people to sign a petition to eliminate the word INDIVIDUAL, because the needs of everybody come first, because we have to think of what is good for everyone…’ How many people would jump on board?”

“Europe is becoming a ghost of its former self. The former self has less and less influence, because fewer people remember or understand what it was, what it meant. This is no accident. Education is the tool for forgetting. WE ARE SEEKING APPLICANTS FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF AMNESIA. ALL ARE WELCOME.”

“Shakespeare? Bach? Goethe? Mozart? Raphael? Rembrandt? Degas? Yeats? Who were they? Who cares? We have different problems now. The only people who can solve them are our leaders. We need more equality. We need to make sure everyone is the same.”

“In the former Soviet Union, if you lived in an apartment building where garbage accumulated and stank on the stairs, you left it there, because your neighbor, living in the next building over, had garbage on his stairs. If you removed yours, it would make him look bad. This is where Europe is heading.”

“John Locke? Albert Camus? Rimbaud? Cezanne? Jane Austen? Are they EU Commissioners? Are they doing a good job?”

“It will be seen that, if person A can read, and person B can’t, person A has an unfair advantage, which he gained through illegitimate ‘privilege’. Therefore, instead of person B learning to read, the smoother course will be to make person A’s advantage meaningless. How will this be done? By engineering a future in which no one needs to read. A top-heavy bureaucracy always brings about a generalized solution.”

Exit From the Matrix

“Why, for example, should the Scandinavian countries have their own languages? This surely creates barriers. However, instituting and teaching one new language for everyone presents problems. The answer? Create a future in which language is barely necessary. Half the citizens will arrange and monitor the lives of the other half, by pressing keys on machines. The details of the plan? The EU will eventually work them out.”

“The EU will bring in a new money system: every person who resides on the continent will receive a basic income. He/she can spend that digital credit as desired. A bell will ring in some store or on some website when a person’s credit account reaches zero. And when enough zeroes are attained, people will riot and demand further income. Their wishes will be granted, as long as they don’t leave their homes after 8PM.”

“All Europeans will, in one way or another, as direct employees or contractors, work for the EU. Of course, work will be defined as: whatever you can get away with. Because no one will care.”

“There is no algorithm that can predict the precise moment when Europeans will have had enough. But there is such a moment. At that point, large numbers of people will begin remembering that Europe once had its greatnesses. And they will be willing to imagine new greatness in terms that crack the pillars and the foundations stones of the EU. This will mark the return of the individual.”

But why wait? Wait for what?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

21 comments on “Will Europe crumble and disappear?

  1. Dickard says:

    Soon enough they (0.1%) will pull the rug out here in the U.S. It may be financial, or political (the news seems to exist to create dissension and hate), but it will certainly be a contrived and planned, a tragedy in which SOMETHING must be done. A.K.A. taking away your freedoms, via condensing North America into one currency or police state, or even maybe a “terrorist attack” to facilitate the fear. The monetary systems are the lynch pin of freedom in my opinion, if we lose the dollar (as flawed and fake as it is), we lose our sovereignty and our Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. .

    Problem -Reaction- Solution
    Order through Chaos

  2. MA in MO says:

    The EU will fail. It will be reorganized into what was roughly the former Roman Empire.

  3. Rich says:

    The young think they’re discovering ‘the real road to salvation’, which no one has ever conceived of before….

    I want this bit of genius on a bumper sticker! You rock Jon.

  4. Theodore says:

    Paraphrasing JR…

    What is the vision of the future that the PTB wish us to buy into?

    “The world as one great big hospital.”

    and also…

    “The world as one great big charity agency.”

    • Mark Leininger says:

      What is the vision according to Orwell?
      “Imagine a boot stomping on a man’s face…forever.” 1984
      Orwell long considered naming his book “The Last Man in Europe,”
      but his publisher, F. Warburg (who also published “Mein Kampf”),
      didn’t think it was commercial enough.
      Pushed by his publisher, flattened by TB, beset by creative demons,
      it was a race against time to get the book finished from his bed
      on the Isle of Jura before he died.

    • Put all this together with the technocracy and see how you feel. Cold and inhuman times coming after nuclear war IF there is any World left. Read Patrick Wood’s book called Technocracy Rising. God help us all.

  5. Peter Szondy says:

    Jon, that is as fine an analysis of the EU as I’ve seen. Right on the money. Yes, the end game is a totalitarian society, not unlike the apparently not-so-departed Soviet Bloc. My Hungarian family lived that one after WWII and it was not pretty. If only people could remember the lessons of their fathers and grandfathers, they wouldn’t keep getting suckered by the same shell game. That’s why the globalists keep attacking that capacity of the people to remember. Our ignorance is their bliss. It keeps them in power.

    • Jacqueline says:

      A good part of blocking that ‘memory’ was facilitated beginning back in the 80’s. Sports idols and actors were held up as ‘role models’ for our children, replacing the parents as such. Then came the movies for children, in which the children were portrayed as better, and more successful, problem solvers than their parents… while simultaneously alleviating them of responsibility once attaining adulthood. How many times did I hear it spoken, “Oh, he’s only 24 (or 26, or even 30), still to young to be responsible.”

      Age was denigrated. The wisdom of the elders was replaced by the worship of impetuous youth, who were being led and preoccupied with one senseless fad after another, thereby diminishing their exposure to and acceptance of the relevant concepts of individuality and self responsibility.

      So the lessons of the fathers and grandfathers are merely not being remembered, they are purposely being ignored in favor of the socially engineered aggrandizing of ‘youth.’

      • Yes, and the worst of what you talk about Jacqueline, is the way men have had their authority taken from them because it was usurped by the fe-manists. How can a boy become a man if does not shoulder the responsibility of his family – and his tribe? How diabolically clever they have been, Now there are hardly any MEN around to protect the children, let alone their tribe, culture, heritage, civilisation.

  6. RAW says:

    “Anyone who believes the entire reason for Europe opening its doors wide, to unlimited migration, is payment for past colonial sins, committed in other parts of world, should take a look at Angela Merkel, one of the foremost proponents of unlimited immigration. Do you really think she is trying to atone for the past? She is an agent of Globalism. She is carrying out that agenda.”

    Agreed, yet there is a key trauma based element injected within the body of the immigration issue creating a perfect storm, and that is the political cult of Islam. Dr. Bill Warner states it succinctly as he breaks down the historical track record of Islamic rooted violence in Europe. With an astounding estimate of 270m dead (direct battle conflicts w/ Islam believers against non-believers) over the past 1400 years on European soil. The trauma is rooted so deep most Europeans cannot fathom the true nature of this event, nor the hideously clever methodology of Marxist multi-culturalism.

    Activist Barbara Spectre’s explanation on how this will play out in Europe – https://youtu.be/MFE0qAiofMQ

    Dr. Bill Warner – Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret – https://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

    Tom Hollands masterful documentary adds fine detail to this narrative – Islam the Untold Story – https://youtu.be/zzKk0L6H1ms

    • Dickard says:

      Less fear, more understanding. All major religions are flawed, picking the most recent offender (Islam), doesn’t lessen the atrocities committed by the vatican over the last thousand years, along with many other faith based mass killings, in the name of various gods. Divide and conquer is the plan, blind hate/fear feeds into it.

      • RAW says:

        sorry… your point makes no sense in the context of what I referenced here. Hint: Islam is not the most recent offender.

        • Dickard says:

          You embrace fear/hate, it will not serve you well. If you hate the NWO agenda, stop feeding into it.

          • RAW says:

            Your perception is your own. Be careful in accusing others of harboring beliefs that you find fear based… I don’t expect you to research the Islam links I provided here. That’s fine. But I will breakdown your comment a little more because you are simplifying this to absurd levels.

            Jons article is about Europe and will it Disappear – the only reason I commented here is due to the backstory of Islamic violence in Europe, a huge factor in Europe’s survival IF Europe chooses to deny the reality of Islamic influence in its recent 1400 year history. Islam is a political cult (ideology) disguised as a religion. No other ‘religion’ forces their doctrine at the political level as does Islam with it’s demand of Sharia Law. Islam means literally to ‘submit’. Millions and perhaps billions of Muslim believers made a choice to submit or die – convert or die – at some point while their villages burned in their many battles over these last 14 centuries. Many have chosen to follow a peaceful path within their cult, while many others have not.

            Without doubt, fear and hate are woven into the fabric of this narrative. Personally I am not afraid or fearful of expressing accurate information – sometimes the truth is unpleasant. Hate is a suppressed emotion with tremendous power – and there is a stigma attached to expressing hate or anger – rooted in political correctness. You seem to be implying that Love is the answer… good luck with that. NWO psychopaths do not respond to love and kindness. There will come a moment when the Europeans make the decision to stand against islam and the purveyors of multicultural conformity – the question is when? and will it be too late?

            If what you say is accurate in your mind – “If you hate the NWO agenda, stop feeding into it.” – then why are you here reading Jons material? For example, Jon is in a constant state of revelation regarding the inner workings of the Medical Cartel… 2+ million dead in last decade (malpractice in hospitals, pharma drug od’s, etc). Vaccines that harm and kill babies and children. Mind control psyops designed by nwo operatives. Does this material strike you as fear based? Are you going to accuse Jon of spreading fear?

            See, if you sit down and reflect on this… you will finally understand that empty vacuous comments cannot stand up to the facts, the truth. The truth will rage through you in all of it’s ferocity! I’m ok with that…

  7. From Québec says:

    Well, maybe we will get lucky and the REAL Europeans will flee their countries and immigrate to North America. Those are the kinds of people we would like to have in our countries, not the Islamists troublemakers.

  8. bharford says:

    Kalergi plan and white genocide and ethnic displacement.
    It will all end and it won’t be pretty. I think the blowback will be more than they ever bargained for. A people can only take so much and they overplayed it. Their character flaw and weakness. Rejoice for it will get better. One by one, our nations will be taken back.

  9. This is so profoundly good, I am going to have to promote it, Jon

    Talking of Mozart, here’s my interpretation of his Sonata in C major (K330)

    A guitarist offered the comment “great chops” (whatever they are) against the spirited finale!

    The only thing that you missed here is the value of “culture”. Serving up supreme artists doesn’t really pierce the heart. How about this for a [crass] analogy? Imagine your blog was frequented by one or two of those dreadful pot smokers. They might not think of theirs as a tiresome habit. What if some great leader could create a union, a land, a country where all pot smokers could live in freedom doing what they enjoy creating their own culture (as repulsive as that notion might seem to the rest of us)?


    You sort of don’t say it, but I know you know it. Israel was founded on the great (and oh so obvious) lie – the “holocaust”. Ever since the (Zionist wolfhound) ADL has been inflicting misery on global populations under the guise of “tolerance” in order to both monopolise and confound “truths”. George Orwell wrote a book about it. On a side note, Putin’s endorsement of that intolerance has clearly demonstrated which side of the fence he sits. He ain’t no altruistic Messiah as the populist gestapo might infer lest anyone dare think it.


  10. gerard says:

    Great article, but the past of Europe is also gloomy: Yesterday a Soviet Olympic champion died of old age and you are remembered of the stupidity of the UK folks in her era, enjoying calling her names.
    In France, there was a civil war up to 1950. At the so-called “Liberation, “French soldiers who had thrown away their weapons and spent the whole war in Germany as prisoners were welcomed back as heroes. If you tried to deny them that status, you were shot down.

    Those in power in Europe today are the same as those of yesterday and they have always dumbed down their populations, nothing new.

  11. Theodora says:

    ´No wonder the Roman Church is on board´.

    This is somewhat unfair to say given that the Church tried hard to warn us for almost two millenia for this satanic control system. Pope Pius X wrote the very important and wise encyclic in 1907 about the dangers of modernism. Modernism or communism or atheistic despotic rule is more or less the same.


    It were the same communists who in the 1930´s infiltrated the Church – Bella Dodd: School of Darkness. They subverted and took over the Church with Vatican II, although there are still authentic prelates within the Church, most by now are servants of the globalist agenda. Francis the communist pope at the steerwheel.

    It was Protestantism that was ‘on board’ ever since the Reformation. This was what the Reformation was about. Divide European Christendom and fight the Roman Church.

  12. PG says:

    The open-door immigration policy of the European Union is justified by pointing out Europe’s guilt for past colonial sins.

    If this was the case then these illegal migrants would want to go to Spain and Portugal , so that proves they only want to go to the rich countries of Europe , as they have been refused access to the rich Arab and Asian nations , especialy the Muslim controlled ones .
    Europe will crumble , just like other countries , because of incompetent politicians , and the failure of any major country or region will have a massive effect on the world financial and business system and a a depression will follow
    Ei politicians will be responsible for the decline of Europe , and they should be held responsible

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