Yes, a four-year-old child allowed to undergo sex change

Yes, a four-year-old child allowed to undergo sex change

“…another major hospital in Melbourne had 250 children who were being assisted by the gender dysphoria unit.”

by Jon Rappoport

September 11, 2016

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Get ready.

Yahoo 7 News, Australia, reports: “A four-year-old who identifies as transgender has begun to transition before their first day at school, hoping to complete the full transformation by 2017.”

“While the child is the youngest on Australian record to change their gender, the New South Wales government has revealed ‘hundreds’ of other children are being referred to the state’s hospitals for gender dysphoria.”

“The four-year-old is reportedly being supported throughout the transition by the education department, and is part of the Safe Schools program.”

Yes, the Safe Schools program. Safe for whom?

Deputy Secretary of School Operations Gregory Prior made this announcement at a budget hearing, which presumable means the four-year-old child is receiving public funds for the sex change.

No mention of how the parents of the four-year old came to their decision. No mention of the “discussion” with the child that led to this decision.

The New South Wales government doesn’t just stand aside; it supports this madness.

A four-year old. He/she comes up with this idea out of the blue? He/she expresses it in what terms?

He/she is supposed to understand the medical procedures and the consequences?

The doctors go along with this?

“We have a four-year old coming in today to begin a sex-change.”

“Good. The team will be ready.”

Not a flicker of doubt.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of gender dysphoria: “Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is the dysphoria (distress) a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth.”

Assigned? This is supposed to be some sort of arbitrary labeling that is handed to an infant? “We’ll call this one a male. The next one will be a female.”

This whole social program has gained so much steam that many people are paralyzed—they refuse to express outrage. They refuse to point out the obvious. They knuckle under. The criminally delusional parents who go along with the program for their own children consider themselves enlightened. They’re in a trance, and they feel good about the trance.

“Yes, our four-year old is undergoing gender transition and we think it’s wonderful.”

What coaching did these parents engage in with their very young child to push along this insanity?

A boy put on his mother’s dress one day, and then the parents sat down with him and engaged in a deep conversation?

A four-year old is now the ruler of his/her own fate.

This is legalized mutilation and torture, undertaken as a “proper medical procedure.”

The doctors should have licenses stripped, and they should be sent to prison. They should share their cells with the government officials who support this crime.

On some level, medical sex change for children is an outgrowth of the obsession about children being “special.” Ultra-special. The child’s wisdom extends to all sorts of insights he/she has about life.

A child does have a free and open attitude toward life, but this has nothing to do with making decisions that have enormous consequences for him/her. And the word “consequences” hardly begins to describe the mutilation.

I’m tempted to ask the usual hollow question, “What has become of our society?” But the answer is clear. There are masters and slaves. The slaves are going along. The masters are psychopaths. But that leaves a lot of middle ground, where parents, educators, and bureaucrats are willingly cooperating in destruction. It’s not simply a lack of courage. It’s self-induced brainwashing.

“This is freedom. Freedom is a good thing. What could be more free and innovative than a child deciding to change his/her own sex at the age of four? We’re creating a better world.”

Their eyes are bright. Their smiles are wide.

And if medical sexual mutilation of a child is gladly permitted, what isn’t permitted? What “voluntary” or mandated medical procedure would be ruled out as too grotesque?

That’s the question that should be asked.

The Matrix Revealed

For example, shouldn’t we support, in glowing terms, mass sterilization of women through vaccination campaigns that covertly create future miscarriages? After all, in the Third world, where such efforts have already been made (Kenya), overpopulation is a problem. We know it’s a problem because, decades ago, Henry Kissinger said so.

In Australia, where this four-year-old child is about to go through sex change, every goddamn doctor in the country should stand up and refuse. They should say, “Look, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we see what your decision is, and we can’t even begin to describe how we feel. Don’t look to us for help in committing this horror on your child. If we hear of any doctor who goes along with your plan, we’ll publicize his name and, if necessary, physically remove him from the country. We’ll see to it he never practices medicine in Australia another day in his life.”

As for the parents of this four-year old, they’re lost. They’re lost to themselves and their child. They’re in a hell of their own making.

And they don’t even know it.

They’re happy about it.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

28 comments on “Yes, a four-year-old child allowed to undergo sex change

  1. Greg C. says:

    Surely, this is another engineered story. I can’t accept that such a thing could actually take place.

    • bob klinck says:

      Anyone who has observed the run of Yahoo news headlines would automatically be suspicious. On the other hand, the proponents of the “your sex is however you feel today” theory (except, apparently, for homosexuals, who allegedly have been immutably “born that way”) are desperate for such precedents in order to finalize societal chaos.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      perhaps you should read the news more often. If you did, nothing would surprise you.!

  2. Marie (@_MarieV_) says:

    Jon Rappaport: I completely agree with your article. And I am horrified that a four-year old would be allowed to undergo a sex change. A child that age is too young even to understand the “facts of life.”–to understand what sex is all about, or to make that kind of a decision that will affect her (or him) for the rest of his or her life. What will happen if this child changes her mind at an older age? I can’t believe any parent would allow this. Apparently, children are being brainwashed.

  3. Jon, as you are aware the paedophilia non-debate revolves around societal BIG MOUTHS dictating to “the other” and has nothing to do with “sexuality” per se.

    This “gender reassignment”, far from being a step in the right direction, inflames the abomination. Those self-righteous BIG MOUTHS are no longer content with indiscriminately inflicting their misery on all those individual spirits that dare to buck their dictatorship; they have now decided they control all “rules” regarding “childhood development” and sexuality (proto-gods as it were). Logic, reason and altruistic discussion/debate can go hang.

    This is the apex of tyranny and why I rate it as the most important current issue holding humanity back, but the mindless fanatics plough on in abject ignorance.


  4. I so very much respect your journalism Jon. Im convinced that that the PTSD, which I’ll inevitably suffer from having to hear all this crazy shit in the world, is much better than it would be if I were only able to hear it thru those who actually think that ANYTHING about giving a sex change to minor..let alone a 4 year old warrants anything less than their own castration, heavy medication, and permanent residency in an asylum. So, thank you.

  5. Dickard says:

    At four a child should decide what/whom to play with in their free time, and that’s about it. I would love to hear of an example of GID (give nothing an official acronym) from a household that has no T.V. …because it’s impossible. Brainwashing occurs on many levels, mainly from t.v. and internet, but most live the herd life and fear having/exercising an opinion that’s not provided. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. jmilamdeal says:

    This is pure idiocy, but is going on now in Australia with the safe schools program. Moral decay anyone??

  7. Nicole says:

    What bothers me about the ‘gender dysphoria’ thing the most is, this ‘dysphoria’ might actually exist. But even if it exists, I don’t believe that getting a sex change fixes it.

    I think that chemicals and drugs, such as bisphenol-A, birth control pills recently being used by the mother before she became pregnant, or other drugs and substances are distorting babies’ brains and bodies so that they do, in fact, have some strange sensation that something is wrong with them sexually and hormonally. Bisphenol-A is known to cause genital deformities. Surely it affects the brain too.

    So these people might in fact have some kind of uncomfortable sensation, but having a sex change is so unnatural, and the artificial hormones they might use to support this sex change (I don’t know, how exactly is a sex change DONE, anyway???) are so unnatural, that they will probably make the ‘strange sensation that something is wrong in their brain’ even worse than it already is. I have read stories of people regretting their sex changes – it didn’t fix the bad feeling.

    And afterwards, damage is done that cannot be undone, if there has been surgery. I don’t think these people are actually *fertile* after a sex change – anything you see on their body becomes ‘purely decorative’ or a mere symbol that represents what sex they are, rather than functioning organs able to reproduce (again, I don’t know the details – are sex-changed people able to reproduce?). It seems like this is just another opportunity to render people infertile.

    If being transgender is nothing more than wearing a particular hairstyle, wearing particular clothing, and referring to yourself as the opposite gender because you have a strange sensation (caused by what?) that something is wrong with your brain, that’s less offensive to me than getting surgery and permanently changing your body in ways that can’t be undone.

    • Tom Lowe says:

      You’ve touched on something important here, which is that sex change is not only genital mutilation, but a quiet form of genocide as well. The people with GID have higher average IQ than the population but their genetic lineage is being terminated across the board by the genital mutilation.

      I note feminism has purposefully taken over the TG movement as of about three years ago in an effort to steer it politically and use its votes, and the propagandized impetus to ‘cut it off’ has increased steeply in parallel ever since. This has even affected porn sites, where once-rock hard “ladies” have been largely replaced by perma-limp ones swimming in disgusting chemical-based commercial artificial lubricants. The intent is clearly to turn everyone off from the idea of “women” having a functioning penis–in service to ‘cutting it off’.

  8. Linda Berry says:

    There seems to be no end to the atrocities the minds of those that think this is a “good” idea will go. To put the idea into reality only compounds the depravity. Is there no limit to this depravity and illogically behavior of those that look upon mankind as an experiment? Are we just one big petri dish and these doctors and scientists need to apply whatever sick and twisted idea they come up with and it’s a given acceptable, OK, Bob’s your Uncle practice? There does’nt seem to be a bottom. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and currently we are looking at a contingency of scientists (40) who are gathering here to figure out which method is best for “ eradicating” the lowly mosquito into extinction. They are calling it a “Concept Experiment.” This scares the daylights out of me as the implications are so far reaching in my fertile imagination that I want to scream!…..LOUDLY!
    And what better place to experiment than a populated island chain which is the farthest most remote isolated land mass from anywhere……. Truly a scientist’s wet dream!…as it has been with the GMOings of food crops.
    “Hawaii Island Proof of concept EXPERIMENT” where intentionally human-engineering the extinction of a species is the result………… WHAT FRESH NEW HELL IS THIS?

  9. Hilz Kitching says:

    Interesting how the author’s judgements in this article and all of the responding comments are coming from people who feel they know all about gender because they are either male or female and their perfect world has no fucking skeletons. If any of you could be humble and take the time to read the Bible you’d learn that Eunuchs have been around since the dawn of humanity…and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it is not a sin. Whether you accept this as fact or not, makes no difference really, but I reserve the right to challenge anyone here who thinks that their polar perspective on gender gives them superiority and a right to judge those who don’t fit their mould.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you all listed the crosses you have to bear on here then wait for someone to write how ridiculous it is that such a condition exists and that you don’t deserve any sympathy or that you are not really suffering from it. Double lolz and yes double standards.
    Glad to have that off my chest for anyone that wishes to go toe-to-toe on this subject. Nonetheless, I largely agree that things have got out of hand. Let me explain.

    Regarding the term ‘gender dysphoria’, I personally feel it is a made-up-name to help justify the existence of modern clinical medicine and that not everyone that is diagnosed(especially these days) is actually compelling amongst society, shall we say in their ‘desired’ gender role (the one they most closely fit and feel comfortable with [realistically] ). The old “real life test” has been done away with…it used to be a three year period living in role without any treatment at all to see if the patient could handle the challenges and still be happy to live in their desired (and sometimes correct role).

    In the past five years the number of anatomical males being offered Oestrogen because they have claimed to be more feminine than masculine has led to programs of care under the umbrella of ‘Gender Dysphoria’ based on mere self-diagnosis and a couple of visits to a gender specialist at a hospital. Today, there a more and more males walking around with enlarged nipples and developing breasts under their jumpers because they are taking oestrogen tablets and not actually living as women. In other words, they are not convinced enough that they are really women and thus with this increasing trend, we have a problem.

    I have been through (m-f) gender reassignment 13 years ago and it was the best decision in my life, but it had been a trouble for me since I was a small child so I was just correcting the anatomical side of things. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that, but I don’t understand why either, it just was. From the age of five – ten yrs I was dressed in girls clothes by distant relatives when I was asleep and I used to wake up too hot in bed with the clothes still on and was confused, but too scared to ask the next morning or tell parents because I was brought up in a very strict family. I realise this is public, but that’s ok, it’s all true!

    I personally feel that as a society we need to have a mixture of reality, sound perspective, care, discernment, knowledge and responsibility at hand before we go tarring everyone who has gender issues with the same brush. So when you have parents of a four year old who meet the above why not let them use the three year real-life test with their child as other parents in the same situation have. That way, at least that child has more time and puberty is still far off.

    • Greg C. says:

      @Hilz Kitching: Your kind of thinking belongs back in the 1940’s. Now in the 21st century, we understand better the mind-body connection. The mind can actually generate pain and physical symptoms as an expression of rage or self-loathing. From back pain to cancer, the research is indisputable. Google Dr. Sarno as one example. Yes, many patients feel better after having unnecessary surgery. There have been studies done where half the candidates for knee surgery had phony surgeries (just an incision) while the other half had real surgeries. There was no difference between the two groups – both tended to feel better afterward. So using your feelings as a sort of yardstick to validate surgery just shows your ignorance of the last 30 years of cutting edge (no pun intended) medical research.

    • anna says:


      This is a matter of parenting not gender.. believe it or not.

      When you are a parent you have a responsibility that transcends your own me, myself, and I mentality.. or at least your supposed to.

      Your Bible reference is logically illogical. You, like most, choose to believe what you want and disregard the rest. — But that’s another topic and I am not exonerating myself from that same charge.

      Perhaps I should read all the comments before responding to yours so that I can try to understand more specifically what you are referring to as “Polar perspective on gender” which “gives them superiority and right to judge those who don’t fit their mould”.

      Again, this is about parenting. NOT PERSONAL CHOICE. and when a PARENT makes this nonreversible CHOICE for their CHILD who CLEARLY is NOT in a position to comprehend the life impact of such a choice it is unconscionable. Unless of course you believe that a 4 year old is mature enough to make a choice that they should have a sex change operation…. and quite frankly if you truly — all bullshit aside say yes than I hope to GOD you never procreate. If however, you can reasonably understand what I have just said then, with all that said….

      You have clearly done your research and sounds like a lot of soul searching within yourself — you’ve clearly learned a great deal about the topic and yourself not only thru reading but personal life experience… I do realize it** can be a very heavy burden to carry .**feeling as if all those around you have a superiority complex and are constantly judging you. . I completely applaud you for taking on your personal journey thru life with such determination. Believe it or not, many people can sympathize with life challenges regarding matters that they don’t personally struggle with — its not the same cross each of us bare — but I do think most of us bare at least one.. or two.. that offer many of the same types emotions to carry.

      • Hilz Kitching says:

        Anna; could it not be about parenting & gender!
        Regarding the Bible if it is really studied there is a great deal of worldly wisdom and help in trying to understand and deal with life’s many challenges, particularly in regard to people(esp Proverbs). I am completely satisfied that what it has to say is no accident (KJ version) and to me there is no other book that can match it.
        Thanks for you feedback (esp, your final paragraph).

  10. Dan says:

    Really sick. I call bs. Those parents and school must have implanted this idea in the child’s head. I noticed my sister is in college and she’s getting fed this gender fluid bs and treating her children differently because of it. I gave her the “2 genders and sex chromosomes talk”

  11. Terri says:

    Humans are being chemically altered. Frogs were emasculated ie; shifted gender from male to female in the 80’s due to all the chemicals in the environment. it was only a matter of time before this would happen to humans.

    children have innate knowing and are capable of making many decisions, but surgery to alter your body is not something anyone should take lightly. it should never be done to children. Yes i agree Jon, these people involved are criminals and are deluding themselves with ego gratification.

    Hilz’s comment is very interesting. he is angry at everyone for expressing their opinion and claims to have voluntarily changed his sex by himself, magically, out of the blue, but what he states happened is very different.

    “I have been through (m-f) gender reassignment 13 years ago and it was the best decision in my life, but it had been a trouble for me since I was a small child so I was just correcting the anatomical side of things. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that, but I don’t understand why either, it just was. From the age of five – ten yrs I was dressed in girls clothes by distant relatives when I was asleep and I used to wake up too hot in bed with the clothes still on and was confused, but too scared to ask the next morning or tell parents because I was brought up in a very strict family.”

    so he was forced to wear girls clothes and probably molested and blocked out the memories, and claims he didnt know what happened to him, and then at 13 has a sex change and thinks it was his decision? how did this happen without the parents knowlege? his parents failed him and did not protect him which is why he still to this day is angry at everyone including himself. Hilz, you need a good hypnotherapist and some eft to clear yourself of this anger and issue you are not able to take responsibility for. I am sorry Hilz, your parents were not able to give you the love and protection you deserved.

    homosexuality is rare in nature. the amount of people who claim to be lgbt is way past the normal natural level, and it is because of all the poisons in the environment. too many humans are starved for attention, and the media has romanticized these sorts of issues so now many want to belong to the club. These behaviors are being taught in subtle and not so subtle ways.

    common sense is gone, as well as inner-sense. i would ask anyone who loves their children to keep them away from public school and the freak show in the media so they can maintain their natural equilibrium and have a life of freedom and happiness. no one should give their children to someone else to raise. parenting is a sacred pledge and trust and it requires alot of work, love, patience, wisdom and giving. most are not qualified, and should not even have goldfish.

  12. Colin St. Croix says:

    The Transgender bathroom Controversy EXPOSED (comedy) –

  13. Roger Fuller says:

    I completely agree with Jon Rappoport that sex change operations for little children are insane; but I also see this state of affairs as the logical End Stage Product of 62 years of Psychiatric Dope Pushing. Somebody mentioned Bisphenol A which is in the environment in tiny quantities; but massive doses of highly toxic Psychiatric Drugs by the State Mental Hospital system, prison system, and ” mental health system ” in general are a far bigger culprit that everyone chooses to ignore. Why this has been tolerated for so long is the bigger question.

  14. Cathy says:

    Given how much of this is occurring one has to wonder if gender bending chemicals like Atrazine that are rife in Australian agriculture (banned in the EU) have anything to do with it.

  15. Greg C. says:

    Continuing the “embrace your delusion” theme, check out: Be proud of your disease! Feelings triumph over basic biology in this new age.

  16. Bill Chaffee says:

    The story needs verification from more that one source. We might not know for sure about the truth of the story unless that person decides to go public after becoming an adult. There are cases of sex reassignment surgery preformed on infants when they appeared to be intersex, even thought there was no health reason for the surgery. Some have come forward as adults saying that they felt mutilated.
    An ongoing travesty that is done to most infants is the hep b vaccine. In my opinion it is done to protect child molesters (see hep b vaccine pedophilia). If a child gets an std, then that is evidence of molestation. The vaccine is to keep the evidence from turning up.

  17. brian says:

    This is a terrible crime against this child. It can be seen as nothing else. A person living in the deepest darkest jungles of the Amazon would never believe we are engaged in such madness. It would seem they are better educated than us. Much better educated than the butcher that calls himself a doctor even though they have never stepped foot in a school. The reaction of every one of us that are still human should be universal. Disgust and firm action. Without delay the doctor in question should loose his licence to practice. He should also be kept away from children, say no closer than 400 yards. The parents are dangerous to both their own child and the public at large. I have no ideal what needs to be done with them but that child is in grave danger as long as he is in their care. They are child abusers.

  18. stiegem says:

    “And if medical sexual mutilation of a child is gladly permitted, what isn’t permitted? What “voluntary” or mandated medical procedure would be ruled out as too grotesque?”

    Good question, Jon. Make me think (as you always do).

    How about circumcision? Seems pretty “grotesque” to me.

    Got some logical reports on that subject?

    Appalled at this article. It’s way off base and I’m assuming it’s mis titled to generate thought about the subject.

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