Hillary dropping out of the race no longer a fantasy

Hillary dropping out of the race no longer a fantasy

by Jon Rappoport

September 12, 2016

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Hillary buckled and fainted at the 9/11 memorial. The video available here at InfoWars, tells the story.

I’ve written about her health problems before, including the blood-thinning Coumadin she’s taking. And the blood clots. And the advisory against flying, because new life-threatening blood clots can occur.

I wrote—and I still say—Democrat power players would go along with electing her even if she was dragged into the Oval Office dead on arrival. They don’t care.

After Hillary’s fainting spell at the 9/11 memorial, the Washington Post, that organ of unquestioned truth, grants that it’s now acceptable to ask polite questions about her health. Well done, boys. You’re really going out on a limb. Thanks so much.

I think it’s time for major media to take an overt stand about Hillary: “She may be very sick, dangerously so, but it’s still a crime to emphasize that because it’s sexist, and besides, untoward publicity could allow Trump to slip into the White House, and besides, our news organization has donated to the Clinton Foundation, and besides, she’s Hillary and we all know and love her and we don’t want to think about something bad happening to her because then we would cry.”

I would accept that statement.

—Hillary’s public coughing fits. The physical instability. The fainting. The handler, Todd Madison, walking out on stage, putting his hand on her, telling her to keep talking, as if she’s forgotten what’s going on. You have to conclude her doctors have tried everything they can to keep her upright and functioning, and if this is best they can do, she’s in bad shape.

Hillary dropping out of the race for the Oval Office is no longer a fantasy. It could happen. If it does, the media will swing into gear and try to demand a delay in the election.

There is no basis for such a demand, because both major Parties can pick their candidate on their own terms. The Democrats, for example, as we’ve seen, can rig the vote and secretly back Hillary from the beginning and cook up propaganda to defeat Bernie Sanders. They can choose a slew of so-called super-delegates who owe nothing to the voters and, instead, support whoever they want to (Hillary). So if she drops out, the Democrat leaders can simply decide, again, without consulting voters, who the substitute is. Kaine? Biden? Sanders? Elizabeth Warren? Michelle Obama? Rachel Maddow? Karl Marx?

No doubt, some progressive pundit will suggest Obama should stay in office for a while, because he has the experience, he’s Presidential, he’s done such a magnificent job in his two terms, his mission is unfinished (he must get the TPP treaty ratified), we need him to continue the dialogue on race in the post-racial society, he knows how to bypass Congress with a blizzard of executive orders, he can figure out a way to admit millions more illegal immigrants to these shores, he backs Black Lives Matter, and he knows how to talk about fake employment numbers and pretend they’re real.

The Democrats and their supporters will go on a victim binge: woe is us, Hillary our leader has fallen, we’re crippled (differently abled), we need time to regroup, we can’t be expected to make a snap judgment, who cares about constitutional rules governing elections, this is really serious, we have to decide what’s best for The People—and we have to find a way to pay off Bernie Sanders so he stays in hiding and keeps his big mouth shut.

I, for one, would like to see Trump vs. Bernie. Socialist vs. Capitalist. They could do three debates on Globalism and its horrendous effects on America, at which point the public would realize they both claim to perceive the gargantuan threat, albeit from different angles.

power outside the matrix

Hillary was the unabashed queen bee of Globalism.

At any rate, you can bet that, as we speak, media giants are taking private briefings on how the election season would proceed if she drops out. They’re preparing their talking points and tall stories and outright lies. All somehow culminating in a Democrat Party victory this November, come hell or high water.

“After Congressional leaders begged President Obama to stay on for several months, he reluctantly agreed, saying: ‘Well, I do have sixty or seventy executive orders drawn up and ready to go, so perhaps I could bring the country a little closer to the future we envision. We’re all in this together.’”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

37 comments on “Hillary dropping out of the race no longer a fantasy

  1. It’s interesting that her health takes a nose dive (literally as well as figuratively) at the same time Trump seems to be taking a lead… They* very well may kill her before letting him win …it would be “over her dead body”. Just saying, interesting timing… Cough Cough

  2. Alex says:

    Thanx for staying up late to write this story. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds in the media tomorrow. Combine this with some new WikiLeaks stuff this week or next and man have we got ourselves an epic fall right in before our eyes or what.

  3. sneezy67 says:

    Hillary has more or less been X’d out (natural or pre- planned ?), Trump could get whacked and that may leave Obama with a clear path for a 3rd. term (or an excuse for) then comes the financial melt down and basically a dictatorship with the goodies of martial law and FEMA camps to follow aided by the UN and its weapon controls and foreign troops as support for the intended consequences. …Just some paranoid (what if’s )

  4. Tim Rusling says:

    I think this quote from Brandon Smith is interesting:

    . . .the elites need a patsy for the breakdown of the financial system they have engineered. That patsy will not be Trump per se, but conservatives in general. Whether Donald Trump is aware of this program or not, I do not know. I have no hard evidence indicating that Trump is anti-constitution; then again, I don’t have much evidence indicating he is pro-constitution. All I have at present to go by is his rhetoric, and rhetoric counts for nothing.

    What I do know is that triggering a fiscal crisis under the watch of Trump and blaming conservatives is far more useful to the elites than triggering a crisis under Clinton and risk blame falling on international banking syndicates.
    I can say with a high level of certainty that millions of conservatives in the U.S. will not tolerate a Clinton presidency. It’s just not going to happen. I give it a year or less before she begins implementing draconian measures above and beyond Obama’s efforts and Americans respond with physical rebellion. In this event, the U.S. will be torn apart by outright civil war.

    Those who think this is an exaggeration should consider the fact that we have already been on the edge of conflict with the federal government during the Bundy Ranch incident, and that was over property rights and government abuse of protesters. Imagine the reaction to a Clinton gun grab.

    I do not think this is the plan, though.

    Rather, the plan may be in part to lure the liberty movement, which is now more influential than ever before, back under the purview of the Republican umbrella. With Trump at the helm, there is an assumption among many liberty activists that the establishment has “stumbled” and lost control. Keep in mind that without Clinton as the opposing super-villain, this narrative does not work.
    Only Clinton could frighten liberty activists enough to forgo their understanding of the false left/right paradigm and rejoin the Republican Party. Only Trump, with his brand of rhetoric, could convince them that perhaps the party has been shaken up and the neocon rats scattered. I’m just not buying it.

    I believe Clinton is meant to lose. If this is the case and Trump is inaugurated in January of next year, the liberty movement needs to ask itself if Trump is truly an obstacle for the elites, or if he is an ally to the elites.

    The greatest threat to our movement will be if we centralize and fall in line behind one man or one mainstream organization. In our fervor to defeat Hillary Clinton, who is admittedly a truly despicable person, will we find ourselves willingly blind to any trespasses by Trump? Imagine for a moment that the elites do indeed crash our financial system with Trump in office; will we still hold Trump to the same constitutional standards as we would a president under non-crisis conditions?
    If Trump responds to the crisis with martial law or other constitutional abuses, will we make excuses for him because we want to believe he is anti-establishment, or will we stand against him as we would Hillary Clinton?

  5. jtremaine says:

    Reblogged this on OCCUPY AMERICA and commented:
    Good news is hard to keep secret.

  6. lesha says:

    If this doesn’t superbly sum it up, then I don’t know what…..

  7. Angel 4 Light says:

    This is to generate sympathy because Wiki Leaks is getting ready to release the nails for her coffin so to speak. With 100,000 more email and more damming than what has already been exposed, this could easlly earn her a orange jumpsuit, with or without a hangmans noose.
    I have a gay friend who swears by Hitlery, thinking she has done nothing that all politicians don’t do already.

    I love your statement ” I wrote—and I still say—Democrat power players would go along with electing her even if she was dragged into the Oval Office dead on arrival. They don’t care.” because you hit the nail on the proverbial head with that truth.

    I also want to share some information that you will want to follow up on.

    If your post delete the vital information link, then find me on Angel4Light dot WordPress dot com. It is the post I published on 911


    Thanks for all you do. Wish you were running, then we would have someone to vote for.

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Coincidence is the way truth is revealed anonymously.

  9. MA in MO says:

    Regardless of how the election comes out, the economy is going to tank and there will be WWIII. Personally, I think Trump will win simply because the “…..Kings of the earth…..” need to unit. We do live in interesting times.

  10. Vic fedorov says:

    I think the clinton foundation, not major dnc figures are behind her and traditional dnc powers dont like her and accept trump (same way internationalist war makers prefer hrc.)

  11. Theodore says:

    Report: Hillary Wearing Anti-Seizure Sunglasses

    Blue sunglasses routinely worn by epilepsy patients


  12. World Changer says:

    Hillabitch is dead and a body double already trotted out. The people who do Hollywood makeup for zombies and Frankenstein have been flown in as well as the embalming technics used on Lenin.
    Should be interesting debates coming up. Now they can insert the speaker directly into her mouth and lead the wires thru the hole in her tongue.

  13. Arlon says:

    I think it odd that her husband and daughter have not demanded she drop out. That they are okay with the toll it appears to be taking on her, and the increased risk of further damaging her health. This seemingly unconcerned behavior along with the MSM frenzied attention is to be noted. Perhaps (gasp) she is actually faking it, per her handlers, setting the stage so all hell breaks loose; a disaster election? A death? A third term for Obama? Either way we are in for a wild ride.

  14. Jon, the plot thickens…

    Coupled with the “rumours” that Trump’s affection for Putin was “delusion” and the CIA recommend (surreptitiously) that any of his “crazy pre-election promises” came from the devil himself [Putin] and should not be honoured. Cold war all over & bugger the folks at home.

    It looks very as much as though Trump is being “groomed” for the “big job” to me.


  15. Dani says:

    On a slightly different topic, I noted that yesterday’s CNN coverage of Hillary spent a lot of time discussing “pneumonia” and how the pneumonia vaccine is recommended for seniors “over 65” and Hillary is…. 68. Does this mean that she received the pneumonia vaccine and it didn’t work? Does it mean that she did not get the pneumonia vaccine? Does it mean anything with regard to the pneumonia vaccine? This part was not discussed. But I think we have to assume she is receiving the best possible medical care…. right?

    • Theodore says:

      Thanks for passing this along. Though I believe “Hillary has pneumonia” is a fake story put out by her campaign, it is interesting to watch the dinosaur media not question that “press release” at all but rather fully accept it as fact.

      And then given that, “what can our analysis then be?” — you know, in order to make a show segment, cause that’s what we do.

      Producer: “Well, pneumonia, Clinton being over 65, there is a pneumonia shot recommended for people over 65. I know because I have dinner with the Pharma Ad Reps that come visit our news organization. So, on our show tonight, we will talk about pneumonia shots, and, sub-consciously/unconsciously, it will serve as a product placement for the pneumonia shot.”

      The big box pharmacy stores will add a new sign in the window: “Get your pneumonia shot.”

      • Dani says:

        The cognitive dissonance is hurting my head! 🙂

        This morning’s random pass by the continuously-running CNN in my office building showed talking heads discussing medical privacy and the public’s “right to know” about presidential candidates’ health, just as “our prospective employers have a right to know” if they are hiring healthy workers…. hmmm…. ugh

        and don’t forget to get your pneumonia shot!

        • Theodore says:

          you are making me think of something… the lame stream media using false narratives as platform for product/policy placements…

          in this case,…

          * get your flu/pneumonia shot

          * should law enforcement have access to your medical records without a warrant?

    • Wrusssr says:

      ” . . . we have to assume she is receiving the best possible medical care…”

      If that includes pneumonia “vaccine” (and/or others for colds, flu, DPT, shingles, bad looks, etc.), then being mentally DOA is a real possibility.

      Did I mention BigPharma has 300 more new “vaccines” coming down their pipeline?

      Did I mention the CDC just slipped a notice in the federal register they’re going to start detaining,vaccinating, fining, adults/children, etc “. . . who’re ‘suspected’ of being disease carriers?” With strange rashes and sniffles? Relying on “anonymous” tips from TSA brethren and doctors and nurses, and schools and disgruntled neighbors and jilted lovers, etc.

      See, those Americans who’re awake have stopped taking these poison jabs whose box inserts labels read like holocaust canisters. BigPharma and their medical sales force (Ped’s, GP’s) are losing big money/perks/ credibility.

      Parkinson’s seems the base Hilda’s ills, according to this doctor. Pneumonia is one of the several symptoms.

  16. n3angus says:

    Hillary has Epilepsy , explains why she recovered so quickly on 911 . Its can come from brain injury .


  17. Terri says:

    Here is a clip from the news.. saying Hillary is dead. could it be? will a clone or body double continue to be used? does it matter to her brain dead supporters?

  18. codetalker says:

    n3angus -until there is a medical exam that validates any illness other than pneumonia-its’ all just innuendo and speculation. You can have all the videos in the world-they prove nothing. Wishful thinking is not going to manifest for you. The only thing that gong to fly is a medical report by a Board certified internist which by the way she has already had. Trump hasn’t but since he’s going to do an interview with DR. OZ on Wednesday and it will air on Thursday. We shall see what’s what. Trump said he will reveal numbers on his health. I’m not holding my breath.

    Send all 4 to get physical exams by unbiased medical facilities.

  19. codetalker says:

    n3angus says:
    Look up her Medical Assistant Dr. Okunola, he specializes in epilepsy

    Has this person examined her?

    For goodness sake—wikipedia? According to Mike Bundrant of “Mental Health Exposed,”

    “Wikipedia is on a misinformation campaign against alternative health and the healing arts. The public needs to know it. Natural health deserves fair representation.”

    Bundrant also calls Wikipedia a “steaming cauldron of misinformation.”

    Have you spent time reading their information on Vaccines & Drugs? Do you know that Wikipedia has a block on their page for Dr. Wakefield where the misinformation posted about him cannot be changed, edited or updated. The same with Vaccines. That is enough to render anything on that site invalid.

  20. Anger and stress are killers. She is full of both.

  21. Theodore says:

    Maybe that Epipen is actually a laser pointer…

    Hillary’s handler — Todd Madison — is using a laser pointer to help Hillary not freeze when she walks. Actual footage from the DNC stage showing him using the laser pointer while standing next to Hillary, pointing the way for her. Follow the dot…

    Go to the 4m39s mark… reporting by Bill Still…

    Hat tip: http://rense.com

  22. Dottie says:

    She has spent to much of her life being angry, bitter,mad and driven for power…It finally ate her from the inside out.

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