Sexual behavior of Trump, Bill, Hillary takes over Presidential campaign

Sexual behavior of Trump, Bill, Hillary takes over campaign

As of 1:42AM ET, October 8

by Jon Rappoport

October 8, 2016

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Trump’s private comments on a 2005 tape have been leaked. You can read the quotes elsewhere. He’s talking about being a star and how easy it is for a star to get women. Quite explicit. These comments obviously reflect his actions at the time, or earlier. Now we also have a recycled Gennifer Flowers comment about her ex, Bill Clinton. Flowers said Bill told her Hillary had more women than he did. And of course there are Bill’s notorious sexual exploits and Hillary’s protection/enabling of him, extending apparently to powerful threats (and worse?) against Bill’s women.

So for the moment, at least, this is the substance of the campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

Bring them all on stage with Jerry Springer as the moderator.

Or admit they’re all a long way from being perfect people and decide who is worse. If you want to go that way, don’t forget to factor in the recent destruction of Libya and ever-strange Clinton body count.

Of note: The newly discovered 2005 Trump tape that now has him in hot water was a conversation with radio and TV host, Billy Bush, who is a member of the Bush family. The Bushes all appear to be voting for Hillary. Did Billy just take one for the team? Tune in tomorrow—the gossip will surely build.

And keep in mind, it doesn’t matter where the country is going, it doesn’t matter who will sit in the White House and make overarching decisions—it only matters who screwed whom and when.

If you want to go down that road, fine. I suggest remembering the word “rape” and deciding how Trump and Bill compare on that score.

Far be it from me to distract the hungry audience from its salacious meal, but here is the Presidential campaign article I finished just before the Trump tape scandal broke. It concerns media, the presentation of real issues, television mind control, and other boring material.

Read it while you wait for the next sex scandal—

The optics of the Presidential debates: split-screen insanity

By Jon Rappoport

There are many problems with the debate format, but by far the biggest optic is split-screen, which enables the viewer to see Trump’s and Hillary’s close-up facial reactions while they’re silent and listening to each other.

When Trump frowns, shakes his head, is irritated, it’s all there—and audiences are trained to think these actions are somehow “negative.” Hillary, for the most part, remains non-authentically cheery and bright. This is considered “standard” political response. “Rational, even-handed, unaffected.”

Trump should bring a cut-out photo of his face grinning widely, and hold it up in front of his own face whenever Hillary is talking.

The idea that facial reactions of the candidates are a key to debate victory or defeat is absurd. It’s a con. It’s part of gotcha journalism.

“Did you see what happened when she said that? He almost went ballistic. Wow. He’s out of control.”

The mask of unaffected neutral fixed response is an artifact of network news. That’s where it comes from. The anchor is above the fray. He’s dedicated to the truth. He resists the temptation to react. He remains objective at all costs. He’s part human and part machine. He’s the blank face and the voice of reason…

And since the debates are actually media events run by the news networks, the audience is led to expect the same sort of “unflappable” behavior from the candidates.

I’ve written several articles about the preposterous set up of the debates—which are not debates at all. If we must have network “moderators,” they should be muzzled and simply display large flash cards.

Card One: Hillary Clinton has 20 minutes to criticize Mr. Trump as a candidate. Then, she does. Trump isn’t on stage.

Card Two: Donald Trump has 20 minutes to criticize Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Then, he does. Clinton isn’t on stage.

Card Three: Hillary Clinton has a half-hour to recommend changes to current economic policy of the US government. Then she does. Trump isn’t on stage.

Card Four: Donald Trump has a half-hour to recommend changes to current economic policy of the US government. Then he does. Clinton isn’t on stage.

You get the idea. At no time do the candidates go face to face and carp at each other or interrupt. There is no split-screen. There is no gotcha. Instead, we actually listen to what they have to say—uninterrupted. The moderator holds no sway. He’s not part of the proceeding. Why should he be? He has no reason to be there.

No reason at all.

Now, if the debate were held between Lindsay Lohan and her fiancé, with whom she recently parted, then yes, a moderator might be appropriate. Jerry Springer, for example. Everybody would get paid, everybody would interrupt and accuse and react on split-screen, and the audience would be thrilled.

But a Presidential race is supposed to be different.

Perhaps you remember the first 2000 debate: Gore vs. Bush. Gore kept sighing when Bush spoke. “Sighing” immediately became a campaign issue in the press. Katie Couric asked Gore whether he considered sighing was “presidential behavior.” I’m no fan of Al Gore, but that was ridiculous. Optics before substance.

There are many wags running around with the title of journalist next to their names who believe strongly in optics, as “revealing” of a candidate’s nature and character. Fine. In that case, subject the candidates to press grillings and see what can be stirred up. But debates on major issues? That’s another animal altogether.

Exit From the Matrix

Far more important is a candidate’s complete and specific position on the issues. And to understand that (or the lack of it) we need to hear the candidate speak at length. Alone.

In that setting, are we getting high-flying fluffy generalities? Are we getting pure nonsense? Are we getting real solutions? Would they work? Would they push the nation into a deeper hole?

The press doesn’t go for depth. They don’t use it or sell it. It’s not their game. They’re afraid people will tune out. So the moderator of the moment says, “You have two minutes to reply to your opponent.” Is the moderator a complete idiot? Of course he is. He seems to believe he’s going to elicit something important in 120 seconds.

He’s a highly paid news anchor? He’s a college graduate? And he’s acting like an animal trainer with a little whip in a two-bit circus?

My, my.

What if this happened in criminal trials? “Hello, everybody, I’m your judge and moderator. Remember the rules. Attorneys will be allowed to examine witnesses for 3 minutes each. Opening and closing statements are limited to 90 seconds. The jury is urged to watch the television monitors, which will display continuous close-ups of the attorneys, the defendant, and the witnesses as they react to the proceeding. You will find clues on their faces that impact on the guilt or innocence of the defendant…”

“We, the jury, have reached a verdict. We were strongly affected by the defendant wiggling in his seat during his wife’s testimony. Guilty on all counts!”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

28 comments on “Sexual behavior of Trump, Bill, Hillary takes over Presidential campaign

  1. jtremaine says:

    Calling Caesar Flickerman.

  2. Greg C. says:

    So Trump is not a Puritan. Big surprise. Now we get to see Hillary put on her Puritan costume, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, to act shocked and offended by a private conversation about sex (with a member of the Bush family – another big surpise). More campaign schtick! Distraction is the name of the game. I have one word of advice for Trump at the next debate: FOCUS.

    • @Greg C

      …and then focus one more time, just to make sure; wipe the mud out your eyes Donald, and don’t throw it back at her.. Keep to the issues, like Hillary the criminal; like pay to play; like 22 million dollars paid from wall street bankers to Hillary for her verbal stroking; duh the Emails again; Benghazi; a 100 million dollars drone base being built in the middle of Africa.

      Take a deep breath then focus again and wipe the mud out of your eyes, and then ask; Why is the US giving…

      A recent 38 Billion dollar aid package to the Jooz (a nuclear power), with no strings attached. Palestine gets nothing?
      And why is the American government paying substantial amounts for mercs to throw hand grenades up and down main street Aleppo over Bashar’s refusal to assist in an illegal pipeline from Quatar stealing Iranian gas?
      Why has the USA fought eleven wars since 2001 to the tune of something like 6 trillion bananas?
      Why is the US government funding a massive propaganda war, against Vladimir Putin, and provoking a NATO assault, virtually surrounding Russia with aggressors?
      Why is the US government provoking a World War lll.?

  3. Greg C. says:

    If pressed further on the issue, Trump could say, “Let that conversation prove that Donald J. Trump gets it that even if you are rich and powerful, no still means no. Bill Clinton never learned that lesson, even after many brushes with the legal system. And Hillary persecuted his victims to keep him out of jail.”

  4. lesha says:

    Love it. As usual – totally sensible.

  5. SamAdamsGhost says:

    I’ll paraphrase, but someone said a people get the leadership they deserve.

    This seems to be a nation built on lies and fairy tales. In general, men seek to use whatever they can to attract desireable young (fertile) women. In this society & time, that’s money. Young (fertile) women are attracted to men who can protect & provide for her and their off-spring. In this society & time, this often involves having a good job and/or money.
    Men are attracted to physical attributes of women (beauty) that are associated with good health & fertility. This is how this species survived and prospered. Women are attracted to men who are ‘winners’. The specifics depend on socio-economic factors and her upbringing. For her, the ‘right guy’ may be a billionaire, millionaire, doctor, or fellow with a good job or trade.
    So, some people are ‘shocked’ when they hear about some guys talking about the physical attributes of women while partaking in some male bonding/small psuedo ‘hunting party’ activity ? Do they imagine that men in real hunting parties 10,000 years ago didnt talk about attractive young women in their tribe and how a good hunt might improve their mating prospects with them ? Maybe some people don’t like to hear this reality, but it is what it is. Are people children ?

    In the meantime, the neocons seem to be driving us toward WW3 with the Russians and Chinese. That war would likely go thermo-nuclear, but the neo-cons think such a war would be ‘winnable’. They are insane. We are closer to such a war than we were during the Cuban missile crisis. This issue isn’t given any mainstream media attention in the U.S. It isn’t even mentioned in the debates, even though one candidate is a neo-con. The population has been so propagandized with the meme “Putin = Hitler” that Trump cannot address this during the 2 minutes he has to reply in a debate. One wonders if the population would understand the reality even if it was presented to them. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t take Jon’s course on logical thinking and deconstructing media propaganda.

  6. Dana Doran says:

    They may have to adjust Hillary’s meds before the debate so that she doesn’t cause the sound editors to test their skills at reducing high whining pitches being broadcast…or perhaps I should just tranquilize my poor dog.

  7. Gloyd Green says:

    Thank you, Gloyd Green.


  8. JB says:

    Campaigning is now the “new” normal with reality SNL 18/7. Titillating. Salacious. Vulgar. Slanderous. Condemnatory. Pretentious. Gaudy.

    Except that a 20 minute read in the American Aurora or Gazette of the U.S. published in the late 18th century reveals a similar disposition among publishers. Perhaps we have Barnum & Bailey to thank for the visual “enhancements” in politics.

  9. Theodore says:

    Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Told Me ‘Hillary Had Eaten More Pussy Than He Had’…

    • @Theodoralator

      And she should know.
      I heard from a very reliable source, that Hillary, personally helped, Bill eat a lot of pussy…and then gave Bill’s old underware to the Salvation army. And then claimed $2.00 a pair for them, in chariatable donations on her tax returns…OMG is there no end to this woman.

    • Okay more hot news on PUSSYGATE.

      Hillary likes Pussy Riot….OMG

      Hillary likes all things begining with “Pussy”, Pussy cat, pussy on toast, pussy in the morning, pussy in the evening. Ted Cruz is Pussy.

    • Greg C. says:

      Well, we already knew that Hillary was a cunning linguist. She, like Obama, has managed to project a kind of sexless power image. It’s easier to idolize our authority figures when they have no humanizing aspects, and they play to that. Trump will break that pattern if he is elected. Who would have thought that we could ever have a first lady who was photographed nude? Time to grow up, America.

  10. Theodore says:

  11. From Québec says:

    Brilliant comment from a guy who posted this on infowars.

    KFC Owens:

    “We interrupt our current over-hyped news coverage of Hurricane Matthew to bring you breaking news of Donald Trump saying, ‘P*ssy’ 11 years ago.”

  12. From Québec says:


    Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are basically Clinton allies

    You have to see this video: LOL

    BUSTED! CNN Anderson Cooper CAUGHT PROTECTING #CrookedHillary NO Corroboration? ORIGINAL @Mr_Pinko

  13. There is no end to Hillary’s crimes; there will never be an end to Hillary crimes. They will only get bigger…until she and her NeoCon cronies, Wall St Bankers and Clinton Foundation donators causes the destruction of planet earth. That is after they crawl down into those very expensive bunkers they have built all over the planet.


  14. Theodore says:

  15. Julie says:

    Trump is an old fashioned confidence man, as in confidence in the two party system and your vote counts. The reality is that Hillary has already been chosen as President. Hence Trump who has a huge following, must be torn down so that it looks like the the public consensus is Hillary is the best choice and the majority of voters actually voted for her. I have no faith in voting whatsoever and think that people should learn about things like super delegates, voter fraud (people who have died are still voting as well as illegals. I saw illegals registering to vote outside a Walmart, I notified the authorities, their response, “That’s impossible.”). Also people need to look into the fraud going on with digital voting. It’s high time that the bluff is brought to light on this voting scam. If everyone stopped voting it would be a huge step in stopping the fraud we are being subjected to.

    Thank you for your excellent articles and site Jon.

  16. Good post, Jon

    I think you have summed up what needs to be said. Why (indeed) was Clinton impeached for “alleged” licentious behaviour (outside the public eye) in the Whitehouse? Think of calculating Globalists and theoretical “post 9/!!: foul-cries from “occupiers”.

    Were you aware that both Trump and Mrs Clinton have child-abused “whistle blowers” waiting in the wings in case certain important feathers are ruffled. Ah politics….

    I had planned to release my latest mega-post on today, but it just keeps expanding. Anyway, it’s titled “Rogue Justice, Royalty and How the West Was Won” and this excerpt (a chronology timeline) topically mentions the Clintons in particular:

    “1989 Poland’s revolt against Zionist-communism spearheaded by front man, Lech Walesa

    1990 First Gulf War over control of the global petrochemical supply

    1991 (perhaps earlier) The FBI began a faux war on child pornography virtually exclusively creating the internet “market” as an ongoing sting operation. This was a late phase of the strategy that imposes synthetic standards of “adulthood” as preparation/indoctrination for forced state servitude (voting, working and other perceived privileges that are actually violating obligations). Yugoslavia used to war test (unauthorised) NATO calculated to permanently break Slavic rebellion against the corporates

    1993 A special weather research project called HAARP was set up at Alaska’s Fairbank University. Janet Reno (allegedly a lover of Hillary Clinton) ordered the FBI to successfully use lethal force against defenceless untried American citizens that were part of a Seventh Day Adventist splinter called the “Dravidians”. No one has been held accountable for the murders of the Texans to date

    1995 Oklahoma City bombing was an “inside job” dry run for the notorious Zionist commissioned 9/11 attack. Guilty mis-adventurer Timothy McVeigh acted in outrage at the effects forced medications had had on fellow Gulf War veterans (43,000 reported with “AIDS like” symptoms). Those responsible for the actual destruction have never been apprehended

    1996 French underground “nuclear test” and industrial scale fracking assault on the fragile pacific basin

    1999 Pakistan “secured” as insurance against potential rebellion in India….”


  17. Joy says:

    Jon, I am quickly coming to the conclusion that this entire “election” is yet another example of the PR behind mainstream media that is messing with our heads by using the disjuncture and pacing of “events” they report (as described by “Ellis Medavoy” in your “The Matrix Revealed” collection) to shape a new perception of “reality.” I purposely shield myself from everything in the mainstream media, and yet all I learn elsewhere about this supposed “election” has made me wonder, over and over again, what is really going on with this surreal and preposterous state affairs? Then it hit me! It’s about causing so much anxiety, and incredulity, and exasperation that the American public is finally going to throw up its hands and say, “Whatever! I will accept whatever happens.”

  18. mrcamillon says:

    I would not debate anyone with the American worthless media in on it. How long do we put up with are worthless press in America.

  19. wewanttruthsara says:

    if we get the leadership we deserve, we also get the trends and simplifications that become us. Thanks for not falling into that trap

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