Election: Life against Death in the mind control machine of politics and media

Election: Life against Death in the mind control machine of politics and media

by Jon Rappoport

October 11, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

When I first started writing about Donald Trump, I hammered on the fact that he was opposing the media and winning—and I said if he didn’t accomplish anything else along his swaggering path, that alone would be an unprecedented shocker. A major Presidential candidate putting the press in its place and not backing off.

I wrote that from 30 years of experience in the news business. So my perspective is deeper than average.

These execrable talking heads and print reporters of the mainstream are quite insane, you know—or they would be if they weren’t so sly. Their game is all about getting away with lying, with putting people’s attention on the wrong part of the story. They’re little demons who take delight in deceiving the public.

And THAT’S why they like the standard brand of political candidate. They all went to the same school. They all come from the same shit heap. They all wink and nudge and build the same fake sand castles and laugh about it. “Look, we fooled the idiots again.” The idiots, of course, being the public.

This is who the press is. Forget their pose of honesty. It’s a sham. They’re the tricksters. This is how they obtain their energy.


That’s the key.

Finding energy is central to the life of an individual. Any individual.

In countless articles and talks, I emphasize PURE IMAGINATION as the profound source OF ENERGY AND INSPIRATION and POWER.

For the denizens of the press, it’s deception. It’s the glee of falsification. Knowing they have an audience whose minds they can twist into pretzels.

Trump essentially came along and said, “You’re a pack of idiots and everybody knows it. I’m breaking the hypnotic spell.”

Love him, hate him—that’s what he did. He fired many torpedoes into their bellies.

The denizens of the press also hate life. They’ve hated it from a young age, when they somehow came to the conclusion that feeling and experiencing life was impossible for them. And by life I mean, once again, energy. THE ENERGY WITHIN. Cut off from that, they decided to ruin and deface life wherever they could find it. Cleverly. Secretly. Successfully. In REVENGE.

In all my writing, underneath the issues, this is what I’m talking about. The authentic power of an individual who can and does sense and feel and use and project THE ENERGY WITHIN.

THIS is a road to travel. This is a spiritual and physical and mental and emotional path. This is the opposite of mind control.

Let me give you a glimpse of the opposite path, highly favored by the press and politicians. This is a revealing quote from Wikipedia. Read the whole thing:

“Woodward and Bernstein’s exposé All the President’s Men reports that many staffers who had attended the University of Southern California such as Donald Segretti, Tim Elbourne, Ronald Louis Ziegler, H. R. Haldeman and Dwight Chapin had participated in the highly-competitive student elections there. UPI reporter Karlyn Barker sent Woodward and Bernstein a memo “Notes On the USC Crowd” that outlined the connection. Fraternities, sororities and underground fraternal coordinating organizations such as Theta Nu Epsilon and their splintered rival “Trojans for Representative Government” engaged in creative tricks and underhanded tactics to win student elections. Officially, control over minor funding and decision-making on campus life was at stake but the positions also gave bragging rights and prestige.”

Get it?

Exit From the Matrix

Now here is the fabulous capper to the Wikipedia quote:

“It [the dirty tricks and cheating] was either promoted by or garnered the interest of major political figures on the USC board of trustees such as Dean Rusk and John A. McCone. It was here that the term ratfucking had its origin.”

Ratfucking. For glee and fun and deception. And the prestigious adults on the USC board—John McCone (head of the CIA—covert ops and dirty tricks taken to a new level) and Dean Rusk (Secretary of State)—promoted, or were intensely interested in, ratfucking.

“Go get them, kids!”

“Cold? Cut off from life? Nowhere to go? Want revenge against the world and life itself? Join the guild of RATFUCKERS. We understand. We have branch offices all over the world. We are in the press and we are in politics. We are the best and the brightest. We make wars for no reason. We giggle and laugh at the dire pain we visit on the heads of others. Step up to the big leagues, kids. Gaze at the pictures of the men on our walls. Some of the most famous figures, present and past. And now you are the future…”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

11 comments on “Election: Life against Death in the mind control machine of politics and media

  1. n3angus says:

    Pedophile Jeffry Epstein is cited in this link too in the Panama Papers , and the FBI has been Covering up so much by all these Elitists and Politicians for Decades !!!!!! http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/dear-congressional-oversight-committee-stop-ignoring-elephant-room-911-saudis-hillary-clinton

  2. Ah yes, Ratfuckers, the Straussians…

    The illusion presented as the POTUS, as a very important individual. That this supreme job is the final act of wisdom, altruism, self-sacrifice, and life long dedication to truth and leadership; and that it is necessary for a career politician of some thirty or forty or more years to be the; be all and end all of that particular concept, it’s bullshit. And so she blurts, “Donald Trump is unfit to be POTUS.” He has no political experience, well, from my point of view, that is a good thing. Donald Trump has more than proved himself a quick study. Maybe he can bring some fresh ideas to the idea of POTUS.

    A president is an individual, backed by legions of bureaucrats and government sorts, worker bees; career civil servants in gigantic offices that put into swift action, hopefully, the ideas and vision of a president. The government never really changes, it’s a huge machine, working day after day regardless if there is a president there or not; you might say the POTUS is the captain of the ship. He controls the direction it takes in space and time…they, government civil servants, implement and put into action the instuctions and vision of one such person. Administrations obey the decisions of a president or are replaced by those that will obey him. In this case, Donald Trump is a quick on feet kinda guy, using his weaknesses as strengths, his past discrepencies as a launch pad to do better. Locker room talk as a way to confront real hypocracy.

    The squawking of Hollywood go to’s in the final state of Hillary’s collapse; the De Niros and kumquats, and so and so’s, the godfather of Hollywood style common sense. The illusions of the quasi-real that are foisted onto the public, when the regular run of the mill propaganda does’nt seem to quite work as well as it use to. The ancient, end of their carreer artists are drag out onto to the stage to play their last and final bit…”Yeah Hilly for prez”.

    We the real wisdom of the world, the ones in our later days are saying to those delusioned ACTORS,”Bob, your an fucking actor dude, you played yourself your whole career, I’m confused, is this the actor speaking, or, which one am I talking too the real man, or the actor…I’d like to punch ya in the face…you lookin at me, you lookin at me BOBBY, are ya.!” Your a court jester Bobby boy. Thought you would have realized that by now. They have asked for a favor from one of the older ego-centric crowd of Hollywood. I don’t believe you Bobby, I don’t believe you are sincere…not after you threw everybody involved with VAXXED under the bus. That’s when you should have had a pair of coleones Bob, that is when you could have been effective, and real. Now, it’s sad to see you out there, all wrinkly and dried up, dragged onto the world stage at the end of your career, having to pay up on the favours owed… trying to be the tough guy for Hillary. Your an actor Bob!…your pastiche Bobby. You have become redundant. You have become a cliche for comedienns, but more importantly, yourself.

    Hollywood is terrified of Washington; I mean the actors not the biz. If they don’t come out and cheer for the NeoCon Hillary…they might end up under a bus if they refuse…no scripts; and guys like Robert Downey Jr owe big time, from there constant failing and then mea culpa comebacks. There is no zealot like the reformed.

    Donald Trump, is not a career politician, he has’nt loitered around Washington for thirty odd years sucking the life out of the taxpayer like a vampire, pretending to be effective, meanwhile lying straightfaced. These things that DT is saying, are his own ideas, his own thinking, his own vision, of a rehabilitated America; his own looking at the corporation of the United States of America, and saying to himself “I can fix this, this is a broke business, this is what I am best at…” He believes what he is saying. And that is a breath of fresh air, in a sense compared to the same all bought and paid for career politicians.

    Hillary Clinton a woman who hates Donald Trump, a woman married to a rapist, that right, that a fact, Hillary Clinton is married to a rapist, someone who is a serial sexual assaulter, a danger, an extreme danger to women. Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby are soul mates. Hillary Clinton is living a lie, or telling lies to herself about her life and her marriage…or does’nt care a fiddler dam about the ‘Bimbo eruptions’every week. She tows the party line. A student of the Zionist lard bucket Kissinger, obedient to the Straussians, and jaded by her husband’s contant philandering and brainwashed by the NeoCon idealogy of how and why of US hegemony, and “Don’t care about what you think about that…”

    Even Donald Trump’s own party, they don’t like him. They won’t work with him.They can’t get along with him. And they don’t back him. Because the political system in a America has become broken, a long time ago, it is two shades of the same red. It is the same party. If America is to change it ways, it will take an outsider, an independant. Someone outside the normal. And Donald Trump is that outsider.

    Personally I have been shocked to find how sincere he really is, and how focused he is becoming at the latter part of his campaign; when he speaks on serious matters; when he said on the debate stage “That he would appoint a special proscecuter to put Hillary in jail…” I knew he was’nt afraid of the Clintons and their CIA protectors. When he spoke truth of the Syrian debacle, I knew he had a handle on the true situation. The Russians are not to blame here; the whole thing is about a gas pipeline, and stolen Iranian gas. Assad has refused to let the pipeline go through Syria because of previous agreements with Russia. And so, now TPTB are going to make him pay, big time. Because Russia is the real enemy here.

    He stood in front of the world, on that debate stage, and became the President of the United States of America, and answered their questions, and suffered their slings and arrows with poise, sincerity, honesty and intelligence, without some ridiculous politically correct atitude to being caught speaking in a locker room about locker room subjects. He owned up and apoligised. He stood up to a blazoned attack on heteosexuality. Pussy, pussy, pussy…so what, it was crude its just talk, there was no woman present, its not RAPE, like in Bill Clintons case. There was no physcical or verbal assault of a woman, and it was ten years ago. But it does show how much they know about us, and about how long their memory is…and about how many snivelling little cockroaches hiding in the wings are looking for fame at any cost.

    If the debates are a job interview, I think the Donald passed the test and is the man for the job. I think he will actually talk to world leaders, rather than talk down to them…I think he will be attentive to the job, rather than not answering the phone at three o’clock in the morning, when Benghazi is burning, and an ambassador lays dead.

    The deplorables rising, well their deplorable arn’t they…

  3. From Québec says:

    Just before the second presidential debate, Trump called for a press conference.

    These pundits were sure that it was about him telling the world that he was getting out of the race.

    But instead they faced 6 women who were sexuality assaulted by Bill Clinton and told them how Hillary threaten them after the rapes and how they were afraid for their lives.

    LOL… he realy fooled these idiots.

  4. Bruce says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Rappoport. I admire your restraint.

  5. The Israelites call this “psy-op”, which is psychological operation abbreviated, I believe.

    Excellent piece, Jon.

    This stretches back Satanism “Illuminati style” – one endless psy-op of propaganda. I note the comment about Jeffry Epstein being a paedophile. Was he, or was that part of the “psy-op” and that’s the problem. People have big emotions are terribly judgemental, often about things that are baseless or, at least, reliant on hearsay.

    I delve into the iIlluminati (the group that formed to control the United States of America after the pilgrim fathers had “failed”).in my latest article (https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/rogue-justice-royalty-and-how-the-world-was-won/). Here’s an excerpt:

    “The earliest “Zionist” king to break the stranglehold of the Roman Catholic overseers was Henry VIII in 1530’s. Though the Church of England formerly dates back to 587AD after Saint Augustine’s celebrated mission, Henry formally renounced the Papacy in order to divorce his then wife (Spanish royal), Catherine of Aragon. Spain and Portugal were trailblazing all the Catholic merchant routes into the New World at the time, so Henry’s disobedience was very serious. Iron Queen, Elizabeth I, zealously continued her father’s tyranny once more stripping all judges of rank and duty and used the churches as “local gazetteers” announcing new laws of the realm (widening the shift to federalism over common law) imposing hefty fines (a shilling per infraction) on anyone failing to attend Sunday services. She was also the one that was ultimately posthumously behind the establishment of the Virginia Company; historic owner of the United States of America.

    Therefore, the “pilgrim” (religious merchants) New World founding fathers were actually agents of Zionism sent to oversee trading concerns. America was meant to be kept the great secret, but fate had other ideas. It is fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain that Ireland was earmarked to become the “new Israel” after pharisaic elites adopted incognito status when the Siege of Jerusalem (66-69AD) was over. In effect the Union of Jacob mecca (unified British Isles) shifted to the New World under rule of the pilgrims. Ireland, for various reasons, was too hard to settle/conquer so the powers opted for England eventually. As for “old Israel”, it is painfully clear the reason that the Sanhedrin was never reinstated (comparably, the modern abomination, the Knesset, is a monstrous sham) because the Pharisees had assumed total power. Consistent with this line of thinking, either the supposedly destroyed second temple was regarded as a heresy by religious purists or it was an idiom that had never [physically] existed.

    If all (or most) Caucasians were the original Jews (as is indicated by the Genome Project), it is no wonder that Zionists have desperately tried to water down global genetic stocks. This is evidenced by their fraudulent rhetoric promoting “one race” as basis for dreaded multiculturalism. The great, traditionally “white”, population centres have been “multicultured” at every waking opportunity. Russia (Mahgog) is the last domino to fall. The old Soviet Union was not entirely “broken” by the Zionists and still presents the greatest superficial threat to their horrific brand of “Order”. Let us not forget, many lost Jews returned from Russia after Israel was repatriated in 1948. If Michael Tsarion’s impressions are correct, then peoples of Israel even prior to 70AD had numerous population exoduses (some gently implied by biblical and other historic textual references)….

    Consortiums of merchants have been responsible for manufacturing just about everything associated with national pride or patriotism which is geared to reproducing the royal Mandela effect. This has not exclusively been a Jewish preoccupation, though trade has tended to assume Caucasian migration routes. Japan was at war with China at regular intervals long before western industrialists discovered the islands group. China’s Silk Road proffers a history stretching back thousands of years which provided ample opportunity for Jewish militias to establish protection rackets and other nationalistic infrastructures. These became the forerunners of banking systems (masonic orders cloaking dissident merchant alliances). At the beginning of a power move by these merchants, backed royals were first encouraged and then press ganged into behaving flamboyantly – spectacles that separated themselves from everyday commoners. Greater control over the people could only be expanded by conquering new territories. If any allied king became war weary, his enemies were the immediate investment targets of the devious pseudo-bankers…..

    Nevertheless, where I take umbrage at Theosophical wisdom is in the construction of “Satan”. Those that understand the history of the very first star ever to bless the cosmos will realise subsequent folklore surrounding the many namesakes called Satan have no more than superficial or unrelated connections. Indeed, the earliest recognitions of the “fall of man” (as the desired Annunaki image of God) are profoundly aligned to white light order or Gnosticism in the raw. The Theosophists loose correctness with the human ego analogy seems more like something that may have been cultivated in high Victorian Illuminati satanic covens. In practicality, the ego is what remains of the (so-called) fall of man which (in turn) was the consequence of the error of Sophia (father) permitting biased (existential) manifestation that forged the ever present character paradox between ideological (holy spirit) and scoped reality (son). It is strange that Blavatsky was born in Ukraine (or Khazaria), perennial home to Zionism. Are the Theosophists manipulators or manipulated is the unanswered (for my research) $64 question?”


  6. Marra says:

    Michael Burns, great post. But your spelling needs work. You have all the facts correct, and that’s what counts. Thanks for the great post!

  7. Greg C. says:

    The RF’s do it for the energy! Exactly. They have an audience, but not an admiring one. Brainwashed and deceived. But to them, having an audience that feeds into their little narcissistic souls is all that matters. But we have something better – a creative spark that seeks a real audience. Trump is opening up all kinds of possibilities, just through his example. People suddenly see that yes, you can go outside the bounds and succeed. No matter what happens now, people will always remember this lesson. He has hit some notes that will resonate for decades to come, inspiring like-minded people to go off the established path and be creative.

    • Great point Greg…creating vast space outside the normal boundaries of the Gop, or the Democratic party. The two party system.
      Why should we have 57 varieties of bagel and only two political entities.
      Maybe this will inspire a greater and further fragmentation of the political aspects of the American mind. About what really politics is about? Instead of this fast -food version, that has been force feed to entrain the democratic mind.
      Interesting when you start seeing it as a break down of established thought-forms. old hardened energy.

      But this fragmentation and eventual break-up, furthering a initiation of more new parties, many more new, or many more independents running for the office of POTUS; breaking down thoseentrenched, isolating and restrictive ideas that are moving the whole towards the greatest collective possible; Globalism. A global empire and government.

  8. SamAdamsGhost says:

    With Jon’s wide/deep background and knowledge (learning logic at university & teaching it to others, as an investigative reporter, with the media & interviewing insider propaganda perception managers, running for political office, etc) – – I would love to hear his ideas on how he would run the Trump campaign during this final month. (IMO, the best strategies are those that cannot be countered.)
    The media is trying to strike back over those yelling ‘Rapist!’ (with t-shirts featuring the same) where Bill Clinton shows up. Of course, that strategy was to counter the attack over the locker room talk. Those who are hardcore Clinton and Trump supporters have already made up their minds. This won’t change.
    How is the best way to convince the undecided ? Frankly, I don’t know how one would be undecided at this point, – so I have no idea how such people think & feel.

    • @SAG

      There are many points of contention between the idealogy of ‘us and them’.
      But what seems to be the most important point; the end of life on earth through thermo-nuclear war, and a mutally aggreed destruction of all sides; leaving no room afterwards for a chat about who was right or who was wrong…

      World War lll is an insanity that still plagues us today, long after the demise of the Soviet Union. And is very much being inflated to greater potential, with mad motherfuckers like General Milley, disobeying COC, and pushing that old idea of first strike being a sane decision, and a winable strategy. There are too many of his kind holding rank within the American military. The Hawks seem to be dominating.

      So If I was to use one single point to move the undecided, it would be that…

      I care to say Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fucking hawk, branding Putin as the next Hitler, and obstinent in the lie that she and Israel, and Saudi Arabia propagate that the Russia is to blame for all the middle east, Syria, the Ukraine and all the troubles of the world.

      On the other hand Donald Trump is a peace maker for Russia and Putin and his claims to be ignorant of knowing anything about him, makes for an interesting new relationship between Russia and America. So Donald and Vlad should get along like a house on fire.

      Seems that if Donald and Vlad and a couple beers and a joint around the campfire, might make for improvement, the level of fear globally of nuclear war. And move the both countries to seek, common ground, and maybe in the interim, new economic posibilities for both countries. A releasing of this very danger ecalation of tensions and relations both countries have been experiencing of the last few years. This divide and conquer idealogy that has been dominating world politics.

      This old idea that Russia is still really very musch communist, a threat to the west and to be feared is an old diehard idea further by the likes of the CIA, and people like Soros who still grinds an old hateful axe.

      North American in general have more in common with Russia than they realize. Russia too considers itself to be a sovereign and independent nation. They can’t be that bad, they threw Monsanto out of the country with the garbage, claiming they are quite capable of growing good organic nutritious food for the world.

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