Official reality is psychotic; you are not.

Official reality is psychotic; you are not.

by Jon Rappoport

October 21, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

Be mainstream. Go along with the mainstream tide. Adopt the position of the mainstream. If you waver, just watch more network news.

A well-known reporter once told me, “We don’t call lying lying. We call it editing.”

You can go back in history as far as you want to, and you’ll find the word WE used over and over by society’s leaders. We must do this, we must do that. We must unify, we must come together. What is this WE?

In the way it’s deployed, it isn’t anything. It’s a grand fiction. It’s the gateway into mind control.

If a hazy WE can replace an accountable, responsible, motivated, creative I, the goose is cooked. Because the WE is sugar for the brain.

The WE never turns out to be independent. Only the I can be independent.

As a result of a little thing called the 1960s, WE took over from I. A cooked, frazzled, diluted mix of Asian philosophies and spiritual teachings rolled out on to the scene. WE was now a catchy trendy idea. It gained power. It showed up on the radar of elite propaganda operatives. They were waiting for it, because they had played a role in making it fashionable in the first place.

The op was working. It was gaining traction. WE could replace I in many minds. Among the educated and “hip,” among intellectuals and academics and home-grown spiritual teachers, among Left critics of the establishment, among the drug addled and lazy hangars-on, the entire basis of the American Republic—protecting the freedom and rights of the independent individual—could be undermined. A “superior” WE could be installed.

As the years and decades passed, this notion of the WE—in truth, the Collective—and its requirements, in a “humane civilization,” expanded. “Share and care” took center stage. It reached to gobble up the whole stage.

On every level of society, people were urged to think of themselves as part of the WE—the “greater group.” The individual and his hopes, his unique dreams, his desires and energies, his determination and will power…all these were portrayed as relics of an unworkable and deluded past.

In certain cases, lone pioneers who were innovating in directions that could, in fact, benefit all of humanity, were absorbed into the one body of the collective, heralded as humane…and then dumped on the side of the road with their inventions and forgotten.

In the planned society of WE, no one rises above the mass, except those men who run and operate and propagandize the mass.

Exit From the Matrix

Eventually, it would come to something like this: Peter Callero, of the Department of Sociology, Western Oregon University, wrote a book titled: The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives (2013, 2nd Ed). His sentiments and those of his contemporary academics echoed back and forth.

Collero: “Most people today believe that an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.”

Really? The historical record shows that a great struggle had been waged, over many centuries, for the liberation of the individual from the WE, the mass, the monolithic group.

And now, on the basis of a modern propagandized fantasy, each one of us should return to the past and embrace the chains of sameness?

Official reality says yes. Official reality says surrender. Official reality says a paradise is waiting for us if we dispense with our uniqueness and individuality.

Official reality is psychotic. Because the WE does not recognize YOU.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

28 comments on “Official reality is psychotic; you are not.

  1. Dani says:

    Thank you, Jon. This is exactly what I needed to wake up to, today. I am surrounded by this type of mass “WE” thinking, and it is kind of driving me nuts, actually. It is in my workplace. It is in my home. It is in my relationships with my family. Why have I alone (in my circle) caught onto this false reality? And what do I do about it? (I’m wrestling). It’s very alienating. I have known all along that I’m not psychotic, but if I dare to speak up, the people surrounding me think that I have gone off the deep end. I am in a quandary. I have a job I appear to need at the moment, so I don’t speak up there. But then, I’m aware that I’ve self-compromised and am being (pragmatically) inauthentic. I have long-standing relationships with family and friends who believe I am either like them (progressive, liberal) or if I try to say “hey have you ever thought about….” then they immediately think I’ve gone to the dark side and am a closet republican, and they start distancing themselves. It seems they can see only two possible categories to put me or anyone in: progressive/liberal, or conservative whack job. “conspiracy theorist” in their mind equals republican. These are well educated, high IQ people. I can’t break through their thinking. I’ve certainly tried straightforward logic. I can see that we are living in totally different realities. This is a strange trip I’m on, to be sure. But I know I’m perfectly sane. And it does help to read essays like this, during a time like this.

    • Joy says:

      Dani, much of my own situation is mirrored in your words, and I have struggled with the same situations and questions for years. Finally, I had to cut myself off from family and “friends,” because they were actually hinting at calling a “family intervention” and forcing me into therapy and drugs!

      What to do about it? I now have Jon’s three collections, and it is in working with his imagination exercises to reclaim my creative abilities, learning even more about the matrix and its invention and inner workings, and applying logic to the insanity that gets thrown at me that I am finding my answers. I am alone in my immediate surroundings (the dreaded “alone” that the WE preaches against), and yet this is empowering and is bringing me back to the passion and joy I began to wonder if I would ever experience again. So, keep fighting the good fight, Dani…you are on the right path!

      • Some Guy says:

        Geez… the article and the comments assures me that I’m not ‘alone’, at least not as it pertains to interacting with the social zombies. Too many of them are willingly ignorant, because they are too lazy and cowardly to face the truth… they refuse (like they did in school) to do any real homework, learn to think critically, unless it’s to argue the points of the M$M and their puppetmasters. Some know that things are fubar, and admitting that is a fact would put them on the spot with accountability/responsibility… and the ones with decent-paying jobs will stop at nothing to continue with the status-quo, including back-stabbing family members both figuratively and literally.

    • nevanell says:

      Dani: I have the same experience…I decided to keep learning as much as I can as fast as I can…and make the personal changes I can…then listen carefully to family and coworkers–their illogic stuns me, the vast assumptions and dogma of the left so confidently asserted … it is a lonely trip but I would have minimal credibility if I spoke up…dissent is disrespected these days but thankfully I am old enough to remember civil discussions, even of politics. Many of my associates have grown up on television, pop culture, and media madness. And I remember I was once in the liberal religion myself. Only now do I realize that the “WE” stands for the elite, not for all of us. Jon’s writings have been so helpful ….sanity has its own recognizable vibration.

    • Terri says:

      Dani, I had to stop speaking to my genetic relations for this and other reasons and go my own way and release them with love. It truly is a different reality and we shouldn’t sacrifice ourselves for something that causes us pain. If people love you and respect you, they will not demand you not be yourself. In society so many use “love” and “should s” to hold people hostage and that is not love. Blessings to you and all of the black sheep, or as Stuart Wilde say fringe dwellers!

  2. Sunshine says:

    A month ago I had a dream I was chasing my father. At first it was a game, but as the game progressed I grew increasing lung anxious. As he walked away he morphed into a soccer ball, and rolled away down a road, and as I chased him in ball form he morphed into a hat that was blown further down the road by visibly gusts of air. At this point I was yelling for him to stop. The hat was lifted up into the sky where it exploded and a giant game-like notice was displayed in the sky in to of the explosion. The notice said, “We are here to tell you that your anxiety level has reached it’s maximum limit.” After being surprised by seeing a sign in the sky, I was immediately bothered by the word “We.” “Who is we?” I asked? Who is sending this notice? If this is a dream then am I sending the notice? I am not a we! Who is we? I then awoke panicked, and have been puzzling over this dream ever since.

    • Sabell says:

      Hi Sunshine, If this were my dream – it would seem the dream was in a way trying to provoke anxiety, maybe in an attempt to bring attention to the “we” thing, to bring about contemplation on the matter of “we”. Exactly! Who is this We? I’ve always cringed at the mere mention of it since I believe strongly in individuality, creativity, praising that in others, and imagination is crucial to building new realities outside of this “we” box.

  3. SSDavis says:

    Professor Peter Callero is what you call a LAY jesuit. Callero was trained at the Jesuit Seattle University, then assigned to small college Oregon for extension of their social engineering ministry. They’re everywhere. His ‘Myth of Individualism..” book is the monotone replay of liberation theology/social justice of their idol Ignatius Loyola. Soldier Loyola torturing and murdering tens of thousands of Christians who wouldn’t follow the We Roman collective is exactly the same path followed today.

    (three recent negative reviews from amazon) “The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Life” by Peter Callero

    >> This book was not written by an individual; it is authored by the vast enterprise of those who make their living in social engineering. Ideal book for those who haven’t enough individual character or the will to protect it.

    >>Pure cultural Marxism. This book presents the worldview that is being weaponized to subvert and destroy the West

    >>Such a boring book… Hated it.

  4. free your mind says:

    To learn more about how the entire hippie movement was manufactured, how the Eastern religions were used as propaganda, check out the solid, verified research of Jan Irvin on gnostic media. It is mind-blowing, social engineering, like geoengineering is real. Once you know how the game is played, you can free yourself.

    • Joy says:

      I read a series of articles by an investigative journalist who also revealed that the rock music of the 60’s was the product of the same social engineering machine (Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream I was shocked to learn that many of our iconic rock stars were the children of high-level military and government intelligence parents, and that many of them couldn’t write music or even carry a tune, for that matter!

      • artemisix says:

        Laurel canyon peeps was very mediocre music……..unless bowie or T rex or a real innovator was there. Maybe Hendrix? The Eagles were mediocre…the doors, more marketing than innovation…..

    • Michael Burns says:

      @free your mind

      Careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Jan Irvin has a tendency to believe everything he thinks is true; ergo gnostic.
      Not everything can be fact. Not everything can be truth because it comes from within.

      The sixties and hippies would have happened anyway, regardless of the times, is was the infiltration of slimy CIA spooks, and cops, and FBI federal types that tried to change from within…youth still prevailed. Kids burned their draft cards and protested, refused to kill, they grew their hair long in protest of the man. They renewed their vow with creativity and their individual self.
      The manufacturing of consent was a most difficult process with the hippies. They would not submit.

      The new social Fabric that was being woven and created, scared the shit out of Johnson and Nixon and the rest of the establishment, they tried to subvert from within, asassination of the many visionaries of that period is well documented in the forever 27 club. It amazing how many incredible writers, activists of that time died without even the public knowing they existed.

      The war on drugs instituted by Nixon is still being fought today, and what have they learned after such a vast waste of money and resources.
      That eating mushrooms can help immensely with the end of life fear of dying.
      That mushrooms can deal with depression in a much better way that anti-depressants ever could.
      That cannabis is neurogenic.
      That the LSD if you choose to experience it, can be the single most important drug experience of your life.

      But to suppose the sixties was completely a creation of the social engineers is bullshit.
      It started genuinely as an answer to the stiff assed straights in a suit, the ungroovy…and then through infiltration it got debased into what we see today. A pale complexion of what it was. What was popular culture was only a veneer over what really existed then…I am a child of the sixties, and people were a lot more fun than they are today. People actually talk to each other then.

      Social engineering was an answer to the sixties.
      The mind controllers within todays culture are more prevalent and not so afraid to be public than they were in the sixties.

      The greatest rock music we have, came from the sixties; the greatest art created to date is from that period of time. The plays and poetry, stories and essays, books and films that were gained by our experience of the sixties is precious beyond belief. The sixties was mass awakening…it seems everbody have fallen back asleep again.

      Irvin classifies those who took ethnoegens as dead heads, and this he establish out of pure ignorance, he can’t get past the word drug. He has gotten a little full of himself since the Jesus and Titus theory took launch. It’s plausible, but still just a theory.

      There is a lot to be gained in the psychedelic experience, for those who know and cannot explain the meaning. Exploring one’s own head is a good thing.

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for this information.

    I agree that alcoholism, addictions and mental illness in society are natural responses to the insanity in world leadership.

  6. Greg C. says:

    Thank you Jon. Every day I wake up a little more to the nightmare official reality that surrounds us. Just discovered John Taylor Gatto and his blistering critiques of the education system. Not just the content of teaching, but the whole idea of schooling that is such a big part of our economy and which disappears most children every day behind its walls. I teach music privately, and now I better understand why so many of my students resist any kind of learning except memorizing bits of information. They become passive containers of knowledge. Official reality does that. We’ve got to tear it down, for ourselves and for the kids.

    • Terri says:

      Greg, I am so glad you are reading Gatto. You and others who are looking for solutions might want to check out these websites which are homeschool, attachment parenting and unschooling oriented. I naturally took to this philosophy and didnt know others felt the same way till i found them online. The only thing that will save humans is to return to this way of nurturing our children. The whole purpose of “education” is pretty much summed up in The Wall by Pink Floyd and Alice miller and others go back to the carnegie foundation and its german roots of creating compliant obedient workers who will love fascism and police themselves and others since they were brought up by caregivers who punitively told them to do what they were told and not talk back or think or ask questions.
      I hope you enjoy expanding your learning and can use it to not only continue to free yourself, but your students and other children as well.

      • Greg C. says:

        Thanks Terri. For me, Gatto represents a huge piece of the puzzle of why people are the way they are. (Reading Rappoport was essential to fitting in this piece.) Gatto explains after all these years, why I felt so sickened by college that I dropped out, and sickened by working as a human resource, where the bosses played the same old game that goes on in schools – divide and conquer, alienate and control. Now I see more clearly than ever, that if you can’t fit in to this society, that’s a sign that something is still alive in you. Again, thanks for the links.

        • Terri says:

          Greg, Life is a grand, mysterious puzzle, isn’t it. So many people are afraid to delve into it. Osho who teaches zen, is also one of my favorite people. Even though he left this world, courtesy of the cia, i still feel his spirit, and his lectures and foundation still teach and guide so many people around the world. He speaks a lot about the importance of the individual and was considered a threat to governments all over the world just for speaking about things!

          You are right,humans dont know better, they are indoctrinated into a system before they can question or fight back, so i have learned to have compassion instead of anger and choose to be grateful that i have taken this opportunity to be free and done the work so my children wont have to go thru this and they can be free and happy. We have such a challenge to not only reject and let go of what we were taught but to then practice something totally new. My heart has guided me and shown me how. Once you come out the other side and feel this freedom, you cant put words to it and everything changes for the better. “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” – Friederich Nietzsche

          I had to do alot of EFT, which i still do and ho’oponopono to heal and release the old programming. Be proud you dont fit in! I think J Krishnamurti sums it up well “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Ayn Rand has alot of good things to say, and she says “Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the creator is the man who goes against the current. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the creator is the man who stands alone.”
          Blessings, peace and joy 🙂

  7. Jeanne S. says:

    Thanks, Jon, for this timely and insightful reminder. Some time ago I met a woman who told me that she had no idea she was an individual until she moved to the US in mid-life. In her former country the culture was highly group-oriented with more of same in her strict, patriarchal-dominant family. She said that she lacked critical thinking skills due to rote-memorizing in schools. However, after becoming an American citizen and with further study, doors opened up in her mind that led her to rediscover and renew herself as a distinct, highly creative individual.

  8. Michael Burns says:

    @Greg C

    “They become passive containers of knowledge.” -Greg C

    Is it knowledge or is it data; useless, consious space consuming data of no other purpose that the surrender of self.

    • Greg C. says:

      @Michael Burns

      Knowledge divorced from experience is pointless. Studying for the sake of tests is pointless. Studying to get into a good college to do more studying is pointless. Letting college define what you are qualified to do is a surrender of the passive self to the control of strangers. Then what borders on the psychotic is sending out resumes that will only be read by computers and doing your best to word your resume to please a machine. Congratulations, you are now a human resource!

  9. Great stuff, Jon

    Every word “resonates” with me. However, I do see the psychosis of humanity too….

    “People that claim they are “open-minded” simply do not tell the truth. Belief systems are formed in the earliest developmental stages of life and, when set; each rehearsed dogma needs a battle to be disbelieved. Our core beliefs are usually so strong they will remain valid even when believers are convinced otherwise. “Oh, they told me UFO’s were real but I knew that wasn’t true” is your typical reverse validation. Deep down, if the message doesn’t fit it won’t fit no matter what. Therefore, I have one paragraph to capture the imaginations of an audience……”


  10. artemisix says:

    Ha! well writ!

  11. Ivan K. says:

    Collero: “Most people today believe that an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.”

    Jon Rappoport: Really? The historical record shows that a great struggle had been waged, over many centuries, for the liberation of the individual from the WE, the mass, the monolithic group. ……

    The historical record tends to function like a Rorschach test. In my view of the record, such a struggle is always waged. It doesn’t negate the fact that people are also very social creatures, very dependent on external influence for our development as individuals.

    The records of mind control show that the inherent powers of the individual to resist external influence fail to meet the expectations.

    And, it’s fairly obvious how the notion of the individual as superior over the collective creates a dangerous kind of complacence. It is, for that reason, a tool of manipulators. And it’s promoted by the mass media: how individualistic we are, how clever we are, look at today’s liberties, look at the foolishness of past times.

    Collero: “… an individual is a person with an independent and distinct identification. This, however, is a myth.”

    Jon Rappoport: “Really?”

    I think the answer is ‘Yes,’ and here’s why I think so:
    “Myth” has basically two meanings:

    1. ‘fiction’, implying non-existence and falsehood

    It is true in this sense, because human beings raised without presence of other humans develop as feral children, rather than Tarzans.

    2. a poetry of a kind that is deeply tied to our inner lives, gives us the power of inspiration, enabling us to grow and develop

    No. 2 was ignored by Collero.

  12. Sabell says:

    I’ve often cringed when the ‘new age’ moguls I like to call muggles, start speaking of ‘we’ as if “‘we’ the all”, have the same thoughts on things, and the ‘new age’ alternatively, unwittingly or wittingly, scheme, plot, or collaborate to program ‘us’ all to be a ‘we’ that believes, thinks, and acts with the same company-mind – a New Alternative (grabbing a current term, controlling and bastardizing it into a box’d concept). I absolutely odeio/hate this particular ‘we’. In speaking this ‘we’, it silences and forces the individual to conform to an idea that is completely corralled, suffocating and false.

    The ‘we’ that is agreed upon for social activities and for coming together as a group to create something fun, interesting, beautiful, and/or necessary (such as food storage, and general preparations that are necessary for a thriving community) together; that ‘we’ is fine and well understood to be a productive part of working together as a whole, as a tribe – working together in community, in communion. This is a healthy ‘we’. The individual is supported and thrives within this kind of ‘we’ that nurtures and encourages creative time alone as well as creative time ‘with’, bringing the individual’s talents in for the ‘we’ to appreciate – the inner child in all of us who is alive and is naturally compelled to learn and share discoveries and dreams.

    The ‘we’ that “ass-umes” (for ’tis no better than fart-fumed air to ass-ume) all to be the same, or “should’s” all to be of the same mind, is the ‘we’ that is more ‘misery loves company’, a pit to fall into. It is not productive and is against the flow of creativity, imagination, health, balance, and the ability for the individual to thrive. When the individual is ignored and blended into a ‘we’, stagnation and d-Con-struction is imminent leaving the rat in the race thirsting for much more than this – “Is there not more than this?” while slowly dying/d-Con-structing/anti-coagulating/separating/bleeding out from that kind of ‘we’ society; inevitably cycling back into an individual breaking out of the ‘we’ hive mind – a death of sorts = the metaphorical ‘d-Con’ – a ‘con’ in constructing a ‘we’ society; a possible irony; yet, still a breakdown as the iron that pleads, “Y can’t I be an I?” rusts off in the pooled to stagnate ‘we’-water pond becoming its own ? of “What’s truly true?” igniting curiosity and individual thought. This forced/co-erced into compliance ‘we’ seems never to truly function. This ‘we’ eventually dies off as its fallacies crumble to exposure.

    When there is an agenda of corralling the mind into a pool of thoughts, that is where I say F**k Off!!! I am not a fook’n sheeple (to use the common adage in the current running through ‘our’ society’s culling). I do believe the 1’s, the individuals who stand out, are being separated from the herd mentality naturally, and what seems to be sometimes ‘forced’ – possibly a societal program; but, I do believe it is a natural occurrence to standing out apart from the mind control that is so comfortably accepted by the herd. The individual mind naturally stands out, yet is a necessary part that must be appreciated. If there are no more 1’s, the binary resolves to zero, nothing, no 1. In that case, I am not too concerned since “I” won’t exist in that zero society… and the tangents break off and speak to themselves creating multiple scenarios and situations as the 1/the I’s open more and more doors to different realities and so on and so forth creating eternal possibilities…

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