FBI reopens Hillary email probe: what took so long?

FBI reopens Hillary email probe: why did it take so long?

by Jon Rappoport

October 29, 2016

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File this one under: “Come on. Really?”

The elephant in the room: HOW LONG HAS THE FBI KNOWN that new Hillary emails require reopening the probe in her handling of classified materials?

On or about September 23—over a month ago—the FBI announced it was looking into the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, which involved a 15-year-old girl.

Suddenly, now, FBI Director James Comey states that, as part of this investigation, his people have found emails from and to Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest aide—and these emails appear to be pertinent to the Hillary email case.

Therefore, Comey says, the FBI is reopening that case.


It took a month to discover that some emails in the Weiner scandal MIGHT BE relevant to Hillary’s use of a private email server, and her criminally negligent exchange of classified material?

Comey says he can’t predict how long it will take to find out whether the new investigation will turn up anything useful.

This sounds very much like another FBI effort to stonewall the public and let the election move ahead as planned.

Imagine what would have happened had Comey announced, three weeks ago, that he was reopening the Hillary case. A huge shadow and cloud would have been thrown over her campaign.

Obviously, Comey is under major pressure from his own FBI investigators, who were outraged when he refused to recommend prosecuting Hillary the first time. He couldn’t get away with sweeping this new finding of Hillary emails under the rug, the second time.

Thus, Comey had to reopen the investigation—but he could delay it. He could make the announcement so close to the election that no grievous indictment against Hillary would be filed before November 8th.

The last thing his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, will do is question the timing (delay) of his announcement.

Comey appears to be trying to satisfy the relevant parties—his own investigators and Hillary and her campaign bosses.

Again, the Weiner investigation began a month ago. It took that long to come across the Huma Abedin emails and see they MIGHT have some relevance to the original Hillary investigation?

Exit From the Matrix

A month ago, a few hundred FBI investigators could have told Comey, “Guess what? Anthony Weiner is married to Hillary’s closest aide. Let’s gear up and look for Huma emails right now…” This was no mystery. A green FBI agent, in his first week on the job, could have seen it.

Then, with an automated tech search, Huma’s name would have come up in minutes.

With a combination of further automated searches and FBI desk jockeys on the case, key contents of Huma emails would have been unearthed quickly. And then—stop everything. Shift gears and get back into the Hillary investigation.

A month ago, in a day or two, that’s exactly what would have happened.

Under the posturing Comey, the FBI is throwing more and more dirt on its own face.

Scandals on top of scandals on top of scandals.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

27 comments on “FBI reopens Hillary email probe: what took so long?

  1. swo8 says:

    What the heck are they going to do about it? Can she still be a candidate?

  2. Nathan & Aline says:

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I think they are trying to publicly shame both candidates, as a way to undermine people’s belief in the political system, as well as in America. The anthem in the beginning of sporting events has also suddenly become a thing this year across multiple forms of sports, probably because they are now at the point that they must destroy the strawman of the USA that they have created over the past 100 years, so that they can finally begin the transition to world communitarianism. The Anti Communitarian Manifesto is an excellent source of information for this long held agenda. The American political infrastructure has outlived its usefulness in its current form, and thus must be undermined in every way possible; in this way, many people will be begging for the changes that they have in store for America.

    Thanks for the wonderful articles, keep them coming, be well.

  3. Dani says:

    I’m assuming…. initially he was threatened (directly, or his loved ones). Not an excuse but a reason. They are ALL threatened in one way or another, if not sociopathic. And yeah now there has been early voting, so it could be plausibly spun that enough Hillary supporters voted her “in” before this latest FBI probe. Maybe.

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Nathan and Aline,

    Regretfully, I agree. Society is very, very sick. The credibility of our most sacred institutions is destroyed. Jon realized that we were living in a bubble of deception, something we individually suspected from our own individual lives.

    This may result in a return to the fundamental belief in a Higher Power than crooked doctors, politicians, priests and scientists.

  5. From Québec says:

    I think that the FBI knows that Trump will win in a landslide, and that they are afraid, because Trump said that if he is elected, he will investigate the previous FBI investigation of Hillary personal’s emails

    And recently, Trump at his rallies, keeps saying that if he his President, he will DRAIN THE SWAMP in Washignton DC.

    Imagine if Comey is investigated and he ends up in jail…lol… WOW!
    Wouldn’t you like to see this?

    • Vernon Devine says:

      Trump is a bully and tries to intimidate people, so he will try to use this against Hillary. I think he will fail because he is a worse candidate. He cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second wife and now he has a third wife. He has had 6 bankruptcies. He has touched woman inappropriately. His unfitness for President is overwhelming. Hillary is a much better candidate, look how she won all the debates. We need to keep Trump out of the Oval Office as we need to get her into the Oval Office!

      • From Québec says:

        I really feel sorry for you Vernon. How can you vote for the worst corrupted woman ever seen in the White House? No wonder corruption is ramping with people like you. Stop ltaking your news from the MSM.

        And good luck with WW3 with Russia that Killary wants to start..

      • Dickard says:

        Both scum of the earth, like 98% of politicians. Enjoy the show electing the next loser.

        • From Québec says:

          Trump is not a politician. He is a succesful business man and a visionary.
          He has imagination and creativity.
          And on top of all that, he is a WINNER.

          The real losers are you and Vernon.

      • Terri says:

        Here is something for you to look at vernon. This is hitlery’s handiwork at its finest. this is what happened to ambassador Stevens.
        look at this picture and then tell me you still plan to vote for the murderous psychopath.
        if you still can, you and the rest of your brainwashed slave group are an accessory to murder. you are the face of an enabler to fascism and everything evil.

        Here is a little song someone wrote about the exploits of hitlery. Check it out.

  6. From Québec says:

    Donald Trump vows to ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’ #Election

  7. Greg C. says:

    Comey could be feeling the heat from a possible Trump presidency, where the investigators will be investigated. So he’s creating the image of himself as being slow and inept, rather than a partner in crime. Dumbness is the modern-day refuge of the white-collar criminal. Hillary has established that (“I don’t recall” – “What does C stand for?” – “Just turn off the damn firewall” – “I’ll just step outside to use my cell phone so I don’t break any rules.” – “Putin is to blame for my stolen emails” etc. etc.)

  8. Bruce says:

    Excellent post Mr. Rappoport. Thank you. Hillary will never be indicted unless suddenly becoming useless or too painfully expensive in her role as Oligarchy Pawn. If in the unlikely event, she is indicted, I’ll warrant Hillary ought be granted a trial before her peers and an opportunity to defend herself. That said, we don’t have to be attorneys at law to read some of her now public emails in context of her position as Secretary of State; compare them to the rather straight-forward wording of U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 793, subsections (f) and (g); and make a determination of probable guilt. She has clearly demonstrated multiple violations of this so-called Espionage Act and is potentially liable to fines, imprisonment or both.

    Even more unfortunately, piling on dozens of reasons never to prosecute, is subsection (g) stating any person aware of such violations and not coming forward is also guilty of violating the Act. My non-lawyer interpretation of this factoid suggests a cast of hundreds in this role, including Comey himself at this juncture and as we see in publicly disclosed emails, Obama himself.

    This is a devastating affront to our Constitution based Rule of Law and supposed checks and balances on government over-reach, corruption, malfeasance in office, treason, etc. Clearly D.C. is badly broken and fully corrupt from the halls of Congress, through Federal Agencies, the West Wing of the White House and the Oval Office itself. I’m not aware in my Baby Boomer life time, of such far reaching, blatant, in-your-face, integrity challenged corruption, cowardice and lack of honor.. I imagine the entire world laughing their asses off at the gullibility, naivete of uninformed American citizens, spineless government and banana republic mentality – except there’s nothing funny to laugh at. Is this the Obama Legacy?

  9. Theodore says:

    BREAKING: Feds Leak Details of New Clinton Investigation / Weinergate

    Internal civil war in the federal government will determine the future of our Republic


  10. It seems to me that the attempt [all along] was to shift the “game” around normal rules, Jon

    Who cares if one million schoolchildren are “regrettably” killed in the war [that isn’t] in Syria by US mercenaries? Who cares about the contents of Clinton’s “other e-mails”? No, no, no far more important things to concentrate on here. There’s a sex scandal. Isn’t that how they got Bill? Even better….underage sex! Wow, that’ll get the mindless masses stoked up. Gotta get our “priorities” right, eh?

    No impeachments for the lies that created Iraq. I read recently Amerika netted a cool $30T in gold and a mere $20T in oil from that escapade. Them’s the breaks, I guess.



  11. From Québec says:

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI Mutiny Reopened Clinton Investigation

  12. From Québec says:

    A Vote For Hillary is a Vote For World War 3

  13. Mavis says:

    Timing could be to divert attention from far more serious wiki leak exposures regarding the Clinton Family Foundation Pay for Play schemes, their shell companies, etc etc etc
    Who will investigate the Investigators?

  14. jaihan says:

    I am strongly suggesting that we stop attacking Hillary until after the election. The ship is sinking, but what happens if it sinks BEFORE the election? With just a handful of days to go, we better have a backup plan. Let’s future this out, or go very deeply down the rabbit hole, if you will. Given Trump is gaining ground among the “Eddies” and that Hillary is losing ground in ever increasing scandals; whatever is a globalist to do!? Wringing hands fast gives way to a closer inspection of the chess board. Support for Hillary is very quietly withdrawn and devastating emails are “allowed” to be leaked by various outlets, until it becomes a deluge and Hillary is forced to abdicate from the election. Can the liberal Dems be forced to choose another candidate. According to the by-laws of the DNC they can be forced to choose another candidate.

    And by golly, with much muttering and sidelong eye rolling, they choose… … Michelle Obama (!) – who bravely steps forward to carry the globalist torch forward. Now what, Mr Trump? And although this is a long-shot, you better have researched this path. This fantasy election alternative is actually, and think about this… the ONLY way that Michelle could run and potentially win. And she wants it bad. You can see that thirst for power in her speeches. Bear in mind, there is NOTHING now that the global corruption will not use to solidify control, NOTHING. Because if they lose America, they will suffer a severe setback if not defeat, which could potentially last a very long time. Brexit is irrelevant to them. America is crucial in their chain shackle of control. Let us not be shocked or awed at what is about to happen. The Great Game is being played out on a scale never before recorded in human history. It is thousands of years in the making and if it comes down in my lifetime, that is 1000 years of planning gone in a matter of weeks which will be quite the rubber band snap. No matter what, we need to carry the torch of freedom forward. And if you think for one minute you are free, look at the bottom line on your student debt bill, your paycheck(s), your medical and dental deductibles and your food bill. We are ENSOULING beings and caretakers of the wisdom of the earth. Boy, have we forgotten that one.

    • arcadia11 says:

      nicely said, jaihan. thank you.

    • From Québec says:

      Michelle Obama, that tranny! You are klidding right?

      Do not forget that Obama will also be accused in the FBI new investigation.
      He lied to the FBI when he told them that he wasn’t aware of Killary private server, when in fact he was. He has been directly implicated in Hillary Clinton’s controversial private emails, according to documents recently released. So he will get indicted also.

      Do you really think that people will vote for Michelle my bell, Do you think people want Obozo back in the White House!

      Not going to happen..

  15. Illa Adams says:

    Just suppose this is a way to stop (postpone) the election and guess who stays in charge.

  16. farsight3 says:

    One married a pedophile; the other a sex predator — now they want America to trust their good judgment?

  17. SD says:

    RE:…sounds very much like another FBI effort to stonewall the public and let the election move ahead as planned…

    D C Special Events program may have been interrupted by incensed NYPD agents streaming out of the de Blasio Boys Ranch.

    –and WTF is the (wife o’ deputy Dir FBI) Doc Jill McCabe reported as “FBI spokeswoman” on 2006 Arizona child murder case 2016 re-investigation?

    totally MacabRe FBI dances with D OJ’s while Podesta buddy dirty magic Petros Kadjjk now in CHARGE of musical chairs pedo Billionaire global RING!

    — that’s the SOUND!

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