Breaking Hillary email scandal: open rebellion at the FBI

Breaking Hillary email scandal: open rebellion at the FBI

by Jon Rappoport

8:03PM ET, October 29, 2016

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Sources: NBC News, Gateway Pundit

NBC is claiming it took the FBI until today to obtain a warrant to search the thousands of emails in the Weiner sexting case, in order to see whether they also impacted the Hillary scandal. The Dept. of Justice and Obama are fuming over FBI Director Comey’s announcement that he is reopening the Hillary case.

As I indicated yesterday, Comey has been feeling big-time pressure from his own agents. Some had sent him letters of resignation, others flat-out refused to talk to him—all because he’d let Hillary off the hook the first time around. There was open rebellion at the Bureau.

That is no small thing. When the highest law-enforcement agency in the country is riddled with conflict, when work-a-day agents are suddenly siding with the Truth, against their own boss, the whole show is threatening to fall apart. If it did, who knows what else would fall out of the hopper? The FBI is famous for slanted investigations, cooked evidence, grossly incompetent lab work, and secret infiltration of groups protesting against the government.

power outside the matrix

If a few current agents dared violate their non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and suddenly went public about the first phony Hillary investigation (and who knows what else), the Bureau would blow up. And along with it, the Dept. of Justice would be nakedly exposed as well.

One disclosure leads to another. A few defecting agents lead to more defecting agents.

These possibilities, as much as anything else, pushed Director Comey over the edge, and he grabbed the opportunity the Weiner case afforded, and reopened the Hillary case.

Re the Hillary campaign, the Dept. of Justice, and Obama, the FBI has gone rogue. Its honest agents have staged their own kind of coup.

Stay tuned…

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

30 comments on “Breaking Hillary email scandal: open rebellion at the FBI

  1. George Garces de Marcilla says:

    its about time.

  2. mrcamillon says:

    Hillary Clinton along with her staff are corrupt. All of these bums should be in prison.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you for this report. The corruption is so pervasive throughout all, or almost all, federal agencies that collapse would be like the walls of Jerico.

  4. jtremaine says:

    Somebody tell the truth besides Trump. This is our only chance to depose the tyranny.

  5. Trico says:

    A few minutes ago I read an Alternative explanation which was Obama& DOJ’s Lynch were blocking a search warrant but Anthony Weiner stepped forward authorizing the FBI to search through the emails making a search warrant unnecessary.
    Whichever version is true, what is not in dispute is that Barack Obama & Loretta Lynch need to be removed from their positions,
    Arrested, Tried, Imprisoned.

    • Rife says:

      When high level government officials commit these despicable acts, it is treason and they should be punished accordingly [if duly convicted by a jury]!

  6. From Québec says:

    AG Lynch Takes The Fifth As Crisis Intensifies

  7. This is a very interesting situation, Jon, one that I certainly hadn’t calculated.

    Having private liaisons (for areas of my research) with poorly camouflaged FBI (and CIA) agents, I wonder how well snakes can hiss. Just to be clear, I am not being facetious here, but to dislodge Clinton “once and for good” would be a herculean feat!

    I feel sure fallout from the foundation could make Hiroshima pale.


    P.S. I read recently somewhere that Rothschild intends to buy up the world’s gold supply (lets hope there’s no more earthquakes). Does that have a bearing on this?

  8. And now new evidence linking Clinton foundation to voting machines…is the rigging in place.

    650,000 Weiner emails on his laptop…is eight days enough time to read them?
    Good god almighty, that a lot of reading, the FBI agents will hornier than three-peckered billy goat after reading all that sexting.

    If Hillary Rodham Clinton losses the election, will Obama pardon her? If she wins will she pardon herself.

    Is there really a conspiracy going on between Putin and Comey to hijack our Hillary…OMG inquiring minds want to know?

    And finally, why is the shadow universe, reaching into this universe; and is there a Big, Big Monday Halloween surprise for Hilly baby. I think there a big can woopass coming from the dark side. Negative feedbacks a bitch baby.

    • It would take approximately 3 years for one person to process 650K e-mail in 10 hour consecutive daily shift. Bulky e-mails may take anywhere between 30 and 300 years.

      1000 agents could process the e-mails (if they were short) in a day. Although, how does one “apportion” 650K e-mails?

      Well spotted on the rigged vote link. Aren’t the Clintons’ Bush cousins? Trump would win by a landslide on the popular vote, so the foundation has the most to gain.

      • Michael Burns says:

        Curious to note here Oz, after some time, that both sides were rigging the vote…way too funny.

        Have you been watching who Trump picks as his cabinet.

        It is such powerful theater on the world mind. It sometimes feels very strange knowing that, it is theater, only.
        It’s like the football team getting together and voting what the mascot should be for the team.
        Us and Them….what a concept.

        • Funnily enough, US politics doesn’t interest me, MB.

          I never care who they pick or what they say, only what they do (particularly behind closed doors).

          If Trump fails, all those crows that huddled behind him deserve to fail too. There’s always a big ego beneath a big mouth. The opening gambit is looking interesting. Trump is looking like he might be the first president ever that stands for no nonsense from Israel.

          I still think he should insist AIPAC becomes “legal”. That will literally put the cat amongst the pigeons.

          Early dayz…..but interesting ones… last!

  9. EyeOfTheStorm says:

    For Obama and Clinton, the outcome is existential (or long prison sentences), so expect them to do anything, up to and including starting WW3. The walls are coming down any way it goes, I don’t think America can ever go back to StatusQuoLand. The revolution starts in our minds, beyond lies freedom. Thanks for being a TruePatriot, Jon.

  10. MoonSurfer says:

    As I analyzed, Comey will be in big trouble…

  11. CJay says:

    I hope that banging sound I hear in the distance is someone testing the trap door on the gallows [in anticipation of a guilty verdict from the jury].

  12. Noel Gillett Fowler says:

    Your assertion is backed by NO evidence. True or not, the “argument” is really nothing more than the thesis itself, which by definition does NOT cut the mustard. As regards to FBI scandals, they’ve been covering up the fact that they fabricated the resume of Senator Barbara Boxer for their friends–Barbara’s handlers–at the Bohemian Club. She’s no “liberal”, just a black-op instigated cut-out for the Nazi fucks of the Draconian elites. Prior to politics she had no white collar experience, or any advanced degrees. Nothing on her resume but her time as a cheerleader at Brooklyn College, followed by an very brief stint as a secretary at a backwater Wall Street Firm. No problem, the title of mere secretary was inflated to that of a stockbroker, and then to further muddy the waters her handlers chose as the name of her employer a completely fictitious entity with a name so generic as to read almost like a pronoun–“Wall Street Securities Firm”, all in capitals as a proper noun. But if you’re writing for Jeff Rense then you’re likely writing for the very same initiatory groups as he belongs to, all of which are run by my very own, highly inbred, 13th bloodline. So inbred in fact that it’s a wonder we all aren’t a bunch of color-blind hemophiliacs. Instead, we have weak neural immunity, a consequence of too many cousins fucking across too many centuries, if not much more. And the matter is not at all made better by the work of my lineage–to desecrate the living shit out of the earth, water, air and food etc.–since all of those pollutants are far more detrimental to us inbreds than normal folk. And there’s this damn matter of the infernal curse of the lineage itself, “most hated by God” as my Great Great Grandaddy was name, i.e. Esau Gillett, a.k.a. Farting Fowler, a nickname no doubt attributed to him due to his grand ambition of killing the planet with the fumes of his ass. As to the FBI, I’m sure the entire operation is well under control, under the iron fist of the mighty G. Welcome to Hell. Welcome to my family. The G-men of the FBI are more loyal to the Draconian elites, and if any try to jump ship and blow the whistle, one can expect the usual body count. Just a routine housekeeping chore. Certainly no cause for panic. The iron fist reigns supreme.

    • @ NGF

      I guess we’re all capable…but after reading your story. The bullshit meter, jumped up of the table; I distinctly heard the sound Boing yoing yoing, and the all the springs and knobs fell off it. I’ll buy a new one.

      What are you saying there is no knights in shining armor, no white hats left in the FBI anymore. No carreer guys that have had enough, who are sick and tire, and won’t take anymore and are joining the revolution.

      There is a profound and terrible beauty when a men seeks true redemption, it’s an actual miracle. People yearn to clean again, they crave after a while to be fresh like a baby breath. The great release of energy is amazing. Has to be witnessed to be understood.
      You did know the revolution was going on right? It’s been raging for a while now…
      I mean it’s quieter that fart in wind storm…but man its a tsunami.
      The rats will be jumpin ship.

    • Terri says:

      Interesting point of view, you have that point of view.
      The apocalypse, the lifting of the veil, is greater than any of us and the time of the great choosing is at hand. how does it get better than that? what else is possible?

      Love is All There Is all else is illusion.

  13. dj says:

    months of leaks and facts one after the other
    nothing sticks
    FBI reopenes investigation
    with no facts everything sticks
    I love it
    who would have thought we were trying too hard.

  14. Jane Previous Lee says:

    Okay, let’s see, Harry Reid is basically saying, ” It does not matter if a candidate committed a crime, because prior to an election, no amount of harm they could do by committing a crime, should disqualify them from public office”. Really? This is clearly a sign that Reid believes the ends justify the means, that no matter how much harm a candidate poses to a nation, as long as it is his friend, that person should win. Well Reid, herein lies the flaw in your judgement, the ends pre-exist in the means, and you are what you do. Hillary Clinton is more about what she does then the ‘coached’ words that pour out of her mouth. Clinton is more crazy then Reid, however; she clearly labels anyone who opposes her as an enemy of the state. She comes across like paranoid tyrant, and she’s not even in office yet. Lol. Also, her supporters are sexist, she can do no wrong because she’s a woman, therefore a victim, just like Leona Helmsley who once declared, “the law is only for little people.” This just keeps getting better and better.

  15. patriotmilitiadotcom says:

    Both candidates suck up to Jews and Israel. War is coming no matter who wins. If Hillary hits Iran Russia will nuke the USA from 12 miles offshore subs. If Trump wins he will show his nuts by carpet bombing ISIS and will hit Russian troops and then Russia will nuke the US. Nostradamus got the exact date of 911. WWIII comes in a year with the number 7 in it.
    If you live in a city of over one stoplight in the middle of town you are essentially the walking dead.

  16. Peter Moline says:

    I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical of the FBI, they have to be at least part and particle of the false flag shootings and bombings we have been plagued with these many years. I find it very difficult to accept the idea that a few ‘White Knights’ in the agency are making a stand and are going to ride in and save the day. Nope, I ain’t buying that.

    I’m thinking this is a one off operation, some deep state group or whatever has decided it will better serve their purposes to not have the Clinton crime group gain anymore power and so time to take them down and better yet after she becomes POTUS. That scenario contains enough negative consequences to cause me all the troublesome worry my poor pea brain can handle.

    So maybe I’ll just say hooray, and cheer Comey and his crew of ‘White Knights” on. However if I have learned anything from Mr. Rappoport it is that there is always a layer or two or more to be considered when these major political events are in play.

  17. D3F1ANT says:

    Well…the FBI and FBI personnel have stayed quiet for THIS long. I’ll believe in this “revolt” when I see the results. Comey is a hack. He’s not suddenly honest–or out to do the right thing–just because he’s re-opened the case. I’m VERY cautiously optimistic. He’s still managed to waste enough time to ensure Hillary’s finishing the race. His real job–and the damage–is already done.

  18. tricolorro1 says:

    Apparently it was the Boys In Blue, the NYC Police Officers that were investigating the Anthony Weiner Pedophilia Gate that discovered the cache of Emails. Story here:

  19. Chris Hankins says:

    What happens now? James Comey just made the announcement this evening that they have concluded the review of 650,000 emails and have not changed their prior conclusion about not prosecuting Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t seem possible that this could be true. It sounds to me that there is a tremendous amount of corruption in the the Justice Department. Someone needs to come forward.

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