Trump won’t prosecute Hillary: politics in the Matrix

Politics in the Matrix: Trump won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton

by Jon Rappoport

November 22, 2016

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“If Donald Trump can help her [Hillary] heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.” —Kellyanne Conway, former Trump campaign manager

Donald Trump achieved two great things in his presidential campaign: he stopped Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House, and he ran against the media by attacking them mercilessly.

Everything else is up for grabs. We will see.

Already, he has made some “errors.” The appointment of Mike Pompeo as CIA director is a bad move. Pompeo, as a congressman, introduced the Dark Act, which now prevents the states from requiring GMO labels on food. And he favors the death sentence for Edward Snowden.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump will not attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton. This is on the level of lowering the window shades for a vampire as dawn breaks. Hillary was certainly guilty in the email case, and the Clinton Foundation is a pay-for-play money laundering operation of global proportions—a private and parallel State Department, in which cash is the only standard for “diplomacy.” And these charges are mere low-hanging fruit on the Clinton crime family tree.

Pursuing justice is supposed to be a Trump hallmark.

Politics in the Matrix is a tap dance and a shuffle. Deals and compromises are made all the way along the line. Washington and its media allies suck their very life juices from those deals. Like some fungus, they thrive in the dark every-day corruption of This traded for That. In many ways, Trump exclaimed he was above the game. The deals he was going to make would all be on the side of benefiting America—so he has a price to pay for asserting he was most definitely a different character on the political scene.

That unbridled assertion was what drove huge numbers of people to show up at his rallies all over the country. They wanted an outsider who had a serious ax to grind with Washington and the media. They wanted him to be angry and outraged—because they were, too. They didn’t want a great healer, because justice comes before healing.

Many of them had felt the effects of Globalism and its grotesque trade treaties. They were out of work, and he was going to bring back jobs. But that wasn’t their only motivation. They knew their jobs had been stolen by anti-American elites, and they wanted the sword of justice to fall on those elites. They knew Hillary Clinton was an arch-Globalist.

For these millions of Trump supporters, forgiving and forgetting and moving on isn’t presidential. It smells bad. They were never part of the glazed-over New Age crowd, and they aren’t now. The cheese-glob “coming together” isn’t in their lexicon. They don’t view anger as a character defect or a “compensatory” response that traces back into early childhood. They want bad people to pay for their crimes.

Hillary Clinton would be at the top of their list. Helping her heal is a sick joke. They want her in prison where she belongs. They know her constant vapid calls for “national unity” during the campaign were a straight-out con, a cover for her lust for power.

They see nothing redeeming about her. It’s simple: she fights the good and embraces evil. Therefore, she should be punished.

Doing so would set an example and a course for the Trump administration: we don’t back away, we don’t back down. We aren’t separating “campaign talk” from presidential action. We’re not trying to make that phony distinction.

If Trump prosecuted Hillary to the full extent of the law, then of course the owls would come out hooting: he’s vengeful; he can’t let go; he’s mean; he’s spiteful; he’s a cruel sadist; this goes beyond any civilized sense of propriety befitting a real leader.

Yes? And? So?

So what?

The Matrix Revealed

Is Trump the same man now that he was when he was campaigning?

Even asking that question seems naïve, because of course we know all politicians rearrange themselves after they win a victory. But Trump portrayed himself as very, very different. He stood on that difference. He celebrated it. He reveled in it. He took great pleasure in it.

Now, he has to pay the price.

His supporters don’t want to hear some garbled nonsense about how prosecuting Hillary would create a giant distraction from the job of leading the country. Trump’s whole campaign was a distraction from politics as usual. That’s what gave him strength.

Prosecuting Hillary Clinton now would be counter-intuitive and outrageous, and therefore it would be the most Trumpian thing Trump could do.

It would give him more support from his millions of people.

And it would be right and correct and it would deliver justice where justice has been needed for a very long time.

And when the whole host of sordid details about Hillary’s crimes came spilling out into the light, people who pride themselves on being in the camp of the “beautiful and virtuous” would realize who they have been defending.

It would provide a valuable lesson, and the price of admittance to that show would trump the decades of waiting America has endured in the case of The People vs. Hillary Clinton.

This case has now been canceled.

Donald Trump achieved two great things in his presidential campaign: he stopped Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House, and he ran against the media by attacking them mercilessly. Failing to prosecute Hillary is not a great thing. It is a very bad thing.

Coda: I sense there may be a little side-op here. Trump’s special advisor and inside man, innovator, media-attacker, and Breitbart editor, Steve Bannon, most certainly opposes the move to let Hillary off the hook. Is this a signal that Steve is out of the loop, or out altogether? He’s the most dangerous threat to the big media oligarchy.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

86 comments on “Trump won’t prosecute Hillary: politics in the Matrix

  1. Brian K says:

    Considering the Clinton Global Initiative’s ties to human trafficking in Haiti through Laura Silsby, the pizzagate scandal which seems to link much of the Clinton inner circle to human trafficking, the trips both Clintons took to Jeffrey Epstein’s island of abominations, her alleged role in starting the astroturf civil war in Syria among a myriad of other war crimes, and the tendency of people inconvenient to the Clintons to die in strange circumstances, letting her off the hook would be a massive betrayal. I still want to believe that he really is a “rogue billionaire” playing 4d chess, but it’s not looking good so far.

    • Donna Wright says:

      It is a MASSIVE betrayal, you are right. A lie is a lie is a lie. Now Jan Brewer reportedly says she never thought The Wall was literal, only metaphoric! What?!!!! Did Sheriff Joe also think it was metaphoric?

    • Patricia says:

      Brian, K, thanks for expressing so well what I feel and I have the same “rogue billionaire” hope that you do. Not forgetting that it’s how you make a deal. that makes a deal… This announcement will negate the necessity of any rubber stamp pardons. You get my drift, I’m sure. Other than this, I’d like to say thanks to Jon R for having integrity. Since I lived in PA when Killery and hubby wubby were in Arkansas and then she “stood by her man,” I swore at the time, if she ever ran for president I’d oppose her to the best of my ability. Thus I spent hours on the I/T each day of the election defending Donald Trump and spreading his message. Not just to oppose Killery, but because I believed Donald Trump and that he wants to make America great again. Part of the way to make America great again is to bring justice when it is due to those who have violated it on so many fronts, i.e., the Clintons et al. Not just cute phrases, like drain the swamp, clean house – you really need to stand up for justice as part of making American great again. But as you write, it’s not looking good so far.

    • Matt says:

      Outstanding overview of the Hitlary , Brian K , …but please let this this man take the oath of office FIRST , before making any judgments or drawing any conclusions about his Presidency . As you’ll probably agree; it’s a grave mistake to under estimate Donald J Trump . How do we know that he’s not playing possum , or executing a masterful “head fake’ to overt a pardon by Oboingo etc.? Let’s just wait and see , Patience is a virtue. He is calculating the risk/benefit of announcing his ACTUAL intentions . (In light of the rabid , radical leftist “press-titute ” media hacks, we need to lead them to a slaughter and give them a nice healthy serving of humble pie – just like he did recently at the tower , did he not? ) I am confident that Trump WILL honor his pledge and lock – her -up ! Jeff Sessions is all you need to see . Patience.

    • Don says:

      Trump willbe judged ! He is on probation ith people He should worry about Justice and not healing a treasonous Bitchin devil worshipper
      Heal the people Justice or Be Damned for lies
      He is threading on the ce with the people
      Either his word is his bond or his nuts and word are worthless
      If he lies and treats the people liken to shit the blowback will destroy him
      Greatness or HELL

  2. Donna Wright says:

    I’d been waiting to see Jon’s “take” on this pivot of Trump’s. Lots of cognitive dissonance going on in my mind. We’ve been plain out lied to, but, as usual, how does the little person fight back? At least Jon calls it as it is and hasn’t waffled! His truthfulness does help, even if only a little.

  3. n3angus says:

    This gives Trump massive Leverage over the whole democratic party because if Trump went after Hillary the whole party is involved in her and Bills activities and getting away with it . Remember the Government is the Biggest Mob of all and you will never beat it , but like Reagan you can try and Manage it for the majority while using things like this to keep it from taking you out !!!!
    Here is something that needs managed and put back into its Box that the Extremists in the Obama network unleashed …. PAY ATTENTION to the 800 Pound Gorilla in the world today and if we don’t this Gorilla will spread and KILL US ALL !!!!!! Take these People SERIOUS when they say they are here to Dominate !!!!!!!!!!


    THIS IS NO GAME but a Matter of LIFE and DEATH and to those who seek to depopulate the world letting this creature out of their Box for a while seems to be the plan !!!!!

  4. Let’s hope you are wrong Jon. If not — there is plenty that we can do.

    • InalienableWrights says:

      IF Trump has gone sideways, we need to raise hell with him!

      • My thoughts exactly. We need to make as much noise on this as possible right away. His best move right now would be to say Kellyanne misspoke and what he meant was that he won’t prosecute her off the bat but will let his attorney general decide if she needs a special prosecutor.
        He can’t just let her and hubby off the hook with a wave of the hand. We won’t stand for that and he needs to hear it.

        • Jeanne Hintze says:

          “If Donald Trump can help her [Hillary] heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.” —Kellyanne Conway, former Trump campaign manager

          Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps….

          Perhaps, until the end of January-is that enough time? Perhaps to allow the country to heal enough to stop the Liberal Bullying?

          Perhaps ‘West Coast Liberal’ wants us to make noise about this, because he is loving the conflict, wants more rioting, wants it all resolved and put to bed while Obama can still Pardon all of the Clintons’ felonies and those of their cronies, too..

          Perhaps she is even speaking of a metaphysical healing? As in coming clean, serving her time before she meets her Maker?

          Actually I am a bit surprised about Jon’s lack of logic on this one. The time to beat the drums is February, and make sure Congress hears those drums.

          Perhaps, the most logical approach is for the appropriate law jurisdiction to use Civil Forfeiture against the Clinton’s. Doesn’t Haiti have just cause for the crime of fraud? I’m not strong on legalities, and am asking Santa for Jon Rappaport’s ‘Matrix Revealed,’ for a better understanding of logic!

          PS. My agenda for suggesting Civil Forfeiture, is that I am appalled by the process, or rather lack of due process. Perhaps, using it against the Clintons in this situation, with somewhere around 5 Million dedicated Clinton supporters (based on numbers signing the ‘bully the electors’ petition)…will give this heinous process enough visibility, that the process can be out lawed.


    • Donna Wright says:

      Please list some actionable, practical responses of “the plenty we can do.” I don’t think there’s anything we can do now.

  5. IMNAHA says:

    Prosecuting HRC has the possibility of opening Pandora’s box and Trump’s possible involvement in things such as Epstein’s Lolita Island. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and are often reminded of this. On the same note it has been rumored that Wikileaks was been surreptiously taken over by intel before they could activate the “dead man switch” which would have potentially blown up a lot of top level politicians (including Trump?).

    • Donna Wright says:

      Baloney! He said he’d prosecute Hilary and now he won’t. A lie is a lie is a lie. All these extenuating examples of yours smacks of the usual filthy politics we’ve endured for years.

  6. Jonathan Hughes says:

    God is merciful through people. That Mercy is seen in Trump wanting to heal Hillary. She needs to see the error of her ways loving what is in the world rather than what is to come that will last forever.That is commendable. I cannot say anything against that. Mike Pompeo needs to change his views or get out. GMOs are not good for us. Snowden harmed no one. Mike Pompeo is unequal in his thinking. Obama is against the security of all of us wanting Muslims milling about increasing in numbers. Snowden is a distraction.

    • InalienableWrights says:

      You Sir are a fool. The Witch will just continue cutting throats if she is not stopped.

    • Donna Wright says:

      Usual claptrap baloney about Mercy. She’s an out and out liar who has betrayed America.

    • Bob Klinck says:

      Mr. Hughes, the puritanical (punishment-centered) tendencies of the American justice system are disturbing, but you seem to be approving of there being no justice whatever. The many persons who have been dealt with harshly (often for mercenary reasons?) deserve to see some proportionality in the penalties imposed on privileged persons like the Clintons.

  7. John says:

    The biggest thing that came out of this election is far bigger than Trump. It is the movement that has been ignited. The genie that the globalists feared. This genie has popped out of the bottle and it has the globalists running scared. These megalomaniacs/globalists fear a world which is not contrived, which is real and based on facts. Globalists fear truth and men with integrity that can not be bought. These sorry excuse for human beings fear the narrative they have no control over.

    The statist media was the key factor to globalization taking hold. They were the globalists goto receiver, it was the statist media which was the primary facilitator for the globalists and their endless propaganda. This stacked deck has slowly been shuffled, it no longer is given credence by a vast majority of American citizens. Trump whether you like him or not has awoken the masses and he had the guts to called out the lies of the MSM often. The man had the cojones to stand up to the bullies that have been creating the news rather than reporting on it. He has put the spotlight on BS! No other candidate could have done what he has done in this last year and a half.

    It is over the for the freaks, geeks and circus clowns at the networks and MSNBC, CNN, and the NY Times. These psychopaths are the only ones who don’t know they are finished. It is now time for Trump to deliver and make globalism nothing more than a bad memory/nightmare.

    Just do what is best for America and the citizenry, this country will then rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Just do what is right based on common sense. Borders, language, culture, currency, jobs, living sustainable wages, national security. Life comes down to making a good living, feeling secure, enjoying liberty and having the ability to dream. That is what every man craves and needs in order to live rather than just exist. It is either this or usher in the age of the machines and make the human race obsolete.

    • Terri says:

      Good points John,Ultimately its up to the people for its our country and Trump has set the course and inspired so many! its way bigger than him or any individual.
      This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to make sure they are claiming their own power and taking it back and not allowing fear for what someone else could or would do affect them. We must use introspection to see if victim consciousness is lurking and decide that we can decide for ourselves, not someone else.

  8. Jeanne Hintze says:

    Can he just use Civil Forfeiture? No need to prosecute-let the court battles be on Clinton’s dime.
    And don’t stop with Hillary; Pelosi, Boxer, Reed…

    It would seem wise to wait until late January, anyway. Obviously Obama would pardon them.

    • Terri says:

      Jeanne, there has been talk about using RICO which would seize all assets against the foundation.
      We must be careful not to advocate unconstituional acts such as civil forfeiture which is shady.

  9. michaelfrivero says:

    and I too am greatly disappointed that the United States still has a criminal class that is above the law. In one stroke, Trump has already damaged his credibility as chief enforcer of the US laws. A lot of the support he had to win this election will likely abandon him on the re-election.
    However, politics is a practical profession, so let us take a closer look. The fact that Conway delivered this statement signals this is a political message rather than a legal one.
    Trump knows that the rioting in Portland and elsewhere, along with the threats against the electors, is organized by a group of people deathly afraid of going to jail, and even willing to assassinate him to avoid their day in court.
    So, what I expect has happened is that a deal had been made for Hillary to fade quietly into private life in exchange for calling off the riots and threats to the electors, which I suspect we will see vanish in the next few days.
    I don’t like this decision, but I understand why Trump may have seen this as the best way to quiet down those trying to delegitimize him before he even takes the oath of office. And if I am correct that Hillary was selling US secrets to foreign interests with that private email server and using the Foundation to collect and launder the payments, then Trump doesn’t need a scandal on such a scale to be made public and delegitimize the entire government he is about to take charge of. Like I said, I don’t like this decision, but I understand why Trump may have seen this as the optimal course.

    • InalienableWrights says:

      We need to read between the lines. If his AG does NOT prosecute her, the entire government will be seen as illegitimate by tens of millions of Americans.

      I for one will not support a government that will not prosecute it’s own that has committed hundreds of crimes including high treason, for which she can be executed for.

      If our government wants our support, they had darn well better follow and enforce the law.

  10. William Evarts says:

    It was first reported that Trump’s meeting with the press was congenial. Then the truth came out. Trump’s olive branch turned into a baseball bat. A bit of cat and mouse is going on here. Remember, Trump’s not yet the President.

  11. Ines Radman says:

    Hillary doesn’t have long to live, perhaps we can say that Trump has some compassion? I agree that she should suffer the consequences of her crimes but I think it would cost more to prosecute her than just let her die a slow death. After all, even if she is convicted, all that money would be wasted because she IS very ill. I don’t think Trump will be able to get away with too much, he’s got a very suspicious following and one wrong move can set off the fireworks. I think that Trump knows if he doesn’t TRY and deliver what he promised that he would not last long? I don’t know. I live in Croatia and I find this whole thing very comical yet sad. America was viewed as a very powerful and democratic nation, we now see it as a dying elephant with a lot of fucked up people. When you can’t call yourself a man afraid of what someone might think about you, I think that’s very sad. You’re a man right Jon or are you a person?
    Personally, I don’t think Trump will make it to the inauguration, if he does, then he’s part of the Ruling Class, he’s part of the game. Although I don’t see American becoming great again, I see it all alone, deserted, devastated and rejected. I wish you all Americans the best of luck, I really hope your country becomes great again and stops bullying the rest of the world.

  12. A.A., Jr. says:

    3 words : citizen grand jury

    “The grand jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose functioning the courts do not preside.
    In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the government and the people.”

    “we have insisted that the grand jury remain “free to pursue its investigations unhindered by external influence or supervision so long as it does not trench upon the legitimate rights of any witness called before it.” United States v. Dionisio, 410 U.S. 1, 17-18 (1973).”

    Justice Scalia – US v. Williams (1992)

    born March 11, 1936,
    died February 12/13, 2016

    “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.”
    – John Podesta, email to Steve Elmendorf, 02/09/16

    “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”
    – Tamera Luzzatto, email to John Podesta, 10/08/15

  13. Bruce says:

    Prosecuting Hillary Clinton will mean prosecuting a cast of hundreds she’ll take down with her, including Obama. I will be shocked beyond belief if Trump has the balls to pursue this indictment. I say indictment and cast of hundreds because under subparagraphs (f) and (g) of the statute, anyone possessing knowledge of her felonious conduct is also legally liable to fines and imprisonment. We already know she’s guilty of violating the act, so any investigation at all will lead directly to indictment, trial and a D.C. bloodletting that desperately needs to happen… but never will. I hope and hope and hope I am incorrect on this one and Trump does what he said he’s do. We can only hope.

  14. Terri says:

    Donald Trump is assuming the office of president. He has no authority to prosecute anyone. So a statement such as this means nothing. There are plenty of people willing to prosecute her who have the jurisdiction and authority to do so. The NYPD and many others have cases open against her and a who’ s who of corruption, as does Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch.

    If he says he is going to prosecute her, Obama will pardon her and the media will continue to make her a martyr. we must remember there are people who think Hillary is innocent. Lets not all start crying and jumping to conclusions about anything. Please do not make assumptions. If you really want to do something about this, instead of just talking, then send letters to your reps who have the authority and jurisdiction to impeach her.

    We should all have better focus than to contribute to drama and speculation. A smarter thing to do would be to focus on what is wanted, not what is not wanted. Then take responsibility and do what it takes to make it happen.

    If our public servants continue to think they are above the law, it is because the people who they work for, allow them to do so and do not take any action at all to see they obey the law. We have legal and lawful remedies which need living breathing humans to take action and implement.

    We have learned much about things we were not aware of, such as the communist indoctrination of our children in the public education system. Now we can take informed action and change this and other things. Anyone who has children should be home schooling them or choosing a private cooperative class of some kind. Change begins with the individual and has a great impact on the rest of the world. What is one thing we can do today to improve the quality of my life, and therefore, others?

    Donald Trump is operating at a level way higher than most can even comprehend and has been doing this for a long time. As he said,” I was part of the club and i know how they operate, that is why I am the one who can take them down.” He also said they are attacking him for that very reason.

    • Joy says:

      Thank you, Terri! How can we know at this point, before he is even in office, what he will actually do? And who are the media outlets reporting this story of supposition?

    • Greg C. says:

      Thanks, Terri. You are right, it is so easy to participate in this political drama rather than make real changes at home. No more school! Schools are for slaves in training. John Gatto, NY Teacher of the Year and author, says that learning to read takes less than 50 hours of supervision. Likewise with basic math skills. Anyone can teach. Unplug from the Matrix, not just the MSM.

      • Terri says:

        Yes we are more powerful than we know. We have heard the expression the hand that rocks the cradle(of course i say get rid of the cradle and co sleep) rules the world. This is true, and I hope many get the courage to take their children back from the corrupt society and system, for that is real change and powerful. Then fascism dies because it is not taught anymore.

        Anyone can homeschool if they love to be around their children. I recommend unschooling and it works. I think I gave you these links before, but for others who may read this and would like to learn more this is good info.
        we are taught learning is hard but it is not. Learning is easy and as natural as breathing, children love to learn, they just dont want to be domesticated and “educated”.

        You dont want to recreate school in the home, that is no fun for anyone. Just allow it, like when children learn how to walk or talk, their enthusiasm for life will help those who have been indoctrinated into the system relax and let their children show them what life is supposed to be about.

        Play is so important and we want our children to have strong right brains, not just left brained thinking. Lego has done a lot of studies about the importance of play. playing is higher learning. There are many homeschool groups and always activities to go to, many of which are free. The whole world should be our classroom, as it is our birthright. Nothing is more beautiful and fulfilling than exploring our miraculous world with our own precious children.

        • Greg C. says:

          Absolutely, Terri. “Learning is easy and natural” … so true. What makes it unnatural is the authoritarian and impersonal structure that usually surrounds it, and the synthetic materials used (textbooks). So now I’m implementing these new discoveries (for me) in my piano teaching. The problem students suddenly become good learners when I let go of the carrot and stick, trying to motivate them to do something difficult, and instead treat music as something easy, if we only discover how to make it easy. That’s my theme – “it’s much easier to do it this way.”

    • Isn’t it amazing how much the media is freaking out over Trump with the election over?

      Hasn’t the media given a honeymoon of way less news to previous winners of elections until they enter office? They still hate him, hate him a lot.

      One can speculate on what Trump will do once in office, but you’d probably be better off sleeping until Jan 21 to get an answer on that. The TV has been endless on calling Trump and team white nationalist, after all. They really want those riots…

  15. andy says:

    We knew they wouldn’t let the fiat scheme end. Clintons probably laundryin trump money. I do hope he deports all illegals and muslims.

  16. From Québec says:

    Oh, wait. Maybe Trump will let the CIA or Jeff Session to prosecute Hillary.

    Hillary will go to jail and Trump wont look like he is a vengeful; mean, spitful crual sadist who can’t let go;

    That would be a brilliant move!

    • From Québec says:

      Oopst! I meant the FBI, not the CIA.

      And I should ad that this is smart move from Trump, because then, Obama won’t have to pardon her.

  17. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I agree that healing is now more important than prosecution, but Hillary must first agree to help end 69 years of betrayal of our government by globalists after nations and national academies of sciences were united on 24 OCT 1945: ALMOST TREASON

  18. Jeremiah says:

    Jon, keep Trump’s feet to the fire.

  19. michaelfrivero says:

    I too am greatly disappointed that the United States still has a criminal class that is above the law. In one stroke, Trump has already damaged his credibility as chief enforcer of the US laws. A lot of the support he had to win this election will likely abandon him on the re-election.

    However, politics is a practical profession, so let us take a closer look. The fact that Conway delivered this statement signals this is a political message rather than a legal one.

    Trump knows that the rioting in Portland and elsewhere, along with the threats against the electors, is organized by a group of people deathly afraid of going to jail, and even willing to assassinate him to avoid their day in court.

    So, what I expect has happened is that a deal had been made for Hillary to fade quietly into private life in exchange for calling off the riots and threats to the electors, which I suspect we will see vanish in the next few days.

    I don’t like this decision, but I understand why Trump may have seen this as the best way to quiet down those trying to delegitimize him before he even takes the oath of office. And if I am correct that Hillary was selling US secrets to foreign interests with that private email server and using the Foundation to collect and launder the payments, then Trump doesn’t need a scandal on such a scale to be made public and delegitimize the entire government he is about to take charge of. Like I said, I don’t like this decision, but I understand why Trump may have seen this as the optimal course.

    • Phil Welsh says:

      I don’t see any of this as a betrayal, yet. I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least until he and his transition team get to and beyond Inauguration Day. He needs to do whatever he can to calm the loons, clear the streets, and give people enough time to settle into the reality that Donald J. Trump will be the President for the next four years. His conciliatory tone with Hillary may be intended to reduce the possibility that Obama might feel compelled to issue a pardon as a shield from prosecution for crimes currently under investigation.

      However, knowing the Clintons, there will be many more opportunities to prosecute them eventually for other crimes as yet unearthed. If the NYPD is to be believed, pedophilia and sex trafficking are distinct possibilities, though I have my doubts about the likelihood of opening a can of worms which probably implicates half of Washington’s elites.

      Donald is only the President-elect for two more months; he is very limited in what he can accomplish in that capacity. Once POTUS, he will be obligated to execute and enforce the laws of this union. I cannot see him applying any sort of pressure on Congress or the Justice Department to neglect their responsibilities to investigate any and all federal crimes which are brought to their attention, including those of the Clinton crime cartel. Let’s be patient and see how things develop. We owe the man that much.

    • Lance says:

      Greetings: I’m Canadian (Lance from BC Mike) so forgive me if I am wrong but…does the President actually prosecute people in the USA? Can he say to the FBI…’you shall not follow the pedophile road’? From what it sounds like, he is simply (again, it is not my country) stepping aside and letting justice (just-us) run its course? If he did run amok saying ‘burn the witch’ could that lead to a ‘blanket pardon’ from Obummer? Er? Obama…I’m tending to think there is more going on then a broken campaign promise. Does he, Trump, even need to elect a Special Prosecutor? Can’t the FBI and whatever agencies are on this handle this without his hands being anywhere near the case? If anyone wants to clarify this, that would be great.

      • Lance says:

        I’m not at my computer but I did quite a bit of Common Law work with Indians. When I’m back home I will go through a few things. The President doesn’t appoint a Special Prosecutor for one thing? So I’m perplexed even more. Has Trump stated he is going to somehow order the AG or Congress to NOT order a Special Prosecutor?

        special prosecutor

        n. an attorney from outside of the government selected by the Attorney General or Congress to investigate and possibly prosecute a federal government official for wrongdoing in office. The theory behind appointing a special prosecutor is that there is a built-in conflict of interest between the Department of Justice and officials who may have political or governmental connections with that department.

        This story sounds like spin in all reality. Trump has NO NEED to ‘prosecute Hillary’. It is not his role to for one thing. There is no ‘Special Prosecutor Appointed by the President’ listing in 3 legal dictionaries. I’m just going to stick with my ‘his hands are clean, nothing will happen to the witch until post inauguration. Then the 5+ still active FBI cases, last I heard?, can erupt on their own. And Trump looks gracious. I have studied NLP….I think everyone griping about this is unaware of persuasion and seemingly a Grade 10 dropout with a computer from another country can see beyond the bs.

      • Terri says:

        Yes Lance, as president, there is no authority or jurisdiction to prosecute anyone or recommend no prosecution. Previous administrations have not upheld the law and have made it appear the president is a one man show who can do anything he pleases. This is not correct. Our weak corrupt reps have allowed this and committed misprision which is a serious crime. There are many agencies and people who can follow thru and have the jurisdiction to prosecute.

        Comey totally broke the law when he decided he would not prosecute Hillary. Its not up to him or the fbi to prosecute anyone. They collect evidence and give it to a grand jury. This was not done. As someone posted above, a citizens grand jury is lawful and correct.

        The president can issue pardons. What you surmise is correct. Our republic is a nation of laws, not men and the awakening of the people who many of which are deciding they don’t like being peasants, shall actively make this the law of the land again.

        Thanks for seeing thru the bs.

  20. himagain says:

    Just three small points:
    1. All successful negotiations are “give and take”. Ever tried to negotiate in a Persian Souk (marketplace)?

    2. How DID the Trump get there?? The “people”‘s choice? What choice?

    3. What is the outcome – realistically?

    As always, a sacrifice is required: That woman was suddenly abandoned by her coven. THAT was the sudden collapse. The pedophilia just went too far….. as usual.

    Nothing, that anyone of any reasoning ability, can see can save the collapse of the USA (and thus, Europe et al), but this time, the “Greatest Depression Of All Time” is serious.
    There will never be an engineered “recovery” again, there cannot be. The human-based jobs are now defunct.
    Modern human labour is obsolete.

    Mr Trump is more like the “Boatman of the River Styx”,
    needed to light the journey into/through the long dark night of a sickened nation’s tattoo’d body.

    Too morbidly poetic?
    Society today in general is truly playing out today’s fears of the oldest predictive Religions – it’s not divination, we are just history repeating itself… ad nauseum?

    Mr Trump said it all. What we could not. That was a great service – to make you face the truth.
    Finally, he also bought us all a little time.
    He stopped the inevitable result of the Dark Ones continuing on as usual, but just a little.
    Wasn’t that enough?


  21. From Québec says:

    Leaked Document Shows Trump Does Actually Plan to Build a Wall

    Paul Joseph Watson
    November 22, 2016

  22. Jon, you have made the point as I have done on many occasions. “Action speaks louder than words”.

    Is Trump a “weaselly politician” or a statesman; a leader of peoples?

    The weaselly politician wouldn’t prosecute Clinton for fear of “blow back”. And blow back would be extreme. There is no question about it. Yes, if he wants to be known as a statesman, there is but one option for Trump. He MUST prosecute Clinton; whether overtly or by stealth.

    I am not sure Steve Bannon’s muted influence is necessarily a bad thing. Trump has always been his own man, so how can advisors “advise” the strong?

    My great concern is Pompeo. He is meant to be “super-pro” Israel and “super-pro” is far more pro than merely “pro”. That rattles major alarm bells for me. If Israel controls the Pentagon (which was the consolidation of the great East India Company) and their NSA can only be countered by the CIA, the American people are totally controlled by Israel. And the one that heads the CIA is super-pro Israel.

    People’s of the rest of the world mostly see America as Israel’s puppet. No, that’s too weak. They see America as Israel’s muppet. If Israel clicks….you JUMP. An inch high, a foot, ten yards? Yes sir, no sir….three bags full sir.

    Israel is America’s great problem. That is the world’s great problem too. Clinton was Israel’s “golden girl”. She as a democratic candidate was endorse by the republican war hawk McCain years back. Neo-con’s cover Israel’s ass. They love globalism and they love war.

    Trump needs to make a stand, empowering the conscientious Jews, because the people aren’t stupid. The people listen and nod, but ultimately it’s only action that impresses……


  23. Clem says:

    I myself will wait and see what happens with her and Podesta. I’ve never ruled any country but I’ll tell you what. I don’t think it would be in the countries interest to panic the uninformed masses with confirmed “mainstream” news about the sick, twisted and degenerate realities of their country’s leaders. I think some sort of deal where the informed would see some consequences that would fly right over the masses heads. Something only “conspiracy theorist” would even consider. Thereby satisfying all. I’ll wait and see.

  24. jacobite2015 says:

    Not only will Trump not prosecute Hillary, but in his “60 minutes” interview he says Hillary is “very strong and very smart.” He also characterizes the Clinton family as a “very talented family”…and that he wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their advice:

    Too funny! The guy spends the last couple of years demeaning and insulting Hillary & Billy…and now he wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their political advice (?). Lol. Perhaps Trump & Melania and the Clintons should go party together in the nightlife of D.C., sharing ideas on how to make this country better. Lol. Trump is starting to resemble the typical Politician, i.e., promising things to get votes and then changing his tune after being elected…nothing new there, as we’ve seen this storyline many times before in politics.

    If Trump “really” wanted to do something noble for this country, he could start by dismantling the medical system. Medical errors are now the *3rd* leading cause of death in this country: *400,000* deaths a year due to medical errors in hospitals, according to Johns Hopkins:

    This is as egregious as it gets! Our hospitals are becoming slaughter houses! These “high and mighty” doctors should be held accountable for the iatrogenic damage they’re causing. They’re supposedly so highly educated and smarter than the rest of us, but yet fail to deliver successful outcomes with many ill & injured patients, who in many cases the illness or injury was no fault of their own. These “experts” in medicine make the big bucks, but yet there is so much failed medical treatment in this country!

    I recently lost a family member from complications from a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease. Other people have suffered similar consequences at the hand of the medical professionals. Failed medical treatment on steroids! Where’s the compensation? You can rarely sue a doctor anymore these days because they’re so well protected. As long as it’s deemed “standard medical care,” they’re home free while the rest of us suffer in pure misery. If it’s failed medical treatment, people, at the very least, shouldn’t have to pay for the services. Doctors should be fired and find someone else that can get the job done. Afterall, they’re supposed to be so much smarter than most of us…the so-called “experts” in modern medicine.

    So, IMO, Trump’s worthless if he doesn’t want to dismantle the medical system…the same system that’s killing over 400,000 folks a year!

  25. Joe Bitonti says:

    Maybe Trump is saying this so Obama doesn’t pardon her?

  26. nanabaakan says:

    Nobody should be surprised! Obama did the exact same thing when it came to Bush. This is what they do. You knew that, right?

  27. Patrick Michael Mooney says:

    Please let this play through, Jon.

    Happy Holidays!

  28. Kenneth McDonald says:

    I thought he promised a country of “law and order” I guess he meant for the rest of US.
    Get ready for some more repressive legislation.

  29. Alan C says:

    Here we go, first major campaign promise broken. I supported him for the last year but I will be the first to call for his impeachment if this continues.

  30. From Québec says:

    Trump: Hillary Being Brought To Justice Not Off The Table

  31. From Québec says:

    Trump: Hillary Being Brought To Justice Not Off The Table

  32. jim says:

    The most foul black witch is clearly going to die a painful death soon, as the recent scary pictures of her illustrates, and the donations to the Foundation are drying up, so what is the point of prosecuting her? Trump will need some support from the Demon-crap side, so he has very wisely agreed to stand down and focus upon the real work, which is restoring the US economy and preventing a nuclear war between US and Russia.

    Russia bombed the hell out of Aleppo terrorists the day after Putin spoke with the Donald, the US dollar is surging, TPP is history and NAFTA will also be scraped, all part of the 100 day plan. The black witch will suffer immeasurably as the reaper gets nearer, as well as her STD infested husband, so can we all please ignore those f#&king monsters folks and focus on making US great again?

    • bdoyen says:

      The point of prosecuting her is to make everyone, especially her supporters, see what a criminal she really is. Take away her foundation money, spell out every crime. Only then consider letting her out of a jail sentence provided she never again holds public office, is never a consultant, lobbyist or a bureaucrat or have anything to do with government.

  33. Koen says:

    If the FBI has a case against HC, they must prosecute, no one is above the law!

  34. study mark passio says:

    trump card (trickster) over rides all other cards – should the innocent ones currently residing in the for profit private jail cells be forgiven also, as Hillary? Let’s forgive all the ones locked away for the “war on drugs” that are serving time just to fill up the jails for the ones profiting from this “war” on the ones not able to pay off the judges, as Hillary. How about also forgiving all the doctors and nurses for vaccines (weapons of mass destruction) on our children? Forgiving all the “teachers” for indoctrinating and wasting precious years in the “fool” system? Admiralty Law needs to be abolished and Natural Law implemented immediately. Mark Passio teaches this – What In the World Is Happening – the occult brainwashing that has each and every one of us voting for someone else to “save us” from ourselves. We are all slaves with our birth certificate (death certificate) Vatican has tricked (trumped) us at birth with sole (soul) print and sells us on Wall Street as cattle. All these religions are set up to divide us and take our power from us and give it to some one else. ORDER FOLLOWERS – police, judges, military, etc. are doing the evil work with “authority over us” that we have voluntarily given away for a paycheck to keep us ALL IN DEBT with fiat money printed out of thin air and backed by nothing. (thinking the bad karma will be indebted onto these order followers) Slaves own nothing. You cannot reason with a psychopath – they get pleasure from your pain. Until we all change our thinking, nothing will change. It starts with each one of us. Research Mark Passio’s work – you will never be the same – guaranteed.

  35. Paul Robinson says:

    Since the President is not a dictator, a prosecutor, or a law enforcement agent, it does not mean that Hillary will not be prosecuted. She is in fact still under investigation in NY for local crimes not pardonable by a President. The FBI can choose to submit evidence to the Justice Dept. and whoever will be in charge will choose to prosecute or not on federal crimes. Trump needs not to be involved at all.

    • Greg C. says:

      Very important points, Paul. Her butt is still in the sling. The president does not have a magic wand to make all criminal liabilities disappear, and all investigations cease. I think these cases will move quickly, once everyone realizes that this is not a dream – Hillary has lost her absolute control over the criminal justice system. No more meetings with the AG on her behalf, no more influential donations to the wife of the FBI director. The jig is up.

  36. says:

    Anyone ever stop to consider that Trump is laying low on the prosecution rhetoric UNTIL Obama has gone off to pasture? If he lets on that he’s not interested in Hillary going to jail, he minimizes the threat of an Obama pardon. If Obama pardons her she’ll never be held accountable. Lets wait and see before assuming he’s letting her off the hook.

  37. Pat Dennis says:

    He has to say this to keep Obama from giving her a pardon before he is sworn in…..

  38. John Blackburn says:

    This is false news people…. This is exactly why Mr Trump had that meeting a few days ago with most of the media news people and chewed them all out. He said they were all liars….

  39. Mark Sivad says:

    Likes to tweet, tweet on this important subject now.

  40. Bob McGillicuddy says:

    Suh-huckers! What did you expect after you elected a fascist billionaire? All Trump cares about is feeding the military-industrial complex, making Wall Street even richer, and then hitching a ride on Elon Musk’s private spaceship to Mars when the whole thing down here on Earth goes to hell.

    Seriously, believing Trump was going to prosecute Hillary was like believing Obama was going to prosecute Bush for his war crimes. La-la land.

    It’s just too bad Trump supporters have now subjected the rest of us to four years of fascism-on-steroids.

    • arcadia11 says:

      there will likely always be such people, just as there will likely always be psychopaths for them to support against noble life.

      it is also likely that they will not remain the majority for much longer. the power behind
      obamabushtrumpclintonetal at that point will not matter all that much. they cannot traumatize and enslave the world without a great number of minions. and that number is dwindling exponentially.

      the current selection ritual, no matter who was selected, seems a major setback. but so many were
      affected, hopefully irreparably, by the darkness of the two candidates that this just might turn into a jumping-off point for millions. some due to apathy
      initially and others because they are no longer willing to be part of such corruption.

      there are other ways to live. and that’s the good news.

  41. Lou Lambert says:

    Trump may be a smarter tactian than you give him credit for. The tack that Trump is taking is more likely to result in Hillary facing the rule of law without the backlash against Trump that might otherwise occur. Trump need not be seen to direct the course of justice, only to allow the process unfold as it should, just as the Obama administration should have done.
    The pedafila issue is gaining wider exposure and recognition as a real problem, so it will be interesting if the law is finally able to deal with this aspect, given the huge ramifications that would have across both parties.

  42. Sabayon Nynn says:

    You have to give him time. He just got into politics a couple years ago. He made money and built stuff his whole life. Something has inspired him to spend his own money and give up almost every part of the life he was used too in exchange for putting his family in harms way and himself at the risk of assassination forever and along with being criticized by the media for the rest of his life. When the bottom line is- he definitely didn’t have to and he’s definitely not doing it for the money. Most people don’t do shit like that. And now he is dealing with organised crime at its highest level and he is a rookie But, Rookie of the year. He did this for a reason and after being trashed for over a year with the media, he is in the spot where he wanted to be, and with that he has had all of the country/worlds problems dumped in his lap, and pressure for all sides.. Some people will fold under pressure others will focus. He did this for a reason, and gave America hope when she looked like she was dead and buried. I don’t know how many people out there have been in this type of situation but I am sure the same advice applies. Give this man some time, let him get adjusted and get a feel for how he wants to do certain things. Let him fuck up who cares, he’ll figure it out. I wouldn’t turn my back on him right away because he didn’t do something you wanted right away. But I could be wrong.

  43. edwin william gardner says:

    it may be beneficial for future generations to know the truth about Clinton foundation and the many other sickening activities by what is known commonly as ‘the cabal and there minions’.this truth may help guide future generations with them charting a course towards sickness or health…if trump to busy perhaps some other usa citizen press charges to help with secrecy/lies truly becoming openness/truth…perhaps something like truth and reconciliation where people charged just have to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth for accurate recorded history but no punishment.perhaps she can use her gifts for humanity and earths upliftment.perhaps in due time and course…if there are punishments she and others will only be in jail with free food and accomadation also hillary with lesbian sexual orientation will have opportunity for romance so what is the big deal with this punishment.if death she will be fine it will just be her physical body left here…I reckon the main thing is the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth being recorded for future generations benefit no matter what it takes…all the best fellow human beings in usa : ] – – – love

  44. Nikhil VJ says:

    Trump will be assassinated for sure if he hints at prosecuting Hillary before he formally takes executive power. And if not that, he will give Obama, the media and Hillary supporters (who do form a large chunk of the population, forget not) the excuse they need to take emergency measures and prevent him from getting into the White House. Already we’re seeing the electoral college members are being harassed and even getting death threats to compel them to turn on Trump and vote for Hillary instead when they meet to finalize the election results in December. Till then at least, he, and we, need to be very cafeful.

  45. Bryce Rasmussen says:

    When one considers that the Globalists are losing traction all over the place -Rothschilds and Soros kicked out of Russia, that’s just one of the ways in which they are losing, then one realizes Trump is taking a smart choice – The Clinton Foundation, Soros and whatnot are currently a wounded animal, thrashing out in it’s death throes. They will now strike out, blindly, and it will be too little too late. Trump knows this. As has been said, he’s swum with the sharks. He’s precisely the right man for one heckuva terrible job. look what he has weathered so far – it’s staggering. People have already seen that, and what the world itself is waking up to, that yeah, we can stand against these tyrants, it’s possible after all. He’s withstood the first and second salvos, and now, comes the worst of it. I think he’ll do just fine. Honesty, coupled with his street level intelligence means yes, he is still playing 8D chess, and the globalists are panicked that one man can do such a thing. They’ve held the ground for nearly a hundred years, there’s dozens and hundreds of them – what is this guy, Rocky Balboa?

  46. John says:

    The few days before the election, multiple sources out there were telling us the NYPD was sitting on some evidence diabolically evil regarding Hillary, her husband and her whole inner circle. Then we heard the NYPD was going to go public with these findings if Comey and the FBI didn’t act on this new evidence. Evidence which appeared to come forth during the Weiner investigation. We heard the Obama DOJ was pushing back against the FBI looking into this matter. Fast forward almost three weeks later and now Hillary is completely off the hook regarding everything. Gee I just scratch my head and wonder where justice has gone in society. Have most of the whistleblowers been intimidated into silence by the most corrupt DOJ in US history?

    • Louis says:

      Who is “the press of the american people”?
      All I see is a cartel of 6 corporations with claims over exclusivity to spread their lies and falsehoods.

      • says:

        Many people feel that Trump is attacking the major media outlets because they are reporting the disastrous blunders he keeps making. Although the modern press is notorious for reporting negative stories about crime that builds ratings,they are overall truthful,far more truthful then trump himself.Trump actually created fake news himself saying Sweden was attacked,the Swedish government scratched their head at that one.A true President if anything would embrace the plyable media and mold them to honesty,if they were even dishonest,instead,trump is hiding from the media because he is making foolish mistakes and comments.The media isn’t going anywhere and they will report on trump and the next president and the next.

        • Louis says:

          You are using the fake legacy media reporting as evidence of blundering, you are in an echo chamber, get out of there before you lose your mind.

          The cartel of corporations you put so much faith and trust in, do not report deep crime in the establishment unless it aligns with an agenda. They are not pliable and they care not for honesty, as any fair objective assessment of their reporting would reveal.

          Trump has actually expanded his exposure to media by giving access to more independent journalists. There is nothing to say because you are a corporation with multi-million dollar studios (and conflicting investments) that you have a right above others to occupy press briefings.

          If you were more observant, you’d notice the legacy media is going somewhere, it’s called financial ruin and irrelevance as more and more people get wise to their lumbering treachery and abandon them. Meanwhile, independent journalists are climbing in influence and popularity while doing real research.

  47. Both Trump and Hillary are protectors of the Oligarchy (or 1%, if you prefer).

    The situation that we find ourselves in is governed by the methods and means used by the Oligarchy to control & manipulate the masses.

    Religion IS harmful and dangerous in many ways and on many levels. It was created by ancient royalty as a form of psychological warfare.

    And those royals used it to keep and maintain their rule over the masses. Today, their descendants still ruler our world as “The Oligarchy” or the 1%, if you prefer.

    This is what everyone needs to know and understand. It is why the world is the way that it is. Please take the time to read what I’ve learned about this and share it with others if you will. Thank you.

    Understanding The Oligarchy

    Understanding The Oligarchy (in PDF form)

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