Memo to Steve Bannon: solve the water-shortage problem

Memo to Steve Bannon: solve the water-shortage problem

Out of the box

by Jon Rappoport

November 28, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

By Jon Rappoport

To Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man for policy and innovation.

The subject: actually solving the water-shortage problem in California and other places.

(Note: for open letters one and two to Steve Bannon, click here and here.)

Government bureaucrats and leaders are psychotically obsessed with maintaining their tight grip on a problem, massaging it, adoring it, arguing about it, figuring out how they can enhance their reputations by funding unworkable solutions—you know, the usual.

Anything except coming up with a useful practical answer.

This is why, in California, it’s taken 15-20 years to start building a desalination plant in Carlsbad that will take the salt out of seawater. Are these politicians idiots? Is the Pope Catholic?

So, Steve, I point you to an October 29, 2015 article in Fortune, “This billionaire wants to solve California’s water problem,” by Brittany Shoot (see also videos here (excerpt) and here (full)):

“Manoj Bhargava, the man behind 5-Hour Energy, believes his affordable desalination technology can equally help wealthy Californians and poor Indians.”

“Take the Rain Maker, a desalination unit roughly the size of a flatbed truck that relies on a conventional power source to distill seawater into freshwater well beyond Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. A single Rain Maker can be placed in a town with a wastewater plant. In a crisis, hundreds could be stacked on an ocean barge to process seawater. Coastal desalination facilities typically cost billions to construct and require massive amounts of energy. Could the Rain Maker, produced at industrial scale, pull California back from the brink of disaster? The forecast looks promising. Regulators at the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility, a testing facility administered in New Mexico by the Department of the Interior, have given it a stamp of approval.”

Getting the picture, Steve? Doesn’t this sound worth exploring?

Your man, Trump, has sent signals that he wants to introduce, into moribund gridlocked government, solutions that bypass the official structure of embedded morons who keep finding new ways to get nothing done.

Well, here’s one. Contact Manoj Bhargava, the 5-Hour Energy owner, and work something out. Find out if his system really operates without glitches. Looking into his method, I believe Mr. Bhargava and his technicians are prepared to a) answer any and all questions about the validity of their work and its cost-effectiveness, and b) provide demonstrations that can be checked and analyzed by independent scientists.

If the Bhargava method does work, and California Governor Jerry Brown comes up with a way to try to stop you, I would favor sending in the DHS. They might actually do something helpful in the way of “securing the homeland.” I think the untold numbers of farmers in California who’ve seen their growing operations collapse deserve immediate help. I’m sure you could act as an intermediary between a group of these growers and Mr. Bhargava.

Think of it. Horrible drought problem. No rain. Crops dying. Farmers going out of business. The state government of California does nothing about it except moan and whine and avoid and warn and cut water usage.

—Then, assuming Bhargava’s system works, you step in and solve the whole thing.

The horrible case of bureaucratic depression you’d engender by this act would be worth the price of admission.

And simultaneously, the upward surge of positive emotion across the country would send a message that your administration means business—and all is not lost. Far from it.

***Face it, Steve, the powers-that-be and their little government helpers are determined to SHOWCASE drought as an inevitable consequence of “manmade global warming.” They want to keep shoving drought into people’s faces to prove their fraudulent climate-change “science” is valid. Their prime agenda involves continued water shortages.

Exit From the Matrix

Suppose you, on the other hand, can move in and make the shortage go away, help the farmers, and all the people who eat what the farmers grow?

And suppose, as you do this, Trump live-streams info direct to the American people, bypassing media, and details the efforts to block getting water to California farmers? He names names, he shows how they don’t actually want to solve the problem.

That would be a win-win.

Except for the bureaucratic losers, who richly deserve their fate.

Show a bureaucrat a real solution to a serious problem and he feels naked and afraid. He’s unaccustomed to true answers. He feels as if his life is threatened.

But that’s his issue, not ours.

We don’t have to grant any value to his mindset.

Why can’t abundance, rather than scarcity, compose the foundation of a better future?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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23 comments on “Memo to Steve Bannon: solve the water-shortage problem

  1. noboxplease says:

    Beautifull idea, Jon!!!
    Very fresh and very workable and at the same time creating new paths to solving problems
    by bypassing those who work to stop solutions for their own sakes!

  2. Lucas Helmer says:

    Dear Jon,

    Give me a possibility to underline your suggestions, generally speaking, and send them to Steve.


    Lucas Helmer

  3. Mallory says:

    Neat technology! Have you also looked into primary water as a solution? Check out The Primary Water Institute for more background on this amazing discovery.

  4. Bruce says:

    Wow! Generous ocean-front dwelling Hollywood Environmentalists could pitch right in by donating their seaside retreats, making room for desalination processing.

  5. n3angus says:

    Hey you guys listen to this Video called ” DEAD HARVEST ” , I started it at 7:47 , to get you a quick view of the Issue in California and why the Reservoirs are EMPTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Herb Tarlek says:

    D.C. is simply working Kissinger’s plan, JR.

    Wilhelm Reich had the answers to drought decades ago. They squashed him.

  7. Nah that ain’t gonna work…what about all that cheap (inexpensive farm produce) GMO’ed vegetable, tree-nut and fruit coming in from Mexico, Guatemala.

    That would put a kabash on the real cause of chemically induced drought in California.

    And now the the South African vegetable, treenut, and fruit farmers competing with Mexico, Guatemala, they aim to make it cheaper ; well at least here in Canada.

    I’m sure if they really try hard, they can produce a GMO’ed vegetable, tree-nut or fruit that has no nutrional value what-so-ever. As compared to California delicious.

    Use to be that I saw most of the produce coming to Canadian food markets especially during the winter. As being grown in “Kalifornia man.”


    Off course there is always the argument that commercially imported produce is inferior to home grown; pesticide use, bacterial contamination, and the ever elusive and rather sneeky CIA trained Zika mosquito hiding in the onions.

    But I can’t understand why desalination doesn’t exist already, hell that would have been a no-brainer in 1970.

    Did you know that Quatar a smaller area of land than California, outpaces you in desalination, and they only became a country because of Wahhabism.

    California:163,696 mi²

    Qutar:4,467.6 mi²

    And Quatar has two major desalination plants equaling something in the range of 194,000 MILLION GALLONS OF CLEAR, EFEVESCENT BLUE COOL AND DELICIOUS WATER….PER DAY. Every day, including Sundays and Holidays.

    “Get da fuck out here Michael are you crazy!”

    No, I am telling the truth….I would never tell a lie I’m Irish catholic ya see, and it’s against my ah….myah…my ah…Irishnessness.

    • Lucio Vanderlei de Paiva says:

      The problem of the recent droughts plaguing California will never be solved if its cause is not stopped. The use of chemtrails and HAARP emissions over the state that is the largest producer of food is a purposeful and evil action by the globalists to create a situation of scarcity in order to benefit GMO companies like Monsanto to corner the business of food production. There are many patriots denouncing the ilegal spraying of chemicals over the head of people with lab tests that have detected barium and alluminum, both of which are desicants being sprayed on rain clouds to stop rain fall to justify the hoax of climate change.

      • Lucio Vanderlai de Paiva –

        My god what a magnificent name, took me five minutes to write it on this reply (I’m a two-fingered typist )…so, what they call ya for short; “Dee”, “El Vee”, “Lou”…anyways, you are perfectly right.

        There are a number of reasons for this continuing assault of the California skies:

        One: It kills the farm produce economy for the much cheaper veggies, nuts and fruit from Mexico, and latin America.

        Two: It fuels the hysteria of the Hoax of Global warming. Especially coming out of the mouth of the wacky Hollywood types like Leonardo DiCaprio ( doesn’t deserve to be a De… “Dee”; he should be Lenny Caprio).

        California is a mecca of sorts , anyone who is a world player visits or lives in California. It is a destination for tourism. And so many can be reached with the California drought message.

        Lenny it seems was made an Ambassador of Peace by the corrupt UN, under there Agenda 21 protocols to brain wash the brain-dead. It that an oxymoron?

        His movie “Before the flood” has been attempting to sway his fans amongst others. And the little twit has a financed ‘Environmental Foundation’; the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to drive the global warming propaganda. The cult of fame is one of the most dangerous assets of these hoaxer idiots in Hollywood. And with giving false merit to the likes of Leo, that ego-centric piece of vermin.

        And to top it off, National Geographic put their name to it, therefor legitimizing and normalizing global warming; and I have noticed how politicized and staunchly biased that magazine has become over the years.

        Three: California and several hundred miles off that coastline has served as hinge point for western North American weather; a lot of that weather is vaulted around California and up into Canada. The atmospheric rivers have been drained, and moisture from the Pacific is utilized as they produce vast areas of cloud out there and drive it like a herd of cattle north to Canada. We have been in El Nino, and now La Nina steps in with unusually cold pacific and equatorial waters reducing the evaporation rate future. Stifling how much moisture reaches Canada.

        Here in Canada they produce snow chemically through ‘Endothermic Reaction’ in the upper atmosphere. Drying out the stratosphere and warping the jet stream.

        Using Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Chloride they produce snow, the two dry chemicals come together and with Barium being a moisture scavenger; moisture succeeds in being a catalyst in this operation producing almost perfect little spherical pellets of chem-snow. And with the ground now white, the albedo soars reflecting back IR and Ultraviolet light. That with the dry chemical producing cold…viola! we have a winter. This kind of chemical nonsense has been going on for years at ski lodges, in there attempts to produce snow for skiing.

        This Barium reaction of scavenging moisture has served perfectly in creating drought conditions, in countries that won’t tow the line of the global agenda, and in turning Californian skies into what you witness.

        They also spray Aluminum nano particulate as used in cell phone around the earth transmission. Microwave tends to go out into space, rather that bounce as in analog; also Australia has started and is the first to spray their population with vaccine, as a solution to those who refuse the needle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see they are doing it here in North America, since there is a rising up against vaccines. Fluoride and lithium are also sprayed on unruly population, sort of antidepressants from above, “breath in that lithium.”

      • Steve D says:

        Lucio Vanderlei de Paiva, I agree with your assessment. It seems as though Jon has a blind spot regarding climate engineering/weather warfare assault we’re all subjected to. I’ve never seen him cover it outside of the GMO connection (and very briefly at that.) Seems very odd that he excludes this issue since he covers many other important ones that infringe on the individuals’ well being.

        His suggestion makes absolute since from a people and agricultural perspective. But what about the rest of the ecosystem that would be neglected by this approach?

        Michael Burns, thanks also for the important info you contributed to this aspect of the situation.

  8. silverpen123 says:

    What’s really baffling about this water shortage in California is how they fine people for going over water limits, which does nothing to motivate businesses and people with spare money to use less. The only ones conserving in places like Palm Springs/Palm Desert and surrounding areas are the average persons at home, while the 100 plus golf courses are guzzling huge quantities daily to keep their courses green. Shortage?

  9. From Québec says:

    “Take the Rain Maker, a desalination unit roughly the size of a flatbed truck that relies on a conventional power source to distill seawater into freshwater well beyond Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. (Jon)


    Yes, that would be a great idea. The only worry I would have, is that after the Fukushima disaster, the Pacific ocean is filled with nuclear waste.
    Can this new technology get the radiation out of the sea water?

  10. John says:

    What would this country and world be like today if every bright new idea and innovation in science, the medical field or just about any other aspect of business received legitimate attention. What if people who dared to dream and make a better life for all of humanity were actually listened to without biased and preconceived notions. What if these innovators and entrepreneurs could present their ideas and new inventions for all eyes to see, new innovations based solely on individual merit. If these creative people didn’t have to worry about the endless red tape of governmental bureaucracies, nefarious trial lawyers and corporate greed, you think we might actually all be a bit better off? What if the benefits of these new bright ideas and innovation were embraced by politicians and leaders who had the best interest of their citizenry in mind rather than their own personal greed and self-interests.

    Would it be wonderful to live in a country and world where truth and facts trumped illusion and lies. Where the free market place was truly free and able to thrive without endless government regulations and scrutiny. If the free and open exchange of ideas were to go unhindered and not be subject to a political ideology or excessive greed.

    What if all human beings actually broke free from the stranglehold the globalists seem to have on all of us. If the current tactic by the globalists to keep all of us in a state of fear and constant chaos was fully exposed. Where crisis after crisis, either fake, real or created was no longer used as a weapon to enslave others and make them beholden to a government controlled world tyranny.

    If the world had real leaders with integrity and morals who cared about all of humanity and actually focused on effective problem solving, you think we just might all eventually find some real peace of mind? A world where innovation was encouraged and looked upon with genuine hope and enthusiasm. A world where problems were expected to be solved by logic and critical thinking, in addition to the ability to dream. For the “powers that be” within the power structure to actually have the wisdom and means necessary to create real positive change. Not change just for the sake of changing. But change which is judged by its fruition. A world where the winners and losers weren’t chosen in advance by a bunch of self-entitled, out of touch super rich freaks and egomaniacs.

    How do you change the matrix from a rigged and contrived matrix to a natural free flowing matrix which includes all these new ideas and innovations. Where everybody actually has the ability to bring forth positive changes through personal innovation and not just innovation funded by a bunch of elitists. Innovation and ideas which come from minds that might not have same political ideologies but have a common basic human decency and virtue.

    When do we get away from all these rigged economies which are doomed to fail. When do we look at the past and actually learn from our past. When do we look forward without blinders on and promote real positive, effective and substantial change based on substance. Can we get back to simple common sense and a nation and world based on facts, a reality that reflects truth and not illusion. Where real people who live real lives can legitimately weigh in on the process of solving problems in determining their future. Why do we have to constantly break down our system by always repeating the same mistakes from our past. When will we learn, take the time to think and strive for wisdom. When will we strike the balance of taking the positives from our past and combining them with a hope for a brighter future by embracing practical and life-saving innovation from the people who dare to be individuals.

    The globalists are the biggest phonies in the world and the greatest evil this world has ever known.The greatest crime the globalists commit daily against humanity is having real solutions to massive problems (solutions either being kept secret or being repressed) for the present world and not using these solutions because of the political repercussions and or selfish reasons. By them just simply refusing to share these solutions with all of us is unforgivable. Selfish, greedy, diabolical, narcissistic, arrogant, evil, you betcha. To live in the globalist illusionary world, everyone must either “murder” one’s individual conscience or become willfully ignorant.

    • Terri says:

      John, you just described what our Republic is supposed to be like, filled with conscious, responsible, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, hard working individuals. What a beautiful world that would be,and shall be.

      Unless we cut off the career welfare parasites, we will continue to enable and encourage the breeding of those who are the antithesis of freedom, intelligence, responsibility, etc…..
      Welfare is just another scheme to steal from those who work hard and weaken them, so they can fund collectivism. It is also unconstitutional.

  11. Theodore says:

    Roger Stone: Trump to Reduce Federal Land Holdings

    Trump will announce his appointments for Secretary of State and Secretary of Interior sometime this week, the latter due to his desire to reduce federal land holdings, says insider Roger Stone.

  12. Wayne Scott says:

    The pacific Ocean has radiation from Fukushima. Better solution is to simply build huge water pipes from the great lakes over to the dry southwest USA. It will cost less than the Stealth bomber fleet and is a standard engineering task. Nothing unusual of exotic about it. The Alaska pipeline was done thru very harsh conditions, and the pipe from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles was 300 miles through very rough terrine using mules and animals. It still works very well.

  13. From Québec says:

    Off Topic:

    Jon, I would like you to write an article to explain the Electoral College.

    I am all for the Electoral College, for I understand that without it, the elections would only be won by big States like Ney York and California because they have a majority of voters. So, that wouldn’t be fair for all the other States.

    But, what I don’t understand is why is it that the Electors only cast their vote on December 20. And, why is it that they can change their minds?????

    We now hear that the left sore losers are threatening to kill the Electors if they don’t change their minds. And nothing is done about that.

    What is this shit all about? WHY and HOW can they change the results of the Electors.

    Can someone explain that to me?

  14. Why stop there, Jon?

    A few years ago I learned of a “group” associated with Iran (based in Brussels of all places!) threatening to “give” the world “free” energy with a solution that sounded like a rehash of Teslas aether system or perhaps “scaled up” cold fusion. Anyway, as I understand it, Obama didn’t even want to meet to discuss prospects for the future; how to script a way to make sure the “ratbags” get their money for nothing (like Telco’s, etc.).

    Let’s see just how altruistic Trump is….


  15. johnbarleycorn12 says:

    There was a great old Jack Nicholson movie about water rights and the dirty politics surrounding it. Chinatown was the name of the movie I think. It is worthy of a view.

  16. Garry says:

    I have known about this link that im now sharing with you all .. for the last 2 years , I have tried sharing it with California via facebook . but without success . I have sent this info to Steve Bannons online news today . Hoping this will make a difference to peoples lives . My Greetings to you all from across the pond .

  17. Peter Moline says:

    All of you are posting good ideas, however I’m not sure Bannon is the man you should be addressing them to. I have a different read on Mr. Bannon, I see him as a Machiavelli and Trump as his Prince. Viewed from that prospective his purpose takes on a much different tack.

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