Is the global-warming hustle finally falling apart?

Is the global-warming hustle finally falling apart?

(Al Gore stuffed $98 million into his lockbox while saving the world)

by Jon Rappoport

December 5, 2016

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“When you see a problem defined as ‘a threat to all humans’, you can be sure Globalists are using that fake or real problem to impose control on all humans.” (The Underground. Jon Rappoport)

With the election of Donald Trump, climate change and global warming have come back into the spotlight. In a different way.

“The science is settled” isn’t good enough now.

Neither is the Globalist plan to cut energy production in every country in the world, in order to “rescue us from frying.”

LA Times: “Donald Trump will be about the only head of state who does not believe in climate science or the responsibility of his government to act,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club…”

But all along, there have been dissenters from the manmade warming mantra; they just haven’t been allowed inside government portals.

Freeman Dyson, physicist and mathematician, professor emeritus at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, Fellow of the Royal Society, winner of the Lorentz Medal, the Max Planck Medal, the Fermi Award: “What has happened in the past 10 years is that the discrepancies [in climate change models] between what’s observed and what’s predicted have become much stronger. It’s clear now the models are wrong, but it wasn’t so clear 10 years ago… I’m 100 per cent Democrat myself, and I like Obama. But he took the wrong side on this [climate change] issue, and the Republicans took the right side…” (The Register, October 11, 2015)

Dr. Ivar Giaever, Nobel-prize winner in Physics (1973), reported by Climate Depot, July 8, 2015: “Global warming is a non-problem…I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong.”

Green Guru James Lovelock, who once predicted imminent destruction of the planet via global warming: “The computer models just weren’t reliable. In fact, I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t crazy, this climate change.” (The Guardian, September 30, 2016)

And these are but a tiny fraction of the statements made by dissident scientists who reject manmade global warming.

The science is only settled in government circles where leaders have climbed on board the Globalist plan to undermine economies all over the world by grossly lowering energy production, as a way to “reduce warming.”

One of the major warming hustlers is, of course, Al Gore.

Consider facts laid out in an uncritical Washington Post story (October 10, 2012, “Al Gore has thrived as a green-tech investor”):

In 2001, Al was worth less than $2 million. By 2012, it was estimated he’d locked up a nice neat $100 million.

How did he do it? Well, he invested in 14 green companies, who inhaled — via loans, grants and tax relief — somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 billion from the Federal government to go greener.

Therefore, Gore’s investments paid off, because the Federal government was providing massive cash backup to those companies. It’s nice to have Federal friends in high places.

For example, Gore’s investment firm at one point held 4.2 million shares of an outfit called Iberdrola Renovables, which was building 20 wind farms across the United States.

Iberdrola was blessed with $1.5 billion from the Federal government for the work which, by its own admission, saved its corporate financial bacon. Every little bit helps.

Then there was a company called Johnson Controls. It made batteries, including those for electric cars. Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management (GIM), doubled its holdings in Johnson Controls in 2008, when shares cost as little $9 a share. GIM sold when shares cost $21 to $26 — before the market for electric-car batteries fell on its head.

For a while, the going was good. To make it go good, Johnson Controls had been bolstered by $299 million dropped at its doorstep by the administration of President Barack Obama.

On the side, Gore had been giving speeches on the end of life as we know it on planet Earth, for as much as $175,000 a pop. (It isn’t really on the side. Gore was constantly on the move from conference to conference, spewing jet fumes in his wake.) Those lecture fees can add up.

So Gore, as of 2012, had $100 million.

The man has worked every angle to parlay fear of global-warming catastrophes into a humdinger of a personal fortune. And he didn’t achieve his new status in the free market. The Federal government has been helping out with major, major bucks.

This wasn’t an entrepreneur relying exclusively on his own smarts and hard work. Far from it.

—How many scientists and other PhDs have been just saying no to the theory of manmade global warming?

A letter to The Wall Street Journal signed by 16 scientists just said no. Among the luminaries: William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University; Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; William Kininmonth, former head of climate research at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

And then there was the Global Warming Petition Project, or the Oregon Petition, that just said no. According to, the petition has the signatures of “31,487 American scientists,” of which 9,029 stated they had Ph.D.s.

Global warming is one of the Rockefeller Globalists’ chief issues. Manipulating it entails convincing populations that a massive intervention is necessary to stave off the imminent collapse of all life on Earth. Therefore, sovereign nations must be eradicated. Political power and decision-making must flow from above, from “those who are wiser.”

Al Gore is one of their front men.

He jets here and he jets there, carrying their messages. He’s their delivery kid.

And for his work, he is paid $100 million — a drop in the bucket.

A final note about the “science” of global warming—

A hypothesis is a provisional statement that remains to be confirmed through experiments.

Confirmation means making a correct prediction. Not just any prediction, but a useful one.

Take this hypothesis: The Earth has become warmer by X degrees over the past 1000 years.

Putting all the chatter aside, have scientists deployed this hypothesis to make accurate, specific, and useful predictions about warming?

So far, the answer is no.

That eliminates, for the time being, the acceptance of the warming hypothesis. Many predictions have been made, many alarm bells have been rung, many dire warnings have been issued, many threats have been launched…but no correct and useful predictions.

However, scientists will say their (rejected) hypothesis is also a statement of fact. That is, it is a summary of a warming trend derived from thousands of measurements of temperatures, now and in the past, on land, sea, and air.

Scientists will also claim their investigation reveals humans have directly and significantly contributed to a recent warming trend.

At this point, we are leaving the method of hypothesizing and predicting, and moving to a debate about the accuracy of all those temperature measurements and the causes of any actual climate changes.

Among scientists, there is a great deal of disagreement about the accuracy of the measurements. Any fair examination of studies and their critics will reveal that.

In this regard, the science is not settled. Far from it.

So: useless as a hypothesis, the assertion of manmade warming, as fact, is wide open to debate. To say the least.

The Matrix Revealed

Yet…based on this non-proof, Globalists want all national governments on the planet to commit to lowering energy production by a significant and destructive percentage in the next 15 years—“to save us from a horrible fate.”

Their real agenda is clear: “The only solution to climate change is a global energy-management network. We (the Globalist leaders) are in the best position to manage such a system. We will allocate mandated energy-use levels throughout planet Earth, region by region, nation by nation, and eventually, citizen by citizen.”

Yes, citizen by citizen.

This is the long-term goal. This is the Globalists’ Holy Grail.

Slavery imposed through energy.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

42 comments on “Is the global-warming hustle finally falling apart?

  1. noboxplease says:

    Thank you, Jon, for this to the point article that well describe the globalist plan for total control of all citizens of this planet!
    This climate swindle is as hollow as the other one about saving the world through GMO but both of them have the same goal.

  2. You go to jail for fraud, right?

  3. Northern Californian says:

    The fraud of global warming based on computer models is true…unfortunately somewhere in our government the evil of geoengineering (supposedly to fight this hoax) is apparently causing real global warming. Could you research this issue, because I really hope what I’ve been learning about what the fake clouds I watch being formed iverhead each day isn’t true. However, my own experiment a couple of years ago, before I even knew about this, proved that the rain water I collected from winter storms almost killed both the veggies and flowers I was growing in planters in good organic soil, while the same plants in same soil using well water thrived. Something is wrong when our skies are rarely blue, even in the pristine mountains of northetn California!

    • Jacqueline says:

      Agreed. I don’t recall heretofore ever experiencing so many contiguous and endless gray days. The gray ‘clouds’ we are experiencing in the Midwest form a foggy quilt-like layer between ground and the true white clouds and blue sky, which may be glimpsed when areas of the fog dissipate. I equate it with Stephen King’s ‘The Fog.’ The most interesting aspect of this gray ‘cloud’ layer is its absence on weather radar maps.

      • Michael Burns says:

        @jacqueline and Northern Cal

        Were I live here in Saskatchewan, we got barely 6 hours of sunshine in October…November was just as bad…December is setting up to be the same.

        Cloud cover, and chemically induced winter weather, is an attempt to cover the ground in white, furthering the natural albedo, and reflecting back the warmth of the sun, and in most cases any light that makes is through those chemical c;louds.

        The chem-planes fly in squadrons here…it is depressing to say the least. I watch them build weather here…because it so out of the way. I have seen chem-bombs dropped..HAARP shift and change the frequencies of the upper atmosphere to disperse and spread particulate into zig-zag clouds, and grid shapes.

        And I am left to drinking vitamin D3 by the bottle.

        Funny I have notice, because I am a painter, and have studied the sky my whole career as a painter, I had a fascination for clouds…now that we only get certain types of clouds and most of those cloud types that I knew once, don’t form in a natural atmosphere anymore.

        And strangely weather and cloud seem to happen on a forty hour week…sunshine if it happens is a weekend phenomenom now, holiday weekends extend the sunshine; maybe it cost more to spray on a week-end or holiday week-end

        This is what HAARP does to Barium, Strontium, and Aluminum nano particulate in a atmosphere…think of it in the scale of thousands of miles and in the upper reaches of sound and microwave frequency. It so far up there you cannot hear it.

        A haze or cloud cover is what s achieved

    • fauxscienceslayer says:

      The fraud is kept alive by the Alarmist/Luke Alarmist FAKE debate. One cannot correct a

      single parameter, anecdotal hypothesis with a coefficient, as Luke ‘skeptics’ claim.

      “Spencer Sorcery on Magic Gas” at FauxScienceSlayer….share Truth….

  4. Greg C. says:

    Thank God the whole lie is finally crumbling. One year from now, we will see gasoline hit $1 a gallon, with no electric cars on the market. Two years from now, electricity rates will fall back as more coal plants come back online.People will ditch their LED light bulbs once they realize that the blue light frequencies damage the eyes. We will have incandescent bulbs made in America that last 20 years instead of Chinese made crap burning out after 12 months.

  5. John says:

    We now live in a society where the state maps out everybody’s life from cradle to grave. Where kids start the indoctrination process as young as two and half years old with some form of pre-school. Young and impressionable minds being taken out of their homes and into the care of the state.

    The human species is now being programmed before some of us can even speak or walk. Is it just me, or is there something very sinister about how the state has created these new “norms.” Everything the liberal “do-gooder” carries out is always in the “best interest” of our planet, children and society. The “solutions” they provide haven’t any nefarious intentions right?

    What a bunch of hogwash which we all sit back and accept. It is now the new “norm” from a human being’s very inception that they become brainwashed into this climate change cult. Books in elementary schools offering opposite viewpoints are now banned, speakers not friendly to the Al Gore cult on college campuses are banned, American industry and even cattle farming are now being shut down by executive fiat and thousands of pages of EPA regulations. Is this all for the betterment of the environment ? Not really, reality points all of this so called “betterment” of the earth is for the enrichment of a certain few people’s wallets, for the destruction of American sovereignty and for the end of individual freedom and liberty.

    Liberals can never win on ideas so they create a stacked deck based on “good intentions” and “solutions” which always seem to lead to more problems or some kind of indoctrination/surveillance bottom line. The new scam is definitely “climate justice.” These crazy climate change alarmists are no better than the alarmists in the religious field who put out specific dates on Jesus Christ return regarding the end of the world. Can anybody see a difference between Al Gore’s warnings and the warnings of Harold Camping ? Well an extreme liberal would say, Gore is backed up by science, “settled science.” But real science is never settled, especially a “science” which is based solely on advancing a political agenda involving the destruction of the US economy. A “science” which can only thrive by ignoring other dissenting scientists input. If any of the readers of this blog want to listen to a good radio show somewhat dealing with this new religious cult known as “man made climate change,” give the Clyde Lewis show down below a listen. See what modern day leftists do in schools when there is a book introduced which is in direct contrast to their new cult’s dogma. The leftists who preach the mantra of inclusion while their actions always say otherwise.

    Hey Jon, can you do an article on the solar panel industry and maybe smart meters, the dangers that go unspoken about and the massive government subsidies which keep these and other bogus green industries afloat?

  6. free your mind says:

    Do you ever hear the proponents of human induced C02 global warming, er…I mean climate change, bring up the globalist’s answer to climate change, Agenda 21?
    No, and you won’t either. Because the citizens under mind control don’t know about Agenda 21, and the NWO front men/women pushing the climate change meme, don’t want you to know about Agenda 21. Good article Jon, thanks.

  7. Judy Aimers says:

    This is one issue where I feel you have got it wrong, Jon. There is no question that human activities are having a profound effect on the earth’s climate. You can’t deny the melting of the ice caps. The debate should be over how to deal with this problem. Clearly there is a Globalist agenda that includes geoengineering, atomic energy and other top-down fake solutions. A better approach would be to start by removing all the government subsidies to agribusiness, the petrochemical and power industries and take other measures to encourage small scale, local energy production and conservation.

    • From Québec says:

      If Global Warming Is Real, Why Is Antarctic Ice Growing?

    • PJ London says:

      There is no melting of the Ice-caps.
      Antarctica same as 100 years ago. Arctic sea ice 2015 is spot on or above the Climate data record 1979 – 2015. Satellite shows no ‘catastrophic loss’ and as there is only a relatively short accurate record, no conclusions can be drawn on long term trends.
      Of course if you carefully chose the years to compare, and then reduce the sample to only those areas that support your illusion, then you can claim anything you want.
      There is no problem !
      Deal with it.

  8. Michael Burns says:

    Yeah poor Al, can’t seem to keep his stories straight…

    Al Gore: “OMG… the oceans are rising, we’ll have climate refugees, and the CO2 PPM is rising beyond belief…and look at my hockey stick graph…what?…my new mansion on the beach. Well, it’s ah…

    Yeah I know it cost 9 million dollars. Fireplaces? How many fireplaces in my new mansion…um…six.

    My personal jet?…Yeah I have a personal jet…Is it fast? How much fuel does it use a year?…well…um

    Why do I get a $197,000 for a speaking engagement…um. these questions are off topic…

    Electric bill?…how much electric power does my new mansion use?… What’s my new mansion’s electric bill this month…um..yeah it’s very high.

    You wouldn’t want me to swim in cold water, I have to heat the pool, ya know! People could get pneumonia swimming in a cold pool ya know, or cramps. You wouldn’t want my guests to get cramps….Water-shortages in California?…phtfff. Yeah I knew that… why is my pool full?…”

    Yeah Al we know you’re a big climate hero, they even give you a Noble Peace Prize for your efforts, ya schmuck. And $250,000 along with that gold medal.

    But Al, you’re a twisted, greedy fraud, a lying liar and a hypocrite of the highest order.

  9. Joy says:

    United Nations Agenda 21! Quietly and secretively signed, embraced, and put into effect down to the local level by our “leaders.” Globalists say it is about “sustainable development,” supposedly justified by “global warming.” But the dark truth is their plan to herd us all into “Hunger Games” settlements and off the land, taking away all private property, and centralizing everything…”for the good of the planet.” I see rampant evidence of it unfolding in Denver, where there is massive housing development along the commuter train and railroad tracks, most “apartment homes” just a few feet from the tracks during a supposed “housing shortage”! If you have not been introduced to David Icke, here is just a tiny part of what he has to say on the subject from years of research (like Jon’s), and it all begins with convincing us, and especially our children, that the immediacy of “global warming” trumps all individual rights.

  10. James Pahl says:

    Jon – I love your reporting and read about 90% of your articles and agree with about 90% of your points.

    In my opinion, global warming is a “mute point.” There’s no question that we’re slashing, burning, over-consuming natural resources and poisoning the planet. I believe most people have jumped on the man-made, global warming theory band wagon as a vehicle to get people serious about ending our outright assault on the environment.

    I disagree the agenda of the alarmists is an attempt to control energy production around the world. In fact, the opposite is more likely to happen. When a fossil fuel or nuclear power plant is built, it’s typically financed by a multinational corporation who ends up owning, controlling and selling the energy to the end user – thereby centralizing control. Don’t you think smaller, local ownership of wind and solar projects are better since they give decentralized control to the community? Plus, they don’t trash their environment in the process.

    • Michael Burns says:

      James Pahl

      ” I believe most people have jumped on the man-made, global warming theory band wagon as a vehicle to get people serious about ending our outright assault on the environment.”- JP

      ‘OUR’…don’t you mean corporate, or global cartel. The greed of, say one of the Agricultural conglomerate that inspire and financially support amazon rain-forest degradation for corprate greed , power and profit.

      Or some mega giant like Weyerhauser, that processes millions of trees for profit each year. To be scavenged and raped locally to profit a global empire.

      Or an oilsands oil corporation, that degrades the land for the black goo…for who?

      Because I don’t assault the environment James in my need to provide a quality of life for myself and those that I love. “Waste not, want not.” has always been our credo regardless of changing political climate.

      I live organically, no chemicals, and I grow a garden each year and keep it free from poisons. I naturally limit waste and recycle back to ground, that is the philosophy of organics…feed the ground that feeds you.

      So, this ‘our’ degradation, is implying that ‘we’ are at fault.
      There is no ‘we’….James. There is only you, and I am not going to take responsibility for what environment you assault.

  11. tlundeen says:

    “If you ask me how scared I am of climate changes ruining the planet, I have to say it is near the bottom of my worries. If science is right, and the danger is real, we’ll find ways to scrub the atmosphere as needed. We always find ways to avoid slow-moving dangers. And if the risk of climate change isn’t real, I will say I knew it all along because climate science matches all of the criteria for a mass hallucination by experts.”

  12. Brian McLean says:

    “A hypothesis is a provisional statement that remains to be confirmed through experiments.”
    “In this regard, the science is not settled. Far from it.”

    These two statements may foster a prevalent and basic misunderstanding of scientific method.

    An hypothesis is certainly provisional or tentative. If it is tested and confirmed (to be able to make correct and useful predictions) it is NOT thereby proven to be correct. Concluding that the hypothesis is correct (if that is what you mean by “confirmed”) by checking to see that “it works” is what Aristotle called the logical error of Affirming the Consequent.

    It is very unlikely that Jon Rappoport is making the claim that Affirming the Consequent proves the correctness of an hypothesis. But saying that a hypothesis “remains to be confirmed through experiments” will doubtless suggest to many people that proof of correctness is obtained thereby. So many people have made that error for so long that Aristotle was moved to point it out 2400 years ago. We are still making that error. Al Gore and many others have assured us that the “science is settled.”

    It is not possible to prove an hypothesis to be correct by the only means available to us – checking to see if its predictions are correct. No scientific hypothesis has ever been proven to be correct. Nor will one ever be.

    The testing of an hypothesis should aim to do the opposite. Testing should try to prove the hypothesis is incorrect. Denying the Consequent is valid deductive logic.

    “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” – Albert Einstein

    Failure to DISprove an hypothesis means that it MIGHT be correct. It retains this provisional and tentative status throughout its entire “lifetime” until it “dies” by being proven incorrect.

    Nature and logic do not allow us to choose between right and wrong with respect to hypothesis. We mere human beings are only permitted the choice between MAYBE right and DEFINITELY wrong.

    When Hypothesis “A” is proven to be wrong, the opportunity arises to form Hypothesis “B” which will account
    – for all the evidence which supported “A”
    – for the new evidence which killed “A” off.

    “B” is deemed the “better” hypothesis since it explains a broader range of observations than “A” did. Alas, “B” too, is tentative pending the discovery of new evidence which, in turn, will DISprove it.

    Einstein again: “My ideas caused people to reexamine Newtonian physics. It is inevitable that my own ideas will be reexamined and supplanted. If they are not there will have been a gross failure somewhere.”

    The science, by definition, is NEVER settled.

    “Settled science” (and “consensus science”) are oxymorons.

    Brian D. McLean, DDS

  13. Patrick Wood says:

    Jon, your conclusion is spot on. If anyone doubts it, read my book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. Control over energy is control over all production and consumption, and all people. M. King Hubbert co-founded Technocracy, Inc. in 1934; in 1954, he fabricated his famous ‘Peak Oil Theory” that we would run out of hydrocarbon reserves by the mid-1990s. The global elite thought that they would get control over energy back then, but when they saw that Hubbert’s prediction was dead wrong and that instead, reserves were expanding exponentially, a new mission was adopted: kill the whole industry – coal, oil, natural gas, shale, etc. Wind farms and solar panels are easily controlled, especially when there is a ‘Smart Grid’ in place.

  14. From Québec says:

    Console yourself folks and thank your good star, because at least you have a new President who doesn’t believe in the Global-Warming scam.

    In Canada, we use to have a Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) who would not sign the Carbone Treaty scam.

    But now, we have a little stupid idiot (Justin Trudeau) who signed it.

  15. From Québec says:

    I also hope that Trump will look into the Chemtrails and stop that insanity.

  16. I knew you could bring this to “life”, Jon. Big well done.

    On the other hand, I am disappointed you focus only on “sensation” and not the issues the “theatricals” cover, i.e. carbon-industrial pollution-viruses-wholesale cancer (courtesy of “Big Oil”).

    Well, I can sensationalise too and the content of my latest article probably doesn’t do justice to the content which also targets “globalism” and other things. If you’re interested in rationalising fakery, well I strip things right back to the “bare bones”…..


  17. Bill Butler says:

    And even the glaciers are part of “The Great Conspiracy”.
    Look at the deceit that has been involved in going from this:

    to this:

    Must have taken hours of Photoshop time.
    Even the famous Matterhorn is part of “The Great Conspiracy”.

    Claims about rising sea level are also part of “The Great Conspiracy”.
    Look at what happens when somebody left their hose on and then “The Great Conspiracy” attributed it to Global Warming.
    “Miami Beach Sea Level Rise, Paradise Lost!”

    P.S. Here’s a hint. The real world is not interested in Global Warming Deniers’ fabricated conspiracies and/or their paranoia.

    • In relation to changed weather/solar cycles the BIGGEST natural issue the globe faces right now is the fact that the Arctic Circle is shrinking as Antarctica expands. When the Atlantis technology city was destroyed by their own stupidity 14,800 or so years ago a planetary time bomb was ignited.

      There are NO ice ages (in the ludicrous “science” sense) and the Arctic Circle ice pack represents roughly 50% of the moon Falla. The other 50% froze much of the Northern Hemisphere but defrosted many millennia ago. From that point on we had “extra water” on this planet and we’re about to get a whole lot more.

    • Michael Burns says:

      @Bill Butler

      Do you realize that planet earth…that’s the one were, “we are”, the real people…not planet ‘AL GORE’…were there it is death and mayhem and rising seas, and cats and dogs living in sin, under perpetually rainy skies and suffocating frying heat, and, oh yes glacial melt. Were “AL” makes a 100 million dollars from this hoax. Were they use a hockey stick to plot the graph of CO2 rise, on a minute to minute basis; no I’m talking about the one were fear mongers like yourself are simply that, self-proclaimed quasi-skeptics, who have actually have become religious zealots, and refuse to listen or read any of the real facts about global climate.

      You belong to some weird climate cult William, were nothing is supposed to change with climate. Were your eyes are completely closed to the geo-engineering mayhem that is going on, and is the real culprit behind weird and whacky ‘Local Weather Events’ as opposed to Global climate change.

      Do you know the purpose of HAARP?

      Fact: At any given time time 3,600 watts/per square meter, hits the outside of the atmosphere of planet earth…*one more time*…3600 watts of solar radiation hit ever square meter of the outside of our atmosphere facing the sun. During glacial periods there is much less; earth would be experienciong a colder sun…less wattage, more glaciers for parks.

      Did you know we are in an interglacial period? Do you know what that is…?

      Did you know that, that is a warming?

      Of course there will be no stopping your relent, the cult of AGW is a strong one which requires water-boarding and massive amounts of medication to break the trance of “People we have to stop breathing, the CO2 is of the charts…the sky is falling. The oceans are rising. FUUUCCCK….THE WORLD IS ENDING…WE’RE GONNA FRY.”

      Are you capable of coming to the realization that climate on earth is sun driven; in fact this whole solar system, all the planets are bathed in the light and heat and radiation of a central ‘Sun’. And that all those planets are experiencing climate change. Do you know that glaciers are remnants of an ice age and are supposed to melt. They are not permanent during interglacial periods, they melt away. In fact all those glaciers in Glacier National park are remnants a larger glacier, so large that it covered the whole of Canada in ice upwards of two miles deep. Now it is shrunk down from interglacial melting; after some 14,000 to 15,000 years of interglacial climate change. A warmer earth, a more active and warmer sun.

      Climate naysayers like yourself who know nothing of the actually science of climate. Have been yelling about the sky falling for years. Decades.

      Your high priests have been bangin that AGW drum for close on thirty years:

      “Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.” -Noel Brown, ex UNEP Director, 1989

      “A billion people could die from global warming by 2020.” -John Holdren, Obama’s current Science Czar, 1986

      “[Inaction will cause]… by the turn of the century [2000], an ecological catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete, as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust.” -Mustafa Tolba, 1982, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program

      “In twenty years (2008) the West Side Highway [and thus much of Manhattan] will be under water.” -James Hansen, 1988, NASA

      Point one SFB, the Miami beach area is famous for these types of photos of rising seas…in fact it is a poster child. Miami is a low coastal landscape…

      They have no drainage…the amount of money put into stopping any drainage from reaching the beach, the ocean is astronomical. Tourists come to Miami for the beaches, they are protected, kept in a clean state. Storm drainage is not allowed to be routed to the ocean, and in most cases simply collects in low-lying areas. What you point out; what you fail to say is your picture is not permanent, ‘or’ is in a low-lying area anyway. Coastlines, beach fronts are in a state of constant flux; sand piles up according to tides, only to be washed away latter. This may happen in days, weeks or months.

      Funny you pick Muir lake…lol.. because it is Glacier National park…and we can’t have a Glacier National park without glaciers right? Even though the natural climate moves us towards a more moderate interglacial climate, a warmer earth. And glaciers being remnants must eventually melt in those periods.

      There has been no rise in Global average temperature in 18 years? Nada, zilch, zero…in fact global average has plummeted one degree. We are experiencing a “La Nina” and a colder equatorial Pacific ocean after an extended and rather long super “El Nino” a hotter equatorial Pacific ocean.

      The whole deal about AGW, Global warming; AL GORE screaming about some weather apocalypse and the ocean rising, is money…money, money, money. Boat loads of zillions of dollars in new carbon taxes for Nations, and soon to become breathing fees for all humans on Planet Al Gore.

      The whole purpose of the Paris Climate Accord is for 193 nations under a corrupted UN Agenda 21, to start making zillions in new carbon taxes, to fuel an ever burgeoning bureaucracy of shit climate science orated out from the ministry of propaganda, through the UN’s, fraudulent IPCC, and NASA (Never A Straight Answer), and to what end? But to support more institutionalized and brain-dead useful idiots through carbon taxes. And finally it gets down to uncreative and knee-jerking weiner heads like yourself running around screaming about mud puddles in Miami, or ice melting in a fucking glacial lake.


    • willy says:

      What the USGS had to say about the Muir in 2001:

      The glacier that filled Glacier Bay during the Little Ice Age began its retreat from the mouth of the bay more than 200 years ago and has exposed a magnificent fjord system about 100 km long. The massive glacier retreated past Sitakaday Narrows ~190 years ago, retreated past Whidbey Passage ~160 years ago, and reached the upper end of the main bay by 1860 (~140 years ago).

  18. John says:

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.” -St.
    Anthony the Great-

    Not a better quote out there which best describes the madness of the new climate change cult. You notice the cultists very rarely call it man made climate change. I wonder why they only use the words climate change and previously used global warming. Maybe because they take everybody for idiots. I mean one of the former cofounders of Greenpeace believed this crap was in large part a big sham and resigned. He saw through the political agenda and believed legitimate science was being ignored.

  19. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for having the ability to see and the courage to report the incredible web of deceit that engulfed humanity after frightened world leaders and guilt-ridden scientists united nations and national academies of sciences on 24 Oct 1945 to avoid nuclear annihilation by hiding “nuclear secrets.”

    The problem is, there are no “nuclear secrets.” Atomic mass (m) is energy (E) so Dr. Carl Von Weizsacker effectively put his thumb under the scale when measuring the nuclear binding energy of neutron-rich atoms, like the uranium atoms used in atomic bombs.

  20. Kieron says:

    Happy to see this foolishness seeing greater exposure. Bill McKibben is another one cut from the same cloth, spouting the self-same Algore-rhythm of AGW, all the while jet-setting from one end of the country to the other. I had to stop reading Orion magazine due to their regular features of this fool’s writing because my blood pressure could not take it.

  21. RoHa says:

    You Americans keep banging on about Al Gore, but the real villain is Margaret Thatcher. She is the one who pushed the idea into international politics, especially in her speech to the UN general assembly, in November 1989. Gore had tried pushing the idea a bit earlier, but the world took no notice. He was able to ride on Thatcher’s coat tails. She changed her mind later, but the damage was done.

  22. roibeardh says:

    Global warming is the main excuse for strategic aerosol geoengineering. Waiting until now, that Al Gore explain how our CO2 let the ice cap melt on planet neptune and change the storms on jupiter.

  23. Roland says:

    Recent interview of Lord Monckton by Lisa Haven. Monckton has analyzed the early climate models that started this alarmism and found a fundamental mathematical error! This error has been propagated onward ever since. He is working to get his research published in a peer-reviewed journal.

    • Tony says:

      Lord Monckton had my attention until the last 15 minutes of this interview, where he then sent forth a pseudo-intellectual stream of emotive rhetoric.

  24. Jason says:

    Can you say that because an idea is exploited for personal gain by some particular group, it is also false? What if it’s a correct idea, but those in charge simply would rather profit from it than care about it and take it seriously? Is that not an option?

    As an ecologist, I have difficulty with the idea that our planet is not experiencing problems and changes due to human activity. With that said, I can easily see how these ideas become exploited for the purpose of profit and control of populations.

    I can also agree that we are likely wrong in our predictions and statements about the changes occurring (and that the simplified view that greenhouse gases are causing our problems is missing a lot of other factors, such as their own geo-engineering).

    I would suggest that altering the natural state of the planet should have negative consequences for life on Earth; it would be very difficult to make an argument that humans are not doing this.

  25. Tony says:

    Citing academics and highlighting the lack of integrity of the ‘Green Collar Corporates’ to dismiss the idea that human activity has little or no impact on our planets ecosystem may provide some instant moral gratification but it doesn’t achieve much….you may as well walk outside and piss into the wind.

    It’s important to keep in mind, any industry, regardless of the color flag they fly, is fundamentally embedded into ‘The System’ and is fated to surrender to The Systems will.

    The fossil fuel industry – Oil and more recently natural gas, has been subsidized for decades, wars waged, over OIL, in the name of democracy and freedom…but you already know this.
    Many men have followed a career path into politics, starting with good intent, only to be corrupted by their own self interest. By the time they reach any position of real power their intent and moral integrity has been torn asunder.

    The only thing that changes is the ‘presentation’. All of human conflict is over territorial disputes and our planets resources.
    Seven billion humans and counting.

    Humans attach a measure of economic value to ‘stuff’ and anything and everything is fair game. American prisons have morphed into for-profit-commercial enterprises…in a society where GDP growth, interest rates, sales targets and monetary profit are the demigods of capitalism…how is this good for society, but I digress.

    The rapid growth of energy production and consumption is a direct result of human mentality, our priorities and our motivations….the fundamental priority being the accumulation of power-money-land : the domain of deep state insiders.

    Our quarrels over oil verses renewable energy has nothing to do with our planets natural environment and everything to do with human ego power struggles.

    In my opinion, combustion of fossil fuels to provide energy is what I call, caveman technology. However, this should not automatically elevate renewable energy, such as solar and wind, to become ‘The Answer’. Green energy technology is imperfect, no thinking intelligent person would claim otherwise.
    What we have elevated to god like status though, is our human ego.

    Our planet cannot sustain the consumption and waste levels of western developed societies multiplied by seven billion (and counting).

    We treat our home… planet Earth.. like we treat each other.

  26. Tony says:

    [edit – to address context error]
    Citing academics and highlighting the lack of integrity of the ‘Green Collar Corporates’ to dismiss the idea ..of anthropogenic climate change and.. that human activity has little or no impact on our planets ecosystem…

  27. Tony says:

    Earlier when I said renewable energy such as solar and wind is not The Answer, what I mean to say, is that these are not the answer to all of humanities energy needs, they are however, a very important part of the overall energy mix.
    It’s already possible for a modern family home to function autonomously, off-grid, generating all electrical power needs on site, using either solar or wind and battery storage, or a combination of all. This will improve further with improved efficiencies and technology.
    Decentralized energy production, using clean safe and sustainable methods, for residential and small business has huge positive potential for all of us…if we do it right and restructure our economies and priorities accordingly.

    The notion that we, in the West, need to provide coal for centralized coal fired power in developing nations such as in Africa or India, to bring their living standards up to ours, affordably, is to me, regressive thinking.
    Holding onto, and promoting these archaic infrastructure technologies, under the pretense of altruism is at best just laziness, at worst, deceptive.
    To me, these developing nations present an incredible opportunity for humanity to shift toward new cleaner and more sustainable energy production.

    This will require a significant shift in our thinking and motivations, as a collective human race.
    We also need to consider the entire life-cycle of all the stuff we manufacture.
    For example, we have barely ventured into the final frontier of space, a few men on the moon and the international space station are as far as we’ve reached (for human space travel) and yet in this short amount of time we have literally used Earth’s upper atmosphere as a dumping ground for ‘space junk’….the problem is getting so bad, NASA has safety concerns not just for people but for the risk of ongoing damage to necessary orbiting satellites, the orbiting ISS or other spacecraft.

    I’ve highlighted this because it represents human motivation, which is:
    Assess the economic and monetary value first, then proceed from there.

    I’m questioning the value of this ideology.

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