Why I named my web site no-more-fake-news in 2001

Why I named my web site no-more-fake-news in 2001

by Jon Rappoport

December 6, 2016

This article is thanking you for your continued support.

As you know, these days mainstream news outlets are carrying out a ferocious attack against “fake news.”

They are composing lists of sites that disseminate “fake news.”

Of course, this is their attempt to find scapegoats for their own failure to predict the winner of the presidential election—the winner they supported with every ounce of strength they could muster, Hillary Clinton—who lost.

Why did Hillary lose? Because, they say, web sites published and spread negative “fake news” about her. And these sites actually got their fake news from, wait for it, Russia. That’s right. Russia.

So…mainstream outlets are floating an absurd and laughable conspiracy theory.

The mainstream emperor has no clothes, and everyone can see it.

Back in 2001, when I started nomorefakenews.com, I was 19 years into a career as a reporter, and it was clear to me that mainstream news was the dedicated purveyor of fake stories from one end of the planet to the other.

In particular, I had published a book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century (1988), which concluded that HIV had never been proved to be the cause of AIDS. In fact, AIDS was not one disease or syndrome. It was a fake label that had been applied to numerous conditions arising from immune-system failure; and that failure had many different causes, none of which was a virus.

Writing the book was a final crossing of the line. I was into territory no mainstream editor wanted to touch or think about.

Several reporters told me I couldn’t go back. I would never have a career in the mainstream. They weren’t paying attention. I never wanted that kind of career.

I’d already had a taste of editors assigning me stories that could write themselves and I’d felt like a sleepwalker turning them out.

Experiencing intense boredom was not my goal.

So, in 2001, when I decided to abandon my manual typewriter for a keyboard and a mouse, naming my new site was pretty much a no-brainer; nomorefakenews.com would do just fine.

I’ve never looked back.

Since then, I’ve seen mainstream reporters who were on their way up—potential stars—drop off the radar and disappear. Edged out by more photogenic competitors, they’ve gone into selling real estate and cars. I’ve watched good reporters leave their prestigious outlets and start their own online operations, because they couldn’t get “controversial” stories published or aired.

I’ve watched the see-saw tilt toward independent news and away from elite print and television outlets. I’ve watched the mainstream eat a whole lot of crow. They don’t enjoy the experience, because they believe they own the news. They believe the news is what they say it is.

So be it. They live and die by that faith—and now they’re dying.

I could claim I take no pleasure in this, but I’d be lying. I take a great deal of pleasure in it. I’m not a glazed-over New Age “humanitarian.” When the bad guys and chronic liars go down, that’s a good thing. That’s a victory.

When primped, coiffed, blown-dry elitist liars can’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag any longer, because they’re surrounded by independent reporters who are exposing them at every turn, that’s pure gold.

More and more independent reporters are realizing this. They’re realizing that their individual efforts to make the truth known are adding up to a revolution, and the revolution is a blooming success.

Who would have thunk it?

I’ll tell you who. Individual reporters and researchers.

You could say such individuals have excessive egos, but you know what? That’s a lie. All along, these reporters have known there was a chance of victory, a glint of light in the darkness. And they haven’t backed down. They’ve doubled and tripled down.

I’m one of those reporters. In case you’re interested, there are a few qualities you need to pursue this course. You need the knowledge that exposing corruption and crime is good, feels good, and it cracks the egg of passive acceptance. You want to crack that egg. This is isn’t just a duty. It’s an excitement. You wake up to it every day. You wake up with the possibility that you can find a new way to put a new crack in the egg.

People aren’t taught that, which is why I’m mentioning it. People are taught, these days, to be nicer than nice, as if somehow that will save the world. Baloney. That will save nothing. It’ll clog the bloodstream of society.

An independent reporter worth his salt goes on offense with no apology. He has nothing to apologize for.

If he feels moral outrage—and he does—he channels it into his work. He doesn’t let up.

Contrary to what, again, many people are taught, this outrage doesn’t eat you up. That’s a lie. That’s a piece of programming, mind control. That’s another New Age crock. Designed to keep people in a passive cage. No, moral outrage makes you stronger. It points the way. It carves out new space where there was no space before. It separates you from the herd of the self-absorbed who have been indoctrinated to be afraid of their own shadows.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

And by the way, what we are seeing from mainstream news defenders of the crown these days is a significant amount of fear. They’re trying to lash out, but they’re trembling, because they’re trapped. Their placid front is crumbling, and underneath that, they’ve got nothing.

This is a marvel to behold.

I’m waiting for the Washington Post to report that all these “fake news” sites are getting their information piped in from dangerous ETs in the Orion Belt.

I’m ready for that one. Just last week, a few of those ETs printed out a message on my digital thermostat: “Hey, don’t blame us. We’re neutral. We like to watch. We’re peeping Toms. We don’t take sides.”

No More Fake News. Yes, that was a good name for my site in 2001, and it still is. Thank you for your support.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “Why I named my web site no-more-fake-news in 2001

  1. NK says:

    You could not have chosen a more prescient title.

  2. Debra Haworth says:

    You are one of the best most experienced news reporters there are. You know how to gather the intel and research and you know how to interpret it. You use logic and critical thinking, something that’s a dying skill nowadays. I took a course in that as an elective in school 40 years ago, I have never been the same since. Changes everything in a good way. But you can certainly see where it’s lacking in most millenials now. It should be mandatory.

  3. S. Englert says:

    You’re right on the mark. The mainstream media and the political Establishment are rapidly losing control of the narrative and their march toward globalism. They’re waging a counterattack with their “fake news” claims when public opinion polls show their own reporting no longer is considered credible. I too was employed by the “legacy” media for nearly 30 years and witnessed my own investigative stories stymied or shelved. I saw how advertisers dictate and influence editorial content and wrote a book about it, “Sold Out: How an American Magazine Lost Its Soul.” More recently, I’ve gone for a subtler approach by writing a literary fiction series that explores how people are led to astray by fear, ignorance and blindly following the herd. “Paradox—Valley of the Sheeple” reminds people that we all are lost sheep if we fail to question the false stories and narratives being fed by the corrupt political Establishment and untrustworthy mainstream media.

    • barn moose says:

      Only intelligence orgs (it’s their métier) and a tiny fraction of the population can operate passably within an aggressively corrupted media environment.

      “The origin of the term lies in well poisoning, an ancient wartime practice of pouring poison into sources of fresh water before an invading army [alt-news and its growing audience] to diminish the attacking army’s strength.” -Wikipedia

      Guess who holds the commanding heights.

      All mainstream has to do is become selectively and modestly truthful/reliable to stand out in an environment that has been chaotically corrupted.

      Sips of pure liquid doled out ‘mercifully’ when there is water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for using your abundant talents to expose fake news sites disguised as MSM – “main stream media

  5. Glenn says:

    Thank you for your diligence, passion, and great work. I found your site just after it was launched. In a short period of time I gained a more comprehensive understanding of how the world works than I ever did in my college education and then some. It has felt like a PHD level of info. From the many books you have recommended to your analysis of Aids, OKC, exposing false flags and the geopolitical game of the elites, to your dismantling of the medical cartel as well as interviews with players such as Medavoy, Jack True to to name a couple, you have in essence provided a level of education that can’t be duplicated. So much more could be said about what you convey and teach every day. I will add that you also offer a different dimension through your writing and materials about the individual and imagination that perfectly complements the aforementioned information.

  6. Joy says:

    Jon, you may or may not be aware that in your ongoing pioneering work, you are helping many of us to forge new pathways and crack the egg in our personal lives by your example and words. “Nicer than nice” and afraid of expressing moral outrage are now becoming things of the past in my life because of all that I am learning from you here and in your Matrix materials. As you write, moral outrage “…points the way. It carves out new space where there was no space before. It separates you from the herd of the self-absorbed who have been indoctrinated to be afraid of their own shadows.” So much for all of the people in my life (including my birth family) who desperately want to shut me up and nail me down!

    • John says:

      Great point Joy, I get the same thing from my family. They tell me to shut up and not make waves. In other words, become a good little Marxist and exist rather than live. Glad to see there are other people out there besides me who are conservatives and even true liberals which subscribe to free speech.

      “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” -Evelyn Beatrice Hall-

  7. Josh says:

    Thank you for doing what you do so well, that I have been reading every one of your posts everyday for years now. You are at the very top of my list for Guaranteed Real News.

  8. John says:

    People who have “murdered” their souls and choose to exist in a life of perception rather than reality have become the greatest danger to a free society. People who lack the fortitude and courage to seek truth and demand truth are the facilitators of tyranny. Those who go about their lives exhibiting behavior without making waves, safe within the bubble of unreality/perception, wrapped up in moral relativism are the ultimate destroyers of liberty, freedom and individualism.

    This type of behavior energizes tyrannies, this type of behavior discourages critical thinking. When the purveyance of fraud and lies become the norm, truth almost becomes obsolete. This current mainstream media has become the equivalent of a band of court jesters who have become like sycophants whose only function now becomes pleasing their masters, the globalists. This corrupt MSM has become the epitomy of the same people they now exist to serve and worship. Traits of narcissism, arrogance and deceitfulness now fully encompass all the mainstream media puppets. The MSM of today are now the new Pravda, promoters of propaganda and false narratives, narratives being fed to them by a corrupt federal government who make no mistake about it, fully enjoy their current status as a tyranny.

    The truth no longer matters to soulless human beings. Just creating lies and repeating these lies over and over while expecting a fully thumbed down population to believe the lies and propaganda has become the new “norm.”

    We as a society have failed miserably, we also deserve to share some of the blame. As a citizenry we now look at corruption as passé, something that is inevitable and that there is nothing we can do about. As a society we also have “murdered” our consciences and now choose to sit “safely” under the umbrella of willful ignorance. Refusing to demand accountability for lawless and corrupt actions unfortunately gives us equal blame in creating this tyranny.

    The MSM thrives only because we let them get away with marginalizing those out there pushing the so-called “fake news.” Imagine this, the ultimate purveyors of propaganda are now accusing people who tell the truth based on facts as the problem. Talk about about inverse reality, jees.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.” -St. Anthony the Great- Oh what a great man St. Anthony was and what profound and prophetic words he spoke about in the above quote.

    We are letting the outrageous liars who have become the madmen now accuse the good men and women of being the liars. What a strange time and twisted country we now live in.

    America 2016, the land of liberal fairytales, identity politics, race and class warfare. A land of a divided people where only certain citizens are expected to obey the law while others can disregard the law. A nation where a huge portion of responsible citizens get punished for being responsible while others are rewarded for their irresponsibility. A once sovereign nation now being thrown into an inverse reality by a MSM who try to validate the madness we can all fully view now enfolding right before our eyes.

    Madness and lies based on illusion to promulgate a warped Marxist fairytale which has the dubious distinction of exhibiting an ominous track record which has destroyed millions of lives throughout the centuries.

    Media, culture, government and society are collectively at the biggest crossroad of human civilization. We either start recognizing that evil, corruption and propaganda are now all running rampant throughout the globe and the United States. We either start demanding accountability for the rule of law or we start slipping down the slippery slope of the point of no return. We inevitably then wind up morphing into a culture of group thought, selective justice, and nation no longer governed by the rule of law and the US Constitution. As a country we throw away the great gifts of liberty, freedom and individualism. All things that were not promised to us but things which were fought for and in which blood was spilled for on our behalf.

    Time to either embrace the human soul and the mind’s uniqueness to think critically and as human beings become the individuals God created us to be. Or we can refuse and continue to escalate the soft glove tyranny we now live under. The tyranny, the MSM worships and serves with great fervor. What chance would the MSM and tyranny have if we as a people started getting back to a life of virtue. A life where we all truly lived and stopped just existing in a world based on lies and perception.

    Time to start living each one of our lives seeking and demanding truth. Without truth we are nothing but robots. A society based on truth is a society which lives in true freedom.

    “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself.” -St. Augustine-

    Keep showing people the truth Jon, you have nothing to be ashamed of, unlike your counterparts in the MSM who have become soulless, brainless and treasonous.

    • bob klinck says:

      There can never be genuine freedom or generalized virtue while people are kowtowing to a regime of financial coercion–a.k.a. Socialist “full employment” (carthorse conditions for everybody).

  9. Jon, I am so tuned into what you report and say.. subjects I have wondered about and questioned, and you have answered my thoughts..Yes the truth is like a lion, roaring in the background and won’t be shut up..They know we are not taking their stories like we used to.. We question everything..staged shootings, and disinformation from MSm.. I love reading your blogs.. you give me faith in humanity.

  10. elliottjab says:

    You’re more than welcome Jon.

    WE – the people – are grateful to read the truths you publish; the grand humor which some of it contains; the anger some of it expresses; the warnings and solutions – suggested and real.

    You’ve provided us with pathways and processes to free us as individuals.

    You’ve kicked our butts!

    Thank you!!!

  11. Sue Nicholoy says:

    Nicely written article. Just wanted to thank you personally as you help us all to share truth.

  12. From Québec says:

    Trump: world’s most dishonest people, the press – Trump attacks the press

  13. From Québec says:

    Donald Trump uses Twitter to directly talk to Americans without his message being distorted by the media.

    Trump Uses Twitter to Bypass Mainstream Media

  14. Alan says:

    Jon, I too am grateful beyond words for your insights and incisive commentary as you dissect the duplicitous fallacies, distortions and outright disinformation that all pass for “news” anymore. What a travesty! It is no exaggeration to say I have learned more than I can even begin to recount from your prolific body of work and felt compelled to add my voice to the chorus here.

    I also want to say that I am both honored and humbled to be in the company of so many other loyal, intelligent, and articulate NMFN readers who take the time to offer their thoughtful perspectives on your extraordinarily illuminating blog posts.

    Thank you as well for consistently upholding the incalculable value of the individual, the artist, and the preeminence of imagination as the highest manifestation of the Infinite creative/primordial principle.

    Your brilliance and prescience to have named your site as you did fifteen years ago (!) speaks volumes to your impeccable integrity and character, not only as an investigative journalist but as a human being who actually cares about what really matters and has the courage to address it head on with incredible dedication and honesty. We are all deeply & genuinely indebted to you 🙂

  15. Michael says:

    It’s probably the nasty ETs from Orion (and elsewhere) behind the real fake news, aka mind control propaganda called mainstream news. ETs are likely either really good or really bad, unless they have evolved beyond polarity and integrated both, then they become referees. All three types are here right now behind the scenes and this human drama is the “physical” reflection. Don’t fall for Partial Disclosure, we want the full truth, the good the bad and the ugly, we can handle it!

  16. kapoore says:

    Thank you, Jon, for your great work, and your courage. You are a truth teller and a warrior. You make the alternative news informative and important.

  17. The people “behind” the Washington Post know full well the most dangerous ET’s are here on or “in” Earth, Jon.

    Good article BTW. It got me thinking as I’ve recently released one of my own. This whole fake news “op”; could it be expanded?

    Work with me on this one. You’re a great fan of improving the imagination. Imagine most or all of the mainstream religions were “made up” by the “Prophets” and other figures of note. Consider that all these great leaders of men were in fact atheists. In other words, they had no faith and whatever doubled as “spirituality” looked nothing like their doctrinal output.

    So how about most religion is fake news? If you think about it, per this “scam”, a voiceless obedient God ensures that royal “authority” can dictate all “laws” designed to obsessively control human serfs with no right of reply. They can’t say “God” (who’s never uttered a word) was wrong. It’s so obvious it’s painful. Because dogma is created “by humans for humans”, of course commands “sound” reasonable (when not analysed too carefully) otherwise the scam would have never worked.

    Obviously, we all know the powers today are more or less the powers 10,000 years ago, so “duality” has always been the “kicker” that ,makes the scam work. The atheists used their imagination to create “good” and “evil”. This means the same of unconscionable bastards are behind sick spirituality and Satanism. It also means that they arranged the whole religious “anti-sex” pantomime and the “pedo” blood orgies for the “heathens”.

    I am very, very, very close to seeing the whole truth and nothing but the truth and it’s a pretty nasty place. What makes it even more frightening is people have become so obsessed with utter bullshit, they are almost completely adrift of “reality”. Anyway, here’s link to my article that “turns the universe upside down” again.



    • Agreed, religion & fear are two of the oldest tools of power, while we’re busy looking around at others in fear, we’re not looking above us, seeing who are the real criminals. Lucifarian & Satanism are based in Astrotheology. Is there a ‘CREATOR of ALL CREATION’..? I believe so..! However, NOT THE FAKE BS – Judao-Christian, Islamic model many has been sold to many by the snake oil salesmen of the Globalist Royalist Elites..! I will enjoy reading your blog as you too, seem very wide awake & together I believe we have much to share and grow in knowledge. :PEACE: ❤️🕊

      • Thank you,

        I checked out your blog and you have a page of useful quotes. My book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” proves what the creator is in the non-material sense. In fact, because the creator is immaterial empirical proof is an impossibility without full sense of dimensional perspective/resonance. We, humans, are “crimped” and they “the powers” use that as the ace card up their sleeve. The whole principle of blasphemy relies on that. The “Ascension” will [potentially] really put “the cat amongst the pigeons” as people start to “see” more. Anyway, along with the link already supplied, another article of mine is an important read:


        • Betelgeuse says:

          IMO, their biggest and most evil weapon is to keep the populace locked in the materialistic world.
          The materialistic world which is nothing but a consequence of the spiritual.
          The “Western” materialistic view and “way-of-life” is so overwhelming and elevated that the spiritual side has been all but squeezed out.
          The priest-class going back thousands of years has been almost entirely responsible for this. They controlled Pharaos, Heads-of-state, Kings/Queens and Emperors. The Hidden Hand.
          And they’re still there today.
          Thanks to Jon’s work, yourself and many other sources, Spirituality and the major component it is of our whole being is coming back to the fore.
          Spirituality is the cornerstone of individualism, the free mind.
          Onwards and Upwards!

          • Good comment,

            In addition, I believe “paedophilia” is being used to purge the priesthoods of forward thinking spiritualists. Many years ago, I had connections with the British police. The amount of extortion attempts on the Catholic Church were mind boggling. Any reprobate saw them as an easy mark. What better way to get back at your “dorky” Sunday School teacher than “claim” he had sex with you?

            So to make the conspiracy “work”, they (the bringers of evil) infiltrated the priesthoods of all religious sects (they wanted to target) with genuine sadists. They didn’t need many, just enough to give the tinge of reality to the whole “op”.

            People fell for it and continue to fall for it “hook line and sinker”.

  18. Helios Proa says:

    Keep on bro, we love you and your way. Thanks n blessings. Keep on your stuff, it’s ours as well. Gracias.

  19. scully13 says:

    Love you Jon !

  20. Michael says:

    Thanks for positioning yourself as a beacon of sanity and reason in the muddled bog of bogus charlatainews which is deployed against us. You called them out back in 2001 and now they’re ironically advertising your website in their laughable scramble to regain some control of the narrative.
    Bravo for your insight and prescience!

  21. Greg C. says:

    There’s even a fake version of Jon Rappoport – that is, John Stossel. He did some reports on 20/20 exposing vaccines, but now he has pulled back. He now says vaccines are beneficial and safe. He’s gone soft. He says that most autistic kids are just nerdy or geeky! Where have you gone, John Stossel? We thought we knew you. We though you would a crusader against the machine. He’s going down with the MSM into the abyss. Oh well, by now he has had his career and has got his pension. Maybe he should take up painting? Who knows where that might lead. Thanks for being true to your calling, Jon!

  22. Dear Jon.

    Thank you for your continued hard work… that I subscribe to and are fully behind you, as are many, of those who are awake..!

    In your recent article attached, you mentioned the ‘Crown’.

    So may I ask you, were you aware that the UK & Commonwealth is in full ‘Lawful Rebellion’ against the Crown & its offices (Gov)..? And have been since March 2001..!

    Well, if you haven’t, then that’s NO surprise, because something as monumental as this, has only had a cursory, dismissive, couple of paragraphs mention, written in the Telegraph (the article of which can be found on the website below) and has been buried by mainstream news, ever since..! Even the people of the UK, when I bring it to their attention, have never heard of it..! So it would be no surprise then, that this monumental news hasn’t travelled across the pond to you..! Hmmm I wonder why..? Could it be that ALL main stream media including some, if not THE MAJORITY of the alt media, is owned by globalist puppets..? Murdoch (Zionist [Hebrews never existed they were & are the Hyksos] Crypto Jew ) – Inc etc..!

    Please immerse your self in the site & sister blog site, linked below, paying close attention to the comments section at the bottom of each page, as this is where the meat & potatoes, really are, where many common people who write in with legit questions and the administrators give in depth answers. On a personal note, I have taken my oath… and walk the walk, NOT talk the talk..!

    WE (those who are awake) here, on the other side of the pond (in the snakes [Royalty & Rothschilds] back garden) are in this fight together with our American brothers & sisters & the common people from ALL around the world, against the ‘Lucifarian 4th Reich New World Order, Globalist Elitist Assholes’..! Note: (lucifer is not an entity, its reference is to ‘Venus – ‘World’s in Collision’ – Immanuelle Velikovsky).

    The American Constitution is as you’d know, is based on the Magna Carta 1215 AD, enshrining ‘Common Law’ given to us & written in our hearts, by the ‘CREATOR of ALL Creation’… for the common people. Which simply put is; Don’t Lie, Don’t cheat, Don’t steal, Don’t Kill…. .. Simple..! Every other statute by fake ‘GOV’s after these, is unnecessary, restricting freedom & individuality..!



    Gregory ❤️
    Much Love & Blessings in the Name of Our Beloved, Almighty, Eternal, PRIME CREATOR of ALL CREATION, Our Loving Heavenly Parent, Teacher & Friend..! May the Creators love, peace, blessings & protection be upon YOU & YOUR Family & may the Creators WILL be done..!

    Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”..! The next time the Adversarial Archon, reminds you of your past… remind IT of IT’S Future..!

  23. From Québec says:


    The mainstream media is too corrupt to succeed

  24. cameliani says:

    Thank YOU!!!! A great true journalist and a great true human being. Indeed every dog has its day and it is fantastic to see justice at last. Let them squirm!

  25. Todd Millions says:

    You are indeed an excellent investigator Jon.However(caveat),we have seen this before.
    “The revolution” can be co-opted if not destroyed.
    The true secret is indeed probably that -divide &conquer has the highest leverage,when its anticipatory.
    Knowledge of this point is essential to protect yourself,and the others you need with you.
    Tabling it -informs the second string psychopaths of the tool they were missing.
    But learning of it and its history and consequences a very fine gift from Buckminister Fuller.
    If we are to have any future at all-knowledge of this item is vital.
    Consider the fate of Fuller’s “World Game” initiative and the fine tool we need lost thereby-other examples abound, But- don’t weep.Get informed and grim.
    Tough long slogging awaits.

  26. Betelgeuse says:

    You are my guiding light Jon, with every article you write, every scam you expose.
    You truly stand out from the rest.
    The NoMoreFakeNews name is perfect.

  27. Linda Sky says:

    Brilliant as usual. Thanks Jon!! Linda Sky

  28. Bobby says:

    Hahahahaah, Jon, that is truly funny, to myself at least. I didn’t know you were a class A comedian as well as an astute writer on all of the weirdness this earth has to offer…LOL PEACE

  29. SD says:

    Trump media resurrects truth.

    bye-bye MSM and controlled opposition (fake-anti-fakers) who wore purple solidarity shirts out of fear of November 8 biblical fate.

    Whimpering and reporting snippets and loose ends while claiming to be thoroughly independent is no less dishonest than fake news soylent green pablum.

    Asking for money(hustling) degrades the message. And degrades absolutely.

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