Technocracy: evolution told as a fairy tale

Technocracy: evolution told as a fairy tale

by Jon Rappoport

December 25, 2016

“Technocratic human beings are spiritually dead. They are capable of anything, no matter how heinous, because they do not reflect upon or question the ultimate goal.” —Chris Hedges

“River and ocean turbines for electricity; hydrogen power; urban farms; massive water desalination—these are just a few of the means for making an abundant non-technocratic future. By any rational standard, technocratic idiocy is already obsolete.” —The Underground, Jon Rappoport

—Again, thanks to Patrick Wood and his book, Technocracy Rising, for expanding my insight into these areas.

Consider the term “scientific humanism.” The Oxford Dictionary offers this definition: “A form of humanist theory and practice that is based on the principles and methods of science; specifically the doctrine that human beings should employ scientific methods in studying human life and behaviour, in order to direct the welfare and future of mankind in a rational and beneficial manner…Origin mid-19th century.”

That definition gives you a good general meaning for “technocracy.”

Understanding the mindset of technocrats is necessary; they believe that since they can plan the shape of society, they should plan the shape of society.

Politicians are outmoded along this new evolutionary path. They will fade into extinction. Instead, engineers will take their place.

Human beings (all eight billion) will be accounted for. They will receive energy quotas. Because a master map exists for the amount of global energy available at any moment, every human will be permitted to consume just so much energy during a defined time period.

This is the technocratic “big picture.”

Wherever you see the Surveillance State, you see technocracy. The claim that surveillance is being utilized to prevent terror attacks is a cover story. In fact, there can be no all-embracing technocracy without real-time tracking of every citizen’s energy consumption.

But technocracy goes much farther than this. Humans are viewed as mis-programmed biological machines in need of basic corrections. Their tendency to engage in conflict needs to be curbed. Whatever they do, say, or think that runs counter to the tight organizing of “peaceful and harmonious” society from above is, a priori, irrational and must be eradicated at the level of Mind.

The necessary reprogramming would be achieved through genetic, electronic, and chemical means. Though never admitting it publicly, dyed in the wool technocrats see no reason to maintain the human population at its current level. Elimination of large numbers of “biological machines” would make their job easier.

Heraldic fairy tales about “transhuman” transformation are used to put a wondrous face on technocracy. For example, we’re told that soon it will be possible to connect a human brain with a super-computer and download “spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and talents” directly to the human.

Technocratic premise: society itself is a game board, and someone has to be in charge; who better than engineers with an overall plan?

So-called “advances” in human life will begin by stating the basic “rights” people are entitled to. For example, “an optimum state of social existence.” What this really means is “pegs in holes.” People will be fitted into slots that yield up the “largest amount of possible collective happiness.”

It’s all about The Plan.

Freedom? Freedom to choose? Never heard of it.

Instead, what the individual is given from above is satisfactory to him because the individual has been engineered to believe it is.

Smart-grid, sustainable development, green economy, land use, community planning, climate change, education in values, and other campaigns are signals and steps toward the far shore of technocracy. They all point to putting “pegs in holes.” They all ultimately involve quotas for energy consumption.

They all involve the assumption that, since there is only so much to go around, a higher authority must decide who gets what. Food, water, shelter, jobs, luxuries, energy…

Clue: scientists and engineers can arbitrarily say what science is, and therefore they can say The Plan is “scientific.”

If you say, “Well, look, there are genuine ways to vastly increase the amount of available water and energy and clean food,” you would be running against the technocratic blueprint. Opting for abundance is not welcomed. Abundance cuts the chords of The Plan. Scarcity must rule and it must be promoted. The lack of all essentials must be cited as the reason for imposing technocratic answers. There is no way around it.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

The irony is, when you talk to really hard-core environmentalists about the means for achieving abundance through alternative technologies, they balk and grow angry. They don’t want technological solutions—and yet, the powers behind them, where the big money is, are, in fact, all about technology—technology of a certain kind, which is based on planning out a society in which permanent and growing scarcity is MAINTAINED AND PROMOTED as the immutable reality.

It’s quite mad, quite insane. But when has that ever stopped the men who are quite sure they should sit on thrones?

Vast abundance is more than a vision. It is a reachable possibility. The history of actual science and technology confirms that both essential materials and available human innovation were always downplayed as shortages—until some individual came along and demonstrated that a new way of doing things would break through the shortage.

Corporations, governments, think-thanks, and universities try to limit, curb, and bury inventions that open up the future to abundance. Technocrats are in a race to “plan society” before those inventions leak out into the public and make them, the technocrats, obsolete.

But they are obsolete. They just haven’t figured it out yet.

But we can figure it out.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

21 comments on “Technocracy: evolution told as a fairy tale

  1. Greg C. says:

    “It’s quite mad, quite insane. But when has that ever stopped the men who are quite sure they should sit on thrones?”

    “Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region, who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had ascertained from the wise men.” Matt. 2:16, English Standard Version

    “Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, ordered that all the children in Bethlehem be inoculated against the Dead Sea Flea virus, with a vaccine that was contaminated with Quicksilver, so that the child would become autistic and never realize that he was God’s son.” Matt. 2:16, Anti-Technocratic Version.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. IMNAHA says:

    Technocracy: Where global politics and financing meet. Technocracy is really a symptom of (programmed?) collective Malthusian mentality. When even just a small percentage of human conciousness switches over to an abundance mentality the world will change for the better. However, beware of utopian dreams (like the technocrats); IMHO earth functions as a school and /or prison, and was never designed to be a heaven.

    • brian krajci says:

      Unless we the people bring heaven down to Earth. It’s a fine campus right now. I learn stuff every day. I like this article because it mentioned tidal power which is basically an old timer’s mill stream power. I fish and watch the power of the tides changing and can’t help wonder why this tremendous force hasn’t been harnessed. There is enough for everyone. When we change ourselves even our shadows change.

  3. says:

    Hello Jon, Thanks for the technocrazy analzsis. Technocrats are a special breed brainwashed into the believe they know everzthing exclusively about the state of the art and future of technologz. They are a special class of high priests consulted by even bigger idiots like politicians asking them what can be done and the technocrat will keep on extending his babies playground. Technocrats will never believe they are working on obsolete technology since they are led to believe to be superior scientists. As a matter of fact we had better compare Technocrats with graduated academic babies given the exclusive opportunity to waste taxpayers money with mickey mouse backward and futureless and ineffective and idiotic and crayz technocratic approaches to a whole field of problems. The technocrats are brought into a constant state of frenzy like babies looking for the mothers breast. There has been proven the pure possibility of energy abundance without fossil fuel, coal, nuclear or whatever other mickey mouse solutions like wind turbines, water dams, solar cells. They are mickey mouse like the FEDs dollar is mickey mouse money. All are utterly fake but the people have been systematicallz misled into the believe these are real things, real solutions, real money. In 12th century monks had invented a magnetic motor. Bessler had his revolving big wheel, Philo Farnsworth had his surplus energy invention and tried to convince authorities to implement it, many viable patents have been confiscated by German authorities to protect the rise of German nuclear power stations. A friend of mine had invented a method to improve the internal combustion engines efficiencz bz at least a 40 percent. He has been visiting Volkswagen and Audi factory experts. They have listened to him and offered him some cup of coffees and asked him in the end if he would like to have a testride in one of their experimental Audi heaveweight cars. Guess what. During the ride he had been observing and analyzing the cars computer and it indicated it consumed no more than 1 liter for 70 kilometers. I have copied an official Shell Oil Company research book published in 1977 with reports by manz UK SHELL engineers and one of the chapters has as an amazing fact. Some Shell UK research lab engineers had been able to tune a 1600 kilogram 1949 Studebaker into a fuel consumption of 1 liter for 63 kilometers in the year 1959. Within one decade Carbondioxide emissions and accompanying water vapour emissions could go down by at least a factor 4. This totally different and effective approach in stead of the old and boring talk about some ten percent improvement. Stanley Meyer has developed his VW dune buggy with an engine running on water and nothing but water. Mister Dingle in the Philippines had his car running on water. He can be found on youtube in conversation with mister president Marcos at the time. Marcos told him IMF contracts forbid him as a president to do anything destructive or detrimental for fossil fuel. In world war 2 the American tanks engines had a little technological change. The carburetors were replaced by a no name carburetor by which the tank was able twice as far on one liter of fuel. German general Rommel was outrunned by technological and logistical allied advantages as a result of that. After the was – an american mechnic has testified – they were forced to put the old carburetors into the tanks again. One of the technocrats crime boiles down to blocking the road to progress by sheer historical stupidity and mental illness consisting a.o. of being in the illusion of the avant garde of technological possibilities. There is only one cure. Avoid them as the plague. They will keep on producing irrelevant and useless technological socalled innovations. The people have to replicate ingenious inventions and patents. They have to show some claims about far better efficient engines and processes are true. Spread the news I hereby attached by way of a promising example which is screaming for more replications. Have a look at on Ron Brandts invention One of the many examples to be found on rexresearch website and on other websites as well. One of the main problems Many people have learned and kept the habit of talking like: I think this cannot work, I believe this and this cannot work, I think this and this theoretical chapter is predicting or even prohibiting this to work effectively. In effect the education brainwash has produced an vast army of non practising not using both hands, only reasoning from false theories or wrongly applied theoretical knowledge people unable to overcome their severe mental and spiritual handicaps. Technolically speaking most of the people live in the steam age and the industrial age. People with no or few theoretical knowledge and high education run the best chance of stumbling upon or even producing in a long range of years a device which they kept on saying to themselves against the negatieve pressure from their surrounding:something must be possible, let me start to build the first prototype and see what happens after improvements or totallz different designs. There is many examples of this indepentant practical mechanical mans working devices around the globe. E.g. I love this one: Bob Kostoffs website has disappeared and his datalog on peswiki will be deleted in near future as is stated on the old peswiki website format text. The guy is real, his engine is working and he is to be a brilliant example of giving evidence, showing the way to abundance and totally new and effective energy solutions. Do not think for one second his solution is outdated or obsolete or whatever. He has been running a very interesting technological and physical experiment which is worthwhile to be analysed and studied to be improved upon. Of course the bloody gravity engine can be improved upon. Of course the device can be enlarged by a factor ten. Of course the thing can drive generators. Have a look at the guy.He seems to me the ordinary guy underestimated by his teachers destined to go to some lower technology school to end into socalled lower class jobs. He was lucky to escape the thinking factories called higher education. He learned to weld, wield a hammer and what have you. He said to himself: I have an idea, this must be possible, I can give it a try, maybe I can do, let me start doing it on my own in the shed. He does not have any illusions about building up a global corporation. He has not even thought about that for one minute. He expects himself to be proud to solve this problem for himself and his family maybe. Have a look, read into the Arie de Geus patents on energy. He choose to patent his inventions in the Netherlands, while working in the USA, probably into the belief he would not be readily investigated and suppressed. Rumor has it he has been killed in the Netherlands on a trip back to his home country. Reading even superficially his patents you may understand why. Here is the query link in the worldwide patent database via the European Espacenet. 22 patents describing at least 22 of his inventions on a scientific and technological supreme level. I very seriously doubt all of these inventions will fail to meet up to the connected claims and if so, there is a multitude of inspiration in his approach to find new energy solutions. These are 22 patents talking business about real and promising energy solutions. Has anybody somewhere on the globe ever tried to replicate any of his inventions and patents? Has any of the socalled academics in this kind of field ever heard of Arie de Geus? Is anybody philantropic and enterprising and daring enough to fund a replication? The problems and explanations behind the above mentioned phenomena can be found in totally different realms. Best wishes for the new year. Groet, Jan Ligthart

  4. says:

    Hello Jon, Somehow some attachments failed to be sent. Next try. Groet, Jan Ligthart theNetherlands Europe

  5. Jon, there is a unspoken war going on. It has been fought over the eons, but is none more prevalent than now. The great clash of minds can be summarised as the subtle, but ever so voluminous, difference between two words. You only mentioned the BAD one (several times) in your article, which doesn’t surprise me.

    These words are:

    a) Rational

    b) Practical

    Rationalism is forced logic. “We” (the trans-human mind if you will) dictate the way it is because the bits removed don’t require “justification”. It’s stripped clean and [therefore] better. We both know that’s false logic. Worse still. It’s an abuse of logic that can skew any paradigm into a “working” model.

    Practicality is regularly abridged into rationalism. Many practical solutions are far from it. To be truly practical, the assumption is “it works”. The whole focus is on “success” and not “forcing a particular way”. I prefer pragmatism. Pragmatism is a branch of practicality. Pragmatic solutions don’t need to merely succeed, they have to be complete. They must be tested. Every aspect, every component, every piece must be in place for a justifiable (in paradigm context) reason.

    To rationalise is to “fudge it”.

    Best seasonal wishes

    • Greg C. says:

      Such poor definitions! Everything your prefer hinges on “success” and being “complete”, and yet that is considered not “forced.” What a load of contradictions! You can’t even define those words in advance. Success is entirely subjective – it means getting a pleasing or desired result. Complete means nothing was left out. So both works depend on hindsight.

      You obviously know nothing about the creative process. Suppose you try inventing a new process for making steel, without being rational, and without the benefit of hindsight. Just keep trying different things until you find one that works! Just make sure it is complete! (Huh?) You should be successful, if you don’t blow yourself up in the process.

      • @GregC

        I’ve reread my comment and, logically, judge yours as gibberish.

        You appear to take umbrage at me for not laboriously connecting the various steps between “rationalism” and “forced logic”.

        So for the benefit of your pea-brain, here’s the “kicker”.

        Rationalism is an expansion of the term “ration”. I suggest you look the word up.

        What happens when you ration something?

        You leave a lot out.

        What happens to that which is left out (in context of the ration)?

        Well, you discard it.

        So a rationalist takes a slither of the complete picture and discards the rest FORCING LOGIC. Clear enough for you?

        If not, I don’t care you rude, ignorant man.

        • Greg C. says:

          Your linguistic analysis sucks – as a writer, you should be more familiar with word origins. The root “ratio” comes from Latin, and it means “a reckoning or account” which is derived from the Latin root “reri” which means to to “judge or think.” You really should own a good dictionary if you are going to give lessons to people about words. But, then again, you are not about judging or thinking, are you? It’s too constraining, it might cramp your style, which by the way you freely admit to in your original comment. Sorry if it annoys you when I try to force logic (and decent scholarship) on you.

          • Wow, such “insight” Greg C.

            So Oliver Twist didn’t receive meagre rations from the economic rationalists?

            But, hey, pragmatism would have picked that up (is not a ration a ratio of the whole?). The devil lurks to trip sanctimonious people like you up. Now you see the difference between rationalism and pragmatism.

            Give it one more round and maybe you’ll provide me the opportunity to highlight practicality…..!

            • Greg C. says:

              You play the part of the fool so perfectly. Thank you for providing me with amusement!

            • Well, Greg C,

              Speaking practically, the fool was not only traditionally the bravest, but also the brightest of the land. His job was to keep the king amused. A foul hearted king could kill with a glance alone. But do you imply you are royalty?

            • Greg C. says:

              The fool is the most transparent, self-aggrandizing personality, whose actual abilities and attributes are comical in comparison to his self-image. But you stand in good company, you are by no means unique. The internet has spawned millions of bloggers vying for attention, trying to come up with clever points of view, and sharpening their insult skills for their detractors.

              What I find most amusing about you is that you cut off the branch you are sitting on, by trying to present a reasonable argument against reason. But without reason, you are reduced to imbecilic assertions. You are actually proud to contradict yourself, which is comical, like the guy who continues to saw on the branch after he has crashed to the ground.

            • Ah so you get to the point at last, Greg C.

              Correct, I don’t merely detest populism. I SPURN IT.

              Remember that well.

  6. middleway says:

    Enlil was our first technocratic master,… and the belief in the concept continues on.

  7. Theodore says:

    The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy

  8. tomas rader says:

    Technos always forget the human factor. Externalization benefits n costs. Engineers n scientists are way too overrated. University degrees don’t mean shit anymore … those were dumbed down starting in the 50s. When the day comes that my droid can can make me lunch while giving a BJ I’ll reconsider their hubristic genius.

  9. Linda Goodman says:

    Not technocrats, psychopaths with a new toy.

  10. What is “sustainable”? This fake wurld of theirs is financed by unpayable debts. They employ the stupid and force out the smart. Is this “sustainable”? Their renewable resources are unreliable and provide a mere fraction of the power necessary to provide function. The idea of finite resources seems sound, but its actually the result of unimaginative and stupidly shortsighted predictions using present standards. Is there in fact no progress in technology? Or is it they are merely accounting for the slow grind to a full stop once they have replaced the smart with the stupid slaves they import from the gutters of failed Third World states?
    This is not a rational and sound policy. Its a fractured fairy tale found in a stupid tome of hate and fancy, by the greedy and imperceptive assholes destroying the Earth with their Greed and Lust for easy living (for them at least). A world of slaves is no world at all. Freedom is not something meted out by governments. Freedom is the end result of responsible people who can control these base desires and moderate their actions to form stable societies. This New World Order is a chaotic fantasy of stupid greed and hubris by misanthropes and fools.
    Idiots all, they burn their food supplies and crush the talent pool necessary to fill their larders. These fools shall not be god-kings with hordes of servants. This Mad Max World of chaos and disorder will swallow them all up if they manage to bring it about. Their cities will burn down and their erstwhile slaves feeling the hunger pangs without the full larders to fill their empty bellies will simply gather their would-be masters and make them into stew. These be not gods amongst us. They are Soylent Green for the massive throngs of stupid idiots who never managed to master the necessary component of all stable societies. AGRICULTURE.

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