Convicted killer: California will pay for his sex-change

Convicted killer: California will pay for his sex-change

by Jon Rappoport

January 8, 2017

Rodney Quine, 57, is serving a life-without-parole sentence for murder, kidnapping, and robbery. He now calls himself Shiloh Heavenly Quine.

He has been battling for the right to obtain full sex-change procedures from the state of California; he has won his case; and now he has received the surgery, paid for by the state.

After long opposition, California corrections officials finally gave in.

The legal basis for Quine’s claim? The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Presumably, it is the “cruel and unusual punishment” phrase that is considered relevant and binding.

In order to bolster that claim, there would need to be an official designation of “transgender person.” However, from the state’s point of view, a person simply saying he is transgender or wants to be transgender is sufficient to establish that he IS transgender. Whether or not he carries biological or genetic factors that could, possibly, dispose him to want to change his sex, those factors aren’t necessary.

Therefore, when Quine claims he wants to be female, this is enough to invoke the “cruel and unusual” designation. He is in prison. He is under the absolute authority of the state of California. He wants to become female. If the state didn’t pay for the full medical procedure, the state would be punishing him beyond an allowable Constitutional limit.

That’s quite a stretch.

It permits a prisoner’s subjective opinion to carry the day—in this case, a convicted kidnapper’s and murderer’s opinion.

This is moral relativism at its finest. The state of California must honor the opinion, assertion, and values of a convicted killer, and pay for it with tax dollars.

To justify and elevate a person’s subjective opinion and assertion, there is a medical condition called gender dysphoria. But on examination, this turns out to be a “feeling.”

WebMD: “People who have gender dysphoria feel strongly that they are not the gender they physically appear to be. For example, a person who has a penis and all other physical traits of a male might feel instead that he is actually a female. That person would have an intense desire to have a female body and to be accepted by others as a female. Or, someone with the physical characteristics of a female would feel her true identity is male. Feeling that your body does not reflect your true gender can cause severe distress, anxiety, and depression. ‘Dysphoria’ is a feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and restlessness. With gender dysphoria, the discomfort with your male or female body can be so intense that it can interfere with the way you function in normal life, for instance at school or work or during social activities.”

In our society, this feeling (accompanied by a vapid medical label) is now considered sufficient to force the state to pay for radical medical procedures that will satisfy an intensely unhappy person serving a life sentence for murder.

It’s clear that an agenda is operating here. If this prisoner, Quine, will have his sex-change paid for by the state, then why can’t any person in California demand the state pay for the same medical treatment?

To take this even further, why should we stop at the issue of gender dysphoria? It’s merely a social and political movement that has gained enough support to exert influence over government decisions. Why can’t ANY individual’s feeling, reflecting ANY preference or desire, win the approval of the state and its funding apparatus?

If a person claims he can’t function in a place that has refused to declare itself a sanctuary city, why can’t he demand the state pay for his relocation to San Francisco?

If a person declares he can no longer retain his sanity in a state that voted for Trump in the election, why can’t he obtain funding from that state or the federal government so he can move to New York?

—“But gender issues are more real, more basic, more compelling.” Are they? By what standard? It all comes back to an individual and what he says he feels. From that basis, a social movement has developed—what used to be called a pressure group.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

I’m sure, with some funding from George Soros or another humanitarian saint, a movement of people who are afflicted with “non-sanctuary city disorder” could band together, and they could, over time, make a compelling case for state-sponsored relocation to a more amenable social climate.

In case you hadn’t noticed, society has turned into a “tolerance scoreboard.” Under the unspoken rules of political correctness, citizens are pressured to give assent to the most outrageous demands, even to the extent of funding them with their taxes. This abject acceptance is part of the “progressive agenda.”

On the other hand, zero tolerance is deployed to oppose, neutralize, and punish trivial or even constructive actions. A child comes to school with a pop-tart and chews it into a shape resembling a gun and all hell breaks loose. A homeowner grows vegetables on her front lawn and local officials issue a fine and a cease and desist order. A homeowners’ association in Southern California orders the wife of a Marine to take down an American flag she placed in a “common area,” where residents have placed signs and other types of flags.

This is operant conditioning. “Accept these behaviors. Reject those behaviors.”

And now a prisoner serving life in California will have his demands met.

Stand up and salute a victory for “social awareness.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

24 comments on “Convicted killer: California will pay for his sex-change

  1. elliottjab says:

    ALL part of the decades long decay of morality, spirituality and commin sense. The longer it progresses, the deeper the muck, the higher the stench.

    It seems the only way any of the current atrocities we are all witnessing – becoming aware of, will end, is by attrition &/or outright civil war.

    My fervent hope for Quine is that he/she somehow gets what he/she delivered to his/her victim.


  2. 2 Questions: Does Shiloh Heavenly Quine get moved to the Female Prisoner Ward? What happens if Shiloh Heavenly Quine. decides she is now a male and wants to revert to being Rodney Quine?
    Bonus Question: What if a Prisoner declares to identify as an infant, will the Guards have to feed it and change the diapers? Waaaaaaa…
    i won’t even ask what if a Prisoner identifies as a dog, cat, goldfish…

  3. sooner77 says:

    I’m in my 60s, but I feel like I’m in my 20s. I feel I should be at that age. It gives me a great feeling of dissatisfaction. I’m also 5’11” but have always wanted to be, and felt like I should be 6’8.” I feel extreme anxiety and restlessness about this height dysphoria. So, who’s going to compensate me for my dysphoria or dys-whatever?

  4. arcadia11 says:

    i predict with a strong feeling of certainty that
    there will be humans who feel they are truly
    a different species. and there are plenty of
    barking mad ‘scientists’ who would love to
    commit transspecies.

    • “strong feeling of certainty that there will be humans who feel they are truly a different species.’ When I see Judge Jeanine Pirro
      and then see Her Heiness of Evil, Hillary Clinton, I do not believe they can both be the same species. i do not know how either of them feel about it though.

  5. theskepticalcynic says:

    So… can “Shiloh” now demand to to be transferred to a Woman’s detention where the former “male” feeling like a “female” and altered to be “such” could have “lesbian” tendencies has hit the phooking Trifecta. Sex change, better prison facilities, surrounded by by sexual “pigeons”, FOR LIFE! How phooked up is that

  6. Prescott says:

    The most sorrowful and scariest aspect about all of this is the children who are, or will be, growing up in an environment where these things are normalized.

    What will be the impact of shattering fundamental concepts of the human identity like “male and female,” or “mother and father,” and substituting them with illogical mush?

    I see an entire generation of people who will question what they are from birth to death. The questions won’t be introspective instead, they will be aimlessly wandering around in a confused haze. One giant leap towards a Brave New World.

    • Greg C. says:

      It’s the most effective way to dehumanize a society. Our nobility is expressed most fundamentally in cherishing those basic identities. Let’s face it, they want subservient animals. One of my favorite scenes in cinema is in Spartacus, when Peter Ustinov puts Kirk Douglas into a prison cell with Jean Simmons, and urges him to take her. He is about to, when he hears the cackling of Ustinov who is watching through a barred window. He yells, “I am not an animal!” Then Simmons looks at Douglas and says, “Neither am I.” Animals follow their urges and identify with their unreasoned feelings.

  7. dunc says:

    what can you say?? where’s mort drucker when you need him..this rivals any mad magazine spoof that i ever saw..its horrifying and absolutely can’t make this stuff up ..its proof reality is much stranger than fiction…thanks jon!!

  8. From Quebec says:

    Holy Toledo, this world has gone crazy.

    I wonder who paid for Moochelle Obama to become a lady.

  9. It seems though the “state” has just announced it is a law unto itself, but doesn’t this ultimately MOCK GOD. Isn’t that what this is really about?

    I’m going to be reviewing this topic in a very different way in my next Ozzie Thinker article, Jon

    The title (provisional): “Callous Abuses of the Word “Abuse””

    I’ll touch on “paedophilia” (“quotes” deliberate), homosexuality, multiculturalism and even California. You must have heard of David Berg’s (deceased) The Family International?

    You’ll get at least one mention in a positive light too, and though you don’t specifically say it in this piece, it’s more evidence of the disintegration of problem solving logic. “We can’t fix the machine because it’s not in the repair manual”.

    My one’s probably about a week away on


  10. Kay says:

    Prisoners who are in jail for having committed heinous acts should get basic medical needs taken care of and that’s it….nothing more. No transplants for organ failure, no reconstructive surgeries, nothing that is beyond very, very basic….unless they pay for it themselves. This is an unfair burden that is being put upon society, something that you and I would even have trouble getting full financing for (in the event that we were looking for it). The Nanny State mentality has gone way too far here– it isn’t even an issue of WHAT the surgery is for at all, its the basic principle!

  11. T. Dobbs says:

    Wow lets get all riled up about this story…where’s the morality today? Meanwhile, speaking of morality, when is Trump going to divest himself from his company? Aren’t taxpayers upset about a president profiting from his position? Isn’t that a bit more important? Why are his cabinet selections being rammed through the Senate when vetting hasn’t been completed. And, does a moral person select a bigot for attorney general just because he’s owed a favor? But no, let’s get all bummed out about a transgender prisoner’s sex change operation paid for (omg), by the taxpayers.

    • From Quebec says:

      Wow! A commie post

    • “And, does a moral person select a bigot for attorney general just because he’s owed a favor? But no, let’s get all bummed out about a transgender prisoner’s sex change operation paid for (omg), by the taxpayers.”

      I’m confused. You speak of morals yet clearly support taxation, which is theft.
      (Is it voluntary? No. Then it is theft.)
      Your premise, as with every other statist, is an appeal to the greater good or the common good, as if such a thing actually existed. This is the self-aggrandizing falsehood that moral relativists espouse as the greatest triumph mankind can experience.

      To be clear, that is exactly what we are talking about. Solipsism. It is the foundation of satanism (and no, not the nonsense psycho-babble the christians yell about) I’m talking about real satanism, “self first. No account for others. Me at all cost.” That is what you unknowingly adhere to when you believe in moral relativism, because every action, regardless of whether it is a violation of another’s rights, can be justified as long as it makes someone feel good for believing/supporting it…. oh and by the way, you didn’t have to do any actual work. Even worse, by voting, you supported violence and coercion to force others who disagree with you, to pay for what makes you feel good. That, is pure satanism. Anyone who believes in that system is a practicing satanist and an unabashed moral relativist. Guess what? 99% of this country’s citizenry are devout satanists, they just don’t know it.

      So where does this tie into your need to come into a site devoted to a worldview clearly in opposition to yours? Well, morally speaking, you are bankrupt (as I’ve already discussed), but the relativism, if not wildly obvious to you is this:

      You chastise Trump supporters (which I am not and unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Jon Rapport seems to be) implying that the alternative was morally superior. So as long as your candidate wins, they are moral. Never mind covering up money laundering and drug/gun running during the Mena-Arkansas Fed Loan Administration Iran Contra scandal, never mind being closely acquainted with the CFR, Trilateral etc, never mind the tons of bodies associated with the Clintons, never mind Benghazi, never mind befriending clear satanists and pedophiles….
      No, they wear the right color moniker. They claim to be for equality! She’s pristine.

      You statists have no idea the poisoned ideology you cling to is not only killing everyone around you, but killing yourselves as well. You are useful idiots. You are the reason humanity is in shackles spiritually and physically, you are the reason for crime, you are the reason for war, it is you! The disgusting collectivists that continuously attempt to legitimize theft and violence by believing in the religion of authority.

      Don’t you dare come lash out at me about morals when you haven’t the slightest understanding of true morality. However, should you want to ascend in consciousness and accomplish some virtue, go research Natural Law and digest its implications. I know, its scary, because that means you have to live life righteously and not steal from others, but its so very worth it.

  12. leslie says:


    First of all, it seems you did absolutely no research into this topic. If you had, you might very well have not felt impelled to write this piece, which was, in its essence, a purely emotional response from a person evidently wholly uneducated upon this particular topic.

    Everyday you interact with people who are transgendered and pass without detection, living their lives quietly and with dignity. It appears that your own predjuices or sense of moral outrage about this topic has impaired your normally excellent instincts for research and impartiality.

    However that may be, it is a common fallacy and presumption of people who have not grappled with dysphoria to assume that there is not in an extensive body of research and a well defined set of psychological parameters in place to determine where on the spectrum a candidate falls with regards to their transgendered identity.

    Many never seek to go so far as to seek sexual reassignment surgery and for those who do, let me assure you it is a desperate act only undertaken after careful consideration by medical professionals. Without stating anything at all about the convict, this much ought at least to be established and acknowledged. This is not a frivolous thing. The details are gruesome, the recovery arduous and people who are merely opportunistic or mentally impaired are rooted out of this process very early on.

    Next, your article calls into question the entire apparatus of the legal profession, constitutional scholars, the provisions in our constitution and the particulars of scientific inquiry as they bear upon this case, thereby makes go a mockery of your own profession of journalism whose standards your have been sworn to uphold as sacred, the intellect of your reader, the solidity and reliability of constitutional law and the process of psychiatric and medical professional judgement. […]

    Well, at the best it is extremely foolish and at worst it is hubristically arrogant to make all these assumptions, but you did.



    it is hardly improper to call into question legal apparatus, constitutional scholars or doctors. They make loads of mistakes and it’s our job to question them!

    I meant to say, to call into question without offering a shred of evidence is the error you committed. Again,we all need to do our homework and leave the soapbox at home. As journalists, that is.

    Now, if you had a seperate blog called “Stuff That Makes Me Crazy but Which I Don’t Have Time to Research, so I’ll Just Vent About It Here”, that would have been fine, but you posted it to a journalistic blog page, know what I mean? It looks awful over here. I get that the idea makes you crazy, but trust me, look into it a bit further and it may not seem so awful a thing, after all. There is room for nuance here, is all I am saying. And a time and a place for our emotions. Thanks for your otherwise excellent work over the years.

    • it is a common fallacy and presumption of people who have not grappled with dysphoria to assume that there is not in an extensive body of research …

      Actually, it is not a common fallacy at all. The entire academic structure, psychological, psychiatric, medical, all of it… it is all fatally flawed at its foundation, and only seeks to confirm the bias of the originators of project paperclip. There is an agenda to transform society into an androgynous species so that the naturally mighty (males) no longer have the strength and conviction to eventually use force when the powers that be permit no other recourse. Additionally, most of this gender based nonsense can likely be attributed to the BPA in our plastics and a complete lack of understanding of the simple left/right brain balance. It is a disease of the mind, and taking such extreme measures as having such invasive procedures to physically alter ones body doesn’t change the true nature of their birth. Cutting yourself, adding, subtracting, taking hormones, etc.. doesn’t change anything except the materially visible spectrum of reality.

      Meanwhile, back on Earth… they are still what they were born. Now, if you are still reading, I want you to understand I would never treat someone transgendered as an outcast because I’m sure they are in pain and want acceptance for who they believe they truly are. Thats fine, and they should be free to pursue whatever they want in terms of treatment and surgery, JUST DON’T MAKE ME PAY FOR IT! its that simple. Don’t make others pay for what you want, especially when they don’t agree.

      What is so difficult to understand about the most fundamentally simple moral law, DO NOT STEAL!

      The globalist desired to transform the world into eternal children, and they said it would only take 2-3 generations with their state sponsored indoctrination “education” system. Looks like they know you better than you do.

      • “most of this gender based nonsense can likely be attributed to the BPA in our plastics” Yep, and who knows what is put into skincare products.

        “Whistleblower Chemist Tells How Syngenta Pesticide Chemicals Are Making People Homosexual. Atrazine causes sexual abnormalities in frogs, and could cause the same problems for humans” “the widely used Pesticide Chemical Atrazine causes sexual abnormalities and homosexual behavior in humans and frogs”and in some cases changes male frogs to female frogs capable of reproduction.

        The Scientist was hired by the Chemical company which became Syngenta to study their product, Atrazine, a pesticide that is applied to more than half the corn crops in the United States, and widely used on golf courses and Christmas tree farms.

        When the Scientist found results Syngenta did not expect – that Atrazine causes sexual abnormalities in frogs, and could cause the same problems for humans – it refused to allow him to publish his findings and started a smear campaign to discredit the Scientist and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from banning the very profitable Pesticide which is already banned in Europe.”

        “Pesticide Atrazine can turn male frogs into females “Atrazine “wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females”

      • “here is an agenda to transform society into an androgynous species”
        The New World Order Will Be A World Without Gender But A World With A Grab Bag of Sexual Identities & Orientations.
        Take your pick of Gender Identifications and you can change at will.
        There are 31 Identities so you can be something different every day of the month. What fun!
        New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities

        Facebook’s 71 gender options come to UK users Following its successful integration in the US, US Facebook users can choose from one of 50 gender options

        “Now children as young as FOUR are asked to choose what gender they are before they start school – with the option of being something other than male or female” “Parents received letter asking them whether child preferred male or female Read: ‘Please support your child to choose gender they most identify with’

        “Parents surprised to learn 9th graders being told they can choose gender”

        A Generation Of Poisoning With Gender-Bender Chemicals Has Created A New Class Of Youth Who Fail To Recognize Any Gender At All.

        “This poor child is confused, not ‘transgendered.’ – The Matt Walsh Blog”
        “Mommy, Can I be a girl?”
        “But you are a girl”
        “Oh, can I be a boy then?”
        “Yes dear, I’ve always wanted a son”

  13. David says:

    *Checks to see if it’s April Fool’s Day*….Nope…does this mean if I feel extreme anxiety and depression over not being manly enough will the taxpayer pay for my masculinity upgrade procedure?

  14. Robin Gaura says:

    Lets not discount the probable cause of dysphoria is RR Soy and other pesticides and chemicals which are screwing up our collective reproductive future. Think of all the guys in some prisons who don´t get any meats, only processed soy cakes from RR Gm soy. They will all develop gut dysbiosis, and then an array of degenerative diseases. As a teacher, I see a lot of these kids who are really having a hard time with various degrees of dysphoria. Pesticides that cause bizarre reproductive deformities in amphibians at minuscule amounts in the water are merrily sprayed by schools in CA. Thanks Monsanto et al!

    As a woman, I´d hate to be locked up with a bunch of guys for life! yikes! Don´t lose your empathy in analysing what is admittedly policy going a bit too far. And hey, lots of murderers are basically good people who made a 2 second mistake in life. Remember in Romeo and Juliet, the sparring which ends in `tomorrow you may find me a very grave man´.


  15. Rudy says:

    I notice that when someone’s mind gender doesn’t match his/her body gender, we automatically change the body instead of looking at the mind. Seems kind of arbitrary to me.

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