The liberal mind crashes and burns

The liberal mind crashes and burns

Sub-headline: Regardless of who Trump is or isn’t…

by Jon Rappoport

January 10, 2017

For most dyed-in-the-wool liberals, the election was going to be business as usual.

They viewed Hillary Clinton as one of their own, a kind person with extensive political experience who would continue to guide the nation in the direction set by other kind and decent leaders—Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. It was all good. Hope, change, help, share and care, sympathy for the less fortunate, giving back, on the road to a better world. In other words, these liberals were deluded by their own vague ideals.

Nothing new there.

They believe everything big media tells them to believe. They trust in big government. They admire the notion of socialism, such as they understand it, but of course they would never come right out and admit to being socialists. That would be a bridge too far. That might commit them to a specific set of ideas, and you can count on liberals to avoid specificity like the plague. They prefer the warm fuzzy bubbly delusion of “progress” and “improvement.”

Above all, they want to be seen as good.

Under no circumstances do they want to be seen as greedy or ambitious.

They have a tacit deal with their favored candidates: those leaders must never seem to be greedy, either.

The Clinton Foundation operation? A money-laundering machine set up to make the Clintons rich and powerful mountain-top mobsters manipulating US policy for cash? Impossible. Would never happen. Look the other way. Ignore it. Stay in the bubble.

Hillary Clinton playing a major role in the destruction of Libya by air attack, torn bodies lying in the streets, fiery chaos, government dissolved, vicious terrorists fighting it out to see who’ll control the landscape, with the shell-shocked population caught in the crossfire? Never happened.

Sturdy, tough, dedicated family men across America robbed of their jobs by cold-blooded Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton Globalist maneuvers? No, never happened.

Then Trump won the election.

The liberals crashed and burned.

And now they’re curling around the feet of the CIA and the Washington Post and demanding more stories about the Russians—those evil bastards they once adored from a distance—stealing the election and handing it to Trump.

They’re shoving their fangs in wherever they can, desperately hoping to unseat Trump before he takes the Oath of Office.

And if somehow Trump restores some of those lost American jobs? If by chance he doesn’t embark on more wars of Empire? If he destroys a swath or two of foul corruption inside the DC Beltway?


Sure she would. She would have flown and floated over the White House like an angel made out of cotton candy and pointed her wand at Washington criminals and dismissed them straightaway.

These liberals will now primp and plump up the Obama presidency and, in hindsight, it will become the greatest eight years in the pantheon of human progress. Obama will eventually become Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ all rolled up into one.

But behind this, the liberal mind has crashed and burned. Its vague delusions of goodness are falling apart, flaming cinders in the wind. Liberals wander in psychotic grief throughout the land. The ideals to which they pledged their allegiance have been exposed as cover stories:

The ideal of open borders actually means: Let in so many immigrants they overwhelm public resources, while crimes escalate—all for the purpose of making chaos, whose only solution is the closing iron fist of the surveillance/police state.

The idea of one world united actually means: Under the rubric of international cooperation and friendship, keep sending companies and jobs overseas, decimating the economy and families—all for the purpose of making chaos, whose only solution is the closing iron fist of the surveillance/police state, and the government takeover of the economy.

The list of destructive intentions is much longer, and in every case the solution is the same.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

But the presider over this end-game operation never made it into the White House.

And her addled liberal supporters are clueless on every level. They don’t see the forest for the trees, and they don’t even see the trees. They only know that their own narcissistic signaling devices, which broadcast how virtuously their precious hearts throb, are running out of juice. That’s all they ever cared about, and now that, too, is going away.

Their garbling gibbering politically correct psychobabble long ago replaced their minds, so they can’t begin to figure out what has happened and what is happening.

Their beloved symbols—Hollywood liberal celebrities—are saying, in sub-text, “Ignore my tears, I’m digging my fortified bunker deeper. Don’t bother me.”

People can call themselves liberals or progressives. But until they understand how their sentimental ideals have been used to launch destructive operations against the American people, they’re at best a collection of obstructionists who are preventing the dismantling of arch-Globalists.

Those Globalists intend to decimate the nation and drag it down into a bleak future—not a shred of independence or sovereignty left. Instead, America would be a mauled element of an abject planetary “utopia,” which is grotesquely celebrated as “sustainable.”

With justice for no one.

This is the liberal heritage.

This is what seeming-to-be-good has wrought.

This is what a vast pretense of virtue has brought to our door.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “The liberal mind crashes and burns

  1. cara says:

    OMG. That was so well said and spot on. My own birth mother broke up with me during a vacation this year, leaving us with a text, all because I said Hillary Clinton is a satanist. Why? Because I am the mother of a child sexual assault victim who was then a further victim of the unjust justice system. So, on the issue alone, of hrc defending a known child rapist, I am offended, as is my now almost adult child. My “mother” who claimed was she was “so” intelligent, up to date on the news, I mean she did read the huffington post daily, yet she didn’t know who Jeffrey Epstein was! Never heard of him! This is the same woman who WORSHIPPED at the altar of john edwards when I initially met her, yet she had NO IDEA who bunny mellon was!!!!! And I’m the idiot (in her eyes)! Maybe she shouldn’t have been reading the oprah book club books for the past decade and rather, maybe some BIOGRAPHIES!!!!!!!

    We don’t speak now and I won’t even try to talk to her ever again. She stopped speaking to me another time (we’ve known each other for ten years). It was during the whole gay marriage hoopla, which coincided with my kid’s trials. Because of what I experienced with the faux justice system, seeing it for what it is, I said, “marijuana legalization needs to take precedence over gay marriage.” I was told point blank by the court that “my being a mere proponent of the legalization of marijuana TRUMPED proven sexual abuse in the courts,” this was circa 2007-09. I had a high end hemp shop, and children and youth found my kid HAD been raped. But again, my being a proponent of herb TRUMPED children and youth’s guilty finding. Go figure. Anyway……

    I do have to say, considering I never heard anyone call hrc a satanist before this past fall, (and this argument took place this past july), I would LOVE to know what “my mother,” has to say now. Am I “crazy,” as she said, because I called hrc a satanist? Nevermind that I came to my own conclusion, that hrc was a satanist while dealing with the courts, the DA office, etc. as I concluded that anyone who can turn a blind eye to child rape, because of the players involved, or because they want to keep their salary coming is a satanist, end of discussion. And yes, in my eyes, there are a ton of satanists running our societies large and small.

    *** when I was a kid in the 1990’s I was on skid row. The actual skid row (yes I’ve done a complete 360). And I promise you, the people on skid row harbor more disdain for those who molest, harm and or rape children than those sitting behind benches in your county courthouse, in the DA’s office, in law offices, etc.

    Again, great post! I thank you for sharing it. I’m sorry if I overshared, I’ve been carrying this hurt, and it makes me feel better knowing that it isn’t me. Liberalism IS a mental disorder. After what happened to me with my birth mother this summer, it is the only thing that I can conclude.

    • mrscongeniality says:

      Cara, this is heartbreaking to read. You are brave to be honest with your mother. Your experience with the court system does not surprise me. Anything that they can easily see and quantify they will jump upon. That is why they will lose so much business and revenue if common sense policies are adopted regarding recreational drugs. In my case, I have watched the courts ignore my brother’s killer in terms of the actual murder, while they will regularly put the killer in and out of jail on drugs, drunk driving, violating probation, etc. They will usually do what is easiest for them, like any bureaucrat. Hopefully you have enough positive, supportive people in your life that you can let your mother go her own way. I don’t think you can get through to people like that. I have wondered myself how to help people realize the truth, but it is a serious psychological denial. It can’t be addressed directly, because its cause is not a lack of information. It may be a need for the State to be a parent for whatever reason.

      • cara says:

        HI Mrs, Congeniality!

        I was horrified that I posted this and was hoping it wouldn’t past the mod and get posted -even though I did need to get it off my chest.

        Yes, I have God, and I love me. I love my kids, my husband and my pets. I don’t need her love, as I had so desperately needed (or wanted) in the past.

        I am very sorry to hear about your brother’s murder. I hope you can learn to walk away from the hate you feel for the system (if you do). Learning to let go of that hatred was one of the most difficult things for me. Because really, it has zero effect on any of them, but it almost came close to killing me (surviving the street was easy compared to surviving the legal pimping out of your child).

        Thank you for your kind words.

        • mrscongeniality says:

          I think your post is fine! I understand the need to censor oneself, as I periodically delete things from the web, including my entire blog at one point. I think we are coming up on a new era openness, so hopefully we can worry less about this sort of thing.

          Regarding the courts, yes I have come to the point where I accept that Kalamazoo County is willing to let murderers run free. I have realized that there are few actual rules in society that are enforced, especially for the important things. We just have to protect ourselves. Kalamazoo has regular murders, including mass murders like the Uber killings and the bicycle killings. So it’s obvious that the criminals realize that this is a good place to carry out evil. I have basically stopped participating in the media circus and the law-enforcement circus surrounding my brothers case. God bless you!

    • Terri says:

      Cara, its amazing what you have accomplished with your life despite all the odds against you. How you were treated in court is disgraceful and another example of the criminal behavior of our public servants.
      We are witnessing a literal splitting of the worlds and it is as it should be. like attracts like and we all end up where we are comfortable.

      Thank you for sharing your story, this is what Jon’s blog is about. Being real. There is great damage done to the heart thru “modern parenting”, which causes those like your birth mother to not be able to love, its more common than you think. It is not about you, and it never was. This is done purposely, to create these “liberals” who are useful idiots to the police/nanny state.
      Blessings to you and your loved ones.

    • Zombie Mike says:

      Cara, I honor your bravery for telling your story. I am sorry you had to have these experiences but looks to me like they made you strong. My mom told me Hillary is the most honest politician running last Spring. There is an evolution going on and some people are not ready or will do everything in their power to resist evolving. Liberalism is a disease. The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion by the Archons is the closest possible answer I’ve found. Best of luck to you … You are not alone.

  2. From Quebec says:

    Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder
    (Michael Savage)

  3. CMan says:

    Unparralleled excellence Jon. Thanks!

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    They (selfish “caring” politicians, members of the mainstream media, and 97%-consensus scientists) believed their own lies.

  5. neil says:

    YELLOW makes snowflakes SAD !!!

    Geico Drill Sergeant Therapist – YouTube

  6. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    So well said that I cannot think of a thing to add. BRAVO !

  7. andycandydandy says:

    World is waking and you need to get on board if you want continueing support,the earth is not a globe and man never went to the will never be back on coast to coast am or infowars or caravan to midnight but truth is most important,you stated started my truth journey,you should continue with us.

  8. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:

  9. T. Dobbs says:

    I don’t think it’s “liberals” that have the problem. The anger, hatred, disgust you all feel is never ending, it won’t go away, you’re seething all the time…This particular blog today can be compared to a Trump twitter rant when someone insults him…its a childish waste of time. Do we, as a country, just go on divided and confined by the definitions (liberal vs conservative) given to us by the media. I consider myself “liberal” but I don’t fit into the narrow confines of the liberals you’ve described. Most people I know who consider themselves liberal have a sense whats wrong with our country, most agree with the issues you’ve mentioned on trade, immigration etc. I didn’t agree with a lot of President Obama’s politics like the TPP, Obamacare as it was passed and, he was certainly not “liberal”. Most didn’t want HRC as the first female democratic candidate but we didn’t want any of the 17 republican candidates either. Trump was and is a joke as far as I’m concerned. Nothing he has done in the past informed me that he would make a good president. Its not liberal, sentimental ideas that have ruined the country, its greed and corruption…its both parties feeding at the trough and legislating for their masters. But while the feeding frenzy goes on, we’re distracted and entertained by trashing each other. What purpose is this serving?

    • artemisix says:

      Ha ! i agree with you. Divide and conquer , oldest trick in the book…..

    • Robert O'Leary says:

      Thank you for saying it. The globalists do want us to fall into the knee jerk fighting over isms. You could also call it a duality tug of war. They have seeded our institutions and media with people who want nothing more than to see us fight. We are stuck in this tug of war while they run psyops and pass legislation that screw us all. We should instead go issue by issue and find what we can agree on, build consensus, and get active on those issues. Judge Napolitano had a show a few years ago, with Ron Paul and Ralph Nader as guests, and they all talked as friends, said they were friends and spoke about how many issues they agreed upon. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are also friends and have spoken about their agreement on numerous issues.
      Lastly, there is a difference between “neoliberalism” (that policy that came out of the DLC with the Clintons, and which e ven George W Bush seemed to embrace) or traditional Liberalism. I saw Obama as a moderate on domestic policies and a soft hawk in foreign policy (angotten so briad.d a globalist), and Hillary the same on domestic policies and a super hawk in the foreign areas (and a globalist). They are not FDR liberals, Kennedy Liberals, and far away from the Kucinich, Warren or Sanders’ perspectives. I did not vote for either Obama or Clinton. We might do well to specify which kind of Liberal we are talking about, because it has become such a broad term. Just my thoughts. Thanks

    • Jacqueline says:

      “Trump was and is a joke as far as I’m concerned. Nothing he has done in the past informed me that he would make a good president.” I’m not sure what defines your ‘good president,’ but I think Trump’s business-building experience is a plus, along with his experience with bankruptcy. He certainly does not have a political background, but then those who do have not served the country well.

      This reminds me of a town in South America (read the article a while ago) in dire straits on all levels. An artist ended up being elected as mayor. He was a bit eccentric, very out-of-the-box, an individual. His ‘solutions’ were unlike any seen before, involving physical aesthetics, and even offering comedic skits where people converged and laughed together. The result of his odd tactics was to lift spirits, inspire positivity, and instill a confidence which led to creative problem resolution by the residents with decreased expenditures. True to himself, he didn’t wear a false persona but instead applied his inherent gifts/skills in the only way he knew how.

      Solutions are not achieved by those who created the problems, or by those tackling ‘business as usual’ because it’s always been done that way; the most ground-breaking change always arrives from outside of existing paradigms.

  10. Larry says:

    Amongst other reasons, it strikes me that Big Media is BIG because of its ubiquity.

    IT’S EVERYWHERE…. and since most fake news handed down from on high is absorbed while we are alone or in our private “spaces” (read, automobile, commuter line, coffee table etc.) there is the illusion of intimacy. Intimacy of course would make the mind-bending psy-ops that are spewed out even more effective.

    The so-called “social media” would be even more effective at creating the illusion of intimacy; once you’ve found your digital family a feedback loop is created where (political) delusions are reinforced and where there is little room for debate, or differences of opinion.

    This last conjecture might explain in part the unprecedented dismay, anger, and despondency on the heels of the Trump victory.

    Thinking “out loud” here…

  11. Greg C. says:

    We are seeing the effects of a black hole of consciousness – don’t get too close to the event horizon or you will get sucked in too! Conservatives and anti-NWO types are not immune. They can be just as hysterical, as much into the bunker mentality into which we see the liberals descending. “If you can keep your head about you while everyone is losing theirs ..” Steady as she goes. Keep making friends, improving your work, and improving your mind. Don’t believe everything you read. Of what you do believe, don’t imagine the worst possible outcome. Stay positive. Imagine the future you want for yourself and go toward it every day.

    • leslie says:

      A the cure for the malaise of misinformation is to simply leave the room. They keep us in the dark and feed us shit -but we’re not mushrooms!

      Only in a complete informational vacuum can this hermetically sealed, anaerobic thought cycle keep dividing.

      Seek out independent news sources and read widely. So few do this and that is why we all seem to be tilting at the same windmill.

  12. paquo says:

    good one ! sad creepy times, but at least things have come out in the open a bit more

  13. artemisix says:

    Liberals huh. I think of myself a an artist but am called by others “hippie” “Liberal” and the like. many of my friends call themselves liberal and we have arguments that include this very mode of thinking illustrated so well above….Clinging to an ideology OVER a mountain of facts. (The CIA has lied a documented 936 times to support various agendas (weapons of mass destruction) is such a mountain) which = no credibility at all. added to no proof it = BS. Ideology can be tremendously comforting, i get it. BLIND RIGID IDEOLOGY pits people against each other who have a LOT in common. Especially, their real enemies. Do not allow people do divide and conquer us. It is stupid and creates a lot of needless suffering. Both sides support that which oppresses them is some way. if you have chosen a side they got you. If you hate one side over another, they got you. Be outraged at corruption, war, suffering, whatever. Do not let them convince you to brand your own mind.

  14. dunc says:

    words and images? when i was a kid in the 60s it was cool to question the present turned me toward philosophy in a big way..formally self taught? har har.thats what liberal meant back in the day.i never understood how the word liberal became connected to the last 15 years progressivism seemed to morph into socialism..was this a mega psych opp? from the so called intelligencia?..question?? liberal melt down?..are not we the liberals? and they the cognitive dissonant retrogrades?

    • Terri says:

      Just watched this, and it answers your questions about how and why things have changed and what we are being sold.. What we are witnessing today has been planned for over a hundred years.

  15. John says:

    Dealing with extreme liberals is like knocking your head against the wall incessantly. IMHO extreme liberalism is no longer a mental disorder but an evil. It is is in ideology that creates “solutions” which results in more problems. The globalists have hijacked this extreme liberal ideology in order to promulgate their new world order. If you do not see the extreme swing to the left in this country that has taken place over the last 60 plus years you are living in an inverse reality.

    Only extreme liberals can embrace open borders and believe there can be no negative consequences resulting from this policy. Only extreme liberals can not differentiate from legal and illegal immigration. Only extreme liberals can believe the government’s endless printing of money can make for a better economy. Only extreme liberals can give radical Islam a pass and look with scorn upon Christianity. Only extreme liberals who are beholden to technology which shows a human heart beat from an infant as young as three weeks old would embrace abortion on demand. Only extreme liberals can embrace endless government regulations to shut down the American economy/middle class for some myth called global warming now conveniently known as man made climate change. Only extreme liberals could embrace a president who has added 10 trillion dollars in national debt to our nation. Only extreme liberals can support a public school system stacked with extreme liberal Marxist professors whose main objective is to shut down all contrary viewpoints in the classroom. Only extreme liberals could embrace a Common Core curriculum destroying children’s minds. A curriculum which is now creating generations lost in group thought resulting in countless human drones lacking the ability to think critically. Only extreme liberals would oppose the second amendment while ignoring all the endless killings in a “gun free” city like Chicago.

    Extreme liberalism is about hating oneself and believing the United States is the greatest evil, past and present in which this world has ever seen. Only extreme liberals could spit upon the American flag, take for granted the freedom/liberty it represents and ignore the very lives that were sacrificed for the current way of life they currently enjoy. Only extreme liberals could vote for a human piece of globalist garbage like Hillary Clinton, refuse to accept the will of the people and the electoral process which has resulted in Donald Trump. Only extreme liberals can look at Judge Antonin Scalia’s death and have no questions, especially not question why there was no autopsy.

    Extreme liberals ignore the post-Constitutional globalist tyranny they now live under. They are all too eager to give up their rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. All of these demonic beings sit idly by as they willingly accept the 24/7 surveillance state. As long as they can live the lifestyle of being a mindless drone on a cell phone, absorbed in a satanic pop culture that demeans the individual human being and common decency. These new normal citizens willingly forfeit a life of living and accept a life of existence. They are all to happy to see freedom of speech become obsolete as long as they can bloviate about the “tolerant” and “inclusionary” so called goodness of liberalism.

    Besides humanity in general the extreme liberal’s greatest enemy is the basic God fearing Christian and or Jew who holds the Constitution as sacred. The Conservative who believes in personal responsibility who they deem as mean, backward and ignorant must now be shunned, ignored and eventually done away with. There is no compromise.

    Unfortunately the extreme liberals have highjacked the mainstream media, the Democratic party and a good part of the Republican party. Slowly but surely the Constitution becomes irrelevant, basic freedoms erode and people take for granted the America that stood as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. After all Trump is a racist, his election and the “Russians hacking” of the private email server of Hillary Clinton are the greatest injustices this country has ever faced.

    Unfortunately extreme liberalism is now the new liberal. Liberals haven’t heard the word NO in the last sixty years. They just can’t seem to deal with the reality of a Trump presidency and that is sad.

    Liberalism, an ideology where truth is a menace and logic is an enemy. An ideology wrapped up in moral relativism which greatest weapon is selective outrage. Ignore facts, make truth and evil relative, refuse to accept any kind of moral compass, and just change for the sake of changing. Live in an insulated bubble where nobody disagrees with you and everybody thinks alike, this is the Liberal Utopia that is going to save mankind.

    Yeah we know, Trump is a “racist and buffoon,” we Conservatives were all too stupid to see this. After all, the eight years of Obama has provided each one of us the great hope and change we all dreamed of……

  16. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Could Dr. Ralph Cicerone, former President of the National Academy of Sciences, actually believe CO2 from industrial plants in the United States cause global warming, but not CO2 from industrial plants that moved to China?

    Next month, Dr. Tim Ball, the Canadian climatologist who spoke out against such illogical “science” faces legal retaliation:

  17. middleway says:

    Throw it down Jon,… throw it down! Thanks…

  18. CJ says:

    I had a similar occurrence (as Cara’s) this past August, just before Labor Day. A friend of my late wife, Dr. S, (psychologist) had let me stay at her house during that tragic time of losing my dearest. Dr. S considers herself a Democrat, but in actuality, she is as described here by Jon, an extreme Liberal, IMO a result of being immersed in academia long enough to ‘become one of them’ and be indoctrinated into the flock – you know, she got her phD.

    We talked about everything under the sun and really had no disagreements about much of anything. Knowing her mindset, I instinctively knew what subject to stay away from – politics, but even then, when we did manage to breach that barrier, I always told her, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.” Well, that door only swings one way with an extreme Liberal. To the point, I mentioned one night that I thought Hill was having some serious medical issues that the MSM wasn’t covering. It was like I lit a stick of dynamite. “Oh no! I would know about that if it were true!” To which I replied, “Well, S, maybe you should check out the alternative media sometime.” BAM, that’s all it took. How dare I suggest that she is misinformed (She only watches CNN – go figure). Again, I replied, “Can’t we just agree to disagree?” “Oh no, oh no!” That was a Friday night. Sunday morning she informed me that Friday night was it and that I ‘needed to find a new direction’. I was outta there.

    Later on, come Sept 11th, Hill fell on her butt and got stuffed into a van and driven away. I was vindicated. Haven’t talked to Dr. S much since then, but then again, I don’t need to. I don’t want to. And certainly, after the election results, what’s the point.

    • Terri says:

      These people suffer from a type of hypnosis, all over America they are 86’ing anyone who disagrees with them. Its frightening brainwashing. They are under mind control, even more so than the average human.

  19. Ar Rom says:

    Three meltdowns at Fukushima and dumping all that radiated poison in the pacific 24/7 with no let up for years to come. Cup of radiation anybody? We are walking dead!

    • Jay says:

      Check out pizzagate. This stuff is real. With our world leaders involved in child trafficking, blackmail, and corruption, it is no wonder that polluting the planet is something they could care less about. They drug a world leader, take incriminating pictures and they own that person. If that does not work they will threaten to kill their entire family. We have had two recent politicians have their children killed in a car crash – Edwards and Joe Biden. The criminal elite involves also the bankers, the Vatican and the royals. Diana was also killed. I do believe that the tide is turning because many in the FBI, CIA, and the military are fed up and trying to take down the evil elite.
      I know it sounds like a crime novel but sadly all you have to do is look around to know it is true.

  20. Bob Mazza says:

    I have been feeling lately that the primary purpose of Hillary Clinton running for the presidency was to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming president. The Elites who own this country (world actually) could never have dealt with a Sanders victory. I don’t believe they could have subverted a Sanders presidency despite their power; big changes would have come our way in this country. Changes that would have threatened the aristocracy. But they can deal with a Trump presidency.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Socialism is about as effective as communism, that is to say: it never works. Moreover, Bernie sold out, supporting HRC as he did. Suddenly he was rich, too. Raised a few eyebrows, not to mention questions.

    • Terri says:

      Sanders is a communist. The changes would not have been good. Communism is unconstitutional for a reason. Our Constitution was written to protect the people not only from criminals in government but from the idiot masses who think “taking” forced by gunpoint is good for anyone.You can not legislate morality nor charity, both must come from the heart. Socialism is totally incompatible with the Supreme law of the land and logic.

      Please do some reading and educate yourself about our Republic. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is exactly what the collectivists have created.
      Watch Peter Schiff talk to people protesting at occupy about capitalism and how they keep insisting someone give them things. He is brilliantly patient with them.

      • Anuk Kariyawasam says:

        He’s a social democrat, thats way more down the social ladder and he’s the opposite of trump and other authoritarian based politicians. There is hardly much FORCING AT GUNPOINT here. People, when they start off and have troubles can all make use of the welfare system and once they get to a point that they can pay their own they pay higher taxes to help others at the bottom to get up their. Communism deals with FORCED EQUALITY where everyone is on equal grounds. Bernie accepts that the way to solve wealth inequality is to increase tax on the top 1%. and not hoping that the big companies willl just behave and work in the people’s interests. Check out my blog, where i talk a bit about this
        Have a nice day!

        • Charlotte Williams says:

          wow very interesting response. it seems that we both have similar political views but this link seems to just be a dead end. did you delete this blog or is this just an old link. i would have liked to see what you had to say on the subject.

  21. I talked before about “Christmas spirit”. The season’s over and it’s gushing out of you Jon.

    This is certainly the best article you’ve written over the season and possibly your finest of all time. Double bravo.

    I realise I’m an “anarchist” and you’re more politically orientated, which means readers have to read between your lines much more, but It would be lovely if you found some way to expose, no, perhaps that’s too strong, highlight the indelible connection between Sion/Zion (fortress or prison), Zionism and Globalism given the sparingly obvious senior administrative congruity. If you think back about Israel premier Netanyahu’s infamous, unforgettable speech about the US “sacred cow” and its welfare state, that might be a very good start point.


  22. Anuk Kariyawasam says:

    Those who endorsed her were NOT real liberals, she stands for none of our values and is a total corporate sellout. i wrote about her on my blog so have a look if you want to see my perspective.

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