The psyop to neuter The Rebel

The psyop to neuter The Rebel

Notes on the evolution of caricatures

by Jon Rappoport

January 17, 2017

If you want to track a civilization as it collapses, watch what happens to the concept of the rebel.

From the 1960s onward—starting with Lee Oswald and the assassination of JFK—the whole idea of “the rebel” with power has been sequentially updated and repackaged. This is intentional.

The objective is to equate “rebel” with a whole host of qualities—e.g., runaway self-serving paranoia; random destruction; out-of-control drug use; generalized hatred; the commission of crimes…

On a lesser, “commercialized” level, the new rebel can define himself by merely showing up at a concert to scream and drink heavily and break something, having already dressed to make a dissident fashion statement. He can take an afternoon off from college classes and have his arms tattooed. All the while, of course, he functions as an avid consumer of mainstream corporate products.

You even have people who, considering themselves rebels of the first order, support a government that spies on its people 24/7, launches military attacks all over the world, and now funds a Manhattan Project to map every move of the 100 billion neurons of the brain, for the ultimate purpose of controlling it.

Even going back as far as the 1950s, the so-called decade of conformity, psyops professionals sculpted notions of The Rebel: He was the person who didn’t want to take part in the emerging bland corporate culture.

He was imagined and presented as troubled, morose; a wobbly unfocused JD Salinger Holden Caulfield, or a beatnik, a Madison Avenue caricature of somebody who opposed Madison Avenue.

In other words, the people who were shaping the consumer culture were creating the image of the rebel as a cartoon figure who just didn’t want to buy into “the good life.”

Time Magazine ran a cover story on the beatniks, and characterized them as a disaffected trend. Marlon Brando, heading up a bunch of moronic motorcycle riders, invaded a town of pleasant clueless citizens and took it over, wreaking destruction. The 1953 movie was The Wild One. James Dean, who had the same trouble Brando did in articulating a complete sentence, was “the rebel without a cause” in the “iconic film” of the same name. He raced cars toward cliffs because his father couldn’t understand him.

These were all puff pieces designed to make rebels look ridiculous, and they worked. They also functioned to transmit the idea to young people that being a rebel should be a showbiz affectation. That worked, too.

Then the late 1960s arrived. Flower children, in part invented by the major media, would surely take over the world and dethrone fascist authority with rainbows. San Francisco was the epicenter. But Haight-Ashbury, where the flowers and the weed were magically growing out of the sidewalks, turned into a speed, acid, and heroin nightmare, a playground for psychopaths to cash in and steal and destroy lives. The CIA, of course, gave the LSD culture a major push.

For all that the anti-war movement eventually accomplished in ending the Vietnam war-crime, in the aftermath many of those college students who had been in the streets—once the fear of being drafted was gone—scurried into counselors’ offices to see where they might fit into the job market after graduation. The military industrial complex took its profits and moved on, undeterred.

The idea of the rebel was gone. It later resurfaced as The Cocaine Dealer, the archangel of the 1980s.

And so forth and so on. All these incarnations of The Rebel were artificially created and sustained as psyops. At bottom, the idea was to discredit the Individual, in favor of The Group.

Now, in our collectivist society of 2016, The Group, as a rapidly expanding victim class, is the government’s number one project. It’s a straight con. “We’re here to make you worse off while we lift you up.”

In the psyop to demean, distort, and squash the rebel, there is a single obvious common denominator: the establishment media are doing the defining; they are the ones who are setting the parameters and making the descriptions; they are the ones who build the cartoons; looking down their noses, pretending to a degree of sympathy, they paint one unflattering picture after another of what the rebel is and does and says; they have co-opted the whole game.

These days, the ultimate rebels, the media would have you believe, are “gun-toting racist bitter clingers who have religion.” Another attempt to shape a distorted unflattering portrait

You can take a whole host of political films and television series of the past 50 years, and look at them for signs of the Rebel: Seven Days in May, Advise and Consent, The Candidate, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, Dave, Primary Colors, The Contender, Good Night and Good Luck, The American President, West Wing, Scandal, The Newsroom…

Good acting, bad acting, drama, message—at the end you’re looking for the core. What do the rebel heroes really stand for? What are their principles? It’s all bland. It’s vague. It has the posturing of importance, but little else.

As I was finishing this piece, a friend wrote with a quote attributed to Robert Anton Wilson: “The universe is a war between reality programmers.”

This is exactly where the real rebel enters the scene. He’s not trying to program people. Freedom means cutting loose from programming.

The Rebel doesn’t go to the market and choose which reality program he wants. They’re all used up as soon as they come out of the package.

Albert Camus once wrote: “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience. It would be easy, however, to destroy that good conscience by shouting to them: if you want the happiness of the people, let them speak out and tell what kind of happiness they want and what kind they don’t want! But, in truth, the very ones who make use of such alibis know they are lies; they leave to their intellectuals on duty the chore of believing in them and of proving that religion, patriotism, and justice need for their survival the sacrifice of freedom.”

“THIS or THAT” is the history of Earth: choose reality program A or B. The choice was always a con.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

We’re well into a time period when the experts and scientific authorities are settling on the human being as a biological machine that can only respond to programming. That’s their view and their default position.

It’s sheer madness, of course, but what else do you expect? We’re in an intense technological age, and people are obsessed with making things run smoother. They treat their precious little algorithms for control like the Crown Jewels. They’re terribly enthusiastic about the problem they’re solving, and that problem is us.

We’re the wild cards, a fact which they take to be result of our improper and incomplete conditioning. They aim to fix that.

“Why not stop diddling around and just make the whole thing over? Why not reshape humans?”

Having decided that, the battle begins between competing programmers of the mind. Which program for humans is better?

The rebel is against all such programming, no matter how “good and right” it sounds. “Good” and “right” are the traps.

“Well, certainly we could make a list of qualities we want all people to have. You know, the best qualities, like bravery and determination. Who could be against that? So suppose we could actually program such qualities into humans? Wouldn’t that be a fine thing? Then people would just BE that way…”

The ultimate rebellion is against programming, whatever it looks like, wherever it occurs.

Programming is someone else’s idea of who and what you should be.

It is never your idea.

Your idea is where the power is.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “The psyop to neuter The Rebel

  1. artemisix says:

    They made an example of Socrates too…..

  2. binra says:

    Selling identity to those who believe they are lacking.
    Why use the word rebel for being true to yourself.
    Why define yourself in terms of what you are NOT?
    I feel that saying NO to what otherwise undermines integrity of being is necessary – and the way of that is a unique situation that may persist in standing in integrity even when seemingly walled out or outlawed by an illegitimacy.

    Marketing is always to people’s fears – even when trading hope of change.
    Better to illuminate the fears that allow such manipulation – so as to remove the ‘back-door’ by which the mind is so easily hacked.

    Incoherence of an insane world is all symptomatic of identity politics – where the identity is used to mask a split mind – a dissociated insane mind in a fake reality.
    Self-honesty needs not to hide behind blame of others.

    It is so that identities are being manipulated ion many levels and in many ways – but the old saying is “you cant cheat an honest man” – and I hold that true.

    Just what is honesty?
    Honesty just is. Everything else is an afterthought given precedence.

  3. John says:

    The rebel of today is the middle aged to elderly white man who believes in personal responsibility, who practices christianity and who believes the second amendment is a deterrent to governmental tyranny. The rebel in modern times is anybody who dares to question or speak out against the climate change cult.

    The abnormal freak of today is one who walks in the street without a cell phone, a man or woman who dares to look forward instead of down and uses respect, care and consideration for others in public. The crazy person today is one who believes in traditional marriage between a man and a woman. The racist of today is the one who dares to believe in police profiling or the one who questions quotas and or the policy of affirmative action.

    The extremist of today is an American citizen who believes in a strong US military and a secure border. The nut jobs of today are people who dare to point out the extreme radical liberal indoctrination taking place in the public school system, the ones who point out the illogic/child abuse within the common core curriculum.

    The radicals today listen to music before 1980 and watch Turner Classic movies. The insane people are the ones who support the police. The old relics of today are the lunatics who saved money their whole lives, who dare to question the quantitative easing policy/zero interest rates and the destruction of the US dollar. Those responsible people who never incurred any credit card debt and paid their bills on time for their whole lives are just a menace to society.

    Your typical right wing extremist who believes in the US Constitution, private property rights and freedom/liberty is just an old fuddy duddy from the past. These people just need to eventually die out and become irrelevant. Their lives and votes don’t matter in the post Constitutional tyranny created by the “wise” Globalist Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow “rational,” fair and “open minded/inclusionary” people of the “progressive” left.

    Just ask the real news networks like CNN and MSNBC, the modern day truth tellers of society. We have who can confirm anything they say and that by jolly is good enough for me.

    Yes, tough guys today are no longer like that racist John Wayne, the new tough and courageous is now defined by Leonardo DiCaprio who shows real toughness/courage in fighting to save our planet. Thank-God the outdated Hollywood Canteen of the 1940s whose people showed the audacity to support American soldiers has been replaced by the likes of social justice warriors, Meryl Streep, Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of that well educated Hollywood elite of 2017.

    What a world and wonderful country we now live in thanks to “smart phones,” facebook, twitter, solar panels, windmills, open borders, executive orders, endless debt and multiculturalism. Yes, liberalism has moved us all forward to nirvana, a heaven on earth.

    I feel all safe, warm and fuzzy inside now that the government can fully monitor my every single movement and breath. Thanks Big O for spreading the love and wealth around, we are all sure going to miss you. Four more years, four more years!!!! Please stay!!!

  4. S. Englert says:

    Better to be a stray than to be led astray.

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for analyzing and articulating the history through which I lived, including the conventional religion, hate mongering during WWII, the UN’s plan for world peace, the spread of TV, the Korean War, the hippie movement at UC-Berkley in 1962-64 etc.

    I became an angry, arrogant, addicted atheist that finally resolved life’s issues by using an anonymous 12 Step program to find common truths in science and spirituality. That worked for me, but we must each find our own path.

    Again, Jon, thank you for expressing what many of us have experienced.

  6. Here’s Jon in a recent interview:

  7. Greg C. says:

    The existential question of our time is: To live inside the bubble, with all its familiar comforts, or outside and see the bubble for what it is? Bubble-boy or rebel? Some try to have it both ways, finding an upstart subculture bubble within the main one. This kind of rebel only finds cramped isolation. The authentic rebel finds unlimited space to create. He can hear himself think outside of the echo chamber.

    • binra says:

      If you let the bubble expand to the space it excluded – you now have perspective on what seemed to be – but never was.
      The thinking of the bubble only runs on the dark MAC OS – and that’s why every and any effort and device is utilized to keep the dark in a new form of polarised rejection – such as rebel and slave.
      A different Order of Thought operates outside the bubble – and inside it no less – but from within the bubble OS everything is reversed – and so the Law is not violated by denial, but rendered unrecognizable to those who know not what they do.

      The false matrix feeds on denial of Life energy and cannot operate its (sic) power over life without this darkness or unconsciousness.

      This is to say a lie multiplies in the dark and protects itself against exposure for one reason alone… that you fear and believe it true – and flip to run on fear because your belief embodies your reality.

      In the bubble, separation is survival – as distance of relational field awareness or space, rendered ‘nothing’ such that the foreground ‘something’ experiences the belief of ‘thing in itself’ – projects to a world of things in themselves and ‘creates’ meanings by magical association to support its own word or spell. Thus a fragmented and conflicted world validates and reinforces – and indeed justifies the ‘rebel’ who believes they have cut the strings to become an autamoton or self operating and self creating power – dependent on a life energy that is defined to be used and exploited like a prodigal son’s inheritance – because instead of expansion in true creation, there is depletion, loss of power and limitation, isolation and death – that’s the pattern of the ‘disconnect’ from true relational context for a false freedom in which power is separated from and therefore sought after, struggled for, faked as and abandoned by. But Power is Everywhen and so the loss of power is the investment in fake self reality.

      The fake self is not – that’s its primary attribute – but you are – and your investment in who you are not gives you the capacity to focus within a way of experiencing reality in external physical terms. Of interacting with otherself in external terms and of course of becoming addicted to external symbols and validations of a sense of life and power that is associated with fear of loss.

      The prodigal son story is simplistic but holds a core truth – that when you bottom out – and flip out of the addiction denial mind – your true being is already with you – and extends recognition to your true being – not to the wretched result of a broken narrative record. In any moment of true connected awareness to the Field of being, an expansion of restored perspective opens – and yet if this is only life energy to exploit – the separation is re-enacted in pride and fall – but with some degree of consciousness. Over time this grows to become self-aware enough to simply abide in and be conductive of inspiration instead of going straight to seed without even recognizing the Intimacy of being. And so the quality of Intimacy pervades the ordinary – as the Field of relational awareness – in which all that is – is recognized and appreciated for being – and not for what you get out of it for private gratifications.

      Without the support and guidance of the Field – an ego-alien adventure of the lone hero reaches out to grasp and meets its undoing of the power to be in an ‘alien’ Reality in which it cannot think, has no direction and no support.

      Divine Imagination is Creation – but there is nothing limited or private – for Everything at once is a total Creation in every instant of every part of every perspective within its totality of which you cannot but imagine you are disconnected from – because you asked and received as you asked.

      The conflicting powers in persona operate the jamming signal – the bubble reality boundaries. Be still (of conflict) and know – is simply evident to any willingness for knowing. But constructed ‘knowledge’ is concretized symbolic representation – like a map home to the forays into limitation – that becomes an image or idol of reality – of self that splits off as image split off from its source – and the fragmentation ‘explodes’ a negative or mis-creation as a structure within which to experience, explore, interact and awaken through.

      But note that a fake is passing off as real – and for every false presentation there is an underlying true to uncover and restore to awareness. Thus the discovery of fake is the re-opening of the capacity to shift focus – because the reality experience is no longer holding or attracting focus.

      A two dimensional reality experiences an three dimensional reality as flat geometry. The three dimensional consciousness is within a greater or more inclusive and richer perspective – but awaking to that is not from the three dimensional reference point – but an expansion of the moment to boundarylessness – to the field of awareness at the frequency you are able to accept without dis-integrating.

      Integration is not the overcoming of ‘demonic’ aspects of your being – that was the entry to the physical consciousness. It is the re-cognition and acceptance of the denied divinity beneath or behind the presentation. In this sense – it’s all You – but not as you took yourself to be.

      There is no need to reconnect what has never been separate – Humpty set the illusion by which to call the King’s men to futility. An insoluble problem is a method to use up a computer’s resources and effectively render it ‘engaged’. But force quit leaves the fake problem unanswered – like walking out of the role mid thought – because it is no longer found worthy of engaging in.

      Releasing or leaving an identification behind is not a drama – excepting the demand for drama makes it so. There’s no struggle in doing what you are. But every struggle in maintaining what you are not. If your investments generate rage or terror or guilt issues – then see that you are choosing what you love because it is true of you – and not as a sneaky way to try to manipulate your own outcome in a mask of ‘love’. If it turns to hate – was it love – or conditional demand met.

      No one here has a monopoly on deceit – any more than truth. Saying NO to disintegrity is the witnessing to a culture OF integrity – that the all are invited to align with – but not forced to – for that would be coercion upon others to support a disintegrity.

      Psyops educate us to the hooks, back doors and trigger points of an unwatched mind. IF we choose to learn of our true being when otherwise triggered to react.

      • Greg C. says:

        Glad you got that off your mind.

        • binra says:

          Glad that you’re glad! I don’t carry any of it around – but I noticed what you wrote brought up for me – bubble rebel imagery and expanded on it. It is a journey and wasn’t a ‘personal’ response or expecting retort.
          However – the ‘Mac OS’ is a typo from my type expansion utility – it should read simply OS (for operating system).
          The mind in emulation is like a virtual mind – running AS IF separate or physically partitioned. To rebel against that mind is to reinforce, validate and feed it a sense of power and reality. That closes in as the virtual world – given all the power of belief.
          In spiritual parlance; “don’t fight the ego”.
          Any battle of wills only reinforces the belief and pain of a split will.
          Lots of things look like a struggle that are not.
          Living and witnessing your true will is not in conflict with itself – nor therefore with anything.
          Jesus demonstrates this – he calls it his father’s Will because it is the true will given in Creation and not the fake of a split of conflicting mind that shuts out (awareness of) Creation so as to paint rebellion against a sense of outrage because Creation does not support or validate anything outside Itself – for there IS nothing Outside – though the belief you HAVE projected out (or been expelled or fallen out) is a counterpoint in non-existence from which to deny you Own. There’s a ‘mind’ of self-doubt, self, hate, self-rejection and self-denials covered with self-inflations and self-regard.

          When the bubble pops – the bubble paradigm cannot make sense of its direct energetic experience – so an intuitive relational recognition rises – as the attempt to make a mind calms.
          Not that a mind cannot form – but it cannot stand or abide without a sure foundation. Self-doubt is not a conclusion to build upon – so much as a confusion in definition.
          The quick escape for a lack of identity is to find or invent something or someone you are AGAINST – now you have your reference point – but this is focusing in what you hate or do not want as a the basis for who you are not. It’s negatively defined – and without the ‘enemy’ the bubble has NO basis or structure of differentiation.
          However, the discernment of the resonance of the true of you (aka joy) is a positive recognition of something wholly embraced – and this doesn’t rebel against anything – though it may walk out of the rulebook of illegitimate or outdated self-definitions.

          So I don’t go with ‘rebel’ because its a trojan concept that seeds conflict even while pertaining to align with freedom. Waken to your true life and live it – and don’t blame anyone or anything else for when you accept who you are NOT – and notice that that is what the mind does in the act of waking to the act – which you don’t have to do now because you realize its is YOU and not THEM who is in effect choosing your reality and therefore FREE to tune in to your Will as a FACT of a recognition in the willingness to receive it.

          Have a good day.

          • Greg C. says:

            Apparently you didn’t get it off your mind, my mistake. I was hoping you would take the hint that writing is not an excretory function.

            • binra says:

              No you were not. You are trying to dump your ‘crap’ in assignment to me – but I don’t accept it.

              The principle sign of the guilt-driven is their compulsion to assign their own hateful intent or self- invalidating mindset – to others. What goes around comes around – BECAUSE it never really leaves the mind that thinks it.

              You do not HAVE to let that kind of thinking direct you – but as long as you INSIST it is someone ELSE”s unworthy intentions and acts – you CANNOT change your mind – but are locked in a ‘self-righteous sense of grievance, while OTHERS hold the power to duel your “justified” hatred.

              If you wont read and recognize this mind-trap – others may. I am not addressing or assigning blame to your persona – but clearly something about me irks you to react the way you do – and that is nothing to do with any contest between us as to who is right – because I agree with you THAT you feel what you feel.

              You seek external causes for your symptoms and I suggest this dis-empowers you as well as soliciting or propagating a culture of blame-hate masked in righteous indignation.

              I am with your freedom to address issues you have – but you haven’t addresses issues – so much as smear and insult the person. Whatever ELSE my writing conveys – it is not ad hominem attack. Check it out or do in the LIGHT – what I call you out for. Be honest and direct. You hate something about what I am reflecting or bringing up in your world but apart from ‘monster ego’ with ‘long’ posts that are ‘meaningless AND shit’ – you don’t actually clarify.

              Perhaps your definitions of ‘ego’ are quite different to my own sense but all I know is you not only don’t like (what you meet of) me – you feel a need to put me down in public.

              My take on the ego is that it operates a false sense of self that conflicts and guilts us out of our true nature so as to ‘divide and rule’ under a false inflation of grandiosity that feeds on a sense of justified grievance from which to demand an equal or greater sacrifice of natural being whereby to manipulate others so as to not suffer the consciousness of its own inner conflictedness.
              This goes far deeper than ‘grandstanding’ or showing off and can illuminate the core patterns in mutually agreed consciousness whereby our world is just as it is.

              But every kind of competing narrative as to the assignment of blame – (inner conflict dump) ONLY addresses symptoms as if they are causes – and so will NEVER address the causes – nor heal or correct the errors in consciousness that replicate or generate such effects.
              However, one can only use where attention IS being given – to call significance to the underlying structure of beliefs and definitions – because THEY are operating in the dark – as if autonomous defence programs – for a war of the past that is not here EXCEPT it is re-imposed over and over and over again – in the fear-blame-hate recycle machine.

              So I most always bring every issue to the underlying consciousness from which the symptoms of effects arise – rather than stay exclusively focused in external entanglements of seeming cause and effect that re-grow more heads the more they are ‘cut off’.

              This is a site that addresses mind-control and deceit. My comments join in a willingness to illuminate the nature of ‘mind-as-control’ (and thus controlled) – which is the wish that father’s the lie.

              Not that there isn’t a truly meaningful sense of control – but a wholeness of purpose aligns all things without coercion and deceit. Therefore if your experience is incoherent – and the mind would react with blame-hate mode of manipulation and control. PAUSE. And use your free imagination to align with your true desire and purpose, for if you GIVE it to blame-hate agenda – your receive in like measure – by your own election.

            • Greg C. says:

              Grow up. “Hate agenda?” Really. I’m just saying, have a little consideration for all the commenters, and keep it short. Don’t spew.

            • binra says:

              Hate operates largely but not entirely invisibly in the accepted ‘currency’ of guilt and blame. While I CAN read some sense of a request or desire in your remarks you are so far unable to simply express that without resort to blame in hateful terms.
              “Grow up”?
              Invoking the lack of consideration for “all the commentators” as their spokesman and protector sets you in the role of authority representing the ‘greater good’ over the rights given and received under common law.
              Do you see the way a mind of deceit operates to usurp the true nature of our living?
              Give only as you would receive. If you set yourself apart to judge over me as one under a different law that you – under your presumed and asserted ‘rights of the greater good’ – then you attack your own freedom in exchange for an illusion of personal power to use the law as a weapon.
              Do as you would be done by – because you WILL interpret your experience by the values and rules YOU set up by applying them to others. But if I reflect to you that you err – it is not in any intent to shame, belittle or ridicule you. On the contrary I consider you worthy of your life and your freedom to live it in your own terms. And while I ‘get’ what I give by the same law as you – I cant fake it as if to make it. False witness generates deceitful results.
              I give time and attention freely in opening perspective beyond personal insult – but not in attempt to ‘win’ or get you to change – but by example and invitation to release the blame-hate mind and ‘lighten up’.
              If I spread falsehoods in error or by deceit, challenge them and call them out. Be a true friend.
              If I simply am not saying anything meaningful or relevant for you – move to that which does!
              If there IS something to pursue in any point I made that does have interest or energy in you – I am wholly willing to engage in expanding upon or clarifying it with you. But you have not – because you ask not? You don’t have to ask me though – you can follow your own observations and enquiries to uncover more about yourself and your world – that such energetic awareness is bringing TO you as an expansion or growth of perspective – to appreciate and be.

            • Greg C. says:

              Ah yes – the “How dare you judge me” meme. Which is just the infantile desire for a safe space, to experience only pleasure with oneself, and no unpleasant correction from outside. Let the child scrawl on the walls.

              The comment section is a public wall, and when you spew thousands of words at a time on it, you make it less interesting and inviting to others. They don’t read what you wrote, because no one has the time or inclination to read the jumbled thoughts of an anonymous author.

            • arcadia11 says:

              actually, i read it.

            • Greg C. says:

              Great, can I ask you to summarize this sentence he wrote, “Jesus demonstrates this – he calls it his father’s Will because it is the true will given in Creation and not the fake of a split of conflicting mind that shuts out (awareness of) Creation so as to paint rebellion against a sense of outrage because Creation does not support or validate anything outside Itself – for there IS nothing Outside – though the belief you HAVE projected out (or been expelled or fallen out) is a counterpoint in non-existence from which to deny you Own. “?

            • binra says:

              You are not my judge – but your own. Read into me what you will – and accept that AS your will – if that is indeed your desire. You have your reward.

            • Greg C. says:

              Totally incomprehensible. Accept what as my will? And how does one “accept” one’s own will? What does desire have to do with anything? And reward? binra, everything you write is as if you were reminded of something totally different than the previous comment, or indeed the previous clause. It must be like a pachinko game inside your head! One word dislodges another thought, and on and on in a never-ending cascade that is disjointed and meaningless.

            • binra says:

              A captured identity is not aware it has a will…that it has choice to align within desire rather than inhibit, suppress and control it.
              Which operates a substitution ‘reality’ of conditioned reactive thought and distorted, corrupted or perverted desire.

              Call it the matrix. A falsely founded sense of self/reality that necessarily ‘sees’ everything – including itself – through the lens of a static mind-set. – held in priority over the movement of being.

              Such is the image or concept of self – defended against Reality. A lie to seem to exist must deny truth – but truth to exist need do nothing but rest in the movement of being what you are.

              There is no communication between us occurring in terms of the meeting in idea – any more than the native can spend his beads at Walmart. I perceive you as activated by the mentality of blame projection – and you perceive me as blame-worthy. In completely different ways we are meaningless to each other – except I have known and participated in the blame game – and found it self-destructive, hurtful to others and participating in the evils of the world I would rather share in the Good, the Beautiful and the True of.

              But I am willing to look on the ‘mind’ that seems the justification for hurt and hate as part of restoring a true Sanity.

              How would you reject or deny or suppress your desire?
              How would you collapse of inspired purpose to ruminate in cynicism instead?

              This is not rocket science!
              How does anyone accept a false cover story for their own aversion, evasion or unwillingness to truly feel what the feel – and see the thought that generates the feeling?

              Anyway that works for them while that is their active identification running INSTEAD of their will.

              “An unquestioned life is not worth living” said Socrates apparently. It doesn’t open the appreciation of true worth… say I.

            • Greg C. says:

              Now I get why you call yourself “binra”. It’s the word “brain” scrambled up!

  8. Joy says:

    Bless you, Jon Rappoport! Your daily words help to remind me, revive me, and inspire me!

  9. will iam says:

    “The universe is a war between reality programmers”…….all trying to sell the individual a license to be. Maybe that is why life here resembles a decent into hell because one is entering a universal equivalent of the motor vehicle department?

    • binra says:

      You don’t need competing externals – just host competing desire/purpose/identity.
      Hence divide and rule operates via false identity.
      Reality is a buyer’s ‘market’ – but once suckered you don’t know that false choices are giving false sense of freedom.
      But war is the ‘reality-experience’ of WANTING something true – that isn’t – or in other terms, trying to be what you are not.

      The wish for power opens the experience of dis-empowerment – and struggle to regain what is perceived in terms of being denied and deprived.
      The mind is very powerful, but apparently weak within its own virtual reality constructs.
      Guarding the reality-constructs against exposure to true power is delaying the inevitable – which is now perceived as death and loss rather than truth. Truth is redefined illusion by accepting the false in its place – and this MUST render the perception of truth as false, heretical and threatening to ‘identity in defence’. Jesus said the same. The lie is born of the father of the lie – which is the wish that true will be enslaved or sacrificed to fit and support a false or mis-taken mind.
      Simple willingness to rest or release from presuming to know open a space of WILLingness in place of a mind that seems to split into a battle of wills. Free Imagination operates through willingness. If you try to force it to support your habit – you deny your true signature vibration to a conformity in which a sense of personal power meets opposition and obstruction or enmity.
      Pushing harder escalates the war. Polarised and entrenched positions protect the ‘war’ from being resolved to a higher communication.
      Willingness can meet its Like in others of a resonant quality. The true desire or movement may be buried and only witness through distortion – but the desire for completion or fulfilment is universal. However distorted attempts to regain power by domination and possession, or by disguise and deceit, are almost never recognized in their original sense of need – but only in their overriding and disregard of the needs of others – who feel triggered in their denial sense and react accordingly.
      The whole mistaken reality thing is a mess of entangled identity fragments or personae running a negative loop – or rather a negative spiral of depletion and destruction. Truth will out – and pain of illusion has its limits. Exhaustion forces the disintegration of the capacity to maintain the narrative.
      The release of the false paradigm follows the inverse curve to the apparent ‘victory’ of the uni-polar dream. Without relationship is no awareness of existence – only private fantasy. The mind of private gratification is the wish for a kind of perfection that is frozen or static – and that is death – and yet there is no such frozen or static condition truly anywhere in manifestation for Life is Movement of being that we have learned to overlay with movement of bodies in space and time – and as if unfolding to get to somewhere else so as to complete – or to escape to somewhere else so as not to feel conflicted.
      The emphasis there is “as if”. A phishing attack operates ‘identity theft’. Vigilance FROM a wholeness being or presence of of mind – in its truly present sense, is caring to align and balance in a reality-result of an unfolding Meaning – that is always new – and in that sense alive and open to being truly moved.
      Trying to define, predict and control the movement of being is trying to separate from your Self – as if you have to be forced to align with your joy. Perhaps because it is felt undeserved or ‘selfish’ and therefore to be denied and sacrificed to the ‘Order’ of define, predict and control – aka fear and guilt defined sense of self and reality – which always projects out onto ‘others’ and ‘world’ – neither of which are therefore recognizably worthy of appreciation and gratitude.

  10. Erica says:

    Abriu o arquivo Jon.

  11. Jon,

    Great article.

    Society (great or small) now comprises rebels without causes that pin themselves viciously to populist circles. Occasional deviants, like you and I (in different ways), come along and cause a kafuffle, but no one listens, not individually.

    They love hum of their own voices too much. You are “in tune” with them, Jon. I am not.

    That’s why totalitarianism is a breath away. Rebels don’t seek justice or truth. They simply want to WIN, so this time there are only going to be losers because the “powers” are far, far stronger than a SPLINTERED group. Why do you think “they” manipulated the Middle East revolution?

    The only, and I mean ONLY, alternative to Fascism (of sorts) is communion. For communion to work there can be NO CAUSES.


  12. DarkAngel says:

    “We’re well into a time period when the experts and scientific authorities are settling on the human being as a biological machine that can only respond to programming. That’s their view and their default position.”

    They’re trying to put reality and for that matter, consciousness, into a box. You’re correct,it’s sheer madness. “There are more things in heaven and earth … than dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  13. Chris says:

    you forgot the image of the steel cup with pocket change announcing the Apocalypse “preparing” for the modern truth tellers like you.

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