Watching major media commit suicide

Watching major media commit suicide

Notes on the end of the news business as we know it

It’s personal

by Jon Rappoport

January 21, 2017

By Jon Rappoport

This article goes to many places. I think you’ll find a place that works for you.

I’ve been investigating and reporting on deep medical fraud for 29 years. I’ve been around the block a few hundred times. I’ve spoken with scientists who work for the government and universities, and the media operatives who support them. I know the game.

If Robert F Kennedy Jr is, indeed, given the green light by President Trump to investigate vaccine safety, he’s going to need a truck and a chain and DOJ threats of prosecution to drag key CDC scientists into the light and elicit specific statements from them.

Even then, the odds are these scientists will keep repeating the party line: vaccines are overwhelmingly safe; they have no connection to autism or other neurological damage; the science is settled.

Kennedy could run up against an organized wall of silence—scientists refusing to speak with him, on the basis that he isn’t qualified to make judgements in their “field.”

In that case, he will need subpoena power, for starters.

Many years ago, I interviewed Jim Warner, a White House policy analyst in the Reagan administration. He had been trying to obtain medical-research information from the federal National Institutes of Health. He told me he was given the absolute cold shoulder: “If ever I’ve been tempted to believe in socialism, science has disabused me of that. These guys [at NIH] assume that it’s their show. They just assume it.”

Arrogance par excellence. Scientists rebuff the White House with a yawn.

Fortunately, Kennedy is a relentless investigator. He understands how science is corrupted and paid for. And the ace in the deck is this: there is already enough evidence in the open record to refute the CDC’s claim of vaccine safety.

Trump has blazed a trail of rejecting major media. As a result of his merciless attacks, press outlets are going mad pushing numerous outlandish fake stories. They’re ripe for further incursions on their territory.

In the past, this was the pattern: an outsider enters the scene and accuses the government of vast fraud; media operators assemble their usual cast of sordid characters, who dismiss the charges; everybody goes home and the story dies.

But that’s not working anymore. Media pomposity is exposed as fakery. Millions of people see through the ruse.

The media emperor is naked. He can prance around and around, but his fundamental nakedness keeps compounding the joke.

Truth be told, as their financial positions sink into dire red ink, press operations are trapped. Why?

Because they are partners with the high-level criminals whose activities are the very stories the public wants to know about.

Reporting on these crimes in great depth, day after day, would resuscitate the newspapers and broadcast networks. But that will never happen.

For example, these crimes:

* The Federal Reserve/a clandestine private corporation.

* Medically caused death.

* Toxic vaccines.

* Trillions of dollars of missing US government money.

* The power of the Trilateral Commission over US government policy.

* The covert implementation of the UN agenda of destruction in US communities.

And a hundred more issues.

Expose these down to the core, and people would buy newspapers off the rack like they buy coffee and beer and video games and cell phones and gasoline and underwear and toilet paper and lipstick and fast food. The Times would have to schedule extra press runs just to keep up with the demand. Its financial bottom line would soon look like Christmas.

You could talk to the publisher of the New York Times and present him with an ironclad plan for pulling his paper out of its deep financial hole, based on covering true stories like those above, and you would find no joy, because he would rather go down with the ship than go up against The Matrix.

The Times and other hoary media outlets live by the rule of limited hangout. In intelligence parlance, that means admitting a small piece of the truth in order to hide the rest.

“We’ll show you a tree in the forest, but not the forest.”

I know how it works, because as a reporter I’ve been there. I’ve approached editors of various media outlets with stories that crack the trance, and I’ve had those stories tossed back at me.

“We’re just not interested,” they say. “This isn’t our kind of piece.” Or: “Well, we already covered that.” But they didn’t cover it. They did a limited hangout on it. They ran a story that exposed one tiny corner of a whole bloody mess.

I say this—as simple fact—if any intelligent, aggressive, truly independent investigator were the managing editor of the New York Times, and if he were given free rein, he would have that paper back in the black in a year. He would have it roaring on all cylinders. He would have people fighting each other in the streets to grab the last copy off the newsstand. Journalism schools all over the country would close down in shame. Because he would be running stories that would crack the whole rotting edifice of cartel-control along many fronts, and he would be filling up a planned vacuum of truth with fire.

A decade ago, here is what a working reporter for a major paper told me: “We know what stories we can’t cover. Nobody needs to prep us. Our editors know, too. Otherwise, they’d never get to be editors.”

A player in a non-profit group once told me I could have a job with a paper on the east coast. In a roundabout way, he hinted at what they were looking for. In five minutes, I saw the handwriting on the wall. Essentially, the editor was searching for a reporter who would cover politics in Central America. The stories would have to favor the repressive governments in power. The basic cover was: these leaders were fighting the good fight against Communism. The death squads they were sending out, in cooperation with the CIA, were freedom fighters. And of course, any mention of cocaine trafficking as a means for obtaining weapons was off-limits.

None of this was spelled out. But the message was clear. They wanted a propaganda specialist. If I, as an up and coming reporter, decided to play ball, I could advance up the ladder.

Apparently, some travel was necessary. But I knew I could turn out reams of copy without ever leaving my apartment, because I grasped the fundamental angle I was supposed to pursue. Needless to say, I turned down the offer.

It was the first time I fully realized how easy the job of reporting could be. Assemble a list of reliable sources (who would support the mandatory point of view), walk right into a prepared group of corporate and think-tank allies, pull down copy from wire services, and re-write stories in a way that bolstered the idea that American Empire was really “spreading democracy” to the less fortunate. A walk in the park.

Twenty years later, I saw the same overall pattern in hundreds of major-media stories—but the point of view and the mandate had changed. Now it was all about Globalism. The covert op was the takedown of America, in order to squash the last vestige of political freedom and integrate the nation in “a new economic order.”

However, over the mountains, a new dawn was rising: the Internet. Independent media outlets. The resistance.

It was immediately obvious that, unless someone could shut this new creature down, major media would have no way to challenge the invasion. Independent news sources would gradually wreck MSM financial bottom lines.

Fronting for Globalist princes, Big News would see their bias exposed time and time again. The blowback on them would be enormous.

Trapped and corned like rats, they would attack, but their efforts would only compound their problem.

Then a populist named Donald Trump strolled on to the scene. He knew major media were suffering great losses. He knew online media were in the ascendance. He had people like Steve Bannon (Breitbart) who were bringing him up to speed. He saw how Matt Drudge was obliterating traditional news sources, even while (selectively) linking to them. A revolution was in progress.

Trump had the right stuff for this situation, because he didn’t care about offending people. He was mercurial, reckless; an opportunist. He could fly by the seat of his pants. He realized where and how, in America, the Globalists were causing great damage.

Trump accelerated the fall of major media from their thrones.

People around the world, untold millions, thought to themselves, “Trump is finally giving major media what they deserve.”

Giving the major media what they deserve is a force to be reckoned with, because there is no effective response to it. Nothing works. Who can lead the fight to preserve mainstream news? Answer: mainstream news. That isn’t going to go anywhere, because more and more people are rejecting the mainstream wholesale.

Think of major media as a ship. In full view of the passengers, the captain has just steered it into a shore of high rocks. The craft is beginning to tilt, and it’s taking on water. As the passengers scramble to safety on the beach, the captain is yelling, “Don’t leave, come back, everything is all right, I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s your fault, you’re too stupid to understand the correct principles of navigation!”

Translation: “I’m committing suicide. Go down with me.”

As a reporter starting out in the 1980s, one of my first glimpses of trouble involved a few of the papers I was writing for: they were definitely on the political Left, but at the same time they were businesses. You only had to look at the ads choking the pages to see that. They were capitalist enterprises. But they would never fully admit that. They were operating under a self-induced, self-serving delusion about fundamental economics. Eventually, larger publishers bought them out, and a few of the old guard made significant dollars on the deals. It was an old story about socialists getting rich.

This contradiction plagues every major media outlet today. They claim to serve the public interest, but they want to be rich. Their reporters want very nice salaries. And this is all in the service of Globalism, which aims to bankrupt economies and drive populations into the arms of technocrat planners of societies. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t work.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and working hard to achieve it. But claiming, at the same time, that you want the government to run the economy is a sick joke. A transparently sick joke, on the order of wealthy celebrities stumping for socialism, while they hire more armed security and dig bunkers on their walled properties.

Suppose you could approach a well-known and well-paid reporter for the New York Times. And suppose you said this: “For years, you’ve been writing about the less fortunate and giving back and more government support for the downtrodden and humanitarianism and so on—so I want to know, would you be willing to donate two-thirds of your salary, for the sake of equality, to those who need the money? Would you be willing to sell your co-op and give the money to the poor and move into a small apartment?”

The duplicitous and slimy major media are obviously engaged in a long con. They want their cake, they want to eat it, and they also want to appear as architects of “a more humane planet.”

They care about a more humane order in the same way an ant cares about space travel.

They care about serving their bosses, and those bosses have other bosses who are engineering a future of poverty for all, as a mechanism of control. That’s who’s paying reporters their salaries.

Do you know what a tired rich media liberal (fake socialist) looks like? Of course you do. You can see one every night anchoring the national news. Over the years, I’ve spoken with a few of these types. In every case, I’ve gotten the impression they’re sitting on a keg of dynamite. They know how precarious their position is. They’re surprised they’ve lasted as long as they have. Their spouting of liberal homilies is transparent. Where did they go wrong? Answer: the first day they accepted their first job as a reporter. That’s when they sold out. They knew it then, and under cheesy layers of vast pretensions, they still know it now. But they can’t turn around. They’ve made a commitment.

They tell themselves: “It’s business. It’s not personal. This is the business I’m in.”

But of course, it is personal. Everything is personal. We’re talking about lives and minds and souls.

That’s what these reporters traded, in the perverse corner of the marketplace. They chose the rackets, the information mafia, the law of omerta, the dishonorable underground that lives in the highest penthouses.

Whatever gloss they lay on, the trap they’re in stays in place.

And now, they’re sinking and sinking.

I could try to work up pity for them, buy why bother?

Damage is damage, and they’ve done a great deal of it.

A full confession would make a start, but that’s not going to happen.

They’re in a race with themselves. How long can they keep erecting delusions about their work, vs. their growing realization about those delusions?

It’s inescapably personal.

It always was.

The night is falling on them, and the rain is coming down, too. Their mandate is to be on the Inside, but they’re on the Outside now.

They’re the walking dead. They’ll keep walking, but things will never be the same.

As a long addendum, here is a backgrounder, an article I wrote headlined, “Howard Beale, the last sane man on television”:

The best film ever made about television’s war on the population is Paddy Chayefsky’s scorching masterpiece, Network (1976). Yet it stages only a few minutes of on-air television.

The rest of the film is dialogue and monologue about television. Thus you could say that, in this case, word defeats image.

Even when showing what happens on the TV screen, Network bursts forth with lines like these, from newsman Howard Beale, at the end of his rope, on-camera, speaking to his in-studio audience and millions of people in their homes:

“So, you listen to me. Listen to me! Television is not the truth. Television’s a god-damned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom-killing business… We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true! But you people sit there day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you. You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube. You even think like the tube. This is mass madness. You maniacs. In God’s name, you people are the real thing. We are the illusion.”

Beale, coming apart at the seams, is a mad prophet. And because he shines with brilliance and poetry, he can affect minds. Therefore, the television network can make use of him. It can turn him into a cartoon for the masses.

It is Beale’s language and the passion with which he delivers it that constitutes his dangerous weapon. Therefore, the Network transforms him into a cheap religious figure, whose audience slathers him with absurd adoration.

Television’s enemy is the word. Its currency is image.

Beale breaks through the image and defiles it. He cracks the egg. He stops the picture-flow. He brings back the sound and rhythm of spoken poetry. That is his true transgression against the medium that employs him.

The modern matrix has everything to do with how knowledge is acquired.

Television, in the main, does not attempt to impart knowledge. It strives to give the viewer the impression that he knows something. There is a difference.

Knowledge, once established, is external to, and independent of, the viewer. Whereas the impression of knowing is a feeling, a conviction, a belief the viewer holds, after he has watched moving images on a screen.

Images… plus, of course, in the case of the news, the narrative voice.

A basic premise of New Age thinking is: “everything is (connected to) everything.” This fits quite well with the experience of watching film or video flow.

Example: we see angry crowds on the street of a foreign city. Then young people on their cell phones sitting in an outdoor café. Then the marble lobby of a government building where men in suits are walking, standing in groups talking to each other. Then at night, rockets exploding in the sky. Then armored vehicles moving through a gate into the city. Then clouds of smoke on another street and people running, chased by police.

A flow of consecutive images. The sequence, obviously, has been assembled by a news editor, but most of the viewing audience isn’t aware of that. They’re watching the “interconnected” images and listening to a news anchor tell a story that colors (infects) every image.

Viewers thus believe they know something. Television has imparted that sensation to them. That’s what news is all about: delivering a sensation of knowing to the audience.

There is no convenient place where the ordinary viewing audience can stop the flow of images or the story being told. They are inside it. They don’t have the leverage of a crystalized idea or the power of reasoning to get out.

They are inside the story. Knowledge thus becomes story.

The viewer is transfixed by the sensation that he is “inside” watching/experiencing story.

This fixation produces a short circuit in his reasoning mind (if he has one). No time to stop, no time to think; just watch the flow.

When you take this pattern out to a whole society, you are talking about a dominant method through which “knowledge” is gained.

“Did you see that fantastic video about the Iraq War? It showed that Saddam actually had bioweapons.”

“Really? How did they show that?”

“Well, I don’t exactly remember. But watch it. You’ll see.”

And that’s another feature of the modern acquisition of knowledge: amnesia about details.

The viewer can’t recall key features of what he saw. Or if he can, he can’t describe them, because he was in the flow. He was inside, busy building up his impression of knowing something.

Narrative-visual-television story strips out and discards conceptual references. And lines of reasoning? To the extent they exist, they’re wrapped around and inside the image-flow and the narration.

Ideas aren’t as interesting as images. That’s the premise.

To grasp the diminishment of language, consider the current use of the word “text.” Suddenly it’s become a verb; it means a process of sending words. It also refers to paragraphs or pages of writing, as opposed to pictures. “Text” makes “writing” seem like nothing more than one functional (and machine-like) method of delivering information.

And since bone-dry information (e.g., “genetic sequences”) these days is practically considered a synonym for life, when a writer infuses his words with passion, they automatically become a “rant.” “Rant” was formerly applied to describe what a person did when he was totally unhinged to the point of making no coherent sense.

Image, not the word, is the now preferred means of acquiring what passes for knowledge.

Retired propaganda master, Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym), once told me in an interview: “If you wanted to try a real revolution, you would produce thousands of videos consisting of written words on screens, with someone speaking those words. You would try to reinstate language as a medium. Poetry, formal arguments and debates, great speeches, dramatic readings. You would go up against image and try to relegate it to its proper place…”

In the American colonies of the 18th century, several hundred thousand copies of Tom Paine’s pamphlet, Common Sense, were distributed among a total population of only 2.5 million people, and the earth shook.

When a technology (television) turns into a method of perception, reality is turned inside out. People watch TV through TV eyes.

Mind control is no longer something merely imposed from the outside. It is a matrix of a self-feeding, self-demanding loop. Willing devotees of the image want images, food stamps of the programmed society.

—But now, something is happening. Something different.

It is to be fervently wished that the revolution against major media will also result in a revolution against knowledge as nothing more than image.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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  1. American Empire, War, And Propaganda With Chris Hedges And 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell; War Is Peace, Hate Is Love, Failure Is Success, Lies Are Truth, Darkness Is Light

  2. voza0db says:

    “The Federal Reserve/a clandestine private corporation”

    Long Life to the Warburg Family…

    Controlling the US Colony since 23 de Dezembro de 1913!

    Ruling the western societies since 1798!

  3. I agree in full with this article

  4. Dawn Vierra says:

    Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    This a long piece by Jon but worth the read. It’s all about the MSM fake news and it’s final demise. It’s about time

    • John Doe says:


      We should be highly skeptical towards President Trump. He is surrounded himself with elite Jewry and is bowing the knee to the state of Israel. He hasn’t once mentioned the federal reserve, the number one problem in our nation and all western nations. I’ve seen presidents come and go and watched as our nation crept ever forwards towards the drain, never any positive change, only negative change.

      I suspect Trump is a pressure relief valve. The International bankers (Elite Jewry) allowed him to become president because they can control him. We’re in for another 4-8 years of modest change at best, then it’s back to the steady march of cultural Marxism.

      The only hope I have, besides our Creator’s promises, is that Trump does a Jack Kennedy and completely throws off the chains of the Jewish money lenders and kicks them out of the temple. And if President Trump does this it will be a battle for survival because they will attempt an assassination on President Trump. Any president that goes against their Talmudic new world order is either assassinated or comes close to being assassinated. And if they survive the attempt, those presidents stop their rebellion against the order and the masonic/Talmudic matrix that controls our world.

      Reagan was the real deal, then suddenly went back on his word and picked Bush as his vice-president. Once he won the election Bush tried to have Reagan assassinated. Reagan knew what transpired and stopped all real aggression towards the global cabal. The same thing happened with Ford, Carter, etc. Kennedy will forever be the silent warning to presidents who think they are bigger then their Talmudic masters and their goyim black nobility and false Christian Catholic church/Vatican.

      Without the destruction of the Federal Reserve salve system there is only so much we can do to keep our nation above water. If Trump can stop the illegal immigration, remove the over 20 million illegals already here and put a moratorium on all future non-European legal immigration then there is hope for our survival. If he fails in safeguarding the European race in America, and if the Europeans fail to elect right-wing leaders we are finished. We won’t last 50 years.

      And that is the cold hard truth.

      • Very Concerned says:

        good comment and in my opinion pretty accurate. Although I’m not so sure we will make it 4 years under Trump without an economic incident. I agree that he was possibly placed in office to be used as the fall guy/patsy by the powers to be. I don’t think we are out of the woods at all.

        To all: I don’t think it’s a good idea to let your guard down, it is very possible we are just being set up.

  5. SamAdamsGhost says:

    Simply brilliant. There’s nothing more I can say. Thank you, Jon.

  6. will iam says:

    In the beginning was the word and for any whom figured a way to own that would own humanity.

    The pimps of media, using the worlds oldest profession, figured out a way to own it for eons until ‘the word’ took on a new form of vocalization and became ‘the tweet’.

    This has sent the pimps scrambling because they have been trumped in their own game. The new rallying cry now is “WE must somehow completely own twitter”.

    Tweets and twitter were sounds of birds in more innocent times, and was known as Gods symphony. According to a question recently heard on CBS news however, wars could be started by an irresponsible “tweet” from the new president.

    God used to broadcast truth with birds and insects but “that was in his infancy”.

    !!god!! is in dire need of a new savior, someone to figure a way to make advertising revenue from twitter. “Applications always accepted” rofl!! ” ‘god’s’ life depends on it” !!!!

  7. n3angus says:

    This story explains the Clinton Syndicate to a tee , in relationship to how the Media and Bureaucracies give cover to the Elitists Cabal over the Peoples Wealth and Resources while appearing to be the Righteous Do Good-ers , F them ALL !!!!!!!

  8. n3angus says:

    If he does what he says here it will retool the People of the USA !!!!!!

    Just say NO to a Globalist One Class Society that the Elite Dictate how much YOU CONSUME of THEIR Globalist Resources !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Remarkable piece, Jon. You are at the top of your game. You are a pioneer in the best sense of who the Founding Fathers were. Thanks for the enormous contribution you make to the possibility of living in a world that works for everyone.

  10. Patricia says:

    Hi Jon, I love reading so many of your pieces. This one is a particularly good analysis. I find the closing thought provoking: “It is to be fervently wished that the revolution against major media will also result in a revolution against knowledge as nothing more than image.” It almost has a Buddhist koan quality for me. I don’t think it’s anti existential… I’m so glad you didn’t fry your brain in the 60’s Jon. Thanks so much and all the best to you!

  11. krys says:

    Fiery brilliance as always! Thank you again for the gift of your wit, wisdom and razor-sharp analysis of our current foisted reality.

  12. Penny Olsen says:

    [This is] long but really Fabulous!

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you for this article, Jon.

    I know for a fact that a tyrannical, one-world government emerged after nations and national academies of sciences were united under the UN on 24 OCT 1945.

    To save themselves and the world from the possibility of worldwide nuclear annihilation, as Francis W. Aston warned in the last paragraph of his Nobel Lecture on 12 DEC 1922, national leaders gave research grants to scientists astronomy, Astrophysics, Climatology, Cosmology

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      Above incomplete message accidentally posted. To save themselves and the world from the possibility of worldwide nuclear annihilation, as Francis W. Aston warned in the last paragraph of his Noble Lecture on 12 DEC 1922, national leaders gave research grants to scientists to hide from the public the primary source of energy in heavy atoms, nuclear reactors, atomic bombs, ordinary stars, galaxies and the expanding universe – NEUTRON REPULSION

      This information comes from my own research and from that of my research mentor, the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda:

  14. elliottjab says:

    Exemplary! Re-posting… Thank you, Jon…
    J n m in NM

  15. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The Declaration of Independence was written by a great statesman who realized humanity was endowed by its Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    This nuclear/space physicist knows humanity is very fortunate to live on a water-covered planet that is located exactly one astronomical unit (1 AU) from the pulsar-centered star that made our elements, birthed the Solar System 5 Ga ago, and now sustains and vibrates every atom, life and planet in the Solar System.

    Instead of being grateful for our good fortune, tyrannical world leaders have forced humanity to live in unrealistic fear of CO2-induced global warming.

    • arcadia11 says:

      “Instead of being grateful for our good fortune, tyrannical world leaders have forced humanity to live in unrealistic fear of CO2-induced global warming”

      oliver – i do read all your comments and i have an interest in the kuroda papers, etc. i have not yet delved fully into them but i did start. i have to say that i do not fully comprehend the practical significance of your information but i am willing to work on it. however, the above excerpt from your current comment i understand and agree with fully. lol. i finally get to say that.
      thanks for all the data you offer.

  16. S. Englert says:

    I agree: The corporate-owned media has lost/sold its soul. The truth motive of the Fourth Estate has been quashed and replaced by the profit motive and, ironically, abandonment of the former is diminishing the fulfillment of the later. As with you, I witness the conundrum during my own media career and wrote about in in “Sold Out: How An American Magazine Lost its Soul.”

  17. the fourth estate is a fifth column says:

    You know what really grinds my gears?
    CIA operatives posing as journalists.

  18. Renee says:

    Thank you so much for this piece! I actually saw the handwriting on the wall decades ago when thinking about a career path (investigative journalism and criminal law/justice) and chose an alternative path. Yes, something has changed greatly in the atmosphere. Props goes to all those out there who refuse to compromise your integrity.

  19. Josh says:

    “It was immediately obvious that, unless someone could shut this new creature down, major media would have no way to challenge the invasion. Independent news sources would gradually wreck MSM financial bottom lines.”

    Yes: immediately obvious to yourself, Jon. Not so much to them. I’m going with that’s what you meant here ..

  20. Larry says:

    “You could talk to the publisher of the New York Times and present him with an ironclad plan for pulling his paper out of its deep financial hole, based on covering true stories like those above, and you would find no joy, because he would rather go down with the ship than go up against the Matrix.”

    But why go down with the ship when you could be making a fortune bringing the truth out in to the light-of-day?

    The answer *must* lie in a dearth, a paucity, a complete and utter lack of IMAGINATION…and an almost total amnesia that there ever was such a thing as magic.

    We *can* imagine new worlds into fruition right here on good old Terra Firma.

    Are we up to the task?

    Hell, yes!

  21. Alan Reid says:

    Sorry, But i don’t agree with the folk that say this is a long piece. It is not long enough in my opinion. This war for media needs every warrior to engage to exhaustion the meme whilst the author has the mind in his grasp. I came to the end of this piece thinking far more needed to be said. The movers of this war are not bored. We are willing to soak up all the wisdom the author has to share. Our time is rife with half done and almost there. We as a group can take all you can muster and far more. Knock it out of the park is doing far more than one might first conceive. Mr Rappoport your thoughts are getting out, We hear the intent and the passion contained within, Use all the ammo you can because at this point we are at war, If it is lost with ammo not fired when it is most useful how would that look? There are no limits to the inquiring mind, No limits to the need to consume the truths of the war and it’s waging. Kick butt or stay on the porch.

  22. There is nothing I “disagree with” in this pieces, Jon, other than I would argue that America has only ever had “theoretical” political freedom. The “dual-standard” reality has always been very different and, in fact, highlights my sadness.

    Let’s imagine, you, Trump, and all the “good” alternative Medias got their way, they won. The mainstream packed for Jupiter (bought those condos you were selling) and totally left the scene. What then?

    Is crime over or is the actual problem far greater than “Media” alone. What about the scientists wearing their shit-eatin’ grins? Will they repent? Can pathological liars “learn” to tell the truth? Will the commercial stakeholders join the mainstream and rocket to Jupiter too?

    In actual fact, the disastrous mainstream press does EVETYTHING to highlight the problem now. They transparently and wilfully lie through their teeth – anything to “win” the argument. Anyone can see that. My concern is that when the Media is “fixed” a whole raft of “new standards” will emerge to keep the “crusaders” busy. And nothing will change unless a given commercial “scam” is deemed unsustainable.

    It would be nice if there was never a need for the press.


  23. Travis says:

    Good article. Thanks for not selling out Jon.

  24. From Quebec says:

    Mark Your Calendar Trump Killed The MSM Today

    […(dead link)…]

  25. Joy says:

    Jon, how perfect that you mention Paddy Chayefsky’s Network in this context! I watched it again several months ago, precisely because I wanted to remember his brilliant, scathing treatment of TV and MSM and its effect on the couch-bound mindless public. In this scene, Howard Beale has all of America shouting out their windows in what could be the beginning of an awakening, or just another entree into another selling mechanism for TV.

    It’s amazing to realize that 40 years later, this piece still applies today! We can either awaken or turn this new possibility for revitalization that opened up yesterday into just another pseudo-religion. For myself, all it took was watching one video of Ashley Judd’s speech at the “women’s march” in Washington, D.C. today to finally resolve to never again indulge in anything that Hollywood and its minions produce.

    I will invest no more of my energy and time in their vitriolic, condescending, hypnotizing slop, nor give them any credence with one more internet link click or price of admission to any movie (and I have already given up TV)! Who do they think they are, anyway?! In Howard Beale’s words, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more!”

    • From Quebec says:

      Who is that whore in this video

    • All I see are converging fantasies, in different ways, selfishly adrift of reality. Out-of-harm’s-way idiots on soap boxes stirring divides and praying for clashes of culture.

      Here’s my reflection on “Network”

      “The central character is a disgruntled news broadcaster who first has a meltdown on air and then is picked up and promoted by unscrupulous elements looking to improve corporate ratings, which is an impeccable irony (e.g. the network’s toxic critic is their golden cash calf to salvation). Howard Beale exposes the inadequacies of news broadcasts reduced to fantasies that pander to “highest bidder” stakeholder interests better than our current best conspiracy theorists. Rather underwhelming his thunder, he asks his viewers to “do nothing” but just “get madder than hell”. Though the dialogue sizzles with strategically placed F bombs, a novelty for 1976, the movie cannot avoid overstating the human condition. Indeed Beale’s big soccer punch does nothing more than expose that television does not report, but rather politicises. In fact, he highlights ongoing deficiencies in the population at large by his own lack of remedial direction. The mindset of psychosis is an ocean of problems with no solution in sight. It should be no surprise that buoyant stagnancy is the only feasible response.”

    • Larry says:

      Ashley Judd is easy on the eyes, (she’s also got Hilly’s wide-eyed, closed-mouth smile with the nod down pat) …but the poor thing is crazier than bat guano…

  26. Nicole says:

    The mainstream media today just basically jumped up and shouted, ‘Hey Trump! Look how fake I am! You’re right about me!’ They did this idiotic thing of showing an aerial photo of his inauguration, long before it was time for the audience to arrive, so only a few people were there. Then they said something to the effect of, ‘Ha ha, nobody showed up for Trump’s inauguration. Look at Obama’s and see all the people who showed up for him.’ I don’t normally watch TV but I’m at my parents’ house right now, so I saw this. It was right there on the mainstream news in the morning.

    I didn’t think much of it until a few hours later when i went online to watch his speech on youtube. Then I saw that the whole crowd was packed full, not just this sparse little handful of people like the aerial photo showed this morning, and I was like, ‘Wait, what? You mean they just took a photo like an hour before the speech when nobody had arrived yet, and then told us that’s the sum total of all the people who ever arrived at all? SERIOUSLY???’

    Yep, they really did that. Somebody told Trump about this photo, and he said that no, the people were packed all the way out to the Washington Monument. So he said that the media were under-reporting the size of the crowds. It’s obviously this pathetic attempt to make him look bad, but it’s just so obvious, so fake, so easy to see through – the media are just being as awful as they can be and they’re not even being sneaky about it. They’re not even trying to hide it.

  27. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Yoichi Shimatsu –
    “Another pervasive problem has been the major media’s double standard and self-censorship whenever criticism of the executive branch were raised, as shown in our analysis of The New York Times and Washington Post denial of Pizzagate. In contrast, online discussion groups and various blogs such as Steemit have been at the vanguard of press freedom and the public’s right to know, even if normal press rules such as bylines are mostly absence from posts (many journalists, in fact, have pen names, so the practice of using pseudonyms and anonymity is not unprecedented.)

    Online citizen sleuthing will continue to be the most important force in tracking down elite pedophile networks, political corruption and inhumane occult practices, while continuing to challenge official cover-ups and disinformation. The citizen investigators with the online discussion groups has proven in Pizzagate that they are a credible part of the press arena by proving themselves to often be more accurate and honest than the news in print or television. ”

  28. Miguel says:

    Notice how movies like “Network” are not made today.. instead it’s crap like The Purge et al

  29. Theodore says:

    Sean Spicer: Press conference, number 1. Game On!

  30. Bobby says:

    Jon, wonderful, wonderful article. If truth were actually valued in places like universities, public employee unions, public schools, this article of yours would be on a priority reading list, for the purpose of really educating citizens and young folks. Again, great work, appreciate it.
    All the best to your, sir.

  31. SanityClaus says:

    There is no American Empire, there is only the BritishCrown/N.A.T.O. empire and the pentagon and National Guard are the traitors that pledge to kill the enemies of the British Crown. The New York Times is not a business. Goldman Sachs is not a bank. People who lend fake money on a fractional reserve basis are committing compounded fraud. Silver coins are honest money. If you give them as charity to a deserving person you will be rewarded with luck. People despair of giving charity because they have tried using fake money Federal Reserve Notes which will not work for cultivating luck through acts of charity. Fraud and theft is not a substitute for actual payment rendered and not a broken promisary note. When public officials are paid with fake money they cannot be expected to perform honest service because they have been cheated. Pay public officials using honest money silver coins and you can expect honest service from them.

  32. Hermes says:

    To think these Lyrics were written 20 years ago –
    I’m providing information
    To correct a situation
    Coz someone must explain
    Why live amidst frustration
    An overwhelming bureaucratic
    Seething complication
    I’m a brother seeking a brother
    Seeking emancipation
    But I ain’t holdin’ my breath
    In anticipation
    Of a white light dawning
    Across this heathen nation

    Nation – It’s just a line on a map
    Reconciliation – Gotta get me some of that
    Ask me where I’m born – And earth is where it’s at
    I don’t owe no allegiance to the rich men getting fat
    In your nation

    After much consideration
    And due deliberation
    I’m putting out a call to
    Smash your TV station
    The mass media needs
    Public Condemnation
    They exercise thought control
    With emotional manipulation
    Computer generated graphics
    And soundstage fabrication
    I’m morpheus with the red-pill
    To end your fascination

    Nation – It’s just a line on a map
    Reconciliation – Gotta get me some of that
    Ask me where I’m born – And earth is where it’s at
    I don’t owe no allegiance – To the rich men getting fat
    In your nation

    I’d never put a flag before a human in need
    I’d never put in word what I wouldn’t put in deed
    I’d never put a trademark on a GE seed
    I’d never put my name to the neocon creed
    Capitalism is just a way of legitimizing greed
    Starvin a million so a hundred can feed
    The TNC’s taking all the resources dat they need
    Sittin back laughing while the third world bleeds

  33. Anonymous says:

    Jon, this is an enlightening piece of work – you are a true journalist!

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