A key clue to Trump’s presidency: American Empire

A key clue to Trump’s presidency: American Empire

by Jon Rappoport

January 23, 2017

That clue is embedded in a statement Trump made in his inaugural address:

“We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world… We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.”

Is Trump absolutely serious?

Does he intend, in this respect, to follow in the footsteps of Ron Paul, who helped pave the way for Trump’s success by impacting millions of Americans on the subject (among others) of American Empire and foreign conquest?

Does Trump intend to “stay at home” and abandon the long-standing policy of making war and policing the planet and toppling regimes and using the CIA to create frontiers for US corporations?

Does he intend to go up against the military-industrial complex?

Will he try to sideline slimy neocons?

In his inaugural address, Trump also said this:

“We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones — and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.”

Warning: Depending on how he prosecutes that campaign, wiping out terrorism could continue to function as a cover for foreign wars launched with more traditional goals: destabilize governments and install leaders who will bend to America’s will; extend American Empire; assume the role of international policeman.

In other words, the eradication of terrorism could reinstall every motive and intent Trump says he wants to take away.

Will he dare to keep America’s overall war machine at home?

Trump should understand that, if he does indeed intend to keep this promise, untold numbers of people all over the world will rally to his cause.

And if he doesn’t, the enormous blowback won’t merely affect him; it will keep America in the same horrific bind it’s been in for a long, long time: war is money; war floats a basically bereft economy; war destroys lives; war kills hope; war keeps putting the lie to “America, the bastion of freedom for every person on Earth”; war serves the Globalist operation to invent a need for one planetary management system; war makes the rich richer and the poor poorer; war harnesses the worst impulses of soul, mind, and body, when it is launched on false pretenses.

After all, look at Hillary Clinton, warmonger par excellence. Look at what it has done to her and her followers. They can’t tell up from down.

Many times during the campaign, and since his election, Trump has said he’ll stop the insane wars of American Empire. No American president, going back as least as far as Kennedy, has made such a statement with any emphasis.

I’m not sure the American people understand what Trump is claiming he’ll accomplish here.

Given our government and its domestic partners, given the military-industrial complex, this claim is astonishing.

Does he really mean it?

Because, if he does, this is a revolution.

And therefore, we should be paying close attention. Very close attention.

Yes, we should looking at some of Trump’s appointments with a jaundiced eye. Of course. But beyond those men and their potential hidden motives, we have to look at Trump himself and what he does.

In particular, I urge the supporters of Ron Paul, who made his critique of American Empire and foreign wars crystal clear, to keep their eyes open. Those supporters, many of them, were fully aware of what Paul was saying and how revolutionary it was. For that reason, among others, they came to his side. Now they need to be watchdogs on the Trump presidency.

As I’ve written before, the movement that formed around Trump is more important than the man. I’m talking about the people who stand for both freedom and honor.

Is it possible these people have made a grave mistake? In politics, that’s always a risk. But it is no crime to want the right thing and judge that there might be a candidate who wants the right thing, too. In other words, it’s not shameful to be wrong—as long as those supporters refuse to dream about phony rainbows, as long as they hold up the standard of freedom and honor to their candidate and use it to demand that promises be kept.

We’re past the point of needing to be fooled. Way past that point.

The current president of the United States has taken a de facto oath to reverse the course of Empire.

This is the oath we have been wanting to hear for a long time.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

We know all about the short con and the long con and every kind of political con. We’re well prepared in that respect. Now we want to see proof.

Not merely a few symbolic gestures.

Great energy surrounds the person who promises the honorable thing; especially when he wins.

Especially when he is not alone.

Especially when he reflects the thing fervently wished for.

Is Trump crazy enough to go up against the entire establishment and the Deep State?

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few.”

Let us be vigilant.

See something, say something.

And in the meantime, in every way possible, demand the end of Empire. Let that demand come in from every place on Earth.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

53 comments on “A key clue to Trump’s presidency: American Empire

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    If Trump is serious about change, he should instruct the US NAS (National Academy of Sciences) to TELL THE TRUTH:

    1. Humans are very, very fortunate to live on a water-covered planet only one astronomical unit (1 AU) from a powerful source of abundant energy that made our elements, birthed the solar system 5 Ga ago, and still sustains and holds every atom, life and planet in a state of continuous vibration today.

    2. Earth and the Sun both evolved from:
    _ a.) SN debris orbiting a pulsar ~5 Ga ago
    _ b.) An iron core orbiting a pulsar ~4.8 Ga ago
    _ c.) A water covered planet orbiting a UV emitting star ~3.8 Ga ago when life began
    _ d.) Planet Earth with natural nuclear reactors burning its uranium deposits ~2 Ga ago
    _ e.) Human life appeared ~ 0.002 Ga ago
    _ f.) A water-covered planet orbits a VIS-light emitting ordinary yellow star today

    3. The Earth, the Sun, and Earth’s climate have continuously changed. All species of animal and plant life that survived have the ability to adapt to climate change. CO2 isn’t pollution, but the symbiotic link that allows plant and animal forms of life to live together for mutual benefit on this beautiful, bountiful and benevolent planet, far beyond NAS control.

    • Joy says:

      Oliver, I keep trying to follow what you are saying consistently, and today I agree completely with what you have said. I was told that at 12:01 PM on January 20, all reference to “climate change” was deleted from the Whitehouse website at Trump’s direction. I just checked, and this is true!

      • Norie Huddle says:

        Jon, please check me on this but my understanding is that cleaning out the White House website is standard practice when there is a change of Administration. The material is moved to the prior President’s site, as an archive.

        Btw, I find your posts very helpful and hope I can interview you at some point.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      All of the above information was published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at major science conferences long before the Swedish and Norwegian NAS gave Nobel and Crafoord Prizes to scientists and politicians who lied to the public about the origin of our elements, the birth and evolution of the solar system, and the vital benefits of CO2.

    • elliottjab says:

      Oliver – THAT was/is great… Jon’s commentary – a clarion call to full awareness 24/7. The only way now – almost too late – but not quite.

      Coming days & weeks may tell.


      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        Yes, indeed. I encourage Trump to call in Dr. Ralph Cicerone (Climatologist and former NAS President) and Dr. Steven Chu (Nuclear Physicist and former DOE Secretary) and ask them to help resolve his dilemma.

        Should future US public policy be based on popular 97%-consensus scientific opinions that:
        _ a.) CO2 is a dangerous pollutant
        _ b.) The Sun consumes Hydrogen
        _ c.) Neutrons attract other neutrons
        _ d.) Earth’s climate is unaffected by the Sun

        Or unpopular, but well documented opinions of skeptics that
        _ a.) CO2 is vital gaseous plant food
        _ b.) The Sun discharges Hydrogen
        _ c.) Neutrons repel other neutrons
        _ d.) Earth’s climate is mostly controlled by neutron repulsion in the Sun’s core.

    • Norm Davey says:

      omg you need a petition ,who is doing this ?

      • futuret says:


  2. Rich says:

    Donald Trump, I hope and believe, will make good on the promise. The Deep State as you call it is very dangerous and has zero interest of keeping faith with anyone but their cash flow. This latest incarnation of
    The deep stare I believe rose out of the ashes of WWII after the corporations making tanks, planes and ships realized the emmense wealth to be realized in war. In fact this may even date back as far as the latter stages of WWI with the release of biological warfare. The Spanish Flu epidemic was unleashed as a bio warfare agent which was then later used as a marketing strategy for post war profiteering by the pharm. When the vaccine ran out or more likely, when someone finally put and end to the vaccinations the Spanish Flu ended, abruptly.
    If this proves true then we have a long standing cabal entrenched in D.C. That needs to be exposed and removed. Yeah I know it sounds crazy, insane which creates its own curtain of plausibility that such a culture of profiteering on the backs of the USA may very well exist. In that the president will have his hands full uprooting these fowl entities that is unless he exposes them to the light. That may very well prove dangerous to him. If he keeps faith with the American people’s.

  3. Joy says:

    We must all hold not only Trump to these promises, but ourselves as American citizens. We must see and speak up in every corner, because EVERYTHING must change if these dreams are to come to fruition. Long has been the day of dark power and our dwindling concept of self-empowerment as individuals, and as a nation. But now, we all need to stand up strong and say, “No more!” It’s now or never!

  4. Greg C. says:

    Trump is an egotist, in the good sense. How else could one man dare to pit himself against the NWO? The kind of egotists we are used to seeing are petty – they bully, they manipulate, they virtue signal, they amass power and money for its own sake. Compare Trump – his power and money come from a different motivation. It is an exercise in ability and character. Just look at the money and power he has given away during the campaign and transition!

    He is after the experience – he is after the ART of the deal. He is an artist. All good artists are egotists. Their art is more important to them than pleasing other people. But all good artists are selfless, too, because their art transcends their own ordinary desires for comfort and security. Trump has walked away from those desires. Any ordinary billionaire would retire and play golf and go on ocean cruises. Instead, he elevates the art of the deal to the largest scale imaginable. Let’s restructure the world. Let’s tear down the walls and build something new.

    • Joy says:

      Exciting times…which is why the globalists and “left” are going mad (even more mad than they have been for so long)!

  5. Dawn Vierra says:

    I heard the same thing you did Jon and my mouth dropped open. I asked myself, is he really saying what I think he is. If he is that is a 360 degree departure from where we’ve been headed for so so long. I hope it wasn’t simple rhetoric but has substance to that vow!!! Wowzer. We live in interesting times.

  6. Margarete E brandenburg says:

    why does Trump promise to increase the military if we’re no longer empire-building?

  7. Jim and Linda says:

    Thank you for another very insightful outlook & comments on the Inauguration address. L.

  8. Lucas Helmer says:

    Here the demand from the Netherlands!
    I hope for the same ambitious plans here in Holland and in Europe.

    • Willem van Es says:

      @Lucas Forget it! Wilders will never be president Minister. He goes with the wrong friends (neo-fascists) to. Egocentric government policy has given us (in particular, Europe) thrown in two world wars. Moreover, the study of Trump now seems a brothel with all that kitsch 😉 In addition, Wilders has a conviction to his name; has accepted money from sponsors from abroad (which is not allowed under Dutch law) and receives no statement of (good) behavior.

  9. Theodore says:

    Trump’s Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency?

    Trump cannot be for war and against war simultaneously

    Ron Paul | Infowars.com – January 23, 2017


    • Joy says:

      I am believing more strongly with each passing day that “inconsistency” is one of Trump’s most valuable strategies. There is nothing like keeping the “enemy” (as well as one’s “friends”) guessing and unable to predict what he really will do. Doesn’t this seem like a genius scheme in these unprecedented times?

      • Theodore says:

        I agree with you on “inconsistency” being one of Trump’s most valuable strategies. Noting, there is more than just “inconsistency” he is wielding… he has amalgamated that with his honor and integrity…

        I haven’t read Paul’s article yet. I just wanted to get it out as a comment to this article by Jon.

    • From Quebec says:

      I’m starting to think that Ron Paul has no imagination and creativity whatsoever. I never really liked him anyway. There is something weird with his face, something like envy.

      He talks and critics a lot, but never really gets things done. He is not what we call a fearless fighter, neither is his son Ran. They are not presidential material. In other words, they don’t have the balls to accomplish what they want to do. At the first obstacle, they run away. Ron never fought his defeat and Ran never endorsed his father., he sided with Romney.

      When Trump says that he wants to eradicate Radical Islamist, it doesn’t necessary mean going to war. How about just stopping the funding and stopping arming them for a starter? That would render them powerless.

      How about stopping the mass Islamist immigration in western countries and return them to there own countries? How about stopping their welfare money and all the other goodies and just watch them running back to their countries?

      Come on Ron Paul, use your imagination and stop criticizing Trump and get over the fact that you and your son will never the POTUS.

      • Theodore says:

        Excellent points. Trump is so inspirational with his ENERGY and imagination and creativity.

        I haven’t read Paul’s article yet. I just wanted to get it out as a comment to this article by Jon.

  10. I have placed my new found trust in DJT, following my gut feeling, that has proven to be quite good throughout my 77 years, added to research and observation. This is a man surrounded by a loving family. It’s the tell. And, if you hold with the science of reverse speech, his gives every evidence that he is everything you could ever want in a leader. He’s willing to give his life, understands that JFK did so, but is moving forward at a very rapid pace to accomplish as much as he can. I so pray that those ill informed women led by the likes of CIA Gloria Steinem, et al, will see the light soon. They are willfully, ignorantly giving up this wonderful peace of mind, this treasure of a lifetime.

  11. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Under court subpoena for Dr. Tim Ball’s trial in Vancouver, I might still be forced to release a copy of my 26 April 1976 three-page letter to the AGU President and MIT Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Frank Press [later President of the US NAS (National Academy of Sciences)] with cc to the AGU Executive Director, Dr. A. F. Spilhaus, Jr., documenting a strange list of irregularities in handling the abstract of a paper Dr. D.D. Sabu and I sent to AGU in early January 1976, including an abrupt, last-minute change in published schedule for presentation at 10:30 am on 14 April 1976 to insert a Harvard astrophysicist into the program to speak without any abstract after we had already invited the editors of major research journals to hear our paper.

    Here is a photograph of me later in 1976 at the Gregynog Workshop on Nucleogenetic Isotopic Anomalies, sitting directly behind the physicist who received the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physics for explaining the origin of the elements.


  12. D and J Oldfield says:




  13. voza0db says:

    Trump is the new marionette of the 8 Secular Ruling Families. And the goal of the 8 SRF is to weaken the relationship between the Russian Federation, the People Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran because if these 3 nations keep up joining efforts they pose a REAL THREAT to the status of “Empire” that the 8 SRF Colony still have.

    And Trump is doing a good job.
    Making eyes at Russia…
    Threatening China…
    and Harassing Iran.

    While smiling at the Zionist gang!

    By now the 8 SRF (including the one that thought that Hillary was the best choice for their plans) are rejoicing for having a marionette like Trump.

    The proof: He is not going to do anything major about the Private Bank of the Warburg Family – The FRS.

    • andy says:

      Totally correct. you must take back your republic, never give in, fight back even if it means death. Hitler made alot of profound statements that ring true today. and was he really the enemy, I’m beginning to have my doubts about alot of things we foolishly take as fact.

      • voza0db says:

        Hello andy!

        Hitler was just another marionette! He had strong relations with the 8SRF. All of them made an huge amount of PROFIT with the WWII!

        I can now say that the strategy of the 8SRF was, at that time, to make a “European Union” by force… It failed!

        A few years later the 8SRF are on the 2nd try, but this time they’ve learn that the way to try to do it is by deception and deceive!

        Things are also not turning very well.

        I’m guessing they will try a 3rd time (probably using the new techs in virtual money). For now they are gathering as much REAL WEALTH they can!

        • futuret says:


  14. David Stanley says:

    Obama the Mason prevented the Clinton crime family from entering the white house and has destroyed the Democrat party. Trump the Mason has prevented the Clinton and Bush crime families from entering the white house. He will destroy the Republican party.
    The Masonic resurgence to power will set things straight in USA the chips will fall where they may, There will be very big changes coming.

    • andy says:

      I’ve seen pictures of bill and hilary with Obama at the white house, and freemason are just a step below the jesuits, lying and manipulating people to bring in a one world government.

  15. dunc says:

    whats spooky and amazing is observing the play ‘chicken little meets never cry wolf’. it’s up to the individual to make a hard decision after attempting to assimilate the so called info. how can we know when sincerity comes along? it can never be perfect for everybody ? up against the wall . i most definately will give mr. TRUMP the benefit of the doubt . genius ? a perspective unknown. hopefully this isn’t the grandest reality painting ever by the archons that we are being lured into?

  16. SanityClaus says:

    There is no American Empire. The pentagon serves at the pleasure of the BritishCrown to kill the enemies of the British Crown. They are traitors to the 1776 American Revolution.
    Trump will serve the British Empire. “Make America Great Britain again.” Public officials paid in honest money silver can be trusted to give honest service. Those paid in fake money federal reserve notes cannot be trusted because they have not been paid in real or honest money.

  17. andy says:

    I had hoped that Trump was another JFK but he is just a puppet. he was educated in a jesuit school. and Ron Paul is said to be a freemason. all world leaders are on the stage, performing for their masters,and we are the paying audience.

  18. BRF says:

    The question I ask and get a resounding no to ‘is Trump cut from the same cloth as a MLK, a Eugene Debs or even a RFK’? These individuals saw and understood the system in its larger form and knew what they were up against. Trump’s words possibly indicate he would like to alter how a goodly portion of the system operates, goring many an ox and frightening many another. He will not be allowed to change the system willy nilly as he sees fit under a patchwork of personal helter skelter policy choices. Because he does not see the entire system as a whole he thinks he can un weave particular sections here and there throughout the fabric and not effect the whole and this will not be allowed to take place. Unless Trump is ambitious enough to tackle the entire system it will either co opt his Presidency or wreck it. There can be and will not be any intermediate adjustments. Tinkering around the edges on policy that is of little bearing to the system is allowed. It can only be tinkering or an all out assault against the owners of the system with a new system agency well planned in advance and ready to be implemented to supplant the old. Trump has never dreamed even one aspect of such a dream. Expect more of the same only more so under differing rhetoric with different faces and names at the public trough and enforcing whatever tactics and strategies with whatever changes to them that the Apex elites have dreamed and then planned. Ask yourself, how can it be otherwise with a person such as Trump?

  19. You have actually highlighted a gaping contradiction in Trump’s address, Jon.

    In one breath, everyone in the world is America’s “new” friend. In another he will wipe radical Islam “off the face of the Earth”. Are their others he will wipe off the face of the Earth that he failed or forgot to mention?

    Thinking positively, militant “radical” Islam is a con and creation of those behind the “military-industrial complex”, so perhaps you have innocently identified how Trump could pull this off. The deeper question is, assuming ISIS and other branded equilibriums vanish overnight, where does he and they [and we] go from here?


  20. Michael Burns says:

    What about his promise to put Hillary in jail?…what about the 60 minutes interview.
    What about?…what about….hm

  21. Nancy says:

    There is evidence Trump has been groomed for many years to run for president. He has ties to Rothschild/Rockefeller from the beginning of his big real estate career. I want to believe that there is authenticity in his stated intentions to take down “empire”. But my common sense tells me it’s all spin. This seems to be born out by his cabinet choices. However, the rallying of people who truly support the need to take down empire is heartening! Maybe Trump will indeed be the catalyst for true change, despite himself. Here is an article with references to Rothschild and an old interview on Oprah: http://philosophyofmetrics.com/how-rothschild-inc-saved-donald-trump-freepom/

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